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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 19, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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we appreciatyour cpany this morning. want to warm up your car when you head out to crank it up. we are waking up to freezing temperatures. meteorologist sarah wroblewski in this morning with today's cold temp. hi there. >>julie: good morning. you will want to get those gloves and mittens, the scarve gloves and mittens, the scarves, all of the above this morning. it feels like winter in fact we have a freeze warning in place for the coast including boston as well as the cape and martha's vineyard. nantucket not included. the water temperatures around the island will help insulate and keep it from falling below freezing. in fact 40 degrees on nantucket as well as worcester. upper 40s for the cape and the cloud cover. the vineyard hovering above freeze. bourne, 31. freezing the city of go up toward lynn and metheun back in the 20s. in 20s in rindge. 26 in fitchburg. you get the picture. a cold start to the day and it is going to be a slow improvement throughout the
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and in fact, sunrise occurs just after 7:00. so we are going to continue to see freezing conditions at the bus stop. it will be through the mid to late morning we will finally see conditions out of the freezing mark, i guess could you say. by your lunch hour into the low 40s. some sunshine comes with us day. we will get into the mid- to upper 40s by the afternoon. we will feel a little more comfortable. the winds won't be as buzzer as yesterday and through sunset before 6:00 and we fall back into the 40s. overall another cooler than average day. but we do have a warm-up coming our way. we will talk about when that will come and a check of your traffic with julie grauert. good morning. >>julie: sarah, good morning and a great day to get out and start on your week. the pike looking fine through the alston-brighton area. the 95 south looking good. zakim bridge no traffic to speak of. live drive times. 8 minutes from 123 to settle.
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23 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. eight minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 4:31 right now. it was billed as revenge for deflategate by the fans, but the new england patriots are just happy to remain undefeated this morning. tom brady and the patriots facing the colts in indianapolis last night. a rematch of the afc championship game and the seven-month legal battle which followed. bryan salmond reports from indy bryan salmond reports from indy. >>reporter: i will call this my gomer pyle game, surprise, surprise, surprise. the colts are not blown out by the new england patriots and the pats only won by seven points. tom brady was good and three touchdown passes and first interception of the season and he and bill belichek felt the offense left plenty of plays on the field. >> i felt like we could have done a better job tonight. not very good on third down. we left a lot of yards. points out there.
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they competed pretty hard. i thought our execution was off at times. glad we won. always good to win on the road. so we got a quick turn around this week. division game. so it will be fun. >> we expected this to be a gadget game and the onside kick, fake punt, fake field goal. went on the swinging gate type play. and to make sure we covered the inside part and reacted well to it. so it was a good type of play by the punt return unit. >>reporter: with the win the pats improve to 5-0 for the season. and like tom brady said, a short week and we have a game coming up against the new york jets at home and the jets only have one loss of the season and you know it will be a huge battle. in indianapolis, bryan salmond, fox25 news. >>daniel: bryan thanks. you can watch
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sports director tom leyden who will be in the studio with us at 6 a.m. everyone around the nation is bracing for freezing temperatures this morning, especially commuters headed to the t. am michael henrich live at canton station where the cold can cause trouble on the tracks. michael, you know all too well about that. . >>reporter: we all know all too well. walk down memory lane. only yesterday we were out at canton junction at that platform, everybody had their teeth jittering and clamoring together because the t was late once again during a historic snowfall last winter, but, heck, it was only a couple of weeks ago that i was out at a different commuter rail station because of heat-related delays. so this morning, all eyes are on what will happen next, after the season. first i will be at minor snowfall. i want to show you from around the region showing the flakes making their cameo as we talk about the governor and the mbta making these changes to help the t handle this coming winter
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83.7 million winter resiliency program that includes improving infrastructure, investing in snow removal equipment and training and reworking winter protocol. now we are having our first snowfall in october 18, some, of course, were taken by surprise. >> we got off blue hill in the parking lot dark clouds and all of a sudden we could see flurries and everybody didn't know whether to laugh or cry. >>reporter: not alone, laugh or cry, take your pick. the mbta want to communicate how they are performing with their weekly scorecards. you can read more about how your subway or computer or t lines operate on a week-to-week basis by going to our web site at or our fox25 news app as we this morning take a close look at your commute on this very cold day. live in canton junction, i am michael henrich, fox25 news.
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>>julie: whatever the forecast >>julie: whatever the forecast, you can track it 24 hours a day with the fox25 weather app. check the radar and seven-day and customize the forecast for your own town. it is free and available in the app store. search fox25 weather. meteorologist sarah wroblewski will be back in just minutes with today's cold forecast. happening today, a new mother will be in court for sparking a multistate amber alert. >> she is accused of leaving pennsylvania with her very sick infant against doctor's orders. fox25's stephanie coueignoux is live in roxbury with why this mom headed to massachusetts in the first place, stephanie. >>reporter: i did speak with tiffany cherry's family who told me all she wanted to do was find the best medical care for her son. in court today, we could find out if she is going to be extradited back to pennsylvania extradited back to pennsylvania, possibly immediately meaning she wouldn't be able to see her son before she left. the child is still at boston children's hospital this morning the two-and-a-half
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month-old we are told by his family is immoving. he is now eating. he was submitted after being severely dehydrated. i sat down with kathleen brown, cherry's aunt yesterday, who shared some new information with me. cherry had previously lost a baby just two and a half weeks before giving birth, and this is why she said when the baby fell sick on friday, cherry took it to a clinic where personnel said he needed medical attention. cherry then panicked and drove from pennsylvania to boston children's hospital which is where kavai was born. pennsylvania police contacted mass state police who issued an amber alert and arrested cherry at the hospital. >> if she had other plans as far as not getting help for her baby, then she would have never ended in massachusetts at children's hospital the same day. >>reporter: as fox25 first
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does have a criminal history including charges of prostitution. brown says everyone makes mistakes and cherry learned from them, has now grown. we will be here at court and we will let you know if and when cherry is extradited to pennsylvania. also new, cherry's family said there was another person in the car with cherry and the baby when cherry drove to boston. that information i will have for you coming up in the 5:00 hour. in roxbury, i am stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. happening today, a registered sex offender charged with killing a young mother will be in court. 37-year-old jason fleury was arrested in virginia for jaime mendez's death. she went missing in december and in january her body was found on a swamp could the beach. her mother said she is waiting to find out how her daughter died. fleury has pled not guilty. this morning the cause of the deadly fire on chicopee is under investigation.
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it happened before 8:00. police are not released the names of the victims but the victim tells herald her brother and mother was killed. that woman said she and two other family members made it to safety. new details another fire. this one happened on bishop gape road in newton. fox25 first reported the story at 10:00. it now we are learning the fire started in the chimney before spreading to the house. no one was hurt and at that point, the extent of the damages unclear this morning. now 4:39. happening today, the long-time girlfriend of convicted mobster whitey bulger will be from court. catherine greig will be arraign catherine greig will be arraigned for criminal intent. has been charged with refusing to testify before a grand jury about whether anyone else helped bulger while he was on the run for more than a decade. burger is serving two life sentences for -- bulger is serving two life senses serving two life sentences for his role in murders. james paige is accused
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grabbing a woman which the neck and assaulting her. paige is on leave from his job at greater lowell technical high school. he faces a possible probable cause hear in nashua. 4:39. a new bill to bring capital punishment back to massachusetts is met with mixed reaction. the telegram reports that the massachusetts association of criminal defense lawyers have come out against the proposal saying there are too many ways something could go wrong, but backers of the bill say capital punishment could keep -- could cut down on crime that is. the death penalty was abolished in 1984 but the last execution happened decades before that in 1947. and one year after wild rye yoots at of a new hampshire pumpkin festival, the new communities are trying to restore the tradition to its family-friendly roots. the pumpkin fest has moved from keene. and last year dozens were
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near keene state college following the annual pumpkinfest in that town. new this morning, plan to raise fares on the t are meeting are he resistance on beacon hill. house speaker bob deleo tells the herald increasing the cost of public transit is july should be the last result. the mbta needs to cover a $242 million deficit in the 2016 budget. the next fare hike is budgeted for 2017, but the t's control board has discussed moving that up by one year. a reminder for commuters on the fitchburg commuter rail line. crews will continue replacing tracks through belmont. brighton street will be closed until construction finished. all weekend trips on the fitch all weekend trips on the fitchburg line are suspended through november 22. 4:41 right now. gunfire outside of a busy boston transit hub happening today. why bpd say they are particularly concerned about the violence and the suspected gunman heads to court. and taking time to remember
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the fallen. still ahead this morning, the new place people can go to pay tribute to the victims of the boston marathon bombing. it is a cold start out there. temperatures back in the freezing mark in boston. 20s in the burbs. a slow and steady rise through the morning hours. by university noon into the 40s by university noon into the 40s. well below the averages and sunshine and warmer conditions
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. a new hampshire teenage cert victim of a hit-and-run in maine the drive of the car richard morin was arrested a short time after the crash. it happened on friday. the victim was hit while riding a bike. according to a maine police station. the 14-year-old remains in he is from golftown and a maine. the driver is being held on $10,000 bail. new questions this morning about security at brigham and women's hospital. nurses say there have been -- there have not been sufficient safety improvement since a doctor was killed in january. a security expert hired by the massachusetts nurses association agrees. boston former police chief dan linsky tells the globe that certain parts of the hospital can be accessed too easily. the hospital says the nurses union is using the aftermath of january shootings to win concessions in contract talks. framingham's public library will remain closed today. over the weekend two electrical contractors were severely burned while working on the
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one of them suffered second and third-degree burns to more than a third of his body during a flash explosion. that worker is still in the hospital this morning. according to the web site the building was having new lighting installed because of a new renovation project. 4:45. construction is under way on a new garden to honor the victims of the marathon bombing. groundbreaking in medford for the krystle campbell peace garden. fox25 and many marathon survivors were on hand for the emotional ceremony. krystle's mother said the community's support is helping her heal. >> it has lifted me up a lot. it really did. people do remember. they were all victims. it could have happened to any one of us. >> the garden will cost board of directors 1.3 million to build. much of the money came from state and federal grants with private donors also contributing. and big congratulations to one of the survivors.
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girlfriend kelly anne castein tied the knot over the weekend. jp and his brother, paul, both lost legs in the bombing. several other marathon survivors were there to help celebrate julie 4:46. let's head out to the roads as things are looking light as they do heavily. wide open through burlington and lexington. pike looks good from framingham through the weston tolls into brighton -- allston-brighton. zakim bridge you are flying into the city. 11 minutes from the pike from the weston tolls to the tunnel. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 18 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. as you were heading out the road today, sara, this one of those days all this be cranking up the heat, turning on the seat heater. it is cold out there. >>sarah: you better believe it. exactly what i did this morning turn the heat seater right on. weekend.
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we saw the temperatures drop from the 50s saturday to the 40s yesterday, but boy a lot of folks still went out and took pictures. thank you so much for sending in all of your reports. all of your pictures. gorgeous shot up in new hampshire, and the higher peak -- a little bit white. starting with light snow did fall across northern new england and even in the city of boston. we picked up a trace of snow yesterday as well as worcester. for the date set back in 2009, we actually picked up a 10th of an inch back in 2009 for october 18 and an inch in worcester. wasn't the first time we have seen snow as early as that. in fact the earliest snow in boston where we picked up a trace was back in 1979, october 10. but still snow in october? especially after reaching the 70s -- the last week. it was -- it was a shock to the system. we still have some clouds out there for parts of the outer cape. we are notice we are noticing a few sprinkles offshore but otherwise clear
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really allowed for temperatures to drop back into the 20s and 30s for the most part. at the freezing mark in boston. 20s in the burbs. 19 in orange. clear skies all throughout new england and really cold air stretching all the way across the region, and as we take a look at the futurecast. we will deal with that clear skies whether i provide us with a good amount of sunshine for the day today. we are looking at bright conditions, and no precipitation, but -- and our warm-up is going to come very, very slowly. in fact today, i am expecting to see temperatures similar to yesterday, maybe a degree or two warmer, but it is still going to feel more comfortable because the winds won't be as active. in fact winds will be switching out of the southwest, and overnight tonight, we will start to notice clouds filter start to notice clouds filtering across northern new england. perhaps a few showers. those clouds those clouds will push into southern new england. wake up to clouds and sun. and a frontal system will be pushing on through and we will
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through our region. may see a isolated shower push along that boundary the second half of the day as we get closer to the coast. the things we notice that the winds will be changing direction to the southwest and boosting our temperatures tomorrow. so we will say clear skies, cool conditions today. cloudy and little bit milder tomorrow. so 32 right now. winds still active. 14 miles per hour. that wind chill. the feels-like conditions. what we should be dressing for. feels like in the 20s right now. will see a improvement. climb into the 40s. mid- to upper 40s with winds out of the west and switches to the southwest overnight tonight and temperatures will actually be a little milder than this morning. upper 30s still on the chilly side to 40s at the coast and for the cape and islands. notice those clouds increasing and come tomorrow with the cloud cover, with a little bit of sunshine. we will take a look at these temperatures. the winds switching direction out of the southwest. highs in the upper 50s to lower 60s. guess what, folks, 61.
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this time of year. we will be stuck in the 50s for a middle part of the week with that cloud and sun combo. by thursday, sun comes through with a better chance of scattered showers and doesn't look like it will amount to much. something will have to watch. after that front comes on through. the winds switch direction again to bring in the cooler air to end the week into the weekend and right now we are holding off on any precipitation and looks dry and we will have to look for late sunday. and cool and bright. over to you. nine minutes until the top of the hour. alleged bullying on a local campus and not among the students. coming up at 5:00, where administrators are spending thousands to help faculty members to get along. and also new at 5:00, hundreds of paws hitting the pavement.
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grief counselors will be on hand at a high school in rochester, new hampshire. a 17-year-old student at spalding high school was found dead at the rivera motel on saturday. her mother and her mother's male friend were also in the room. authorities are waiting on results of an autopsy and police are continuing to investigate her death this morning. cool officials in nashua, new hampshire are looking into the possibility of placing narcan kits in the schools. according to the "union leader" how much it will cost to put the overdose fighting drug in the high school and possibly the middle school. new hampshire has been
4:54 am
particularly hard-hit by the heroin epidemic. 326 deaths were report last year alone. to weigh in whether or not to have a medical marijuana dispensary in their area. the health department is holding a public forum about a dispensary that will serve stanford, rocking hahn and belknap counties. the nonprofit has been chosen to operate the center. local boy scouts being called heros this morning after they helped an injured hiker get down the mountain. the boys of troop 9 in weymouth was hiking when they stumbled on to a woman who had fallen and sprained her ankle. so they fashioned a sprint as you can see and carried the woman down more than two miles. they say they did nothing heroic. >> nothing really big. we were just helping out. >> no matter the situation, you help somebody in need.
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>> i was so proud of them. the splint was perfect. >> the woman spoke to us from her home where she is recovering. doctors told her that her injury could have gotten much worse if not for those boy scouts. she called them her little angels. >> kept embracing the . 'tis the season for spooky movies. "goose butchs" raked in $23.5 million. beat matt damon sci-fi drama "the martian" that dropped to the number two spot with $21.5 million. comedian tracy morgan is back at work. the comedian hosted "saturday night live" over the weekend. the first big event since he was seriously injured in a car crash last year. well, actress bridgette moynihan got married in the hamptons, she posted this caption. her new husband is a new york businessman. she and tom braid very a
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8-year-old son together. it is the big story this morning. it is freezing. coming up at 5:00, monitoring the situation at the mbta to see how the trains and tracks handle the first bitter morning of the fall. a local university is on alert.
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about a s . now at 5:00, a very cold start to the day. meteorologist sarah wroblewski tracking the freeze this morning. happening today, a mother will defend herself for sparking an amber alert. why the woman's family says the mom came specifically to boston for the health of her child. revenge for the patriots. they settled the deflategate score with the colts. the first five-game winning streak in eight years. >>announcer: this is the fox25 morning news. >>gene: good morning, everybody, and welcome to the fox25 morning news on this monday morning.
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it is october 19.
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