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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  October 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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christine? >> the reporter: well, we're told that the suspect isq_k new to his brockton neighborhood, and pretty new to this cheer gym, where he was apparently coaching this alleged victim. now, police say he's accused of and charged with having that 14-year-old girl sent explicit photos of herself to him before allegedly raping her. >> it's kind of scary. >> the reporter: residents of this brockton neighborhood stunned, to learn a man living next door is in jail on an aggravated rape charge. >> i have two girls, and that's pretty, you know, disgusting. >> the reporter: 26-year-old nicholas johnson, now a former cheerleading coach at full house all-star cheer gym in westbridge water pleaded not guilty on monday. his alleged victim, a 14-year-old student. >> outraged. just, you know, something like/w b^ that to a young child, that's >> the reporter: court papers obtained by fox 25 show the teenager told investigators, she
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from the gym to his where the incident occurred. according to the documents, the victim stated nothing was said while it was happening, but afterwards, he told her that he loved her and the victim indicated they stopped because she had to get to cheer practice. >> he lived here, probably less than a month. >> neighbors say they never got to know johnson and staff at the gym declined to comment. johnson had just started coaching here within the last year, and last week, he was fired. >> you know, i live right next -- well, next to him, so it's kind of weird, i mean i would never suspect that was so close to my house. >> now, staff members are inside the building right now, but they have declined to speak with us. we've also put in many calls throughout the day to see if we could get a statement from them. we're not able to do so. we did reach out to try to find an attorney on record for johnson and weren't able to do so either, he of course, is not at his home because he has not posted the $50,000 bonds. he will appear in court next
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in the meantime, coming up at 6:00 p.m., hear the unusual situation that johnson apparently found himself in after police interviewed him that wound up with him being in the hospital. we're live in westbridge water, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> mark: breaking news, a fire delayed service on a commuter rail on the fair mount line. buses will replace train service until further notice. fire is at south bay l the fair mount line runs between readville station and south station. >> heather: a worcester man accused of exposing himself to children. parents today were screaming at him to stop. this happened outside won the australian openlands academy. -- woodlands academy. mike at borchino was outside the school exposing himself in an apartment window. his bail has been set at $2,500. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time.
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we can do so much more. and i'm looking forward to continuing to work with this man to get it done. thank you very much. thank you all very much. >> mark: a heartfelt and emotional announcement from the vice-president joe biden deciding he will not run for president in 2016 and it has been the big question mark for the democratic party for weeks now and it could reshape the political landscape for next year's election. pablo sandoval takes a closer look at what biden's decision will mean. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> the vice-president took to the white house rose garden, sharing what was perhaps a most awaited decision at washington. the window for a biden bid for president has closed. flanked by his wife and president obama, vice-president joe biden promised he won't stay silent leading up to next year's presidential election. >> we intend to spend the next 15 months fighting for what we've always cared about.
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fully capable of accomplishing extraordinary things. >> the vice-president's decision not to run is only the latest highly anticipated announcement out of washington this week. out going house speaker john boehner scheduled to vote next week to name a successor, ending weeks of limbo on capitol hill. >> the conference election for speaker will be next wednesday, and the 28th, and on thursday, the 29th, the election will occur on the floor. >> wisconsin congressman paul ryan final finally agreed to run, as long as some conditions are met, including full senator interest his party and -- full support from his family and as long as it doesn't interfere with his family time. >> i have left the decision in their hands, and should they agree to their requests, i am happy and willing to get to work. >>. the key decisions from both biden and ryan could provide some stability in a political season that's already proven to be full of surprises. reporting in washington, pablo sandoval. >> mark: g.o.p. presidential front-runner donald trump react
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to go biden's decision. he tweeted, i think joe biden made a correct decision for him and his family. personally, i would rather run against hillary, because her record is so bad. and democratic candidate hillary clinton also reacting, tweeting, v.p. is a good friend, and a great man. today and always, inspired by his optimism and commitment to change the world for the better. we brought you vice-president joe biden's live on our app. if you would like it watch more live videos and news stories, download the fox 25 news app for your phone or tablet, it is free-for-all devices. >> >> heather: turning our attention to the weather now and it was a great and gloomy fall bay in cambridge, but that didn't stop the rowers from being out there on the charles. still a pretty view. tonight, secretary of state john chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, you are talking about now warmuppism. >> the reporter: the clouds will lift on up to the north and allow the warm air we had yesterday to come streaming back
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over to us. jamaica, stratton, putney, light shower activity right now. that's been the case today, some scattered showers here and there, right along that same front. futurecast shows the clouds over us right into late tonight, but watch how it starts to lift during the overnight hours with the showers, and into the morning, some breaks of sun by the time the sun comes up first thing in the morning. we'll get some sun, but the farther north you go, you'll run in to showers, hand then as the front approaches us in the afternoon, the chance for showers in southern new england increases as well. the good news is ahead of that warming up. so overnight tonight, dropping down through the 50's, and then right back up to around 60 degrees by lunchtime tomorrow afternoon. and the warmup has just begun. how high our temperatures get and when the showers arrive. >> mark: the new york police department mourning the loss of an officer shot and killed in a gun battle on duty. officer randolph holder was shot in the head last night, responding to the car for a bicycle that was stolen at gunpoint in east harlem. fellow officers lining the street as holder's body was escorted from the hospital. new york's mayor saying officer holder came from a long line of
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police officers. >> the loss of officer holder is hitting us all, and there's something particularly powerful about the fact that he followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, devoting his life to protecting others. >> mark: 30-year-old tyrone howard is in custody for the shooting. he was wounded in the leg in the shootout. court officials say howard is a career criminal who was freed from jail as part of a division program. boston police showing their support by tweeting out this pictures, saying our thoughts and prayers go out to family and friends of officer holder, may you rest in peace. >> heather: back at home, a developing story tonight, a missing mom and her child from maine found safe and sound, just within the past hour. that woman's family thought that they might not have left home on their own, and there was reason to believe they might be here in massachusetts. fox 25 news's robert goulston with where that mother turned up alive.
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it was a frightening 24 hours for this family in maine. late this afternoon, the mother called police saying she is ok, she took an unannounced trip with her 5-year-old son and former boyfriend and apparent hi, she didn't tell him where exactly she was, so police are still keeping the case open, but she says, she is ok. >> please let us know that you are ok. we're very worried about you. >> 34-year-old sarah mead and her 5-year-old son joseph were reported missing by her parents yesterday after noticing the child missed two days of school. this picture and a description of her car and license plate was sent out to all police didn't, including here in massachusetts. >> westford police last not got a tip that someone was driving erratically into their town and the car was driving 20 miles under the speed limit. westford police learned quickly from the plate number that it was the same car place in maine were looking for in connection to the missing mother and son. >> we searched all the parking lots around those buildings and there's also a couple of hotels down there, a couple of gas
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we stopped in at the hotels. >> >> the reporter: late wednesday afternoon, brunswick maine police got a call from mead saying she took that a trip with her former boyfriend and son but didn't tell anyone. >> i'm just praying that she and my grandson come home safe. >> apparently mead called police after she got news she was all over the news as a missing person. robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> heather: we are updating breaking news for you right now that we told you about at the top of the newscast. a fire delaying service on the commuter rail on the paramount line. buses were being used but in the last few minutes, we have learned that rail service is now running again. still, there are delays reported of up to 40 minutes. the fire was at south bay. the fair mount line runs between the readville and south stipulation. patriots are on to the jets. the division rail revalue coming to town this weekend. and that's going to, of course, set up something very
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we've seen not too often in these parts. the jets and pats if a legitimate football game. sports director tom leyden joins us and bell check as always, business as usual today. >> yes, it always is, particularly when they're more focused than other times. familiar names on the field at foxborough which was a good thing after pats lots a few players to injury. this is the first divisional game the players have played in more than a month. tom brady enjoyed significant success against the jets throughout his career, winning three out of every four games. back on the field was brandon lefeld. they'll have to make a decision on him soon. matthew slater was out there with a knee injury. dont'a hightower limited with bad ribs. the jets are always hungry, so you need as many players as you can get. >> it's a great rival for us. like i said, they're very tough to beat. they're very well coached and the coach has them playing very well. they're very aggressive defensively. coached talk about how food they
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are on offense with the running game, how well the receivers are playing. >> it's a lot to prepare for. we play them at home, so we've got to be ready to go. we have to have a good week of practice. >> ahead on the fox 25 news at 6:00 p.m., bryan salmond will take a more detailed look at darrelle revis return to foxborough and what that might mean for tom brady. that's the story for now. >> it's designed to be painful but not lethal. a few type of am -- new type of ammo being made in massachusetts. >> kevin: clouds over the area, the result of a front that won't go away for now. but it will tomorrow. how warm temperatures get in the afternoon. >> mark: also ahead, a little boy who has a very important person for a pen palm. >> when i got out of school, i went over to my mom and she said, i have something very special for you that i got in the mail, and just as she said that, i was like, oh, something from president obama. >> mark: what was in the letter this little boy sent to the
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president and what the president wrote back. >> heather: i love t. but first, taking a gamble. state gambling regulators weighing in on fantasy football websites like draft kings. will beacon hill leadership isn't given. it's earned. realized. accomplished.
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fulfilled. won. leadership isn't given.
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>> heather: welcome back. it is a fight over fantasy gambling websites, like fan duel and draft tonight, house speaker robert deleo telling us he expects those businesses to be regulated and he's preparing to -- do just that. >> mark: the speaker answer questions on the hot topic with our political reporter saraha. >> the reporter: the speaker tells me daily regulating fantasy court sites could nall into his court but calls it a slippery slope, but he is doing his homework and that includes a meeting with the attorney general. >> will you be filing any legislation to regulate draft >>. i think we have to do a couple of things. >> the reporter:: house speaker robert deleo tells us before he does intersection he expects to meet with attorney general maura healey, who is conducting a review of the websites like draft king and fan duel. and the speak wants to know whether or not his fellow lawmakers even consider this to be gambling. >> i'm not sure if there's any comfort level amongst folks as to whether this is gambling or
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it. he does say this is something that will need to be regulated and that any bill would include consumer protection, but he says he wants to move on this carefully. and when i asked about any kind of deadline, he told me, there isn't one. unregulated for years and years to come here in massachusetts? >> oh, no, i wouldn't say that. i think this is going to have to be something that does set forth, you know, some >> the reporter: the speaker said another question that would need to be answered is whether or not the state could tax the industry. we did try talking with the attorney general about this, but available. sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> mark: cambridge company is slashing jobs. workforce. 400 work here in massachusetts. biogen says the move is in response to a major stock plunge because of drugs they made that $67 billion and now it looks like the c.e.o. wants to live in
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massachusetts. fortune magazine is reporting boston. emc is located in hopkinton and >> heather: massachusetts is considering giving pet shots and animal shelters a new way of ensuring a pet will end up with a responsible owner. the state legislature is looking at a he proposal that would create an animal abusers registry, including the names of people with prior convictions for animal cruelty. that registry would not be available to the public. >> mark: mild and cloudy in the city of boston. peeks of sun as it sets on the horizon and out in the west as well. kevin, it's going to continue right? we have a roller coaster as far as the temps go. >> kevin: sure do. tomorrow is the day it's going uphill, which is usually not the best part of the roller coaster, but the temperatures will be the best part of this week. we talked about this yesterday, how the front will cut right across massachusetts, with 50's to the north shore, beverly is 57, and 70's to the south. hartford, 74, but even providence, the vineyard, up to
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70 plus degrees and right on the front, staying in the 60's, which is near average for this time of year. a degree above average for a high temperature at logan airport. those temperatures of course will come down a bit tonight but the clouds are stopping the temperature from dropping a lot. we've seen some showers around today. sarah was tracking those earlier today for you and they've dried up. there are a few around. looking at these in southeastern new hampshire, these are the towns getting a shower earlier. jamaica, still in the shower there. these are getting across i-91 into southwest new hampshire hat this hour as well. very light stuff. these are the clouds that are still over us later tonight and tomorrow morning as well. those couple of showers still showing up as the front goes northward and produces a few of those. clear skies overnight and sunshine as it comes up tomorrow morning, mixing with the clouds. showers mostly to the north of the front in northern new england. a couple of those showers can escape to southern new england ahead of a cold front coming our way. all that means to you is we're going to have an increased chance of showers as the front approaches and a change in hair
5:19 pm
that roller coaster ride continuing. notice the front behind it after 5:00 p.m. tomorrow opening. so temperatures up there right now are 61 in worcester, still, a mild evening for sure. a lot of clouds, no showers out there inners extension dropping to the upper 40's later on tonight with breaks in the clouds forming. boston has dropped down to 55 degrees after low 60's for a high. no showers, but staying in the 50's overnight tonight for your low temperatures. so clouds, very few showers and then some breaks tomorrow. this takes you through wednesday evening and into thursday with the sunshine it's going to be showing up, a little closer look there. comes the front during the evening hours. the clearing behind it pulled the string the showers right along and just ahead of it through the evening commute happened beyond. we get the clearing on in here and during the day friday, all be as warm. the sunshine is not going to warm us up like it would be some. high temperatures tomorrow, 72 red, 70 ipswich, 70 in amesbury.
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in and around boston, temperature similar. 72 in quincy, 72 in braintree tomorrow afternoon as well. cooler on out on cape cod with the winds off the water. up tomorrow, down friday and saturday, back up on sunday as another front approaches. there will be showers, looks to me right now, those showers on sunday are going to be more during the morning, which would mean they would get out of here in time for the patriots game in the early afternoon. something i'll be tracking very closely. the cooler of the two days looks to be saturday. the showers early sunday and back to some sunshine for the afternoon, and that's your milder of the two weekend days coming up. >> mark: give a new meaning to the term, flying fish in maine. the department of fish and wildlife there is restocking fish in hard to reach ponds by dropping fish right out of the sky, and right into the water. the department annually stocks throughout the state. only a portion though are airborne. toyota. why the japanese automaker is recalling more than six million cars around the world, and the
5:21 pm
damage that this latest problem could cause. >> mark: also ahead. attention shoppers, there could soon be a shortage of a very popular toy. the item that's going to be difficult to find this christmas. >> heather: but first, a little boy learning that the power of words can go a long way. >> and then i told a lot of my -- a lot of people i knew about it. and i showed them time to throw address said the white house.
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>> heather: new hat 5:00 p.m., soccer fields intentionallily in east bridgewater a car caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to the bell mount street field by intentionally tearing up the grass. police say surveillance video is helping temperature to make significant in the case in addition to physical evidence. you should call east bridgewater police in you know anything have the vandalism. even waved. boston's indy car project already running into problems. according to the herald, the proposed waterfront track is not so close to being ready to go. the head of the massachusetts convention center, which controls two of the proposed race roads, says before any race can happen, numerous issues from parking to environmental concerns must be addressed. >> mark: a wakefield first grader has quite the item for show and tell. he wrote president barack obama a letter and got back a personal
5:23 pm
7-year-old nathan young loves and >> two of my favorite sports players would be rob gronkowski and tom brady. >> but one of his faith people is. >> president obama. >> especial had i especially after he wrote nathan a personal note. nathan loves our capitol, especially the white house, so last spring after seeing a picture of the president's home, he decided to write barack obama. >> my dream is to visit the white house and meet you. >> mark: nathan owes mom helped him craft the letter and took a picture of him dropping it off at the post office several months ago and just this month, nathan got something back. >> we never in our wildest dreams expected what came in the mail. >> she said, i have something very special for you that i got in the mail and just as she said that, i was like, oh, having from president obamaism e. it was just a. >> it was just a glow on his face.
5:24 pm
>> mark: the package obtained a portrait of the white house dogs, and a personalized letter from the commander-in-chief himself. >> hearing from young people like you in inspires me each and every day. >> mark: those precious items are now protected in a binder, but there's one thing nathan wants to do -- see the white house like his dad and grandfather did. >> this is going to have to happen, it's his dream. >> mark: mary young says they plan to ask the senator or congressman for help, getting tickets for the white house another thing to add to that day. spark pluggism. >> heather: what an experience forever. >> mark: fantastic. police shootings are an emotional charged topics. >> heather: one local company has designed a leslie that will deadly force. >> what will happen after being shot with one of these things? >> a big bruise, two, three
5:25 pm
inches across, but not lasting injuries to the body. >> live on the range. >> heather: so coming up, fox 25 gets a closer look at it alternative ammunition that is designed to cause diana bell at a timing pain without killing. >> mark: drivers who hit the roads on parts of the mass pike could pay more to fill up their gas tank. >> heather: plus, a umass crime. police say he was trying to take pictures of women in a bathroom
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>> mark: tonight, we are learning more about a local doctor accused of trying to take pictures of a woman in a bathroom at umass medical school. hi everyone, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> heather: i'm heather hegedus. we found out that that victim helped make the arrest. fox 25 news's crystal haynes has been pouring through the court paperwork and joins us live with more. crystal.
5:28 pm
heather, the umass cardiologist has been suspended since charges were brought last months and fox 8 andfox 25 learning more tonight about the bold actions of his alleged victims. >> this is dr. marcus cooper, talking to fox 25 about his new research back in may of last but tonight -- >> i don't know how it could be a misunderstanding. >>. the umass cardiologist is off the job and facing charges after allegedly photographing a female student in the bathroom, in the medical school. reaction swift, near campus. >> it's tough sometimes when the public trust is betrayed by people that are supposed to be taking care of them. >> accord to go the police report obtained by fox 25, the 26-year-old medical student was in the bathroom and heard a click, and quote, saw knuckles hand a cellphone cameras lens pointing down if her direction while she was half naked in the stall. she told police, she screamed and chased dr. kooper out of the bathroom, confronting him.
5:29 pm
he allegedly told e he walked this to the wrong bathroom and misunderstanding. and he was offended that she was pictures. >> it was obviously a code of ethics there has been violated. campus police and charges were filed last months. yesterday. in a statement to fox 25, the umass medical school says, the medical school responded quickly, appropriately, and thoroughly to the reported incident, which resulted in charges being filed against the alleged perpetrator. now, police did check dr. kooper's phone and found new york stock exchange but they did file a -- and found new york stock exchange but they did file a warrants to do a more thorough search. at 6:00 p.m., we'll tell you about a second student at umass, trying to actually apprehend dr. kooper, along with his alleged victim. for now, reporter inners extension crystal haynes, fox 25 news.
5:30 pm
-- reporting in worcester, chrisnal haynes, fox 25 news. >> heather: this is a look a at boston, chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is here. kevin, tomorrow is really going to feel warm after this past weekend. i'm already making plans to be outside tomorrow. >> kevin: that's a good idea. tomorrow will be the pick of the week as far as temperatures are concerned, although there will be some clouds around. you'll see more sun than you saw clouds. this is the stripe of clouds sitting over us, there's a stationary front or boundary separating the 70's to the southwest of that boundary, and the 50's to the northeast. and right along the boundary, temperatures are about average in the 60's, but it's producing some clouds, and a couple of showers. we've tracked some showers today, sarah had a whole bunch to trackerrier today. i only have a few but they're here in southeastern vermont, moving into southwest new hampshire. putney, vermont, moving into new hampshire, a couple sprinkles spring around chester kneeled. clouds lifting northward slowly with the boundary and through
5:31 pm
appears and it will warm us up. when the next showers arrive and how hot we'll get tomorrow. >> heather: $75,000 bail, that is the amount set for a manchester, new hampshire, man accused of shaking his 3-month-old daughter. >> mark: according to the union lead, the injuries caused the child's brain to bleed. jonathan legal posts bail, he cannot go near or talk to the infants. the girl is resting at home with her mother after being treated at boston medical center. a saudi arabian national is being held on charges after he is charged with sharing pictures with a teenager, after she refused to meet him and fulfill his sexual demands. he was at school in indiana when he mit meth the 15-year-old danvers girl on the messaging app kick. he pleaded not guilty to the charges and is due back in court in december. >> heather: new at 5:00 p.m., these pictures show what remains half a crash and a car fire that new hampshire police are still working to piece together. this happened on route 101 in bedford early this morning. police aren't exactly sure what caused that shall credit, but
5:32 pm
say that two cars collided, sending one of them off the road and into a guardrail where it caught on fire. only minor injuries were reported thankfully. >> today, we learned the identity of a teenager shot near a new hampshire stadium we broke this on the fox 25 news at 10:00 p.m. high isaac velez had a gunshot wound to the chest. police are investigating tonight and right now do not believe the shooting was random. >> heather: a brookline teacher fired for swearing will be back on the job next month. a new development that fox 25 first reported to you last night on the news hat at 10:00 p.m. students rallied rallied around larry chung they say they weren't n
5:33 pm
a police do not believe a specific student was targeted. >> mark: waltham's first responders are hold ago meet tonight after voting no confidence in the city's mayor earlier this week. firefighters, police officers and dispatchers are citing various safety shortfalls that are allegedly being ignored by mayor jeannette mccarthy that put their lives and of the lives of citizens in danger,. >> heather: tomorrow, former secretary of state hillary clinton will testify on capitol hill about the benghazi attacks. clinton will answer questions about security, prior to the 2012 attacks, potential misinformation given to the public, and how in her much of much talked about personal email arrangements. four americans were killed in the benghazi attacks, including winchester native glen doherty and ambassador chris stevens. >> mark: congressman paul ryan willing to step into the house some hesitation. kyla campbell has more on the g.o.p. in-fighting which could affect the next house speaker.
5:34 pm
requests, and if i can truly be a unifying figure, then i will gradually serve. >> congressman paul ryan's request patrick fitzgerald agreeing to run for house speaker include endorsements from the major republican caucuses, less time on the road i way from family and more unity, less division, but division stands in ryan's way. many in the conservative house freedom caucus support florida congressman daniel webster. pennsylvania congressman keith ross is in the minority, backing paul ryan. >> i think mall has the forward looking vision where he could bring the reforms that would be necessary to make this place work better. >> i spoke one-on-one with webster, he told me he wants everyone, including democrats, to have their voices heard. he says that is having principle instead of power. >>. just like pride and humility. you can only have one, not both. >> while many lawmakers are backing either ryan or webster, one republican told us why he's still undecided. georgia congressman told me he's not endorsing either at this point. until recently, he didn't even
5:35 pm
know who webster was. >> i actually had to google him to see who he was and i was having a hard time getting over there. >> outgoing speaker house speaker john boehner supports a ryan run. what happens if he decides against it? >> i don't know. >> house republicans are scheduled to nominate a speaker next wednesday. the entire house is set to vote next thursday. in washington, kyla campbell, fox 25 news. >> heather: well, it is a controversial cellphone surveillance tool creating a big debate on capitol hill. >> mark: some say it could save lives, find missing children and even catch dangerousbl8 =hcriminals. others say it is a tool for spying. what is this technology? fox 25 investigates at 6:00 p.m. >> heather: why toyota is recalling more than six million cars worldwide. the danger it could create on the roads. >> mark: later, a local girl's field hockey team hoping to make history.
5:36 pm
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>> heather: owner of wikileaks releasing what appear to be emails from c.i.a. director john brennan's personal account, including a draft security information containing personal information. >> his account was allegedly hacked by a high school student, protesting american foreign policy over the weekend. it's not clear if any national security information has been compromised. >> mark: toyota is recalling 6.5 million vehicles around the world.
5:39 pm
nearly three millions are right here in the u.s., at least one person was badly burned because of the problem that involves faulty window switches. >> as kyla campbell reports, this is just a long list of problems for the japanese automaker. >> the reporter: the power side driver's side windows can short circuit and catch on fire, it impacts several toyota models made between 2005 and 2010. >> toyota said the window grease during manufacturing, debris can accumulate, causing the switch to short circuit, overheat and melt. >> toyota received 11 reports of burnt door trim, plus a u.s. customer suffered a burn on their hand. toyota dealers will inspect vehicles and fix the problem. >> you might have recall last year, toyota paid out $1.2 billion for allegedly trying to cover up issues with unintended acceleration. >> in washington, kyla campbell.
5:40 pm
>> taxing issues facing drivers on parts of the mast pike. >> the telegram is reporting that the town of charlton gave initial approval of a local three cent gas tax. >> money raised would go towards new vehicles for charles e. smith typhoon charlton policedepartment. >> heather: acting transit police chief green will become the permanent chief. >> green has been acting chief since last november when paul mc millan retired. 199. >> he rose through the ranks, and was promoted to deputy chief in 2012. >>) 1991. >> >> kevin: tracking a up could of showers out there, mainly to the north of massachusetts, bordering southern vermont hand new hampshire. >> can see a knew more of those, but the bigger news is how warm we'll get tomorrow. >> it leaves a painful bruise and that's not all. >> a new type of ammo being made
5:41 pm
>> mark: hundreds are killed in police involved shootings every year in the u.s. many of the shootings have controversial outcomes. >> heather: the question is there another option to deadly force. fox 25's ted daniels spoke with a local company who says the answer is yes. >> the reporter: in a nonscript complex in fititchburg, live ammo on the assembly line is tested on a firing line and fox 25 was given full access. >> firing. >> we make the safest .40-millimeter blunts impact projectile in the world. >> dean thrasher is the c.o.o. of security devices international. a growing company in a growing industry. less than lethal ammunition. the rounds are designed to be incredibly painful. but they're not supposed to kill. >> how badly does it hurt to get shot with one of these things? >> it hurts.
5:42 pm
being hurt by a rubber mallet. it's going to hurt. >> thrasher says the secret is in the design. the tip of the projectile is made of silicone gel, sealed with a styrofoam cap. the plastic cartridge contains a head, that collapses on impact. >> can you guarantee that your round is not going to kill somebody. >> we can't guarantee it. >> mark: and tonight at 10:00 p.m., fox 25 identifies which local law enforcement agencies are already training with the ammunition, and why some police say their still extremely dangerous. >> heather: worcester city council is looking for a pretty serious change to curb gun violence meantime. they want to let landlords evict residents who have illegal firearms. this is according to the telegram. under current law, police tell landlords when tenants are arrested on drug charges, but the law does not indicate what to do if plus discover a tenant has guns or other weapons.
5:43 pm
law to explicitly include firearms. >> new numbers out on the state's opioid crisis. unintentional deaths jumped 63% from 2012 to 2014. for the first time, unintentional overdose deaths top 1,000 people in 2014 around that number could rise pending the completion of some cases. receipted full report on >> heather: gloucester's new program to get people off drugs, is helping addicts and the city's budget to boot. the angel program began in june, it allows addicts who turn themselves in, to get treatment instead of going to jail. police posting on facebook, saying it is saving the city $300 for each person who gets treatment. even though officials are happy with the numbers, gloucester's police chief tells fox 25 news, saving money is secondary. >> people are surprised at the help that they're given here at the police station, which is something that we were going for is to be that kind of safe haven. >> heather: the report also
5:44 pm
shows there's a 23% drop in crimes attributed to addiction, as well as decrease in possession of larceny and shoplifting as well. >> kevin: let's talk about all of the clouds out there. something we expected was the front that was draped right across us. that front is where all of these clouds are located, right in here. in fact, it's what we call a stationary boundary. even though it's going to go back north has a worm front, so we'll draw it as a warm front and it's cutting right across the area like this. south of the front, temperatures have been in the 70's including nantucket and martha's vineyard. but the farther northeast you go, you get into the 50's along the boundary of that front and that front is a separation between two separate air masses and the warm air behind it is warm but behind it it is in the 60's which is the average for this time of year. a couple sprinkles around, have been focusing on those in southeast new hampshire and northeast vermont. in keene, making through southwestern new hampshire and still a couple sprinkles for you in windham county in
5:45 pm
southeastern vermont. futurecast shows the clouds over us all night long but through the morning hours, they start to lift northward. doesn't mean you won't see clouds tomorrow, you certainly will, but there will be sun to go along with it and that sun is going to be warm because the wind is coming from the south, kicking in that milder air as the boundary that front goes farther north, so we get on to the warm side of it, not like they were in the connecticut and on the vineyard of nantucket. everybody else gets into it tomorrow and that extends northward in to new hampshire. showers up here because the front hasn't come through that area yet. northern new england will stay in the cooler air and get the rainshowers that are coming with it. everybody gets into the rainshowers threat later in the day because the cold front part of the storm is back in here and that part will bring the change in the air mass once again, dividing the milder air from the cooler air, this time hand that clearing sky, that's going to come with the cooler temperatures. first of all overnight, we'll have a lot of clouds around and the clouds will keep your temperature fairly steady on cape cod, in the 50's all night long hand that will be the theme for every place we look at. north shore, same idea. you'll stay around 50 degrees
5:46 pm
the clouds stop the temperatures from dropping very much and since the front is moving northward, we don't have any cooler air to move on in. boston, low to mid 50's, with cloudy skies out there. there goes the front to the north during the day tomorrow. we get into the sunshine, but this is the closer view, a couple of showers middle of the day, but very few. it's along the front, get for numerous showers, but you can see it's not very active, just some scattered showers that will come through along the cold front. what it will do is clear us out and bring us the drier and cooler air to end your week and start your weekend. you'll see the cooler temperatures coming in the seven day, but tomorrow is the day, getting up to 69 sandwich. 70 in marshfield. 72 quincy. 73 in franklin tomorrow afternoon. and to the north hand southern new hampshire, it's going to be 70 in windham. vermont, 70 degrees. notice the cooler temperatures coming on friday and saturday. only in the 50's which is close to average this time of year. perhaps a few degrees below average in some towns.
5:47 pm
hand this weekend, a tale of two different days. the first day is the keeler drier day with temperatures in the 50's. another frontal boundary coming through with showers, look like early stun and sunshine for the afternoon, and the cool air hasn't arrived yet, still in the 60's, looking nice for the patriots game but an update on that with the new information coming in. >> heather: boston school getting a visit from former first daughter, chelsea clinton. take a look at this. she joined in a stop at the curly k-8 school to help with community service work. boston public schools tweeting out these pictures with their big thanks. well, a local high school team is really making the undefeated season business as usual. >> this afternoon, the watertown high school field hockey team set a national record by winning 154 games in a row and i might add, and counting. red raiders defeated melrose high school late this afternoon. the previous record had been standing for some ten years. ahead at 6:00 p.m., the coach weighs in on this tremendous honor. we are following several news
5:48 pm
a power struggle happening right now in medway. new at 6:00 p.m., what concerned families are doing right now to try and stop a power plant from expanding in their backyards and what concerns them most. and also new at 6:00 p.m., is it spewing or -- spying or necessary to keep you safe? the tough questions for law enforcement officials on capitol hill about a controversial tool in your cellphone. >> heather: how innovative
5:49 pm
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ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month. plus get $300 back. last chance, offer ends november 7th.
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>> heather: everyone's favorite building blocks may be in short supply this holiday season. >> mark: lego says it will run short of the iconic plastic bricks in christmas. the danish toymaker has been struggling to keep up with the demand of the thanks in part to the popularity of the lego movie. lego is expanding factories but won't be fully operational until 2020. >> heather: "sesame street" is introducing a new character that so many kids may be able to relate to. this is julia and she has autism, part of a new initiative trying to reduce the stigma of autism. children with autism are five times more likely to be bullied, so "sesame street" hopes that julia will show kids she's just like everyone else. and halloween is going to be spookier than ever this year, because an asteroid will be passing earth on halloween night at 78,000 miles miles per hour. nasa says we are not in danger, it will miss earth by
5:52 pm
300,000 miles. >> back to the future day, that's what today is, back to the future two, marty mc fly zips off into october 21, 2015. the students at m.i.t. built the fake delorean and it crashed into a tree. the hype over the big anniversary had us wondering how many things did that movie accurately predict? frank polato takes a look. sci-fi films have always givens us a glimpse of technology just over the horizon, but for the last 25 years, gadget heads have been waiting on the future of tomorrow. hover boards, it wasn't just the hover boards and flying cars that captured our imagination. tallahassee the back to the future promise, when all this stuff would be real. that date is today, october 21, 2015. >> 2015. >> and one thing the film
5:53 pm
about the future -- product placements would be just as big if 2015 as it was in the 1980's. >> when they were looking for brands and -- in the original back to the future, in 1985, they wanted a juxtaposition between mean 195 knife 1955 and 1985. >> >> now the future is today and big brands are using back to the future day to bring futuristic products dramad up into reality. -- dreamed up into rea. -- reality. nike is working on self-lacing sneakers. the hover boards aren't just the stuff the science fiction and toyota sells a car that runs on renewable fuel just like doc delorean. >> why do you think these brands are creating all of these products? >> it might be the other way around, that doc brown and the writers of back to the future came up with these ideas and
5:54 pm
various companies have developed them for commercial use. >> mark: great move z. that was frank polato reporting. there's a few other things that back to the future predicted, fingerprint technology, self-serving restaurants and 3d movies. now at 6:00 p.m. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> vice-president joe biden chooses not to run for a promotion. how his decision shakes up the presidential race. plus -- >> the reporter: a cheerleading coach at this gym, off the job, accused of rape. the victim police say, his student. >> kevin: all those clouds this afternoon are pushing out of here tomorrow. you'll see how warm we'll get and when the showers will arrive arrive. >> heather: and law enforcement gets drilled on capitol hill about possible spying. new at 6:00 p.m., fox 25 investigates why your cellphone
5:55 pm
controversy. >> while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. i intend to speak out clearly and forcefully. >> mark: and with that, vice-president joe biden announces he will not run for president in 2016. hi everyone, i'm mark ockerbloom, i'm heather hegedus. political experts said all along his decision about the presidential race would change the election, no matter what the decision was. said even after the tragedy that he and his family suffered, they were ready, but there just wasn't enough time. standing in the white house rose garden with his wife jill and president obama by his side, vice-president joe biden says the window has closed on mounting a successful presidential run. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> the vice-president spent months considering a third run, talking with advisers and yes,
5:56 pm
meeting just in august with our
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