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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 20, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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now at 6:00, after a freezing start earlier this week, milder temperatures are back in morning. when we could hit 70 degrees and how long the warmer weather will last. arrested without a shirt. new this morning, a lowell man taken into custody accused of attacking police. how he lashed out when those officers tried to question him about a crime. and his condition is improving, and now lamar odom is on the move. the new details of the big change in his treatment. >>announcer: this is the fox25 morning news. >>gene: it is 6:00 on the button. good morning, everybody. thank you for spending time with us on the fox25 morning news on this tuesday morning. it is october 20. i am gene lavanchy. underwood. we are waking up to warmer temperatures. a 20-degree difference in some spots. morning. >>gene: absolutely. >>sara: let's check in with meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri spear this
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morning. >>sarah: good morning, yes, we woke up yesterday morning in the teens in places like orange and southwestern new hampshire. take a look at the temperatures right now. in the 40s out there. close to 60 on nantucket. we have got some clouds and we have also got some winds out of the southwest ushering in milder air along with it. we have got a few showers out there. most of the act not making it to the ground but sure you -- most of the activity is not making it to the ground but a few raindrops along 95 and the seacoast of new hampshire into maine where we have some darker shades of green indicating that steady steadier rain. otherwise, partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy conditions this morning with those temperatures in the 40s and 50s temperatures in the 40s and 50s. future cast does show the risk of a few spot showers through the morning, especially the further north you go, and toward the lunch hour, you are going to see the risk of a sprinkle or two through central areas as temperatures will be climbing to 60 degrees. in fact, mid-60s this afternoon with more clouds than sun.
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and what you will really notice is the winds whipping out of the southwest. a wind advisory for the cape and islands. expecting to see gusts as high as 45 miles per hour. we are going to take a closer look at the timeline of when those winds will relax and how long the mild air will stick around around coming up 37 around coming up around coming up. but go get a check of your traffic with julie grauert. good morning. >>julie: sara, good morning. you about. it won't -- it was just cleared within the last 30 seconds because when i built this map right before the hit there was an sdenlts on the expressway northbound -- an accident on the expressway northbound after columbia road and as you might affect your drive times on the expressway. here is a live look at route 1 in saugus. that volume starting to build as you approach lynn fells parkway. your live drive times. 14 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin bridge. 29 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 22 minutes on 128 south as you
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the weston tolls. gene, back to you. >>gene: julie, thank you. a electrical fire brought people out of their apartment in chinatown. we brought to you during our 10:00 news last night. the fire broke out 8:30 on harrison avenue. two people were taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation. they are expected to be okay. the chief estimated the fire caused $00,000 in damage. fire investigators say electrical short circuit caused the fire in a second floor bathroom. a lowell man will face charges for assaulting three police officers. he was taken into custody last night without appear shirt or shoes. police said he turned violent when officers tried to question him about a vandalism investigation. fox25's catherine parrotta is live at the lowell police department. and catherine, we have learned this morning that one of those officers was actually thrown down a flight of stairs. >>reporter: that is the report, sara, and we are working to get
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mow details by police. i have an e-mail out to them. allegedly this all started when a police officer went to check out the report of a damaged car here in lowell. what because what you see in this video is a man being arrested. that man is identified as 35-year-old jesus ocasio and he lives in the building where this allegedly unfolded. fox25 reached out to lowell police and again they have not responded. according to the lowell sun started around 6:15 when police went to 290 concord street to look at that damaged car. the investigation sent them a few buildings down to 246 concord street. a witness tells the paper a police officer went into the home alone. when ocasio reportedly started hitting the officer yelling get out of my house before throwing the officer down the stairs. ocasio will reportedly be assault and battery on a police officer. assault and battery with a dangerous weapon which is described as a lit cigarette in this case and assault. he is facing cha face a charge
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property. ocasio was checked out by a ems team before he was taken into custody but we mentioned that one officer who was reportedly thrown down the stairs. he allegedly was not the only officer injured in all of that. more on that part of the story in the next half hour. live in lowell, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. a hudson man charged in a deadly hit-and-run now says he was a friend of the victim. william scottfield was hit and killed nine days ago riding a motorized bike on central street in hudson. witnesses said he was hit by a black pickup truck that briefly stopped and left the scene. 52-year-old scott harding was arrested five days later. in court yesterday, he pled not guilty to several charges. members of the chinese american community honor to -- gather to remember a grandmoth gather to remember a grandmother pushed to the ground and died from her injuries. it was where she was assaulted.
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the end of the mourning period. tajenta downing charged in the case remains in jail. one participant said the community is getting through this together >> the chinese community here is very knight tight-knit. and we all support each other no matter what happens. we are all one big family. >> down something charged with assault and battery on an elder with serious bodily harm. this morning, dozens of animals seized from a new hampshire home are being nursed back to health. 34 animals were removed from the home on mckinley avenue in derry yesterday. animal control officers found cats, dogs, birds, chickens, a horse, a guinea pig and even an iguana. adrianne haslet-davis lived there. officials say the building was unfit for anyone or anything to be there. some of the animals were severe some of the animals were severely malnourished. >> we are going to have to have a little road to recovery for them. to make sure they were all brought up to the standards that they should be at. put a little weight back on
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>> award from weight issues, vets say some of the pets are suffering from illnesses. they will be put up for adoption once they are nursed back to health. the girlfriend of mob boss james whitey bulger. catherine greig pled not guilty guilty. she is charged with contempt for refuse for refusing to testify about who may have held who may have helped bulger during years as a fugitive. greig was captured with bulger in 201 in 201. relatives of some of bulger's victims are disgusted by greig victims are disgusted by greig's unwillingness to cooperate. >> the feeling haven't changed. she still makes me sick to my stomach. >> greig is serving eight years in prison and that sentence could be extended if she is convicted on the charge. a associate of aaron hernandez says he should not be charged with mere murder.
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ort+ iz claimed that prosecutor ort+ iz claimed that prosecutors have not showed he that he participated in the murder. at least he could be an accessory of a the fact. a story we have been following on cape cod. the superintendent of mashpee schools could face criminal charges for going into a student's home. brian hyde is accused of barging in to search the girl's bedroom to see if the teen actually lived in the school district. hyde maintains that the family invited them in. they have enough evidence to bring the case to a magistrate for a hearing. he could be charged with breaking and entering and trespassing. new this morning a former june i don't remember ortc officer has been filed by the worcester school district they are not saying what was behind the decision the decision but major steven goten was let go for inability to teach all students.this comes month after fox25
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reported that goten was suspended from the district by calling a student killed by gunfire a punk. at the time he admitted to telling a student that saying his intent was to teach a lesson about consequences. 6:08 this tuesday morning. foxwoods and mohegan sun are joining forces to stop gam brings -- gamblers today come to massachusetts. they have been authorized to pick a casino between springfield and hartford. challenges the plan to build a $800 million in springfield. they are offering up a spot two miles from springfield east hartford is the area they are talking about. the casino that will be run by both tribes is expected to be chosen at the end of the year. a judge has dismissed a lawsuit challenging wynn resort lawsuit in everett. dozens of taxpayers filed the
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lawsuit after the lawsuit after mbta told two acres of land to wynn. the lawsuit claim that they talked about transferring the property without a public bid; however, the judge ruled taxpayers do not have legal challenge to challenge the deal. a boston-based fantasy sports site is adding a big legal name to its line-up. draft kings is retaining martha coakley as an outside advisor. according to the company coakley will assist in regulatory matters regarding draft king. yesterday maura healy said that daily sites need to be regulate daily sites need to be regulated to help consumers. opinion. commuters across the region are hoping for a smoother ride to work this morning. many were frustrate by delays and cancellations on the t. yesterday, there were at least 25 delays and two cancellations on commuter rail trains. this happened on the first cold
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riders on the stoughton line say there was a 45-minute delay say there was a 45-minute delay. commuter rail operator keolis say the most of the delays were not called by connection this morning a south boston lawmaker is pushing for an overactual a confusing rotary. fixing the traffic circle at columbus park and andrews square was one of the project on the list for the 2024 owe limb bic bid. olympic organizers came up with a few option including turning it into an intersection with signals. state rep nicholens wants the fix to move forward saying the rotary wasn't designed for the amount of traffic it sees that causes traffic jams and crashes causes traffic jams and crashes. well, the da haven't ruled out more charges for the mother of bella bond. today the toddler's mother is back in court for the first time since her high profile arraignment. what we expect to learn from
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we are on joe biden watch this morning. sources say he could announce his presidential run as soon as today. but are there enough votes still on the table? a new poll that shows he may have waited too long. i am keeping a close eye on your morning drive times. right now up to 28 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. sara? a few showers across the north shore and a milder start to the day for you commuters. 40s and 50s by the afternoon. into the 60s with the winds chipping
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we wil back here at 6:14 this morning. the race for president focused on joe biden this morning. sources close to the vice president say he will announce the decision for the next 24 hours, but new polls say that he may have a hard time actually getting votes in 2016. fox25's daniel miller joins us now with the very latest. >>daniel: senior officials say biden's decision is imminent and he was meeting with advisor and he was meeting with advisors last night. he was told that the team is working to set up interviews with potential campaign staffers. biden has also personally spoke with the powerful president of the international fire fighters union. the source familiar with that phone with call said biden told him his decision is imminent. democrats are losing little
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the new franklin pierce boston herald poll show vermont senator bernie sanders is leading hillary clinton 38-30. with biden moving up to 19%. when polled without biden in the running, sander's lead bumped up to 48% compared to hillary's 38%. but 60 to 70% of sanders and clinton's supporters say they are firmly committed to their candidate leaving little room for biden to wiggle in. what can this all mean for the bay state if biden wins and run bay state if biden wins and runs nor 2016. they believe the next vp could come from here. and to big names swirling about this morning. >> a calculation to put someone like warren on the ticket or deval patrick. and it could motivate people. >> well, it is worth noting that most of the state's delegation has not yet endorsed a candidate and biden needs to announce by this weekend if he has any chance of taking the oval office. we will be following the
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developments all morning. daniel miller, fox25 news. two gop front runners have requested protection from the u.s. secret service. donald trump and ben carson have both asked for added security. both have been known to make controversial comments making them potential targets. the thanks two months, trump spent 50,000 on security. meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle, jim web b's campaign says he is considering running as an independent as an independent. the former virginia senator is discussing options and weighing views of the political party. the fbi is looking into the claim that the hacker accessed the private e-mail of the director of the cia. it appears that no classified data was breached. the hacker also claims to have broken into e-mails from the director of homeland security. in statement to cnn, the hacker said he wanted to shame the u.s. government. last week another hackers with charged with sending information about more than 13 information about more than 1300 u.s. military members to
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isis. good tuesday morning. 6:17. i have a new accident to tell you about on route 2 eastbound in acton. one lane is blocked before route 111. and crews are waiting to clear or getting ready to clear that out. also we have an exit ramp partially closed on 128 southbound right now at route 2 southbound right now at route 2. and that is as you make your way down to the pike. live look at the zakim bridge where that volume dramatically increased the last time we checked in on the shot. live drive times. 14 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. 3 33 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 25 minutes from 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri spear and forecast in for shiri spear and forecasting a much milder start to the day than that freezing day we commonwealth with yesterday sorboni sorboni may yesterday sorboni sorboni ma may not need your mittens or hats but grab an umbrella because some showers out there. the one thing you will notice
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as you step out the door is it is milder and it will be gusty throughout the day and we are concerned of those fully leaveed trees. we could see downed branches and some winds could allow for an isolated power outage. a wind advisory for the cape and island. the winds pumping up temperatures. we could be near 70 by with the mild weather though comes the risk of some showers. and we are seeing showers move from west to east across central and northern new england as we have high pressure to the south and a west. we will be watching very carefully. but some areas like the north shore as well as the seacoast are getting a few of those showers. most elsewhere were partly to mostly cloudy. the clouds acting like a blanket. so temperatures this morning about 20 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time. so we are waking up to the 40s. 50s out across the cape and islands. that wind i mentioned out of the southwest. sustained now at 16 miles per hour in boston. but sustained at 28 in man in nubingt.
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and the gusts are over 30 across nantucket. this is where we have that wind rory at the potential of having wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour. that goes n until this evening. if you were driving those high-profile vehicles could have problems upon the roadway have problems upon the roadways with those gusts. strongest gusts across the cape and islands and south coast and we could see an isolated higher gust of 20 to 25 throughout the interior and we calm down and get lighter overnight tonight. what can you expect with those winds boosting those temperatures into the low to middle 60s today. we will see more clouds than breaks. the risk of those showers will be back north of the mass pike throughout the day today, but they are going to be very isolated. and in fact many of us will be dry, but just can't rule out a isolated sprinkle or two as we head into the afternoon. by the evening, just a lot of clouds around and we will overnight tonight. as the cold front will be pushing southward. with the cold front, we will stay on the milder side i guess could you say.
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40s away from the coast where boston will be right around 5. they will come tomorrow. we will see temperatures back into the 60s. especially the further south you go. the further north and east, you will see winds on shore as the cool front drapes throughout region panned again temperatures in the 50s and increase as we head through later in the day. there is that front draped right through new england. the milder side front the cooler side to the north and throughout day on wednesday, we will see this front lifting northward, what that means for you a mix of sun and clouds. the best chances of any showers will be to the north, but then by thursday, that front well to the north. we are tapping into warmer weather. break of sunshine will boost any temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s to near 7s. but as the front gets -- near 70s. but as the front gets closer it will bring the risk of showers. doesn't look like it will amount to too much, but what it will do, that cold front, it will usher is that cooler air for the remainder of the week. in fact friday, highs will
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struggle to get out of the 50s. 60s our normal high this time of year and not too bad and not too bad and could allow temperatures to start on the cool side for the weekend instead of where we should be with the risk of showers. over to you. 6:21. your favorite app may not be ail available for download. the serious reason that apple is banning hundreds of app from the i store.
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different from his jail cell. back now at 6:25 this morning. new details of the condition of former nba star lamar odom. espn say doctors moved odom from las vegas to los angeles. he is breathing on his own and talking. odom has been in the hospital for a week since he was found unconscious at a nevada brothel unconscious at a nevada brothel. the reality star and his estranged wife khloe kardashian are together. she is at his side. images of his stay at the nevada brothel has been released. they were published by daily they were published by sitting with a water bottle and also lying in
6:22 am
daily mail say the pictures were taken by a pair of workers at the brothel. this morning olympic runner oscar pistorius is out of prison after serving one year behind bars. the double amputee was taken to his uncle's house. he will spend the next four years under house arrest for correctional supervision for the death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. they say the athlete should have been convicted of murder. ate pale is expected for next month. a national magazine strong reaction to a cover starring bill cosby. the november issue of ebony magazine show the family from "thes could pee show" under an image of shattered glass. the article describes how allegations of sexual assault against cosby could tarnish how fans remember the famous show. more than 50 women have accused cosby of abuse but he never has been charged criminally. still ahead, lyme disease is the big talker on beacon
6:23 am
why local victims will be telling their story telling their stories. plus a local dog comes home bleeding with wounds all over his body. >> he is just a happy-go-lucky chocolate lab. >>gene: coming up why the animal's owner says he is scared for the rest of his family. but first sarah wroblewski filling in for shiri this morning. >>sarah: a big jump in temperatures climbing into the 60s. it comes with winds that are quite strong and also the risk of showers. i will time them out for you coming up. the latest statewide scores released this morning. how today's meeting could
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real results. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. next at 6:30. new video out of lowell where a vandalism suspect now facing even more serious charges. police say he attacked a group of officers who tried to question him. we will have more on that violent encounter coming up in just a couple of minutes. ed a good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, -- and good morning, everybody. tuesday, october 20. thank you so much for joining us. a lot warmer out there this morning. >>gene: yeah, and we are all thankful for that. we will take the warmth wherever we can get it and you don't have to go out there and start your car early and warm it up and let your car heat up for a while. not so bad. >>sarah: we were sub freezing yesterday in boston and now we are in the 40s. milder now than we were yesterday all day. we have trade-off we have tradeoffs. clouds and a few showers we will be tracking. 50s down across the cape and
6:27 am
islands right now. 40s pretty much elsewhere. notice on the north shore, rockport, 51. off few showers rolling on through. same goes for parts of new hampshire too. 43 in manchester. still on the chillier side places like rindge, 39 degrees. taking a look at your future cast, the risk of showers, they will be off and on very sporadic, looking at most activities to actually die out as we head through the afternoon hours. can't rule out that stray sprinkle, but most of the races will stay dry. best chances will be north of the pike and by this evening we will dry out, and the clouds will stick around and the winds will also be very gusty and breezy for the day today. that is something you will notice. in fact we have a wind advisory for the cape and islands. that wind is pumping up the mild air. that's why we are talking about temperatures climbing into the 60s. how long will the 50s stick around? i have the details in the forecast coming up. more on your traffic with julie grauert.
6:28 am
>>julie: a new accident to tell everybody in chelmsford, route 3 southbound and those delays are stretching past 495 right now. things are slowing down as you make your way through billerica and down to 128. otherwise, things are pretty slow across the board on 93 south. seems a little bit earlier than usual to see speeds of 35 miles per hour. so this means it will be pretty long day on 93. take a look at route 1 take a look at route 1, bumper-to-bumper as you approach lynn fells parkway in saugus. live drive times. 22 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin bridge. 50 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 31 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. gene, back to you. >> all right, julie, new this morning. fire investigators say electrical problems sparked a fire that forced 40 people out of their apartment in china of their apartment in chinatown. we brought you as breaking news do you remember our 10:00 newscast. the fire department says fire started in the three-story building that houses apartments and businesses.
6:29 am
two people were taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation. they are expected to be okay. the chief estimates the fire cost about $700,000 in damage. fire investigators say an electrical short circuit in the second-floor ceiling of a bathroom caused the fire. and new this hour, three families are left homeless by a fire in new bedford. fire fighters responded to this triple decker two times in a span of four hours last night. the building on nelson street was evacuated at 7:30 because of an attempted arson. then at 11:30, heavy flames started shooting from the roof. no one was inside at the time. investigators say the cause is suspicious. cuffed and in custody. this is new video from lowell this morning where a man is accused of attacking a group of police officers who were just trying to question him. police say the man became so violent he threw one officer down a flight of stairs. fox25's catherine parrotta is live at the lowell police department, and any new update on the condition of those
6:30 am
officers, catherine? >> well, sara, i did reach out to police about an hour ago. eye awaiting a response for them of any sort of update on this case but from what we know reportedly this started when police responded to concord street to check out report of a damaged vehicle. i want to you take a look at this video. courtesy of the lowell sun, and in it you can see a man being arrested. that man has been identified as the paper as jesus ocasio and he lives in the building where all of this unfolded. this all started around 6:15 when police went to 290 concord street to look at that damaged vehicle. their investigation sent them a few buildings down to 246 con card street. a witness told the paper -- concord street. a witness told the paper that the officer went into the home himself and ocasio hit the officer and said get out of my house before throwing the officer down the field. the officer called for backup and a dozen officers showed up. two other officers were also injured while trying to arrest
6:31 am
the suspect was evaluated at the scene by ems and we are told he is in custody and right now we are still awaiting more on where this case stands today, but in the meantime, again, we did mention that ocasio could be facing several charges and we will have more on that part of the story in the next half hour. live in lowell, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. the couple charged in the death of bella bond are set to return to court this morning in what will be the first time that we have seen them since their arraignment. bella's mother rachelle and her boyfriend michael mccarthy were charged in the death of the girl. her remains washed up on deer island in june. police arrested bond and mccarthy after a friend told investigators that mccarthy killed bella. the da's office tells fox25 that they don't expect any large developments because neither one has been indicted. also today the pennsylvania mom accused of sparking an amber alert in boston is headed back to court. a judge orderedtive thee cherry to take care of her open local
6:32 am
cases. over the weekend, she brought her son more than 250 miles from a clinic in pennsylvania to boston children hospital. the child was severely dehydrated and staff at the clinic told cherry he needed to stay in the er. cherry's lawyer said the police overreacted and this is not a proper use of the amber alert. the boy and cherry's other child is now dcf custody. and happening today, new steps to overhaul the troubled department of children and family families. massachusetts new child advocate will testify in favor of a bill to create more separation between her agency and the governor's office. maria mercedes was sworn in last week. she wants to ensure the agency can act without worry of retribution. right now the governor appoints the advocate but a new bill will spread the power between two more offices. "the globe" reports will at the time the role to a fixed five time the role to a fixed five-year term.
6:33 am
the governor's office says dcf refirearms a top priority. 6:36 this morning. the lawyer for the convicted sex offender wants a local reporter to testify in his murder trial. jason fleury's lawyers asked for the judge to order the lynn daily item reporter to give up his notes and tapes from an interview last fall. that interview happened shortly after jaime mendez disappeared. fleury said he saw mendez that day but she vanished and he said i didn't hurt the girl. a judge has not ruled on the motion. boston university police are looking at security video -- excuse me -- and key card access at a dorm to identify a suspect in a recent sexual assault. police say that a woman was attacked early sunday morning inside of her dorm room. the victim says she does not know the suspect. the suspect is described as a college-aged man around 5'9" wearing a dark shirt and a down vest. in less than two hours the state board of education are
6:34 am
release test scores that impact thousands of local families. a controversial system called parc testing. fox 25's michael henrich is live in malden with why these results are important even if you don't have kids. michael? >>reporter: the trickle-down effect will affect everybody in massachusetts and how standardized testing impacts student's individual futures but also impacts teacher evaluations and, therefore, school district rankings, funding. and when it comes down to it property values as well. there is a domino that falls with each individual step when it comes to standardized testing, and today a big step could be taken as those pa rk stores are released in further detail. now this all centers around this debate. many educators wanting to replace mcas, the long-standing standardized test in the state of massachusetts that is required for high school graduation, but park, a standardized exam developed by several states including the
6:35 am
trial run here in massachusetts trial run here in massachusetts, and the remainder of those pencil and paper score also be released in the 8:00 hour this morning. the state board of education is meeting today but isn't expected to vote until next month. it is worth mentioning the vast majority of states that have started using parc have since opted out, but now another twist. mitchell chester the state's commissioner of elementary and stebingd dairy education is floating a third option. -- that will allow the commonwealth to maintain control of its educational future. that option certainly a curve that option certainly a curveball because the debate has been laid out as either or, mcas or parc. the meeting of of the board of education is at 8:30 this morning. fox25 will be there and bring you any updates right here on fox25 morning news. we are live in malden, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. today on beacon hill, a new hearing about insurance coverage for long-term lyme disease treatments.
6:36 am
this comets as scientists at -- this comes as scientists university of is working on a drug to prevent the tick-borne illness. mass biologics is developing a shot that people can get once a year to keep them from getting the disease. clinical trials could be next year and the shot could be released to the public within three years. an old west gunfight re-enactment begins with real casualties. the injuries discovered when one of the actors fired one of the actors fired five live rounds from his gun instead of blanks. and the first full "star wars" trailer is finally here, but the monday night frenzy left some fans a little left out. why they won't be able to see the movie right away. and skyfox just arrived over a series accident. this is 128 south at route 37 in braintree.
6:37 am
three lanes are blocked right now and will cause major issues for your morning commute. more on the drive times for a moment. first here is sara. >> this morning a little milder conditions to deal with and the risk of showers will need the umbrellas by some spots in the afternoon, windy conditions that jackets will be needed but, hey, traded in for the long sleeves this afternoon with highs in the 60s. i will take you through the
6:38 am
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back here at 6:44. he is still wagging his tail. that is the good news. but this local chocolate lab is recovering from serious injuries. someone shot him nine times with a pellet gun. fox 25's daniel miller is following this new police investigation. daniel, good morning. >>daniel: good morning, gene. if you were an animal lover this story will break your heart. 4-year-old noble has pellets
6:41 am
off over his body from the pellets of bbs. he was truck ch rochester, massachusetts. he never heard gunshots or noble cry. he didn't know that the dog was hurt until a few hours later when he pet him and felt the blood. >> it doesn't make any sense to me. it doesn't make any sense why someone would want to abuse a dog that wouldn't harm a flea. he is just happy-go-lucky chocolate lab. if you can do something like this to a dog, i mean, what's next. >> what is next is the question >> what is next is the question. he said the pellets did not strike any organs which is such good news this morning. right now police don't have any suspects. if you know anything about this shooting, you are asked to give rochester massachusetts police a call. live in the newsroom this morning, i am daniel miller, fox25 news. this morning, fox25 is hearing from the first person in massachusetts diagnosed with west nile virus.this year. mark maynard was diagnosed in august. the disease temporarily took away his ability to chew and to speak properly and has left the 41-year-old in a wheelchair.
6:42 am
fox25 spoke with maynard at the natural rehab where he is recovering. >> very sudden. the next thing you are bed ridden and can't walk and the doctors don't know what is wrong with you exactly. >> after maynard's diagnosis, eight more people came down with the disease. of two them died. this morning the department of health tells the globe that yesterday's frost ended the west nile virus threat for this season. this morning a texas man is facing felony charges after video surfaced online of him slamming his car into a motorcycle motorcyclist. >> what were you doing? you hit them! >> i don't care. >> that is william crumb just after the crash and since then, he has changed his story. he now claims it was all an accident and he only swerved into the two people on the motorcycle because a spider bit him in the leg; however, he says there is a real problem with bikers on that road. >> on that particular road, i have seen them do wheelies at 60 miles per hour. and i thought he was one of
6:43 am
i didn't know -a tsar police are not buying the spider story and charged crumb with two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon. blue jays are on the board. roasting in canada. tilwi tski with a big hit. home run. and josh done allison goes deep. reaches the second deck. jays twin 11 jays twin 11-8 and royals lead the series 2-1. game 4 is this afternoon. game 4 of the nlcs is tonight in chicago where the cubs host the mets. that strange sound you heard last night was millions of adults giggling like children during the release of the new "star wars" trailer. >> it's true. all of it. >>sara: the "force awakens" trailer mraild at halftime during monday night football.
6:44 am
is so big as soon as word got out that fandango was selling tickets, fans crashed the web site trying to get their hands on the tickets. the movie debuts december 18. a little bit of good news. skyfox is over that accident that we showed you about three or four minutes ago. as you can see a tow is on scene -- a tow truck is on scene and that is good news. there will be visual delays. and we are seeing delays back to 28 right now, but this is in the process of clearing, so hopefully it will open up and help you pick things up, make up time on the morning commute. expressway, typical from furnacebrook parkway to columbia road. pike starting to calm down as well near the weston tolls. 24 minutes on 24 from 16 to route 128. nearly an hour on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector.
6:45 am
from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. no winter hats for your commute this morning, but meteorologist sarah wroblewski is tracking where you may see some rain drops. sara, what can you tell news is sara, what can you tell news is. >>sarah: a trade-off. milder temperatures on the way but we will deal with rain. a lot of places though staying dry. the thing you will notice is the mild air and the winds. the roads will be picking up today. what we have normally average low in the 40s. average high right around 60. want to point out sunrise shortly after 7:00 and sunset before 6:00. we are getting close to that sunrise. temperature 49 degrees with the winds out the southwest. that is going to help boost our temperatures today. and have them climb above normal, but, wow, take a look at what we have got. we have got temperatures in the 40s and 50s and we also have a few showers out there as we are anticipating to see some of those showers begin to lose their steam.
6:46 am
nonetheless, we can't rule out an isolated stray sprinkle or two two. most of us staying dry through the afternoon. mostly cloudy skies, a few breaks in the cloud cover. temperatures today climb into the 60s for the most part, but those winds really breezy out of southwest. in fact down across the cape and islands, we could see gusts as high as 45 miles per hour. there is a wind advisory until 7:00 tonight as we will be watching for any possible power outages as we still have a lot of those leaves on the trees. so we could see some limbs down as well as some small branches. so our current look at that satellite and radar, you can see some of the showers moving in across our northern areas, parts of the seacoast, new hampshire and essex county got to see a few of these hit or miss showers and a lot of the active has started to die out due to a cold front to the north and high pressure to the south. a battle between the two. this front will slowly be pushing southward. anticipating the cloud cover
6:47 am
we will notice the mild air ahead of that front. notice a band of rain kind of loses its steam, but still the possibility of a sprinkle possible north of the pike throughout day today. by the afternoon, most of us dry; however, we will see some clouds. also a little bit of sunshine. staying cloudy overnight tonight as that front dips right over our area. to the north of that front, a little cooler. to the south staying mild with the cloud cover and just great to see another mild night with temperatures in the 40s. on wednesday, tomorrow, the front lifts northward. the cooler air wushs to the north and we tap back -- air pushes to the north and we tap back into the 60s. we could see temperatures a little bit cooler to start, especially on the north side of that weather boundary, but we will be bumping up temperatures into the 60s to even near 70 by thursday. ahead of another cold front that will bring the risk of showers late in the day but really usher in the cooler weather to finish off the week and start the weekend. there is the latest look at
6:48 am
your forecast. >> all right, sarah. a boston marathon victim is using her experience to help other women. coming up, the specialized prosthetic that she credits with turning her life around and what she is doing to make sure other victims get access to it. new at 7:00, digging for history. the relics archaeologists are hope
6:49 am
hoping to find u we need to disrupt the old order in washington, dc. we can do a lot better by applying conservative principles we should lower rates and simplify the code to allow people to freely decide how they want to spend their money. what we need is leadership to fix a few big things... so that this country takes off and soars where people can dream the biggest possible dreams... and pursue them with a vengeance. (applause) jeb. proven conservative. real results. right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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you are watching the fox25 morning news. apple has removed 300 apps from the itunes store because they say they secretly gather personal information from users. the apps were made in china and allowed the chinese ad company to display their ads inside the app. it was to gain their e-mail address iphone serial numbers. apple will no longer accept the apps from the developer. they include games such as angry birds 2. a list of all the banned apps on our web site at you will find it right there on the front page. good news from electric companies as we prepare for winter. consumer advocates tell fox25 that electric companies are locking in costs and passing the lower rates on to customers. that means even with the usual
6:51 am
winter rate increases this year winter rate increases this year, we should still be paying less for electricity than we did last year. >> power plants that use oil or natural gas are going to be paying a lot less for that commodity to run their power plants this winter. >> national grid customers see a rate increase november 1 but still won't hit last year's high. the other big player eversource won't set winter rates until january 1. a walpole woman is standing a little tall they are morning thanks to a marathon bombing survivor. 26-year-old hillary cohen now owns a specially made high heel prosthetic. cohen had her right leg amputated two years ago because of a severe medical condition. she never thought she would wear heels until she met heather abbott to started her own foundation. >> i knew how important it was for me as a woman to do this for somebody else is amazing. >> in general, heels make you feel taller and stand taller and make you feel more confident and just to have that extra confidence that is
6:52 am
important not only to myself but any woman i believe. >> the heather abbott foundation provides customized prosthetics forkers who who have lost limbs through trauma. bravo >>sara: a wonderful story. a local man accused of hit a local man accused of hitting a cyclist and driving away. this morning a new twist in his investigation. why his lawyer said we never have left the scene. and we have milder conditions to start this morning, 49. and stepping outside the door and getting ready for the bus stop, expect to see lots of clouds. windy by the afternoon and winds boosting the temperatures into the 60s. i will show what you to expect in your town ahead. and everything she touches turns to gold. how oprah's latest diet sent wall stree selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in
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