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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  October 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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hour -- we continue to follow breaking news at this right now a woman trespassed in the right of way. train service is back open right now. that victim was conscious when she was removed and rushed to the hospital. the mbta tweeting around 10:30 that orange line service between back bay and sullivan though is beginning to start back up. it had been shut down for a little bit over an hour and a half. right around -- a rider on the train tell us us what they heard. >> the drive was going a little bit then she said she [inaudible] she seen something. >> right now orange line service beginning to start back up. the fox 25 morning news will have any new developments on this story they start at 4:00 a.m. >> updating breaking news at 11:00 a local teenager is arrested accused of threatening to shoot up his high school. i'm mark ockerbloom.
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that suspect was caught thankfully before he could act. malini basu is live we know he was planning this for some time? >> reporter: that's right, guys for quite sometime we know that that's what investigators are telling us within the last two hours or so. tonight we could tell you investigators say there is absolutely no immediate threat to the community here but tonight police say if it wasn't for that friend, if she didn't say anything things would have been a lot different right now. >> reporter: a methuen high school student was arrested on monday for allegedly making a columbine-style threat. the junior told a friend he wanted to "shoot up the school." >> it's scary as a parent to have your kid going to school knowing there are threats. >> there's a lot of threats a lot of things going on like that around the country not just here. >> reporter: fox 25 has learned that investigators found amo in two homes where the teen was living. >> live ammunition located during the search. however the items we were able to recover were not
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capable of receiving that ammunition. >> reporter: sources tell us they found fake guns in the teen's home. police also found some riot gear. >> there was some type of gear found like intact call others as gothic sort of replica of columbine-type closing. >> the first alert went out at 3:30 today we worked hand in hand with police waiting for the investigation to be forward. >> reporter: tonight police are crediting a friend of the disturbed teenager for stepping up and saying something. >> something would have happened probably to the child himself and again this girl possibly saved that child's life. >> the safety in the school is pretty safe because there are police officers there all the time. >> get some help and talk to somebody. >> reporter: still at this hour we can tell you investigators are trying to figure out where the teenager got the amo from in the meantime, we do know
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that he is getting help tonight at a facility. for now we are live in methuen, malini basu, fox 25 news. >>. dressed in black their faces covered two suspects cut a hole in a wall to rob a local business. six figures worth of stuff stolen. ted daniel is live in mansfield. ted? >> reporter: it appears these guys did their homework, mark. the store they hit is located inside mansfield crossing a newer outdoor shopping complex. they managed to pry open a common door in back of one of the buildings and then police say they cut their way inside simply mac a store with a lot of expensive apple products. the store closed at 6:00 p.m. sunday and didn't reopen until the next day. instead of pulling the job in the early hours of the morning, the thieves struck at 10:00 p.m., why? police suspect it's because
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the patriots were playing. and they knew all eyes would be on the game. >> the suspects got in through a common door that they forced entry too then actually cut through the walls into the simple mac store. >> reporter: two guys on the inside at least one other waiting outside in a stolen get away van. the alarm system inside the simply mac store never went off because the thieves disabled it. they were also prepared for the surveillance cameras. with hats, ski mafks and gloves. >> -- masks and gloves. anything you could imagine that an apple store would have. >> wow. that's oh, that's crazy you have pictures of them. shoppers pictures of the thieves in action. they all came to the same conclusion as police, these guys are pros. >> it was planned obviously they put in a lot more effort than the everyday
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they have more plans they're working on if they're that high-tech. >> reporter: also new at 11:00, police believe these guys may be connected to a ring that pulled off a similar job on the cape that was several years ago. likely more than $100,000 of black market apple merchandise will be hitting the streets if it isn't already out there now. reporting live in mansfield tonight, ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> much milder out there tonight. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz here, kevin tomorrow should shape up to be the warmest night of the week. >> there are a few showers out there all this riding on that same boundary as separating the very warm air and the cooler air to the northeast at the warm front that will push northward during the day tomorrow. you see the showers around late tonight but then we dry out.
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look at the clouds starting to build over the area through the morning hours. that's actually fog developing along with some low clouds right through the morning. i expect that to be an issue for your morning drive be aware of it. it may not be dense everywhere. hour by hour your temperature by 7:00 you get out on the roadways 53 in boston, 54 in worcester so already nearing the average high temperatures by 11:00 a.m. already into the 60s everywhere and jumping as the sunburns through that fog and clouds by the early afternoon it will still go up from. there we'll talk about how warm we're going on get and track those showers and what temperatures. we are learning more about the mother of a rochester teen found dead in a motel on saturday. she had an ad on the classified website back page where escort ads are often found. the mother goes by the name jasmine rude and was at the river motel when the girl was found dead. brockton cheerleading coach charged with raping
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26-year-old nicholas johnson pleaded not guilty on monday is being held on $50,000 bail. johnson has been ordered to stay away from full house all-star cheer gym where he used to work. hearing next month. new information tonight about a u-mass medical school director accused of trying to take pictures of a woman in a bathroom. cardiologist marcus cooper is accused of using a cell phone camera to take a picture of a medical student in a stall. she told police she chased him it on of the bathroom and told him to report himself to campus police. dr. cooper claims it was all a misunderstanding. he's off the job while facing charges. $2,500 bail set for a worcester man accused of exposing himself to children. michael lives across the street from woodland academy and police say this morning the 59-year-old committed this sex crime from his window. at one point parents were actually screaming at him to stop. the massachusetts gaming
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legality of draft kings at its next meeting eight days from now. it will consider if the one week fantasy sports betting site should be regulated if so by who. political reporter sharman sacchetti worked to get answers. >> reporter: will you be filing any legislation to regulate draft kings in those types of sites? >> we have to do a couple things. >> reporter: house speaker robert deleo tells us before he does anything he speakts to meet with the attorney general who is conducting a review of the practices of the sites. he wants to know whether or not his fellow lawmakers gambling. >> i'm not sure if there's any comfort level as to not. so we're going to have some work to do it on. >> reporter: he does say this is something that will need be regulated and any bill would include consumer protection but he wants to move on this carefully. when i asked about any kind of deadline he told me there isn't one.
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should this continue to be unregulated for years and years to come here in massachusetts? >> no, no, i wouldn't say that. i think this will have to be something that does set forth some regulation. >> reporter: he wanted to know whether the state could tax the industry. we ask try to talk with the attorney general about this but she would not make herself available. police tracked down a maine woman reported mising with her 5-year-old son. 34-year-old sarah mead's parents reported her missing tuesday after her son missed school. local police in on the search today after a car matching her license plate was spotted in westford. >> we searched all the parking lots around those buildings there was also a couple hotels down there a couple gas stations down there. >> but late this afternoon mead called police saying she took a trip with her former boyfriend. she would only say she is safe and back in maine.
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with his wife and president by his side joe biden said a run for the white house is not in his future. vice president ending the widespread speculation this afternoon when he made a statement from the rose garden. biden said he missed his opportunity to run but that america will never lose. >> america won't just win the future we will own the finish line. >> the vice president says he can now focus on working with the president to make their last 15 months in office mean something. g.o.p. presidential front-runner donald trump reacting to biden's decision. he tweeted i think joe biden made the correct decision personally i would rather run against hillary because her record is so bad. and democratic candidates hillary clinton also reacting. clinton tweeted v.p. is a good friend and man and today and always inspired by his optimism and commitment to change the world for the better. tributes pouring in for a new york city police officer gunned down on the job as we get our first look now at the suspect. the empire state building lit up in blue tonight for
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murdered officer randolph holder. tomorrow morning the national september 11th museum will also honor holder. the suspected gunman right here limping before cameras on the way to his murder arraignment late tonight. that suspect 30-year-old tyrone howard was shot in the leg while exchanging fire with officer holder. soccer fields intentionally damaged in east bridgewater on saturday night. car caused thousands of cars dollars in damage by intentionally tearing up the grass. police say surveillance video is helping them make significant progress in the case in addition to physical evidence. call east bridgewater pleas if you know anything about the vandalism. tracking a couple showers moving through central new england tonight a few more around tomorrow. just how warm we'll get once the sun comes out. women speaking out about safety after a string of assaults in south boston. the new details about the suspects in one violent attack and the tools that police say every woman should be carrying. a family pet shot and
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>> the dog came out he drew his gun and he shot her within seconds. >> the heartbroken family says their dog did nothing wrong. we'll tell you how th leadership isn't given. it's earned. realized. accomplished.
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fulfilled. won. leadership isn't given.
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>> we reported on string of sex assaults over the sum enter fall new tonight a new push to keep women there safe. fox 25's catherine kathryn reports from southie where a meeting was held tonight. >> reporter: tonight we know that police believe they have identified the two men
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who they say robbed women in south boston earlier this summer. they are still searching for another man in the alleged assault. but tonight. they're urging women to gather the tools that they need to protect themselves. >> if i walk back and forth from her house to my house i danger? >> reporter: women fearful for their own safety after a string of violent attacks in south boston. >> we want to let them know we're doing everything we can to top some of these incidents. >> reporter: tonight boston police tell fox 25 they believe they know this suspects who attempted to rob two women on kay street in july. saying offers later found the men during a traffic stop -- officers later found the men during a traffic stop. >> i think what did happen there is that we think that might have scared them off. we have not had an incident of a similar nature since then. >> reporter: police are still searching for another man who has groped at least three women in southie since july it. >> was the nature of two people jumping on them from behind.
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>> kathleen lives on the corner where one of the assaults happened. she encouraged women to be aware and defensive, including carries whistles and pepper spray. >> we need to figure out how to get the word out there for people not to freak them out but so they're empowered. >> for vicki shin the string of crimes was eye-opening. >> i heard about only a couple of them. i didn't realize there had been five or six of them. >> reporter: shin plans to share the information with her neighbors a reminder to say individual land this fall as the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer. >> as a relatively young person living in the city i think that these kind of things are important to understand what has been happening. >> reporter: and police say they are still seeking information about the man who allegedly groped three women earlier this summer. organizers at tonight's event say they hope to hold more meetings like this one. in south boston, catherine kathryn, fox 25 news. a florida family is outraged after a police officer shot their dog right
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in front of their eyes. this story is new at 11:00. the officer came to their door tuesday after a car door was left open in the street. when a dog named duchess rushed out the officer opened fire shooting her in the head. >> there was no time for him to even try do anything. if i had run out to get her i would have gotten shot. >> after the investigation the family says police just left their dog lying on the front rock way. the public information officer eventually came by the house and apologized for the loss of the pet. the officer who fired the shot is now on leave. a drunken profanity-laced flipout went viral. 19-year-old luke gaddy lost when it food service workers refused to sell him jalapeno back on mac and cheese. he was arrested and later apologized but tonight we know that the former freshman is no longer at the school and has been banned from its property. if you are sick of the ads on youtube you can now
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there tonight. warner, concord, new hampshire shower activity but it's not a lot out there. most of it is just clouds. but the clouds as they break up tonight will allow some fog to form overnight as well. you will see the fog forming right here as well. many areas in central massachusetts and out on cape cod north shore will see that fog first thing in the morning. now temperatures are going to be on the cooler side by then. but not far from where they are now in the upper 40s to low 50s right near where the dew points will be that's why you will have the fog develop but that's just the beginning of the day. once that fog starts to burn off you ingredientet some breaks of sun. your temperatures -- you get some breaks of sun. the latest future cast data just in first time you are seeing it here watch you on these showers don't seem to want to make it either. by then just about out of
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that cold front comes by we clear out we have sunshine all day friday. the difference will be going from the mild air of tomorrow to much cooler air on friday despite the sunshine. high temperatures tomorrow that. we'll see many upper 60s and low 70s across the area. for instance 73 for braintree, 72 brockton, 73 in quincy. few more clouds temperature also still respond 72 bedford to manchester 69 in deerfield, new hampshire. look how much cooler it will be by friday temperatures going to be in the 50s on friday and saturday despite the sunshine on sunday expecting a cold front to come by with some showers early on. still be a mild early part of the afternoon that's important because all of are you thinking patriots and jets sunday afternoon. looks dry to me for now. we'll see how that front times out. temperature of about 60 degrees might go up a few more degrees.
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cooler air will arrive after that to start early next week into the upper 50s by is about average for this time of year. but overall not a bad looking weekend. it's just that first part of the weekend will be the cooler and brighter part with sunday having more clouds in the morning. showers perhaps for the tailgaters who will still be clipped with a shower or two. thanks kev. wild final minutes in the voting for our high school game day game of the week. i will unveil the winner for you. plus, a third period meltdown for the bruins at t.d. garden.
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we >> bruins entered the third ered with a 4-2 lead. patrice bergeron had a baby today congratulations to the family. what better way to celebrate than scoring a goal. he bats this one in and tied the game up 2-2 in the first period. this will get some talk, too. he will get suspended this is a dumb dangerous hit. he went way too high he got there way too late. he got a five minute penalty and a game misconduct today he will get a call from the commissioner soon. tied up at 4 in overtime. went on the power play the flyers did four on three at that point. claude scored the game winner and that's how it ended 5-4 your final tonight from the garden. last year tom brady and rivas squared off in the
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practice field every week by the this year it's the real deal as rivas has returned to the big apple. today brady and rivas were members of the mutual admiration society. >> he's been an incredible play maker since he has been in the league. he covers the top guy every week. i got to firsthand look at that last year great to have him but he moves on. so now he's our competition again. >> tom is a competitor from being a teammate last year even before that going against him. he's always going to look for the best matchup and you trust him with guys. >> should be if unon sunday. one of the greatest postseason runs you will ever see continued tonight. daniel murphy has put an exclamation point on what's looking like a mets sweep of the cubs in the nlcs. murphy hit another home run tonight that is six straight playoff games that he has gone deep. 8-1 lead. the cubs did answer with a short. the mets lead it 8-3 in the
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top of the ninth. blue jays staved off elimination this afternoon. chris got it going with a solo home run in the second. jays scored four more in the sixth so they're headed back to kansas city game six in the alcs. blue jays win today 6-1. another very passionate week of boating and a will finish down the stretch tonight between two different games both vying for our high school game day game of the week. take a look at how it ended. >> more than 26,000 votes 7,000 since 7:00 tonight a furious frenzy. only 93 votes separated first and second place. here it is week seven game day of the week. middleboro for matchup against hanover and amazing push they were coming from behind all day but it was the middleboro game that got it done. that's where brian salman will be live for the fox 25 news at 6:00. of course brian wants the rowdies to show up for his live shot on the 6:00 news. >> they're always rowdy. >> they'll have on bundle up on friday though, right, friday night?
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>> liberty getting cooler in the 50s evening likely dropping into the 40s. first thing first we are
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