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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 21, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. breaks now at, a bicycle smashed in plymouth. the cyclist rushed to the hospital. what we are learning of the crash. a new york police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. the crime that sparked the chase and shootout. and questions swirling this morning of the health of the pope. what the vatican is saying that pope francis has a brain tumor. this is the fox25 morning news. >>daniel: good morning and happy wednesday, october 21. it is 4:00, i am daniel miller. >>julie: good morning, everyone, i am julie grauert.
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clouds are lingering this morning. meteorologist sarah wroblewski is in for shiri timing out a warm-up on the way, sarah sorboni . >>sarah: a lot of folks are like that risk of showers. today will the temperatures will depend on where you are. a weather boundary across new england keeping the clouds florida place and risk of a few sprinkles for light showers for the south shore and as well as the cape. full be traveling just be too. but perhaps a few raindrops, mostly cloudy and mild to start although in the 40s to the north and west. 50s, lower 60s. it depends on where you are for the day today because this weather boundary drifts across the region which means winds will be on shore. as we head toward the morning hours, the clouds will thick around. notice temperatures 40s and 50s notice temperatures 40s and 50s. as we head on through the day, temperatures will quickly rise the 50s and 60s down across the south. stuck in the 50s to the north and tracking the possibility of a few spot sprinkles or showers.
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by the afternoon, temperatures will be approaching near 70 in parts of connecticut, but getting stuck in the 50s the further north you go. so this weather boundary is really going to be a big player in our temperatures. a wide range for the day today. we are going to take a closer look at what you can expect in your town, plus also the rain on your way for tomorrow. i will have that timing. a check of the traffic with julie grauert. good morning. >>julie: sarah, good morning. i want to remind everyone the ted williams tunnel westbound. those lanes are closed until 5 a.m. the detour is the sumner tunnel the detour is the sumner tunnel. 9 south is moving you a long nicely from the cloverleaf down to medford and somerville. pike looks good as well. overall volume is reasonable and 13 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 21 minutes on 93 south from 49 to the leverett connector. 4:02 right now and we begin with breaking news out of plymouth.
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state police are investigating a hit-and-run crash that sent a cyclist to the hospital. this happened around 10:30 last night on carver road. our crew at the scene was able to capture the smashed pike on camera. so far investigators have not released what the make and model of the car involved in that crash is. police have not released what kind of injuries the victim suffered. we will be on the scene gather we will be on the scene gathering information all morning. also a new york city police officer was killed in the line of duty. he was shot in a head during a police chase. 33-year-old randolph holder chasing a man who chasing a man who stolen the bike and was shot. other officers shot the suspects in the legs and arrested him. he was a third-generation police officer who emigrated from africa. mayor diblazio said the department is trying to cope with his loss. >> sadness. hard to understand what everyone is going through.
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fighting to understand the loss of a man who cared so much, dedicated his life to protecting others. >> officer holder's father was at the scene comforting other officers. the fourth nypd officer killed in the line of duty in 11 months. developing in westford where police are hoping for you in leads in a missing mom from maine. sara meade. she and her 5-year-old son were reported missing yesterday morning. spotted around 9:30 in west westburg. the mother may have disappeared against her own free will but did not provide any further details. mead is driving a 1999 volvo with a maine license plate. the number on your screen, 1637 the number on your screen, 1637fz. westford police say she was spotted on powers road. call police immediately if you see her. also developing this morning, police on nantucket say a man charged with two sexual assaults may have been
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35-year-old david matterson was arrested yesterday charged in two sexual assaults. due in court on the island. one on 2008 from bartlett road and another last year on roberts lane; however, investigators tell the cape cod times they have five or six open cases that matterson may be connected to. as part of the investigation. officers asked 100 men on the island with sxwra make can heritage to submit dna sampleam heritage to submit dna sampleams. a local doctor is accused of too of too to take pictures of a woman in a bathroom. the doctor is on leave, marcus cooper. the woman saw a shadow and camera phone lens. she chased the man who later sur rend derrs to police. the doctor will be arraigned in december. the search is on for a man who sexually assaulted a bridgewater state freshman. the 18-year-old victim met him
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met him at the center. attack allegedly happened on the other side of campus near a parking garage. students are suspicious of social media apps like the victim used. >> exposes the dangers in social media. you don't know you are talk og or you are meeting up with until too late >> the app itself is a little scary, a little sketchy. i personally would not use something like that. >> the search of that suspect once again. anyone who recognizes him call bridgewater state police. just last month bridgewater police released latest statistics statistics of sexual assaults on campus. five forcible events last year up from three in 2013. one assault in 2012. now 4:06. we are following developing news on pope francis this morning. the vatican has denied ran
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pontiff has a benign brain tumor. an italian paper said pope francis was diagnosed with a small dark spot on the brain and it was curable. the pope revealed -- traveled to tuscany to see a specialist some time ago. the spokesman for the vatican said this is not true and the pope is in good health. pope francis was just in the u.s. for more than a week in september. republicans in congress are on a deadline to elect a new speaker of the house. wisconsin paul ryan said he will run for speak only if different factions of the republican party unite against him. he wants the endorse am of the major house caucuses. he said the party and the country are in desperate need of leadership. >> because we think the nation is on the wrong path, we have a duty to show the right one. visionary one. >> congressman ryan was mitt romney's running mate in the 2012 presidential race. this morning, police
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couple accused of robbing banks up and down the east coast. the first one happened september 28 at a bank inside a big wide grocery store in ludlow. two weeks later a wells fargo in palm beach florida. two days after that, the couple targeted a bank of mark in aberdeen, maryland. joseph carrier. he gives president teller a note implies that he has gun and jennifer drives the getaway car. they were a normal law-abiding couple until they both got hooked on heroin. >> these two are so desperate that once they run out of money, they become so sick that they will do whatever means to get more cash to purchase more heroin. >>daniel: police believe the couple is on the move and possibly heading back to the northeast. the couple was last seen driving this stolen suv. happening today, the man accused of trying to sell guns to an undercover officer in
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tewksbury will appear in court. police arrested john miller of milford, new hampshire, for allegedly trying to sell an assault rifle, assault gun, and 3,000 rounds of ammunition to an undercover officer. it happened at the holiday inn on highwood drive. did not have a license to carry the weapons. this morning police are searching for the suspects of a shooting of a teenager in new hampshire. the 18-year-old was shot and 8:00 last night near gill stadium in manchester. he was rushed to a local hospital 37 hospital hospital. no word on his condition this morning. police do not believe this was a random shooting. >> a group of armed men accused of terrorize of terrorizing a worcester family remain on the loose. seven hen where guns forced their way to a home on circuit ave east. two men in the house were pepper sprayed and tied up. a woman and two young girls were locked in a bedroom while the suspects ransacked the house. the robbers stole the robbers stole cash and other valuables. new this morning, the top
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against daily fantasy sports sites. maura healy will not shut downdraft kings or its rival fan dual. other states have blocked the sites from operating state games. healy says no state law banning fantasy sports games. instead her office will make sure that the games are fair and customers are protected. 4:09. new this morning toyota has issued a recall on millions of vehicles. it affects 6.5 million cars globally and 2.7 in north america. toyota says the power window master switch may short circuit and potential legal cause a fire. models effected are the corolla models effected are the corolla, camry and yarus made between january 2005 and december of 2010. a judge in the case of the little girl once known as baby doe has allowed the defense to conduct a second autopsy. fox25 in court as bella bond's
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mccarthy went before a judge. new upd will be held before a third party. bail. they will be in court next month. a new hampshire prep school graduate found guilty of attack graduate found guilty of attacking a classmate will face lifetime registration as a sex offender in august a jury convicted owen labrie of various charges use various charges using a computer to connect with a female student. his lawyers want that one dropped because that requires him to register. a symbol of hate at a school in sudbury. police are investigate police are investigating a swastika that was found drawn in a boy's bathroom at curtis middle school. a a cuss toad i don't know found the simple and they met with groups of 8th grade boys to discuss the seriousness of the event. they do not believe a specific
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student was targeted. 4:11. changing the rules for mammograms again. a new debate on how long women wait before being screened. a hike takes a wrong turn for these college students. >> i ended up slipping at one point and i was just kind of down -- head down fetal position when i got to the bottom. >> how their phone led them so far off track. but first, sarah wroblewski tracking the forecast this wednesday. >>sarah: yeah, that's right. late scattered showers and sprinkles pushing through the south shore, cape and islands. if you were going to be heading out, watch out for those. lots of clouds and temperatures mainly in the 50s and we will be stuck in the 50s in some
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nearing a cape cod man will spend eight months in jail for stealing money from disabled veterans association. he has been convicted of transferring $100,000 from the organization into his own personal bank account. an investigation was launched in 2013. trot was sentenced to ten years of probation. amazon is hiring 100,000 people for jobs in fulfillment and sorting facilities. holiday hiring has increased 25% since last year. the company recently filed an additional 25,000 -- that is filled an additional 25,000 regular full-time positions.
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the national retail federation expects holiday online spending to get this, be over $105 billion this year. well, tesla, shares have plunged after consumer reports pulled their recommendations of the tesla model s. the best car tested by the magazine but annual survey of reliable cars found owners were struggling with a string of problems including frequent repairs and misaligned doors. the news sent tesla shares plunging 15%. it is now 4:16. local survivors testify on beacon hill to make health insurance companies pay to treat chronic lyme disease. state lawmakers are considering bills that will have them cover lyme disease for 30 days. currently they only require a month of antibiotics. they say the move will force small businesses to pay for coverage but people with the disease say something has to change. >> delay in treatment because
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denying the coverage, you know, really cost my daughter to become disabled. >> the cdc says massachusetts has the second highest rates of lyme disease in the nation. they are second after pennsylvania. lawmakers believe they have enough votes to pass the bill. a group of new hampshire friends are thanking a good samaritan this morning for rescue rescuing them from a rock climbing trail. three plymouth state freshmen were hiking sunday afternoon on rattlemake mountain. they wanted to take one trail, but their google app on their cell phone sent them to a rock climbing trail. then win of the girls slipped and fell 20 feet. >> i was trying to slide down and i gained so much momentum that i, like, went over a rock and i ended up slipping at one point and down, head down fetal poles position when i got down to the bottom. >> fortunately the teen was still able to walk and darkness fell and it started to snow.
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service so-called 911. officers as well as good samaritans found them off of the their original sfrail thank goodness they were found. >> yes, that would be quite scary. what isn't scary is the roads. 4:17 is always a great time to head out the door. the expressway you are flying along that thing. i can't say that for the later part of the morning. pike looks good flew framingham and brighton, things are wide open. 12 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams. 16 minutes from 495 to speen street. are 22 minutes from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri spear this morning. and sara, have i heard rumors of a kind of warmer day ahead in. >> for some for today, but for tomorrow, i think everyone is going to be tapping into some very warm conditions. you know what we will notice today is more clouds across the region and we will be tracking a few spot showers and sprinkles this morning through about lunchtime, but we have a front over our area.
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the winds going to turn onshore out of the northeast. back-door cold front. you know what happens. the north shore into parts of new hampshire. it tends to be a little cooler. the further south and west you go, the better chance you will be tapping into that warmth, but come tomorrow, that boundary is going to lift northward and all of us will be nearing 70 in some spots or upper 60s and comes with a risk of showers. there is that weather boundary you were just talking about. mild to the south, cool to the north, right over us, we have a lot of clouds over there and a few spotty sprinkles and showers across the coast and cape and islands. look at the temperatures to start. 50s and 60s. 40s to the north and west and we are going to wake up to some there. although we have a few showers, there will be a lot of dry conditions too. the winds very light right now out of the west. light and variable winds to the interior anticipated through the day today. in boston, i am expecting those
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and temperatures in the 50s and look what happened. we will be stuck in the 50s throughout the day. now if you were going to be heading down toward the vineyard. temperature temperatures in the 60s. temperatures are climbing into the lower 60s. to temperatures today really dependent on where you are for the north and east likely in the 50s. further south and west, places like springfield nearing 7 degrees all because of this weather boundary that will be draped through the region providing the clouds. and also providing the risk of a few spot showers and sprinkles. something we will have to be tracking. not everyone will see them but nonetheless, don't want to you get caught off surprised. boundary will lift northward through the day tomorrow and temperatures overnight with the clouds, 40s. 50s along the coast but tomorrow this is where we will see the upper 60s to near 7 degrees. that boundary lifts northward. as it does so, we will be seeing a lot more clouds in the forecast for tomorrow with a few breaks. and then there are those showers that move on in during
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the afternoon and into the evening hours. once that front clears, cooler weather arrives friday into saturday and another showers in the weekend. more on the timing coming up. 4:20 right now. they are supposed to be more secure. coming up new at 4:30, now scammers are targeting another chip-embedded credit cards. what authorities are asking everyone to look out for in their e-mail boxes. making yourself at home in a $20 million mansion that wasn't his.
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able to live a loose tire leads to a nasty wreck on both sides of 495 in lawrence. the road is back open this morning. state police say it started when a tractor-trailer hit a wheel. the wheel hit a car in the southbound lanes, skipped over the median and hit more car notice northbound lane. a truck swerved to avoid the wheel and a camper rolled over on its side. we spoke with a driver of one of the cars hit by the tire. >> and then the tire hit the front of my car, flew across
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the front of my car, and then after that, i looked behind me and there was nobody behind me because they had all witnessed this and i was able to slowly pull over to the right-hand lane. >> no one was hurt. it is still unclear why the truck lost the wheel. a massachusetts man in trouble out west when police say he broke into a san francisco mansion and stole $3 francisco mansion and stole $300,000 worth of art. the "new york daily news" reporting jeremiah kaler is from chicopee and spent time homeless in vermont. he squatted at a giant san francisco home that was on the market for $25,000. he was stealing paintings from the home and selling them on social media and pawn shop for far less than they were worth. a 14-year-old boy who took home a homemade clock for school and got us is spechblded when a teacher thought it was a bomb is moving to the middle east. ahmed muhammed accepted a
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scholarship to a school in qatar. his undergraduate school will be paid for. ahmed's family made the announcement heading home from washington after they met with the president at the white house. 4:25. this morning, massachusetts liquor stores are pushing to stay closed on the thanksgiving holiday. a bill before the statehouse would allow those stores to open. some owners argued the business would not be worth the loss of family time. thanksgiving, memorial day and christmas are the three holiday christmas are the three holidays that liquor stores are currently banned from operating under state law. a potential chemical found in nail polish is ending up in women's bodies. a new study by duke university in durham and the environmental working group found many nail polishes contain tphp. in an hall messing tphp interferes with hormone functions, cause of mow o'er bees dee and developmental problem. they started using tphp for
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other chemicals that science tiing tivbing study tiing tivbing studies found harmful. >> we can't block out ingredients that have health concerns and public have concerns about, ingredients that have no safety information or very little information on their toxicity. >> tphp is commonly used to make furniture less flammable. the group said congress should do a better job regulating nail polish and others could metics. kate middleton wore the same thing twice and this morning all the britain and the u.s. are talking about it. attending her first state dinner as the queen hosted the president of china and his wife at buckingham palace. protocol has those in the royal family to wear tiaras. the duchess worn three times, one was a wedding day and the other was at a diplomatic occasion. it was a tiara worn for decades by the late queen's sister. >>daniel: i am sure it cost millions of dollars.
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>>julie: she makes it look as elegant as always. >>daniel: that she is. how her life was changed forever 11 seconds after stepping on the ice for his first college hockey game first college hockey game. >>julie: coming up at 4:30, how this former boston university player is using the tragedy that helped tragedy that got him paralyzed to help others heal.
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