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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  October 17, 2015 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. am better alert tonight mother in custody her child in the hospital what police say the woman was doing driving from pennsylvania to massachutes. and the hospital worker that helped to break the case. brief warnings has been expanded across parts of area. i will have update. remembering young life lost. it is a wonderful to way he lived his life as well. just our way keeping his dream and will legacy after live helping other people. how in new york five years ago.
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>> this is the fox 25 news at 6:00. >> all that's ahead bus first on your fox 25 news at 6:00 many you were woken by this amber alert this morning. tonight, mother is in custody and her child is in the hospital. good evening, everybody. we stirs brought you this story as breaking news on our fox 25 morning news today. and tonight, our robert goldstein are learning more from authorities are saying a hospital work helped to break this case. >> child was located boston hospital over night and police are crediting alert nurse who working whether two month old was admitted. >> i liked i thought amber alert early saturday massachutes state police look for 36 year old tiffany cherry after she left the pennsylvania area her seriously sick infant son. allegedly ignoring directions care. the alert did not have photos only names and description of the vehicle. >> 2004 gray dodge.
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>> one nurses here at children's hospital saw the amber alert on her cell phone and recognized the child's name because that child was just admitted to the hospital >> mass state politic issued amber alert after pennsylvania police contacted them with information mother may be in boston area. fox 25 news learned cherry has criminal history in massachutes including current default warrants involving prostitution from 2002 and 2010. the pennsylvania police department took out felony warrants for cher eafter getting from pennsylvania hospital that cherry did not take her son who was suffering from severe dehydration to the emergency room. cherry toll the police in massachutes she just wanted take her son boston hospital sew for best possible care. dcf told us in written statement department investigating incident with law enforcement. as dcf social look into the matter custody of the child has been transferred to dc cherry
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morning in roxbury court. turning forecast. if you don't heat on just yet. tonight might be night to turn it on. our cram smut jamaica pond can sigh very, very windy outside. it was also chilly our meterologist it is going to be freezing for most of our area. tonight. yes. freeze warning expanded earlier this afternoon up into southern new hampshire. include nashua just name few that was expected different national weather service different times lines for when warnings are usual united boston the cape the island still not under that freeze warning. at least not yet. those areas will be spared tonight but tomorrow night will be even colder. even usual warmer spots like downtown cape martha vinyard even those areas shouldn't flierting freeze mark overnight sunday night into monday morning so freeze watch has been issued for that area in case beer
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wondering why just those areas national weather basically one freeze warning only during the growing season soon that freeze happens and growing season comes to an end. no more freeze warnings either way it is still have any plans outdoors bring them inside. currently at 50 in boston got 50 in norwood. 42 in worcester. eventually dipping back very quickly already down to around 40 degrees mark degree or two warmer by midnight in boston area. we got plans out on town be prepared to be chilly later on tonight. eventually falling about 34 in boston. 35 in vinyard lots of up 20s. just a me minutes >> also tonight three boston men under arrest charged in deadly shooting in mission hill. fox 25 first brought you this story last month, when 23 year old louise was shot and killed in stop and shop parking lot.
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24 lee gill and 19 year old half year smith all worked together in that murder. prosecutors also say shooting was gang related. now ashland. where overnight crash caused some power outages and also fire as you can see. fire social say this car crashed into utility pole on cedar street destroying that poll and sparking flames. tonight power has since been restored that area we are still waiting to learn if any one was hurt. >> new hampshire state police are still investigating an early morning crash right now. but they say alcohol and speed were likely factors. police arrested 27 year old john of marshfield massachutes for dwi and several other charges. after he hid guard rail splits his car along route 16 south in dover. he was treated for non life threatening injuries and due in court next month. also tonight police are investigating after state trooper was hurt during crash on mass pike. we first brought you this story at breaking news on our fox 25
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shortly after it happened on the newton well trooper working detail when tractor trailer hit his cruiser. no word tonight on that trooper's condition. but we doe he was brought general hospital and might have some very serious injuries. >> meanwhile, in quincy police are investigating death of a man struck by train. it happened south on old colony line. the man's name and age have been released bud mbta says he trespassing when he was hit by commuter rail train. >> state has lost its bid to appoint its own expert to evaluate fillism chim. been in at this moment, he is under going another mental health evaluation at hospital in worcester. judge ordered check on thursday because during jury selection he was seen baining i had head talking invisible people. mental evaluation will last 20
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case going to court on monday. long time girl friend whitey bulger catherine greg will be in court on contempt charges she refused to testify about whether anyone else helped bulger while he with an on the run for 16 years. bulger currently serving two life sentences for his role in 11 murders. new hampshire officials believe that body found on trail is that of hiker who has been missing for a week. officials believe it is 64 year old claire of westwood she left five day 26-mile hike in white mountain national forest last week. and her brother reported her missing when she didn't show up for work. officials say she might have run into bad weather. >> you know you are attempt heavy rains or in heavy floodwaters then you are out to get swept down the river. right now it is still not clear exactly how she died. but we are told she was an experienced hiker. >> former uber driver now been
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kidnapping and raping a woman. she pleaded guilty yesterday aggravated rape kidnapping and assault charges. back in december he picked up the victim, drove her to secluded location and sexually assaulted her. he now been sentenced to 10 to 12 years in prison. >> tonight four teens are facing charges officers trying to determine if they connect series of ka thefts break ins. one of cars with a stolen in walpol and involved in a police chase it continued until the person driving that car barrelled into man's yard in brain tree. fox 25 was there as one of four teens was released from the jail. >> be i had school 7:00 beginning everything i got out of control. you could tell -- everything going i am just worried about my legs i put on my seat belt. >> investigator working with several towns that have had similar car theft and break ins in to ethings are all connected.
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tonight one person is dead and another in custody after deadly crash west port. this happened yesterday along route six there. herald reporting tonight that 63 year old man accused driving wreck leslie and also suspect of being drunk when rear-ended another car woman in that car was thrown from her vehicle and killed. no word yet on the names of the people involved. police in new hampshire meanwhile are investigating armed robbery this happened early friday morning at gas staying on east hollis street. police say that black male between 5, 7 and 510 accused using knife to rob mobile gas station now lynn where police investigating bank robbery this happened tuesday is he bank market square. here picture of suspect between 30 and 40 years old. over six feet tall more than 200 pounds. >> tonight, all of man chester by the sea has water on once again after that major water main break. town officials say school street
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north street. as crews continue filling in hole there. yesterday morning that break caused the whole town to be without water for period of time. right now officials trying figure out main broke, but part of that line is more than 100 years old. big family celebration going on milton today for pumpkin fest 2015. festival real brath new hampshire grands opening public that's camp been used by boy scout troops for years. well today 2,000 kids and their families came out for all kind of activities like pumpkin carving and hay rides. our scouts have been doing great activities for like this forever we decide open up to public so everybody can come and enjoy it. >> learn scout skills there as you can see like lighting fires, building camp, also rock climbing. ahead tonight honoring one mass mission hundreds came out on somber anniversary to help struggling families and keep one man's memory alive.
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you are watch fox 25 news at 6:00 welcome back. tonight concorde residents make sure homes locked up tight after some recent break ins there. fox 25 is live in concorde and christine neighbors are telling you they very, very concerned. right? >> well, i am sure a loss residents are frightened about this we talked to couple that say that they are concerned and they are being cautious. cochran pretty quiet town. lot of crime happens here. chief tells me bra in in did occur on thurday own main road here well as side street. crime occurred on thursday during what police believe was
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hours of 7:00 in morning and 66:30 pm. burglar entered two homes one on deer grass lane and one on old pickerd record. they stole thousands of dollars worth of property including jewelry as well as cash. now, police did put out an auto may theed call warning resident about crimes they are urging everybody to watch out for door to door sales people programs selling magazines or home improvement service those are just not sure who suspect it. now one neighbor we talked to says that she didn't receive that call so she made sure to contact the police to make sure that she could find out next time something important does happen. >> generally this really quite sleepy town and just pretty unusual for us. >> now police do not have
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they are looking for information if you have any, they urge you call detective in the men time they are saying lock your doors be cautious if you see anything that programs suspicous go ahead and report it. now they are not sure again whether this is the work of door to door sales people, but this has been happening in other communities we just north shore just a few weeks ago. where police were able to tie some home break ins to door to door sales people so this something that police departments and communities all around here are concerned about. we live concorde. fox 25 news. >> tonight hundreds runners lace the up in new hampshire honor local journalist executed by isis. today marked first annual foley foundation run in rochester found days was create by the family james foley who one ofself isis hostages be helded on camera. the foley foundation works to promote freedom of he around world and also supports families.
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american airlines u.s. airway now one there comes after completion merger this weekend. fox bryan has details on how creation neighbor's's biggest domestic carrier now affecting airports. >> so far so good here. new york flights on time. lines seem when american airlines? world largest airline in world and u.s. airways disappears into sunset after more than 57 years in business. the final u.s. airway plate land morning in philadelphia flight 1939 named for year of airline was created flew round trip with stops in between. today the first day american airlines has fully integrated u.s. airways night and that means no more booking on u.s. airways flights their website redirect you american all ticketing passenger service are now all american. combining computer system is most complex part of merger that's been slowly happening
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since 2013. but so far, so good. >> pretty seemless. it is we checked on-line they sent us e-mails. communication has been pretty good so far, so good. >> experience is good. similar most american flights i have taken. delta, american usually what i fly. not much different. but it is kind of interesting. bigger airlines and you know just kind of wonder what they can do with prices and flights everything like that. >> you will remember in 2012 when united airline continental merged combining their computer systems with month of delays cancellation tech nam american airlines took notice of did this weekend there is 20% more staff at airports. they tested 5 million mock reservations. still, passenger need to be constantly prepared for issues at least for next few weeks. turns out of the reservation. make sure you have app on american airlines make sure you avenue irparty extra have a back up plan.
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if you are flight cancelled >> american airlines tells us customer feedback so far has been good. but they are not letting guard down. meanwhile there, now just four major u.s. airlines lowest number since at least 1978 in new york. fox news. >> and happening today big changes starting logan airport is part of this airline merger. here few helpful tips for any one flying either of those airlines out of boston. before you get to airport you are advised to use or the american mobile app for check in u.s. airway app no longer works given merger once again american will only have the depart out terminal b. there be three check in locations. take a look at those on your screen. there be new signs on the curb to help you figure out exactly where to go for drop off and for check in. today in boston thousands of people lined banks charles river cheer on athletes from all around the world.
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chair led regatta. more than 11,000 people compete by the week done. they started boston university wolf boat house make their way to the park. this happening today, and also tomorrow. 23r8 -- am to 5:00 pm. beautiful day for it. our meterologist but chill jill. a little cooler than you might expect. 61 for an average we top at 56. >> tomorrow we will get out 40s in well below average for this time year who freeze likely just where --. and into tomorrow morning exception would be immediate downtown area cape and the island but tomorrow night sunday night monday morning, we will even colder and that's when even the downtown area will likely hit the freezing mark. license little on gusty side again. tomorrow afternoon we had frequent bouts up around 25 this afternoon we will see that again tomorrow. currently sitting at 60 ray boz. 48 in plymouth.
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49 in providence and 42 current tempt testimony worcester and again it has been a little object breezy side. still have some winds on the order of about 15 to 20 miles an hour and again would been get gust up 20 to 25. in last couple of hours. we see that calm down at least briefly as we head through overnight hours so wake up tomorrow morning, it wouldn't issue consequently wouldn't that much windchill but wind will start pick up again by tomorrow afternoon. now on radar we have been being track will some showers here and there through day it looks treat impressive wood amancio heading towards another short gloucester and again on radar looks good but lower atmosphere so dry almost actual evaporates before hits grounds. you might see frank will and then that would been it. all part area towards ascorch low help pull cold front through here. and it is gets cold. circulation around that area low pressure driving some of those
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isolated rain and snow showers. now future cast shows the chance for those sprinking wills to continue. means this. be do expect dievendz minutes turf clouds as we head through rest of the evening hours can't rule out sprinkle or two but that would be been no impact if you are got even evening plans even that overnight hours. so, clear skies, and cool weather when you head out of the door early tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon winds start pick up. that northwest wind that cool wind blowing across still relatively warm waters of cape cod bay will create more cloud cover out at the outer cape tomorrow afternoon. by monday morning skies are crystal clear everywhere any
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calm winds you get bitter cold morning so actually monday morning coldest temperature i have got in that seven day forecast. down about 32 tonight. that's average again more like mid 30s downtown. er 20s out in suburbs. 32 freezing mark being average. 48 tomorrow afternoon. breezy will make feel a little bit colder. mid 20 s by monday morning but again that's average more like low 30s downtown. low 20s in out in suburb if you get through that, temperature rebound actually get back to normal for milled part of week next chance of rain coming thursday morning. okay thank you so much in ahead tonight keeping all in family. new enticing offer from northeastern university. we will tell you qualify for big discount on tuition. but first, stay off his
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with you are watching fox 25 news at 6:00. welcome back. fact moving wildfire touch homes each austin texas, but not every one running from those flames. fact one man says he making sure looter don't go through his home tactic he tells us quite effective. >> i drop shot about 60 feet in front of him. let him know that i meant business. we kept his hands up. and just started walking off to the side. >> tens of thousands of acres
6:25 pm
have bushed in that fire. thankfully no deaths have been reported. comedy legends like receive very first lady teaming up with royalty. maybe not kind you think, though. fox has the stories and more in week ahead. >> sunday comedy in capital now that's not something you hear every day. stress rock and christy morgan among the stars studded line who will be town pay tribute legendary comedy actor eddie murphy man infectious laughs hollywood being honored with the 189 annual mark twain prize for american humor awarded by kennedy center for perform is arts. monday join president for will evening undered stars. it is astronomy night at the white house where student space industry experts will spend time oth star gatesing from south lawn. event aims to inspire students to pursue careers science technology industry. wednesday the first lady teaming up with king james.
6:26 pm
james university of the akron. part of her recharge initiative parter wheels education charity. and effort highlight importance of higher education. >> friday president obama teaming it up with some eye for women leadership forum. president scheduled speak organization's 22 annual issues conference. four of the five democrat candidates also be in attendance. hoping use forum as chance lay out vision for women in america. and on saturday it is united nation day. since 1948 the day handy voted recognizing the contribution of those who serve and participate in the organization. bring world peace. that's look at the week ahead. fox news. >> ahead local man killed five years ago today. but this is very much about keeping i had memory alive. how d.j. henry lived on with fund raider helping struggling families today. plus, an amber alert sending police scrambling the hospital
6:27 pm
worker that help break the case and the mom now facing charges tonight. but next, taking live look out on boston skyline we are talking about a big cool down. just how cold it will get tonight. and the few spots that wouldn't
6:28 pm
that's all ahead on your fox you are watch fox 25 news 6:00 welcome back. here's a look at the beautiful but cloudy abosses skyline. temperature beginning to drop
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welcome, because everybody. let's take look what's going on with our meterologist because our producer meg has been plans tonight she has been asking how cold going to get? >> pretty cold. eventually down mid 30s got 50 degrees now if you are out late in evening hours already down to about 40 by midnight you are talking about skyline out there. you have some clouds skies red off in distance and probably heard the saying red at night sailer's delight. mid 30s for low temperature in boston that's not freezing boston not freeze warning but most of the area for tonight. tomorrow night we will be even colder. that's where downtown boston cape even mir that vinyard under freeze watch. that indicates it is possibilities we could see even freezing temperatures even in those usually warm spots and again that would be sunday night into monday morning. right now, we got 50 at the vinyard.
6:30 pm
50 in boston. 52 milton. off west between lowell fitchburg we do some sprinkles here on radar against atmosphere so dry likely to rain evaporating before hits ground. by midnight. gown 28 there. we take hour by hour. coming up few minutes. >> and one our stopper is tonight woken by amber alert early this morning. and tonight mother is in custody and her child is in the hospital. now we first brought you this story break is new on fox 25 morning new today. robert is are learning more from authorities who say, be an observant hospital worker helped break this case. >> child is located boston hospital overnight and police are crediting alert nurse who was working when two month old was admitted.
6:31 pm
morning. that's massachutes state police were look for 36 year old tiffany cherry. after she left pennsylvania area her seriously sick infantson soveriegn. alodge ignoring directions to get boy emergency medical care. alert did not have photos only names. description of the vehicle >> 2004 gray dodge. >> one nurse here children he hospital saw amber alert on her cell phone and recognized child's name because that child was just an admitted to the hospital? >> mass state police say they issued amber alert after pennsylvania police contacted them with information the moe may be in the boston area. fox 25 news has learned terry is criminal history in i maas including current default warrants involving prostitution, from 2002 and 2010. but pennsylvania police department took out felony warrants yesterday for cherry after getting information from a pennsylvania hospital that cherry did not take her son was suffering from severe dehydration to the emergency
6:32 pm
room. cherry told the police in massachutes she just wanted take hersonston to boston hospital for best possible care. of it of if told us written statement the department investigating the incident with law enforcement. as dcf social look into the matter, custody of the child has been transferred to dcf. cherry scheduled to be rained on monday morning in roxbury district court. >> tonight 144 officer are trying to figure out if they are connected to series of car thefts and break ins in. one of cars was stolen in walpole and involved police chase it continued until person driving the car barrelled into man's yard in brain tree. fox 25 was there as one of four teens was released from jail. >> i had school at 7:00. everything got out of control. >> did you tell your friend to stop? >> everything was going -- i am just worried about my leg.
6:33 pm
walpole investigators working several towns with similar car incident and break ins to eif they are all connected. made big difference law enforcement major case and lovers day investigate. so maybe you can help with this week's most wanted water town police say this man robbed citizen bank inside stop and shop on october 11th. he was in mall bloom sea dan. you are asking contact water town police if you think you can help track him down. there is a reward if you are information lights tine rest he make sure you mention the mass most wanted tip program when you call. and on to lexington where police looking for this man. and woman who are allegedly using stolen credit cards from a car at ice skating rink. these thieves have black hair with husky build she described tall she is brown hair believed
6:34 pm
between 25 and 35 years old. detective say they have used those stolen credit cards in arlington alekts and norwood police contact lexington fist if you any information that can help. meanwhile newton this man alledge walked into sydney thomas jewelers at the chest nut hill mall where allege tried on rolex watch, and then sprinted out of the door it was last seen wearing that dark gray fedora and gray coat and gray pants if you know he is contact newton police all of cases come to us from law enforcement web site. we also have them up on our web site, be for now i want turn race for white house. two of republican candidates are in new hampshire senator ted cruz and rand paul. cruz on rise in paul while fighting libertarian support. fox hillary von has story from new hampshire. senators adruse cruz and rand paul are back in new hampshire
6:35 pm
limiting dual events a mile apart krooudz will rally supporter hooves fairgrounds. rand paul will attend how party few minutes down the road. both candidates were granite state last weekend dukeing out at the republican liberty caucus convention. take a listen we had over 900 people show up it was very hotly contested straw poll which rand paul won but ted cruze came in close second. so certainly they are battling out for the hardcore liberty and conservative voter. tendency for liberty voter even in the general big tent people liberty lead democrat side sore republican side they will only come out if there is one worth voting for. also happening on ground here a grass roots press shal election is pocket. over 500 liberty leaning voted earth expected attend. cruz will on the stump. i spoke rand paul campaign senator will not attending
6:36 pm
not a traditional central straw poll. >> couple democrat are also focus on newtown nu week. hillary clinton held town has been meeting at keen state college before heading nashua for meet and greet last night. clinton says she happy to have a wide range people showing up to support her. >> and i think the reason for that is to be me, pretty obvious. you know that our country does better when we have a democrat in the white house. >> former maryland governor was also in granite state. he held few campaign events in concorde yesterday. >> meanwhile g.o.p. front-runner atrump drew quite crowd last night. he spent night at elementary school there. support spilled out of building the thousands people who attend such events show that he actually could win the democratic strong hold states like massachutes. >> you know why? i think that democrats are so
6:37 pm
sick and tired of watching our country lose. they are going vote for the republican if this is one. i really believe that. >> new polls show trump has also spent the least of any republican candidate just an over $4 million. as race white house heats up fox 25 spoke mother of winchester native who demanding politic attack be pulled from the air. >>, dear hillary clinton i like ask you why you ignore calls for help in benghazi and then four americans were murdered. >> ad first aired earlier this week. during the democratic debates. it victim killed during the 2012 benghazi attack question hillary clinton. it was paid by stop hillary pack. and used victim's likeness. barbara tells us not only did she not give permission but she also says the ad does not reflect her son glenn's character. >> it is not okay that my son
6:38 pm
he was not political. he would be horrified if he was as alive. at the us want adds add pulled and she planning sent letter to issue. >> be there soon another house. the cnn report vice president joe biden's family on board with run for white house. and the official announcement come any day now. this week vice president personally called democratic strategist in eye was new hampshire and south carolina to get their takes on his chances at winning. local university is planning to give back to families undergraduate students 25% stew it discount for graduates studies to parents and sibling of undergrads. program began in spring they my arity department including nurse, lurks and engineering. >> also a warning to double check your medicine can instinet
6:39 pm
because they are wrong dosage. 500 milligrams it be bless the miss labelled as 325 mill grams. over dose on these pills could lead to liver failure. the specific product information is limited on your screen as you can see. pills were sold at drug stores between june and september of this year. med line will refunded couldn't of the recalled bottles. safe energy future becoming topic debate on be cob hill after the pilgrim power plant announced it will close. they say closures an opportunity state ex painted renewable energy base. but governor charlie baker has his sites set hydro power he says provides steady flow of power unlike solar and wind. tail one day of the year that people can legal liam jump off of bridge in went virginia that's right. . bridge we are talking about you can see, pretty crazy what they are doing bridge they jump day
6:40 pm
festival where thrill seeks he recalls jump off bridge nearly 900 feet high nor than 80 pause be walk across the bridge if that's more your speed jumpers though it is very unique experience . it is be kind of change my whole look on life as far as how present myself to world in general because i know if i can convince myself be i can do pretty much anything. will say. river george bridge third highest bridge in u.s. bridge day began in 1980. three years after that bridge opened ahead tonight very special moment months in making. can't where this guy was found and how rescuer said this bird was injured first place. but next, hearing on his freight today hundreds out raising money to help their community. tragic anniversary they were
6:41 pm
benefitted from today's fiv you are watching fox 25 news at 6:00. bitter sweet anniversary earn paver parents northeaston today mark five years since their son death at the hands of the police. but they spent today giving other kids hope. >> has been five years since angela don roy henry lost their son d.j. shot killed by police whilive ai did abannings at bar. today day that typically would have been dedicating service they had their share of pain and hopelessness but today, is all about hope. >> one way lived his life as
6:42 pm
well. just our way of bringing him alive each five k fund raiser support d.j. dream fund. last five years probably put $50,000 from this event alone back community. it is help struggling fall least afford alet thinks and otherness activities for kids. we founded this give those kids chance to say yes we believe power of yes that's what taste like today also, a true tribute dedicating today to d.j. >> be celebrate. how he lived. how well these people sporting him it is great day. >> now goal for today event was raise $5,000. go to scholarship for kids who need them. take a look at this guy. say hello newest member of the dover new hampshire police department this furry guy barko belgium dog that's breed famous protecting livestock. very popular choice for police canines this particular breed, and hope null loose bright
6:43 pm
bald eagle get something chance a life. take look at this young eagle released back into wild. at state park in virginia. wildlife officials say that eagle had fallen from net during severe storm nursed him back to health. over four month stay. >> this bird, does not have any guarantee of success. bent we have been able to do for this bird is to guarantee it a shot astarted monday. and here i am today releasing eagle. i am choke up now. it is just what has been all about. >> trans be shirt back to the wildlife center every 48 hours. tracking this young birth's burned today in frame framingham suffered second to third degree burgees we will tell you about fall out from this situation. tonight at 10:00 but for now let's check weather. >> one degree would be average high for this time of year we no where near that today.
6:44 pm
and tomorrow afternoon we will be even colder. 48 by the way more typical mid late november. then it is of the mid october. now we will get a little bit better. testimony kind of rebound however around normal. towards middle part of next week. now the coldest period in entire seven day forecast will be early monday morning widespread freezing conditions. across just about everywhere seems early talking with this well you right generally speaking from downtown boston through the south shore and cape we really wouldn't expect first front first breeze come until late october. or early november. officially boston based upon day from logan it won't happen until november 9th at least on average. 50 degrees current temperature boston area we have got still a little bit of breeze out there. and does make feel a bit cooler down. as head through overnight hours. let's try that again see if we get you an hour by hour forecast. maybe not. either way, already down about
6:45 pm
40 by midnight hour. now if still thinking about maybe doing some -- this time last week color was just really starting peak. that color already starting to fade. unfortunately out there today, you may noticed a little bit white addiction to fall color. billing area low pressure moving from maine towards nova scotia creating so am snow showers across maine across some of mountains green mountains and white mountain mouven vermont and new hampshire locally that same circulation helping to dry some clouds and even at least on radar, some showers. looks pretty impressive here between not -- bed ford even heading towards downtown boston. again on radar it looks like really kind of raining but area so dry most evaporating before it hits ground best maybe sprinkle or two this evening. even those will clear out as we head through overnight.
6:46 pm
bigger story not down about 31 at 7:00 tomorrow morning. and pan abosses 23456789 providence immediate by tomorrow. some usual cool spots like worcester will already be below freezing by 9:00. then real cold air gets here sunday night monday morning we will have clear skies and calm winds there no windchill peak of even without windchill it will be awfully cold if your heading out of door. 7:00. 33 in boston. 28 in worcester. 29 in plymouth. 33 vinyard so again freeze possible in downtown boston. even in vinyard as coldest part early monday morning. we will show you some of the low temperature that we are expecting. record low by the way for boston would be 28. so not quite there.
6:47 pm
we are expecting us get around 31 degrees. at the cold em time of the morning early monday morning in boston. 26 in lowell and again. 26 in worcester. get through that does get a little bit better. 64 on tuesday afternoon. and next front due arrive thursday morning that will be our next best chance of rain seven day forecast beyond that another a little bit of cooling trend heading next weekend. >> next sports you got baseball playoffs and compelling reason why you should be watching. bruin getting some news p patriots some bad news. when you play bell it is always
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
a shame paid won four a-seven game be threw for 126 yard no touch downs and had two kickses. can bryan survivor horrible start with three straight home loss 1 and 2 colorado was refresh. tonight they fates 3 and 1 coyotes in phoenix. getting some reinforcements back. brad marchant scheduled for arizona. he missed last two games of concussion. but suffered from elbow of canadian dail wheat. mar channel cleared play tonight. they are back garden wednesday night. against the flyers. >> want david price red sox aid next year? how do you factor his post season record? price starting game two of alcs this afternoon. 60 and 6 post season starts coming this one. he was cruising through six going through seven pitch struck out. but the royal rally for five runs four of them offplace while
6:50 pm
in there in seven inning and knock them out of game. he goes ahead hit and tying go ahead 5, 3 royals 8th inning. game three monday night. in toronto. it can be seen on fox. >> tomorrow night indiana restring game for indianacolt who got ridiculous story last january. when accuse patriots deflating foot balls. speaking deback and forth between our governors. indiana governor mike presence tweeting deflated football. can always tell patriots are in town. blame that charlie baker colt caught upside down dumpster patriots ford o a like 1972 in order putting dumpster. . isn't that laimth example mix. wow. we see it all of the time every single day. childish! wow! . >> with wow! all right. be from the mayor.
6:51 pm
cooling down for us. >> there you go! all right. wow. fun to watch. well thank you for joining us tonight we will see you if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher,
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