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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  October 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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very different. >> the reporter: bella's family will have to wait at least another month so another autopsy will be completed. this one will be done by a third party and one of the people asking for the their party autopsy is the attorney for the mother. rochelle bond hid her face. michael mccarthy had a haircut and was clean shaven. thereabout charged in the murder of 2 1/2-year-old bella bond and they were both back in court. their attorneys talking outside after learning their request to the judge. party. >> my clients did not want this. it was very hard for her. >> to determine to the extent we can what did happen. >> the reporter: police say mccarthy punched baby bella in her midsection and stomach area, causing her to die, and bond helped him hide the body, for weeks in a refrigerator before they both dumped the body in
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boston's harbor. it's been months since bella's family members have been waiting to do a proper burial. the autopsy will further delay that. >> i hope they find more evidence and more cause. like i said, this is all justice for bella from here on out. >> the reporter: bella's father, who says he has not been in his daughter's life since she was a couple months old has been at both court hearings and says he is disgusted with bella's mother. >> did she look the same to you. >> i didn't really look at her. >> the father and older brother of accused miller michael mccarthy were also in court, but they and a woman identifying herself as mccarthy's friend would not talk. >> why did you want to come here today? >> no comment. >> and the attorneys for the suspect asking for this third party autopsy because of course, the state medical examiner's results were inconclusive. tonight at 6:00 p.m., we talked to a legal expert on how this third party autopsy will play a huge role in this case.
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we are live outside dorchester court, robert gold stone article, -- goulston fox 25. >> mark: if you would like to watch more live videos, download the fox 25 app for your iphone or tab tablet it is free or all devices. an 18-year-old student says she was attacked by a man she was supposed to meet at bridgewater state university. this is a sketch of the suspect. police say the women met the guy on a social networking app. bob ward is live on campus, tonight. >> the reporter: yeah, they are, kick. police here on campus tell us that the victim had been communicating with the suspect, that app. set up the meeting last night, and everything went terribly wrong. eventually last night, police here say, the two of them ended up right here in this section of the campus, near this parking garage, and this is where the student, who is an 18-year-old
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freshman, police say, was sexually assaulted. terrible. it's quite terrifying. >> the reporter: at bridgewater state university, a campus on alert. freshman was sexually assaulted here. this is a sketch of the suspect, described to be older than college age, about 5'10", he has a deep voice. according to the university, the student had been communicating with the suspect using a social media app called kick. the two met here outside the rondileau campus center and walked across campus to the student parking garage where the students was sexually assaulted. students are suspicious of apps like kick. >> they are the app you don't need a cellphone number, just a user name. someone can just make a fake profile. >> according to bridgewater's annual security report published last month, there were five forcible sex offenses on campus last year up from three the year before. students tell me they are fully aware of what's going on around them and even in bridgewater,
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>> i never walk anywhere alone, even if it's from practice, from the gym, back here. >> the reporter: well, officials here at bridgewater state university sent out an email to all students, telling them about this alleged sexual assault, that email also included that sketch. if you recognize the man in that sketch, you're urged to contact police at bridgewater state university. live in bridgewater, bob ward, fox 25 newsism e. this comes after just within the last few weeks, bridgewater state released its latest statistics about sexual assaults on campus. the safety on campus report shows that there were five forcible sex offenses on the bridgewater campus last year. that's up from three in 2013. there was one in 2012. >> mark: developing story, a quincy couple is on the run accused of rubbing banks up and down the east coast. kerry kavanaugh joins us with the latest on the investigation. >> the reporter: ock, we first told you about the couple after a bank robbery in ludborn low. tonight, fox 25 has learned that they're now wanted for robberies
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take a look at these pictures. in the last hour we learned that police in maryland have an arrest warrants for joseph carrier and his which jenny, accused of robbing a bank in has been bermuda and puerto rico -- aberdeen last friday. they were driving a car allegedly stolen from a dealership that jenny works ought. the carriers are accused of hitting a beige in palm city florida and the country bank in ludborn low last month. police did not say if they think the couple is still in florida or heading back to massachusetts. we'll keep checking in with investigators. in the control room, kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. >> what a difference one day can make here. yesterday, it was below freezing in the morning. today, as you can see, a mild day and a beautiful evening now to be outside. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is here's and kevin, the warmup will continue. >> kevin: for a couple more day, heather, no doubt about it. temperatures on the mild side, well above average. the average high 60 degrees at
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logan airport. 69 in norwood. worcester, 61, so definitely a mild day and this evening, there are still some warm temperatures out there. it's still in the 60's most places. springfield, massachusetts, the connecticut river valley to the west is at 71. amherst is at 64 degrees. closer into our area of boston, still in that mid sift 0 -- 60 range. 64 for you out there in watertown and middlesex county around the city of lowell, temperatures in the low to mid 60's. currently 63 in lowell and 62 in there are some clouds out there, so despite the clouds, it still warmed up nicely, but these clouds will be thickening up. i'll let you know how that impacts temperatures and our >> mark: u.s. naval ship is on its way to the area where the cargo ship el faro sank during hurricane joaquin. apache is scheduled to arrive on saturday and will spend two weeks accepting the last known location of the el faro, in hopes of finding wreckage, voyage data recorder.
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captain of the el faro made an emergency call on october 1, saying the ship suffered a hull breach and water was in one of its holes. the 33 crew members were lost at sea, including two massachusetts natives, jeffrey mathias, father of three from kingston and keith grinch from winthrop, who moved to florida with his wife and was expecting twins. all lanes on i-495 in lawrence are back open after a loose tire a tractor-trailer lost its fire on section it's 432b. that tire bounced and hit cars on both sides of the highway. a camper also rolled over on the other side, while swerving to avoid the tire. fox 25 spoke to the driver of one of the cars involved, who says she was still shaken by what happened. >> then the tire hit the front of my car, flew across in front of my car, and then after that, i looked behind me and saw that there was nobody behind me, because they had all witnessed it and i was able to slowly pull over to the right-hand lane.
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it's unclear what caused the tire to come off the truck. >> transit police trying to figure out who this man is, after he allegedly committed a sex act on an orange line train. this happened wednesday afternoon, on a southbound train. surveillance video shows the man exiting the forest hill station and walking towards the upper busway. if you recognize him, you should contact transit police. >> worcester police are looking for a group of armed men wanted in a frightening home invasion. the victim told investigators seven men were guns forced their way into his home assaulting him and a family member. suspects then allegedly tied the two men up before pepper spraying them. the victim's wife and her two daughters were locked in a room house. worcester police are looking for your tips. >> elizabeth: a lowell man appearing in court after a violent struggle with police. jesus jesis ocasio is facing charges of resisting arrest and obstructing an officer. jesis ocasio was allegedly staggering in the records and
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allegedly smashed someone's car window and mirror, so when police tried to arrest him, we're told jesis ocasio didn't go quietly. >> one officer got pushed down the stairs three times and a violent struggle took place with other officers. >> several officers were hurt in the struggle, treat the and released at the hospital. tonight an electrical problem is being blamed for the fire that forced dozens of people out of their apartments in chinatown. we told but this last night. flames broke out at this three story building on harrison avenue. two people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation, but they are expected to be ok. fire investigators traced that fire back to a short circuit in a second floor bathroom. >> mark: a federal judge upheld the felony conviction of a prep school student. in august, a jury convicted owen labrie on a felony of using a computer to arrange an encounter with a female student. that's the once his lawyers
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need to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life, but the judge has determined that that conviction will stand. two more people are facing charges after a body was found under a cement slab at a rhode island home. we've been following this story for you since may. the state's attorney general says a pennsylvania man has been charged with murder, and his girlfriend with failure to report a death. two other people steven and michelle warren have already been charged with murder. the body of domingo ortiz of worcester was found under the home. tiffany cherry is facing default warrants on vase just case, released on $250 bail yesterday after pleading not guilty to child endangerment. >> conflicting information about a gun found in a pittsfield
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the gun fund at herburg middle school was fully loaded but a previous statement from the mayor, superintendent, said the gun was not loaded but had a clip with bullets next to here. a former junior rotc was fired by the worcester school district. major steven gideon tells the telegram and "gazette" he was let go over hesperia a. to teach all students. comes months after fox 25 reported he had been suspended by the district for calling a student who was shot and killed a punk. and a gang member. at the time, gideon said his words were meant to teach a lesson about consequences. >> emotional stories about struggles with lyme disease. >> the treatment, because insurance companies were denying the coverage. -- delay in treatment, because the insurance companies were denying the coverage, caused by daughter to become disabled. >> the debate over who pays and why advocates believe
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massachusetts needs to update the clause. >> the reporter: when the next batch of rain arrives. >> a warning for women. the toxics cancer causing chemical that could be in your makeup bag. >> mark: new guidelines from the american can baby!| mom! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff. good idea. it's off. mom? oh my internet is so slow when
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>> mark: is less better when it comes to breast cancer screening? that's what the american cancer society is saying tonight. it released new guidelines at 11:00 a.m. this morning. the new guidelines call for mammograms later in life for women at average rick for refreshing for cancer. it could change hour women get screenings in the doctors office and even how women screen at home. >> the reporter: for years, women turning 40 got annual mammograms, because it's what the american cancer society recommended. tuesday, that advice changed. >> we want people to actually understand what the science actually says, so that they can make their own decisions. >> the new guidelines say women at average risk of breast cancer should start getting mammograms at 45, instead of 40. >> if she starts screening at the age of 40, she increases dramatically the lifetime risk that she's going to have a false positive result that she's going to need a breast biopsy that turns out with the doctor
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saying, well, you don't have cancer, sorry, we put you through all of this. >> these new guidelines mean three different medical groups recommend three different ages for starting mammograms. some physicians say they're concerned insurance plans may decide not to cover costs of early mammograms. or that the guidelines may shift early. >> picking up cancers earlier, where the treatment is easier for patients, we can spare patients mastectomies or chemotherapy, it's very important for the one in eight women that are going to be diagnosed with breast cancer. >>. the american cancer society guidelines no longer recommend a clinical breast exam. or a breast self-exams for women of any age. though the group points out that the guidelines should not stop a woman who wants extra screening at any age. from getting it. i'm emily schmitt reporting. >> if you would like to read more about the new mammogram, it's posted
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under the national news section. >> kevin: despite clouds out there, it warmed up nicely. southwesterly winds. the good news, the wind advisory cancelled late this afternoon, had a wind gust of 43 at nantucket. no reports of any damage. the strongest winds didn't materialize, although that gust of 43 certainly fit the criteria we were looking at. just weren't numerous gusts and there are the clouds that are a stripe right over us, there's a cold front sinking southward to new england. the clouds will thicken up tonight and look at the showers riding along the front, coming out of the great lakes area, possible some of those reach here just like the ones that made it in here early this morning. you may have had a couple of those. worcester, 61 degrees this evening under sunny skies. there are a few clouds out there. your temperature dropping to about 50 overnight. so clearly a milder night coming up. 65 in boston right now. your temperature will be influenced by the clouds coming in tonight and keeping it up there in the 50's for your low temperature and back to the northwest and places northwest of worcester, like in orange and westfield, your temperature, 69,
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dropping down to 48, upper 40's overnight, that's going to be the coldest you'll find. mid to upper 40's north and west of worcester and 50's, eastern massachusetts and especially at the coastline. there are the clouds thickening up later on tonight with the front sinking southward. a couple of showers making it on in here, southern new hampshire, southern vermont, the northern tier of massachusetts. very much like what we saw late last night into early this morning. but very few showers too. it's going to be a cloudy day, mostly cloudy day, some sun, but very dry across the area. watch for a couple of sprinkles to pop up through the middle of the morning but by the afternoon, they'll be hard to find around here and more sun materializing. your high temperatures tomorrow will be mild, not quite as warm as today because of the increased clouds, so we'll go for 60 in hyannis. 63 for you nantucket. to the north of there, quincy will be 58 degrees. 63 brockton. these are average, maybe above average in some towns for this time of year. to the north and west, 55 in windham, new hampshire. brattleboro at 61 degrees
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it gets warmer again on thursday, and here's why. we have the clouds over us to start the day thursday and watch how they lift off to the north. can still be a couple of showers has the front goes back that way, so we're playing with the same fronts, but now it's going northward allowing the milder ahead of the cold front. we'll have to watch for showers, and even heavier downpours ahead of the front, much like we always do with cold front, but the breaks in the sun and clouds, will allow the temperatures to cook up a bit, near 70 degrees, much like we saw today and then the showers and potential for a thunderstorm or two start to rumble our way with the cold front late in the day thursday. cooler attend your week on friday and start your weekend, but it also brings back the sunshine and no chance of rain for friday and saturday. by sunday, the next fronts approaches with the possibility of some showers coming on in. so let's talk about that weekend in view. on saturday, the cooler of the two days, in the upper 50's, a few towns will hit 60, 61 degrees. more sunshine. sunday, we introduce the risk of a shower, but ahead of the cold front, we'll spike again back into the 60's and above average
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>> new kind of big dig is underway in boston. archaeologists are getting the chance to search for artifacts on boston commons. a decade old survey showed british troops camped there before the revolutionary war. take a look at this picture posted within the last couple of hours by archaeologists. you see a british gun flint unearthed on that revolutionary war campsite. >> fascinating. we have a happy event to tell you about a horse rescue. 30-year-old horse was emaciated when the mspca found her in drakette in march. her owner, kathy richardson, now facing felony animal cruelty charges, but now flora has gained more than 300 pounds and has been adopted by a westwood woman. she'll be receiving a special welcome as well when she arrives at her new home at a millis home tomorrow complete with signs, carrots and apples. >> the results are in. the state releases the test scores for the controversial
5:21 pm
park assessment. tonight, what it means for your children. >> also ahead, an nfl star at the center of a domestic dispute on the side of the road. >> it seems like, i don't know, he hit me a couple of times. >> we got into a little bit of hey, do you want to hang out with him so you can go with another girl. >> mark: johnny manziel and his girlfriend telling very different stories to police. hear the 911 calls for help and see the dashcam video of when police pulled the couple over. >> but first, drafting some help to deal with a federal investigation.
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screening, >> mark: former nba star and form your uri star lamar odom is back in los angeles recovering tonight after being found unconscious at a nevada brothel. >> he was flown by helicopter from a las vegas hospital to cedar sinai in l.a. last night, this as new photos have surfaced showing odom inside the brothel where he was found last week. although it is unclear when those photos were taken. odom was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but as we've been reporting, his condition has since improved. >> mark: boston based fantasy sports site is adding a big name to its web site. martha coakley will be assisting with legislative and regulatory matters. coakley released a statement, saying she will utilize her
5:24 pm
insight and experience to help the company implement additional best practices designed to preserve the integrity of the game. yesterday, maura healey said daily fantasy sites need to be regulated to regulate consumers. plans for a resort casino in springfield are downsizing once again. mgm resorts international has announced that it plans to cut the size of its casino by nearly 14%. mgm says it planned to reduce the scope of the project by 122,000 square feet. the company announced last months it was eliminating a 25 story hotel tower an replacing it with a six story hotel. mgm says it's committed to completing the project in september of 2018. >> elizabeth: south boston lawmaker wants the city to make sense of a very confusing rote river superior. fixing the traffic circle at columbus park and andrews square was one of the projects on its list for boston's olympic bid. well, since that bid was pulled, the fix has been put on the back burner, but state rep nick collins says he wants the plan
5:25 pm
rotary frequently causes traffic jams and crashes. and the mbta everything you a chance to help them pick out new designs for subway cars. people can go on line and vote for their effort colored patterns for the new orange, green, and redline cars. and according to mbta general manager, frank depaulo, the cars won't just look better but improve capacity and reliability. voting is open until november 3rd. >> new concerns tonight about a toxic chemical that could be in makeup women wear every single day. we'll look at products and where it can be found. >> also ahead in the next half-hour, 20 years ago today, travis roy was paralyzed in the first 11 seconds of his college hockey career at boston university. but today, isn't just about his accident. it's about what he has done since. we catch up with this inspiring man ahead in the next half-hour. >> mark: emotional testimony on beacon hill. families telling heartbreaking
5:26 pm
stories about dealing with lyme disease. >> the insurance companies aren't covering the treatment that is needed for people who have lyme disease. >> why those families say the state needs to update its laws, but opponents say, it could cost the businesses big bucks.
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>> mark: loved ones getting efeelings and fighting for insurance coverage for long-term lyme disease. hi everyone, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> heather: i'm heather hegedus. there are thousands of new lyme disease cases diagnosed each year in notice. many dealing with the effects of political reporter sharman sachetti was on beacon hill today for the hearings. >> the reporter: and we did some checking and we found, yes, the c.d.c. rates massachusetts second when it comes to cases of lyme disease, after pennsylvania. so the question is, when it becomes chronic, who pays? just a bite from a tick is all
5:29 pm
donna castle says she came down daughter -- >> was diagnosed in 2005 with a.l.s. and we were told she had about a year to live. >> donna got a second opinion and learned her daughter also had lyme disease. since the missings diagnosis, donna had to fight with her insurance to cover antibiotics beyond 30 days. >> delay in treatment because insurance companies were denying the coverage. you know, it really cost my daughter to become disabled. >> the reporter: at the state house, she testified in favor of bills that would force all insurance companies to cover long-term treatment for chronic lyme disease. right now, the federal government only recommends short-term antibiotics. about a month. advocate say the state needs to step in because the testing is not 100%, and new data is always coming in. >> we've seen people improve with prolonged antibiotic therapy. >> eric, who represents the massachusetts association of health plans, calls this dangerous territory.
5:30 pm
medical practice into statute, that doesn't comply with actual evidence-based medicine, it becomes bad medicine. >> he also argues this would be expensive. >> this ultimately leads to higher costs for small businesses. >> respectfully, the other side would say this is all about money and the insurance companies don't want to pay out. >> health plans do provide coverage for lyme disease treatment, so that's not true. >> the reporter: we did talk with a state lawmaker whose son had lyme disease. he is sponsoring one of these bills and what he said when i asked why, all health insurance companies aren't picking up the cost of this? that's coming up at 6:15 p.m. we're live outside the state house, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> heather: well, it was a chilly start to the work week, but has been a very mild fall day since. check out the scene in wellesley, just a beautiful day to check out the foliage. the mild temperatures will continue for the next few days an we can appreciate it even more after sunday and monday. >> kevin: good point, heather. it was so cold and not nearly as cold.
5:31 pm
no freezing temperatures out there. check this out. highs near 70 degrees out there in wellesley, likely in the upper 60's. 65 at logan airport, sticking out in the cold ocean water at the airport. that time of year, we're getting near the water can usually help you, because inland temperatures tends to be on the cooler side. we were still above average today, that wasn't the case, it was more like a spring day. clouds over the top of us mixing with the sun, plenty of sunshine but the clouds will tend to thicken up and a couple of showers to our northwest, we'll have to watch to see if they have make it on in here. beverly at 63. worcester at 61 degrees. just a knew degrees off the highest and overnight tonight, out there on cape cod, temperatures are going to stay in the 50's, mostly cloudy skies. those clouds will impact your temperature tomorrow, we'll see how warn we're going to be the next few days and with the next rain arrives. >> heather: just being zooing of cape cod, a cape cod man has been found guilty of stealing money from the local disabled veterans organization there. >> mark: 65-year-old richard trott sr. of east sands witch has been convicted of
5:32 pm
transferring more than $100,000 from the organization into his own personal bank accounts. an investigation into him was launched in 2013. trott has been sentenced to two years in jail with eight months to serve and ten years of probation. quincy livery driver sentenced up to eight years in prison for raping a woman who got if his car. prosecutors flagged gown said's car. sadiki drove to a secluded location and attacked and robbed the victim. police say he was later seen using her debit and credit cards >> heather: a guyton man is under arrest after threatening another man with a hatchet in a road rage incident. the victim told police 34-year-old brian art was driving erratically behind him on route 118 when suddenly art cut in in front of him hand stopped. art then allegedly got out and began yelling at the man and waving a hatchet in a threatening way. he took off but police later caught up with him.
5:33 pm
boston fire trucks on the campus of harvard medical school this afternoon. we are told that there was a report of a burning odor, possibly an overheated motor, in a mechanical room on the roof. we're still waiting right now to learn more about the exact cause, but the good news is it doesn't amir anyone was hurt -- appear anyone was hurt. in new bedford, a fire, no one was living in the three story >> mark: students across massachusetts may be faced with a new test to see how well they're doing in the classroom, it could replace the m cats, the massachusetts comprehensive haye zestment system, which has been around since 1998. classroom instruction often focuses on the skills students need to success on that test. the new test is called parcc. parcc encourages classroom instruction focused on critical thinking. application of knowledge and research. state education officials will vote next month on whether to adopt parcc to see how well our kids are doing in english and
5:34 pm
first feel for how students did on the parcc exams versus the mcas. crystal haynes joins us to complain what the scores show, crystal? they're calling it mcas2.0 and it wouldn't roll out until three years from now, but these results can be an indicator for the future of standardized testing in the state. the test results are in. >> parcc is smarter balanced, something else. kind of -- >>. state department of elementary and secondary council releasing the test scores. just about half of all districts participated in the controversial common core assessment. >> we can't sit on mcas as it exists, it was a great test, it served us well, we're 18 years into it. diminished return. >> according to the new data,
5:35 pm
overall, students grades 3-8 scored slightly worse on the parcc test, compared to the mcas, but only by a margin of superintendents from three of the largest urban school districts in the state say they're on board with parcc. >> it's shorter, it's clearer, and they see the connection between what they're being taught as to what they're being assessed. >> it's the kinds of high are level, higher thinking that we every day. >> the reporter: of the numbers released today in line with a study commissioned by the state showing both marc and the mcas equal live predicted college ready ins and with a significant political and parental opposition to the test, fox 25 has been following since the beginning, i asked, so if parcc and mcas are both the same in terms of an indicator for college readiness, why switch over? >> the level of materials students are expected to learn
5:36 pm
for student performance are different. the board also talked about parcc as a test not really aligning with the current curriculum and they may have to come up with a third option. there will be several meetings between now and november 17th november 17th when a final vote is taken. and coming up at 6:00 p.m., the cost of a change in standardized testing in the state. for now reporting in maldin, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> strict new rules for a public housing residents in one local city. >> never in a million years did i think that i would have accomplished so much in my life to be where i'm at today. >> what's required and we're asking whether it's working. >> also ahead, a generous gift by these local newlyweds. how they used their wedding to help a lot of families in need. >> heather: first, an nfl quarterback caught in the middle of a domestic dispute. hear the calls for help and see the dashcam video of when police
5:37 pm
that's next on the leadership isn't given. it's earned. realized. accomplished. fulfilled. won. leadership isn't given.
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>> mark: is it a personal foul? police releasing the dashcam video and 911 calls from when cleveland brown quarterback johnny manziel and his girlfriend were pulled. >> caller: you're about to see the couple had two very different versions about what went on in that car. >> the reporter: on dashcam video, yes or no any manziel tells officers how events spiraled out of control last monday night after drinks downtown with his girlfriend colleen. on the video you harriman sell
5:39 pm
tell officers how he told colleen he wanted to pick up a buddy and that didn't sit well with her. >> we got into hey, you want to hang out with him so you can go out with other girls. this is between her saying this hand me. that's why you want to hang out with him, blah blah blah. >> colleen minutes earlier relayed her version of events to the officer. >> what happened today, you guys were obviously in this car. >> he's like, i don't know, he hit me a couple times. >> while you were in the car. >> yes. please don't make a scene. please -- >> the police report noted the only visible to colleen were an abrasion wound to her left arm, which is consistent with manziel's story to keep her from jumping out of the car, prompting a driver passing by to call police. >> it appears the driver might
5:40 pm
at one point, manziel's linebacker just happened by, which upset colleen. he would leave, but not before offering police his opinion of manziel's girlfriend. >> she's not the right one he should be with, i'll tell you that right now. >> heather: both manziel and colleen were eventually allowed to leave the scene together. colleen told officers she didn't want to press charges. the nfl has not commented. >> mark: a growing scandal surrounding former celtics head coach and his louisville cardinals. now that is an escort saying one of rick patino's staffers hired her and other dancers to strip and have sex with recruits and other players. patino denies all the allegations although she claims he knew what was going on. >> >> kevin: cooling down this evening, but a mild night. a lot of clouds around town. how that will impact the temperatures. >> heather: first, an important warning for women. the toxic cancer causing chemical that could be in your makeup back or medicine cabinet right now.
5:41 pm
and how that chemical is getting
5:42 pm
you're watching the fox 25 ne >> mark: massachusetts liquor stores pushing to stay closed on the thanksgiving holiday. a bill before the state house would allow those stores to open, but owners testifying today argue the business would not be word the loss of family time. thanksgiving, memorial day and christmas are the three holidays when liquor stores are banned from opening under state law. >> heather: also tonight, a potentially toxic chemical could be in your makeup bag or your medicine cabinet right now. >> mark: jacqueline feld is digging into a new study that says this chemical ending up in women's body. a new study by duke remembers and the environmental working group found mail nail polishes contain a potentially toxic chemical. researchers detected the chemicals in the body of women who painted their nails.
5:43 pm
in animal testing, tphp has been shown to interfere with hormones, cause obesity and developmental problems. >> we really need to take a closer look at whether or not there are health effects associated in people, including women, and specifically, weight gain and obesity. >> the chemical is commonly used to make furniture less flammable. nail polish makers likely add it to make polishes more durable. the group says congress should do a better job at regulating nail polish and other cosmetics to make sure what's in them is actually safe. nail polish manufacturers gans using phth as a replacements for other chemicals that scientific studies found were harmful. >> we can't block out ingredients that have health concerns and the public has growing concerns about ingredients that have either no safety information or very little information on their toxicity. >> the reporter: the study also says some nail polishes on sale right now, don't disclose they contain tphp.
5:44 pm
from the itunes store for secretly gathering personal information from users. the apps were made in china and allowed a chinese ad company to display their ads inside the apps, including popular apps like angry birds 2. the software was designed to gather people's email addresses and iphones serial numbers. we do have a list of those banned apps on our website right now, and the holidays just got a little sweeter. hershey is announcing a new hershey kiss coming out with a hazelnut center, and rice crisps available november 5 through the holidays. if you wanted new l.l. bean boots for the holidays, you are out of luck. the boots won't be available until january. now the company is explaining to atlantic magazine why. they're made in brunswick, maine, in the l.l. bean factory and take 85 minutes to make eve one and they're handmade by just 200 people. >> i was one of the people who
5:45 pm
went to the store to buy those with my daughter one time, very disappointed. it's the hottest ticket in town and all across the country. the new "star wars" movie is two months away and already selling out. >> it's true. all of it. >> mark: the force awakens trailer debuted at halftime during monday night football. the buds surrounding the movie is so big as soon as word got out that fandangle was selling tickets, fans crashed the web site trying to get tickets. the movie hits theaters december 18th. the force is with julian edelman on an off -- and off the field. creating a new force awakens poster, in his version. tom brady is hans solo, gronk is chewbacca. bill belichick is the new dark villian.
5:46 pm
princess leah. >> kevin: so we've had some warm temperatures out there, mark, what do you think of that? >> mark: i don't know what to say about that. i wanted your reaction there for a moment. what do you think? you do a great job of weather, we're not going to put you in a movie poster or anything. >> the reporter: i'm ok with that, but i can't wait to see that movie myself. we grew up on the early ones, right, mark, the first ones came out, can't wait for the new one myself. look, these are the temperatures i'm talking about. mount snow, 53 degrees and i tell you that, because all these ski resorts have been telling us they've been making snow over the last couple of weeks. in fact, wild cat mountain just made snow for the last 48 hours straight they told us today, but with temperatures warming like this, how much of the snow can stick around and we have a couple more mild days warming up. we have to go back to the drawing board and get more snow made on top of that. temperature in lowell, 63. acton, 62. perfect for your dinner plans, that's for sure.
5:47 pm
in boston, it's 65 specifically, maldin, 64 and winthrop right on the water, you're at 63. so the southwest of boston, take a trip down route 1, out around now 95 around you'll find the same temperatures in the mid 60's. franklin at 66 and medway, 65. there's a beautiful found of medfield at 66 degrees this evening as well. now the clouds will be thickening tonight. that's because a cold front is pushing southward toward us. this front is playing jump rope with southern new england, it's coming back at us, and it will settle over the top of us through the day tomorrow, so there will be clouds and the risk for some more showers or a couple showers around this morning, north of the massachusetts turnpike basically and there are a few more coming out of the great lakes right along that front. a couple in the afternoon and morning. random showers. we're not talking about a rainy day. don't be concerned about that. temperatures hour-by-hour tonight in the 60's for now, 39:00 p.m., but then by 11:00 p.m., and by the time we're talking during the 11:00 p.m. newscast, most towns down into the 50's already, but not going too much colder overnight. maybe some upper 40's back here. you see the blues here, that's
5:48 pm
most towns will stay close to 50 and on the east coast, southeastern massachusetts, staying in the mid to upper overnight. so we're starting out mild tomorrow. the reason temperatures won't jump as much, we won't have the real hard push of southwesterly winds like we had today and we'll have more clouds over the top of us. there you see them on futurecast. and just a couple of those random showers popping up, just north of that front that's pushing on through. really not push on through, stalling over the top of us. now this front is going to go back the other way and bring the mild air back in, but not until thursday, so high temperatures during tomorrow, maybe actually a few degrees cooler than what you saw out there today. in fact, let's check out some of the high temperatures for tomorrow. in the boston area, upper 50's. arlington, 59. cambridge at 58. quincy, checking in at 58 degrees tomorrow afternoon. back here into worcester county, temperatures are going to be generally near 60 degrees. gardner to rutland and air will be 59 degrees tomorrow afternoon the north shore, seacoast of new hampshire, 53 portsmouth. hampton beach at 52. 55 inlands at windham, new
5:49 pm
hampshire tomorrow afternoon. so just a few degrees cooler, but close to average. maybe even a few degrees below average in some towns, but it's all because of the clouds, which lift back northward on thursday. still be some out this, but you get some sun and now that push of southerly winds ahead of the cold front. watch for a few showers popping ahead of and along the front thursday afternoon, but this will bring in the warm air one more time. check out thursday, getting in to the upper 60's, again near 70. a dave much like today ending with some showers, bringing in the cooler air to start this weekend in the 50's, a little milder sunday, but the tradeoffs comes with rainshowers sunday afternoon. >> mark: at the top of the hour, we told you about the new developments in the bella bond case. little girl once known as baby doe, her mother an mother's boyfriend who was accused of killing house of representatives back in court today. for a second autopsy on bella was ordered. all new at 6:00 p.m., why a legal expert tells fox 25 a second autopsy could change this case altogether and also new at 6:00 p.m. this city's public housing, there are new rules.
5:50 pm
>> if someone is willing to try, we're going to find a way to make them successful. >> the reporter: the work or school requirements to live in these state-funded units. >> heather: first, you probably remember this, that horrific crash right there into the boards, paralyzing the b.u. hockey player travis roy 20 years ago today. next at 5:00 p.m., the special event his foundation held today
5:51 pm
spin leadership isn't given.
5:52 pm
>> heather: it is an in spearing story, we have all come to know very well. >> mark: we're talking about travis roy, 20 years allege today, he was paralyzed in the first 11 seconds of his college hockey career at boss university, but tonight isn't about his accidents. it's about on everything he has done since that day to help people living with spinal cord injuries. fox 25 news's malini basu joins us live, and malini, i've met him several times and what an incredible guy. >> the reporter: you could say that again, mark. i spoke to several kids and they tell me that this guy here has taught them so much, to really go after that dream and today, that special event is being held right over here. let me take you back to that very day. it was 20 years ago today that travis roy, miles an hour his first time on the eye, he was playing for the b.u. hockey team and in a matter of 11 seconds, he took a hit on the boards that left him paralyzed for life.
5:53 pm
roy day, the foundation that helps and cures so many kids. hundreds of people packed into the arena today to celebrate travis roy. >> there's still some sadness involved. i wish that my life traveled a different path, but i recognize that i've had an opportunity since my accident, and trying to use it to benefit all of us, that are paralyzed. >> and so far, $7 million has been raised in research, but in the meantime, travis is telling us, i just want to find a cure for all of this. now coming up in the 6:00 p.m. hour, you'll hear from travis again and also hear from students that were inspired by his messages. for now, live outside of boston university, malini basu, fox 25 news. >> his foundation, the travis roy foundation, a lot of people come together to help with that and it really has made great strides if our community and really people across the country. >> heather: you've had an opportunity to meet him several times as you said.
5:54 pm
had a chance to play in his wiffle ball tournament this spring. it's great to talk to him but it's amazing the extraordinary measures he goes through to help those suffering the same way he is suffering with spinal cord injuries. >> heather: paying it forward. this is an uplifting story. an unusual bridal registry for one local couple who came to the aid of their communities. >> mark: david and mary beth wash asked their 175 wedding guests to bring food or cash donations for the franklin food pantry in lieu of gifts. they tied the knot this weekend and delivered the gifts today, a whole van loaded with food and more than $1,200 in donations. now at 6:00 p.m., a new twist in the bella bond case. the request from the accused killer's request that could be the answer to a lingering mystery. >> heather: a close are look at the husband and wife accused of robbing banks up and down the east coast. >> kevin: how much longer we'll see highs in the 60's and when our next shot for rain arrives.
5:55 pm
on alert, police investigating a sexual assault, they are looking for this man, police say an 18-year-old freshman, met him on an app. >> mark: first at 6:00 p.m., the mother of bella bonds, the little girl once known as baby doe, hides her face from cameras as she faces a judge. prosecutors say her boyfriend, michael mccarthy, killed bella and that bella's mother helped hide that information from police. today, mccarthy appeared in court looking different from when he was first arrested but the biggest development came when a judge approved a request from his lawyer. hello everyone. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> heather: i'm heather hegedus. a second autopsy will be performed with the hopes of getting some conclusive evidence of exactly how bella died. robert goulston was in court today and how this second autopsy could alter the case.
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