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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 22, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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serious threats agait his high school. who blew the whistle on the plot and the distishing item officers dis-- disturbing items officers discovered inside his home. new problems in the tunnel new problems in the tunnels. the new safety concern that could take months to fix. and hillary clinton will be going back to capitol hill to answer questions about benghazi answer questions about benghazi. the key questions that lawmakers want answered this morning. >> this is the fox25 morning news. >>gene: good morning, everybody, 6:00 on this thursday morning, october 22. hop your morning is you off to great start. i am -- hope your morning is off to a great start. i am gene lavanchy. >>sara: and time sara underwood. bag today this morning. julie grauert is taking a look at its effect on the commute, at its effect on the commute, sara underwood sarah wroblewski is looking for the fog to burn out. >> up with of those days in the morning that you want to plan a little extra time. visibility quickly changes from location to location.
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boston has improved slightly, but now beverly to less than a mile visibility. worcester down to half a mile. new bedford down to under a mile. so we will really have to watch this area fog that continues to be quite patchy in some spots through the morning hours. notice to the north and west, we have also got some rain showers. we are going to watch that activity. some of that will die out as it pushes eastward. have been talking about is still way out to the west, and ahead of that, anticipate see temperatures really mild for the day today. currently in the 50s for the most part. we will be climbing into the 60s under partly to mostly cloudy skies during the i can't of noon. that is when we can expect to see spot showers to the north and west and moreing or a nice and west and moreing or a niceed showers come our way once we reach near 70 by the afternoon. so, yes, we are getting into the 70s for some spots and will take a closer look at the timeline when that rain will arrive as well as much cooler weather. get a check of the traffic with julie grauert.
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start on the expressway typical slowing from furnacebrook park slowing from furnacebrook parkway to columbia road. north of town average speeds of 25 miles per hour through medford. take you over to route 1 where that fog is lingering and can see it because the headlights are tougher to see as you approach lynn fell parkway. 14 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin bridge. 31 minutes from 93 south from andover to the city. 228 from 128 south from the peabody a area to the weston tolls. gene and sara, over to you. we begin in metheun where a 16-year-old is accused of shooting up a high school. >> a tip from a friend led to a disturbing discovery at a teen's home. fox25's jessica reyes is live outside metheun high school is where this investigation is just get can started. good morning, jess. >>reporter: good morning, sara. and police are thankful for that friend for tipping them off. investigators searched the
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suggest that he may have been planning this for quite some time. >>reporter: a metheun high school student arrested accused of making columbine-type threats to shoot up a school. >> scary as a parent knowing your children are going to school knowing there is a threat. >>reporter: a search found ammunition, fake guns and riot gear. >> there was some type of gear found. you can describe some of them as tactical. others as -- sort of replica of columbine-type clothing. >>reporter: investigators said he told his friends about the plans and they are crediting that friend for stepping up and saying something. >> if it had not been stopped, something could have happened to the child themselves. >> that suspect referenced mass shootings at school and talked about in length more than once. >> in person and also some posting, some written text
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identifying the suspect as a juvenile saying that he is a junior at metheun high school. parents were assured that no one is in danger, but many of them are still left with many questions. >> a lot of threats. a lot of things are going on like that across the country, , not just here. one of the biggest questions that parents have this morning why they weren't notified about this until two day after the suspect was arrested. the superintendent says he has a good reason for that, however, and we are however, and we are hearing from her at 5:30. new this morning, bridgewater state has formally closed a sexual assault investigation on campus. an 18-year-old freshman at bridgewater state told school officials she was assaulted in a campus parking lot by a man she met online. they athorough investigation determined the report was unfounded. the university will not pursue charges. from his south boston are urging women to defend
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of assaults over the summer. our cameras were there to talk about safety. women have been robbed, others groped in self-recent attacks. officers have identified two of the suspects and while they search for another, community leaders warn women to be aware leaders warn women to be aware.we need to figure out how to get this switched out there -- not to freak them out, but to have the to have thing in and information is power. >> police say that women should keep pepper spray and whistles with them when they walk alone. state inspectors say hundreds of bolts that hold the need to be replaced. michael henrich live outside the tip o'neill tunnel with a look at these concerns and the possible cost to taxpayers. good morning, michael. >>reporter: good morning, gene. the actual cost is unknown at this point. the highway administrator couldn't put a number it will cost to replace the broken nuts cost to replace the broken nuts.
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the nuts and bolts parts of the light fixtures throughout a handful of the tunnels that resulted from the big dig here. now one little silver lining that the highway administrator insists that nobody is at risk. not a safety concern at this point. they are replacing these nuts out of an abundance of caution. this will not provide a full shut down but only partial loin closures. they are trying to minimize the impact while conducting safety checks and protecting broken equip equipment. the bad news is broken equipment as a result of the big dig. the highway administrator says unclear when these hundreds of nuts hoping to hold up the light fixture to crash. 7% of the nuts in the ted williams tunnel have been inspected. 878 need replacing out of 30,000. about 14% of the i-90 connector and expressway tunnels have
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been inspected. we are talking about 100,000 nuts, and only 49 were cracked. these light fixtures are also held up by wiring and that's why the highway administrator says there no safety concern even if all the nuts on a certain fixture would track and fail, the wiring would hold that light fixture up, at lease is the redundancy built into it is the redundancy built into it. four i can't have intoers ago a 110-pound light did crash on to the roadway. that something that obviously strikes a nevb for a mid september inspecting. the rest of the light fixtures and nuts will be inspected by the end of november. the estimate given out so far and again we are keeping an eye how much this will cost taxpayers as soon as those number become public. we will report that to you. michael henrich, fox25 morning news. new this morning, relatives of a toll booth worker killed on the mass pike want the state
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to force drivers to slow down. in july, bill papis was hit by a truck walking out of his booth at an you a born interchange. the truck driver was charged with speeding and motor vehicle homicide. families of the victim want more rumble strips placed at toll booths. the last two months, they have written more than 1200 speeding tickets at mass pike exits. this morning plans to extend the mbta's green line may be on hold again. state officials tell the "globe state officials tell the "globe" the next phase will be delayed until spring. also a chance the multibillion dollar project could be stopped all together. plans called for building seven new greenline spots in somerville and medford. time officials are firing two fire fighters in brookline for bad behavior. the town's board of selectmen voted on it. pled not guilty for beating a
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and jeremy joseph faces drunk driving and hit-and-run charges for a incident in newton. the search is over for a missing maine woman and her son missing maine woman and her son. we covereded this story. sara meade called brunswick police saying she went on a vacation with her ex-boyfriend and she is back in me petition. they were reported missing after her 5-year-old son did not show up for school. fox25 was at the town meeting when medway's administrator told residents that the state can approve or deny epsilo n power's plan. they say impacts will be minimal but opponents are taking the arguments to the facility's sitting board. >> i don't think adding more air pollution continue to what we already have is acceptable. i think we have a great chance of changing their mind. >> opens will have a year
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before the state makes a final decision. new this morning, several nfl teams may be forced to cut ties with daily fantasy sports company including boston-based draft kings. "globe" says 28 teams have lucrative deals with draft kings and its rival fan dual. but some states may declare the fantasy games illegal and if that happens teams in those states might end the champion states might end the championship deal. for now the ga ims are legal in massachusetts but that could change. robert deleo say he is preparing toes relate sites like fan dual and draft kings. deleo is polling fellow lawmaker to see if they consider the sites to be a form of gambling. >> i am not sure there is any comfort level amongst folks whether this is gambling or not. we will have work to do on it. >> next week the mass gaming
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legality and if they have the power to regulate them. mask men walk out of a local store with stolen loop worth thousands. what these surveillance picture what these surveillance pictures show that prove the team is professional and timing of the heist played a crucial role in its success. traffic every ten minutes for you right now. a 17-minute commute from the cloverleaf down to the leverett connector. sarah? >>sarah: tracking fog early this morning and temperatures on the mild side in the 50s. we will see some of the fog begin to burn off once the sun rises shortly after 7:00. boosting temperatures into the 60s for the evening commute and
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can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars -- at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. we are back at 6:14 this morning. she's already been in the hot seat once before. this morning, hillary clinton will be back on capitol hill to answer questions about the deadly benghazi attacks. daniel miller has a look at what lawmakers want to know. >>daniel: good morning, gene. this is part of an investigation that began 17 months ago into the 2012 attacks that killed four americans at the american consulate in libya. the house select committee will address key issues around the violence that led to the death of four americans and the security breaches that failed to keep them safe. the committee wants to know why
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there was never requests for additional security leading up to the attacks despite an increase in violence in the area. >> we have learned through e-mails and through documents e-mails and through documents that there were hundreds of mentions about security incidents particularly in 2012. so we have questions for the secretary about what she did with respect to those security requests. >>daniel: now among the americans killed in the attack was winchester native and former navy seal glen doherty. they want to know how involved clinton was in the military response to the attack. political insiders think that today's testimony could make or break her campaign. she must remain calm during the grueling 8-hour session. the hearing begins at 10:00. you can watch the live stream on our web site at the head of the cia, the newest victim of a wikileaks attack. the group published e-mails
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from john brennan's personal account. personal information and addresses and information of family and associate. his account was hacked by a high school student protesting american foreign policy. not clear if any national security information was compromised. republicans. >> congress are clearing a big hurdle for speaker of the house hurdle for speaker of the house. a group of conservative congressmen say they will support paul lion as the next weeker. the -- paul lie onas the next -- paul ryan. he is responsible for pushing current speaker john boehner to resign. president obama is planning to use his veto power for the fifth time in his presidency. the move will block a defense spending bill. republicans say the veto will delay important defense programs. a local senator will head to guantanamo bay this week. according to the "union leader"
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senator kelly ayotte is travelling to cuba. she is looking into reports that female garth that female that female -- guards have been banned from performing certain duty duties because prisoners say that it is against their religion to be guarded which women. ayotte is crit kaing of the white house's goal of closing the brigs and that prisoners should not dictate what is happening there. good morning, everyone, 6:17. way want to start south of boston with two accidents. one is southbound at high street in dedham. the other 95 northbound after no upon set street as you are working your way to 128 working your way to 128. pike itself moving along fine but the issue on the pike is fog. show you a little bit of a time lapse. a screen grab i posted earlier at 4:51. a little bit better at 6:17, but still a little bit of lingering fog. here are those live drive times here are those live drive times. 13 minutes on the pike from speen street to washington street. 13 minutes on the weston tolls
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to the ted williams tunnel. 25 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. meteorologist shiri spear meteorologist -- meteorologist sarah wroblewski keeping an eye on the morning fog. >> that will be the issue as we will be dealing with areas of dense fog and improvements after sunrise and really a breezy, mild day. some areas nearing 70 and getting a little higher than that too which will feel really nice and usually in the upper 50s. tracking a few late-day showers and, well, behind those showers, you caught some much cooler weather and will be making its way into the region tomorrow and the early part of the weekend. marquette, michigan, 39 degrees marquette, michigan, 39 degrees. there is our cooler weather. you can see the warmth ahead of it all because we have this cold front that will be tracking as we move east pardon tracking as we move east pardon. tracking into the mild air south of that weather boundary draped over the reeks over the next 24 hours. we are going to be slow to move
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and it will eventually move northward through the day and as it does so, we will be tapping into the mild air and the winds will be picking up out of the south. right now partly to mostly cloudy skies. a few showers being tracked on radar but not getting any reports of it making it to the ground. a few sprinkles to western parts of the state. we are talking about areas of fog. dense fog in some spots. visibility do town less than a half a mile in worcester. nashua under a mile. seeing some improvements in boston right now. but beverly under a mile. taking your hour-by-hour forecast, we will see improvements as we head into sunrise. through the day, lunch hour, we will be talking about temperatures in the 60s. a few breaks in the cloud cover a few breaks in the cloud cover, and as we head into the afternoon, that's when we have our best shot at 70 degrees. out in clouds will continue through the ocean through the -- flew the evening and we will be tracking that cold front bringing a risk of a few showers. temperatures thanks to that gusty south-southwesterly wind climbing well into the upper 60s to 70s. coolest for the cape and
6:19 am
islands because of the one off the water. our futurecast show the front lifting to the north. as we take a look at the precipitation, a few spot showers possible through the early afternoon. , but our best chances of seeing wet weather as the front comes through during the evenings hours and later on tonight could be a few downpours and a rumble of thunder. this front pushes on through and once it does so, we are talking about cool and breezy weather to follow for the day tomorrow. temperatures tonight fall back into the 40s, even 30s to the north and west. 50s by friday. a few spots may struggle to get out of the 40s. we will we will hold on to the cool weather to start our weekend and tracking some showers. looks as though we should see improvements by midday sunday which is a good thing because we know the pats are playing at home at 1 p.m. so we will, perhaps, look for decreasing clouds and still mild near 60 degrees after some showers in the mornings. in fact we should dry out, and as we head into early next week
6:20 am
week, temperatures will cool down below average lightly into the mid-50s and perhaps some rain arrives late in the week. there is the latest look at your forecast. a question we have all been wondering for years. are aliens trying to send a signal? that is the big question this morning. what astronomers are using this telescope for and what they are trying to monitor. new questions of a baby born at 30,000 feet why flight attendant
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back at 6:23. new this morning, police in new mexico charge a 32-year-old man with murder in the road rage killing of a 4-year-old girl. the announcement of arrest came a few hours after police said a person of have was taken into custody. tony torrez confessed to pulling alongside a pickup truck and shot into the vehicle on an kishingz freeway. 4-year-old lilly garcia was struck in the head and died. he is being held on cash bail. more on gunman accused of killing a nypd officer. howard was charged with selling crack cocaine at a public housing complex in ha are them
6:23 am
from october of 2014. he pled guilty in may and released into a drug diversion program. howard is also wanted in connection with a shooting of a gang member in september. he faces murder and robbery charges for tuesday night's shooting death of officer randolph holder. parents of a 1-year-old girl left alone in her day care are demanding answers. the dad found the girl locked inside the dark alone and crying. fire fighters had to come break in to get her out. >> so enema >> so en many things were crossing my mind when i hit the door and heard her screaming. on. it was pitch black and the police had the flashlight down and i could see my baby crawling on the floor. >> there was a different incident at that same day-care center where a child was not picked up by a parent. so one of the day care workers took the child home. the department of children and families services is now investigating. a woman who gave birth on board a plane may have done it on four get citizenship in the united states for her child.
6:24 am
pay $30,000 for diverting the china airline flight. we told you this this week. her water broke 6 hours into a 19-hour flight that had to land in alaska. one of the flight attendants posted on facebook saying the woman had lied of how pregnant she have. and when she went into labor, they kept asking if they were in u.s. airspace yet. united states but the child is in the care of alaska authorities. a woman falls off a mbta platform and gets trapped underneath a train. still to come on the fox25 morning news, what we know about the late-night technical rescue to save her. plus a very foggy morning out there, >>sarah: sarah one of the biggest weather threats for this morning. and this afternoon we will be shifting the threat to the winds that could be strong and the showers i am tracking. i will have the details and timeline ahead. local cheerleading coach
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6:30. a foggy, foggy start to this thursday morning. visibility very low and you hit the hit the road and watching weather and traffic. we appreciate yacht you we appreciate yacht you being with us. >>sara: great to see you all, i am a tsar. and i have to say driving into work today was incredibly
6:28 am
the fog was perfect out there. >> and sarah was saying it comes and go. throughout your commute you could with decent visibility and then nothing archdiocese sarah some improvements and other areas back to reduced visibility. fork almouth down to a quarter fork almouth down to a quarter-mile visibility. boston, it was down next to nothing and we have seen some improvements. beverly under a mild visibility beverly under a mild look at manchester, new hampshire, nashua, all under a mile, fitchburg too. worcester starting to see improvements, but we have this weather boundary draped across our region. it will lift as a warm front that lynn crease the wupd areas of rain something we will be tracking throughout the day. before that front makes it take a look at your day planner, starting off with the fog and
6:29 am
mid-60s by your lunch hour and mild in the afternoon getting into the low 70s. coming up, i will show you exactly town by town what you can expect for high temperatures today and also the latest timeline of those showers. so let's get a check of that traffic now with julie. good morning. >>julie: sarah, good morning. already a few accidents to tell you about. wait for this one to be cleared cleared. 128 near high street in dedham. street. shift north of town, new accident on 93 southbound. an accident on the zakim bridge. live look at the pike, volume is reasonable but you can still see some of that fog flew brighton. live drive times. 15 minutes from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel on the pike. 30 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. 30 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston toll. gene and sara, back to you. police returning to class hours after police bust a
6:30 am
student for a dangerous plot. >>sara: police say he quote, wanted to bust up the school. and they are thanking other teen for alerting them. >>reporter: students and parents didn't learn about this until after school when they were dismissed. this morning a lot them are too ig to process this and still left with so many questions about everything that has happened here. police say that student that threatened to shoot up the school was arrested after a search of his home found fake guns, bullets and riot gears. a friend of his said he had talked about his plan for quite some time. the suspect was arrested on monday but parents didn't learn about it yesterday nearly 48 hours late perpt superintendent says there is a good reason for that however saying they had to work as kaley as possible to get everything right. >> we worked hand in hand with the police working for the investigation to be complete so
6:31 am
information to relay to the parents. >>reporter: the student in question is now face question is now facing a large list of charges for this and he has since been taken to the hospital to be evaluated. we talked to some parent after they learned about all of this and we are hearing from them in the next half hour at 7:00. live in metheun, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. walking out with stacks of computers. police in mansfield are searching for a group of thieves who stole thousands of dollars worth of apple products dollars worth of apple products. investigators believe that this wasn't their first burglary. fox25's catherine parrotta is live in mansfield this morning with the elaborate plan that is now under investigation. >>reporter: good morning, sara, i did check in with mansfield police department and they don't have any update on this case so far. but again to reiterate, they are saying these suspects got out of this store you see behind me with $100,000 worth of apple products. the scheme was elaborate and they may not have been amateur
6:32 am
amateurs. crazy. i think that is just outrageous outrageous. >>reporter: a well-orchestrated theft catching mansfield shopper business surprise. >> they definitely done that before. >>reporter: happened here at the simply mac store. while some were watching the sunday night pats' game, the thieves were scoring breaking in between 10:30 and 1:00 >> the suspects got in through a common door they forced entry to. and actually cut through the walls into the simply mac store and merely disengaged the alarm and merely disengaged the alarm. >>reporter: police say the two had radios. likely a third person outside, possibly connected to a vehicle stolen earlier in the night. the thieves were camera ready wearing hoofs wearing hoods, masks and gloves as they stole $100,000 worth of merchandise. >> computers, laptops, iphones, anything that you could imagine an apple store would have. >>reporter: the theft discovered monday morning and
6:33 am
>> we don't believe it is isolated. >>reporter: and to that point, they say it may not have been the first crime for the suspects. more on that part of the story in the next hour. as you might imagine, mansfield police are anxious to identify the suspects. thet put it out on their social media pages. we are passing this along to you. up if know anything, call mansfield police. a man is being held without bail for allegedly raping at least two women on nantucket. according to the cape cod times according to the cape cod times, prosecutors reveal in court they had dna evidence connecting david matterson to the crimes. one assault happened in 2008. the other in 2014. both victims were attacked by knifepoint. matterson will return to court for a dangerousness hearing. a brockton cheerleading coach is held on bail for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl.
6:34 am
-- on monday, 26-year-old this month at his brockton he is ordered to stay away from the full house all-star gym where he used to work. where he used to work. bail is set for $2500 for a worcester man accused of exposing himself near an elementary school. michael borichino lived across the street and allegedly it this from a window. he continued to expose himself at him to stop. officers arrested him inside of his house. new this morning, state police have arrested two people on gun charges following an alleged road rage incident on 9 alleged road rage incident on 95 south in sharon. a driver called police yesterday saying someone in him. troopers track down the car and found a handgun, 29 rounds of ammunition and a halloween mask. the suspect will appear in court this morning. this morning transit police
6:35 am
are investigating how a woman ended up stuck under an orange line train at the hay market station. the woman trespassed into the right-of-way and was knocked under train. the woman was conscious when they was taken to the hospital. buss replaced trains for a while a little over an hour and a half, but service is back to normal this morning. and officials continue to investigate a cause of a deadly fire in somersworth, new hampshire. julie brage was killed and according to the union leader the man that escaped the fire said the thick smoke made it difficult to rescue her. she died of smoke inhalation after not being able to escape from her second-floor bedroom. musicians, actors and other street performers may have to open their tip jars in order to work in boston. last night the city council debated a proposal to force street performers to purchase a permit that will cost $40 per year and could be revoked for
6:36 am
misconduct. right now boston has no regulations for on-street entertainment. pieces of boston hitting the auction blocks. mural that graced the t stop for decades are being auctioned online for the rest of the month. the murals were taken down while the station was being renovated. a wild ride for a cat in lashland. animal control say the cat climbed into an engine and stay climbed into an engine and stayed in there for six stayed in there for six miles. they had to call the fire department in to remove parts of the engine in order to get that cat out safely. >> he wasn't crying or fighting us at all. he just kind of went limp until we got him out, just letting us maneuver him to get him out >> the cat was checked out by the vet and is just fine. animal control plans to look for the cat's owner in framingham and possibly post
6:37 am
but they say that the engine was purring right along. >>sara: alike that. a new study saying if him. what is happening today, a tribute a beloved local high job. thing thing family and friends are asking strangers to do on the anniversary of her death. and an accident on 95 northbound right after naponset street in canton. i will tell you i will tell you what to expect for your drive time. a mix of clouds and sun. more clouds winning out at times as temperatures well above average into the 70s in some locations. and in fact down across the cape and islands, upper 60s. i will talk more about where
6:38 am
well the risk of showe for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! stop & shop just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my stop & shop. turning their day of
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tragedy into a day of hope. the day that the family of a high school teacher is asking everyone to honor her by honor everyone to honor her by honoring her words. exactly two years ago today that colleen ritzer was found dead at the school. daniel miller joins us live with a simple request from her friend. >>daniel: she is asking people to perform random acts of kindness. two years ago that danvers math teacher colleen ritzer was murder. he was killed two years ago. a former student she stayed afterschool to help is charged with her murder. today danvers high school is promoting random acts of kindness to students and staff can do something that colleen once tweeted and quoted. find something good and do it every day. suggestions of things you can do. it can be as simple and small as opening a door for someone else.
6:40 am
share their random avbingts kindness with the hashtag, kindness for colleen. that is the number four. you can share the movement by going to our facebook page this morning. i am daniel miller, fox25 morning news. this morning wakefield first-grader has one heck of a show and tell item. 7-year-old nathan young wrote president barack obama a letter and this week he got a response and this week he got a response. in the package came a portrait, pictures of the white house dogs and a personalized letter from the commander-in-chief. nathan's reaction was priceless nathan's reaction was priceless. >> he said, i have something very special for you that i got in the mail. and just as she said that i am like, oh, a letter from president obama! >>sara: nathan has put his letter in a binder for safekeeping and he is still dreaming for a visit to the white house some say. they are writing a letter to local lawmakers for help getting tickets. >>gene: good luck to them.
6:41 am
put that in a frame rather than a binder. the new york mets are national champions at lease in the national league. they swept the cubs in game 4 of the nlcs. second baseman daniel murphy did it again the king of queens. hit a home run for the 6th straight post season game a major league record and stunning. the mets cruise past the cubs 8-3. new york return to the world series for the first time since the subway series of 2000. as to who they are going to face up in the air. the blue jays kept their season alive beating the royals in game 5. framingham native getting involved. he delivered a solo home run for toronto in the second inning. jays roll 7-1. series shifts back to kansas city for game number 6 tomorrow night. this morning. new survey says that new new englanders are the second most annoying fans in the national football league. seahawks fans are the most
6:42 am
sealers, cowboys round out the top five. the new york jets, are are they the new york jets, are are they? thaivr fans missing from this list. there has got to be a recount, sara. >>sara: definitely got to be are he a recount, my friend. this halloween, cast your eyes to the sky something spooky spookier than ghosts and zombie spookier than ghosts and zombies, a giant asteroid will be whipping by coming within 3 be whipping by coming within 310 miles, the closest we have come since 2006 and it is going extremely fast. about 78,000 miles per hour. scientists say though don't earth. more time and money is going into the search for alien life. this morning, scientists are using a powerful telescope in california to focus on a distant star. this is a drawing of that telescope. the star has a mysterious light coming from it, and scientists want to know what is causing it it. recently a russian billionaire made a large donation to help researchers search for signals from outer space.
6:43 am
good thursday morning. it is now 6:46 it is now 6:46. waiting for this accident to naponset street. as we shift over closer into the city, an accident, this is right on the leverett connector before the zakim bridge. and that's why we are seeing increased traffic on the bridge and on the leverett connector itself. here are those live drive times here are those live drive times. up to 27 minutes on 24 from 106 to 128. 50 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 32 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri spear this morning. a bit of a mild start, but you and i are both tracking some of that fog and how it is going to impact the morning commute, sarah. >>sarah: those people about to head out the door, you want to show you the visibility because good news is it has improved over the last hour and i am anticipate anticipating to see better conditions once that sun rises shortly after 7:00. but still travelling in parts of new hampshire, out through
6:44 am
worcester county, like will he out there. visibility down to under a mile in nashua and down in new bedford too. boston, you have improved but are still running into patchy fog out there. it is mild with some clouds. we have got some in breaks in the cloud cover across the cape and islands. vineyard. in fact through the morning hours, we are anticipating to see that sunshine boost those temperatures as well as those winds, but we are going to get into clouds off and on too. across the vineyard. temperatures climbing into the mid- to upper 60. very similar conditions in boston too. 55 right now. jumping 10 degrees by your lunch hour and into the afternoon we will be climbing into the lower 70s. one thing you will notice, it will not only be mild but breezy. we could see gusts out of the south about 30 miles per hour. something to take precaution. but look for a few breaks in the cloud cover, and as we head into the afternoon and evening hours, a better chance of showers will arrive. you know, we have this weather
6:45 am
boundary across the region. kept the clouds in place. saw some raindrops. it will slowly move northward. s it a does so will tap into the mild air and future cast does show few breaks in the cloud cover. some of the clouds spinning off a bit, and really in the afternoon you will notice the breezy, mild conditions. seeing hints of green right here indicating spot showers into the afternoon. the main cold front still to our west, so as this front gets closer by the evening, we will start to see a more organized line of some showers although it will be not a washout. we could still see some we could still see some heavier downpours through the evening and tonight as kevin lemanowicz is on the news at 10 and 11, he will be tracking some of the showers and downpours. you may hear a rumble of thunder to are two. this cold front does clear the coast overnight tonight, and introduces much cooler but brighter conditions for our day on friday. it is going to be quite a difference from the 70s today. tonight, we will fall back into the 40s.
6:46 am
perhaps even a few upper 30s with decreasing clouds. the winds will be picking up out of the northwest, and these are your highs to the day tomorrow, upper 40s to low to middle-50s. quite a change especially as we have temperatures mainly this time of year in the upper 50s. so today will be nice, 70 with the mild conditions. the breezy conditions. look for partly to mostly cloudy skies. the risk of those showers. come tomorrow, a little brighter. by the weekend, we hold on to the cold conditions to start in the morning could be near freeze freezing in some spots. in the 50s on saturday with increasing clouds and then we will be tracking the risk for some showers. that may spill into our sunday. but right now temperatures will be milder into the lower 60s, and by sunday, we could be clearing with the showers just in time for the pats game, something we will have to watch over the next couple of days, but if you are thinking of head but if you are thinking of heading to the game, you are thinking of decreasing clouds temperatures near 60.
6:47 am
as you head into early next week. over to you guys. big bird and elmo are getting a new friend. coming up the important message a new character is bringing to sesame street. and we are following breaking news out of sweden where a masked man has stormed
6:48 am
we need to disrupt the old order in washington, dc. we can do a lot better principles we should lower rates and simplify the code to allow people how they want to spend their money. what we need is leadership to fix a few big things... so that this country takes off and soars where people can dream the biggest possible dreams... and pursue them with a vengeance. (applause) jeb. proven conservative. real results. right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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this morning, a celebrity couple has reconciled after one of them nearly died. chloe kardashian and lamar odom are giving their marriage another shot. kardashian has been by the former nba star's another chance. they went before a judge to withdraw their divorce papers. kardashian first filed for divorce in december of 2013. comcast getting ready to compete for cell phone giants by offering wireless services. the cable company plans to start cell service for wi-fi and verizon hot spots. this is part of a deal with verizon years ago. a trial of comcast wireless could begin in the next six months. and youtube has launched an ad-free version of the kite.
6:50 am
for $10 a month usering can subscribe to youtube red. service also allows users to save videos to watch offline. people with iphones can now express themselves with even even emojis. apple released an update. new emojis include rolling eye new emojis include rolling eyes, cheese, burrito and a middle finger and they are talking about more new ones. an of a valentine's day co, a selfie hand and a shark. lego building blocks will be in short supply this holiday season. the company expects a shortage this year because of growing demand. the danish toy maker says that is due in part to the popularity of the lego movie. lego is expanding factory lego is expanding factories, but they won't be fully operational until 2020. new this morning 205 is on track to be the hottest year on record. global temperatures are running much higher than last year and 2014 was already a record setter.
6:51 am
part to el nino which is when the ocean releases large amounts of heat into the atmosphere. and the top minds at mit are taking aim at climate change. the university plans to create eight new centers focusing on solar energy, nuclear fusion and other technology and other technologies. and will also work with fossil fuel companies to reduce emission. last year a student grouped asked for mi it, to cut ties with fossil fuel companies. the they have no plans to do that. sesame street is introducing a new character that so many kids will be able to relate to. this is julia on the autism spectrum. part of a new initiative to reduce the stigma around autism reduce the stigma around autism. autistic children are five times more likely to be bullied and sesame street will show kids how she is just like everyone else. >>sara: a wonderful thing. as more states push for legalization, there are new
6:52 am
alarming new findings coming up at 7:00. but first, meteorologist sarah wroblewski is tracking a thursday warm-up. >>sarah: yeah, we will all enjoy temperatures near 70 today. we will be dealing with clouds and risk of showers later on. in fact i will have the latest timeline for you at 7:00. hour to be a blockbuster and now local scalpers are
6:53 am
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