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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 19, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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happening now at 4:00, a freeze warning in boston. meteorologist sarah wroblewski joins us with the timeline of when we can expect a warm-up. another win in the bag for the patriots. highlights from the game against the indianapolis colts that sends the team to the first 5-0 streak in eight years. and happening today, a mother will be in court for sparking an amber alert. what the woman's family says she was actually doing to protect her baby. >>announcer: this is the fox25 morning news. >>daniel: good morning, 4:00 on this monday, october 19. i am daniel miller. >>julie: good morning,
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everybody, i am julie grauert. it is cold out there. >>daniel: you can say that again julie julie it is cold out there -- >>julie: i came with a hat and a big puffy jacket. a freeze effect is in. sarah wroblewski in for shiri. sara, how long will this last. >> a warm-up headed our way. this morning, yes, the coldest out of the recent days and today we will see slight improvement, but really the warm-up heads our way for the week. but, yes, a freeze warning along the coastline. boston at 32 degrees. we have clear skies because high pressure will be building on in, and it will influence our weather by changing that wind direction to a much warmer wind direction than we saw over the weekend. so that means we are on our way up, but with the clear skies. some clouds over the cape. this is what you can expect as you step outside right now. 32 in boston. 20s and 30s for the cape and south shore. 27 in beverly. but take a look at that. 19 degrees in orange. we will see temperatures still
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through the morning hours. slowly warming up out of the 20s and 30s by your lunch hour into the upper 30s to low 40s. we will have to watch for any ocean-effect clouds for the cape, but for the most part, we are talking about dry conditions. this will be another cool day with highs mainly in the upper 40s. it will feel a little bit better than it was yesterday because those winds much lighter. but we are talking about a much better warm-up headed our way this week. the timeline of that ahead. over to you now for a first check of traffic. >>julie: and sara and were talking about how the cold weather may impact your drive and right now it means you will have to turn up the heat. not anticipating any black ice on the road. you know. 93 south moving along fine. pike open through framingham and the weston tolls. nothing slowing you down bright nothing slowing you down live drive times 137 minutes from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. eight minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes from the pike to the
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leverett connector. billed as revenge for deflategate by the fans, but the new england patriots are just happy to remain undefeated this morning. tom brady and the patriots facing the indianapolis colts last night at lucas oil stadium last night at lucas oil stadium. a rematch of the afc championship game and the seven championship game and the seven-month legal battle which followed. in the second, pats down 4 when legarrette blount dices through the colts' defense. going for the touchdown. third quarter, braid faux gronk third quarter, braid faux gronk. he goes over the middle for a 25 - 25 25-yard td and the most mis 25-yard td and the most misguided play of the season. colts line up for some sort of fake field goal. you see there taken out; however, the patriots didn't bite. the pats would take over and convert another td. new england wins 34-27. pats are 5-0. they face the jets next week. and you can watch more game highlights on our web site at stick around for reaction from the game from sports direction the game from sports
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directioner tom leyden back in the studio at 6:00. >>julie: looking forward to hearing about that. as sarah said it is freezing but we won't see snow. winter starts on december 21, but parts of the state saw a dusting of snow yesterday. fox25 viewers sent us so many videos and pictures into our newsroom. the flurries were a surprise to most people. >> this early? never seen it happen before. >> this is new england, so if you can't get snow in october, you better move out. [laughter] >>julie: well said. last year's snow didn't start until about november and many people we talk to say they hope this is not an indicator of another blizzard. whatever the weather, you can track the forecast 24 hours a day with the fox25 weather app. check the radar, view the seven-day and customize the forecast for your town. it is free and available in the app store. just search fox25 weather. meteorologist sarah wroblewski will be back in just a few minutes with today's cold forecast. 4:04 now. happening today, the mother at
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the center of a multistate amber alert will be in a boston court room this morning. that amber alert was triggered in massachusetts early saturday morning. state police were looking for 36-year-oldtive thee cherry. cherry -- tiffany cherry. cherry left ignore cherry left ignoring strings s to get emergency medical care. her family says the mom did nothing wrong and trying to help her son. >> if she had other plans as far as not getting help for her baby, then she would not have ever ended in massachusetts. >>daniel: police found cherry. she told them she was taking her son to the boston hospital for the best possible care. dcf tells us they are now investigating and have custody of the baby boy. this morning, students at boston university are being warned about a violent attack of a woman inside her dorm room of a woman inside her dorm room. campus police issued an emergency alert late yesterday
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assaulted a female student inside a high rise resident hall near the arena. the victim did not know her attacker. students are being told to keep their doors locked. >> it kind of makes me a little nervous because honestly sometimes, me and my roommates we don't always lock our doors. >> the suspect ran off after the attack. he is described as a college he is described as a college-aged man with a medium build and brown air and wearing a dark button-down shirt and vest jacket. we will be on campus with the latest details. happening today a registered sex offender charged with killing a young mother will be in court. 17-year-old jason fleury was arrested nor jamie mendez's death. the 25-year-old went missing in december. in january her body was found on a swampscott beach. her mother told the globe she is waiting to see how they are daughter died. fleury has pled not guilty. >> the cause of a deadly fire in chicopee is still under investigation.
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it happened just before 8:00 on calm street. police have not released the naiption of the victims but -- reese the names of the victims but a woman said her mother and brother were killed. she and two other family members made it to safety. we have information of another fair on bishop gate road in newton. fox25 first reported this at 10 fox25 first reported this at now we are learning the fire started in the chimney before spreading to the house. no one was hurt but out extent of the damage is unclear. the long-time girlfriend of convicted mobster whitey bulger will be in court. catherine greig will be arraigned for criminal tint. she is being arraigned for refuse refusing to testify before a grand jury whether anyone else helped bulger while on the run for more than a decade. bulger is serving two life sentences for his role in 11 murders. a massachusetts teacher is due in a new hampshire court room. james page is accused of grabbing a woman by the neck and attempting to strangle her. he was arrested earlier this month on assault and domestic
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violence charges. paige is on leave from his job at greater lowell technical high school. he faces a probable cause hearing in nashua today. it is now 4:07. the wife of a convicted massachusetts political giant is now pleading for inmates with terminal illnesses to be released from prison. former house speaker sal dimasi is serving eight years in federal prison for corruption and also battling stage 4 tongue cancer. last week his wife debra testified on beacon hill in favor of a compassionate release program. massachusetts is one of five states without a system where terminally-ill inmates be set free. a south end landmark is getting an upgrade the cathedral of the holy cross will soon have the sound of real bells ringing out from the belfry. the five bells will be installed friday. they were previously used at a catholic church on shamut avenue. until now they played the sound of bells from a speaker system.
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the plan to raise fares on the t is meeting resistance on beacon hill. house speaker bob deleo says increasing the cost of public transit is july is a last resort. they need to cover $242 million deficit in the 2016 budget. the next fare hike is budgeted for july 2017, but the t's control board has discussed moving that up by one year. happening today, a walpole woman will receive a life-changing gift from a hillary cohen is the first person to receive a pro thetic limb from the heather abbott foundation. abbott started the charity for customized prosthetic for those who lost limb. a genetic condition forced her to lose her limb. she met abbott and said she never got to wear heels. >> i never got to experience that. and when i told her that, she
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>> cohen works at beth israel and hopes to help others like abbott is helping her. >>daniel: incredible. >>julie: congratulations to both of them. a fuel riot leaves a family festival in shambles. how a disaster at the pumpkin festival affecting other autumn activities across new hampshire. also this morning, a local university coming under fire for reports of widespread bullying. the thousands of dollars spent to fix a facility feud. a faculty feud that is. but first, sarah wroblewski in this morning. and it is pretty chilly out. >>sarah: downright cold this morning. in fact temperatures back into the teens in places like orange. 20s from nashua and worcester and north shore, south shore. boston at the freezing mark. sure enough we are talking about really cold conditions in fact temperatures will drop a couple of degrees before sun couple of degrees before sunrise and then be a slow but steady rise out of freezing conditions through the morning hours. bright sunshine in our
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welcome back, everyone. a feud lasting self-years is dividing a prominent department at umass at u amherst. the globe says the university spent 78,000 of internal
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investigations of the chemical engineering department. feud reportedly involves allegations of bullying of faculty members involved in a power struggle. the chem near engineering research grants. a new chair has been brought in from the private sect to restructure the department. he starts next week. happening today, a plymouth man will be in court to face drunk driving charges. kevin palmer is accused of driving the wrong way on route 3 on saturday. the cape cod times reports that palmer drove 20 miles before hitting a car. then being stopped by troopers using spike strips. no one was hurt. palmer is out on bail. 4:14 now. a long-time boston library worker is consulting with lawyers after being fired. susan glover's attorney tell the globe they are weighing all their options. glover was the keeper of the special art collection. she was filed after a pair of paintings turned up misfiled in june. one of those paints one of those paintings have been missing for a year.
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the whole thing led to an investigation. the president and chairman of the board ended up resigning. a scare in the air for passengers from florida to worcester. their jetblue flight from ft. lauderdale was diverted to logan airport. the airline said the flaps on the plane's wings were stuck in the upright position. the pilot needed to land the plane at a higher speed than normal and worcester's runway was too short. they received credits and taxi vouchers to get them back to worcester. amazon is suing over fake product reviews on their web site. going after a company called for selling more than 5,000 five-star reviews. they maintained they are not breaking the rule because it only allows people to post a review if they bought a product review if they bought a product. this morning, volkswagen owner notice united states can now find fought their car is fitted with a software that
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vw created a database for drivers to put their vehicles identification numbers to determine the status of their cars. volkswagen is expected to order an initial recall for about 5 an initial recall for about 500,000 u.s. diesel cars. the models range from 2009 to 2015. it is 4:15. if you were one of those early risers getting ready to hit the road, things looking good right now as you may expect. express lane moving along at a nice clip from braintree up through quins niet south boston area. pike looks good from framingham through the weston tolls and as you can see through brighten, wide open right now. live drive times if you are head out the door. you know what, we will bring you those live drive times in just a minute. first check in with meteorologist sarah wroblewski to find out how cold it will stay today. good morning, sarah. >>sarah: good morning, pretty chilly conditions.
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our first frost, first freeze, it is in october. a lot of folks quite a shock for the system, it is quite normal to be talking about these very chilly temperatures. the good news is, we will be talking about a warm-up too. speaking of cold, at least a trace of snow in boston and worcester yesterday. worcester picked up a trace of snow on saturday. sure enough. it was cold across the entire region, and we are talking about more cold this morning. freeze likely everywhere inside boston now, down to 32 but milder temperatures on the horizon. the winds out of the northwest continue to deliver those really chilly conditions. also the atmosphere and provided the snow squalls yesterday. the high pressure will relax the winds and keep the skies fairly bright. we are talking about a rebound with a lot of sunshine, lighter winds. it will feel nor comfortable and remain on the cool side. winds averaging between 5 and 15 miles per hour. calm through the interior and
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as clear skies, you tend to see your temperatures just drop. this morning in orange you are waking up to temperatures in the teens. 20s in worcester, as well as out in westfield. nashua, 24 right now. 29 in plymouth. 32 in boston. we got the upper 30s near 40 for the outer cape and nantucket. you are dealing with more clouds keeping you a little warmer acting kind of like a blanket and a chance of an isolated sprinkle or two. you factor in that wind and it feels much colder. it feels like it is in the lower 20s in boston. it feels like it is in the teens from nashua to worcester. these are the kind of conditions you want to be dressing for. so layer up as you head out the door this morning. take some extra time also warm up your car. your day planner will take you through the 20s this morning at the bus stop to the lower 40s by your lunch hour, and as winds will be much lighter turning to the southwest, we are talking about afternoon temperatures mainly in the mid- to upper 40s. yes, below average.
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usually we are in the lower 60s this time of year, but it is going to feel a little bit nicer considering those winds won't be as active or busy as they were yesterday. and as for tonight, we are going to see temperatures not as cold as they are this morning. but still falling back into the 30s for the north and west. 40s across the southeast. take look at the future cast. the winds will be active and provide ocean effect clouds and maybe a little done with these showers but we will have to watch them throughout the day. nonetheless through the interior, talking about bright and dry conditions. going be too cool day. as we start off the workweek. heading into the later stages of the day, we will be watching the cold front to the north, increasing the cloud cover later on tonight could spark a few showers across northern new england, but for our area, we will just see clouds filtering in. could be a little bit clearer down across the south coast. as for tuesday, that front will get a little bit closer. it will lose a lot of this moisture. as it does so, we will still see the slight chance of an isolated shower and more in the
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way of clouds and you will notice that wind out of the southwest ahead of that front, and that is going to boost our temperatures. although today we get stuck in the 40s. back into the 60s come tomorrow. and we will hold tonight 60s into wednesday too as we will be snuck this unsettled pattern with off and on clouds. the risk of the showers across our region will increase into our thursday as the cold front finally comes on through. winds behind that front really breezy and drops the temperatures once again. we will fall below average late week into the weekend and right now we are staying dry, but we will be watching something late sunday that could provide the risk of some showers. a look at the forecast. over to you. 4:20. nurses at a local hospital worried about their safety. why the hospital says that complaint may be misguided. plus donald trump makes a
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why he says that day would have 4:23 on the campaign trail. donald trump and jeb bush continue to go head to head over big issues and trump is aim at his competition through bush's brother. on sunday, trump implied that former george w. bush shares some of the blame for 9/11. he told fox news the attacks
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would never have happened on his watch. >> i am extremely, extremely tough on illegal immigration. i am extremely tough on people come coming into this country. i believe that if i were running things, i doubt those families -- i doubt those people would have been in this country. i am not blaming george bush, but i don't want jeb bush to say my brother kept us safe. >> bush defended his brother to cnn saying trump's statements are only hurting trump's own credibility. it is now 4:24. this week democrat hillary clinton is preparing for a trip to congress that could make or break her presidential bid. on thursday the former secretary of state will testify before a house committee looking into the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, four americans including american chris stevens and glen doherty were killed. they plan to push her on lack of security.
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democrats say it is politically motivated. developing in the philippines, the death toll is growing as a typhoon ripped through the area. a woman and a 16-year-old boy were killed. no word on the number people hurt. officials say towns have been cut off by flooding and some 16,000 people there were forced to flee their home. the 12th storm to hit the philippines this year. happening today, we are expecting to learn more about a reported attempted hack of u.s. technology and pharmaceutical companies. the u.s. cyber security company says china was behind it but failed to gain access. the company says this happened last month. at the same time the u.s. and china agreed not to hack each other for economic spying. investigators tell the "wall street journal" it is too soon to say china broke any rules. neither the chinese government nor the white house are commenting. this morning, police are still searching for a suspect in a deadly shooting rampage at a zombicon ventual in florida. one person was killed, five
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ft. myers on saturday night. more than 20,000 people were roaming around the zombie roaming around the zombie-themed street festival when shots rang out. witnesses were horrified >> the guy pulled out right there -- right there in front of me. i mean right here and the body is right there. >> we started running because we saw hoard of people running and we heard two really loud bangs. >>julie: in a statement the organizers of zombie cron deeply saddened by what happened and take their patrons very seriously. we are learning of a pair of attacks in the water in hawaii over the weekend. one was actually an eel attack. both happened in oahu. the eel attack victim has injuries to one leg. the shark attack victim has serious injuries to both of his feet. the attacks happened -- the attacks have officials considering closing the beaches in that area. it is now 4 :26 it is now 4 :26. bracing for winter on the rails bracing for winter on the
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rails. coming up at 4:30, the concerns this morning as the t runs for the first time this season in freezing temperatures. plus, a teenager found dead in a motel room. still ahead this morning, the investigation under way and who was in the room with the girl when she was found that authorities say is suspicious.
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happening now at 4:30, a freeze warning in boston right now. meteorologist sarah wroblewski joins us with the timeline when we can expect a warm-up. happening today a mother will be in court for sparking an amber alert. what the mother's family said she was actually doing to protect her baby. local boy scouts hailed as heros. as a hiking trip in the mountains turned out to be more than a lesson about the woods. >> this is the fox25 morning news. >>julie: good monday morning, everyone, just about 4:30 on october 19. i am julie grauert. >>daniel: and i am daniel
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