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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 16, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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the historic bui >> now at 9:00. getting ready for a round of showers this friday morning. deep freeze over the weekend. 20s. >> and breaking news from the fox 25 chan nbta police responding to shots fired near the t-stop. people are told to avoid the area. >> young man falls 40 feet from a roof deck overnight. what witnesses from that apartment are telling us about the disturbing scene. >> uber drivers stepping out of the cars and making demands. what they want and where it will be hard to get a ride. >> this is fox25 morning news. >> good morning. it is friday, october 16. i am daniel miller. >> good morning everyone, i am julie grauert. grab an umbrella and a warm sweater. meteorologist shiri spear tracking heavy rain that is making the way into town. hi. >> good morning. the rain taking off in the last hour. you can see we have intense rain
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over the south coast right now. getting reports of pea size male and potential of flooding along 195 looking toward new bedford. but boston light and patchy rain we were expecting. extended up to north shore, merrimack valley. seacoast, framingham. 50. warming up. worcester 46. blast of showers moving through worcester, it will lighten up here. give it 20 minutes and you will actually see showers begin to taper off there. but down toward, say, plymouth and areas like sandwich and marion brace yourself for that ban. of showers. and thunderstorms. so that is going to come in fast. but it is also going to come in heavy this morning. future cast kind of under doing it. but it is taking that area and extend continuing the at noon time. outer cape and nantucket. clearing skies this afternoon. and we actually see things brighten up really nicely as we go. so there you have it. boston getting into lower 60s today.
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and i will have a look at when you should expect that huge cool down coming up in a couple of minutes. back over to you jewel for a check of the roads. >> let's look at the slow spots around town. 93 south still very problematic heading from woburn through medford to somerville. also want to let you know that washington street, road is still blocked between south street and hyde park avenue by forest hill t-stop. jamaica plain because of breaking news we will have details on that in a moment. expressway slow past free port up to columbia road. here are live drive times. 27 minutes on pike from weston tolls to ted williams tunnel. half an hour on expressway from braintree split to pike. hour on 93 south from 495 to leverett connector. >> getting new information involving a breaking news at the forest hill t-stop. there are reports of shots fired in that area, which caused a minor delay for orange line. and fox 25 news jessica reyes arrived at the scene moments ago where police have a strong
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good morning jessica. >> good morning daniel. they sure do. we got here 15 minutes ago. and there is a large police presence here this morning. taking a look downwash wash street. you can see some of them here. street. in the last five minutes or so. and we have just learned about 15 minutes ago, that two people are now in custody. a man and a woman. and nbta transit police say there was sort of fight that started inside of the forest hills train station. that fight then moved outside. across washington street, from the forest hills nbta stop where shots were fired. across the street from the train station. we know the weapon has been recovered. and no one was shot in this incident. once again two people are now in police custody. a man and a woman. now, this is all still unfolding. it has been unfolding over the last hour. so we are still working to the some of the details confirmed, including the names of the two
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arrested. but we are hearing from some people on twitter that were here, when those shots were fired. one man saying he heard four gunshots followed immediately by the huge police presence that we saw when we got here. just about 15 or 20 minutes ago. now if you have yet to head into work at this time. the nbta urges everyone to stay away from orange line as they are still seeing delays from forest hills all the way to back bay stop. you can tell right here, washington street. they opened it. but still residual delays. so police are urging everyone to stay away from this area if you can. if you are driving in to work, stay away from the orange line for, at least, next hour or so. we will check in with boston police one more time to try to get the names confirmed of the two people that were arrested here. and we will be back with another update at 9:30. live in jamaica plains, jessica reyes fox 25 news. >> we are following more breaking news out of boston where a young man is hospitalized this morning after falling from the roof of a triple decker, it happened after
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1:00 this morning. at a apartment on hillside avenue. witnesses tell us the victim is a college student that you just moved in last month. they say he had been hanging out on the roof deck with his roommates when some how fell 40 feet over the railing. >> his roommates are coming up and down the stairs. looked worried. i don't think they knew what was going on. >> we saw him on the grounds with emt and firefighters and police all over him taking care of him. >> we know the victim at this time is brigham and womens with serious injuries this morning. initial reports indicate he hurt his arms and wrists pretty badly trying to brace himself from the fall. we are working to get the latest on his condition. >> and new this morning. overnight crash leaves a worcester business with a big mess to clean up. a car slammed into the kersh liquor at the corner of explain madison. it happened 1:30 this morning. and the car smashed through front entrance and ended up inside of the store. no one was hurt.
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building inspectors will be at the site today to making sure that it is structurally safe. >> developing news out of groton where a historic building at a summer camp was destroyed overnight. fox 25 news mechanic mechanic live at the scene. grotonwood christian camp where it took dozens of firefighters knock down the flames. michael? >> 65 in all julie. here still still maintaining a presence in order to put out potential hot spots if they do end up flaring up. and we have been asked to stay a fair distance away. so you can see through the tree line here, the ruble left behind w what is reported to be a 275-year-old building. but i want to show you pictures tweeted out by littleton fire department overnight. one of the seven fire departments assisting the effort here to put out the flames. you can see the images from when that structure was fully engulfed. we are talking about, according to the lowell sun, 275-year-old
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last few decades used as dormitory at the grotonwood christian camp. fortunately nobody inside when this fire broke out around 7:45 last night. and firefighters tell us here on the scene this morning that not only were no staff or anybody like that affected. as far as physically but no firefighters were injured as well. so that's the silver lining here that nobody was hurt. despite this loss of a historic building here in groton. as soon as the investigators determine a cause we will, bring you that update on fox25 news app as well as for now, though, reporting live in groton. michael henrich fox 25 news. >> arsonist is on the loose in everett. fire investigators say someone poured gasoline around the outside of a duplex on autumn street. a car belonging to a resident was set on fire. and neighbors sent in pictures of the flames. a tenant that lives on the first floor helped to put out the fire and made sure everyone inside was.
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>> tarted to realize i smelled gas. i see thought why? and next thing you know, 10 seconds later. heard an show and seen a ball of fire shoot out of the bedroom window. >> no arrests were made and $5000 reward is being offered. >> this morning search continues for a westwood woman missing in white mountains. 64-year-old clair marie cacusy last heard from a week ago after telling friends that she was planning a five day hike on 26-mile trail. her brother reported her missing after she did not show up for work. police tell fox 25 news there are other hikers on the trail for leaf peeping season but no sign of cacusy. >> we know she is not in or on the trails. in that vicinity. so we have to start searching off trail. and not being able to pinpoint makes the search area immense. >> she is believed to be an
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fish and game department asking anyone that may have evening her along the trail to call them. >> this morning we are learning a manchester new hampshirehom woman found dead in crawl space of her apartment was strangled to death. 57-year-old sue hutchinson went missing last month and body found sunday. official are focusing the investigation on her roommate who was found dead this month of suicide. >> and former house speaker thomas fineran gets pension back along with back payments. fox 25 news reported yesterday a judge ruled he is entitled to the retirement money despite 2007 conviction on federal obstruction of justice. now new this morning. globe reports he is also entitled to more than $225,000 in back payment funded by taxpayers. fineran's pension is $33,000 a year. >> parishioners at scituate church continue 24 hour vigil despite ordered to close the doors. appeals court ordered parishioners at the st. francis cabrini church to give up 11
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year fight. church is one of 50 ordered to close by the archdioceses back in 2004. and parishioners say they plan to appeal the decision to the state supreme court. and the u.s. supreme court, if necessary. >> and governor charlie baker works to fight back against the opioid crisis. yesterday he unveiled a dramatic new plan to stop people from dying from overdoses. baker said that in the last four years that number has tripled. >> this has got to stop. >> baker's plan focus on what governor calls a key 72 hour period. here is how it works. under the bill people are getting opioid prescription for first time would only get enough hours. that's because baker said getting 60 day supply or more is a starting point for abuse. and bill would let doctors hold overdose patients up to 72 hours in similar situations. hold. and police in another town are
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joining the push to find more beds for opioid addicts. watertown police partnering with a local group that specializes in addiction recovery. idea is based on a program started by police in gloucester. that community works to find treatment beds for addicts that voluntarily reach out for help. police in watertown have declared next week as a race for stigma week. an effort to spread the word about opioid addiction. >> popular children's snack is recalled this morning because of mold. go go squeeze said apple sauce with best before date june 30 to july 26, next year, is no good. and you are asked to contact the company for voucher to replace the apple sauce. >> and a high school case delayed. coming up at 9:30. troubled history for hospital where a teen accused of killing his math teacher will undergo a mental evaluation. >> new england police officer takes down a 14-year-old student and all caught on camera. next how a local mayor is stepping in to play peace good morning shiri.
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>> good morning you guys. looking at new bedford rain report. half an inch of rain. that happened in just the last hour. now having my eye and tracking downpours for you. as we make the way through
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>> 9:14. meteorologist shiri spear here. and moving through wakefield right now. i have moderate rain. mostly light stuff north and west of boston. that line will shift toward the coast. but this is the most concerning
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weather. downpours and lightning we have focused across the south coast and south shore, this will move over the cape. >> uber drivers across the nation plan to strike this weekend. they won't log on to app and pick up passengers. strike is nall protest to reduce compensation. event promoteed on several websites. stoppage is expected to start 5:00 today. and run through 10:00 p.m. on sunday. which is uber's busiest time of the week. some uber drivers demands. they are higher rates for rides. so they take more money home. they also want passengers to tip drivers. which is a popular feature about uber, no tipping. finally they want other fees like tolls to go up as well. no word on if uber drivers here are planning to strike but if they do it could mean big surge pricing for riders if few drivers hit the road. keep you posted. >> this morning rhode island state police investigate take
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another student took a video of the incident and posted it on "youtube". this happened wednesday as officers tried to arrest the teens brother for disorderly conduct. yesterday morning police had to break up a crowd of a couple hundred students outs side of the school protesting the brothers arrest. pawtucket mayor was involved and invited some of the students back to city hall to talk. the crowd got unruly, someone broke a car window. it took 3.5 hours to calm the crowd. police used pepper spray on crowd and arrested two adults and eight teens. >> 9:16. and right now this morning shows a study finds more women than men protected by strict state liquor laws. experts from boston children hospital and boston university looked at how each state handles sales, ads, warnings and restrictions. turns now the states with stricter laws like massachusetts, had fewer women -- fewer women die from alcoholism and number of men was not affected. >> and it is now 9:16.
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start north of town. where you can still see things are slow on 93 south. i am finding average speeds of 4 miles an hour. through medford. and pike moving along fine. except for through brighton and do want to let you know about the road near forest hill t-stop in jamaica plain. washington street blocked between south and hyde park. because of police activity. you can see stop and go through brighton. here are live drive times. eight minutes on route one from 128 to 99. and 43 minutes on 93 south from 495 to leverett connector. 30 minutes on 128 south from route one in peabody to weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear keeping a close eye on the rain that is coming in. increased quite a bit over the last hour. >> it has. specifically down across southeast massachusetts. a lot of what we are seeing right now up across the north shore, last batch of steady rain. looking further back. into vermont and parts of the brookshire. that is the end of the precipitation. and it is basically falling apart as it moves eastward here.
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so after this blast of rain showers will be incredibly limited. this is one to watch through noon time today. as it moves toward outer cape o that note chatham at 61. this is going to be swinging toward you. now you are seeing sunshine. but by 11:00. it is not just showers it is thunderstorms. it will be downpours. by 1:00 p.m. t moves offshore. clearing skies move in. on the flip side we have boston now 55 degrees. with showers in place. and this is how it goes through 11:00 this morning. the chance for rain will exist. once we hit noon time. showers will move offshore. clearing skies move in. not necessarily pure sun today. but it will turn brighter. boston up to 61. same beverly. 62 in plymouth. and in chatham. reach upper 50s in worcester and orange. the rain showers are a morning item. because this afternoon it does end up drying out. by 10:00 you can see we have lingering showers along the coastline here. future cast under done because
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impacting the cape and likely nantucket at that time. and as well as martha's vineyard. noon time this is the last of it. that specific band of storms like liz hoovering close to the outer cape. rest of the region it would be a lonely shower, then brighten up and tap into sunshine. scattered clouds through the afternoon. overnight hours are quiet. but then tomorrow morning we get a batch of clouds moving through with potential of an early sprinkle. no tomorrow is not a wash out. slight chance of a early shower morning and late. smack-dab in the middle is lunch dryest. northern new england getting snowflakes. but here at home we are watching off and on clouds and potential for one or two rain drops. gets real cold into sunday forecast. and there is still going to be some clouds around. looks unsettled as i look at both days over the weekend. so i will give us 50s here for cape and islands tomorrow. 40s for the day on sunday. if you go far north temperatures are seriously cooler out across
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the lakes region. laconia 47 saturday. 44 on sunday. and although the foliage is pretty. you will definitely feel that chill. so the winds are a nuisance. gusting 20 on 30 miles an hour today and tomorrow. and frost and freeze end up being the biggest concerns here. because of the overnight lows. so tonight we drop down to 38 degrees. tomorrow, 55. and breezy, with potential like i say, for early morning or late night sprinkle. dry times in between where clouds break apart. sunday off-and-on clouds and 48. and look at the morning low temperatures for the day on sunday. because that's when we will start around freezing. boston misses it at 34 degrees. that would be a frost, not beating the record low of 31. burbs waking up to lower 30s. upper 20s, and colder monday morning. not to fear. we have a mid week warm up with 60s back tuesday, wednesday, thursday afternoon. back to you. >> street artists called the popular tv show homeland racist. >> these images are dangerous and really have a real-world
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impact. >> coming up next. secretary retmessage hidden on the small screen and why creators of the show say they are not even mad. >> plus a big check to support his campaign. but bernie sanders said no. coming up next. donation he would rather giver on charity than dunkin' donuts smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. savory...smoky... and unmistakably flavorful. get your day going with one today.
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good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. >> happening today. two democratic hopefuls head to new hampshire. hillary clinton is scheduled to
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state college before heading to nashua for a meet and greet. democrat martin o'malley heading to conford numerous events. currently no other candidate in the race spending or raising as much as clinton w $33 million in cash reserve. >> republican donald trump. >> you want to take that daniel? i will take it. republican donald trump heads to keeneboro to campaign. he will hold a rally at the town elementary school tonight. yesterday mostly self funded candidate tweeted a photo of his tax return. >> c nbc is willing to change the format of the next republican debate coming after two candidates in the polls threaten to boycott the event. kyla campbell is live in washington with their complaints. good morning eyes la. >> good morning. donald trump is claiming victory on twitter. he said this morning cnbc agreed to two hour debate. trump called it fantastic news, especially for viewers.
9:23 am
been sent aletter to cnbc saying they would not attend on october 28 if it was longer than two hours. and did not allow for opening and closing statements. the previous republican debate lasted three hours. and carly fiorina campaign manager tweeted it seems jeb bush is not only low energy guy, donald trump and ben carson do not have endurance to debate fiorina for three hours. cnn said that cnbc is talking with the candidates about the potentially allowing opening and closing statements. live in washington. kyla campbell fox 25 news. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump is sending a big check to a baystate business mogul. the globe said that ernie bock junior violated federal election law with $87,000 donation to trump campaign. individual limit is just $2700. the trump campaign now has to return the difference. money was for catering at a fund
9:24 am
trump will attend a campaign rally in kingsboro later tonight. >> hopeful bernie sanders saying no thanks to big donation that came from a drug company c.e.o. came from martin shrekly of touring pharmaceuticals and highed the per cover the pill an important aids drug 500 percent last month. since then sanders has railed against the decision and c.e.o. reports c.e.o. is hoping his donation gets him a meeting with sanders to discuss their differences. >> military families in massachusetts are react type decision to extend u.s. involve n afghanistan. breaking during the 6:00 news yesterday. president obama said that 10,000 u.s. soldiers will remain in afghanistan for most of next year. and more than 5000 will remain after he leaves office in 2017. local soldiers we spoke with are prepared to be sent back to afghanistan if necessary.
9:25 am
a threat to international security. that's where we have chosen to go. >> few of these engagements, go as quickly as we want them to. always looks easy at the beginning. >> soldiers from massachusetts have been using counter terrorism operations and to train afghan forces. >> it is now 9:20. a shopping trip turns x-rated. >> what is going on at target right now? >> how the target is reacting this morning after graphic sounds blared from the intercom twice. shiri? >> i have a strong thunderstorm right now. that is about to move over the cape. sandwich 9:34. falmouth 9:48. barnstable 10:zero. two chatham 10:40. and then drying. walk you through the big changes today and cool down for the weekend, up next. >> police say it was a stolen car that crashed through this
9:26 am
hear from the homeowner as he >> 9:30. heavy rain and lightning on radar in bristol county. and south shore and cape should be on the lookout. through. do not be deceived. there is all a rainbow outside of the studio. which is beautiful. but a lot of stuff going on right now as well. >> you are track inhale. >> i am.
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one of the sky warn spotters from taunton on twitter this morning. bryan don ho, you can see pea size hail out of new bedford this morning. so we have the pretty and rainbows. but we also get hail. which is not a good thing. so dive n i am sure it will have impact on your drive times as well. here is a look at what we have right now. heaviest rain over southeast massachusetts. string of storms from new bedford. which is actually going to see storms winding down as we speak. right now. but showers just moving into born. also provincetown. think about how this moves eastward. so it will close in on elbow of the cape. also just about to move onto the vineyard. nantucket you are last to get it. after that, we all dry out. this batch of showers light nerfranklin. extending up to the north shore. boston area you saw that live look a moment ago. where we have rain drops in one half of the screen and clear skies the other. but we have to get through those scattered lighter showers before
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we really dry out for the day. a lot of the wet weather you can see north and west out in southern vermont. falling apart getting close to us. noon time ring clouds. 3:00 62. by 7:00 this evening, we are still dry. we are still mostly clear. but i have got an enormous cool down for the weekend. details of when to expect freezing temperatures in your town coming up. back to you julie for a check of the roads. >> start with a update. we have a hazard on soldier field road. burst water main at tulford street to slow things down if you are headed in that direction. expressway an issue there. southbound exit ramp partially blocked at granite avenue. live look at the mass pike where things are still sluggish heading through bright tonight. live drive times. 24 minutes on pike from weston tolls to ted williams tunnel 22 minutes on expressway from braintree split to pike.
9:29 am
37 minutes on 93 south from 495 on leverett connector. >> new information involving breaking news at the forest hill t symptom. shots fired before the 8:00 newscast. police have tracked down two suspects. fox 25 news jessica reyes is now at the scene where there is still a strong police presence there. jess, you spoke with the police about what happened? >> we did daniel. short time ago. they actually said that police used great restraint in not using their weapons on these people that were firing. so close to this nbta stop as they put many lives in danger this morning. as you can probably tell. things calmed down quite a bit since last time we saw you at 9:00. live on air as police reopened washington street. you can see there is a bit of a backup here. but looking better than what we were seeing just 30 minutes ago. police are also starting to slowly. but sidewalk you see right here. minutes ago.
9:30 am
had taped off here. as they told us this is the stretch where the shots were fired and where shell casings were found. and this area, that we are at right now. this is across washington street. from the forest hills stop. we did just speak with nbta police short time ago. they say two people are now in custody. and they say this fight started inside of the forest hills station but two groups of people involved eventually made the way across washington street to the area where we are standing at right now. where they then proceeded to start shooting at each other. transit police say it happened right at the height of rush hour, as thousands of people were making the way to work. but fortunately they were able to aspect pre head two suspects before anyone was hurt. >> forest hills across the street where gun fire erupted between the two groups where both groups were shooting at each other. officers are chased and use
9:31 am
so many pedestrian and cars around. >> transit police also told us they recovered one gun used here this morning. but they are still looking for the other one. and any other guns that may have been used. and looking to talk to other people, groups of people with these two suspect when is it happened this morning. now, to say the orange line, transit police say that trains are run i can as scheduled again. but there are some residuals. but residual delays as likely will be before things iron themselves out over the next couple of hours. so today, we are working to learn more about these two suspects, who they are, what police are trying to do. other people they are looking for. we will keep you posted all day long online and tonight at fox 25 news five and 6:00. jessica reyes fox 25 news. >> we continue to follow developing news out of braintree. where a car slammed into a house overnight. police making several arrests at the scene. fox 25 news catherine parrotta
9:32 am
washington street. where you just got new information on this investigation. >> we found out four people taken into custody. all teenagers. two young men, 18 and 17. and two young women, both 15 years old. i want to give you a look at the scene. you can get a better sense of the damage of the you can see where the car went through the corner of the fence there. i also interviewed the homeowner this morning. but i want to show you this video. it gives you a closer look at the damage of the you can see pieces of fence, dit, strewn all over the yard there. as for information released by braintree police that came to us in the last half hour. and they tell us this crash came as end result of a stolen car chase it started in brockton over an alleged traffic violation. last night walpole police chief tweeted the car involved was one of two cars stolen from his community earlier. the homeowner nerbraintree on washington street. in 1800 block, he tells me this crash happened 10:00 last night. he and his wife had gone
9:33 am
this is what he said happened next. >> we heard the noise, knew what it was. i got on the phone immediately to police. said we are on it. jumped over the fence, and house next door. they ran long the fence, backyard. there is a big wooded area back here. then got the dogs out. >> braintree police say four teenagers were arrested. one arrested later. after that teenager is found hiding in one of the yards here. all four charged with receiving a stolen motor vehicle. disturbing the peace. using a motor vehicle without authority. and damaging property. now only one of the individuals is being named. the 18-year-old. the other three, of course, being minors. but we are told by braintree police all four will be arraigned in quincy. live from brain tree, catherine parrotta fox 25 news. >> investigators are hoping a new sketch will help them on track down a serial rapist in brockton. look at the sketchy released by plymouth district attorney's
9:34 am
if brockton between 2013 and 2014. the man has been seen in downtown area of brockton. but could also have ties to easton. suspect is a man in his 20s about 6-foot tall 180 pounds. and possibly driving a dark blue or black sports car. investigators have not said how many rapes occurred. >> it is now 9:37. the trial for a danvers teenager accused of murdering a math teach other hold while judge calls for another mental evaluation. judge ordered testing yesterday after phillip chisholm started selection. banging his head on things and talking to himself. prosecutors are concerned that chisholm may be putting on a show to delay the trial. and mental health evaluation could take up to 20 days. >> more details now on hospital evaluated. it is called worcester recovery center and hospital. same hospital fox25 investigated earlier this year. for the large number of patient on worker assaults. we have records that showsome
9:35 am
since that he there were nearly 200 reported attacks on workers. and after the fox25 investigation the state did make changes. you can log on to and click on the fox 25 news investigates tab to see our report. >> a stone hill college student accused of making threats on campus suspended from the school. wellesley native arrested yesterday. police say the rev is related to a threatening note left in a bathroom last month and it caused the campus to be shut down. >> and soon more students in manchester new hampshire will be exposed to a graphic of heroin. some of the images are so graphic we cannot show them on tv. fox 25 news there last night when parents of middle school students looked at the images causing an uproar at the high school last month. some were concerned about preteens seeing the pictures of dead bodies and babies with birth defects. but others tell fox 25 news it is important that all students see the presentation. >> this is not something that we can joke b this is not
9:36 am
something, that you know, we need to brush under the carpet, and let our kids think it won't happen to me. >> students will not be forced to watch the presentation. parents will have a chance to opt children out. >> happening today. flight. airline is being fazed out as part of the merger with american airlines. flight 1939 is scheduled to depart philadelphia for san francisco today. and the airline started 76 years ago when it only flew single engine planes to deliver mail. u.s. airways will also be friend their pilots heroic work on landing on the hudson saving everyone on board in 2009. maybe you remember that sullenberger act. >> target apologizes to customers and apologizes after x-rated broadcast. california store. x-rated sounds blasting over the intercom. customers scrambling to cover
9:37 am
>> what is going on at target right now? >> shoppers say after the first round the store apologized over the intercom. but then started up again. this time with swearing involved. >> to me that is not enough -- too egregious of an event to have people experience. especially your regular shoppers. >>well, target said that it takes the situation very seriously. but this is not the first time this has happened. back in july there was a similar situation in another california target store. evacuated. until the audio was turned off. i am sure they will be looking into that very closely. >> well, still ahead this morning. get ready to rewind. coming up. grab your neon because the 80s are coming back. once popular technology making a comeback thanks to a popular clothing store. >> coming up next. federal forecasters are saying el nino will be stronger than ever. how it could be good news for
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but first. severe weather here at home? >> that's right. severe thunderstorm warning for portions of the cape. for this storm coming through. with potential of over 60 miles an hour gusts and hail. i will time out the last of the showers when we come hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall
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can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars -- at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. >> back at 9:44. meteorologist shiri spear here. time line on the severe thunderstorm moving across the cape. we will see some of the heavier
9:40 am
rain, downpours, and hail. in barnstable 9:45. 9:48 in yarmouth. brewster 9:53. and 9:56 in orleans. >> we continue to follow development in israel where tensions are high. israeli officials are barring young muslim men from entering jerusalem sensitive holy site today. third holiest site sits on top of the hill where holy jewish site is, recent scene of violence. as it escalates. palestinians targeted the west bank city of nabis. 30 palestinians and i would eight israelis. >> 30 years after downing of pan am 103 prosecutors now say they have identified two suspects in terror attack. men from libya. investigators formerly requested to interview them. flight 103 flying from london to
9:41 am
new york when exploded over lockerbie in 2008. 270 killed. 35 students from syracuse university. only one man has ever been convicted of this case. >> and showtime series homeland hijacked by graffiti artist. showed paid street artist on tag the set to make it look like a syrian refugee camp. and they flipped it. writing homeland is racist. it is a joke. we are not laughing. one artist said not by doing research shows like homeland can be dangerous. >> open up the dialogue of the lack of awareness people have of how these images are incredibly dangerous and really have a real-world impact. if even if it is a fictional story and fictional characters. >> co-creator of homeland wish they had caught the graffiti early but cannot help but admire this artistic sabotage. >> let's look at the roads.
9:42 am
few issues on the side roads. this water main break is still a hazard on soldier field. burst water main at tellford. expressway an issue right around furnace brook. and live look at the pike right now. things there have opened up. and here are live drive times. 22 minutes on pike from weston tolls to ted williams tunnel. 20 minutes expressway from braintree to pike. 33 on 93 south from 495 to leverett connector. shiri spear is tracking incoming rain. shiri? >> incoming rain and severe weather. i have a severe thunderstorm warning for portions of the cape, barnstable to outer cape here. for this particular line of thunderstorms coming through with downpours. you see blips of blue, that's hail. potentially quarter size. but wind gusts that are going to be one of the main concerns with this. gusting over 60 miles an hour.
9:43 am
until 10:15 and watching this as it eventually becomes canceled. so we will not go anywhere. we are with you on this one. this is along a cold front that will push offshore. so that will allow to us dry up and hit the afternoon. getting this photo in from bryan b on twitter. this is cape cod. you can see lightning associated with this. secondary concern. they do not issue thunderstorm warnings based on lightning but there will be lightning. a concern on top of that for your safety. be careful outside as the storm moves toward you. in boston we have rain drops around. we have winds right now 14 miles an hour. on top of that we have some winds gusting into 20 miles an hour range. this was expected, as front comes through we will see winds gusting 20 on 30 miles an hour. mostly up and down the coastline to southeast massachusetts. we will stick with the breeze as we head into early afternoon. but by noon, heaviest rain, this particular downpour we are
9:44 am
expected to exit by 10:30. and then we have got just a lonely shower lasting. nothing severe here. at noon time. lonely light shower. lingering clouds that then end up clearing out. so high temperatures today. actually getting back on track with where we should be. lower 60s. couple of exceptions. worcester 56, keane 56. higher elevations struggle with that warm up. but overall looking at normal october temperatures. into the weekend. not so normal. 50s. lower 50s at that. nashua, boston, beverly tomorrow. foxboro 55. 56 in plymouth. and then for sunday we will drop you back to the 40s. for highs. most that i will give you. lots of off-and-on clouds looking at the weekend. but you have to go north to burlington to get a real steady rain. not just rain either. a bit of snow mixing in northern new england. spots picking up half an inch. an inch of snow. in the mountains.
9:45 am
new remain where sunday river is, opened up for skiing monday. mother nature helping with snow. 7:00 tomorrow morning. locally. it is snowflakes. couple of rain drops mixing n best chance is early tomorrow morning. for a bit of drizzle. brighten up middle of the day. and then late in the afternoon. into early evening. we have potential of a spot shower passing through. so definitely not a washout. but something you need to be aware of making saturday plans. sunday, i have off-and-on clouds. we have cold temperatures. so it is those wake up temperatures. sunday morning. i am going with 33 degrees on average. check this out. boston 34. which is frost. record low is 31. we will not make that. but outside of boston, in the suburbs, wake up temperatures in the 20s. lower 30s. if that's not cold enough for you. check out monday morning low temperatures. not breaking any records. but can you say wide spread 20s and lower 30s? very bitterly cold. we have a nice warm up to middle
9:46 am
of next week. we are keeping a close eye on severe thunderstorm warning for the cape. stick with us. back to you. >> thank you shiri. forecasters at the national oceanic and atmospheric administration making a bold prediction about this winter. say u.s. will impacted by one of the strongest el ninos on he he he will -- el nino means warmer weather for northeast. and the wetter than the average winter for drought plagued parts of the westcoast. >> they hope to rival new dating app helping
9:47 am
breakfast sandwich. savory...smoky... and unmistakably flavorful. get your day going with one today.
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good morning. what can i get for you? cream and two sugars, please?
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two sugars -- sounds good. just the way you like it. on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. >>well, this morning we are honoring our cox conserve heroes. big winner and huge congratulations to rocky morrison, and the clean river project. morrison given the cox conserve hero award for his efforts as founder of the clean river project. volunteer initiative. that has moved thousands of tires, 62 cars, and tons of recyclable material from the merrimack river. morrison started 10 years ago and said it is because the area around the merrimack is his home.
9:50 am
something born on me to get out there and clean. my wife and i started on it. and we have seen just one cleaning what we can do on how much debris we can clet in one day. and i was bitten by the bug. >> $10,000 is being donated to clean the river project as part of the program. naponset river watershed association and audubon center runner up. receiving $5000 for their non-profits. the cox conserve hero program created in partnership with trust for public land to recognize local environmental volunteers. >> this morning arlington police officer is being credited with saving a man's life. officer michael hogan tells fox 25 news it happened wednesday night at the ed burns arena. playing hockey with over 40 league when a teammate went down and did not get up. hogan said at first he thought he was playing a joke and then realized the 76-year-old did not have a pulse. he started cpr and someone else
9:51 am
>> i am glad i was there able to help. but just luck. everything was timed perfectly. >> hogan said the man suffered a heart attack. everyones quick thinking saved his life. >> well new dating app created nerboston is looking to get people out of the coffee shop into the great outdoors. meet me outside launched this week. matches users based on health and fitness interest. founders say goal is to spark better conversation and better connection. it works alongside a few other apps like facebook. and instagram and four square to get the best match and date suggestions. >> this is the digital age but cassette tapes. >> cassette tapes coming back. retailer urban outfitters plans to stock new and reissued cassette tapes in store next year. this weekend also celebrating cassette store day in several large cities. urban outfitters stocks vinyl
9:52 am
>> and one of the producers said vinyl is a favorite thing. taking a look outside. video of a rainbow outside of the fox25 studios in dedham. gorgeous shot. we almost could not believe it. >> never seen it from one end to the other. and we have a shot of that. >> beautiful sight but with rainbow it means rain. >> yeah. actually want to take you out to the maps. because we areology closely severe thunderstorm warning for the cape. we have the strongest winds moving onshore. expecting a swath of 60 to 70 miles an hour gusts with that. that could definitely do damage. so sara and i are there through the duration of the warning and watching close. >> thank you so much for watching today. everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network,
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