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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 23, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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breaking now at 4:30, a deadly shooting in boston. what we are learning this morning from officers on the scene about the gunman they are looking for right now. security questions at logan airport. the selfie that took one plane out of service. protesting in his own front yard.the company yard.companies they seem to get what they want. >>daniel: why a new store is causing a con on from face between that homeowner and construction crews. >>announcer: this is the fox25 morning news. >>julie: happy friday, everyone, it is now 4:30 on october 23.
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i am julie grauert. >>daniel: i am daniel miller. breezy and cooler today. meteorologist rob eicher is tracking which towns could dip before freezing. good morning. >>rob: good morning, daniel. good morning, julie. you will notice the chill when the sun drops down. 54 in p-town. -- 5 in p-town. 41 the current temperature in fitchburg, and these numbers are not that much different than what we had yesterday morning at this time, but big difference will come in the afternoon hours. little to no warm-up at all. we will stay pretty much where we are throughout the day. a little bit of a breeze currently sitting at 10 to 15 miles per hour. we will see that breeze through the morning hours. the winds will start to calm down as we head into the evening hours. high temperatures today, again, middle of the afternoon. really not that much different than what we are sitting at right now. 54 currently. a degree or two cooler later on this afternoon in boston. boston, 53 for a high
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worcester. now as soon as that sun sets later on this evening, temperatures will cool off very quickly and keep that in mind if you have friday evening boston. 34 in brockton. 32 in framingham, but some of the usual cooler spots in metro west could actually see upper 20s. 31 in worcester. 28 in keene. a couple of spots dipping below freeze tonight. we will see some rain a little bit later on on the weekend and we will talk about that in a julie, julie, least the commuters are not dealing with any fog this morning. >>julie: we will take that as a win because yesterday was a bit of a pain. pike looking good into the alston-brighton. 93 south looking good from the cloverleaf to medford and zakim bridge wide open. 11 minutes on 24 from 106 to 128. 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the
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exit to the pike. 4:32 right now. we continue to follow breaking news this morning in boston. one person shot and killed overnight in brighton. >>julie: happened just before midnight near teleford street and western avenue. fox25's jessica reyes is live in brighton with a description of the suspect that police are looking for. jess? >>reporter: and julie, police have since cleared the scene, but we know it all happened in this area right outside of the apartment complex that you see right here. at this hour, information is still pretty limited as it just happened right before midnight but police have confirmed that a 30-year-old man was shot and killed here. this was the scene shortly after it happened and you can see police were focusing on this silver suv. we are told that car belongs to the victim. witnesses say the shooter took off running through a parking lot toward western avenue, and right now police are still trying to find him. over the past couple of hours, they have been speaking to witnesses and canvassing the area with k-9s, but right now
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that shooter and asking for the public's help, anyone who knows more about this to give them a call. in the next half hour we are hearing from the boston police superintendent of where the investigation stands this morning. we are live in brighton, jessica reyes, fox25 news. we are following breaking news in tennessee this morning where a shooting at a college campus has killed one person and sent others to the hospital and sent others to the hospital. metro nashville police say this happened a courtyard of tennessee state university just after midnight our time. a nashville up into said police made blocked off an entrance and made nonstudents leave the campus. this all started over a dice game. no word on the condition of the other two people hurt. breaking news overseas. a deadly bus crash in france. at least 40 people have been killed in a collision between a bus and a truck in the southwest part of the country near the city of bore dee. the -- of bordeaux. the death toll is so high
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because it caught fire. the bus was carrying elderly people and not sure where the bus was from. an american airlines spokesperson said a contractor took a selfie sitting on the wing of a plane. we broke this story during the fox25 news at 10. the contractor is a badged employee from swiss port which is the cargo service for swiss air. american airlines tells fox25 that worker climbed on to the wing of an american jet inside a hangar and took a picture of himself. the aircraft was taken out of service to be inspected but american said nothing was damaged. we have reached out to massport and state police, but so far we have not heard of any charges in this case. a pepperell police officer has resigned during an investigation that he used excessive force. the police department said it was notified of an incident involving sergeant armando herrera last month. internal affairs investigated
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not clear what herrera was accused of but police say it was an isolated incident. hillary clinton is returning to the campaign trail after hours of grueling testimony on capitol hill. yesterday yesterday testified for more than 11 miles per hour in front of a congressional committee investigating the 20 committee investigating the 2010 attack in benghazi. four people were killed including chris stevens and glen doherty. she answered questions of why she failed to answer requests. >> he and the people working for him asked for more security for him asked for more security. some of those requests were approved. others were not. >> at the end of her testimony, clinton called deeply unfortunate that the attack in libya would be used for partisan political purposes. clinton picks up her presidential campaign today in virginia. a former youth football coach is under investigation this morning, and police are investigating him for a possible cyber crime. we broke the story last night
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morning fox25's michael henrich is live in hanover with the very latest. michael? >>reporter: well, hanover police tell thus investigation is under way but wouldn't release a ton of details of where that investigation is going in is the story you are seeing only here on fox25. and it is all about a former youth football coach who is named james wardwell. he is accused of tampering with the roster of his former team, going online and deleting the entire town's name and weights information just before the start of the season. that comes afterwardwell was suspended by the hanover football youth association after an on field physical altercation last year. now the new coach tell us police told him the ip address of the person that deleted the roster was traced back to wardwell's home. now police say that wardwell's computer is in a forensic lab
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team's new coach says he wants wardwell prosecuted. >> everything that we should be teaching these young boys. i am absolutely disgusted of it because of what -- the boys that are going to suffer as a result of hearing about this. >>reporter: fox25 went to wardwell's home where he refuse wardwell's home where he refused to answer any of our questions. as soon as we learn about any potential charges that wardwell could face, we will, of course, bring that you update right away. right now we are live in hand joe, michael henrich, fox25 news. this morning police in saugus are hoping surveillance video will help them track down a thief that stole thousands of dollars worth of sports mel bill i can't from a barbershop. the owner of barber masters tells fox25 this happened late thursday morning. the man was seen taking jerseys signed by tom brady and paul pierce. one barber said it hurts because they try to help anyone who needs it.
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>> not the money value. it is sentimental. what it meant to the shop. if you needed something, come ask. this is a family shop. we take their of everybody. if you need a haircut. are you down in the dumps? we will help you out. >> the owner the shop said the value of the items stolen was around $,000 and given to her as gifts from her family. 4:38. fox25 is working to get an update of the condition of a teenager stabbed outside a t station at jamaica plain. a 17-year-old boy was stabbed by another teenager after the pair fought. the second violent incident on the orange line. last week teenagers got in a gun fight at the forest hills station. riders are worry riders are worried about their safety. >> they need to enforce more rules and are more security. it is so sad to see this young man get stabbed.
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crime statistics on mbta's web site at the jackson square stop alone, 26 serious crimes this alone, 26 serious crimes this year. that is the same as the total number for last year. a 15-year-old is facing charges for bringing a loaded gun to school. police the search teen's backpack after he tried to skirt medical detectors at techboston academy in mattapan when the gun was found. the student tried to run and resisted officers. he is facing charges for guns, ammunition and resisting a rest ammunition and resisting a rest. happening today, a woman who wrote sexually explicit letters to former patriot aaron hernandez will face a judge. she is the anonymous tipster that questioned the actions of a juror. the woman will be asked about her claim that a juror lied when asked if they knew hernandez was suspected of killing two men in boston. prosecutors say the woman is not credible. the defense wants the verdict thrown out. a boston-based fantasy sports is look for a new venue
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for the signature event. the role says draft kings no longer uses its wynn resorts for its championship. the top is $5 million. in nevada, draft kings must obtain a gambling license to legally operate in nevada. cleanup will continue for a former chemical plant site along the mystic river in everett. the future home of the wynn everett casino and they footed the $30 budget the $30 million bill to get it ready. a cockatoo captured, the news out of brookline. we have been following this story since last weekend. dino flew the coop three months ago and ever since squawking loudly and tearing up historic homes. it all came to an end with an organized evident between police and neighbors to capture the animal. dino was checked out by his vet and now back home safely. new this morning, a woman
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decade is now in custody. coming up new at 5:00, how a car breakdown led to a break in the search for that fugitive. a new england nurse refused to abide by a mandatory quarantine after she was expose quarantine after she was exposed to ebola. why she is now suing a governor months after she was given the all clear. rob is in for shiri think morning. hi there. >>rob: good morning, 54 degrees currently. the afternoon not any warmer. one of those days where the temperatures dip in the middle
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a pair of sneakers and dozens of bottles of personal hygiene items are washing ashore in the bahamas. most likely from sunken cargo ship el faro. a navy ship will search for the data recorder similar to a plane's black box. 33 people were on board of the ship when it went into hurricane joaquin. surprise possessions of a new hampshire couple that held federal agents for months is up for sale. the home of ed and elaine brown was sold at auction for $5 was sold at auction for $500,000. in 2007, the couple were involved in a nine-month stand offwith u.s. marshals. they were convicted of tax erasion evasion. they placed bombs and booby traps around the estate.
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now that it has been cleared and sold, auctioneers is trying to get rid of thousands of items inside the compound. >> we found living room sets, antiques, so many new items, high-end items >> the auction will take place next month. proceeds will cover back taxes and other expenses owed to the government. from maine suing the governor of new jersey because she was quarantined against her hill. casey hitchcock was quarantined casey hitchcock was quarantined. she claims governor chris christie violated her constitutional rights by holding her without due process holding her without due process. she is seeking $250,000. governor christie's office would not comment on the lawsuit. a new hampshire man want wal-mart to cough up the cash for damaging his property. daniel crezel said he arrived
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construction site in his yard. there is a wal-mart being built a mile away with a traffic light right by his brown avenue yard. he told fox25 he got no warning that workers planned on digging right on his property line. >> and they should have at least gave me consideration and courtesy of what they were going to do. i had no notice. wal-mart is a big company and they seem to get what they want they seem to get what they want, and at the expense of the residents in this area. this is not a commerce residence. it is not commerce area but a residential area. >>julie: he says all he wants is to be paid for the damage and the time lost at work. wal-mart said they have been working with grezel since the issue came up. a look at roads right now. things moving along nicely. 128 northbound and southbound through burlington and lexington are wide open. the pike looks good through the
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weston tolls and allston-bright weston tolls and allston-brighton area. looking good over the zakim bridge nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. 23 minutes from 495 south to the leverett connector. meteorologist rob eicher joins us now with a look at the forecast. hi, rob. >>rob: hi, guys. a little bit of a roller coaster ride. low 70s. 73 degrees yesterday afternoon. now back to reality. normally about 59 this time of year. days. a little above that on sunday and back into the 50s as we head into the early part of next week. but overall a couple of degrees of average. about what would you expect. no more 70s in the forecast. a bit more unusual because the temperatures in the morning hours will be actually warmer than this afternoon. upper 40s to mid-50s for the morning commute. temperatures quickly cool off this evening. when that happens, this will really nose dive.
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currently 53 right now in bourne. we have 49 in taunton. 54 the current temperature in boston. 48 in brockton. head out over into central mass and the high country, 47 in worcester. 41 currently in fitchburg. overall these numbers really not much cooler than it was yesterday afternoon. again the problem is rell not warm up at all as we head into the afternoon hours. in fact a couple of spots may see cooler temperatures into the afternoon hours. satellite and radar all clear. no showers to track for you this morning. a little bit of rain. very little bit of rain that we had yesterday now sitting out this flicks this atlantics. all clear until you get into the nation's midsection. that line of showers and our next weather maker and should get here it looks like on sunday morning. that will be our next chance of rain. a little breezy through the first part of the day, but winds will calm down pretty quickly as we head into the weekend. any problem or the problem is any time you have clear skies
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will plummet as soon as the sun sets. couple of spots down below freezing into the overnight hours and part of the day on saturday. increasing clouds ahead of our next cold front. sunny skies in the morning. partly sunny skies saturday afternoon. here comes that front. and with that front, a chance for a couple of spotty showers. green areas indicate areas to see rain. not a lot of green but a chance of rain on sunday morning. mild on that side of the front, but as the front squeezes through, skies start to clear out and cooler builder filters in for sunday. weekend forecast temperatures in the 50s across the area on saturday. low 60s on sunday. but depends, if you like the milder weather sunday is your day and you may have to contend with some showers in the morning hours. best chance rain wednesday into thursday and could be a real soaker by next thursday. >>daniel: thank you. tweeting insults to voters from an entire staff.
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is blaming for an official twitter gaffe. and calling this a fail? check this. the thief finds her target too
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the disappointing item she took . 4:53 right now. new details of the operation in iraq that claimed the life of an american servicemember this morning. this was breaking news during
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the fox25 news at 9:00 yesterday morning. according to the pentagon, that serviceman was part of a operation that freed more than 70 hostages being held for mass execution by isis. this is the first american combat death in iraq since 2011 combat death in iraq since 2011. his identify has not been released. this is also the first time u.s. forces stepped into combat against isis in iraq. new this morning hands-free driving systems may not help you focus on the road as much as previously thought. a new aaa study shows dialing the numbers, switching a song or using voice-to-text can distract drivers for up to 27 seconds. researchers rated distraction for a number of different systems and found the worst to be the ones in the 2015 mazda and the hyundai sonatas. they are pushing for hands-free driving only. sometimes you just want a little quiet, and now google chrome helping you out. the web browser sent out a new feature called the mute button
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that let's you mute tabs with a simple click. you are watching one tab and then click the other tab and it gets silent. getting around facebook is easy easier. one biggie is a new search tool to find posts related to one subject. another new feature, facebook will highlight and suggest posts of breaking and developing news as you start typing. a package theft fail caught in california. police are looking for this woman here, you see. she was trying to steal a large package off a porch when she couldn't handle the large box she opted to swipe the dirty shoes from the front porch. a ronald mcdonald statute sue vandalized in vermont. about a week ago the statue was found without a head and feet. authorities say they were hack authorities say they were hacked off with saws and found nearby. disturbing. employees say the figurine cost $4,000. they are not sure if it is replaceable.
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charity supports children with cancer and their family. another ronald mcdonald statue was stolen. the family who own the statue brought it as an antique that dates back to the early '70s. be found it near a trash can. an unique mission for a stuffed animal. freddie is a 5-year-old boy who lost his teddy on a family trip in indiana. his family called police and asked them to look for it on the side highway. at first the deputy thought he was going to search for a needle in the haystack.put the car in park and took one or two steps out of the vehicle and saw the bear just laying on the side of the road. >> now the bear is making a 500 >> now the bear is making a 500-mile trip back home. the bear means so much to teddy because it used to be his mother's bear. that would explain why he wanted it back so much. i am glad they were able to find it. taking a look at the teenaged brain. coming up new at 5:00, what
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high school kids are saying is keeping them able to focus. a stabbing attack leaves two dead at a school overseas.
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or, get 0% financing for 72 months on these remaining 2015 chevy vehicles. now at 5:00, in the city of boston, a deadly shooting in brighton, how the path the suspect took to get away could help them find him quickly. in new england, why police were searching for this woman for a decade. plus 11 hours in the hot seat. >> i would imagine i thought more about what happened more than all of you put together. >>catherine: what is left for hillary clinton's presidential campaign after a grueling hearing on benghazi. >>announcer: this is the fox25 morning news. >>gene: good morning, everybody. 5:00 in the morning this friday morn rrng october 23. thank you for being with us. i am gene lavanchy. >>catherine: i am catherine parrotta in for sara underwood. temperatures in the 50s. a little chilly out there.
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>>gene: you can feel it from
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