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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  October 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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onslaught of legal issues just last week nevada banned the site from operating in the state and the company is under investigation in several other states, including massachusetts. also breaking tonight we told you at 10:00 that two people were rushed to the hospital from a fire on harrison street in boston's chinatown. new at 11:00 now we are now told that 40 people are without a place to stay. fire department says the fire started in a large three story building that houses both businesses and residential properties. there were two restaurants on the first floor that weren't open yet. the victims who went to the hospital we're told lived in the building. they were transported a precaution. the dog shot several times the weapon of choice believed to be a pellet gun. thank you for staying with us i'm mark ockerbloom. >> i'm heather hegedus. fox 25's erica richie is >> reporter: mark and biggest question at this hour. rochester police still don't know who shot the dog. the dog's owner doesn't know how he stayed in one place long enough to be struck
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nine times yet the fact that he was they both say indicates intent. >> four on one side and two more behind his ear. >> reporter: they're wounds from a weapon the stacks of rochester counted nine total on four-year-old noble who was shot wednesday by what's believed to be a pellet or b.b. gun. >> just can't fathom someone shooting an animal that many times without trying to kill him. >> reporter: it happened early in the morning around 6:30. somewhere near this cemetery down the street from the stack's house. mike stack was home and says he never heard gunfire or noble cry. he didn't even realize the dog had been struck until later that morning. >> i went to go feed him around 8:30 and gave him a pet he had blood on my hand. >> reporter: then he saw the marks. >> i saw that they weren't bite marks, they weren't a in his side. >> reporter: a trip to the vet confirms pellets or b.b.s were lodged inside but
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struck any organs he would be fine. >> this doesn't make any sense to me. it doesn't make any sense why someone would want to abuse a dog that wouldn't harm a flea. he's just a happy-go-lucky chocolate lab. >> reporter: so naturally the stacks fear now is for their three young boys who spend a lot of time outside. that's why it is a top priority for rochester police to try and find out if you can help them in any way they would really love to hear from you. you can give them a call. live in rochester tonight, erica richie, fox 25 news. talking about how we turn the heat on for the first time this season. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz tracking this week's cool fall weather it. >> has been kind of cold actually. not as cold as last couple days. you see those clouds spreading over southern new england it's a warm front going by.
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some of these have shown some coloration in them that denotes some snow maybe mixing in this is all rain because much of what i was looking at earlier has spread to the south. you see that pink showing up in there a heavier downpour but likely on radar this time of year that's some sleet mixing in. temperatures in this part of the world are generally right near 40 . 40 itself. farther south into massachusetts and southern new hampshire you will find some temperatures that are even coldern that. you will find some upper 30s in and around the area. middlesex county you will find 39 in carlyle. but 37 degrees right now. boston still hanging on to the 40s and you will all night long but temperatures to the west of boston dropping into the upper 30s like westin and in auburn but not dropping fast. three steady out now start to go the other way with clouds overhead. but the winds will get strong. where they will be strongest and cause a wind advisory to be put up. we're following developing news out of south
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africa tonight. olympian and double amputee oscar pistorius is out of prison tonight. oscar pistorius released from prison today following his sentence for killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. oscar pistorius has moved from prison to house arrest where he's now expected to stay for four years. today animal control offers recovered cats, dogs, birds living in what they call a home unfit for them and humans. officials recovered 34 animals in total to the home on mckinley avenue. police say they have responded to the woman's house before. they are now being nursed back to health at the spca. >> we'll have to have a for them. make sure they're all brought back up to the standards that they should be at put a little weight back on them. >> apart from weight issues some of the pets including the six cats are suffering from illnesses. they will be available for adoption after they are
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fire in jamaica plain building causing part of the roof to collapse today. check this out. this happened this afternoon on amaury street. the deputy chief said firefighters did their best to check for anyone who might be inside. but parts of the floor and roof have already collapsed when they got there. local man is talking about how he's surviving the west nile virus it has been journey. but tonight as christine mccarthy reports he's vowing to walk again. >> it's a struggle. it's a struggle. >> reporter: mark maynard will walk again that's what he tells himself every day. >> it will come back. it could be a couple years back. >> reporter: as unbelievably slow as his recovery seems on some days. >> most of my left leg i can make one motion with my foot there but that's it. i can't left my -- lift my toes up. it's incredibly how mark arrived here at the northeast rehabilitation hospital in nashua. >> it's very sudden. next thing you are bed ridden and can't walk and
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doctors don't know what's wrong with you. >> reporter: 41 years old mark was the first person to contract west nile virus in massachusetts this year when he bitten bay mosquito in august. >> i was certainly bitten at my mother's house with a little cookout on the deck. >> reporter: eight more victims have been diagnosed in state since then two. have died. experts say the threat of the mosquito born virus isn't over until there's a hard frost across massachusetts. >> it's still out there right now surviving in the weather. >> reporter: that's mark is sharing his story. >> where the deet protect yourself when you go out. >> reporter: his illness is extremely rare but all too real. >> that's like winning the wrong lottery really. it seems like a small chance but it can happen. >> reporter: christine mccarthy for fox 25 news. check out these pictures of a great white shark spotted swimming off of chatham today this is new at 11:00. the atlantic shark conservancy says this shark was the 22nd they tagged this season.
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the group does say that the season is winding down but there are still some sharks in the water right now. whitey bulger's long time companion pleading not guilty to a contempt charge today in court. catherine greig is accused of refusing to say whether other people helped the mobster during his 16 years on the run. greig is also serving an eight year since for fraud charges. she's been ordered to return to court on november 19th . a woman pushed to ground near a movie shoot in boston over the summer reported on how she died of her injuries. new tonight the community came together to honor her. fox 25's jim morelli reports from boston on why it took them so long to do it. >> reporter: this was a brazen assault it happened at the intersection right behind us here. 72-year-old grandmother pushed to ground so hard that she fractured her skull and later died. tonight friends and family gathered to remember her. >> and today marks the traditional chinese mourning period of 100 days. >> reporter: 100 days 2,000
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plus hours. the chinese mourning period may be over but the pain over the death is not. . >> reporter: tonight a few dozen gath ordinary a pad of concrete in chinatown across from the spot where the 72-year-old grandmother was pushed to the ground last summer. by this woman, police say, 24-year-old downing. a day and a half later lloyd died from injuries related to the fall. >> pretty horrible that someone would even think about doing that to someone this elderly. >> reporter: now the chinatown community has a new concern after downing's bail reduced last month from $75,000 to $10,000. that even if guilty she will go unpunished. >> like little kids you make mistake you need to have a little punishment. >> reporter: tonight's vigil was not about punishment or revenge or even anger it was about remembrance. >> we just want to remember the person that passed away
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after 100 days. that just lets people know that we didn't forget them. >> reporter: so the candles flickered as the city collapsed into rush hour chaos the 100 day mourning period over but not necessarily the mourning. >> the chinese community here is very tight-knit and we all support each other. >> reporter: there another look at the intersection where this assault happened last summer last july. this case was notable because it happened in the shadow of a movie set. a remake of ghost busters was being made last summer and actually freav working on that set tells police to locate -- helped police locate the suspect. fox 25 news. a westport man suspected of drunk driving had his bail revoked today. prosecutors say 62-year-old robert hanson was drunk when he rear ended another vehicle on route 6 last on friday night killing 73-year-old geraldine kariya of dartmouth. hanson faces a charge of
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motor vehicle homicide by operating under the influence of alcohol. three month long drug investigation leads to the arrest of two men on martha's vineyard. on friday 24-year-old desmond rodriguez of new bedford were arrested. they were stopped as they drove off the authority. police say they found cocaine, heroin, and marijuana in their car. all of it with a street value of $12,000. investigators then searched a house. the suspects were known to frequent and allegedly found even more drugs. they're both being held on $50,000 bail. police expect to make more arrests in this case. nashua, new hampshire, school officials there are looking into the possibility of stocking kits to reverse opioid and heroin overdoses in the school. school is investigating how much it would cost to have the kits available in the high school and possibly middle school. last year alone more than 325 deaths in the state were acontributed to overdoses. clouds rolling into the
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area tonight i'm tracking some showers snow, sleet and rainshowers are diving southward toward massachusetts and southern new hampshire. we'll track those and talk about how warm we're going to be tomorrow afternoon. joe biden has everyone guess whether he'll enter the race for president now he's even cracking jokes like this one when he was late for an event today. >> i'm the late joe biden. >> up next the signs that showed that biden may be jumping into the race. a rare turtle found on a
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wednesday on the fox 25 news at 10:00. will he or won't he? voters and washington insiders are on pins and needles waiting to see if vice president joe biden will run for president. as jim acosta reports there are some indications he may be planning a run. >> reporter: democratic sources tell cnn that vice president joe biden is believed to be on the verge of making his move. >> i'm the late joe biden. >> reporter: every time biden steps up to the microphone all of washington is hanging on his every word. >> i've been in a meeting with the president on other matter for the last two hours. >> reporter: the latest tea leaves biden said to be meeting with advisors tonight as his team is setting up interviews with potential campaign staffers. biden is also personally spoken with the powerful president of the international firefighters union herald shapeburger saying that he sold him on friday that his decision is imminent. the two talked strategy and running. >> it is getting late in the fall i do think we'll get an
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answer relatively soon. >> reporter: but biden happens defied the expectations for a decision before. first it was the end of summer then the first week of october and the first democratic debate on cnn what's the hold up? delaware democratic senator chris says biden is still grieving the loss of his son bo who urged his father to run. >> i think the president is deeply torn. he is trying to honor the wishes that bo expressed to him in his last days but i also think as a father myself that the depth of grief that i heard from him and his family are un iting. >> reporter: biden once again spoke about bo saturday night. >> my son bo used to say just keep moving forward. >> reporter: a new cnn poll finds biden would trail hillary clinton and bernie sanders and democrats seem to be losing patience less than half say biden should run down from august. >> have you made your decision yet? >> reporter: speculation is running rampant. boyle treated his -- tweeted
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saying biden will run. boyle tells cnn if he didn't run it would be pulling back from a decision that has already been made. >> that was jim acosta reporting. the white house also keeping mum on a possible run saying the decision is biden's to make. the boys of troop 9 in weymouth were hiking when they stumbled on a woman when had fallen and sprained her ank so well the boys were smart they fashioned a splint and carried that woman down for more than two miles. doctors told the woman who was saved that her injury could have become much worse if it had not been for those scouts. >> this is new at 11:00 ebony magazine now causing a stir with its new cover. it shows bill cosby's fictional tv family underneath a shattered glass. there's an editorial inside the magazine asking what's to become of the cosby show's cultural legacy if bill cosby personally has been tainted?
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some readers though are furious that the magazine would think to compare his personal life with his tv personality. the cosby show was widely thought to be groundbreaking for the way it depicked the african-american family life during the 80s. a cold snap we just had didn't just affect us it's causing issues for sea turtles. wildlife crews rescued a sea turtle that was stunned in the cold water off barnstable. the turtle was brought to the aquarium where experts say it is recovering from hypothermia. pretty incredible. this k-9 right here being credited with tracking down three car break-in suspects in west bridgewater. around 4:00 this morning police and taser the dog were called to spring street. after searching for half mile taser tracked down the adult suspect they were arrested without incident. good job taser. if you have been on facebook, twitter anywhere in the last hour you probably seen the
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the new star wars the force awakens movie is out. >> i will finish what you started. >> also tonight first batch of tickets for the movie released as well overwhelming websites. the new star wars movie will hit theaters on december 18th. we just run that whole thing for the next two minutes i suppose you have to know about the forecast so let's do that shall we. clouds taking over the area tonight it's going to help us out with the showers that are out there and stop the temperatures from dropping too much more. i'm looking at live doppler radar more likely getting some sleet mixing in. those ice pellets will give a higher reflectivity when the radar hits them. around concord, over to washington a little bit of
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and h here in washington. continuing off to the west you will me of thevss are marginal to have some of that mixing happening to the upper 30s to around 40 43 in southeast vermont. worcester temperatures there are about the same. you will find some upper 30s. here's the good news these temperatures have stayed this way since 10:00 this evening. they have not been coming down which means they've insteaded out this is what they're going to do. stay about the same or rise a bit with winds kicking in. over in cambridge and boston it's 46 degrees will stay the same. auburn at 38 degrees it's what i was expecting. we're not going on bottom out like we did the last couple days. showers will continue to
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bit of micking as they come on by in some spots a little on the north shore into boston. just widely scattered not going to have a lot of rain around tomorrow you might get a sprinkle that comes on through fairly quickly. this takes your future cast to 4:45 with some rainshowers around. clouds a little bit of sun and shower tomorrow it's all because of the warmer air that's pushing into our area. so tomorrow figures to be on the mild side in comparison to the last couple days. high temperatures tomorrow will be in the 60s all due to a strong southerly wind that will be blowing in. watertown 65, 65 in brookline, braintree at 66 . air at 63 on the south shore winds coming from the southwest blowing towards the beaches. warm in reply mouth as well and in scituate both at 65 tomorrow. winds will be gusting this
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is the hour by hour wind gust takes you after 7:00 a.m. notice the gusts up near 40 miles per hour. you will me 40s from time to time like nantucket that takes you through the afternoon where the winds will start to come on down by tomorrow evening. but the wind advisory is in place includes block island, cape cod, martha's vineyard and nan tunth. winds consistent southwest 15 to 25 miles per hour blowing in the warm air but there can be some gusts to 45 to take down some weaker trees or even a random power line. notice how mild this stays. >> looking good kev, thanks very much. we're having fun with the colts failed fake punt. the university of maine sent the video to the colts showing them how you should really do it. plus, johnny on the mound for the royals tonight but apparently did not matter for toronto. the blue jays were bashing. what it means for the series right after this. hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall
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with a new hot or iced
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can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. we're starting thing off with the alcs. blue jays got on win this one tonight down 2-0 to the royals they played with that kind of urgency in toronto. the second. for ryan. he goes another way to left field. look at kevin he knows he has to get in doesn't know how many he will score tonight so he slides home 2-1 jays. two on deep to center fell a three run homer that made it
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then later in the third now 7-2 josh donaldson unloads for a two run shot into the second deck. that made it 9-2 toronto winches game 311-8 that series is now 2-1. well, this is just a gift that's going to keep on giving. not only did the patriots win but there was a play that we can make fun of for years. what's better than that. can't you picture chuck he was probably scheming this up on a cocktail napkin. but no, the fake punt here's bill belichick. >> we expected this to be a gadget game and a kicking game on the outside with fake punt. they went on the swinging gate-type play in the overshift and i made sure we covered the inside part we reacted well it to. now we turn the page start thinking about the jets. look at this graphic. both teams have some significant straints. the jets have not lost on the road patriots haven't
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lost at home. the jets have the top scoring defense in the healing the pats have the top scoring offense a top fun week. celtics just nine days away from the regular season opener. going to pick this one up in the second quarter. watch marcus smart come down the lane with the big follow. third quarter nets up one. amir johnson going to drive get one and go with a little contact. he had 15 tonight. later in the third terry hits the three from the corner he had 16 tonight. the celtics were looking good. they win this one by a final score of 111-105. so you want to know how this is supposed to work this is the maine football team. they sent the tweet to the colts that's the formation. get in the endzone. just drama. trying to make it look good. >> drama. >> quarterback same number
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as andrew luck, too. that's how it was drawn up. >> it wasn't weather you
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