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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 19, 2015 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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i am gene lavanchy. >> and im sara underwood. it is one of those mornings where you will want to just let the heater run in the car a little bit before touching that steering wheel. meteorologist sarah wroblewski has a look at the coldest morning in months. >>sarah: april 2 was the last time below freezing. sure enough, 31 degrees. a freeze warning for the coast and the cape. nantucket not likely going to fall back to that freezing mark mark. now. some clouds acting like a blanket. the same case for the outer cape too. boy, look at some of these temperatures waking up to winter-like conditions with teens and 30s. our future cast show these clouds continuing -- perhaps a sprinkle for the cape and islands for the day today. otherwise, mostly sunny and temperatures slow to warm. upper 30s to 40s for your lunch hour and by the afternoon we struggle to get out of the 40s. some areas near that 50-degree mark. with the sunshine and winds light, it will feel nicer than
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it did yesterday. but today, definitely one of the colder days of the week with highs only in the. we will take a look at what you north and west. mid- to upper 40s near 50 down across the south east. the same situation. a few more clouds too. the warm-up is on the way. i will show you when. a check of the traffic with julie grauert. good morning. >>julie: good morning. green line d branch experiencing delays because of a disabled train appear also a new accident to report, 93 southbound, a multivehicle accident near montvale avenue in woburn. officials say if they don't clear that up soon, it will have a large impact on those drive times. things slowing down on the expressway as well, volume has doubled since the last time we checked in. live drive times 12 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted yams. 21 minutes from the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 26 minutes from 93 south to 495 to the leverett connector.
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gene, back to you. >> all right, julie. we all remember this, don't we, the brutal storms in february that shut down the t and brought the commuter rail to a stand still. crews spent the weekend working on the tracks and trains so we don't run into the same issues, michael henrich live in canton where trains are facing their first frigid test as is michael hendrick himself. good morning, michael michael henrich finally the day. i -- >>reporter: i broke out the gloves and sorry for the mental picture at home the long sdwlon picture at home the long sdwlons as well. it is cold -- long johns as well and it is cold and you have to prepare for the weather. you don't see people on the platforms. they are hiding in their cars. they were out here for the 5:50 and will be hanging out at the commuter rail stop. i spent a lot of time here last incident winter because of delays and cancellations and gene, they are trying to prevent that from happening again and on the top of everyone's mind because of the flurries we saw in our region just yesterday.
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now the governor and the mbta are doing some things to make sure it sure it doesn't happen again and 87.7 million. investing in infrastructure, training, reworking winter protocols. tonight some individuals in the city on the orange line will notice that winter resiliency from 8:45 to the close of service each night from today until thursday, buses replacing the trains between oak grove and sullivan station for some improvements to the tracks and the stations there. that is something to be aware of, because other line also also have this sort of planned disruption during the coming weeks as well. as for having our first snowfall on october 18, folks who spoke with fox25 were a little bit surprised. >> is it a sign of tough times to come? possibly, you know, i mean, it is october now. what is going to happen in
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january? >> i shutter to think, but we will all face it together. but with that said, we face summer delays due to heat. the mbta has a new weekly score the mbta has a new weekly scorecard, full. ranking the ontime performance of each of its lines, subway, trolley, bus or commuter rail and we link that up and we link that up to you on fox25 station. if you want to check the rail line you use most often is performing. live in canton junction, news. >> whatever the forecast, you can track the weather 24 hours a day with the weather app. check the radar, customize the forecast. it is free and available on the app store. search fox25 weather. meteorologist shiri spear will be back in just minutes with more on today's cold forecast. happening today, a registered sex offender charged with killing a young mother will be in court. jason fleury was arrested in virginia for jamie mendez's death. the 25-year-old went missing last november.
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on a swampscott beach. mendez's mother tells the globe she is waiting how her daughter died. it fleury has pled nod guilty. >> the long-time girlfriend of catherine greig will be from court. she is being arraigned for criminal intent. she is being arraigned for refusing to testify in front of a grand jury if anybody else helped bulger while he was on the run for more than a decade. he is serving two life sentence he is serving two life sentences for his role in 11 murders. a new hampshire teacher due in a new hampshire court room. greg paige is attempted by are by grabbing a woman by the next and say salting her. paige on leave with his job at greater lowell technical high school. this morning the cause of a deadly fire in chicopee is still under investigation. it happened just before 8:00 yesterday morning on montcom street. police have not released the name of the victims but a woman tells the herald her brother and mother were killed.
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that woman said she and two other family members made it to safety. we have details of noer fire at bishop gate road in newton. first first story at noon. the fire started in the chimney before spreading to the rest of the house. no one was hurt and at this point the extent of the damage is unclear. 6:06 and happening this morning, two people accused of opening fire at a busy t stop will be in court. it happened in front of of the jamaica plains station. the story was breaking while we were on the air with you. the whole thing is likely gang related and has the police commissioner concerned. the sideways could have ended tragically because the shooter showed no value to human life. we are expecting to learn the suspect's name today in court. also happening today, the suspected drunk driver charged with a deadly crash in westport will face a judge. robert handson of westport is
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homicide and negligent operation. the crash happened friday night on route 6. on route 6. prosecutors say he was drunk when he slammed into a vehicle given by a 73-year-old woman from dartmouth. she was ejected from her car and kill killed. a south end landmark getting a makeover. a real bell ringing from its belfry. the three bells were installed friday. they were originally used at the catholic church on shamut avenue and they were closed until 2008. until now they had played the sound of bells from a speaker season. the patriots and colts meet for the first time since last year's deflategate. this morning, pats remain perfect. perfect tom leyden up early with us to break down the game including one of the strangest plays you will ever see this season or that you will ever see. >> that was crazy and people
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since the schedule was released last spring they had october 18 on their minds. every game in the nfl pose as significant challenge and every win is difficult to abstain. as would you expect not a lot of love for the patriots. probably the louder boos they will hear. colts ran the game. tom brady intercepted for the first time this year. brought back the bobble byman. 4010. legarrette blunt had 93 yards rushing, 38 on this touchdown to give the pats a three-point lead. indy was half a point at half time but the patriots at the sided to get rob gronkowski involved. his trip to the end zone the second since week two against buffalo. nice tag from a scrambling tom brady. they hang on to win it and they are 5-0 are 5-0.
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here is bryan salmond. >>reporter: a huge contingent and at one point chanting brady and at one point chanting brady, brady, brady. tom braid' pretty good night. -- brady had a prey good night. he had had a interception that was returned for a touchdown >> he is a big part of our offense getting him going. he got in the end zone which has been good to see. a few weeks for him. so we would like to have him in there more often. >>reporter: a touchdown to legarrette blount who said he couldn't remember the last time he actually caught a touchdown pass. >> just making a play, you know >> just making a play, you know. i seen tom scrambling and i tried to get open and he through me the football. i was in the end zone pretty much. not anything a miracle drawing up but just football players out there playing football. >> first of all, really brought of our -- proud to put in -- proud of our football team. it is always good to come in indianapolis and win. our guys played with a lot of
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made a lot of plays. we left a lot of things out there but we played well enough in three phase today win. >>reporter: patriots improve to 5-0 and have a short week as they prepare for the new york jets that i we all know will be a hard fat affair in gillette stadium. in annapolis, brian salmond. >> hard to predict anything in the nfl. but 5-0 is 5 but 5-0 is 5-0 and they are remain on top of of the pack. >> back to that fake puchbt that you alluded to, tom. the simple question for the colts and the fans, what were they anything. [laughter] >>reporter: is something that they will never live down. you hear about the butt fumble from a couple of years ago. colt anderson truly lined up behind griff whalen. two guys you never heard of i am sure. a play that will draw the patriots off sides, but decided to snap it. they will talk about that one for sure. the head coach took full responsibility for the play saying he didn't coach it well
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enough throughout the week as you can see evidently from the results. the patriots got the ball right there and that was certainly not in the plan. they will have to hear some criticism about that one, gene. >> i don't know the explanation >> i don't know the explanation. just shows that you punt return unit very, very important that you may have to tackle. tom leyden, thank you. we will check back with you in a little bit. last year's pumpkin fest landed in a burning riot. now back to its roots. the change to pumpkin fest to make it more family friendly. a bu students feels being sexually assaulted in her dorm room approximately while other students found it so shocking. checking weather and traffic every ten minutes for you. up to a 30-minute drive time from and is over to the glick imbridge. sara. >> those temperatures as you step out the door in the 20s and 30s right now. very cold continue. sunrise 7:01.
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with thement of season opinion the 40s. a big warm opinion up caming
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when we a warning this morning for students at boston university after a student is attacked in her dorm room. officers say the student did not know her attacker and that man is still on the run. fox25's catherine parrotta is
6:14 am
live on campus where students are being warned to lock their doors. >>reporter: good morning, sara. this reported sexual assault did not happen too far from the other side the building bu officials are telling students to report any suspicious activity and to make sure they lock their rooms. this reported crime is one that many students here find unsettling. >> i think it is >> i think it is natural to be a little afraid. >>reporter: now over a month into the academic years. >> attack of maybe burglary and assault. >>reporter: that all changed with a report filed between 1 and 2 a.m. when a female student said she was sexually assaulted by a man who entered her dorm room. >> kind of makes me a little nervous because -- like, honestly, sometimes me and my roommates, we don't always lock our door.
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alert, the victim's room in 33 harie tganis way. students say a strict protocol when it comes to entering the building. >> you need id. if you were with a parent, you are okay. but with a guest you need to sign in with your id number. >> the suspect is a white college-aged man 5'8" to 5'10". he was reportedly wearing a dark colored button down long dark colored button down long-sleeved shirt and a down vest at the time and today the work to track down that man continues. >>reporter: and i do have an e-mail out to the university to see if there has been any update with this case. in the meantime, though, fox25 that you saw there did speak with some students on campus. and coming up next hour, what one student had to say about the thing she should have been doing differently because of this. live on the campus, catherine parrotta. a feud lasting several
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department at umass amherst. the university has spent $78,000 on internal investigations of the chemical engineering department. the feud reportedly involves allegations of bullying among faculty members involved in a power struggle. the school said the chemical engineering department earns $4 million in research grants per year. a new chair has been brought in from a private sector to restructure that department. that person is scheduled next week. a man to improve the t. increasing the cost of public resort. they need to cover a $242 budget. the next fare hike is budgeted for july of 2017, but the t's control board has discussed moving that up by one year. good monday morning. it is now 6:17. new accident to report. this is on 93 southbound in metheun.
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right at route 113 lowell street. you can see some of those delay you can see some of those delays stretch back while they work to clear the accident. also on 93 restrictive flow after an earlier accident near montvale near woburn. route 1 and saugus will the volume is increasing. live drive times. 16 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin bridge. 37 minutes on 93 south 37 minutes on 93 south from 49 37 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 24 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist sarah wroblewski just shared a good twip me, now that the temperatures are gone down, you may see the check engine light because the tire pressure is changing. it's okay. sarah wroblewski yeah, the tire pressure -- wrobz wrobz yeah >>sarah: the tire pressure when it gets this cold, you tend to see the tire pressure a little bit lower so something you want to notice especially
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if your pressure was calibrated in the warmer weather i guess could you say. check check your manual to make sure it is correctly there. not only are we dealing with very cold conditions, we are also talking about know. yes, fall flurries this weekend. the average first flurries in boston usually november 4, earliest if you can actually believe it back in 1955. sure enough we saw a few flakes flying even in july. we saw a trace of snow in boston not only in the city, but a lot of folks were calling in and sending in pictures and sending in videos. we love that. worcester picked up a trace of snow. they also saw a trace of snow on saturday. now we are talking about the freezing conditions across the region this morning. there is good news. it will not last forever. we have a warm new hampshire are up heading our way. high pressure to the west will build back in and keep us bright and light in the winds. the winds are really light yesterday creating that chill out there and drawing in much colder air from the north. and sure enough, waking up this
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morning with clear skies and lighter winds. temperatures have fallen back below freezing in boston. that's where we are sitting now, 32. 20s in the north shore. and back into the teens in places like orange. a little bit minder for the outer cape with that cloud cover acting like a blanket. but winds are still out. northwest drawing in that colder air ranging from 5 to 15 miles per hour and definitely adding a chill. if you were stepping out this morning. be sure in the low 30s in boston. feels like the lower 20s. feels like the teens in worcester. these are the kind of conditions you need to be dressing for. layers, my friends. those big puppy jackets probably a good friend this morning as well as the mittens and hats out there. good news we will see temperatures slowly improve but not where we should be this time of year 37 time of year time of year. we will get into the mid- to upper 40s across the region. some areas could touch near 50. i have to point out the winds out of the west turning to the southwest and they will be light. while we are only a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday, and still feel much more
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comfortable. now tonight, we fall back into the 30s and 40s. not as cold as this morning, but high pressure keeping us dry and bright. we will be watching for clouds to increase overnight tonight ahead of a cold front that will bring another band of clouds into the region for tomorrow. a few showers across northern new england that doesn't have that much steam as they head our way by the afternoon. watch for an isolated shower but wow, those winds out of the southwest really pump up the temperatures. take a look at this the 24-hour turn around from the 40s today. 60s tomorrow. breezy and a mix of sun and clouds through the middle part of the week. another chance of showers cool down on thursday and into next weekend. that is a look at your latest forecast. 6:21. be prepared. always be prepared. still ahead on the fox25 morning news. local boy scouts put the model to the test. how to they saved a woman stranded two miles up on a new england island. a walpole woman's life about to change thanks to a
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next, the one thing she always wanted to do for the girl scout meeting... ok!
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you are watching the fox25 morning news. 6:24 this morning.
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congress that could make or break her presidential bid. on thursday, the former secretary of state will testify before a house committee looking into the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. four americans including ambassador chris stevens and glen doherty were killed in the ambush. republicans plan to press clinton on lack of additional security at the consulate. democrats say the investigation is politically motivated. all eyes on the vice president camp waiting to see if joe biden is going to run for president. biden's people have already met with the democratic national committee and he has been reaching out to groups for support. sources say on friday, biden spoke with the international association of fire fighters. the leader of that union suggested they would back bideen if he ran. until recently the group has supported hillary clinton. this morning, police are still searching for a suspect in a deadly shooting rampage at a glom bee convention in florida.
6:25 am
one person was killed. five hurt in the shooting in ft. myers saturday night. more than 20,000 people were rolling around the zombie rolling around the zombie-themed street festival when the shots finally rang out. a walpole woman will receive a life-saving gift from a marathon bombing survivor. she will receive a prosthetic from the heather abbott foundation. a genetic condition caused cohen to have her leg amputated two years ago, and she met abbott after the surgery and mentioned she never got to wear heels. >> i never got to experience that. never been part of my life. and i told her and she said it is my favorite thing ever. >> cohen works at beth israel hospital and says she hopes to be able to help others like heather abbott is helping her. >> i just loved her smile when she talked about that. just a wonderful thing. >> what an inspiration heather abbott is. >> 1,000%.
6:26 am
a deadly shooting sparked calls for a security overall at a local hospital. why the nurses say they still don't feel safe months after the shooting and why the hospital says there is much more to the demands than workplace safety. waking up to a freeze warning along the cope as well the cape. temperatures dip below freezing for the first time in six months for boston. i am going to take a look at what you can expect stepping out the door now. ahead. a mother in court today arrested after an amber alert was issued. her baby in the hospital. this morning her family is
6:27 am
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here. and we are experiencing the months. things are heating up but not by much, my friends. you better bundle up before you head to work, head to the bus stop, wherever you are going today. good morning. welcome back. why are you smiling? [laughter] >>gene: i was thinking the first day i went outside and did this [shivering] >>sara: i have on my long -- >>gene: whatever jacket you have. >>julie: i did a hat in my five-foot walk to the car. >>gene: you need it. sarah wroblewski is in for
6:30 am
shiri and you feel the cold. >>sarah: i was whipping out the gloves and hats for my kids and cold especially for the bus stop. we are talking temperatures in the teens in some locations. look at that. 19 in norwood. 18 in orange. we are starting off feeling much more like winter than fall much more like winter than fall. 32 in boston right now. i want to take a look at the kerr ring conditions out to the west too. places like leominster, 28. pepperell, 26. nashua right now 23. reading, you are sitting in the mid-20s. 25 in foxborough. a little bit milder for the outer cape from p-town to chatham. some clouds and even a few sprinkles wouldn't be surprised to see a few sprinkles mixing on in. mainly to the east and other mainly to the east and otherwise sunrise at 7:02. we will start to see that sunshine and work away at the sub freezing temperatures. climb to the lower 40s by the lunch hour. upper 40s by the afternoon. winds will be a little lighter too. it will feel a little bit better and feel even better
6:31 am
later on this week. we will show you the warm-up coming up in a bit and a look at your traffic with julie grauert. >> skyfox is over an accident right now that is delaying things on 93 south right before montvale avenue in woburn. take a closer look. you can see that far right lane is blocked. several police vehicles are on scene creating a bit of a bottle. neck situation as you are headed down 93 south. other parts of town that we are seeing the slowest traffic on 95 as you approach 128 and on the expressway which is pretty typical. the live drive times. 22 minutes on 123. 44 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. and 30 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. back to you. >>sarah: all right, julie. happening today, the mother at the center of a multistate amber alert is headed to court. she left pennsylvania with her newborn and came to boston. her family tells fox25 she had a very good reason to do so. fox25 stephanie coueignoux is
6:32 am
live in roxbury where that mother will appear in court in just a few hours. good morning, stephanie. >>reporter: and sara, tiffany cherry's family said after her son fell ill. boston. he is doing better and she could be extradited to pennsylvania and she could son. >> she loved her kids. she loved them. they are her world. they are her world. >>reporter: kathleen brown said her niece's world has been shaped by loss. brown said about five years ago brown said about five years agotive thee cherry was two and a half weeks away from giving birth when she lost her baby. brown said when she fell sick last week, took her to a clinic where personnel said he needed medical attention where cherry panicked and drove from pennsylvania where she lived to boston children's hospital where he was born.
6:33 am
far as not getting help for her baby babies, then she would have never ended in massachusetts at day. >>reporter: pennsylvania officials contacted mass state police who issued an amber alert that night. cherry was arrested at children's hospital. kavai admitted to the hospital. fox25 has also learned that cherry's 4-year-old son juju was also with them. he is now staying with family in boston. >> he is asking for his mother. he's looking for her through the windows. and he has been and he has been crying for her. >> and we will be in court today and will let you know the outcome of this extradition process. meanwhile, the family tell us if she is extradited to pennsylvania, they are seeking custody and want to keep him here in boston. cherry does have a criminal history, and coming up in the 7:00 hour, the response from her family about those charges.
6:34 am
in roxbury, i am stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. well, here it is, your first snow video of the fall season. a few flakes came down yesterday. right now we are experiencing the first test for the commute after summer of preps that they tell us will keep things moving especially after last winter. station's michael henrich live in canton where it is so cold, people don't want to get out of their cars to the platform to wait for the trains, michael. >>reporter: gene, they are waiting as long as they can, they say in their car as long as they can and scurry out to the platform. now there are a couple of people out here waiting, and some of them are pretty bundled up. some of them aren't. i, for one, i did break out the gloves and the long johns because of the temperatures, but the talk this morning is about how with the temperatures finally getting cold, how will the t cope with the winter that is to come, especially after
6:35 am
they will do so with the winter resiliency plan that the governor unveiled nearly $84 until million and includes infrastructure improvements. reworking winter protocols. and in fact in the city starting tonight through thursday at 8:45 p.m. and to the close of service, buses will replace trains on the orange line between oak grove station. something to be aware of because other lines will have the infrastructure improvement closures and planned disruptions over the next few weeks to get ready for the winter. as for here, at canton junction this morning, commuters are trying to keep everything in perspective. >> it's very cold this morning. very unseasonably cold. you deal with it. start a little bit earlier. dress a little bit warmer. wear more layers. and a lot of warm coffee. and you will be just fine.
6:36 am
perspective on the t+'s performance as well as we have discussed. she said new england happened and that is the sort of calm that she intends to keep as long as she can through any potential service disruptions over the next few months. you can take a look at how the t does weak to weak with the new scorecard. we link you up to that at for now we are keeping an eye on your morning commute and reporting liven reporting live dr. canton junction at whatever the weather you can track the forecast 24 hours a day with your fox25 weather app. check the radar, view the seven-day and customize the forecast for your town. it is available and free in the app store. search fox25 weather. meteorologist sarah wroblewski will be back in just a few minutes with more on today's cold forecast. also happening today, the suspected drunk driver charged in the deadly crash in westport will face a judge. robert hanson of westport is charged with motor vehicle homicide and negligent operation. the crash happened friday night on route 6. police say he was drunk when he slammed into a vehicle driven
6:37 am
by a 73-year-old woman from dartmouth. she was thrown from her car and killed. a new hampshire teenager the victim of a hit-and-run in maine. police say the driver of the car, 45-year-old richard marin of bethel maine was arrested a short time after the crash. it happened on friday. the victim was hit while riding a bike. according to the maine tv station, the 14-year-old remains in critical condition from gothtown and a student at gould academy in maine. the driver being held on $10,000 cash bail. grief counselor will be on hand at a high school in rochester, new hampshire. a 17-year-old student of spould a 17-year-old student of spoulding high school was found dead at the rivera motel on gonick road sunday. male friend were also in the room. authorities are awaiting the results of an autopsy and police are continuing to investigate her death this morning. school officials in nashua, new hampshire are looking into the ability of placing narcan kits in school. according to the union leader, authorities are looking into
6:38 am
the overdose fighting drug in the high schools and possibly the middle schools. new hampshire has been particularly hard hit by the heroin epidemic. 326 deaths last year alone were attributed to overdoses. new question of security at brigham and women's hospital. nurses say there have not been sufficient safety improvements since a dabingt since a since a doctor was killed in january. they agree boston former police chief dan linski tell the globe certain parts of the hospital can be accessed too easily. the hospital claims the nurse's union is using the aftermath of january's shooting to win concessions in contract talks. framingham's public library will remain closed today. over the weekend two electrical contractors were severely burned working on the building. one suffered second and third-degree burns to a third of his body during a flash explosion.
6:39 am
that worker is still in the hospital. the building was having new lightning installed lightning installed as part of a renovation project. one year after wild riots at a new hampshire pumpkin festival, two new communities are trying to restore the tradition to its family friendly routes. this year the pumpkin fest has moved from keene to laconia and this weekend, there will also be a new festival at the cheshire fairgrounds in swansea. last year dozens were last year dozens were arrested when riots started near keene state college following the annual pumpkin festival. a bride is devastated when her fiancee backs out of the we had we hading a week before the first day. how she turned her heartache into hope for dozens of people in need. and a local company in trouble out west. next, the move by draft kings that could lead to fines or, worse after a ban in the state of nevada. >> good news on 93 south in woburn. that accident we were just showing you from skyfox has been cleared.
6:40 am
the tow truck just took the car away. here is sara. sub zero temperatures -- sub freezing temperatures. chilly one. this afternoon. not much improvement. only climbing into the 40s. 40s being replaced by 60s. i will sho dunkin' donuts smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. savory...smoky... and unmistakably flavorful. get your day going with one today.
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good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. . 6:44. a standoff is expected this morning as the boston-based fantasy sports web site goes head to head with the state of nevada. draft kings will stay out of nevada. a look at how the site may have denied that order. >> yeah, that's right. good morning. the fantasy globe web site accepted entry into its contest for the weekend defies an order from the gaming control board to quit. last week the nevada gaming commission banned all fantasy sports sites.
6:43 am
cannot compete in contests of archrival fan duel. licenses. and late thursday night, draft kings told fox25 that it, quote kings told fox25 that it, quote, strongly disagrees with the decision land work diligently to make neuronevadan diligently to make neuronevadans have a right to participate in what we strongly that millions of americans enjoy. draft kings is valued at more than $1 billion and has the financial packing of major league baseball and nfl owner robert kraft and the new england pats. craft group president jonathan craft said the company should face some sort of regulation. no word if draft king or fan no word if draft king or fan duel filed for license to continue operating in the state of nevada. we will be following it all morning for you. daniel miller, fox25 morning news. some new hampshire residents will soon weigh in on whether or not to have a medical marijuana dispensary in
6:44 am
the health department is hold the health department is holding a public forum on the 26 about a dispensary that will serve parts of central and southern new hampshire. it is at 7:00 at the mcconnell center in dover. this morning, a northampton man who is a vocal advocate for medical marijuana is now facing drug charges. the daily hampshire gazette said police found 67 marijuana plants in the home of 4 plants in the home of 41-year-old ezra pul partivoc. and they are blaming the medical marijuana law. the drug is legal in massachusetts, but patients do not have a reasonable way to get it. local boy scouts being called heroes after they helped an injured hiker get down a new hampshire mountain. the boys of troop 9 were hiking mount monadnock and they found a woman who had fallen and sprained her ankle. they carried the woman two miles down the mountain. they said they did nothing heroic. >> nothing big. we tried to help out. >> no matter the situation, you
6:45 am
are always trying to help out those in need. >> i was so proud of them. the splint was perfect. >> the woman they helped spoke recovering. doctors told her her injury could have gotten much worse if not for the scouts. she called them her little angels. hear it for troop 9. >>julie: round of applause. they are learning a lot of badges. i bet those eagle scout badges are right around the corner. skyfox was over the accident in woburn. it has cleared out. well, maybe it haven't. that accident just popped up and i will get details on that. looks like on 128 right after you work your way through the cloverleaf. we shift south of town, a stalled car a breakdown near granite avenue on the expressway and that is going to autoed to your drive times. although as you make your way past freeport street, things still very reasonable. here are those live drive times here are those live drive times. 18 minutes on pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. 35 minutes on the expressway
6:46 am
from the braintree split to the pike. 46 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. sara, i had to share this picture from one of our producers. they are saying literally freezing which means only a period of time before this. don't worry, though, people. we are not at this point yet. >> i love that picture. i love -- it was like -- a snowstorm after snowstorm last winter and just gave up on shoveling. so a little dramatic right there. don't worry, folks. not a lot of snow. we are talking about cold conditions, though. it is literally freezing. marisa is absolutely right. the last time it was sub freezing in boston was april 2. today wet hit 31 degrees. usually boston hits 32 or below early november, so it is a little bit early, but not the earliest. i have to point out it was back in 1979 though that we saw the earliest freeze in boston. so it has been a while. it is definitely a shock to the
6:47 am
system out there and especially in the morning temperatures in the mid-40s and temperatures in the 20s and teens in some locations sure enough is cold. sunrise shortly after 1:00. average high this time of year right around 60. we will get into the 60s this week, just not going to be today. i mean with temperatures in the teens and 20s. 30 3 2 in boston now. it is going to be a struggle despite a lot of sunshine today to even climb above the sub freezing temperatures we have. let's see if we acting wither in the wind. even though the winds are light with the temperature at 32 and you have the wind out of the northwest. busy in boston about 12 miles per hour. it is create it is creating a wind chill or feels lining conditions of the lower 30 lower 20s. this is what you want to be dressing for. layers, dresses, hats. mitten s. feels like conditions in the teens and 20s in most locations teens and 20s in most locations. feeling like the 30s on the outer loop and nantucket. the 40s. we will be near 60 and about 10
6:48 am
to 15 degrees short of our average high. at least we are going to be talking about less winds and that means those feels like conditions will be improving. overnight clouds increased that will help temperatures not like how they bottomed out this morning. those clouds increasing of a cold front well to the north and west. until then, high pressure will be keeping us dry for the day today and keeping us bright. we will have to watch for clouds across the outer cape. most of us enjoying a dry, beautiful day. a cool day. overnight, we will watch a few showers across northern new england as a cold front comes further south, it will increase the cloud cover. at times we will see sunshine tomorrow. at times mostly cloudy skies. maybe an isolated shower but most of us will stay dry. one thing that we will notice that wind out of the southwest. take a look at that. boosting those temperatures tomorrow back into the 60s. it will be breezy out of the southwest, so that's why it will transport the milder air. we stay in the 60s for the middle part of the week. another chance of showers. the better chance heads our way
6:49 am
on thursday and behind that, temperatures will cool back down as those winds turn back out of the northwest. we turn back into the 50s and that's where we will sit for next weekend. looks as though we may warm up late next weekend before another shot of blue showers. over to you. >> all right. dramatic video show the scary scene faced by hundreds of people on a california highway. >> oh, my god this car is going to hit us. oh, my god! [screaming] >> flashflooding on friday triggered this massive mudlied. it was one of several that shut down roads in central california. as you can see the mud swept away dozens of cars, many slammed into each other. some ended up stuck on top of large trucks and when the rain stopped, many victims crawled out windows and walked through waist-deep mud to get to safety safety. a new record that is out of this world. coming up, what one nasa astronaut that no american had ever been able to accomplice
6:50 am
. and new at 7:00, the patriots get their deflategate rematch. the play that put the pats ahead for good and the colts move that left the announcer and maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands, at prices that work for you.
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this morning nasa has a new iron man. astronaut scott kelly spent more time in space than any other american. today kelly is his. he is currently on a one-year he is currently on a one-year-long mission at the international space station. to look at extended space. kelly's twin brother mark is a astronaut and the wife of former congresswoman gabby gifford. a groundbreaking happened in medford for the krystle campbell peace garden. fox25 and american marathon survivors were there for the ceremony >> the best revenge against terrorist and haters in this world is to live our life for the fullest. >> the garden will cost $1.3 million to build. much of the money came from state and federal grants with private donors also contributing.
6:54 am
groom got cold feet but that didn't stop the celebration when a $35,000 wedding got called off, the bride's family was left with a beautiful sacramento view at an expensive hotel and a spread of delicious food. they decided not to let the whole thing go to waste. but instead they treated the city's homeless to a once in a lifetime evening. >> it just seemed like, of course, this would be something that we would do to give back. >> when you are going through a hard time and a struggle, for to you get out and do something different and with your family, you know, it was really a blessing. >> the bride did not attend the feast but will go on her nonrefundable honeymoon to belize with her mom by her side. >> make the most of it. >> exactly right. >> the guy got cold feet. i wonder if he is around here. >> if he is not here, they will love so him there. bullying on campus. not the students under the investigation. the power struggle with the
6:55 am
professors that cost umass close to $80,000. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. a few teens as well this morning, but by this afternoon, into the 40s. coming up, i will tell you what you can expect stepping out the door right now. a gang-related shooting near a boston t stop. coming up at 7:00, why the police commissioner says this
6:56 am
dangerous i have this recurring dream where i actually enjoy flying there's plenty of room to stretch out i never get bored and i just feel welcome... then it's back to reality. c'mon, being treated with dignity? yeah, right.
6:57 am
>> now at 7:00. chilly start to the morning as mercury hits the lowest temperatures in six months.
6:58 am
i have good news. a look at the warm u that will have you putting that winter coat away. >> plus, checking the tracks this morning. how the key is preparing for the first test of all the winter improvements. >> trip to the hospital sparks an amber alert across the northeast. why a new mother drove hundreds of miles to get her child emergency medical care. >> this is fox 25 morning news. >> good morning everybody. 7:00 on this chilly monday morning. october 19. i hope the morning is to have a good start. i am gene gene. >> i am sara underwood. it will give the chills to walk outside this morning. grab the big old long puffy jacket we have a look at the coldest temperatures. >> coldest since april 2. freeze warning in place until 10:00. anticipating temperatures to go back. 31 in the city. 27 in plymouth and beverly. it is in the teens, folks,
6:59 am


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