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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  October 19, 2015 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> most of left leg i can make one motion with my foot, but that's it. i can't with my toes up or the leg. >> the reporter: it's equally incredible how fast mark arrived here and his room at the northeast rehabilitation hospital in nashua. >> this is very sudden. the next thing, you're bedridden and can't walk, and the doctors don't know what's wrong with you exactly. >> 41 years old, mark was the first person to contract west nile virus in massachusetts this year. when he was bitten by a mosquito in august. >> i was certainly bitten in new jersey at my mother's house in a cookout on the deck. >> eight more have been diagnosed since then, two have died and experts say the threat of mosquito borne virus isn't over until there's a hard frost across massachusetts. >> it's still out there right now surprisingly in the cold weather. >> that's why mark is sharing his story. >> wear the d.o.t. the deet, protect yourself.
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it's like winning the wrong lottery. seems like a small chance but it can happen. >> the reporter: and the nurses and physical therapists here are very proud of mark's progress. they say he's doing as much as he can independently for someone who's in his situation and they say that they think his recovery is going to be very strong. in the meantime, all of mark's supporters, and he has many of them visiting him, his friends, his wife, who he says he's very grateful for and his employers, have set up a go fund me account to help pay for medical expenses that won't be covered by insurance once he goes home. pulled like to check that out, go to our web site, we're live in nashua, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. west, concern that spread this summer and here's a look at the areas that the department of public health put on high alert. they include revere, chelsea, winthrop and boston. >> switching gears, a live look at the current temperatures outside your window right now. that's right, that's not a typo, they're in the 40's and they're
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going to dip a little lower after the sun goes down of course, but will it be as cold as it was this morning? well, people waiting for the t in canton right there co-worker see their own breath. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, we had snow yesterday, freezing temperatures in part of the state today, the question everyone wants to know is, is a warmup on the way in the foreseeable future. >> kevin: it's new england, heather, you know it's got to change. we're not quite to winter and we are going to warm up the next couple of days. temperatures won't drop too much more tonight compared to yesterday. we were starting out in the 40's as the sun went down yesterday and temperatures dropped into the teens and 20's across southern new england. the clouds are along and ahead of a warm front that's going to push by to our west and to our north. now the warm front is producing ahead of it snow in the mountains of new hampshire, vermont, maine. really far northern and highest mountains, though, not in southern portions of new england, not this time. by the way, that trace of snow yesterday, still fell short of the first tenth of an inch of snow or measurable snow, which
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would have been on the same date. that's a record set in 2009. so not too long ago. these clouds will spread over the area, so your temperatures are going to fall at first in to the 30's, northwest of worcester, southern vermont, northern worcester county, southern new hampshire and steady out, because there will be a lot of clouds overthey had and closer into the -- overhead and closener to the boston area, temperatures stay steady in the low to mid 40's. the clouds help us by acting as a blanket. so how warm will it be tomorrow and how long it will last? >> for years, there was no long closer to convicted south boston mobster, white bulge than his girlfriend, catherine greig. she's in prison paying a high price for her loyalty to the gangster. today, she's in court facing a new charge. greig was arraigned today and bob, this could mean more jailtime for her now. >> that's right. catherine greig is already serving an eight year sentence. if she's convicted in this case,
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and what means is that when this is all said and done, catherine greig, if convicted, could end up serving more time than a notorious hit man for whitey bulger. there is no questioning cat bulger. the two were arrested together 2011. ending a worldwide manhunt for the south boston gangster. two years later, greig pleaded guilty to helping bulge erie main hidden. here is surveillance video of greig picking up a prescription for bulger in california. but now, the feds want katherine's help. they want her to testify to a grant jury investigating whoever helped bulger during his years as a fugitive. greig is refusing and now she's brought up on federal criminal contempt charges. steve davis is the brother of murdered bulger gang victim debbie davis. >> there's a price on everything. she must have got paid a lot of money to keep her mouth shut. >>. the feds may be looking for more of bulger's cash, $800,000 was
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thought to be hidden in other locations. greig's lawyer says she has nothing to tell the grand jury. >> it's not a matter that she has anything to hide. you'll find out when the case goes to trial, that she never even did anything wrong. it's not even a matter of taking the fifth or anything. she's just not cooperating. >> the reporter: you might remember the name john motorano, one of whitey bulger's hit man. he served 12 years for 20 murders, and that was a plea deal. he testified against whitey bulger. if catherine greig is convicted in this case, as i said when it's all said and done, she could get more than 12 years, more than john motorano. bob ward, fox 25. >> mark: a man charged with killing a young swampscott mother going to have a judge jason fleury was arrested today for the murder of jamie menendez. the lawyers discussed motions in the case. menendez disappeared last november. in january, her body was found if a swampscott beach, fleury was plead not guilty.
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>> which learned the name of a rochester teenager found dead at a local motel over the weekend. 17-year-old tarmy was found dead at the riviera hotel, she was a student at spalding high school. police say tarmy's mother and mother's male friend were also in that hotel room. police are waiting for autopsy results and are investigating the girl's death. >> mark: firefighters and the families of their fallen brothers gathered outside the state house for a mass with the fallen firefighters memorial ceremony. it wrapped up a few minutes ago. 24 names of the fallen firefighters were added to the 2015 ring of honor. the ceremony is normally held on september 11th, but was postponed this year because of construction at the park. >> two suspects accused of opening fire at a jamaica plain t stop are being held on $15,000 bail. prosecutors say they fired shot at the forest hills station during friday morning's commute. police tell fox 25 they do think that this was gage related.
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no one was hurt and both suspects due in court in november. bedford police have arrested 35-year-old salem resident patrick geffridge in connection with a bank robbery. police say the suspect did not show a weapon at the brookline bank in bedford. he was also wanted on multiple warrants out of milford district court. >> mark: we are learning more tonight about the suspect and victim of a deadly hit-and-run crash in hudson. 52-year-old scott harding pleading not guilty to hit hit-and-run crashing and killing william schofield, while schofield was riding his bike. harding admitted to the crash to police and he said, he made a mistake. defense attorneys also say harding -- schofield, rather, harding has been released on bail. >> massachusetts superintendent could face trespassing charges for entering someone's home. superintendent brian hyde went into a home while stunt residency check in september. police say there is enough
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to a magistrate for a hearing to decide if hyde should face charges of breaking and entering and trespassing. >> mark: we are learning more details about a jetblue flight that had to be diverted to logan airport. the flight took off yesterday from fort lauderdale, heading to worcester regional airport. the plane had to land hat logan after it began having mechanical issues with the plane's flaps. the telegram "gazette" reporting several past injures became sick as the pilot circled for about ten minutes trying to fix the problem. travelers reportedly got an apology and $50 voucher and a ride home from the airline. west port man suspected of driving drunk had his bail revoked today at a fall river courtroom. prosecutors say 62-year-old robert hanson was drunk when he rear-ended another vehicle on route 6 west in westport friday night, killing 73-year-old geraldine correia. >> 87-year-old virginia and her
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killed in a meyer on mount calm street. three other people who lived in the house escaped. investigators are still searching for the cause of that fire. a multiple alarm fire sent newton firefighters scrambling. the fire broke out in the chimney of a home on bishop gate road. now, fox 25 first reported this story last night. firefighters say the flames spread from the chimney to the rest of the home. no one was hurt. >> boston university police are still looking for the man who raped a student inside her own dorm room. the suspect is described as a white man, college age with a medium build and brown hair. he was wearing a dark button down shirt and down vest jacket. the victim told investigators she did not know the man who entered her room and attacked her early sunday morning. a student. id is required to enter the dorms. the attack has students locking their doors. >> police say a man waved around a bee-bee gun at a high school football game. police say gerald moore had the
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threatening manner, near madison park high school friday night. after a struggle with officers, they were able to confiscate that replica gun and a small pocket life and waltham's first responders voting no confidence in their city's mayor. firefighters, police officers and dispatchers all citing various safety shortfalls that they say are allegedly being ignored by mayor jeannette mccarthy. they say it puts their lives and the lives of citizens in danger. so among some of their concerns -- aging and unmaintained equipment for police and fire crews as well as unsanitary and unsafe conditions in their stations they say. >> we weren't lined up correctly, and then a communication breakdown, you know, between the quarterback and the snapper and that's all on me. >> it is one of the most bizarre plays you are ever see in any football game. indianapolis colts were in the name with the pats when a very unusual play unfolded helping the pats seal the de. sports director tom leyden is here to try to make sense of all
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of it. >> thanks, ock, you expect me to make sense of that? that's a tall task. anywhere you turn today, most people are saying what the heck were the colts thinking and the bottom line is they weren't thinking things through all the way. this will go down in history as the fade fake, futile fake. the goal of this fake punt formation was to either catch the patriots were too many men on the field, get them to jump offsides or catch new england at a matchup disadvantage so none of that happened and instead, the ball was snapped to anderson anderson, immediately crunched by the patriots defense which is what happens when you're outmanned 3-1. he. >> we expected it to be a fake punt, fake field goal. you know, they went on the, you know, the swinging gate type play, went over to the overshift, and you know, made sure we covered the inside part, reacted well to it. >> forget the touchdowns, forget the field goals or any other big plays from sunday's game. that is the play that people
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as a microcosm of what happened last night at lucas oil stadium. bryan salmond with the patriots players after the 34-27 win. they are 5-0 to start the season. that's the latest. >> loving that. today a marathon bombing survivor gave a walpole woman a gift. >> mark: how heather abbott is helping people who lost limbs like she did when the bomb exploded. hear from the first recipient of abbott's new foundation. >> she lost her life after violently shoved her to the boston. new at 6:00 p.m., in a live report, how the communities is now honoring that 72-year-old woman an why they waited 100 days to do it. >> mark: you probably got the amber alert sent to your home hat 2:00 a.m. in the morning over the weekend. the mother accused of sparking
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>> mark: happening right now in boston, the community is. coming together to remember a
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72-year-old woman who died after getting shoved to the ground. >> this is an update to a story we first broke over the summer. police say this woman pushed the 72-year-old to the ground near a movie shoot that was happening in the city. new at 6:00 p.m., jim morelli is live in boston for us to show us how the community is honoring her and why they waited 100 days to do it. >> we are in chinatown at the corner where this woman actually was pushed down during the summertime, the vigil concluding just a little bit ago. as for 100 days, it might see random, but it is anything but ran done. in chinese culture, there is a 100 day mourning period and that 100 days just concluded and that is why they held the vigil. we're talking about a 72-year-old woman allegedly pushed down by a 24-year-old woman, this happened back in july and she died 36 hours later. one participant tells us that right now the community is just
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>> the chinese community here is very tight knit and we all support each other no matter what happens, so we're all one another. whether blood or not. >> the reporter: now, believe it or northwest, this woman's family is not looking for revenge. not even looking for the suspect to spend a significant amount of time behind bars, but they are a little bit distressed, because they are hearing that the bail she is being held under continues to get reduced because she simply cannot come up with this bail. and they say they're looking at the real possibility perhaps she might actually get away with doing nothing at all, not even community service. we don't know that for sure, we're checking that out. >> a walpole woman just received a new prosthetic leg thanks to a survivor of the marathon bombings. new at 6:00 p.m., heather abbott's foundation gave hillary cohen the new leg at a newton business this afternoon. cohen's leg was amputated two
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condition that caused tumors to grow in the nerve endings of her leg. the 26-year-old has never worn a pair of high heels, but now thanks to abbott's foundation she was able to put on a fair for the first time today. >>. i feel very good about myself, very confident and really blessed and grateful for this opportunity to put on a nice pair of wedges. >> that's something that's important to heather too, being able to live your life as she would normally. cohen was the first person to receive a prosthetic from abbott's foundation, but abbott says she plans to give more to other local amputees as well. >> ocean researchers on the cape targeted by a sigh baton rouge attack. these hackers went after trade secrets at a woods hole research lab. employees there have all been told now to change their passwords, although the hack was actually detected back in june. the group's information may have been compromised for more than two years. investigators say right now, early signs point to chinese
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hackers. >> kevin: out there this afternoon, it is a beautiful end of the day. sunshine fading now and as it goes down, temperatures of course will drop but they won't drop as quickly as they have the past couple of days and clouds start to roll if and winds are shifting around to the south. that's going to keep your temperatures steady or make it rise toward the early morning hours. now there are some snow showers that are pushing right in to western maine right now, sugarloaf and sunday river certainly happy to hear that hand northernmost portions of vermont hand new hampshire, but the high elevations it looks like this time, rainshowers also filtering in to the burlington lake champlain area. worcester is 40 right now. and that temperature is certainly mild enough for an evening in october, but it is going to go down even farther, so expect these temperatures to continue to fall into the 30's out in this part of the world under clear skies. down to about 37, 38 degrees in the immediate worcester area, but to the north and west it will go down just a little bit further. we're going to go down to, well, probably the mid 30's year, out in orange for instance, 34 degrees or so and hold steady
6:19 pm
as the clouds start to roll on in. so it's going to be chilly out there, just not the bitter cold we have. closener to beverly, north shore, 43. clear skies as the sun goes down. goes down into the upper 30's and holding steady, rising a degree or two. same for any cape cod. upper 30's to around 40 and rising a bit. 47 degrees out there at hyannis. 51 nantucket, but staying in the 40's along the shoreline and getting into the 30's metro west and beyond. low 30's off to the northwest of worcester. keene, new hampshire, 34 degrees overnight. these are the clouds i'm talking about. notice green showing up on future cast, a few showers around as the warm air starts to move on in. typical with you go from one air nasal spray to the other, you -- mass to the other, you get clouds and showers to pop up. sprinkles to the north of boston, even the seacoast of new hampshire, sprinkles denoted by future cast. tomorrow, the cold front settling over the top of us. never pushes through to bring the cooler air back in, but it will hang around. that will keep the clouds going into wednesday as well, but
6:20 pm
tomorrow night, or tomorrow afternoon, some sunshine breaking out with the clouds, we'll have to watch for ma couple of sprinkles, but they'll 63 beverly. 64 boston. how nice is that after high today. going to feel a whole lot different tomorrow. even keene rebounds to 60 tomorrow afternoon. fast forward to wednesday. remember i told you the front would be draped across us, so we'll have clouds and the risk for a couple of sprinkles rare. not many of you will get wet from any of these sprinkles and breaks of sun through the afternoon as well. temperatures on wednesday, again in the 60's, holding about steady from where we were on tuesday. then thursday, we'll actually spike a bit as the next cold front approaches. we'll have southerly winds ahead of that front. one thing about the southerly winds, there's been issued a wind advisory for cape cod and the islands. winds would gust up to 45 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon as the warm arc works on in. like to see the weekend in view, 60 degrees on saturday, 62 on sunday. would mean both days above
6:21 pm
average. showers by sunday as a warm front pushes on by, but temperatures looking nice and early next week, no big cooldown coming, so what you see here is no return to that cold blast we just had, no more frost or freezing temperatures at least in the seven day forecast. >> police say she sparked an amber alert that woke up thousands of people over the weekend at 2:00 a.m. were the mother claims she wanted to bring her little boy to a boston hospital and who has custody of him tonight. >> but first, the government husband made an important ruling surrounding the use of drones. what drone owners will have to
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>> mark: today, fed regulators announced a new initiative to make sure drones put inch of rain aircraft if danger. >> you might remember a couple of incidents last year in bedford and logan airport where drones were spotted close to airplanes. so as justin gray shows u the new regulations are expected to be if place by christmas. >> anyone can buy one just about any w but now the federal government is preparing to require all owners of drones to register the machines. >> registration will help us enforce the rules against those who operate unsafely. >> secretary of transportation announced the formation of a new task force to write the rules
6:24 pm
for the registry of recreational drones, the f.a.a. says there have been twice as many drone sightings by pilots as in 2014, a huge surge in drones, flying too close to planes and airports. >> there can be to accountability if a person breaking the rules cannot be identified. >> d.o.t.'s goal is to move fast on this, so fast in fact, there could be registration rules if place for all the drones expected to be sold this christmas shopping season. through a freedom of information act request, we obtain f.a.a. records for close calls in the boston area and medical helicopter crew in bedford spotted a drone flying 100 to 300 feet of them as they were preparing to land. many of the drone sayingings the f.a.a. records are vague descriptions, the color, the shape, the size. the national registry still won't necessarily make all the drones easy to identify, but officials hope it will make owners think twice. >> it's really hard to follow rules if you don't know what the rules are. >> the specifics of the registry like how much information drone owners will have to provide an even what constitutes a drone
6:25 pm
versus a harmless toy, all that will be worked out by the task force in the next month. reporting in washington, justin gray, fox 25 news. >> there are some concerns tonight over security at brigham & women's hospital. nurses say there have not been sufficient safety improvements sips a doctor was killed in january and former police chief dan linski tells the "boston globe" certain parts of the hospital can be accessed too easily, but the hospital claims the nurse's union is using the aftermath of january's shooting to win concessions in contract talks. birmingham's public library closed tonight after two men working on the building suffered second and third degree burns. according to the library's web site, the building was having new lighting installed as part of a renovation project. she claims she wanted to bring her sick child to a boston hospital to get help. >> but her actions triggered an amber alert and you might have been woken up by the alert on your phone over the weekend.
6:26 pm
there's new information now. what happened when that mother faced a judge today and an update on how her son is doing and who has custody of him. plus -- >> is joe biden running for president. how massachusetts could play a role in that ticket. >> >> mark: and the patriots pampered a special group of women fighting a difficult battle. the special invitations they building a better bank starts with looking at something old, like this... and saying, "really?" so capital one built something new - caf\s. where you can unwind with free
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for 160 years. always good. always hood. >> the first person to contract
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west nile virus is talking to fox 25. >> 41-year-old mark maynard is on the mend at the northeast rehabilitation hospital in nashua, new hampshire tonight. he was bitten by a mosquito in august and says he was at a cookout in new jersey when it happened. he says his recovery is slow, but he does intend to walk again. >>. i'm becoming more and more aware of how long it may take and the struggle it will be just finding a place to live or rehabbing where we live now is going to be difficult. >> eight others have been diagnosed with west nile virus in massachusetts since march. two have died. experts say the threat of the mosquito borne illness isn't over until there's a long frost. whitey bulger's longtime companion pleading guilty to an could tempt charge in court. catherine greig is refuse to go say whether other people helped the mobster during his 16 years on its run and serving an eight years sentence for conspiracy and identity fraud charges. greig will be in court november 19th. the pennsylvania mother accused
6:30 pm
of triggering an amber alert in massachusetts faced a judge. many of you were alerted to this on your phone over the weekend, it happened around 2:30 a.m. >> mark: police say the woman took her sick son to a boston hospital for treatment but wasn't supposed to and investigators are overreacting, her lawyer says. >> tiffany terry's aunt tells me her niece didn't trust the medical staff in pennsylvania so wanted to come to boston to be near her family and get better medical care. >> a round of applause today in court as tiffany terry's bail was set for $250, the state asked for $250,000, charging the mother with child endangerment and a number of fugitive from justice warrants. >> i don't think it was a proper
6:31 pm
>> terry drove her son 257 miles from a wilkes-barre clinic to boston's children's hospital against the orders of local medical staff. they said the 2 1/2-month-old was severely dehydrated and needed to be treated in the e.r. >> i think in her head, she believed this was the right thing and in my head i believe it was too. >> terry's niece sells fox 25 tiffany had breast feeding issues and the child had lost weight, fearful because of a previous stillbirth, cherry wanted to get her baby the best possible care. >> she didn't feel comfortable with the treatment that, with the ideas she was given by the nurse practitioner. >>. the baby and cherry's 4-year-old were put in dcf custody over the weekend and fox 25 was the only camera rolling with a large number of friends and family, including cherry herself, came to boston municipal court for a custody hearing. cherry with no comment to me.
6:32 pm
>> everything worked out for the good. whatever tiffany did wrong or whatever poor judgment she made or whatever, i think she paid for that. >> cherry's aunt tells me she was advised not to talk to the media ahead of her future court date. she has at least three right here in the pay state and was ordered to surrender in pennsylvania, within the next two weeks. reporting in boston, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> now to a live look at the chilly temperatures outside right now and as you can receive, pretty much all 40's across-the-board here in massachusetts. that's why everyone is bundled up in southie square. the temperatures will dip lower. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is here to show us how long this kind of weather is sticking around. >> kevin: until spring pretty much. it will be chilly at night, no doubt about that. just not as cold as the last couple of days. in that sense, we are changing our weather this week. it will be more normal this week as opposed to the snowflakes we saw yesterday and the only 50's you say on that map, that was the atlantic ocean. everybody in the 40's and about to drop into the 30's in a couple of spots. the clouds rolling in tonight
6:33 pm
will stop your temperature from dipping into the 20's and teens like it did last night. there were teens in western massachusetts and southern new hampshire an vermont last night in some spots. temperatures in the northwest suburbs of worcester and southern vermont hand new hampshire will drop into the 30's. mid 30's in general and then hold steady as the clouds start to roll back in. and then over to middlesex county, your temperature also dropping into the upper 30's. not the low 30's and below freezing we saw last night, even 20's. but up to about 40 degrees overnight. 41 even as milder air starts to push on in and it will come in with a gusty wind as well overnight and start to pick up during the day tomorrow. temperatures out in the vineyard will be rising during the overnight hours as the warm air comes on. winter weather on. wind advisory for some areas. >> turning to the 2016 presidential election and as the nation waits to hear from vice-president joe biden about a bid, two republican candidates are going head-to-head. jeb bush put out a new ad over the weekends, claiming donald trump doesn't have any
6:34 pm
experience in foreign police overreacted assessment the ad comes after trump said 9-11 was partially the fault of jeb's brother, george w. bush. >> he said we were safe. the fact is we had the worst attack in the history of our country during his reign. jeb said we were safe during his reign. that wasn't true. >> meantime, a new cnn-orc polls shows trump trailing hillary clinton in a hypothetical general election matchup by five points. >> mark: the wild card of a potential biden presidential bid still looms large in the democratic race, as he is expected to make a decision any day now, and as political reporter sharman sachetti reveals, a biden bid could mean strong ties to massachusetts. >> if vice-president joe biden decides to once and for all make a run for president, what does that mean for massachusetts? for one it could mean a vice-presidential candidate from the state and not the one you're thinking. >> i think she's better box office and biden and she would be a very, very potent combination.
6:35 pm
strategies tells me with all the talk surrounding former governor deval patrick as a possible running mate, he believes senator elizabeth warren might be an even stronger choice. >> elizabeth warren is a rising star in the democratic party, and it assures her a place in line ultimately to ascend to the presidency. >> and griffin adds it's no coincidence the vice-president met with the senior senator at this year. he points out both parties are struggling with longtime insiders as candidates. >> it's a calculation to put someone like warren on the ticket or deval patrick, and it could motivate people. >> it's also worth noting, much of the state's delegation has yet to endorse a candidate. stonehill college says it's true, we haven't heard from all of the state's top politicians. >> senator warren has yet to be heard from and her voice is very powerful in democratic party politics. we haven't heard from the former governor and he stale has quite a large constituency that will follow him as well. >> the reporter: and then
6:36 pm
or not having a massachusetts politician on the ticket can help or hurt your chances. remember, mitt romney, john kerry around michael dukakis all lost their bids. in boston, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> the wife of a convicted massachusetts political giant is now pleading for inmates with terminal illnesses to be released from prison. former house speaker sal dimasy is serving eight years in federal prison for corruption and battling stage four tongue cancer. well, last week his wife debra testified on beacon hill in favor of a compassionate release program. the state is one of only five in the nation without a system where terminally ill inmates can be set free. >> mark: staffing shortages forcing new hampshire prisons to consider allowing inmates to conduct suicide watches. only certain inmates with clean disciplinary records would be allowed to participate. the model has been used at the federal level for years and right now guards are responsible for suicide watches which requires checks every 15 minutes.
6:37 pm
school officials are looking at the possibility of stocking kits to reverse opioid and heroin overdoses. the school is investigating how much it would cost to have narcan kits available in high schools and possibly middle schools. last year alone, more than 325 deaths in new hampshire were atrinitied to overdoses. >> mark: new hampshire's new transportation secretary, governor maggie, swore if sheehan today, who had been a manager at the department of transportation. >> one year after wild rides at the keene pumpkin festival, two new communities are now trying to restore that tradition to its family friendly roots. this year, the pumpkinfest has moved from keene to laconia. and this weekend, there will also be a new festival at the cheshire fairgrounds in swansea. now, the change comes after those riots and arrests near keene state college last year during last year's festival. >> an plap is pave parentally to blame for three teenage hikers
6:38 pm
getting lost while hiking on rattlesnake mountain. fish and game officers say the app brought the teens to the wrong parking lot and led them through the woods instead of the main trail. eventually it started getting dark and terrain got too tough so the teens calmed for help. rescue crews were able to find them and bring them down the mountain. the new england coast guard sharing pictures of fishing boat rescued. the coast guard out of station point judith saved of the two man crew. one of the men was suffering from signs of hypothermia. they towed the fishing boat to shore. >> locally based draft kings saying tonight they've cleared one of their employees of any wrongdoing with another fantasy sports web site. the boston-based company says an independent investigation found the employee did not use inside information to make money on fan duel. but the company still under scrutiny tonight. according to the globe over the weekend, draft kings defied an order from the nevada gaming commission banning all activity in that state. >> special day for women
6:39 pm
>> this is a really great idea. the patriot women's organization holding a day of pampering today for women diagnosed with breast cancer. patriots players personally delivered ten invitations to women undergoing treatment at dana farber and mass general and when the women get to gillette they were treated to breakfast, massages, and relaxation yoga. >> no one ever expects to be diagnosed with cancer and for someone to extend such a gracious act of kindness, it really is motivating. >> they also got to meet with members of patriots women's others and get a tour of the field. can you emergency being hand delivered an invitation from a patriots player? that's pretty neat. >> mark: those guys just coming back from indianapolis. they helped put a smile on all those faces. >> absolutely. >> mark: nice gesture. >> the mbta needs to make up some cash. >> mark: so it's considering a fare hike much sooner than expected.
6:40 pm
decision makers want to do about the budget shortfall and. >> what people can expect out of their electric bills as we approach another cold weather season. while rates will be better than last year, the reason they're still going up. >> but first, here's a look at what's coming up after the fox
6:41 pm
ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long. upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you, because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter. ever new england.
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>> after a year of sticker shock, we are digging into what you have can expect this year
6:43 pm
when you open your electric bills this winter. >> mark: fox 25's kerry kavanaugh is in watertown with the reason one consumer advocate thinks this year will be more affordable despite rate hikes. >> the it was like whoa, what happened here. >> it's outrageous. too much. >> there was some relief during the summer months, but another winter is fast approaching. >> we have look at this all the time, go over our budget. >> homeowners like sue preparing. we reached out to some of the major providers and said rates will be better than they were last winters but they're going now. national grid customers will notice the increase next months. in the winter of 2015, customers were paying 16.3 per cull loy watt hour. this summer it was 9.3. november 1, the rate will increase to 13.1 cents per kilowatt hours. ever source won't make its rate request until january.
6:44 pm
the mass energy consumers alliance says this winter should be easier for customers because power companies are looking in their costs at a lower rate. >> power plants that use oil or natural gas are going to be paying a lot less for that commodity to run their power plants this winter. >> he says the best thing consumers can do now is find ways to conserve and reduce. >> we thought the refrigerator is old, let's change that off. did that. up it went. >> her household has taken steps, but she says her bill keeps climbing. so she's bracing for another round of sticker shock this winter. in watertown, kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. >> meantime, the cost of gasoline, a gallon of gasoline is on its way down. aaa reports regular gas is sealing for an average of $2.09 per gallon. the current price is a dime lower than a month ago and 17 cents lower than the national average. meantime, gas prices in new hampshire have also fallen, they've fallen 2.5 cents in the
6:45 pm
past week. averaging $2.13 a gallon, 13 cents lower than the national average, which also fell this week. >> mark: spotted in east boston, a polite response from a new resident. this is a photo of the note. in it the writer apologies for taking a public spot that made someone else in the neighborhood angry. the note says the person is trying to sell the car because they no longer need it and asks for advice and understanding until they can get rid of the car. the photo was tweeted with the hash hashtag, jeffrey's point. >> a massive animal rescue in derry, new hampshire. later, the shocking conditions that dogs, cats, chickens, even an iguana and a horse were rights leaders in before they were taken off that property and the help they need to get back to health tonight. join us for that for the fox 25 news at 10:00 p.m. >> mark: state lawmakers pushing back against a plan to raise fares on the t. out spooker robert deleo says increasing the cost of the public transit in july should be the last resort.
6:46 pm
the mbta needs to cover a $242 million deficit in next year's budget. the next fare hike is budgeted for july of 2017 but the t's control board has discussed moving that up a year. >> commuters dealing with a wintery blast for the first time this season this morning. and it is bringing back bad memories for some of last winter. people we spoke with say they learned the hard way to stay calm and be prepared. >> i'm frozen. it's very cold this morning. very unseasonably cold. >> just deal with it. start a little earlier, dress a little warmer. more layers, and lots of warm coffee and you'll be fine. >> the mbta is undergoing improvements to hopefully prevent a repeat of last winter's delay. today orange line trains near oak grove will be replaced by buses for some of the repairs. a shock to the system this morning, kevin, but we all know in new england, if you don't like the weather, wait a minute. >> kevin: that's absolutely true in this case. we'll go from the snowflakes of
6:47 pm
today to the in-between days of today and chillier tomorrow. temperatures in the 40's will go down a few more degrees. we have clear skies as the sun is going down and wind shifting around, starting to pick up from the southwest, actually push the temperature up a few degrees before the sun comes up, all because of the clouds that are rolling in to new england. notice, there are some snowflakes being pick up by doppler radar in the highest elevations and the northeast kingdom of vermont, northernmost new hampshire an western maine, but there could be sprinkles as far south as southern new temperatures though are dropping through the evening, it will be into the low and mid 30's back here in southern vermont, southern new hampshire, even into southcentral new hampshire. lowell, 39. boston 44 and in the 40's in southeastern massachusetts overnight, so first thing in the morning, a lot of clouds. not expecting anything in the way of showers in most of the area. not impossible to see a sprinkle with the mild air working in, but mostly, just bin windy and cloudy for your morning plans. 53 by 10:00 a.m. in the morning. now, these clouds spreading on
6:48 pm
showing up on futurecast, but mostly to the north. a few of those can make it into to southernmost new england. not a big concern. random showers around the area, and it's all in response to the changing air mass, going from the chilly air to the much milder air tomorrow afternoon. there will still be a lot of clouds mixing with sun, more sun as the day goes on and the sun will set tomorrow evening with a beautiful sunset and temperatures on the mild side into the 60's tomorrow, across much of our area. 63 as nine armed robberies north as manchester. 64 out at nantucket tomorrow afternoon. even with the wind off the water. and those winds will become gusty. check this out. by 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, wind gusts 20 to 35 miles per hour out here, across cape cod, but even 30 miles per hour in worcester. gusting over 40 miles per hour in the vineyard. this so many 7:00 p.m. tomorrow morning. at the sun comes up and heats the air, these will increase. 43-mile-per-hour wind gusts at nantucket. there's now a wind advisory in place in the national weather service, from block island, south of rhode island out to the
6:49 pm
vineyard, nantucket and all of cape cod through the day tomorrow, starting at 7:00 a.m. and going until 7:00 p.m. in the evening. gusts to 45, that's strong enough to bring down some branches and possibly even down some power lines in a couple of spots, something we've -- we'll have to watch for. not a huge chance, but possible with the winds gusting that hard. clouds stick around asbury the front lays over the top of us. a couple of random showers, but again, another mild day on wednesday with temperatures in the 60's. no big cold snaps coming up this week. we had it for a fewer day, but now it's back to more normal conditions all week long. a couple chances for showers tuesday, again on thursday, random showers here, but thursday, a cold front coming on by and again to start the end, expecting on saturday and sunday to potentially see another batch of showers working on in, at least to start the day on sunday. but temperatures at or above average. >> reaction from the patriots locker room after a 34-27 win
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
coach chuck with hood, cottage cheese can be pineapple on a waffle. or cucumber and dill as a dip. with 8 delicious flavors of hood cottage cheese, the possibilities are endless.
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>> so it wasn't a blowout the patriot fans wanted to see, but at the ends of the day, a 34-27 win propels the pats to a 6-0 record. >> there was a huge contingent of patriots fans in the building on sunday night, at one point they were chanting brady, brady, brady. and what they saw was tom brady have a pretty good night, three touchdown passes, but he did throw his first interception of the season, which was returned for a touchdown. now, brady got rob gronkowski in the end zone for the first time in a couple of weeks. >> he's a big part of our offense, getting him in the end zone was a good thing to see, it's been a few weeks for him. >> he also threw a touchdown
6:53 pm
pass to legarrette blunt he said he couldn't remember the last time he made a touchdown play. >> i just seen tom scrambling and i tried to get open and he threw me the football and i got it in the end zone pretty much. it wasn't anything miracle drawn up or anything,s it was just football players out there playing football. >> first of all, really proud of our football team tonight. always good to come into indianapolis and win, and you know, i thought our guys played hard. made a lot of plays. you know, we left some things out there, but you know, in the end, we played well enough in all three phases to, you know, to win. >> will -- the patriots improve to 5-0. they have a short week as they prepare for the new york jets which will be a hard fought affair if gwinnett stadium. bryan salmond, fox 25. >> another tough night when it comes to injuries. officer dougherty line that's already thin took another hit as marcus cannon left with a toe injury. matthew slater had to be helped off the field after he hurt his
6:54 pm
depth is tested as the pats approach week seven. along way to go in the nfl receive son. well, it's quite possibly the worst play ever attempted in an nfl game. everywhere you turn today, people talking about the futile fake by the colts in the third quarter. a classic, what were you thinking moment? so chuck pagano, what were you thinking? >> it's all on me. i take full responsibility on that and i didn't do a good enough job of getting that communicated to the guys and obviously, played a huge factor, you know, in this loss. >> so you want to know how it's supposed to work? the main football team sent a tweet not colts with this video. the black bears pulled off a fake out of that formation and it worked. so never say never. and kudos to them sticking it to the colts with they were down last night. bluejays and royals game three on f s1 and the celtics host brooklyn tonight in preseason action at td garden.
6:55 pm
>> mark: all right, kevin. >> kevin: clouds rolling in, won't be as cold tonight. this morning we had teens and 20's out there, even a record tied in worcester. into the 60's in the afternoon the next couple of days, even in to thursday, flirting with 70 as a front come on through. cool off for friday and the saturday of the weekend, it's near average, it's not going to go down to the depths we were the last couple of days and no flakes in this forecast. >> i like that. >> mark: i was in amherst yesterday. we left the house, crystal clear not a cloud in the sky, suddenly
6:56 pm
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