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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  October 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> kevintonight it wilbe down right chilly. 24 is the record-tying temperature in worcester that mark was alluding to. teens in western massachusetts. it was even below freezing in boston, all the way southward to plymouth and new bedford. the only place that would have a danger of a freeze would be cape cod and the islands, so that's where your freeze watches would be or freeze warnings. everyone else, your growing season is officially over, as far as records for the weather service. 48 boston the high temperature, that's it. 49 norwood. 43 in worcester. so certainly a cool day, but i think you would agree with that sun out there. it felt warmer anyway with the wind doing down and the flurries around. snow flurries in northern maine and these showers trying to dive southward. the risk of a couple of showers you'll see on our high resolution futurecast, a couple showers showing up. it might be a little overdone, but a couple spring else could make their way in near overnight and first thing tomorrow morning. down into the upper 30's in worcester and in the low 40's near the coast. we won't see the bitter cold we
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saw this morning. how much warmer we'll be the next couple of days just a few minutes away. >> mark: people in upstate new york got an early case of winter. two towns, about 25 miles north of crust received up to nine -- syracuse received up to nine inches of snow, causing more than 50 accidents and shut down part of a highway for hours. >> i worked in that market. >> mark: they do a lot of driving. >> they do. so to other news. whitey bulger's longtime girlfriend is not saying a word. catherine greig in federal court today, refusing to cooperate with the feds and say whether anyone helped the couple during their 6 years on the lam. >> mark: 64-year-old greig is facing more time behind bars if convicted of this new charge and fox 25's bob ward spoke with greig's attorney who says she has nothing to hide. bob? >> the reporter: that's right. ever since she was arrested, catherine greig has simply refused to help investigators in the bulger case, and the feds say, she is still refusing. so catherine greig right now is
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mean if she's convicted, even more time in prison. >> i have nothing to say. >> the reporter: catherine greig's twin sister, margaret, refused to speak to us, but she was in federal court showing support for her sister. cat reason greig, pale and wearing blue, wore not guilty to criminal charges of contempt. the feds saying greegree fused to testify to convict james "whitey" bulger. greig and bulger were arrested in 2011 in santa monica, california, ending a worldwide manhunt for whitey bulger. in 2013, cat rhine greig pleaded guilty for her role in the bulger case, she is serving an eight year sentence. if convicted in this case, catherine greig could end up spending more time in federal prison than one of the bulger's hitmen who admitted to killing 20 people. he is now a free man. >> add a little time on to the
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and she'll actually be serving more time than some of the people that killed people served in this case, which i think really is a fact that's pretty sad and upsetting. >> the reporter: steve davis, brother of bulger victim debbie davis attended the greig arraign arraignment and lashed out at her in open court when she sentenced in 2013. >> feelings haven't changed. she still makes me sick to my stomach. >> the reporter: before this arraignment even began, when catherine greig was led into court, she saw her sister, the two of them smiled at each other and waved at each other. the feds say that this should be a short trial, just two days, just one witness, but the feds also say there is no limit on how much time she could get in she's convicted. live in south boston, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> mark: lawyers for aaron hernandez' associates are calling on the court to dismiss his indictment for murder. now this is new at 5:00 p.m. prosecutors claim carlos ortiz was with the former patriot the
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tonight, his lawyers filed papers saying there is no evidence that convicted ortiz. a young man killing a swampscott mother. jason fleury was arrested in virginia for the murder of jamie menendez. lawyers for flurry discussed motions in the case. menendez disappeared last november in january her body was found in a swampscott beach. fleury has needed not guilty. >> tonight, we have learned the name of a rochester teenager found dead in a local motel over the weekend. 17-year-old tarmey was found unresponsive at the riviera hotel saturday. she was a student at spalding high school. police say her mother and her mother's male friend were also in the room. police are waiting for autopsy results and they are investigating the girl arizona death. and we're learning more tonight about the suspect and victim of a deadly hit-and-run crash in hudson. 52-year-old scott harding pleaded not guilty to hitting
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and killing william scoff field while scoff field was riding his bike earlier this month. prosecutors say harding admitted to the crash, to police, and said he made a mistake. defense attorneys also say harding and scott field were close friends. harding has been released on bail. >> mark: boston university police are still looking for the man who raped a student inside her own dorm room. the student told investigators she did not know the man who entered her room in student village two and attacked her early sunday morning. a student. >> d. is required to enter those dorms. guests must be signed in. the attack has other students locking their doors. >> kind of terrified by that, and kind of made me realize that i wasn't safe in my dorm and not leave my room open, anybody can walk in, even they they have an id, you don't know what kind of person they may be. >> massive animal rescue effort in derry new hampshire. the spca says horse, dogs, cats, pigeons, chickens and other animals were living in
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you can see the horse was suffering from malnutrition with its ribs visible. many of the animals now need help with the cost of their recovery. no word on any charges for the property owner. >> elizabeth: a mattapan man charged after police say he waved around a bee-bee gun after a high school football game. police say gerald moore had the weapon and was yelling in a threatening manner near madison park high friday night. after a struggle with officers, they were able to confiscate that replica gun and a small pocket life. >> mark: happening now, firefighters and the families of their fallen brothers gathering outside the state house for the massive firefighters memorial ceremony. now the ceremony started a few minutes ago in ash burton park. 24 names of local fallen firefighters will be added to the 2015 ring of honor. the ceremony is normally held on september 11th, but was postponed this year, because of construction at the park. >> a judge has dismissed a lawsuit challenging wynn resorts casino deal in everett.
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40 taxpayers filed that lawsuit this summer. over the scale of the 1.8 acres of mbta land to wynn. the lawsuit claimed that wynn, the mbta, and everett officials were talking about transferring the property without a public bidding process. however, the judge ruled the taxpayers do not have legal standing to challenge that deal. >> mark: turning to the race for the white house. sources close to vice-president joe biden say he'll decide in the next 48 hours whether or not he's ready to run for president. two top g.o.p. candidates are baiting each other about security and the 9-11 terror attacks. emmy schmitt reports on the anticipation of biden's decision and some new poll numbers on how voters think that race is shaping up. . >> the reporter: with a few notes and pictures, jeb bush's latest campaign ad backs up what candidates say about donald trump. >> across the spectrum of foreign policy, mr. trump talks about things as though he's
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>> bush weighed in after trump's comments turned political and personal. trump said 9-11 was george bush's fault. >> we had the worst attack in our country during his reign. jeb said we were safe during his reign. that wasn't true. >> the debates played out for days. trump said if he'd been president, 9-11 wouldn't have happened. while trump still leads the g.o.p. pack, a new cnn poll shows him trailing hillary clinton in a hypothetical matchup. clinton gets 50% support, to trump, 45. the poll also shows that when just democrats are asked about they are candidates, hillary clinton gets more support than last month, with 45%. the closest rival bernie sanders does too, with 29%. the wild card remains vice-president joe biden. who hasn't said if he's running. when the cnn-orc poll asked if he should, fewer say yes today
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if biden stays out of the race, clinton's lead over sanders grows. biden has two events scheduled monday, where the announcement watch will continue. in washington, emily schmitt reporting. >> mark: if joe biden runs for president how will massachusetts factor into that. sharman sachetti takes a look at 5:30 p.m. >> the mother who triggered an amber alert across several states appeared in court today. that mother was arrested with her sick child at boston hospital. crystal haynes was in court and reports the woman's attorney says the police overreacted. >> tiffany cherry did not want to talk to me on camera, but those close to her tell me that she was just acting in the best interest of her baby, and this entire case has been blown out of proportion. a round of applause in court today, after 36-year-old tiffany cherry's bail is set at just
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the state asked for $250,000. >> she was never running. >> the pennsylvania morissette off an amber alert over the weekend when she drove her son 265 miles from a wilkes-barre clinic against doctor's order. they said the 2 1/2-month-old was severely dehydrated and needed to be treated in the state. >> i think in this situation, the amber alert was misused. >> but i think in her head she really believed this was the right thing and in my head i believe it was too. >> tarshe cherry was in contact the entire time, even averting police to tell them tiffany was at children's hospital. >> the entire time from pennsylvania to waltham. >> what was she telling you as she was driving. >> she was telling me that she was scared, she was saying that she thinks they're going to take her baby away from her. >> cherry appeared in court on a number of fugitive from justice warrants out of pennsylvania and massachusetts.
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she'll have to appear for and she's charged with child endangerment in this case. >> everything worked out for the good, and whatever tiff did do wrong or whatever poor judgment she's made or whatever, i think that she paid for that. >> the baby and cherry's 4-year-old were put in dcf custody over the weekend. fox 25 was the only camera rolling when a large number of friends and family, including cherry, came to boston municipal court for a custody hearing. coming up at 6:00 p.m., what cherry says medical staff in pennsylvania said to her that prompted her to take her baby on the five hour ride to the bay state. reporting in boston, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> electric bills were through the roof during the winter of 2015. as we approach another cold weather season, we want to know what homeowners can expect this year, why your rates are going up in a matter of weeks. >> kevin: for now the heat is probably on. it's been chilly.
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the next couple of days will be milder. how warm we'll be and how the clouds moving if will play a part. >> did a draft kings employee step out of bounds and use insider information to make big bucks? new information about an internal investigation. >> but first, keeping an eye on the sky, the wave the feds plan to keep track of drones and what owne there's a better way to specialized surgery that's right for you: lahey hospital and medical center. cardiac teams pioneering innovative treatments... and neurosurgeons at the
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>> the federal regulators announced a new initiative to make sure that drones don't put
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other aircraft in danger. >> you might remember, a couple of incidents last year in bedford and near logan airport where drones were spotted close to aircraft. justin gray reports from washington, the new regulations are expected to be if place by christmas. >> the reporter: anyone can buy one just about anywhere, but now the federal government is preparing to require all owners of drones to register the machines. >> registration will help us enforce the rules against those >> the reporter: secretary of transportation announced the formation of a new task force to write the rules for the registry of recreational drones, the f.a.a. says there have been twice as many drone sightings by pilots this year than in 2014, a close to planes and airports. >> there can be no accountability if a person breaking the rules can't be identified. >> the goal is to move fast on this, so fast in fact, that there could be registration rules in place for all those drones expected to be sold this christmas shopping season.
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through a freedom of information act request, we obtained f.a.a. records for close calls in the boston area and made a medical crew in bedford spotted a drone flying within 100 to 300 feet of them as they were preparing to lapped. many of the drop sightings the f.a.a. records are vague descriptions, the color, the shape, the size. the national registry won't necessarily make all the drones easy to identify, but officials hope it will make owners think twice. >> it's really hard to follow rules if you don't know what the rules are. >> the specifics of the registry, like how much information drone owners will have to provide an even what constitutes a drone versus a harmless toy, all that will be worked out by the task force in the next month. reporting in washington, justin gray, fox 25 news. >> families of truck crash victims are in our nation's capitol, pushing to keep strict drivers. >> mark: new rules being debated would keep the public from access truck company's compliance, safety and accountability scores and allow 19 year-olds to train for big lying licenses.
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the families fear lawmakers will let trucks carry more weight. one woman's son and daughter if law were killed by a tractor-trailer driver in 2004. >> plowed right into the back of them, their car spun around, was wedged under the side of the truck. and the car exploded. >> mark: community spokesman says the pilot program for 19-year-old drivers is a graduated license program, a final recommendations that require approval from the transportation secretary. new at 5:00 p.m., new hampshire has a new transportation secretary. governor maggie hassan swore in victoria sheehan today. she had been a manager did he massachusetts department of transportation, replaces chris lament who left the job in december. >> state lawmakers pushing back t. house speaker says increasing the coast of public transit in july should be a last resort. the mbta needs to cover a $242 million deficit in next
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year's budget. the next fare hike is budgeted for july of 2017, but the t's control board has discussed moving that up by a year. >> cold start to the work week in canton. commuters were bundled up with scarves, winter jackets and hats and kevin, you could see everybody's breath out there this morning, just standing around waiting. >> kevin: looked like there were on a cigarette break. with temperatures as cold as they were this morning, you're going to see that. it was in the 20's much of the area, even below freezing in not a record though. we rebounded this afternoon, quite nicely, but still, only 40's for high temperatures and normal high temperature is 60 degrees, so we're clearly well below that. but it goes the other way the next couple of days, in fact, tonight won't be quite as cold as it has been the last couple of mornings, and the reason is the clouds. we often talk about those clouds being a blanket over us at night. stops all that heat from the day from escaping out into space and that's going to be the situation tonight. the clouds spilling southward from northern new england and the great lakes and they're already into upstate new york and vermont.
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snow showers again for you in northern maine. they've had a couple of inches in some spots and then over here toward burlington, vermont, rainshowers, but in some of the higher elevations, snow showers. that's not coming to southern new england. though with the warm air, you can get a couple of sprinkles during the day tomorrow. it's 42 in worcester right now, so already you're in the low 40's under bright sunshine. your temperature dropping into the upper 30's tonight. not plummeting though into the 20's like last night. even back here to orange where it's 46 degrees under sunny skies, your temperature under a clear skies to begin with, will start to drop, but level off as the clouds move in. mid 30's tonight, but it won't be another frosty night. no matter, you should be all picked from your garden, because your growing season is officially over that way. 47 in boston right now, under sunny skies. a few clouds around the area. dropping to the low 40's and that's where you'll bottom out tonight in the boston area. not nearly as cold, not as frosty or not as freezing overnight tonight and for the next couple of mornings, these are the clouds we're talking about spilling on in here.
5:20 pm
at 11:00 p.m., it might be totally cloudy over western massachusetts. spring else, green spots popping up here in southern new hampshire. this is during tomorrow morning and sarah will be telling you about a couple of showers that are popping up and there will be very few of them out there. again, during the later part of the morning and the early afternoon, you'll see spots of green on futurecast, so yes, a random shower or two, but overall, a dry day, especially in southern new england, the farther north you're going to be, better chance you have of running into a shower. a lot of clouds in response to the mild air moving in. fast forward to wednesday, similar, the front has stalled over the top of us. a lot of clouds and again, a random sprinkle or two, but not rainy days coming up for sure. look at the high temperatures for tomorrow. 65 sandwich to brockton, 66 in marshfield tomorrow afternoon. mixture of sun and clouds. 66 in duxbury and to the north shore, 63 in ipswich and 61 in windham, new new hampshire. seven day forecast, keep the 60's rolling into wednesday and
5:21 pm
especially thursday, ahead of a cold front on thursday. that's going to be your warmest dave. behind the front it cools back off but brings back the sunshine in full on friday and your weekend in view. 60 degrees on saturday, 62 on sunday. each day at or slightly above average each town in southern new england. decent weekend, although rainshowers will be in the forecast for sunday, something we'll be tracking as the week progresses and the latest information comes in. >> mark: special day for women fighting a difficult battle. >> this is really niles. the patriots women's organization hold ago day of pampering for women diagnosed with breast cancer. patriots players personally delivering ten invitations to women undergoing treatment at day that farber and mass general. the women were treated to relaxation and yoga and massages. >> no one expects to be diagnosed with cancer and these days are hard and for someone to extend such a gracious act of kindness, it really is motivated. >> participants got to meet with
5:22 pm
members of the patriots women's organization and get a tour of the field. really nice idea there. >> very nice. coming off that big win last night, smiles all around. >> an exciting day to be over at gillette. three teens got lost hiking in new hampshire mountains. >> mark: ahead in the next half-hour, why they say it's not their fault they got lost. what steered them in the wrong >>. a new school supply of sorts. the latest local district that is now considering adding an overdose fighting drug into its school. >> but first, the story behind the dramatic rescue at sea off
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>> mark: coast guard sharing pictures of fishing boat rescue. the crew calling for help after their boat was disabled five miles from whatchill. the coast guard saved the two man crew. they towed the fishing boat to shore, where one of the man was suffering from hypothermia. . >> a jet took off from fort lauderdale, and had to land at logan after it began having mechanical issues with the plane's flaps. self-defense passengers even became sick, as the pilot circled for about ten minutes trying to fix the problem. travelers reportedly got an apology and a $50 voucher from the airline. >> hillary clinton is preparing for a trip to congress, that experts say could make-or-break her presidential bid. thursday, the former secretary of state will testify before a house committee looking into the attack on a u.s. consulate in
5:25 pm
benghazi, libya. committee members say they will press clinton on what she knew prior to the attack. four americans, including ambassador chris stevens and winchester native glen doherty were killed in the ambush. >> mark: an investigation has been opened in to whether the personal email accounts of the c.i.a. director and homeland security secretary were hacked by a teenager. the alleged hacker claims c.i.a. director john brennan's account had sensitive files, including a security clearance application. the unnamed person told the "new york post," he's a high school student, government officials don't believe classified information was breached. >> and ocean researchers on the cape also targeted by a sigh baton rouge attack. the hackers went after trade secrets at the woods hole research lab. employees all told to change their passwords last week, although the hack was detected in june. the group's information may have been compromised for more than two years. investigators say early signs point to chinese hackers. >> mark: draft kings saying tonight they have cleared one of their employees of any wrongdoing when another fantasy
5:26 pm
sports web site. the boston based company says an independent investigation found the employee did not use inside information to make money on fan duel, but the company is still under scrutiny tonight. according to the globe, over the weekend draft kings defied an order from the nevada gaming commission, banning all activity in that statement. >> the reporter: is joe boyden running for president? how massachusetts could play a role in that ticket? >> also ahead, what can homeowners expect from our electric bills this winter? the good news is, it should be better than last year. the bad news your bill, it's still about to go up. we'll explain why. >> >> kevin: winter figures to be milder than last year, couldn't be much worse, but we have
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that's amazing. it's amazing. this is amazing. that's amazing! surprising things at chevy. we're sold. it's so pretty. beautiful. it feels great. perfect. expect from a chevy at all. get more than you expect for less than you imagined. the 2015 models are going fast. find your tag and get cash back for 15% of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get 0% financing for 72 months on these remaining 2015 chevy vehicles. >> mark: now at 5:30 p.m., bit early cold start to the day in the city of boston. tonight cold but not quite as
5:28 pm
bad. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> i'm heather hegedus. we got our wood stove working, just to be sure. kevin, we might need it tonight. >> kevin: the two mornings to have the heat on were the last two that we saw, maybe you can give it a break from this potentially on. 48 for a high in boston today. now that is chilly, especially when you compare it to the average, which is 60 degrees, but it's a lot warmer than the morning low of 31 degrees and the 48 is only going to drop a few more degrees. clouds already start to filter into the region. you see them here on satellite. when i widen it up, there's more clouds, even rainshowers and even some snow showers farther north into the elevations, sliding south where toward us, so overnight tonight, temperatures sure, they're going to drop and thereby upper 30's for sure, even mid 30's when you go up into southern new hampshire and vermont. but the clouds are taking over and it stops the temperature from dropping too much more. so we won't see a repeat of teens and 20's in western mass and southern vermont.
5:29 pm
30's and going up a couple of degrees as the clouds take over during the overnight hours. cape cod, temperatures milder in the 40's and a slow rise overnight with the clouds moving in as a warm front comes by. that's why the slow rise in temperatures, definitely milder temperature coming our way. you can expect the next couple of days higher temperatures. >> mark: commuters dealing with the wintery blast the first time this season and bringing back bad memories from last winter. people we spoke with say they've learned the hard way to stay calm and be prepared. >> i'm frozen. it's very cold this morning. very unseasonably cold. >> just dealing with it, you know, start a little bit earlier, dress a little bit warmer, more letters and lots of warm coffee and you'll be fine. >> mark: that's good advice. the mbta is undergoing improvements to hopefully prevent a repeat of last winter's delay. speculation continues to swirl around vice-president joe biden and a potential run for the white house. we are hearing reports he could make a decision pretty much at
5:30 pm
>> the question is, what would a biden candidacy mean for massachusetts? political reporter sharman sachetti joins us with a look. >> the reporter: this race hasn't played out like anyone's talk that vice-president joe biden could very well get in the so. and that could mean a change for massachusetts. if vice-president joe biden decides to once and for all make a run for president, what does that mean for massachusetts? for one t could mean a vice-presidential candidate from the state and perhaps not the one you're thinking. >> i have >> i just think these better box office and biden and sewould be a very, very potent combination. >> pat of purple strategies saying with all the talk of joe biden, he believes senator elizabeth warren might be an even stronger choice. >> elizabeth warren is a rising start star in the democrat he can
5:31 pm
in the ascendcy to the presidency. >> the reporter: he points out, both parties are struggling with longtime insiders as candidates. >> it's a calculation to put someone like warren on the ticket or deval patrick, and it could motivate people. >> the reporter:: it's also worth note, much of the state's delegation has yet to endorse a candidate. stonehill college says it's true, we vice-president heard from all of the state's top politicians. >> senator warren has yet to be heard from and her voice is very politics. we haven't heard from the former governor and he has a large constituency that will follow him as well. >> then there's the question of whether or not having a massachusetts politician on your ticket will help you or hurt you. mitt romney john kerry and bids. in boston, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> mark: tonight, two men face heroin and cocaine possession
5:32 pm
martha's vineyard on friday. 27-year-old aaron watkin and 24-year-old desmond rodriguez were arrested after place say was a three month long investigation. the pair were arrested as they drove off and a search of their home in edgartown found narcotics, including methadone and paraphernalia. >> police arrested 35-year-old patrick geftridge in connection with a bank robbery. the suspect did not show a weapon during the crime at the brookline bank in bedford. he was also wanted on multiple warrants out of milford district court. >> mark: we've now learned the names of the victims of sunday's deadly fire in chicopee. a woman and her son were both killed in the fire on mount calm street. three other people who lived in the house escaped. investigators are still searching for the cause of that fire. >> framingham's public library closed tonight after two contractors were severely burned working on the building over the weekend.
5:33 pm
one of the men suffered second and third degree burns to more than a third of his broad during a flash explosion. that worker still in the hospital at last check. according to the library's web site, the building was having new lighting installed as part of a renovation project. >> mark: two suspects accused of opening fire at a jamaica plains t stop are being held on $15,000, firing shots at the forest hill station during friday morning's commute. police tell fox 25 they think it was gang related. no one was hurt, but both suspects are due back in court in november. multialarm fire newton firefighters scrambling. the fire broke out if a chimney on a home on bishop gate road. fox 25 first reported the story last night at 10:00 p.m. firefighters say of the flames spread from the chimney to the rest of the home. >> elizabeth: waltham's first responders voting no confidence in their city's firefighters, police officers, dispatchers, all citing various safety shortfalls that they say are allegedly being ignored by mayor jeannette mccarthy.
5:34 pm
they also say those shorted falls are putting their lives and the lives of citizens in danger. among their concerns -- aging, unmaintained equipment for police and fire crews an unsanitary and unsafe conditions in their stations. >> mark: mashpee superintendent could face trespassing charges for entering someone's home. brian hyde went into the home while conduct a student residency check. police say there is enough evidence to bring a case to a magistrate for a hearing to decide if hyde should face charges of breaking and entering and trespassing. last month, the state released the parks score for students who used computers to take a test. individual scores for students, schools, and districts will be released later this month. the state's elementary and secondary education boards will vote next months on replacing m cat testing with park instead. >> a landmark in boston's south end is getting an upgrade. the cathedral of the holy cross,
5:35 pm
be able to hear the sound of real bells ringing from its tower. five bells will be installed this week. they were previously used at a church on sharman avenue that closed in 2008. until now, the cathedral played bell sounds from a speaker system. >> a victim of the west nile virus works to regain his mobility as the threat of the illness continues. >> mark: also ahead this half-hour, promising break through in alzheimer's research, what scientists discovered that could help diagnose patients early when the disease is still treatable. >> but first, another local school district now considering adding an overdose fighting drug putting it in their schools.
5:36 pm
we'll be right back. >> new numbers are out that show just how widely use opioid drugs are in new hampshire. >> mark: new hampshire's prescription drug monitoring program finding more than 108,000 patients filled a total 16 million orders for schedule 2 narcotics and that was in just a three month period this year. turns out 80% of though prescriptions were for pain relievers, such as morphine and oxycodone and in nashua, new hampshire, school officials are looking into the possibility of stocking kits to reverse opioid and heroino of overdoses. the "unionleader" reporting they are investigating how much it would cost to have narcan kits available in high schools and possibly even middle schools. last year alone, more than 325 deaths in the state were
5:37 pm
>> a 37-year-old faces 17 years in prison after pleading guilty to a supermarket scam targeting northeast states. georgette jackman pleaded guilty to multiple charges friday, stem interesting a series of scams that net the $435,000 in fraudulently purchased gift cards. the scam hit price chopper markets in massachusetts and new hampshire in 2013. jackman also now faces deportation charges after completing her sentence. staffing shortages forcing new hampshire prisons to consider allowing inmates to conduct suicide watches. only certain inmates with clean disciplinary records will be allowed to participate. the model has been used at the federal level for years now though. right now, guards are responsible for syver side watches, which -- suicide watches, which requires checks every 15 minutes. >> mark: the wife of a political giant -- sal dimasy is serving
5:38 pm
corruption and battling stage four tongue cancer. last week his wife debra testified on beacon hill in favor of a compassionate release program. the state is one of 5 five in the nation without a system where terminally ill inmates can be set free. >> kevin: watching clouds moving into new england tonight. that will stop your temperature from being as cold as it was the last couple of nights. we'll talk about that and how warm you'll be tomorrow afternoon behind the front. >> but first, what can homeowners expect from electric bills this winter?
5:39 pm
are about to go up in the next >> another winter approaches, fox 25 is digging into how much massachusetts residents should expect to spend to keep the lights on this season.i >> mark: fox 25's kerry kavanaugh is in boston, where one consumer advocate says this winter won't be as bad as last year, even though rates are going up for somism e. the bill came and he was like whoa, what happened here?
5:40 pm
residents across the area struggle to keep the lights on during the winter. there was some relief during the summer months, but another winter is fast approaching. >> we look at it all the time. we go over our budget. >> the reporter: homeowners like susan are already trying to prepare. electric rates change twice a year, required by the department of public utilities. we reached out to some of the major providers and they say rights will be better than they were last winter, but they're going up from where they are right now. national grid customers will notice the increase next month. in the winter of 2015, customers were paying 16.3 per kill low watt hours. another 1, the rate will increase to 13.1 per kilowatt hours. ever source won't make its rate request until january. the consumers alliance says this winter should be easier for customers, because power companies are looking in their costs at a lower rate. >> power plants that use oil or natural gas are going to be paying a lot less for that commodity to run the power plants. >> the best thing consumers can
5:41 pm
do now is find ways to conserve and reduce. >> we thought the refrigerator is old, let's change that out. we did that. up it went. >> her household has taken steps, but her bill keeps climbing, so she's bracing for another round of sticker shock this winter. in watertown, kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. >> just a picture-perfect scene in vermont here. take a look at t. the fall foliage was covered up by a beautiful dusting of snow this weekend, in belvedere, and several local ski resorts willing taking advantage of the chilly temperatures. this is wild cat mountain in new hampshire, they have been making snow since saturday morning. certainly a skiers delight. how long will the temperatures >> >> kevin: we are going to get warmer, but chilly overnight, not nearly as cold alleges last couple of days and that will be the difference in cloud cover. last week i posted a snow map for the northeast kingdom of new england, into northeast vermont, northern new hampshire, northern
5:42 pm
maine, and had some comments, people thought i was just kind of blowing it up, but honestly, my numbers were low. some places had a few inches of snow and of course, the other stuff made on top of that made it even better for ski hopefuls and now clouds are spilling into new england tonight. there's snow flying in quebec and northern new england. some of the high elevations will see light snow showers once again. sprinkles try to make it into southern new england. but the clouds will blanket us tonight and stop your temperatures from plummeting like it did the last couple of nights. we tied a record for worcester today, did not get to boston's record, although it was 31 degrees. at logan a, upper 20's in west roxburyry and roxburyry and other points. west, parts of the stiff, still just not sticking out in the water like logan airport does. 42 in worcester and 42 in chatham. water temperature of 55. as the superior court goes down this evening, temperature in the low 40's at logan as well. into the 30's off to the north and west. upper 30's in the immediate suburbs. sections of boston that are note
5:43 pm
upper 30's tonight as well, just not as frosty or freeze ago as this morning -- or az freeing as this morning was. 45 at 4:15 p.m. sarah will be telling but the cold temperatures when you first wake up and how they're rising a bit. at first light, it's 46. up to 50 by 9:15 a.m. and lunchtime, mid 50's, which is close to average and thereby at or above average tomorrow afternoon, but tonight with the clouds rolling in, temperatures will make it into the low and mid 30's back here. with upper 30's to around 40 metro west and in the low 40's along the coast especially southeastern massachusetts and i have to caution you, it's still islands. freeze there. so you still have some time and i don't see a freeze this week for you, so you don't have to rush out there and pick whatever you have growing outside or protect any of your plants if you haven't done so already, but the rest of us, your growing season is officially over. now you do it at your own risk. clouds around tonight, can have sprinkles with them. most of them missing southern new england and rolling through
5:44 pm
northern new england, but during the day tomorrow, as the front sinks on through and we get into the milder air, a few sprinkles. the other part of the system, the cold front-warm front will drape across us over the next couple of days with temperatures in the 60's. we'll check north of boston first, 63 in andover, 63 ipswich and 63 for you in billerica and then to the west of boston, metro west areas, 65 in foxborough. 66 walpole and 66 in bridgewater, so clearly a milder day coming up. with the clouds hanging around and glimpse of sun, random sprinkles on wednesday, much the same temperatures getting into the 60's one more time. in fact, thursday will be the warmest day. on average, 66. towns will flirt with 70 as the cold front approaches. you always get your warmest days before the front as the southwest winds increase. once the front goes by we clear out but cooler air on friday. 56 degrees and this weekend, there are some showers in there. weekend in view. by sunday morning, showers will be around, milder air tries to work back in, but 60 saturday
5:45 pm
days will be at or above average. quite the contrast for the weekend we just had. >> mark: and the snow yesterday. one year after wild riots at the keene pumpkin festival, two new communities are trying to restore the tradition to its family friendly roots. the pumpkinfest was moved from keene to laconia and this weekend will thereby a new festival at the cheshire fairgrounds in swansea. of the change come after riots and arrests near keene state college last year during the festival. >> an app apparently to blame for three teenage hikers who were lost while hiking on february and game officers say the app brought the teen to the wrong parking lot and led them main trail. eventually it started getting dark and the terrain got too tough so the teens called for help. rescue crews were able to find them and bring them back down the mountain. >> local boy scouts are being called heroes as they helped hikers get down a mountain. the boys were hiking mount
5:46 pm
manandock when they stumbled on to a woman who had fallen and sprained her ankle. they fashioned a excellent and carried her down more than two miles, but the boy scouts said they did nothing heroic. >> it's nothing really big. we just tried to help out. >> no matter the situation, somebody in need. >> i was so proud of them. i mean, the splint was perfect. >> so doctors told that woman, that her injury could have gotten even worse if it hadn't been for the scouts. she is calling them tonight her little angels. >> understandably so. we are following several new stories ahead at 6:00 p.m. first, it's a story you'll see only on fox 25. the first person to be infected in west nile virus this year is it speaking exclusively to us. now a mosquito bite put him in a wheelchair and changed his life. a violent shove to the ground during a movie shoot in boston ended up taking her life. how the community is honoring the 72-year-old woman right now and what's next for the young woman accused in the vicious attack. >> a groom gets cold beneath and
5:47 pm
happen. but coming up next at 5:00 p.m., what that bride's family did with the venue and the feed to turn heartbreak into a night they would never forget. stay with us. mom this is hugely important.
5:48 pm
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>> welcome back. researchers may be one step closer to developing a test for alzheimer's disease. scientists focus on the appearance of immune proteins that mistakenly attack the body's own cells. if they can develop a test for those biomarkers for the presence of alzheimer's, doctors could potentially diagnose patients at the earliest and most treatable stage of the disease. researchers say the test could also show promise for detecting parkinson's, multiple sclerosis and even breast cancer. oprah winfrey is hoping to turn wait watchers around. the former talk show host is buying a 10% stake in the company and taking a seat on its board of directors. she's also agreed to let weight watchers use her name, image and likeness for its products and services. weight watchers shares nearly doubled after the partnership was announced. >> mark: the cost of a gallon of gasoline in massachusetts on its way down. aaa reports gas fell two cents last week and regular gas is
5:51 pm
selling for an average of $2.09 per gallon. the current price is a dime lower than a month ago and 17 cents lower than the national average. gas prices in new hampshire have fallen 2.5 cents in the past week, averaging $2.13 a gallon. 13 cents lower than the national average. gas price ins new hampshire are a buck cheaper than this time last year. college students in massachusetts are doing a better job of paying back their student loans. according to the globe, the default rate for community college students in the bay state has fallen significantly for the first time in three years citing an improving economy after the recession. all 15 state community colleges have default rates below the national average of 19%. amazon is going after people who are reportedly sell fake reviews for products on its web site. the company says more than a thousand people sold five star reviews for as little as $5. amazon's policy bans fake product reviews. the company sued those posters for breach of contract and
5:52 pm
>> the texas teenager who was handcuffed after taking a homemade clock to school is making a special trip to the white house. ahmed mohammed was invited to the white house specifically for a night of science called astronomy might. this is just a heartbreaking situation for a couple that became a way for them to give back for this family. >> mark: sacramento couple was supposed to get married this weekend, but the groom got cold feet, leaving the would-be bride's family with the venue but no wedding. rather than cancel the $35,000 event, the would-be bride's mother decide today invite the city's homeless to enjoy an extravagant night out. >> when you're going through a hard time, a struggle for you to get out to do something different and with your family, blessing. >> i feel a lot of heartache and heartbreak for her. but i will take away something
5:53 pm
really good from this. i will. >> mark: tremendous gesture. duane's daughter decided not to go to the event but will be joining her mother on a trip to belize for what was supposed to be her honeymoon. now at 6:00 p.m. -- >> i'm becoming more and more aware of how long it may take and the struggle it will be. >> mark: in a story you'll see only on fox 25, how a mosquito bite changed a local man's life in seconds. plus, whitey bulger's longtime girlfriend faces a federal court judge. what she denies and why she could spend more time behind bars than one of whitey's hitmen hitmen. >> the reporter: after snowflakes, temperatures going the other way. how warm we'll get. >> -- actually tried to get out of bed, thinking i could, because at that point, i never tried to stand and there was no shot at that. >> mark: he is the first person to be diagnosed with west nile virus this year, and tonight, he is sharing his story only with
5:54 pm
fox 25 hi everyone, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> i'm heather hedge hegedus. he was a healthy man before a single mosquito bite changed everything. tonight he's in a new hampshire rehab facility trying to regain control of his body. christine mccarthy is live in nashua with a warning he has for all of us, christine. >> the reporter: that's right. he says he knows this is going to be a very long road -- road to recovery. mark maynard invited us into his room and he said the past couple of months have been hard enough, but he was able to get through the very difficult months and he's opt knicks, he will be out of his wheelchair, even if he only recovers, to be about 80% physically of what he once was. >> it's a struggle. it's a struggle. >> mark maynard will walk again, that's what he tells himself every day. >> it will come back, could be a couple years from now, but it will come back, we hope. >> as unbelievably show slow as
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