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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 22, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> daniel: now at 9:00 a student behind bars for plotting a deadly attack at his high school. >> michael: issue with tunnels that came from the big dig. concern from the fasteners that keep light fixtures from falling >> julie: hillary clinton in the hot seat and what could hurt her campaign for president. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, it is 9:00 on thursday, october 22nd , i'm daniel miller. >> julie: i've.
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>> gene: -- i'm julie grauert. zakim bridge looking at the lift? >> sarah: improvement over the last several hours and visibility greater than a mile, at least in most locations, great visibility down across the southeast and fog starting to lift north and west of 495 in parts of new hampshire right now and we are also dealing with some showers out in parts of southwestern new hampshire, temperature in the 50s, closer to boston 58, 60s down across the southeast, 62 on nantucket and warmer weather arriving ahead of a cold front that will be pushing more showers into the region later on today and future cast actually showing that we will be tapping into some sunshine, breaks in the clouds during the lunch hour as temperatures will be jumping into the 60s for most of us and afternoon our best shot at hitting 70 or higher with a mix of sun and clouds. the clouds will thicken up once again, lift evening for the commute and risk of few scattered showers that could be better organized across the southeast later on tonight,
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rumbles of thunder but highs today mainly upper 60s to low 70s, well above the average, a little bit cooler loon the cape and islands but the winds very gusty too, we will break it down for you as well as tell you when the cooler weather arrives coming up and get check of traffic now, hopefully the fog is improving making it better on the roadways, julie. >> gene: >> julie: you're right, dealing with the typical slow spots 93 south in particular and the pike is slow right around the weston tolls with average speeds 10 miles per hour. as you can see through brighton on the pike still stop and go lingering on the fog. 32 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel, 23 minutes on route 9 from 495 to speen street, 52 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: students at one high school in methuen are back in class thou one day after one of their fellow classmates was
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their school. fox25's jessica outside the school. good morning. >> jessica: it was a friend of his that tipped him off and searched his home and found bullets and other things that concerned them and it was likely he was planning this for quite sometime. methuen student arrested accused of making columbine style threats. >> it is scary as a parent. >> jessica: police arrested 16-year-old monday and seven of two homes where he has been living turneddum ammunition, fake guns and riot gear. >> there was some types of gear found like could describe some of them as tactical, other as gothic sort of replica of columbine type clothing. >> jessica: investigators say he told a friend about his plan and this morning they are crediting that friend for stepping up and saying something. >> if it had not been intervened at this point that something would have happened probably to
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the child himself. >> jessica: friend told police he referenced mass shootings and talked about plan more than once. >> it was in person and also some postings, some written text messages. >> jessica: police are not identifying the suspect as he is a juvenile, only saying he is a junior at methuen high school. police assured parents last night that no one is in any danger but many of them are still left with so many questions. >> a lot of threats, a lot of things going on like that around the country, not just here. >> jessica: and we learned last night that this suspect was taken to hospital for treatment after he was arrested earlier this week and earlier on this morning a spokesperson for the essex county d.a.'s office saying he is still there and won't be arraigned until he leaves the hospital. coming up the next half hour we are hearing from the superintendent about why it took so long to notify parents about what had happened here. live in methuen this morning, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news.
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>> julie: bridgewater state formerly closed. 18-year-old freshman told school official she met a man online and he sexually assaulted her on campus parking lot. they say a thorough investigation determined the report was unfounded and university will not pursue any >> daniel: man is being held without bail for allegedly raping at least two women on nantucket according to the cape cod times prosecutors revealed in court they had dna evidence connecting david masterson to the crimes. one assault happened in 2008, other in 2014 and both victims were attacked at knifepoint. masterson will return to court monday for dangerousness hearing. police in south boston are urging women to defend themselves following string of sexual assaults over the summer. cameras were there as police met with residents to talk about safety. one had been robbed, others groped in several recent attacks and officers have identified at least two of the suspects and
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community leaders warn women to be aware. >> need to figure out how to get this pushed out there, not to freak them out so have empower >> daniel: police say women should keep pepper spray and whistles with them when they walk alone. >> julie: happening today protesters plan to push for the pilgrim nuclear power plant to be shut down as soon as possible owner of the plant in plymouth just announced plans to close to facility by 2019 but protesters want it to be closed immediately. >> daniel: new this morning the new hampshire compound that was site of long and dangerous standoff once again up for sale. today bids will be accepted for the former home of ed and elaine brown. the plain field estate includes 100 acres of planned and bidding starts at $125,000. however, there's one big catch. the property was booby trapped with several bombs and
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the browns are both serving long prison term. >> julie: it is 9:06. a planned parenthood will be closed this week after vandals did a lot of damage. police say teenager with hatchet broke into the clinic in plymouth. two weeks ago someone used black spray paint to write the word murderer on the building. this morning police are working to see if the incidents are linked. >> we have never had an incident until these last two incidents. this is not a clinic where abortions are performed. >> julie: police not releasing name or age but the juvenile was caught in the act of committing the crime. >> daniel: two firefighters in brookline reported bad abouty heavily congesteddor and board of settlementman charged with them last night. one was throwing food outside a tackeria earlier this month and
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for an incident in newton's. this morning search is over for missing maine woman and her son. we covered the story all day yesterday as story unfolded. sarah meade called brunswick, maine police saying she went on trip with exboyfriend and back safe and sound. her parents called police when school. >> julie: inspectors say light fixtures on the big dig need to be replaced. michael henrich is there and this is welcome news for everyone that drive through the tunnel. >> michael: as repairs get underway in the near future it is how much is it going to cost and traded e-mails with specific with the massachusetts department of transportation spokesperson and he said that the actual cost estimate simply cannot be worked out on how much it will cost to repair the
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all the inspections are complete at issue here are the nuts that fasten the light fixtures in these tunnels to the ceiling of the tunnel. they are cracking essentially. there are more than 138,000 of them in all between the ted williams tunnel, tunnel of i-90 connector, the tip o'neil tunnel, all of them more than 108,000 fasteners and yet just about 4% of them are cracked. it will take through the end of november to finish the inspections and determine exactly how many in all. they have done large percentage but not all of them. this raises eyebrows this morning because four and a half years ago 110-pound light fixture did end up falling on to the roadways, so folks that drive through the tunnels obviously are going to be concerned about what safety problems exist. that said the highway administrator does emphasize there's a redundancy built into
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the system. that means in addition to the nuts and bolts fastening it to the ceiling there are straps on there and even nuts were to fail straps would prevent the light fixtures from crashing down on cars passing down below. all of that said as soon as the inspections are complete by the end of november they will have a cost figure and determine exactly that amount and release it to us and pass it along to you. reporting live in boston, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> julie: plans to extend the mbta's green line may be on hold again and state officials tell the globe the next phase of the project will be delayed until next spring and chance multibillion dollar and seven green line stops in summer line and medford. >> daniel: proposed power plant expansion in town and last night fox25 was at the meeting when medway administrator told residents only the state can
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approve or deny exelon power plant's plan. consultants say the impacts on the environment would be minimal but opponents are still taking their argument to the facility's sitting board. >> don't think adding more air pollution on what we already have is acceptable. i think we do have a great chance of changing their minds. >> daniel: opponents will have a year before the state makes the final decision. >> catherine: police continue to investigate after they say suspects broke into the car and got out with $100,000 worth of merchandise and why it may not have been an isolated incident. >> julie: what will be zooming through the skies and spokiest nights of the year. sara? >> sarah: tracking showers through concord and heavier downpours and across southeastern areas some sunshine boosting the temperatures into the 60s. right now we have a big warm-up
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for who matters most. lahey hospital and medical center specializing in you. >> daniel: masked man with a sword goes on deadly rampage and in sweden one teacher was killed and four other people including at least two students were hurt and within the last minute it is confirmed second person has died the attacker was later shot by police. he is now in serious condition. it happened in suburb of gothenburg which is sweden
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>> julie: day long questioning of hillary clinton. our kyla campbell is live in washington d.c. to explain what's expected. kyla? >> anchor: this hearing slated to last for eight hours and might recall the heated senate hearing two years ago. >> protest or because guys out for a walk to decide to kill americans. what difference, it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything from making happening again. >> anchor: interviewing more than any other panel and unanswered questions about what led to the deadly attacks on the u.s. consolate three years ago when secretary of state and and some republicans have suggested
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witch hunt trying to damage clinton presidential campaign seven prior reviews and state department investigation found no intentional wrongdoing by state department workers. live in washington, kyla campbell, fox25 news. >> julie: new details this morning majority of americans find that benghazi investigation is not a, quote, burning issue for the public. 59% are dissatisfied with the way clinton handled the situation but even larger majority is using the investigation to gain political advantage rather than conducting an objective investigation. the hearing gains at 10:00 this morning. you can watch the live stream on the website at >> daniel: happening today president obama's preparing to use his veto power for just the fifth time in the presidency and block defense spending bill and white house objects to congress increasing the pentagon's budget without pawing the spending bill for the rest of the federal government. republicans say the veto will delay important defense
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programs. local senator will head to guantanamo bay. kelly ayotte looking into reports female guards have been banned from performing certain duties booze male prisoners say it is against the prisoners to be guarded by women. the issue first came to the attention of the senate armed services committee and critical of the white house of closing the prison and says prisoners should not be dictating what happens there. republicans in congress are clearing a big hurdle in the search for next speaker of the house. group of conservative congressman now say it will support paul ryan as the next speaker. wisconsin representative has asked the different factions of party to run and hard line conservatives were responsible for pushing john boehner to resign. >> julie: now 9:17 and things
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parkway up to columbia road. a little bit sluggish 128 southbound burlington and into lexington. live look at the zakim bridge where looks like the fog has lifted but some backups on the leverett connector. here are live drive times 25 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel and 29 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike, 42 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist sarah wroblewski joining us now and i can see some blue skies outside the studio which is a good sign. >> sarah: weather alert from manchester airport that they are having some hazards due to visibility down to a quarter of mile so yes, elsewhere the fog is lifting just be prepared if you're going to be flying out or know somebody flying into manchester this morning. clouds and sun today, we are going to be talking about a big warm-up, temperatures getting 10 above normal, climbing into the 70s in some spots and tracking up showers and leading
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edge of cooler air that will come back into the forecast tomorrow and even into the weekend. so we got some players happening today cool front out through the great lakes region and system that will be heading our way and providing the threat of showers but also introducing cooler air but ahead of it we got the mild air. winds out the of the south will increase today helping to bring in the warmth but this weather boundary stuck right over us right now so we have showers out and eastern parts of new york as well as vermont and new hampshire dealing with few downpours, lower visibility right now pushing through manchester as we have and steadier rain to the north so going to be traveling along 93 just be prepared. i showed you the last hour it would be in manchester at this time and continuing to track the showers for you they should be off the coast within the hour and still places like salem expecting to see showers within the next half hour. winds right now five to 10 miles per hour out of the south, they will continue to pick up, could
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hour this afternoon, sure, that's going to bring in warmth, right? 58 right now in the boston area though so we are already starting off very mild, gorgeous start to the day, some clouds, you will probably see a few breaks of blue as we head on through the morning hours and by the lunch hour expect temperature to jump from the 50s into the 60s and afternoon when the kids come in around 70 . by the evening commute some thicker clouds but notice temperatures still on the mild side because that cold front has yet to come through. that's why during the evening and tonight we are anticipating to see some of the showers ahead of the front. nonetheless today this is what you can expect for highs just feeling very mild temperature 60s to low 70s and front lift northward through the day and clouds spin out at times and mild and breezy what you can anticipate during the afternoon perhaps a few showers and cold front moisture starved and wouldn't be surprised if they are better organized during the evening and kevin lemanowicz
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news at five and six tracking some of the showers and then again later on tonight across southeast, coast likely going to see heavier downpours, perhaps rumble of thunder and this front will clear overnight tonight though and bring in cool weather on the day friday and breezy out of the northwest with some sunshine, highs tomorrow only in the upper 40s to low 50s. 7-day forecast does feature cooler weather to start for your weekend as temperatures on saturday in the 50s as we head into sunday a little bit warmer though temperatures climbing into the lower 60s and comes with showers though. we will be watching next cold front that could bring risk of showers early on in the day, should start to see improvements for the second half of the day which would be good for you pats fans out there. in fact, coming up next half hour we will take closer look at the pats forecast. over to you. >> daniel: 9:21 right now. dads need to help too. coming up the new study that shows new fathers aren't getting
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before the baby gets here. >> julie: first a lucky little boy has dream come true when he
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what >> julie: happening today in less than an hour they will discuss defects in the airbag inflaters and determine if more needs to be done to protect the public. the national highway traffic safety administration is moving to take over managing the recall
9:23 am
to speed up repairs and more than 23 million tacada airbags have been recalled sold by 11 auto makers and eight people have died and 100 hurt. >> daniel: zombies coming within 310 miles and closest we have come to 2006. going extremely fast about 78,000 miles per hour and scientists say don't worry it is not a threat to the earth. more time and money going into the seven for alien life. this morning scientists using a powerful telescope in california to focus on distant star. this is a drawing of that telescope there and star has mysterious light coming from it and scientists wants to know what's causing it and russian billionaire made a large donation to help researchers seven for signals from outer space. >> julie: this morning wakefield first graders has one
9:24 am
seven-year-old nathan young wrote president president obama a well,ert and package came portrait, pictures of white house dog and personalized letter from the commander in chief and nation's reaction was priceless. >> she said i have something very special for you that i got in the mail and just as she said that i was like oh, something from president obama. >> julie: and dressed up too for the soundbyte. i like his tux shirt. he put it in binder for safekeeping and still dreaming to visit the white house today and they are writing local lawmakers to help get tickets. honoring tragedy with something beautiful. asking people to keep her legacy going. sarah? >> sarah: rollercoaster ride in the temperature department near 70 today and cold front with risk of showers later and drop the temperature down for friday and even into the weekend
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>> gene: julie. >> sara: lower visibility earlier this morning and much improvement across the region but still places like manchester having low visibility and showers pushing on through parts of central and southern parts of new hampshire and winds increase and what that means for us, breaks in the cloud cover, temperatures rising into the 60s for lunch by the afternoon the kids come home from school near 70s if not a degree or two warmer in some spots but by the evening hours we are going to notice cold front will be pushing through and thicker clouds and few showers. today temperatures upper 60s to low 70s and it is going to be a really nice mild but breezy
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coming up i will show you the latest timeline when to expect the rain and cooler weather and check of traffic now with julie grauert. better. expressway still typically slow from furnace brook parkway up to columbia road and 93 south trudging along average speeds 9 miles per hour. as you can see over the zakim bridge over leverett connect and her bridge itself and live drive times 23 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel, 24 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike and 38 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. we do have breaking news right now in iraq where an american service member has been killed. this happened during a special forces mission to rescue up to 70 hostage. it is unclear right now which branch of the special forces was involved in this or if the hostages were, in fact, rescued. this is just breaking into the newsroom and we will update you all morning and into the
9:30 am
afternoon on our facebook page and website. >> daniel: students back in class this morning in methuen as police investigate a plot to attack the school. police say a student wanted to, quote, shoot up the school. fox25 jessica reyes joins us from outside the school in methuen where, jessica, where now. >> jessica: that's right, daniel, spokesperson for the essex county district attorney's attorney told me he was in the hospital where he was taken after he was arrested to be treated. we don't know why he was taken to the hospital. all we know is he was there right now and going to be arraigned once released from the hospital and not sure when that might be. parents and students here at methuen high school they didn't learn about this until late yesterday afternoon so this morning they are still processing this and definitely still have a lot of questions about everything that has happened here the last 24 hours. now, police say student that threatened to shoot up the school was arrested after search of his home turned up fake guns,
9:31 am
say friend of his said they talked about plans for quite sometime and arrested on monday and parents didn't learn about it until yesterday and nearly 48 hours after the fact superintendent says there's a good reason for that, however, saying they had to work as carefully as possible to get every detail correct. >> we worked hand-in-hand with the police waiting for the investigation to be complete so we would have the correct information to relay to parents. >> jessica: after he was arrested earlier this week he was taken to the hospital to be evaluated and that is where he remains right now and once released from the hospital according to the essex county district attorney's office he juvenile court. for now live jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> daniel: friends and family are asking everyone to perform a
9:32 am
random act of kindness to honor colleen ritzer and ritzer was murdered two years ago today and philip chism is charged with the murderer and they want people to share random acts of kindness on social media with #kindness4colleen. >> julie: police in mansfield looking for thieves that stole thousands of dollars worth of apple products and investigators believe this wasn't the first burglary and fox25 catherine parrotta is live in mansfield this morning with more on elaborate plan under investigation. catherine? >> catherine: good morning, julie, and you might be able to see the store hint me, simply mac and make out there's security stationed out in front of the store and they are keeping a close eye on things seemingly today and as you mentioned suspect in the case according to police they walked out of the store with $100,000 worth of merchandise and police
9:33 am
captured from inside the store and these are the guys that broke into the simply mac store in mansfield crossing plaza and 10:30 and so many would be watching the pats game and in addition to the two people inside there was likely another waiting outside possibly in stolen vehicle. police say the suspects disabled the alarm system after breaking into the store and they say this may not have been their first crime. >> we don't believe it is isolated with the stolen vehicle which is very uncommon for that area in the same evening and we feel that it is very similar to prior break on cape cod sometime ago, some years ago. >> catherine: as for the latest incident police say suspects were prepared to use radios to communicate and
9:34 am
masks and gloves and, of course, mansfield police they do want to track down the suspects so they are asking if you have any other information about the incident to give police a call. live in mansfield, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> julie: it is now 9:35 police arrest a survivalist who's wanted on felony warrant that's being held on bail. someone found survival books, food, clothes and ammo and found court documents indicating phillips had felony warrant for drug possession. police canine helped track him down. he was smoking a cigarette on the trail and arrested on the scene. masked man with sword goes on deadly rampage on school in sweden and one teacher was killed and within the last 15 minutes we learned student died as well. three other people were hurt. the attacker was later shot by police and now in serious condition. it happened in sweden's second largest city. >> daniel: brockton
9:35 am
cheerleading coach being held on bail this morning for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl. on monday 26-year-old nicholas johnson pleaded not guilty to several charge including aggravated rape and enticing the minor. according to court documents the incident happened earlier this month at brockton apartment and ordered to stay away from the full house all star cheer gym where he used to work and he will be back in court next month. bail set at $2,500 for worcester man accused of exposing himself near elementary school. michael borchino lives across the street from woodland academy and allegedly doing this from a window and police say he continued to expose him self to children as parents screamed at him to stop and officers arrested him inside his house. >> julie: state police have arrested two people on gun charges following an alleged road rage incident on 95 south in sharon. police just releasing this picture of a gun they say the suspect illegally carried in the car.
9:36 am
a driver called police yesterday saying someone in another car mask. >> reporter: tony torres admitted to firing the shot that
9:37 am
>> he is currently in custody, he has been booked into d.c. and held on $650,000 bond. >> reporter: lilly's father picked her and her brother up from school, mother was not in the car. police say on 2-mile stretch of the interstate two vehicles each cut each other off and not long after one of the drivers pulled up to the pickup truck and fired a gun several times. at least one of those bullets entered through the back window. lilly was struck. help. medics rushed the girl to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. torres faces multiple felony charges and assault with intent to commit a violent felony. i'm andrew spencer reporting. >> julie: we are learning more about the gunman accused of
9:38 am
he was arrested in 2014 drug charges and released into a drug diversion program and howard is wanted in connection with a gang member in september and faces murder and robbery charges for tuesday night shooting death for officer randolph holder. >> daniel: president obama joining national fight as death toll continues to rise and more than 680 people if the state died of overdoses during the first six months of the year and 7% increase from last year which already had the highest drug-related deaths on record. one of president obama's proposals is to require healthcare providers with training on prescribing painkillers. number of people using marijuana has more than doubled last 15 years according to new study out this week published by jama psychiatry and also found that people are not only using the drug more, they are using it twice as much as too. the study reports that 30% of
9:39 am
dependent on the drug and this new study contradicts a national survey on drug use that found the increase of marijuana use to be only 12%. >> julie: it is 9:41, not romantic of circumstances but khloe kardashian is rethinking divorce and how health crisis is impacting the relationship. >> daniel: flight attendant say mother lied about getting on a flight. >> sarah: windsor to grafton and to new hampshire and we are talking about downpours in manchester if you're going to be traveling along 93, otherwise we are going to see another threat of showers today and updated timeline of that c hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall
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9:42 am
consider the sites to be a form of gambling. next week they will discuss fantasy sports sites and determine if they have the power to regulate them. >> daniel: pats fans are on notice this morning, new englanders are the second most annoying fans in the national football league. seahawks fans are most annoying and cowboys, steelers rounding out the top five and sounds like there's jealousy at work here and jets fans, they are definitely missing from the list. >> julie: woman that gave birth on board a plane may have done it on purpose to gain citizenship for her child. she may have to pay $30,000 for diverting the china airlines flight. we told you about the story last week. her water broke six hours into 19-hour flight which had to land in alaska and one of the flight attendants posted on facebook
9:43 am
saying the woman lied how pregnant she was and when she went into labor she kept asking if she was in u.s. she has been deported from the u.s. and child is in the care of alaska authorities. >> daniel: family that inspired millions with struggle to have a baby is asking for prayers this morning. >> you know, just to let the world know he is very small but he is strong. >> daniel: we told but the graves family several months ago and they have been trying to conceive for 17 years and when dana got pregnant she recorded her husband's emotional reaction which went viral. the pregnancy was endangering her life so the baby was delivered this week. the dad says it is a struggle but his wife is amazing. >> she fought through this. she didn't have to do this so my respect for her is -- oh, man, i don't think webster has a word
9:44 am
>> daniel: the baby's vitals are in critical condition but strong and thanking everyone for their prayers. new study from mcgill university says first time dads need mental health support just as much as new mother. ten to 20% of new moms suffer depression during and 13% of first time dads reported symptoms during partner's third trimost and her they are often screened for depression but no one asks how the dads are doing. >> julie: 9:47 and look at how things are unfolding on the roads. a little bit slow on 93 south average speeds about 7 miles per hour as you head through medford things picking up as you make your way through the weston tolls and much better look at the pike eastbound through brighton right now. here are those live drive times, 19 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. 18 minutes on route 9 from 495 to speen street and 24 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls.
9:45 am
meteorologist sarah wroblewski joining us now. we made it through the worst of the fog, i believe. >> sarah: definitely much improvement and look at boston absolutely beautiful this morning ask a lot of fog out there, winds sought of the south temperature 58 right now, our normal high for this day for this time of year 59 so pretty much right near average and only going to go up from here and wind south-southwest starting to increase p town and i just checked and provincetown the latest gust about 17 miles per hour and it will turn gusty at times today and, in fact, that will boost temperature but also helps break apart some of the cloud cover, so visibility has greatly improved but still from worcester to portsmouth, we have lingering clouds across the region and today mix of sun and clouds, more clouds at times, breezy and mild. look at this. high temperatures today upper 60s to low 70s, well above the average by 10 or so.
9:46 am
we are also going to be watching for a cold front to head our way and spark a few more showers as we head into the afternoon and evening hours but above average temperatures that's something that we will be noticing and north and west of the city -- i should say metrowest, sudbury 70 norwood 72, even heading up into parts of -- parts of essex county and new hampshire, 70 in nashua right now and 70 in lawrence i should say for this afternoon that's when we are anticipating to see the warmest conditions when come home from school or pickup the kids or on your way home from work today. one thing noticing up in new hampshire showers out there, we have rain drops pushing through manchester heading toward the coast likely going to be off the coast within the next 30 minutes. we are anticipating to see more showers. why? we have a cold front off to the west and frontal boundary draped across the region all day yesterday provided clouds and rain drops.
9:47 am
going to drift northward and beneath and we have the mild air, clouds will thin out at times and that's when we will see the temperatures jump up into the 60s at the lunch hour around noon and then in the afternoon that's when we are anticipating to see the 70 degree readings and it will be breezy out there and notice the front still well to the north and west as it does get closer during the time of the evening commute we will see the clouds thicken up at times and there may be an isolated shower or two becoming better organized as it pushes toward the coast later on tonight and there could be a few rumble of thunder down along the southcoast and islands and this front will push on through, overnight tonight air will filter in and tonight going to be a big change from 70 today, sunny, cool but wow, temperatures only going to be starting off in the 30s and 40s climbing into the upper 40s to low 50s. at least we will have some sunshine and hopefully get outside and enjoy and just need to bundle up that's for sure and taking look at 7-day forecast for you.
9:48 am
temperatures will start off chilly on saturday, we will start to see temperatures improve on sunday from the 50s to the 60s but it does come with the risk of some showers. right now earliest indications showing showers may be out of here just in time for the pats game at 1:00. we will notice decreasing clouds still will be mild. of course, kevin lemanowicz will be the latest timeline seeing if that will adjust the move a little bit further through the day but right now looks as though we might start to see some improvements. cooler weather to follow early next week. over to you. >> daniel: big bird and elmo getting a new friend. coming up next the important
9:49 am
well they are no longer new york mess. this morning the mets are champions of the national league the amazing team swept the cubs last night in nlcs. daniel murphy is new king of queens, hit home run and they cruised past the cubs and mets are in series since first time
9:50 am
in subway series in 2000. is to who they will face, that is still up in the air. blue jays kept season alive by beating royals in alcs. a solo home run for toronto in second inning the jays rolled to 7-1 win and series now shifts back to kansas city for game six tomorrow night. >> julie: this morning a celebrity couple is reuniting after one of them nearly died. lamar odom went unconscious at las vegas brothel. they withdraw the divorce papers they first filed in 2013. kanye west gave kim kardashian a 30-year-old
9:51 am
dressed up in baby bumps. chris rock will be at the to be back. >> daniel: smartphones and tablets aren't as bad for kids as initially thought and changed stance on negative effects on devices have on children and researchers say they have accepted the children and adults are more closely tied to the smartphones and doctors are encouraging parents to use the devices with their children instead of allowing kids to use them by themselves. sesame street introducing new character that so many kids will be able to relate to. this is julia here and she is on autism spectrum and part of the new initiative that's trying to reduce the stigma surrounding autism. autistic children are five times more likely to be bullied so sesame street hopes julia will show kids she is just like
9:52 am
an incredible idea. >> julie: how is weather looking? >> sarah: today will be a mild and breezy day out there, 70 , a little bit of shock come tomorrow because we will be tracking cold front and kevin will have the latest showers that move through this evening and boy, is it going to bring cooler weather tomorrow, highs only in the upper 40s to 50s so enjoy the 70s today. >> daniel: we will. thank you so much for watching this morning. dunkin' donuts smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. savory...smoky... and unmistakably flavorful. get your day going with one today.
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good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment.
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