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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  October 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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fox 25's mali basu is here with the update. >> u-mass medical school doctor, reportedly dr. marcus cooper, within the last 40 minutes or so, fox 25 just learned from u-mass school officials that they are confirming this incident happened last month. according to, a 26-year-old medical student at u-mass reportedly says she was using a stall in the woman's bathroom when she saw a shadow and then saw a camera phone lens pointing down in her direction. that student claims to have chased him out of the bathroom and reportedly then asked him to head to campus police. we're being told that he then refused and took off. dr. cooper reportedly going to the police department himself later on to say it was all a big misunderstanding. the court records obtained by say police checked his phone and didn't find anything but they do have a warrant for his phone. the u-mass officials tell fox 25 cooper is on paid administrative leave, and of course pending charges. and he will be arraigned on
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malini basu, fox 25 news. fox 25 morning news will have any new developments on this breaking story that starts at 4:00 a.m. updating breaks new out of new york city we've been following since 10:00 where there are reports of new york city police officer shot by a gunman in east harlem. there are some reports that he was shot in the head and is in critical condition. that. the suspect reportedly under arrest at this hour. the commissioner just tweeting he was with that officer at the hospital and to keep the officer in our prayers. >> we're following breaking news out of manchester new hampshire right now. police say an 18-year-old man has been shot near guild stadium. that man is at elliot hospital right now being treated. police and k-9 units are on the scene investigating and they tell us this does not appear to be a random shooting. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. >> developing at this hour, the search for bonnie and clyde as a couple is on the run wanted for bank robberies up and down the east coast. the husband and wife team from the quincy area and police in several states are now looking
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fox 25's ted daniel is here now. ted, they may have struck as far away as florida. >> mark, unlike bonnie and clyde, this couple is not in it for the thrill. the detective i spoke with tonight told me they are desperate for money to feed an exexpensive and all consuming herring win habit. police believe they are on the move and they have two full-grown dogs and five puppys with them. >> these two are unseparable. they do not associate with people anymore. they have seven dogs that are traveling with them in that vehicle. >> reporter: ludlow police department on joseph carrier and his wife jennifer. police say he gives the teller a note and implies he has a gun. she drives the getaway car, a 2015 buick encore suv. the first one happened on september 28th in western mass at a bank inside a grocery store in ludlow. two weeks later, a wells fargo
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four days after that, a bank of america in archbishop dean maryland. police suspect a couple is on the move and possibly heading back to the northeast, both have ties in western mass and in quincy. tonight we start with the couple's last known address, belonging to a relative of jennifer's. >> didn't know if you wanted to make a plea. >> reporter: the people inside ask us to leave. we also stop at this car lot in hanover, ludlow police tell fox 25 jennifer carrier stole the suv from the slip group when she used to work here. >> it's almost like bonnie and clyde, that's what we're calling them here in the office. >> the couple was last seen driving that stolen suv. a 2015 buick encore, chocolate in color. it may still have a massachusetts dealer plate, 265ss in sam. the detective tells me the couple's family has been
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just want jennifer and joseph to turn themselves in. live in our control room, ted daniel, fox 25 news. there are new questions tonight about when women should get mammograms. at 5:00 and 6:00 on the news we told you about the new guidelines released, pushing back the suggested age to 45. new tonight, fox 25's katheryn burcham spoke with a survivor who is questioning the change. >> it's an awful moment to hear those words. >> lindsay mclaughlin was just 28 when the doctor told her the small lump in her breast was malignant. self-exam. >> i said it's better safe than sorry and i went to my doctor and they said, nobody under 30 gets breast cancer but because of your history we'll do a mammogram. >> reporter: mclaughlin says that mammogram saved her life, cancer. >> i think early detection is huge. does it save lives? maybe, maybe not. but for me i had options and that was based on getting a
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experts now suggest fewer mammograms and less frequent. the american cancer society previous guidelines recommended annual screenings at age 40. the new guidelines recommend annual screenings for women 45 to 54 and bi annual screenings for women 55 and over. these should only apply to women at average risk for cancer. >> the really unfortunate thing about mammography screening is that it's very far from a perfect screening test. >> reporter: brigham women's dr. pace is a lead researcher on breast cancer and says mammograms actually pose a bigger risk to young women with false positive results and overdiagnoses. >> so although we do think it reduces the likelihood of dying from breast cancer, the reduction in breast cancer deaths that we see with routinescreen screening is actually very small. >> doctors do caution that women
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should have breast awareness in monitor any changes in their own body and that's something lindsay mclaughlin told me she agrees with, saying that women must be advocates for their own health, especially with fewer screenings. katheryn burcham, fox 25 news. it's been an up and down week as far as weather. >> yeah, part new england will be very warm and the other part will be on the cooler side but no way will it be cold. that's because of the front that is cutting across the area right now. tonight the front will be just about on top of us, cutting massachusetts in half tomorrow. attracting showers around the area. they've all been drying up so far. during the morning hours, the increased risk moving along the same front. envelope massachusetts it will stay in the 60s and upper
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there is warmer weather ahead. when we'll see 70s across the area, straight ahead. >> breaking news from washington where representative paul ryan says he will run for speaker of conditions. he says he will serve as speaker only if he's the unity candidate of the divided party with the endorsement of the major caucuses. the post and gave his colleagues until friday to show their support. and the arrest tonight for a series of sexual assaults on nantucket. police tell us that david matterson seen here charged with kidnapping and rape. they say the assault took place between 2008 and 2014. >> matterson is a carpenter on nantucket and arrested on a job site today. sudbury police are investigating a swatiska that was drawn in a middle school bathroom. this is new at 11:00. we have learned a custodian found that hate symbol in a boys lavatory. school leaders and police met with groups of eighth grade boys to disgust discuss the seriousness of the event.
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police cannot believe a specific student started it. >> martha coakley addressing her new role at the fantasy sports sight draft kings. coakley has been hired as an outside adviser of the state. in a statement released tonight, coakley says she will, quote, utilize her insight and experience to help the company implement additional best practices designed to preserve the integrity of the game. yesterday current attorney general laura healy said daily fantasy sites need to be regulated to protect customers. a man is under arrest after allegedly threatening another man with a hatch net a road rage incident. victims tell police 34-year-old brian art was driving erratically on route 118 in rehoboth when after the suddenly cut in front of him and stopped. he was seen waving a hatchet in a threatening married. he took off but police later caught up with him. all lanes in lawrence are
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back open tonight after a loose tire caused a crash. state police say a tractor/trailer lost its wheel. the tire bounced hit cars on both sides of the highway. a camper rolled over on the other side while swerving to avoid the tire. fortunately no one was hurt. it's unclear what caused the tire to come off the truck. a cape cod man has been found guilty of stealing money from the local disabled veterans organization. 65-year-old richard trot senior from east sandwich has been convicted of transporting more than $100,000 from the organization into his own personal bank account. an investigation into him was launched in 2013. trot has been sentenced to two years in jail now with eight months to serve and 10 years probation. bridgewater state university, police are searching for a man they say sexually assaulted a freshman he met online.
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coming up right here. police say the victim met him on the social media app kick and arranged to meet him near the campus center. the attack allegedly happened on the other side of campus near a parking garage. if you recognize this man, you are urged to contact bridgewater state police. worcester police looking for a group of armed men wanted in a frightening home. the victim told investigators that seven men with guns forced their way into his home assaulting that man and a family member. the suspects then allegedly tied those two men up before pepper spraying them. the victim's wife and her two daughters were locked in a room while the suspects ransacked a home. worcester police are now looking for your tips.
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and a second autopsy will be performed on the little girl known as baby bella at one points. now the mother of baby bond as we know her now and her boyfriend were in court today. a judge approved a second autopsy to be performed by a third party.
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never easy. many times it's a life or death decision. shaun knows that firsthand. his wife od'd right beside had him and died. help. >> all you want to do is get that in your system or you're gonna have huge withdrawals. >> reporter: gloucester's program offers addicts a hand up telling users they won't be arrested, charged or jailed if they ask for help. and now besides saving lives, gloucester is seeing even more benefits. >> we've run some preliminary figures on the money and there seems to be a more cost-effective way for law
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enforcement to deal with addiction. >> reporter: as you can see for the gloucester facebook post for everyone getting treatment instead of arrested there's a $221 savings per person that would have had to have been processed and held and put through court. the cost to facilitate treatment is paid by funds seized from drug dealers and perhaps the most eye opening a 23% drop in crimes attributed to addiction. things like shoplifting, possession, and larceny. for gloucester's chief, saving money is secondary. people are surprised at the help they're given here at the police station, to be that kind of safe haven. >> for people who need help like shaun, it's a livesaver. >> people aren't bad people, they're just addict the people. >> so far 15 towns in massachusetts have similar programs in place and spread to nine different states.
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the chief says the angel program resident. because addicts is such a huge problem. in gloucester, fox 25 news. >> the biggest circle found in yarmouth today. a rare native american stone point at the taylor braid farm. 9,000 years old. later in the afternoon volunteers found a tool estimated to be 3500 years old. a story new at 11:00, tewksbury police say john miller of milford, new hampshire tried to sell an undercover officer and assault rifles and 3,000 rounds of ammunition at a holiday inn there. miller is now charged with trafficking firearms and gun possession. he's due in lowell district court in the morning. new at 11:00, plymouth police need your help identifying a man suspected of
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police say he was in plymouth when he handed the farm cyst a note demanding the drug. the suspect left in a dark sedan, stands 6 feet tall. call plymouth police if you can help. >> a purse stolen from a funeral of all places. you're looking at 23-year-old cassidy roy. police say roy went to a funeral at a church in east free town and stole a purse from the lobby. there were reportedly two cell phones and other penalty property in the purse. roy will now be charged with larceny. an unusual bridal registry for one local couple coming to the aid of a community. the newlyweds asked 175 of their wedding guests to bring food or cash donations to the franklin
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they tied the knot over the weekend and delivered those wedding gifts today to the food pantry, a whole van loaded full of food, and more than 1200 dollars in donations, a really selfless thing to do there. tonight we're looking at clouds and showers, make their way towards southern new england. these are on the trajectory to make their way across the area but keep drying out as they come this way. a front is right across the area and it's gonna end up being a really with a front that's going to be just through massachusetts through the day tomorrow. on one side of the front, you'll be on the warm side. to the north you'll be on the cooler side. make a difference in temperatures during the day tomorrow. s. the clouds made in eventual southern vermont and across cape cod earlier all since have dried up. but showers will be sporadic tomorrow. most of you will stay dry during the day tomorrow but south of the front it will be warmer but farther north, too, but you're in the cooler air too so you won't be warming up quite as much. in between you're on the boundary to go either way, looks like places in southern worcester county and southwestern connecticut will be
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the warmer spots. temperatures right now are generally in the 50s all across the area with the exception of west field mass, where it's 48 down in the valley. look what happens overnight and into tomorrow. temperatures do cool off, upper 40s back here, 50s up the coast, but into connecticut and the river valley and providence, temperatures well into the 50s and into the 60s northshore. again that warm front cutting across massachusetts tomorrow and through the day and nighttime hours. here's an idea what the high temperature will look like. to the south of worcester county... which side of the front do you want to be on? i'd rather be on the warm side
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but it's stalled over us until thursday when it all goes back northward and we get back into the upper 60s and low 70s much like we saw today. it was 70 in norwood after all for the official high temperature. the trade-off is an increased risk of showers especially as it comes across later in the afternoon. potentially a thunderstorm along the front. notice the clearing behind it. that will be ours for friday. thursday night into friday morning the showers leave and we start to clear out. we'll see the temperatures cool down as the clear skies come with cooler temperatures on friday. on thursday there's a peak this warm smell spell that we've been having. tomorrow the front sinking on top of us.
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the boys in foxboro will be a little extra focused. durrell revis returns to gillette stadium. he and brady know each other very well after a full season of working against each other during practice. >> i think both, you know, he has got obviously intimate knowledge of how we do things and kind of the skill seth of our players and how -- i know how he likes to play things, his play style is very similar, the way it's always been. >> how much of a difference can revis make? take a look at numbers. the pats have done a pretty good job of keeping the faith since durrell parted but the jets have skyrocketed from 24th to first in the nfl in scoring defense, largely because revis himself has six take-aways in the first five games. more details continue to emerge from the story surrounding the louisville basketball team.
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strippers and escorts. two players are among those implicated. brad stevens was asked about that tonight at the celtics shamrock gala. >> anytime you see allegations of that regard, just -- from the whole big picture of everything that's been alleged, it just saddens you but i have not talked to him today, no. jason varitek has no experience but the mariners were 10 games under 500 last year under lloyd mcclean do. mr. murphy. five straight postseason games to the home run. two outs, comes get a strike-out
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goes wild. >> probably should have been an error ruled a sing and they went from there. >> leads the series three games to none. rio goes 415 feet. the royals win it 14-2. game 5 tomorrow in toronto.
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