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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 22, 2015 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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that fishing net in the distance holds one big catch. >> that fisherman, sadly, caught himself. how he was saved from certain death in the icy waters. father of the year is caught on store security camera. >> what's he going to teach that kid when he's old enough. >> the thief who used his on son to steal. >> trick shots and then there are trick shots. >> why this is one of those. >> holy smack. >> and some dudes pulling the old pie to the face prank. see why whipd cream could get you a whipping.
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>> that would be me. i can't get over the fish but i would figure out how to get you. have i got a fish tale for you and if it wasn't on video you would never believe the whopper that this fisherman. check out these guys headed out to what looks to be an overturned dinghy. once they get closer you will see the catch. however, that fisherman, sadly, caught himself. >> a human. >> a human. that fisherman in the water, has been in the water about 30 minutes. the water extremely cold. he is now suffering from frostbite and hypothermia. those are rescuers now that have come to his aid because look what they see when they pull him into the boat. the fisherman is tangled in his own line. >> the irony of that, the amount of videos we see of animals caught up, the one time now it's a fisherman in his line. he understands it now. >> some reports are saying he
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was standing up, perhaps in his dinghy, fell into the water, but like this. >> i got one. >> oh! >> picturing this guy. i got a big one! >> and down he goes. look, the guy is completely wrapped up in his own fishing line. >> i think that happened because he was probably struggling trying to get free and made it worse. >> he looks like he's been [ inaudible ] tied up. that's how good a job he has done. >> he has frostbite. he's okay. >> he was okay. did recover at the hospital. did need the help of the rescuers. any more likely may have drowned. dinner. >> what looks like the store. guy with his 1-year-old son. checking out laptops, takes the laptop puts it in his jacket, pops his kid in front of him, walks off like nothing ever happened.
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>> he's the dirt -- >> using his son as an accessory in both ways of the word is blocking it, it's cold, man. >> what's he going to teach that kid when he's old enough? make the kid start nicking things. >> we talk about it all the time. it's the folks who look the least suspecting that show up on the surveillance cameras so often, right. now heading over to brazil, nothing about this is low key. see these two guys walk into the brt station. >> holy -- >> molotov cocktails. what appears to bes gasoline. and then torched. >> whoa. >> what possible reason could he have for taking out public transport. >> we don't know. this is the sixth time that something suspicious like this has happened at that transportation station. repairs have cost them a fortune, $88,000. stolen equipment, vandalism, two cases of arson, all of the incidents have been by different
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sets of people. >> it's all under investigation. you see the flames just rip through the area. >> so strange because usually on something like this we would be thinking some sort of insurance fraud. >> this is government run. public transport. what's the goal of this. >> the people you're affecting the most are the common people who have to use it. not the government. >> right. >> making them pay $88,000 for this really isn't the same impact as the people who cannot get to work and feed their family. this video comes to us from christ church in new zealand getting attention because of the controversy ial way the bouncers are dealing with the guys who are a bit out of control. late at night. a guy is put into a headlock. as he crosses in front of the camera he blocks the view of the other guy and once it's revealed the guy the in red already unconscious and on the floor. the guy in white still in a headlock. couple seconds later his legs go out from under him, his arm drop
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and then unser mow nously dumps him on the side of the road. notice the camera and only then does he put it in the recovery position. this video was released to media, not the police, and there has been a surge of comments from people trying to debate whether that was justifiable use of force. >> there's no law that governs how bouncers are supposed to work. >> new zealand association training says different. their use of force has to be justifiable and reasonable. did these guys feel like they needed to protect their own life? >> the bar's owners say there is additional security footage that shows the guys making death threats and threatening to hit the bouncers. the police say there's been no complaints made or charges laid in relation to this incident. now we talk about justifiable force. remember this video. really dramatic for march last year. >> the guy with the knife. >> that's right. the guy with an 8 inch knife. his name was lee vickers.
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two cops called to this domestic incident. the guy had been drinking. try to take him down with the spray. amount of alcohol and aggression seem to make him invincible. >> put down the knife. put it down! >> this is pc body cam. the guy starts challenging to a fight but then that's the signed of an 8 inch knife hitting his stab vest. we were amazed at the level of bravery. both pcs have now been nominated for the national police bravery award in the uk. what they did was above the call of duty. i'm about to make your day with the pretty awesome fails. >> thanks. >> you're welcome. >> this guy at the trampoline park, jump in on the trampoline. >> that's what he's supposed to do. >> he misjudges the trampoline. >> oh. >> he gets too close to the edge. >> i think he's trying dot the butt bounce but picked the wrong time. >> he did the back break.
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what happened. >> he broke his back. >> apparently. >> i love fails and i love laughing at people who fail but -- >> i think this is a first. >> he broke his back. spinal damage is where nick and i draw the line. >> kind of hard to laugh at that. >> you a line? >> looked really close. >> this chic on the kayak is holding what? >> fishing net. >> told by her friend from the kayak, throw it out and see what you can catch. >> setting her up for failure knowing what's going to happen. >> does this quite often if you look on her instagram, just another day in her life. why did this happen? maybe lost her balance. >> he touched everyone's hearts when -- >> this kind man eric who had been a victim of a fire came to help in spite of his situation. >> after a successful go fund me
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plus -- you know i'm so rich and i'm wasteful >> watch comedian and actor patrick kak gold money bringngoney bring the house down. akak gold money bring the house down. gold money bring the house down. after trying brookside chocolates, @pam cakes v tweeted: "leave it to me to drop a brookside down my shirt & lose it." you didn' t lose it. you saved it for later. brookside.
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how fast are closed captioning provided by -- a fast. allegra relieves your worst allergy symptoms two times faster than claritin . allegra gelcaps... not just fast. allegra fast. how can we forget this really beautiful moment captured by the guys over at hammock tv. pretend the car was broken down. this guy eric who had been a victim of a fire came to help. we've had an update. his family wanted to raise enough money for him to get an apartment, get furniture. they not only met the goal but
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surpassed it by thousands and thousands of dollars and they said they didn't want more than that. they wanted just what he needed. >> yeah. >> got another update? >> this time it's eric coming over for a visit. >>. >> my friend. >> how have you been? for you. >> yeah. >> the reason that eric came over because he wants to say thank you personally to all the people that reached into their pockets and helped one way or another. >> i just wanted to say thank you very much for all the help. i didn't expect people to help me out at all. what you guys have done, though, is worth, you know, its weight in gold. >> he is continuing to go to treatment and therapy. he still spends time in the hospital. in fact, later in this video he had to be hospitalized. these guys went to visit him there at that hospital but they brought with them some more gifts.
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>> we brought you the ps 4. >> thank you very much. >> yes, sir, man. >> this game looks really good, the new one. >> this is great. this is one of the happy internet stories that keeps coming back. >> there is a link you can follow if you want to keep up with eric's updates. head over to and click on tv show or you can watch the segment on our mobile app. there are trick shots and then there are trick shots. this first one i found it on twitter and blew my mind. posted to the twitter of freddie but he says it's his dad called fred. they have a silver dollar between two. it's on a pool table. off the other side. wait. straight back through between the chalk and lands like it was absolutely perfect. >> that's pretty impressive. >> holy smack. >> it's incredible. you can actually hear how excited he is when you listen to the audio.
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>> translation, he's been doing this time after time after time and hasn't worked and now it's perfect. >> posted it to the whole world and tagged sport center, espn and everybody. in the hopes of getting it out there. not the only incredible trick shots we've got. remember this fella. >> yeah. >> josh when he was at videocon. with the soccer ball. he decided this looks like a bit of fun and keeps practicing and we get this video. just messing around on the basketball court, got the camera rolling, flicks it up over his head volleys it into the net. this is all stuff i can't do with two legs, he's doing it with one leg and crutches. brilliant. turns out he can bend it like beck hamm when it comes to trick shots. this takes the cake. >> this video has u2 written all over it. you know i'm so rich and wasteful >>. champagne >> this is ghetto fabulous.
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>> he does have tight -- [ inaudible ]. >> this is comedian and actor patrick, aka gold money. patrick's alter ego. he calls himself the richest rapper and the greatest person and rapper of all time. >> let's take a listen to some of his lyrics. buy it rent it what should i do before i try it i buy holes in my poncho water in my nacho >> it's pretty funny to me because i'm always laughing at rappers and some of the things they say. it's the perfect play. >> it is very ironic too. right. especially while -- you also see so many people rich kids, on social media, instagram in particular. >> the rich kids of instagram. wind everybody up. >> yeah. >> gold money has made an appearance on this show, i believe it was last year. he also has other songs posted
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shirt boys and hold my chain. perfect. it's the beautiful day and -- >> a bunch of guys are out riding their bike. >> why a sunny day turns a bit cloudiy. >> oh! our how-to correspondent jessica is back. >> i want to suck your blood. >> no don't suck my blood. >> hi. >> see what easy and creative treats treats she's got up her sleeve this week. it' s olive garden' s 20th anniversary of never ending pasta bowl. so we' re celebrating by offering you over 20 delicious choices starting at $9.99. like creamy new pesto alfredo, or crispy chicken fritta. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks. for a limited time. at olive garden. americans. we try to live healthy. but many of us don't know there are nutrients that can help support our metabolism. take new one a day healthy metabolism support multivitamin with chromium to help use carbs from food and b-vitamins to help convert food to fuel.
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look out for us to announce the buzzword during the show and you could win. it's easy. remember the only way to win is to watch "right this minute." it all starts monday. good luck, everybody. in florida, guys are out riding their bikes, keep an eye on the guy in front of the rider we're hanging with here. >> oh, no. oh, dude. he's kicking it. oh! >> our rider says he's not sure what caused his buddy to go so wide, however the dude behind the guy that crashed, also followed his buddy off the road. he sees two bikes on the ground. the damage isn't that bad. the guys don't appear to be injured in any way. they do have a plan here, though. >> follow the speed limit. >> take it with you. >> i say we come back before we leave and take this [ bleep ] home. >> no word if they went back and
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though, the guys are not hurt. >> he's kicking it. we have to stop. this next guy, he's in a power to power glider, a trike. all of his precheck flight procedures. gets his seat belt on. just as he gets his fanny pack on. oh, nuts. >> runs out of gas? >> got to get all the way outside of the chitty chitty bang bang go to the back and turn it over again. >> wouldn't you just think that if the engine stalled the first time, you might have a problem. >> doesn't appear he considers that. he gets back in. he puts his seat belt back on. he gets his fanny pack back on and here he goes. [ inaudible ]. >> oh. >> oh. >> that's all right. you got your fanny pack. >> doesn't look like he was hurt, though.
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big dent to his pride. it's that time of the year >> are you scared of my super scary delicious bat? >> let me see. >> no. >> no. >> i want to suck your blood. no, don't suck my blood. oh. hi. we're so lucky to have jessica. >> we're going to do bat bites today. >> she takes the time to scour the web and find these great recipes and do them for us. only need like four ingredients. hershey's recease and oreos. take the cream out. you need to get the thin oreos. it's easy to cut them into the nice half that i did here. you need for your bat wings. then you need candy eyes. find those at a lot of different places. black icing.
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half, use two halves as the wing to put those on the mini cup and then over that you add the eyes. >> how are they glued together? what is that? >> why don't we do this. let's bring her into our set. thank you for bringing these along, cheese. >> you're welcome. >> this smells glorious. stop it with the hawk eyes over there, calderon. >> what's this glue? this looks like edible glue. >> it's icing. >> perfect. >> black icing. >> easy to do it. add the wings, add some eyeballs. >> speaking of eyeballs. >> what are those? >> candy eyeballs. pick them up at a lot of places. sometimes they don't -- the candy things on top of cake or decorating cupcakes don't taste that good. these taste good. that's weird. >> not eating hers because she licks her fingers. >> you buy the thin oreos, the cream inside. take the oreo apart, scrape the cream off, put the cookie on
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your stray, knife in the center and give it a -- >> this is super easy for kids to take to the party and makes it look impressive. spend all day making treats. >> they're cute too. >> to the bat cave. that is awesome. >> i will give you one last tip. don't get the thicker oreos they're harder to cut and will crumble. >> hey. >> if you want to try the bats at home too go to click on tv show or mobile app. find all the ingredients and instructions and have a batty good time. a silly prank that the victims don't find funny. >> i'm laughing because it didn't happen to me. >> what these youngsters did
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>> god bless these c i'm just going to start off by saying that if this ever happens to me, i'm not happy.
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are back and this time with the throwing pies at people prank. you see this young lady driving down the street. >> [ bleep ]. >> that's right. throw a pie in the pace of someone in running shoes and run pg. they're going to chase you. >> the guy -- [ inaudible ]. >> oh, man. this is -- this is -- >> this is the kind of thing you sort of don't lie now, wish you could do sometimes. if it wasn't completely socially unacceptable. >> look at the people. like this dude waiting for a bus in a suit. maybe he's on his way to a job interview or something. >> and jumping jacks squat and stretch and stretch and ta-da. >> i hope he can run faster than that dude. >> i'm laughing because it didn't happen it to me. >> they continue on. >> [ bleep ].
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around the parking lot after he hits them in a dark garage and then this woman is just minding her business trying to find some laundry detergent. >> [ bleep ]. >> not even spiderman is safe. >> oh! >> so yeah, the fellas justify it with the fact that they gave everybody a towel and paid for dry cleaning. ever see me in the streets do not pie me. later gators.
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