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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 20, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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court this morning. we are there as she goes public for the first time in weeks. >> future of standardized testing one step closer to being solved and what we are learning this morning about important test results and how it could impact everyone not just students and their parents. i'm julie grauert. >> i'm daniel miller. >> cold snap finally breaks and in for shiri back to fall weather today and freezing stuff out of the system for now. >> a little taste of this but mother nature decided to go back where she should and at 50 right now, warmer than we were at any point yesterday and also tracking and southern vermont and traveling along 95 and 93 and may need windshield wipers and fairly dry with mostly to
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partly cloudy skies and take look at that, 61 in nantucket right now, 40s and 50s as well starting off and temperatures will continue to climb into upper 50s and can't rule out stray shower but many stay dry throughout the day and afternoon we will hold on to the clouds as temperatures will be in the 60s but one thing you will really notice the winds very breezy on you of the southwest and gusts as high as 45 miles per hour loon the cape and islands that's where we have wind advisory in that location and we will take closer look at the timing of more irizarry show and warmer weather on the way in just a bit and look at traffic with julie. >> things finally starting to settle down on the roads and typical slow spots which make up 93 south in the medford area and expressway from furnace brook parkway up to columbia road. you could see stop and go past freeport street. here are live drive times 32 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel and 32 minutes on the
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expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike and 46 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. >> happening now at 9:00, the couple charged in the death of bella bond is due back in court at this hour. bella's mother rochelle and her boyfriend michael mccarthy arrested last month in connection with bella's death. y her remains washed up in june and does in the expect any large developments from this morning's status hearing and suspect indicted and we are in court waiting for proceedings to begin and update if there are any developments. >> lowell man suspected of vandalism facing much more serious charges this morning. he allegedly attacked the officers who showed up to question him. fox25 catherine parrotta joins us now live at the lowell police department where, catherine, you just got new details from the chief. >> i spoke with the captain and
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police say unfolded late last afternoon and yesterday evening and gave additional details we didn't know previously but want to start and courtesy of the lowell sun and in it you see a man being arrested and just identified and just tells me started around 4:30 yesterday afternoon and when police got call from driver who said acassio had been staggering in the middle of concord street and acassio grabbed on to the open window and shattered it and pulled over to call them and punched car window before running into 246 concord street and following the suspect inside and police say the suspect threw the officer down the stairs three times. police say two other officers wrestled and police say was a violent struggle and suspected to be arraigned this morning and
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weapon at any point in time and as for the officers in all of this all three sent to the hospital and two are going to require follow-up care with orthopedic doctor and described injuries as mostly being arm and shoulder injuries and live in lowell, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> electrical problem sparked fire that forced 40 people out of their apartment in chinatown and brought you this as breaking news during the 10:00 newscast and fire broke out around 8:30 last night on harrison avenue and fire department says fire started in three story building that houses apartments and businesses. two people were taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation and they are expected to be okay the chief estimates damage around $700,000 and short-circuit second floor ceiling of bathroom caused that fire. >> arson investigation into new bedford where three families out
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of homes and firefighters actually responded to the triple-decker two times in span of four hours last night and building on nelson street is evacuated at 7:30 because of attempted arson and then at 11:30 heavy flames started shooting from the roof and no one was inside at the time and investigators say the cause is suspicious. hudson man charged in deadly hit and run now says he was a friend of the victim. william schofield hit and killed nine days ago in hudson. police arrested man named scott harding five days later and in court yesterday harding pled not guilty to several charges. >> dozens of agenciesed from new hampshire home being nursed back to health and 34 animals removed from mckenly on derry yesterday and animal control officers found cats, dogs,
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building unfit for anyone or malnourished. >> make sure they were all brought back up to the standards and weight back on them. >> vets say some of the pets are suffering from illnesses and be put up for adoption once they are nursed back to health. >> former college professor who pled guilty to shooting and killing three colleagues university of alabama is apologizing for the crime. amy bishop allegedly from braintree and denied tenure and shooting was, quote, terrible crime and she is sorry for the victims and their families and ship currently serving life in prison but launched several appeals suffering from schizophrenia and shot and killed brother in braintree in 1986 and claimed it was an accident and never charged. this morning the girlfriend of boston mob boss james
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"whitey" bulger is facing more time in federal prison. catherine greig pleading not guilty in boston federal court yesterday and charged with confelt for refusing to testify about who may have helped during the years as fugitive and greig was captured with bulger and california apartment in 2011 and relatives of some bulger victims say they are disgusted by unwillingness to cooperate. >> still makes sick to stomach. >> serving eight years in federal prison and sentence could be extended on the new charge. >> prosecutors claim carlos ortiz was with hernandez when odin lloyd was killed in 2013 and new motion ortiz claims prosecutors have not presented enough evidence showing he participated in the murder. the defense claims most ortiz could be incited for accessory
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after the fact and he is serving life in prison for lloyd's murder. >> brian hide barging in to search the girl's bedroom to see if the team naturally lived in the district and family invited him in and police say they have enough evidence to bring the case to magistrate for hearing. hyde park could be charged with breaking and entering and trespassing. >> junior rotc instructor has been fired by the worcester district and not saying what was behind the decision and and teach all students and comes months after fox25 had been suspended for calling student killed by gun fire a punk at the time who he admitted telling the student was to teach lesson about consequences.
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hoping for smoother ride to work and delays and cancellations by the "t" and yesterday there were 25 delays and two cancellations on commuter rail trains and happened on the first cold workday of the season and commuter rail operator and most were not caused by weather conditions and several storms. >> pushing for overhaul for confusing rotary fixing traffic circle andrews square was one of the projects on the list during boston's 2024 olympic bid and globe reports olympic organizers came up with a few options including turning it in and wants the fix to move forward saying the rotary wasn't designed for amount of traffic it cease which causes traffic jams and crashes. there's a new big dig happening on the common and archaeologists looking at
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treasures from the past and decade old survey shows british troops camped on the common during the revolutionary war and hundreds of years before that home to native american sight. as of yesterday afternoon they discovered several items dating back to the 18th century. pretty incredible. still ahead this morning with the kardashian by his side going closer to home and update on condition and new details from his collapse. plus. >> star wars fans heard the call and why it may be credibly difficult to get tickets to the new movie. >> dreaming which character his teammates would play. >> we got a few showers to the north and fine out there and traveling you got dry conditions, mild conditions temperature in the 50s this afternoon and into the evening, 60s is where we are headed but
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wind really gusting out of the southwest and show you where we
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this morning a fresh look at republican field for election 2016. poll shows results donald trump still leading the pack and he is ahead of ben carson 27% to 22% and jeb bush and marco rubio tie
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carly fiorina no longer is top and down to 7th place with chris christie. longer joe biden waits to run for president the lower chance of winning the nomination and kyla campbell live in washington to break down the kyla? >> 38% of democratic primary voters polled said they want biden to stay out of the 2016 race and wall street journal poll 30% want him to run and last week's democratic debate and 49% of those polled said they would vote for hillary clinton, 29% chose bernie sanders and biden got 15% of the vote and that's down from last month and new hampshire voters are leaving a little more room for biden. franklin pierce boston herald poll shows wind gets 19%, sanders leads with 38%. >> plenty of speculation about the urgency of the political der
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and ultimately this would be a decision for vice president block island to make. >> on republican side this poll lines up with cnn1 with donald trump in 1st place and ben carson not far behind and marco rubio sits in 3rd place with 13% of the vote. live in washington, kyla campbell, fox25 news. >> meantime 2gop front runners requested protection from the secret service and donald trump and ben carson both asked for added security and both known to make controversial comments making them potential comments and trump alone spent more than $55,000 on security. now on the other side of the aisle democratic jim webb's main considering running as independent and former virginia senator in the process now of weighing his options and views of the political parties. white house new members show the president's approval rating is at two year high. according to the washington post
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51% of the public approves of the president's job performance and 45% disprove and highest numbers since may of 2013 and declining unemployment rate and falling gas prices may be two reasons for the increase. >> level hips things still slow on 128 southbound as you work your way through lexington and 93 south still problematic through medford and expressway giving us trouble from burn furnace brook parkway and a little bit of room between those cars. 27 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel and 33 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike and a little over an hour on 93 south 495 to the leverett connector. expect moderate temperature to linger. >> for a good portion we will be
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above average after subfreezing temperatures yesterday that's going to be the number one thing you will notice and winds picking up and winds gust as high 30 to 45 miles per hour especially for the cape and islands and leaves and trees and means any small branches and keep eye on that and above average nearing 70 in some spots by thursday and with the warmth tracking showers. high pressure pushing and breaks in the allow especially along southern coast and system heading toward our region but man look at this and scattered showers across central new england and sure enough light rain drops in parts of new hampshire as well as the
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cloudy skies and really mild conditions. in the 40s to the matt and lower 60s in nantucket and boston 51 and wind out of the southwest 16 miles per hour and sustained so sure, active wind across the region and wind upwards of 20 to 30 miles per hour for the cape and islands and this is where we have the wind advisory until about 7:00 p.m. later on tonight and we could see the potential of wind gusts upwards of 45 miles per hour now to the interior it will still be a very gusty day but winds gust less than 20 to 25 miles per hour and even commute for the high-profile vehicle to have trouble navigating in the stronger wind gust be prepared because we are still anticipating to see gusty conditions and overnight the wind will die down and turn onshore and cooler conditions in the northern areas and today all about the mild conditions, temperatures in the 60s and we are going to notice a lot more clouds out there for the day today, breaks, also risk of
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isolated shower or two and shouldn't amount to too much and during the afternoon most of us should be drying out, clouds hang with us as cold front pushes through the region andling or over the area and mean the cloud cover will keep us milder overnight and temperature fall back into the 40s, 50s at the coast and also noticing wind turning on shore along the coast as well as across our northern areas in parts of new hampshire and allow for temperatures in the 50s while you head further west and be into the 60s. frontal boundary placement and cooler conditions and may be isolated shower in the afternoon along that boundary. nonetheless we warm up as we head on through the day and breaks of sunshine near 70 but front will come through, provide risk of spot shower and really drop temperatures on friday into the 50s and we will be talking about cooler than average temperatures as we head into the beginning part of the weekend.
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marine general joseph duns
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weekend and general is new chairman of the joint chief of staff and battle against isforces and graduated from bc high. >> hacker accessed the private e-mail and cia and appears no classified data was breached and hacker also claims to have broken into e-mails from the director of homeland security and statement to cnn the hacker says he wants to shame the u.s. government and last week another hacker was charged with sending information and military members to isis. >> this morning liberals are taking control of canada's government and ten years of conservative leadership voters give liberal party in parliament and prime minister current prime minister steven harper immediately resigned and favors
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use of fights in isis. insurance coverage for long-term lyme disease treatment and comes after university of massachusetts medical schoolworking on drug to prevent the tickborne illness and herald news reports creating a shot that people could get once year to keep them from getting the disease and clinical trials scheduled to start next year. they are step closer to creating blood test for alzhimersalzhimers and scientists look for protein that attacks the own cells. being able to test for the disease would mean early intervention that could slow progression. researchers say it could also help detect other diseases like parkinson and breast cancer and test still being developed.
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pete at tricks says pregnant woman should cut all alcohol from their diet. some studies suggest small number of drips might be safe and experts say the only way to guarantee no damage to a child is to cut out alcohol completely. >> fox25 hearing from first person in massachusetts diagnosed this year. mark maynard diagnosed in august and believe he was bit by cooking out the deck and disease temporarily took away ability to chew and speak properly and national rehab where he is recovering. >> bid ridden and can't walk and doctors don't know what's wrong with you exactly. >> eight more people came down with the disease and two of them died and yesterday's frost ended west nile threat for the season. >> keeping lights on and heat up
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good news about what's causing electricity prices to drop. sara? >> i have good news too, temperatures milder than yesterday, climbing into the six and clouds out there and wind active and tracking showers and latest timeline is ahead. >> lowell man due in court this
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couple charged for bella bond's death. rachelle bond and michael mccarthy were arrested and unclear what will be discussed for today's hearings and monitor today's proceedings and monitor developments as we get them. good morning, everyone, just about 9:30. >> milder start to the day and no more of below freezing weather and nice to walk out without to bagin. >> no hats needed as of this morning and light and rain drops showing up on radar across northern essex as well as middlesex county and portsmouth toward manchester and londonderry, new hampshire. coming in 39 and we will continue to monitor for a few
9:30 am
spot showers through the day, most areas will stay dry and can't rule out the risk of shower and notice more clouds than sun at times but overall it is going to be a mixture of sun and clouds through the afternoon as temperatures will warm up nicely into the 60s but one thing really notice too is the winds going to be pretty gusty, especially the southcoast, cape and islands, that's how bringing in warmth but could see gusts as high as 45 miles per hour so something if you're going to be traveling out take precautions for that and take closer look how long the warm-up lasts the next couple days and timeline when to expect showers coming up and get check of shower with julie grauert. good morning. >> sara, good morning. taking look at map you could see thing on the expressway still very slow, average speeds 10 miles per hour and right at the pike and shifting north of town still accident on route 1 walnut street and that's causing a little bit of congestion and live look at zakim bridge fine
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and a little bit backed up on the leverett connect and her over to the live drive times and 22 minutes route 1128 to the tobin bridge and 47 minutes 93 south from 495 to the leverett connect and her 38 minutes 128 south from peabody to the weston tolls. superintendent from around the state talking about how kids are tested and state education leaders trying to decide which standardized tests they should use in the future and copy of new results just released within the hour. michael, what did they have to say? >> sitting inside the board of education meeting with three superintendent meetings testified and strong opinions in favor of park, that's the newest testing method undergoing trial run over the last couple years here in the commonwealth and now i do have a side by side comparison from the park's scores and m cast scores. m cast current 20 or so years
9:32 am
attention to the bottom line and several pages breaking down this result and comes down and park past 60% and proficient or higher in english language arts and 68%, higher amount and park having 52% of students ranking profirrent or higher and then you have meeting expectations 60% in the m cast category and he higher passage rate superintendents are saying is actually a negative one of three new bedford superintendent even going as far as saying easier assessment as they label m cast actually giving students a false sense of hope because when they go to college they are not as ready as they should be to succeed in which the manner they expected to suspect based on
9:33 am
board of education, board of elementary and secondary education won't vote on which standardized test to move forward with until the meeting next month and looking at hard results just released and hearing strong opinions in favor of park and surely the opinions will help and guide their decision as they move forward and as we have been reporting here on the fox25 morning news throughout the morning so much further and home that have school-aged children and standardized and future and student evaluation and school district performance ranking and funding and reputation which then affects and very large
9:34 am
debate more than it might appear on the surface and more in depth and meeting and hear more of the testimony and, of course, we will have update for you on fox25 news at five and six later on today. for now reporting live in malden, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> coming up on 9:35 this morning, busted without time to put on shirt or shoes and will have serious charges and live at the police department in lowell this morning where catherine,
9:35 am
captain there. shattered before running to 246 concord street and police officer arrived on the scene following the suspect inside and police say the suspect threw that officer down the stairs three times and police say two other officers wrestled to the ground arresting him after what police say was violent and related to all of this and three counts of assault and battery on police officer. i and suspect had weapon at the time and only thing had was lit cigarette according to police he did try to use as weapon as all of this was unfolding and as for the three officers involved in the alleged altercation all three were sent to the hospital, i'm told two will need to follow
9:36 am
up with orthopedic doctors and related to the arms and shoulders. live in lowell, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> also today the pennsylvania mother accused of sparking amber alert in boston is headed back to court. judge ordered tiffany cherry to take care of open cases. she brought her son 250 miles from a clinic to child boston hospital and he was severely dehidrained and needed to stay in the e.r. and police overreacted and not proper use of amber alert. boy and other the child are in dcf custody. new steps to overhaul families. massachusetts new child advocate will testify in favor of bill to create more separation between her agency and government's office. maria mositeus wants to make sure it is without worry of retribution and appoints the advocate and new bill spread
9:37 am
power between two more offices. globe reports set role to fixed five-year term and governor's office says dcf reforms are top priority. this morning the lawyer for convicted sex offender wants a local reporter to testify in his murder trial. jason fleury's lawyer asked to give notes and tapes from interview last fall and interview shortly happened after jamie mendez disappeared. he saw her but didn't hurt the girl and judge has not ruled in the motion. >> key card access at dorm to identify the suspect in a recent sexual assault there. police say woman was attacked early sunday morning inside her dorm room and victim said she does not know the suspect and
9:38 am
shirt and down vest deputy fire chief tells fox25 they did their best to check for people inside the building but parts inside the roof had already collapsed by the time they arrived and tragedies like the worcester warehouse fire helped them make a choice to keep them outside the building yesterday and no injuries were reported. on beacon hill battle is shaping up over governor baker's plan to fight drug abuse and rosenberg and daniel lee are opposed to some parts of the plan and they hope to get long he were commitment and limit painkillers for three day supplies and both say proposal needs further review.
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locking in cost and passing lower rates on to customers and means even with the issue winter rate increases this year we should still be paying less for electricity than last year. >> oil and natural gas will be paying a lot less for the commodity to run the power plants this winter. >> national grid customers will see rate increase november 1st but won't hit last year's high and other big player eversource won't hittates until january 1st. how many people decided not to pay for apple music service. more clouds out for the day today and winds they will be
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lamar odom making progress and progressed to the point where he can continue the recovery in las vegas as new pictures of odom are surfacing. the photos obtained by daily mail show lamar odom outside vegas and sitting up with a
9:43 am
bottle of water in hand and others appears to be unconscious again, it is not clear if just sweeping and odam later to be taken to the hospital after being found unresponsive. brothel employees say pinkish fluid was coming out of mouth and nose and odom spent a week in various hospitals. espn reports just last night a helicopter took odom to hospital in las vegas to one in southern california and one of odom's former coaches say he is breathing. >> he took the tubing out himself and if he needs a mask he will wear it but breathing on his own. >> been in contact with odom estranged wife khloe kardashian almost everyday. >> spoke a few words, reached down to say hey, you know i love you. he said yeah, i know and then went back to sleep. >> los angeles daily news sites multiple sources saying odom has
9:44 am
started physical therapy and ability to communicate has improved quite a bit. 9:44 olympic runner oscar pistorius is out of prison after serving only a year behind bars and released yesterday and next four years will be monitored and appeal scheduled for next month. one of the most recognized people in the world is part owner of weight watchers. oprah winfrey purchased 10% stake of the diet franchise. stock price doubled after announcement and share cost $14, high of $80 in 2012. oprah said she believes in the program she decided to invest and work with a coach and make public appearances for the
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>> chocolate maker announced this morning selling deluxe her see kiss and available starting november 5th through valentine's day. >> better test those out. i will keep testing them maybe even for breakfast. >> accidents on side streets major arteries moving along fine besides the typical slowing on the expressway and on 93 south as you can see zakim bridge slowing leverett connector but fine. here are live drive times 17 minutes on route 1, 128 to the tobin bridge and 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector and 32 minutes on 128 south route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for sarah wroblewski and
9:46 am
gusts picked up and wind out of the southwest also doing is bumping up the temperatures and 51 in the city and cracks in the clouds but i want to point out we have showers across parts of southern vermont and new hampshire even northern and central parts of the state not all of this making to the ground few sprinkles, temperatures in the 40s there, 50s elsewhere and with the sunshine in nantucket you got 61 . now, in boston we are noticing that wind and bring temperatures into the 60s by this afternoon and winds could also be gusting as high as 20 to 25 miles per hour and wind gusts upwards of 45 miles per hour and that's why we have a wind advisory in place until 7:00 p.m. and down tree branches and small limbs also trash cans blown across the
9:47 am
region and something to monitor throughout the day and as for the showers they have been moving from west to east and slowly pushing southward and anticipating as future cast has been showing the possibility of some of the showers pushing south and right now if you're going to be traveling along 93, 495, 95 in new hampshire, darker shades of green indicating where we are seeing that light rain otherwise it is just a few sprinkles here and there. again, this is wider shot, you can see the strip of showers right here in between high pressure that's to the south providing sunshine across the southcoast and cold front to the north and west and sliding southward and notice. band of showers push southward and go with isolated sprinkle or two through the midday hours as we head on through the afternoon a lot of that activity will actually dry out but the clouds will still hang around although we could see breaks in the cloud
9:48 am
southwest and mild conditions and cloud cover will stay thick, could be a sprinkle or two along it and north side of that front and filter into parts of new hampshire and northern parts of the state early tomorrow before the front lifts back north and risk of showers developing and tapping into the mild air and staying in the 60s above average and that trend will continue into the thursday too despite the cloud cover ahead of another cold front ring risk of isolated shower or two and evening hours of thursday but look at this, 4:00 on thursday. nice breaks in cloud cover there sure enough, that could help boost temperatures, up to near 70 in some spots. more robust models but still what going to notice warm-up in the 60s for the next couple of days we will be tracking risk of
9:49 am
thursday best shot hitting near 70 in some spots and front comes through and wow, we really knock back the temperatures into the 50s on friday and see sunshine and it will be a cooler start to the weekend before we get back to where we should be this time of year and also bring back the chance of shower late weekend. over to you. >> walpole woman standing taller all thanks to martha bombing survivor. 26-year-old hillary cohen owns especiallily made high heel prosthetic. she had right heel amputated because of severe medical condition and never thought she would be able to wear heels until she met heather abbott who started her own foundation. >> how important it was to me as amputee and woman to do this for somebody else is amazing. >> in i believe make you feel taller, stand taller, make you feel more confident and extra confidence important not only to myself but any woman i believe.
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provides customized foundations 15 million people using apple music and rest of finishing up free trials and despite the enthusiasm it is long way from the biggest rival users members and spotify 75 million people use the service. >> notorious sold out is new england staple but merely impossible to get before christmas and now we know why. ll bean makes all the signature snowboots and brunswick, maine factory and according to the atlantic takes 85 minutes of work to make one boot and won't come until january. >> tv show making return gilmore girls going to net flix and
9:52 am
ago and developing four new 90 minute episodes and net flix not confirmed the information gilmore girls starts tweeted, quote, dudes, i can't confirm this but also can't deny this. >> it is most sought after ticket in the country this morning. the new star wars movie is less than two months away. >> force awakens trailer and bus so big as soon as word got out that fandango selling tickets early fans crashed the website trying to get tickets and shows sold out but some have to wait and hits theaters december 18th. >> force on the field and apparently star wars fan off the
9:53 am
teammates into the team's stars. tom brady and princess leia and made new character ray and all over patriot nation this morning. >> star wars film had to wait for the new trailer and daisy ridley appears in the force awakens as ray and set alarm to watch. >> all snuggled up in bed. >> told you about -- i grew up in north carolina and i called this a toboggan. >> called it sled.
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>> don't need it today, day is day and boston and that's fine. >> taking look at forecast today
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