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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 23, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. breaking news now at 4:00. a deadly shooting in boston. the emotional scene and the person police are searching for right now. hillary clinton pulling no punches during an 11-hour marathon of questions. >> i really don't care what you all say about me. it doesn't bother me a bit. >>daniel: how she answered claims she failed to act on requests for more security. also this hour, an investigation at logan airport where fox25 has learned an air where fox25 has learned an airline employee may have put passengers in danger by taking a selfie. >>announcer: this is the fox25 morning news.
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>>daniel: good morning, it is friday on this october 23, 4:00 in the morning. we appreciate your company. i am daniel miller. >>julie: good morning, i am julie grauert. no 70s today. we enjoyed it yesterday. >>daniel: yes, we did. >> but a different story yesterday. meteorologist rob eicher says 20 degrees colder. >> big changes in the i can't of noon hours. got up to 73. not only did we not hit 73 but closer to our normal temperature. the clouds and showers that were around yesterday have moved out you but the clouds and showers were due in large part to a cold front and as you might expect, behind a cold front is a little cooler. the temperatures are not much cooler than yesterday morning. 50s in boston. 59 in norwood. the problem is with the cooler air rushing in not much of a warm-up at all and the afternoon high temperatures are not much different than what we have got this morning. we will notice a little bit of
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a breeze 10 to 15 miles per hour and the winds will calm down later on. look at the high temperatures. not warmer this afternoon than what is out there right now. whatever you are comfortable wearing this morning you will be comfortable wearing this afternoon. the rest of the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. taking a look at the roads at the early hour of 4:00 in the morning, things moving along smoothly. 93 south wide anticipate from the cloverleaf through medford into somerville. pike looks good flew framingham through the weston tolls and over in through brighton. here are those live drive times here are those live drive times. 13 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the tunnels. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree exit to the pike and 23 minutes from 49 to the leverett connector. 4:02. we begin with breaking news in boston. one person is dead following a shooting in brighto n down the street from harvard business school. this happened near midknit near
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overnight, a 30-year-old man was shot in the chest and torso and pronounced dead at the scene. investigators are asking for the public for help in finding the gunman. the suspect had long hair and last seen wearing a black hoodie and genes running toward everett street. that scene is active at this hour. we have a crew gathering the information and will be joining news 30 minutes. following breaking news in tennessee where a shooting at a college campus has killed one person and sent others to the hospital. metro nashville said this happened in a courtyard at tennessee state university. police blocked off an entrance to the school and made all nonstudents leave the campus. investigators say this all started over a dice game. so far no word on the condition of the other two people who were hurt. also breaking news this morning overseas, there has been a deadly bus crash in france. at least 40 people have been killed in a collision between a bus and a truck in the southwest part of the country
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officials say the death toll is fire. the radio station said the bus was primarily carrying elderly people. so far authorities have not said where the people on the bus were from. we continue to follow a developing investigation out at logan airport. an american airlines spokesperson tells fox25 that a contractor took a selfie while sitting on the wing of a plane. we broke the story during the fox25 news at 10:00. the airline confirms to us the contractor is a badged employee for switchboard which is the cargo service for swiss air. american airlines tells fox25 the worker climbed on to a wing of an american jet inside a hangar and took a picture of himself. the aircraft was taken out of service to be inspected but right now nothing was damaged. we reached out to mass port and police, but so far we have not heard of any charges in this case. 4:04. this morning pepper are
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officer has resigned saying he used excessive force. they were notified of an incident proving armando herrera. internal affairs have investigated and being handled by the middlesex da's office. it is not clear what she was incident. returning to the campaign trail after hours of grueling testimony on capitol hill. yesterday she testified for more than 11 hours in front of a congressional committee investigating the 2012 attack in benghazi. four americans were killed including u.s. ambassador chris stevens and winchester glen doherty. clinton answered claims from republicans she failed to act on requests for more security by ambassador stevens. >> he and the people working for him asked for more security. approved. others were not. >>julie: at the end of her testimony clinton called it
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would be used for partisan purposes. >> doherty's sister said secretary clinton was not truthful with his family immediately after the benghazi attack. >> she spoke to my family how badly we feel for the libyan people because they are uneducated and it breeds violence. i remember thinking at the time i remember thinking at the time, wow, how -- how selfish of me. i never really thought about the libyan people. i have been so consumed with my own grief and loss. and it says a lot about her character that she would choose in that moment to basically perpetuate what she knew was untrue. >> doherty's sister said clinton did not provide any firm actions what happened in benghazi during yesterday's hearing. former youth football coach could face criminal charges for an act of revenge target moving are than 100 kids. a story we broke in our newscast at 10.
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hanover police serving a search warrant for james hardwell. he was suspended for a criminal confrontation. someone hacked into a computer and deleted the personal names and information. that meant 117 kids were temporarily unable to play. police are now investigating the hack. a current coach said police told them the roster was deleted by a computer tracked back to wardwell's home. >> i hope they absolutely charge him, because this was maliciously done. >>julie: james wardwell would not comment on the investigation. police have confiscated a computer from his home and charges are pending. police in saugus are hoping surveillance video will help them track down a thief that stole thousands of dollars of barbershop. the owner of barber masters said it happened late thursday
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taking jerseys and pictures signed by tom brady, jason varitek and paul pierce. one barber said it hurts because they help anybody that needs it. sentimental. if you needed something if you needed something, come ask. this is a family -- if you need this is a family -- if you needed a free haircut, if you were down in the dumps, we will help you out. >> the owner of the shop said the value of the items stolen was around $6,000 and all given to her as gifts from her family to her as gifts from her family. this morning fox25 working to get an update on the condition of a teenager stabbed outside a t station. it happened yesterday at the jackson square stop in jamaica plain. the 17-year-old boy was stabbed by another teenager after the pair fought. it is the second violent incident involving teenagers in the orange line in just a matter of days. last week, teenagers got into gun fight at the forest hill station. riders are concerned for their safety. >> i believe they need to, you
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know, enforce some sort of rule or have more security because people want to get home safely, you know. it is so sad to have this happen to see this young man get stabbed. >>julie: fox25 looked at the crime statistics on mbta's web site and shows that the jackson square stop alone, there have already been 26 serious crimes this year. that is the same of the total number from last year. a 15-year-old is facing charges this morning for bring charges this morning for bringing a loaded gun to school. police searched the team's backpack after he tried to skirt metal directors when the gun was found. the suspect tried to run and then resisted police. he is facing charges for gun, ammunition and resisting arrest ammunition and resisting arrest. happening today, a woman to wrote sexually explicit letters to former patriot aaron hernandez will face a judge. she is the anonymous tipster you may remember who questioned the actions of a jury in the owe did lloyd murder trial. she will be asked about her
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lied was suspected of killing two men. they ait is not credible and they want to thrown out. looking to a new venue. draft kings is no longer able to use the work ynn las vegas resort for its fantasy football world championship. the contest has a top prize of $5 million. regulators in nevada ruled that draft king must obtain a gaming license to legally operate in nevada. cleanup for a former chemical site along the mystic river. future home of the wynn casino and the company is footing the entire 30 million bill to get it ready. work started this week to prepare the site for a new $1.7 billion casino. this afternoon red sox manager john farrell will discuss his battle with cancer. the skipper says his lymphoma is now in remission. he left the team in august to begin treatment at mass general.
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chemotherapy. farrell plans to manage the team next season as long as he stays healthy. he will have a conference call with reporters and fox25 will be on that call. we now know that jerry remy will be back calling red sox games. remy renewed his contract with the network. he will be part of a rotation of commentators including dennis eckersly and steve l yons and share the booth with new play-by-play who is taking over for don orsil lo. 4 :on this friday. >> they have no right to go on my property. >> the damage a new traffic signal is causing on his property. trying to prevent piles that won't melt. the work being done to control the snow -- yes, we are talking
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about snow meteorologist rob eicher. >> 49 in albany. 49 in syracuse.
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. welcome back. this winter there will be no more snow farms in boston. public works commissioner michael denny tells boston, the city will spread the snow out across self-locations instead of piling it in all one place. last winter massive snow pile
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in south boston accumulated all season long and did not melt until july. happening today presidential hopeful will make an update about his campaign. the former governor of rhode island will speak at the national committee women's forum in washington d.c. last night chafee tweeted he would address his future at the his campaign has been struggling. his poll numbers is right around 0 and he raised about $30,000. congressman paul ryan has made his run for speaker of the house official. it is an election he is almost certain to win. 45-year-old ryan will become the youngest house -- one of the youngest house speakers ever. concern for the commuters as failing equipment inside boston's big dig tunnel have not been replaced in more than to 20 years. as we reported yesterday morning, hundreds of cracked fasteners that hold live pictures up in tunnels like the ted williams and tip o'neill have to be replaced. drivers say this is a huge safety return and officials say
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no one is at risk. >> there is no escape route. you are in your car. that's it. >> if we thought for a second that anything would become dislodged and fall to the road roadway we would close the tunnel. >> mass d.o.t. tell us this he don't know how much this will cost taxpayers. will take at least eight months to finish inspecting and repairing the broke.en parts. a safety recall at the popular children's store. build-a-bear say this is a possible choking hazard. it can expose the seam. parent with one of these toys can return it for a coupon for free stuffed animal. this morning there is a warning about a brand of pellet stove. united states pellet heater stove is telling people to unplug mem immediately, the internal firebox can catch fire. 16 fires have been blamed so far. you can return the circuit board and face plate for cash or credit to a new stove.
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it is 4:16. let's start with a look at the map where the expressway is moving along nicely. just a little slow patch of orange that is southbound on the expressway as you approach braintree, but nothing major. the pike looks good from framingham. as you can see brighton wide open. the live drive pipes tampa 4 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams. 16 minutes on route 9 from 495 to speen street. 22 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist rob eicher joining us now and yesterday we tell the with a little bit of fog on the commute. this morning a clearer sky. >>rob: clear skies this morning and no fog and no rain in the forecast either. the only issue it just won't be in the 70s and just won't be as nice and warm and mild. many are 20 degrees cooler this afternoon than yesterday afternoon. in fact some spots will dip below freezing. i will show that you in just a second. next chance of rain hold off until sunday morning.
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first half looks good and a little chance as we head into sunday. tonight we will have light winds coming out of the north and northeast. a light onshore wind. water temperatures in the 50s that will prevent any area near the water to get below freezing. no issue there is. even downtown about 37 degrees and get a little further inland and a different story. norwich a dip back to 30. shirley around 30. you get over further inland into person mass. temperatures into the mid-20s. some spots pretty chilly later on tonight. 54 in bourne. 54 also in boston. 51 right now in lynn. get a little further inland toward worcester. 47 degrees. fitchburg sitting at 41 as well fitchburg sitting at 41 as well. the problem is temperatures this morning really not that much colder than we were yesterday morning. we are just not going to warm up. yesterday we jumped up to the 70s. almost 30 degrees. today hold steady for the temperatures we have now pretty much where we will be throughout the day.
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satellite and radar looking all clear. no fog. no rain showers. that line of rain showers. that is what blew through here yesterday. that is well out in the atlantic. that was the cold front. as you might expect, behind the cold front it gets a little cooler. there is our next system already brewing coming out of nebraska. that will arrive and get here on sunday morning. in the meantime through the morning hours today, a little bit on the breezy side. those winds will gradually calm down as we head into the afternoon hours and become barely noticeable by tonight. the problem is, any time you have clear skies and calm winds have clear skies and calm winds, temperatures just plummet as soon as the sun sets. sun sets at :50. as soon as that happens, you are falling fast. if you were headed out for friday night football be warned kind of chilly. tomorrow morning, temperatures generally in the low to mid-30s as you are heading out the door on saturday morning. plenty of sunshine for the first half of the day. clouds will start to increase later on in the day in advance of that cold front. and here comes that front, and with that front, a slight chance of rain as we head into sunday morning.
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green areas indicate areas likely to see rain. not a whole lot of it, but at least a few of us will see showers on sunday morning. this time the front is still the mild side. still into the 50s at least briefly on sunday. does look like the front will clear out an take the showers it by the time the game gets going. versus the jets 1:00 at gillette. that should be fine. expecting skies to clear out throughout the day and behind that cold front again, it will get a little cooler. 55 this afternoon and breezy. down to the low 30s on average by tomorrow morning, but again kind of a wide range and sunday looking pretty good for the pats game about 6 when kickoff. and again the rain showers should be out of there by then as we are expecting the rain to be in the morning hours. clearing skies later in the day will be a bit cooler for middle part of next week with temperatures in the early -- or low to mid-50s. next chance of rain coming on thursday. 4:20 right now. evidence of a ship lost at sea
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is starting to wash ashore. coming up at 4:30, the debris from the sunken carp go ship with massachusetts natives on board and what it may reveal what was happening on board. history made here at fox25 as we become the first station in boston to use a drone for in news coverage. how we will be safely using
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aerial views . >> hurricane patricia is expect >> hurricane patricia is expected to make landfall later today with winds peaking over 165 miles per hour. meteorologists say the storm intensified at a historic rate increasing 100 miles per hour in just 24 hours. it is being fueled by one of the strongest el nino events since 1950. patricia has become the 9th hurricane in the eastern pacific to be a category 4 or 5 intensity which is the most on record. it is now 4:24. u.s. and mexican authorities have discovered a cross border tunnel linking san diego and tijuana. according to u.s. authorities,
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feet making it one of the longest ever built under the border. it is used to transport drugs. it had ventilation and a lighting system but the entrance was a bit unusual. >> this tunnel unlike other tunnels does not have a stair tunnels does not have a staircase or ladder and they believe they were use believe they were using a pulley system of some sort to bring the drugs up from the tunnel. >>julie: authorities say the marijuana seized wednesday had a estimated street value of $6 million. the search for drug kingpin who escaped from an american prison includes efforts here in the united states. gentleman keen el chapo guzman broke out of a prison cell through a tunnel. authorities are looking for his wife who they believe could be with el chapo. they own property in los angeles and have twin girls who are u.s. citizens. history was made here at fox25. we are the first boston television station for federal approval to use drones. fox25 and our parent company
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fox media group worked diligently to get approval to comply with all the regulations while bringing you up close, unique aerial views of news stories and the way that is also safe. all station drone flights will comply with state and federal laws, that includes being far from airports and crowds. staying below 200 feet and having licensed pilot at the controls. i went along for the inaugural flight to capture the beautiful color over autumn hill orchard in groton. >>reporter: after more than a year of planning and safety consideration, fox25 becomes the first local television station to receive federal aviation administration approval to use drones to help tell local stories. fox25 and its owners cox media group wanted to use drones to enhance our news and weather coverage and cover local stories the right way.
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roland bouchet, we took the drone over the orchard to see what all drones can do. many different vantage points to see from the ground to see from the ground or even with skyfox. but with a drone you can fly in place that's a hello can't, capturing an intimate perspective, one unlike we have never seen before. from the drone, you can see autumn hills orchard full of apples. nearly 12 different types cover 80 acres. if you look closely you can see moments of us working. check out the beautiful vistas and landscapes that will take your breath away. here you can see the colors of fall at their very best. fox25 and other cox media group station also continue working with the f a, a took help establish permanent rules and regulations for drones by demonstrating their safe and effective use. julie. >>julie: thanks for that glimpse, daniel. it will really give us a whole new perspective. >>daniel: a whole new perspective. >>julie: on everything.
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