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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 20, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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. now at 4:30, a local man is accused of attacking three police officers during police officers throwing one down a flight of stairs. the initial confrontation that sparked the violence against police. standardized test taking center stage in massachutsetts, how new results could spark big changes in schools across the state. and a boston marathon victim is using her journey to help others. >> i think it looks beautiful. it is very -- still very tall. >>daniel: the fancy footwear helping to lead a more normal life. nouns this is the fox25 morning news. >>julie: good tuesday morning tampa it is now 4:30 on october 20. i am julie grauert. >>daniel: and i am daniel miller. we appreciate your company this morning. back to fall-like temperatures. meteorologist sarah wroblewski tracking even warmer weather and a risk of showers. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, yes.
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the cape and islands. 40s for the southeast as well as the south shore, but a few sprinkles showing up here on radar. in fact, we have a better shot of some showers further to the north. boston metro, mild. upper 40s and typically we see the mid-40s for this time of year. thanks to the cloud cover through the overnight hours, but if you were going to be traveling from rindge to manchester to concord, new hampshire. expect to see light rain, few raindrops possible. in fact we will be watching the clouds continue to be off and on throughout the day today. more clouds than sun at times, and through the morning hours, we could see a few sprinkles along southeastern parts of new hampshire, as well as the north shore. some of the chances will continue in boston out toward worcester. areas to the north. most areas staying dry, but just can't rule out that stray sprinkle. the one thing you will notice much milder for the day today as temperatures are already starting off in the upper 40s. we will be climbing into the low 60s by this afternoon. some spots mid-60s. but we have got even milder
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weather on the way, and a better chance for showers. i will show you the timing of that coming up. but let's give a check of your traffic with julie grauert. >>julie: sarah, good morning, things moving along smoothly on the pike through the weston tolls to the allston-brighton area. 93 south similar story from the cloverleaf into medford and somerville area. as you can see zakim bridge live open. 8 minutes from 1234 from 123 to 128. 23 minutes from 49 to the leverett connector. eight minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. new this morning fire investigators say an electrical problems sparked a fire that forced 40 people out of their apartment in chinatown last night. we brought you this as breaking news during our 10:00 newscast. the fire broke out 8:30 on harrison avenue. the fire started in the three the fire started in the three-story building that houses apartments and businesses. two people were taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation, and it is expected to be okay.
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the chief estimates that the fire caused $700,000 in damage. investigators say an electrical short circuit in the second second-floor ceiling of the bathroom caused that fire. happening today, a man in lowell is heading to court this morning accused of throwing one police officer down the stairs. police say this all started when an officer tried to question that man. fox25's catherine parrotta is department this morning with more. catherine? >>reporter: good morning. as the morning goes on we will be working to get more information from the lowell police department and we have already reached out to them. this all started when a police officer went to talk to this man after receiving report of a damaged vehicle when this man reportedly started yelling and hitting the officer, throwing him down the stairs. take a look at this video courtesy of the "lowell sun." arrested. jesus acasio and lives in the unfolded. according to the "lowell sun"
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started started 246 concord street. a witness said the police officer went into the home when ocasia started hitting the officer and yelling get out of my house before throwing the officer down the stairs. the officer called for backup. the paper said two other officers were injured while trying to arrest ocasio. suspect was taken to the hospital before he was booked and facing a number of charges reportedly. we will have more on that story next hour. for now live in lowell, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. today the couple charged in the death of bella bond are set to return to court. bella's mother rochelle and her father michael mccarthy were arrested in connection with the death of the girl. her remain washed up on shore in june. a friend told investigators that mccarthy killed bella. the district attorney's office tells fox25 they do not expect any large developments today because neither one has been indicted. also today, the pennsylvania mother accused of spark an amber alert in boston
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a judge ordered tiffany cher tow take care of her cases in boston municipal court. over the weekend she allegedly brought her son 250 miles away from a clinic in pennsylvania to boston children's hospital. the child was severely dehydrated and staff at the clinic told cherry he needed to stay in the er. they arey's lawyers said the police overreacted and not the proper use of the amber alert. the boy and cherry's other child are now in dcf custody. cherry was released on $250 bail. 4:45 this morning. police are rod chest remember searching for the person that shot a chocolate labrador retriever nine times with a pellet gun. 4-year-old noble has marks all over his body. he was struck early wednesday morning. he said he never heard gunshots or noble cry. in fact he didn't even know that the dog had been hurt until a few hours later when he pet him and felt the blood. >> it doesn't make any sense why someone would want to abuse
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he is just a happy-go-lucky chocolate lab. you can -- chocolate labrador. if you do something to a dog, what's next. >> the pellets did not strike any organs and police do not have any suspects. dozens of homes seized from a new hampshire home are being nursed back to health. 34 animals were removed from the home on mckinley avenue in barre. they found cats, dogs, birds, horse, guinea pigs and an iguana. it was unfit for any animals to live there. some of the animals were malnourished. >> we will need a road of recovery here. to make sure they are back to the standards they should be at the standards they should be at. put a little weight back on them. >>julie: apart from weight issues some of the pets are suffering from illness. they will be put for adoption as soon as they are nursed back to health. students will learn how
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they is it on the exam to help influence the future of testing on the bay state. fox 25's michael henrich is live in malden with how this could impact everyone, and michael, even people without kids. >> well, that is exactly right. it trickles down to everyone regardless whether you have school-aged children at home. not only do standardized test have an impact on -- have an impact on students' individual futures but impact teacher evaluation and, therefore, school district performance and funding and when it all comes down to it, your property values as well. and that's why a lot of people are keeping a close eye on this board of education meeting this morning as standardized test something discussed with an eye toward a vote to the future of standardized tests in massachusetts. it all centers around a particular part of this debate. which test should they go with in the future here in massachusetts. the educator's desire to replace mcas.
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graduation is now facing this issue with parc, a standardized exam developed by several states including massachusetts, and parc has been given a trial run and the remainder of the pencil and paper score also be released in the 8:00 hour this morning. the state board of education will release this month. a vast ma sxwrort of states have opted out. the state commissioner of elementary and secondary education is floating a third option of potentially creating a hybrid of mcas and parc that will allow the commonwealth to gain control of its educational future. again that board of education meeting starts at 8:30 this morning and fox25, of course, will be inside to let you know what happens. live in malden, i am michael henrich, fox25 morning news. it is now 4:38. this morning a boston-based fantasy sports site is adding a big name to its legal line-up. draft kings is retaining former
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martha coakley as an outside advisor. according to the company, coakley will assist it with the legislative and regulatory matters with draft king. maura healy says daily fantasy sites need to be regulated to protect consumers. healy is conducting a review of draft king's operation. new hearing of insurance coverage for long-term lyme disease treatments. in comes to as scientists at the university of massachusetts medical school are working on a drug to prevent the tick-borne illness. the "herald news" says mass biologics is creating a shot that people can get once a year to prevent them from getting the disease. clinical trials next year and the shot could be released to the public within three years. fox25 is learning from the victim of another illness transferred from insects to people. mark maynard was diagnosed with west nile virus in august. he was the first person in massachusetts diagnosed this year. the disease temporarily took
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his ability to that you and speak properly and has left the 41-year-old in a wheelchair. fox25 spoke with maynard at the national rehab where he was recovering. >> very sudden. next thing you are bed ridden and can't walk, and the doctors don't know what is wrong with you exactly. >>reporter: after maynard's diagnosis, eight more people came down with the disease. two of them died. this morning, the department of health tell "the globe" yesterday's frost ended the west nile virus threat for the season. a beacon hill battle is shaping up over governor baker's plan to fight drug abuse. the "globe" says senate president stanley rosenberg and bob deleo are opposed to parts of the plan. it allows doctors to hold drug abusers against their will for three days and seeks longer commitments. want to limit painkillers to three-day supplies. the proposals need further review. happening today, new steps to overhaul the troubled department of children and family families.
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massachusetts new child advocate will testify in favor of a bill that will accept -- have more separation between her agency and the governor's office. she was sworn in last week and wants to make sure the agency will act without worry of retribution. right now the governor appoints the advocate, but a new bill will spread the power between two more offices, and "the globe" said it will set the role to a fixed five-year term. the reforms are the top priority. a man charged in a deadly hit-and-run now says he was a friend of the victim. william schofield was hit and killed riding a motorized bike on central street in hudson. he was hit by a black pickup truck that briefly stopped and left the scene. 52-year-old scott harding was arrested five day later. in court harding pled not guilty to several charges. girlfriend of boston's mob boss james whitey bulger is facing more time in federal prison. catherine greig pled not guilty
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in boston federal court. she is charged with contempt of refusing to shy may have helped bulger during his years as a fugitive. greig was captured with full bulger at an apartment in 2011. relatives of victims say they are disgusted by her inability to cooperate. >> feelings haven't changed. she still makes me sick to my stomach. >> greig is serving eight years in federal prison and that could be extended if she is the leaves begin to turn. why the makers of these popular boots -- they say you may have to wait if you want pair. coming under fire for calling a shooting victim a punk. new decision that the administrators made about instructor's role in the classroom. good morning, sarah. good morning. temperatures in the 40s and 50s right now and if you were travelling into parts of new hampshire, you have to dodge a
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see the risk of new this morning, a former junior rotc instructor has been fired by the worcester school district. the district is not saying what was behind decision but major steven guten tells the telegram he was let go for his inability to teach all students. it comes after fox25 reported that he had been suspended from the district by calling a
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at the time he admitted to telling a student that. he said it was to teach a lesson about consequences. as we prepare for winter, electric companies are locking in costs and passing the lower rates on to consumers and that means even with the usual winter rates increases this year, we should still be paying less for our electricity than we did last year. >> our plan to use oil or natural gas will pay less from their come mod dees this winter. >> national grid will see a rate increase november 1 but won't hit last year's eye. the other player eversource won't set winter rates until january 1. the alleged associate of former patriot aaron hernandez says he should not be charged with murder. carlos ortiz was with hernandez when odin lloyd was killed in 2013.
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in a new motion, prosecutor say they have not shown enough evidence that he participated in the murder. the defense claims that the most ortiz should be indicted for is accessory after the fact for is accessory after the fact. hernandez is serving life in prison for lloyd's murder. this morning, still no word what caused an empty building in jamaica plain to catch fire. it happened on armory chief. the deputy fired said they did their best to check what was inside the building and parts of the floor and roof had already collapsed when they arrived. >> obviously we are not going to put the fire fighters' lives at risk as much as it was an occupied building with a family inside. but we will still check as long as it is done safely. >>daniel: the deputy chief said tragedies in the past like the worcester warehouse fire that left six fire fighters dead helped make the choice to keep fire fighters outside for their own safety. new pictures from police in lester. they show a collection of empty beer cans in the car and a line of liquor bottles on the seat
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police say this is what they found in the vehicle of a man arrested last month for oui. the suspect originally told police that he just left work as a pizza delivery guy, but they later confirmed that was not true. the toronto blue jays are on the board in the american league championship series. jays hosting the royals in canada last night and they explode for six runs in the third inning. troy towitski with a big hit, the three-run homer to deep center. few batters later josh done allison goes deep. it reaches the second deck. jays win. royals lead the series 2-1. game 4 this afternoon. game 3 is tonight of the n lcs is chicago. let's take a look at the roads starting with the map. 93 south looking good. pike wide open from framingham through newton into the allston through newton into the allston-brighton area. live look over the zakim bridge moving over the bridge and the leverett connector nicely. live drive times.
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the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. eight minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the mass pike. 20 minutes on 93 south florida 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri this morning. and sarah, what do we have to look forward to today? >>sarah: milder temperatures on the way and also a few raindrops this morning and a breezy day too. average low in the mid-40 lz. average high about 60 degrees. we were actually above that. yesterday well below, waking up to temperatures sub freezing. in boston 48 degrees now. winds out of the southwest will continue to new hampshire that milder air, but also going to increase and become gusty at times. in fact we are going to be talking about a wind advisory for the cape and islands today for gusts up to 45 miles per hour, but that wind sure is go hour, but that wind sure is going to pump those temperatures. so by your lunch hour, although we will have more clouds out there than we did yesterday, we will be climbing into the upper 5s. 60s by the afternoon. we are going to see some
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clouds, some sunshine. there may even be a stray sprinkle at times, but notice temperatures are going to be into the 60s. the one place where we will see some of those stronger wind gusts will be down across our coastal locations and the south coast, the cape, and islands, and and nonetheless noticeably mild and breezy for the day. southwest -- or northwest temperatures are in the 60s. southeast we are talking low to mid-60s too, but, again, the cape and islands where we have the wind advisory. could see gusts as high as 40 to 45 miles per hour. right now lots of clouds across the region. a few sprinkles passed on through. better shot of light rain. the air is really dry at the surface and a lot of this not making it to the ground. we will see the darker shades of yellow where we have some of those raindrops actually hitting backup showers to the west too. will continue to push eastward will continue to push eastward. we have a cold front to the north and west and seeking southward. s it a does so, this band of clouds will continue to push through the region.
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you will see breaks of sunshine and can't rule out a sprinkle or two. mild air moves in on the south side of this front and cold front dips southward. cooler spots to the north on wednesday and then this system moves back north. the mild air returns on wednesday, but notice we have got another cold front headed our way that will bring us a better chance of showers on thursday as temperatures ahead of that front could climb into the mid- to upper 60s, even near 70 in some spots. we will have to watch for any breaks of the sun. once the breaks come through, drop down into the 50s. a cool finish to the week and a cool start to the weekend and throw back the risk of some showers back in the forecast late weekend on sunday as temperatures will begin to warm up. there is the latest look at your forecast. nine minutes until the top of the hour. a long-standing debate among doctors. is it okay to drink alcohol during pregnancy? coming up new at 5:00, the new evidence out this morning. and next, making a comeback and next, making a comeback, the rumors swirling about a possible reunion for
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what one of the stores is telling fans. and as we head to -- stars is telling fans. and as we head to break, what is on tonight at fox25.
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at 10 and 11:00 congressman seth moulton has raised more campaign money than any of his colleagues in the house. the freshman congressman raised $39,000 in the third quarter
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this year. that brings his total cash on hand to just under $700,000. the salem democrat hopes to hold on to his seat in 2016. the cold snap we just is having issues with sea tirltion having issues with sea tirltion. wildlife crews rescued an en wildlife crews rescued an endangered sea turtle stunned in the cold waters off of barn in the cold waters off of barnstable. it was taken from the new england aquarium where experts say it was suffering from hypothermia. aquarium staff say they don't see cases like this until november. a recall of a popular fall drink. martinelli is recalling mini smashing ling cide r because the bottles could have glass shards that can cause cuts. they are in a lot of holiday gift baskets. you can return them for a full refund. downtown stoughton is getting a drive. sonic has and i approval to open. there was concern of traffic
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stoughton planning board say sonic and the builders answered all their questions. they are thinking it will open late next spring or early summer. gas prices fall another $.0 gas prices fall another $.02 in the bay state. regular gasoline now selling for an average of $2.09 a gallon about a dime more than a month ago and more than a dollar below where it was a year ago. it is also $.17 lower than the national average. a walpole woman is standing a little taller this morning all thanks to a marathon bombing survivor. 26-year-old hillary cohen now owns a specially made high heel prosthetic. cohen had her right leg amputated two years ago because she had a severe medical condition. she never thought she would be able to wear heels until she met heather abbott who started her own foundation. >> to know how important it was as a woman to do this for somebody else is amazing. >> in general, they make you feel taller and stand taller and make you feel more confident and to have that
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extra confidence is porn important not only to myself but to any woman, i believe. >>julie: they are both glowing. the heather abbott foundation provides customized prosthetics to others who lost limbs through traumas. the beloved tv show is making a return. "the gilmore girls" is headed to netfli x. it ended eight years ago. they are having four 90-minute episodes. lauren graham tweeted.dudes, i can't con firm in but i also can't deny this. her weight loss journey has been chronicled for years. coming up new at 5:00, oprah is teaming up with weight watchers teaming up with weight watchers. the effect that one decision had on the stock market. and history on the common. the centuries-old artifact that's amazing. it's amazing. this is amazing. that's amazing! real people are discovering surprising things at chevy. we're sold. it's so pretty. beautiful.
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