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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 22, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. now at 4:00, a metheun teen accused of shooting up his school. what another student did to stop the attack. searching for masked men with $100,000 worth of computers. why this team chose sunday night to hit the store. hillary clinton in the hot seat. the tough security questions the former secretary of state will face this morning about the benghazi attacks. >>announcer: this is the fox25 morning news. >>daniel: good morning, 4:00 on this thursday, october 22. i am daniel miller. >>julie: good morning, i am
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we are nearing 70 in some spots today. meteorologist sarah wroblewski is tracking the threat of showers and return for cooler weather but 70s linger in, right? >>sarah: yes, enjoy the warmth while we have it on the day. and the warmth will be ahead of a cold front that we have showers out to the west. these will be tracking slowly eastward throughout the day today. timing out those showers for you, but, boy, we are waking up to temperatures in the 50s in most spots. a little -- few breaks in the cloud cover too down across the southeast. i wouldn't be surprised to see a little bit of sunshine throughout the day and areas of fog so lower visibility if you are going to be traveling early. notice from new bedford to norwood all the way up to nashua, visibility down to less than an hour. our future cast showing the mild conditions continue through the morning with mostly to at times partly cloudy skies to at times partly cloudy skies. by the lunch hour into the mid- to upper 60s. 60 is the normal high for this time year, but notice we have few scattered showers starting
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to enter into the forecast starting the afternoon and during the evening hours. look at that by 3:00, 70 in boston. the lower 70s as well. we are headed for some. and we will take a closer look at that timeline coming up and look at the commuter's forecast. check of the traffic with julie grauert. >> sarah, headed to the road. this is a good time to leave because smooth sailing. north shore 93 south, route 1 wide open. pike looks good from framingham through the weston tolls into the allston-brighton area. hazy but no one on roads. 13 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. it is 4:02 right now. students at metheun high school return to class for the first time this morning since police stopped a plot to attack their school. this was breaking during our
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newscast. a 15-year-old student made columbine threats and told a student he wanted to shoot up the school. they searched two homes and found ammo, fake guns and riot gear. this morning police are crediting the friend for saying something. >> something would have happened probably to the child themselves. and, again, this girl possibly saved that child's life >> the teenager is now at a facility receiving treatment this morning. metheun police are trying to determine where he got the ammunition. this morning police say these pictures prove a high these pictures prove a high-tech crime ring may have struck again in massachusetts. thieves stole $100,000 in apple products during an elaborate heist in mansfield. fox25 obtained these surveillance pictures of suspects. they disabled the security alarm and cut through one waffle of the simply max store. once inside they cleaned the place out.
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>> computer, laptops, iphones, anything you can imagine that an apple store would have. >> police believe they intentionally struck late sunday night during the patriots game when they knew no one would be around. the suspects are part of a ring that pulled off a similar heist in cape cod a few years ago. breaking news overnight -- daniel, why don't you take this one. >>daniel: police charge a 3 >>daniel: police charge a 32-year-old man with a murder in the road rage killing of a 4-year-old girl the announcement of an arrest came when police said a person of have was taken into custody. tony torrez confessed to pulling alongside that red pick pulling alongside that red pickup truck and shot into a vehicle on a albuquerque freeway. 4-year-old lilly garcia was struck in the head and died. this morning torrez is being held odds 650,000 cash bail. this morning, transit police are investigating hue woman ended up stuck under an orange line train at the hay orange line train at the haymarket station. the woman trespassed into the right-of-way and was knocked under the train. the woman was conscious when
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she was taken to the hospital. this was breaking during our 10 p.m. news and at that time a passenger on the train told us what they heard. >> the train stopped three seconds and driver was afraid of it. and said she -- everyone was saying someone was down the train and -- >>julie: buses replaced trains for a little over an hour and a half but service is back to normal. a new safety concern in the big dig tunnels and repairs could take months. they found 1,000 cracked or in the tunnels. engineers are inspecting every live picture in the tunnel in the 93 -- the 93 tunnel and the mass pike connector. officials are not worried anything will fall despite previous issues with corrosion calling a 100-pound light to -- causing a 100-pound light to fall in the tunnel. replacing the parts could take six months.
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the price tag is not yet known. and this morning, plans to extend the mbta's green line may be on hold again. state officials tell the globe that the next phase of the project will be delayed until next string. also a chance that the multibillion dollar project could be stopped all together. plans to build seven new green line stops in somerville and medford. new this morning town officials are firing two fire fighters in brookline for bad behavior. the town's board of selectmen voted on the move last night. joseph ward pled not guilty of beating a homeless man and throwing food at him outside a taqueria. and jeremy joseph faces drunk driving charges at an incident in newton. a brockton cheerleading coach is held on bail for rape coach is held on bail for raping a 14-year-old girl. 20-year-old nicholas johnson pled not guilty to several charges including aggravated rape and enticing a minor. according to court documents, the incident happened earlier this month at his brockton apartment.
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he is ordered to stay away from the full house all-star cheer gym where he used to month and he will be back in court next month. bail set for $2500 for a worcester man accused of expose worcester man accused of exposing himself near a elementary school. michael porchino lived across the street and was doing this from a window. he continued to expose himself to children while parent screamed for him to stop. bridgewater state has officially closed a sexual assault investigation on campus. an 18-year-old freshman at bridgewater state told school officials she was assaulted in a campus parking lot by a man she met online. after a thorough investigation determined the report was unfounded. the university will not pursue any charges. it is now 4:7. and happening today -- 4:07. happening today hillary clinton will give her testimony of the investigation into benghazi. an investigation that began of the attacks that killed four
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americans in libya. one of the main issues that the house select committee will address is any request for additional security leading up to the attacks. >> we have learned through e-mails and documents hundreds of mentions of security incidents particularly in 2012. so we have questions for the secretary about what she did are respect with those security requests. >> some democrats are questioning the aim of the committee's investigation and are calling it a partisan attack on clinton. among those killed were winchester native and former navy seal glen door her tee. a local senator will head to guantanamo bay this week. according to the union leader kelly ayote is head cuba. she is looking into reports that female guards are banned by certain duty by certain duties that male prisoner say it is against their religion to be guarded. she remains critical of closing
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the prison and says prisoners should not be dictating what happens there. republicans in congress are clearing a big hurdle in the search for the next speaker of the house. the group of conservative congressmen now say it will support paul ryan as the next speaker. the wisconsin representative has asked the different faction has asked the different factions of his party to unite before we run. the hard-line conservatives were responsible for pushing current speaker john boehner to resign. new this morning several nfl teams may be forced to cut ties with daily fantasy sports company including boston-based draft king. 20 nfl teams have lucrative deals with draft kings and its rival fan dual, but some states may declare the fantasy games illegal. if that happens teams will likely end their sponsorship deals. for now it is legal in massachusetts but that could soon change. house speaker robert deleo is telling fox25 that he is
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preparing to regulate sites like draft kings and fan duel. they are polling lawmakers to see if they consider the sites as a form of gambling. >> i am not sure there are any comfort level amongst vote whether this is gambling or not whether this is gambling or not. we will have some work to do on it. >> next week they will discuss the legality of online fantasy sports sites and if they have the power to regulate them. president obama is joining the national fight against heroin as massachusetts death toll continues to rise. 680 people in the state died of overdoses during the first six months of the year. that is a 7% increase from last year, which already has the highest drug-related deaths on record. one of president obama's proposals is to require hale care providers with training and prescribing painkillers. investigators are looking into surveillance video to find the people responsible for damaging several youth soccer fields. a car intentionally ripped up
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the grass on fields at the belmont soccer complex in east bridgewater. the surveillance video and some physical evidence is helping them make progress in the investigation. this morning a friend of the danvers high school teacher allegedly murdered by her student is asking for kindness across the state. friends and family are asking everyone to perform a random act of kindness to honor colleen ritzer. ritzer was murdered two years ago today. phillip chism is charged with her murder. organizers want people to share their random acts of kindness with the dashtag, kindness for colleen. fighting back against a string of assaults. how authorities are encouraging women in one local neighbor to protect themselves against an attack. an expands cable company wants to get into the phone business. but sarah wroblewski is tracking the forecast. >>sarah: lower visibility over the next hours but expecting temperatures to stay in the 50s but a big jump.
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no delays at the airports now, but go ahead and look at the travel forecast.if you are going to be headed out the door going to be headed out the
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this morning, the search is over for a missing maine woman and her son. we covered this story all day yesterday as the search unfolded. sara meade called brunswick saying she went on a trip with her ex-boyfriend and she is safe and back in maine. the woman's parents reported her missing when her 5-year-old son didn't show up for school. this morning in medway, neighbors continue to fight against a proposed power plant explosion in town. fox25 was at the town meeting when medway's administrator said the state could approve or deny epsilon power plant. opponents are still taking their arguments to the facility's sitting board. >> i don't think adding more air pollution on to what we already have is acceptable. i think we do have a great chance of changing their minds. >>julie: opponents will have a year before the state makes their final decision. comcast is getting ready to compete with cell phone giants by offering wireless service.
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the cable company plans to start self-service using verizon's network and wi-fi hot spots. part of a deal with verizon years ago. the trial with comcast wireless could begin in the next six months. youtube has an ad-free version. users can prescribe to youtube red. it also allows users to save videos to watch offline. the boston bruins are still winless at home this season, but a big day for patrice bergeron. he took the ice against the flyers just ours after the birth of his first trial. what a way to celebrate. he scores this goal to tie the game at 2 in the first period. this game will go to overtime. tied at 4. flyers on the power play and ripping only the one-timer. home this year. congratulations this morning to the red raiders of watertown high.
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the school's field hockey team made history with a 6-0 win against melrose. watertown is undefeated in 14 straight names. a new national record. they have not lost since the state semifinals in 2008. not allowed a goal in the last 41 games. that is impressive. congrats to them. a look at the roads as you may expect at this early hour, things moving along nicely in the expressway. no excepting. the pike looks good from framingham to the allston-brighton area. a little bit foggy right now. 13 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tum. 16 minutes on route 9 from 495 to speen street. 22 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri and did you see the fog in the shot with the pike eastbound. is that going to linger with us is that going to linger with us?
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would see some foggy spots and that camera really just showed it in brighton and we are dealing with visibility down to under a mile in spots. we have got very light winds, and we have got some warmer weather moving on in, so meet your temperature and dew point very similar. get some fog. and, wow, we are going to be nearing 70 in some spots. nearly 10 degrees above average and tracking a few showers. good news is sunshine does return as we head into our friday and into the weekend, but we will be tracking yet more wet weather. we will watch the timing of those showers, especially as we pass our homes this weekend. look at the satellite and radar look at the satellite and radar, sure enough we have moisture out to the west. the warm front is lifting northward. a lot of cloud and winds will be picking up today becoming breezy. right now they are fairly light. we do have some breaks in the clouds across the southeast and you can see in boston out to providence, worcester, nashua, we have some low clouds, very light winds, and sure enough,
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visibility now down to a quarter of a mile visibility in norwood, nashua under a mile. boston too. new bedford, as well and low clouds across the out and north coast. very difficult travel over the next couple of hours. your hour-by-hour forecast. the temperatures quickly climb into the 60s into the lunch hour and by the afternoon we will be in the lower 70s for some spots. sure enough we could see a few breaks in the cloud cover but a lot of clouds too is what we are anticipating throughout the day today. and one thing is, you want to get out and enjoy that -- the mild weather because we have got some much cooler weather headed our way and taking a closer look at the highs around the region. coolest weather will actually be across the cape and island and the wind off the water and temperatures there probably getting stuck in the 60s. so taking a look at this futurecast, you can see sure
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enough there may be a few breaks but you will have to watch for spotty showers ahead of this front. not much moisture right now working with this front, so we are going to be talking about not a washout, but just a risk of some showers. and sure enough as this front comes through this evening, kevin lemanowicz will be on tonight during the news at 10:00 and 11:00 and tracking some of these showers. maybe even a rumble of thunder even something we will be watching throughout the day and overnight tonight. once that front comes through, cool breezy weather moves in. high pressure bringing sunshine into the forecast and look at these temperatures. what a change. highs tomorrow perhaps getting stuck in the 40s in parts of new hampshire. 50s elsewhere. hang on to the cool weather and tracking another system late saturday, early sunday. right now indications that some of the showers may be over just in time for the pats game. we will have to take a closer look at that forecast coming up look at that forecast coming up, and a look at cooler weather as we head into early next week. over to you.
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>> all right, 4 :20. feeling the blues before baby arrives. coming up new at 5:30, a new study sparking a conversation of the toll a baby takes on dads. a little boy's letter to the white house turns into a great show and tell gift. >> she said i have something very special to you. and just as she said that i am like, oh, a letter from president obama! >>julie: can you believe it. the very personal message and
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you are watching the fox25 morning news. >> a woman to gave birth on board a plane may have done it on purpose to get citizenship in the united states for her child. this morning she may have to pay $30,000 for diveringt the china airlines flight. we told you about this last week. her water broke six hours after a 19-hour flight that had to land in alaska. on facebook the woman lied how pregnant she was and when she went into labor they kept asking if she was into u.s. airspace. the woman has been deported from the u.s. and the child is in the care of alaska authorities. an entire football team in
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connecticut is ordered off the field because of a sexting scandal. plainville high school officials would only say that an inappropriate group text had been exchanged. a student who did not want to go on camera 13 football players were on that text exchanging photos of naked female students some as young as 14. the district is now investigating with you investigating but as of right now no criminal investigation. three new york high school students facing criminal charges for hacking into the school's computer system to change their grades. 17-year-old daniel torrez is considered the ringleader and broke into the school and installed hardware that allowed them to get passwords and log them to get passwords and log-in credentials. from there were able to change grades from home. >> we believe he changed his own grades from a 94 to 100 own grades from a 94 to 100.incredible. sorr ez faces burglary and
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computer transportation and eavesdropping charges. he faces up to 11 years in prison. the other two face up to four years. it is now 4:25. this morning a celebrity couple has reconciled after one of them nearly died. chloe kardashian and lamar odom are reportedly giving their marriage another shot. kardashian has been by odom's side since the former nba star was found unconscious near a nevada brothel. their attorneys went before a judge to withdraw their divorce papers. she filed for divorce in 2013. comedian chris rock will host the oscars this year. he hosted the academy awards in 2005 and he said he is happy to be back. they will air february 28. lego building blocks will be from short supply this holiday season. he xbingts a shortage because of growing demand. the danish toy maker said due in part to the possibility of the lego movie. lego is expanding factory lego is expanding factories but they won't be fully operational until 2020.
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this morning a wakefield first-grader has one heck of a show and tell item. there he is. 7-year-old nathan young. he wrote president barack obama a letter and this week he got a response. in the package a portrait, a picture of the white house dog and a personalized letter from the commander in chief. nathan's reaction was priceless nathan's reaction was priceless. >> he said, um, i have something very special for you, and just as she said this oar i am like, oh, a letter from president obama. >>julie: my reaction would be similar. nathan has put his letter in a binder for safekeeping and he is still dreaming for a visit to the white house some day. they are writing a letter to local lawmakers for help getting tickets. >> nathan, you have cool air by the way. >>julie: yes, he does. a new kid moving in on "sesame street. "why julia is the first of her kind for the cartoon, and how she could help so many family she could help so many families. plus an asteroid is buzzing
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