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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 23, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>>gene: you can feel it from what we had before. >>catherine: rob eicher is tracking the cooler weather in for shiri. >>rob: 20 degrees cooler than yesterday afternoon. currently 52. not bad. mild for an october morning rather. but the problem is we will not warm up at all as we head throughout the day. we may cool down a degree or two despite wall-to-wall sunshine. 52 in boston. 41 the current temperature in norwood. 40 in fitchburg. still a little bit of a breeze out there in general. about 10 to 15 miles per hour higher than that. the winds will start to calm down a bit as we head throughout the afternoon hours. high temperatures today, again, really this afternoon not any different from what we have this morning. whatever you are comfortable wearing out the door this morning you will be comfortable heading into the afternoon hours. the problem is as soon as the sun sets, temperatures will cool off very, very quickly closer to the coast. the islands low 40s that get further inland into central and western mass.
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some spots below freezing tonight. we are tracking showers as we head into the weekend coming up in a few minutes. in the meantime, good news, no fog for the commuters to deal with, julie. >>julie: yes, no fog that is good news for those with the morning commute. 93 south through woburn through medford. pike looks good flew framingham through the tolls. live drive times 12 minutes on the bike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. 19 minutes from 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. catherine and gene, back to you catherine and gene, back to you. we start with breaking news this morning in boston. police are searching for the suspect in the deadly shooting. the shooting happened just before midnight in brighton mills between teleford treat and western ave. fox25's jessica reyes is live in brighton with overnight details from police. jess? >>reporter: catherine, this is the street where this shooting
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happened right outside this apartment complex and it happened right around midnight and police have since cleared the scene this morning. information is still pretty limited but they have confirmed that a 30-year-old man was shot and killed here. this is the scene here shortly after it happened on teleford street in brighton. officials were focussing on this silver suv and our crews on scene say that car belongs to the victim. witnesses say the man shot the victim twice and took off running through a nearby star market park lot. right now police are still trying track that suspect down. >> the individual shooter ran through the parking lot and the direction of the western avenue and we are -- we are obviously still looking for that individual. they are checking cameras in the area. they are -- they are obviously doing -- cameras of the area. >> and the police superintendent went on to say
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description of that suspect right now we know they say it is too early to tell if this is a random shooting but they are also helping -- hoping that the public can help police with this. they are asking anyone who may have seen something like this to give them a call. live in brighton this morning, jessica reyes, fox25 news. we are also following breaking news tennessee. one person is dead following a shooting at a college campus in nashville. fox 25's daniel miller following the investigation for us. >>daniel: yeah, officials at tennessee state university say one person has died and two hour. we have been following the breaking news since it broke about three hours ago. metro nashville police say this happened in a courtyard of a college after midnight our time. a nashville up into reporting a university spokesman said the man who died was not enrolled at the school. the paper also says the other two people were students and
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considered life-threatening. investigators say it all happened over a dice game. just last week three people were shot during a house party. they were all okay but the gunman is still at large. we will be following this breaking news coming out of nashville all morning. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25. also breaking overseas, a deadly bus crash in france. 40 people have been killed in a collision of a bus and a truck in the southwest part of the city near the city of bordeaux. as you can see in the new video just came in ten minutes ago. ambulances an fire crews are at the scene. officials say the death toll is so high because the bus caught fire. the radio station says the bus was primary was primarily carrying elderly people. so far authorities have not said where the bus was from. new this morning, a woman on the run from place for more than a decade is due in a new hampshire courtroom. police say 35-year-old andrea urseg was driving a car with
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mechanical problems on 93 nought north yesterday. a trooper pulled that car over and discovered that she had a warrant for her arrest in pennsylvania. she is charged with a burglary case from 12 years ago. will be arraigned as a fugitive from justice and bases extradition to pennsylvania. 5:04. a pepperell police officer has resigned amid an investigation he used excessive force. the police department was notified of an incident involving sergeant armando herrera last month and internal affairs was investigated and now being examined by the da's office. unclear what herrera was accused of but they say it was an isolated incident. democratic front runner hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail after her investigation on benghazi. congress is examining the handling of the attack that left a u.s. ambassador and three others americans dead. tensions ran high as she enter tensions ran high as she entered her 11th hour. >> you said everybody else is responsible for everything else else.
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what were you responsible for. >> i was responsible for sending chris stevens to benghazi as an envoy. i was responsible for supporting a temporary mission that we were constantly that we were constant reevaluating. i was responsible for quite a bit, congressman. i was not responsible for specific security requests and decisions. >>reporter: but arguably the most heated exchange did not involve the former secretary of state. >> i don't care if you send it by morse code, carrier pigeon, -- >> you need to make sure the entire record is correct. >> that is exactly what i want to do. >>reporter: clinton had a passionate response to the benghazi attack. >> i would imagine i thought more about what happened than all of you a put together. >>reporter: republicans insist it is not a partisan witch hunt. >> we will pursue the nroout a manner worthy of the memory of the four people who lost their
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lives and worthy of the respect of the citizens. >>reporter: clinton challenged the committees to look at the bigger picture. >> these are complex issues mr. congressman and i think it is important that we look at the totality of what was going on. >>reporter: i am andy rose reporting. >> after the hearing representative trey gowdy said clinton was one of the many witnesses. glen doherty's sister said secretary clinton was not truthful with her family after the attack. >> she spoke to our family of how bad we should feel about the libyan people because they are uneducated. i remember thinking at the time, wow, you know, how -- how selfish of me. i never really thought about the libyan people. so consumed with my own grief and loss and says a lot about her character that she would choose in that moment to basically perpetuate what she
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>> doherty's sister said clinton did not provide any firm answers what happened in hearing. a dozen of people are face roxbury. they were ticketed for civil disobedience. they lined the streets to express concern of a natural gas pipeline that will be close to a quarry. the group worried that it could explode because dynamite is regularly used at the quarry. regulations and national grid said they will improve the natural gas service in west roxbury. fox25 is working on the condition of a teenager stabbed outside a t station. it happened at the jackson square stop in jamaica plain. the 17-year-old boy was stabbed by another teenager after the pair fought. it is the second violent incident involving teenagers on the orange line in just a matter of day. last week teenagers got into a gunfight at the forest hill station.
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riders are concerned of their safety. >> i believe they need to enforce some sort of rule and have some kind of security because people want to get home safely. so sad when it happens and see this young man get stabbed. >> fox25 took a look at the crime statistics on the mbta's web site and shows that the jackson square stop alone, there have already been 26 serious crimes this year, that is the same as the total number for last year. concern for commuters as the state says the failing equipment inside the big dig tunnels haven't been replaced within 20 years. as we reported hundreds of cracked fasteners that hold up fixtures like lights inside the tunnel -- the ted williams tunnel and tip o'neill tunnel have to be replaced. drivers say this is a huge safety concern and officials say no one is at risk. >> no escape route. you are in a car. you are in a tunnel. that's it. >> if we thought for a second anything would come dislodged and fall to the roadway we >>.
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how long this will cost taxpayers and take eight months to finish inspections and repair broken parts. no more snow farms in boston. the city will spread out the snow instead of piling it all in one place. last winter, a massive snow pile in south boston accumulated all winter long and in fact it didn't melt all the way until july. a boston-based fantasy sports company is looking for a new venue for signature event. the globe says draft description no longer used to use the wynn resort as part of the championship. it has a top prize $5 million. regulators in nevada said draft kings need to get a gaming license to legally operate in nevada. happening today, cleanup for a former chemical plant site in everett. the future home of the wynn everett casino. work started this week to prepare the site for a new $1.7 billion casino.
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5:10. prized possession shoals stolen from a local business owner. the missing sports memorabilia at the center of a criminal investigation this morning. plus, donald trump doesn't usually apologize for what he said. who he is blaming for an offensive tweet. a 9-minute commute from the cloverleaf to the leverett connector. rob? >>rob: 73 yesterday afternoon in boston. fitchburg got up to 75. we are expecting temperatures to be 20-plus-degrees colder. coming up we are tracking showers for this weekend. to what expect if you are headed to the game on sunday hand-crafted...layer by layer. from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall
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cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. this morning current gop front runner donald trump is pointing a finger to an intern. that is the person to claim after retweeted an insult aimed at iowa voters after trump rival ben carson is leading the state. the tweet said eating too much genetically modified corn had damaged iowans brains. he has deleted that tweet. the former governor of rhode island will speak at the women's forum in washington d.c. last night chafee tweeted he would address his future at the event. his campaign has been
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the poll numbers are around zero and so far raised only $30,000. paul ryan has made it official. house. an election he is almost certain to win. if he does, the 45-year-old ryan will become one of the youngest house speakers ever. this morning, there is a safety recall at a popular children's store. build-a-bear says the star bright dragon is a possible choking hazard. the seam can open expose the seam can open exposing the stuffing that children can choke on. you can return it and get a free stuffed animal. this morning a warning of a brand of pellet stove. united states pellet heater stove is telling people to remove the plugs immediately. it can catch fire. 16 fires are blamed on this. return the board and serial face plate for cash or credit toward a new stove. fox25 wants to share big news. we are the first boston television station to get
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we took our inaugural flight over autumn hills orchard in groton getting an unique look at the beautiful fall landscape landscape. this is a flight in the making. while station and our parent company fox media group work to meet all the regulations. a first look at our flight. go to that will help with a certain person i know reporting on traffic. >>julie: oh, my gosh, you are like dangling carrots -- to a carrot cake in front of me. a jackpot resource for traffic. fingers crossed we get to pursue that as far as traffic is concerned. right now nice and light. expressway you are cruising along without any issues. north shore, 72 miles per hour your average speed on 93 south. don't speed. don't go 72 but that's what could you go if you felt like it. zakim bridge wide open. live drive pipes tampa 11 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 22 minutes on 128 south from
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route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist rob eicher joining joining us filling in for shiri think morning. sunshine and cool weather is in store today. so sounds like a great fall day ahead. >> promise me something, if you get that drone for traffic, let me drive every now an then. >>julie: we can work something out. >>rob: a good deal, yeah. sunshine. but despite that sunshine, much cooler temperatures today than yesterday. temperatures almost 20 degrees cooler than what we had out there yesterday. not unusually cold for october, just more what would you expect for october. some spots will dip below freezing little bit later on tonight. next chance of rain coming sunday. so sunday morning, second half of the weekend will be that time when we are tracking showers as we head through the weekend. here is what we need to know about tonight. as we head through the overnight hours, winds will be light out of the north and eventually out of the northeast. onshore. water temperatures in the 50s and wind coming off the water will prevent anyone near the
5:18 am
coast from getting anywhere close to. no problems fenway down to 37. downtown boston in general in the upper 30s and get a little further inland away from the influence of the water. winds are a little bit lighter. norwood about 30. burlington, 32. 32 in shrewsbury. 29 in milford. a couple of spots down below freeze approximating no more freeze watches or warnings and national weather service only getting one. after you have your freeze they don't issue any more frost or freeze warnings and some spots will dip down below that freezing mark tonight. currently sitting at the generally low to mid-50s. 55 at the vineyard 52 in bourne 55 at the vineyard 52 in bourne. 5 52 in boston. and these numbers are not colder than what we had yesterday morning, but problem is, we are not going to warm up at all. the temperatures will hold steady throughout the day and some spots will drop during the middle part of the day despite plenty of sunshine. the satellite and radar picture, i have nothing to show
5:19 am
picture, i have nothing to show. you the good news is that means no fog out there this morning. little bit of showers we have out there yesterday was due to a cold front. that front is now moved out. and as you might expect, behind that cold front a little cooler hence the cooler forecast for the afternoon in next weather maker moving out of nebraska that will march out of the northeast and arrive here sunday morning. our next chance of rain. a little bit breezy through the morning hours and that wind will calm down into the afternoon hours. problem is any time you have clear skies and calm winds, temperatures just plummet as soon as the sun sets. heading out for your friday evening, be warned as soon as the sun sets, temperatures will drop quickly down into the 40s and eventually the 30s later on tonight and that is how we will start off our saturday morning. a little on the cool side saturday. really overall a pleasant fall day and we will see more in the way of cloud cover as we head through the afternoon hours. we will call it mostly sunny saturday morning. partly sunny as we head into saturday afternoon, and here comes that chance of rain ahead
5:20 am
the green areas indicate areas likely to see rain. not whole lot of rain but a few of us will see few showers. the front rolls through and behind that clearer weather moves in and cooler weather starts to filter in by sunday evening. but the good news is, that means clearing skies as we head throughout the day on sunday. so if you are headed to the game on sunday, i expect by the time we get to kickoff, temperatures will be around 60 degrees and by then, the chance of rain will be over with. again best chance of rain will be sunday morning. so the games should be dry and again temperature-wise fairly mild sunday afternoon. does get a little cooler as we head into monday and tuesday. best chance of rain in that seven-day forecast will come on thursday. right now it looks like we are in for a good soaker at the end of that seven-day. all right, 5:20 on your friday morning. an infamous new england home sell from inside. at 5:30, what is up for grabs at the property which was once
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new this morning, weedish officials say a massbleed man
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that carried out a sword attack at a school posed with pictures for students before he started stabbing people. stabbing people. teacher and student were killed teacher and student were killed. it another student and teacher were hospitalized. the attacker was killed by police. the school has a high proportion of immigrants and they are looking at racism as a possible motive. developing news this morning, the pacific where a category 5 hurricane is nearing the coast of mexico. hurricane patricia is expected to make landfall later today with winds peaking at over 165 miles per hour. meteorologists say the storm intensified at a historic rate increasing 120 miles per hour in 24 hours. being fueled by one of the strongest el nino events since 1950. patricia is the 9th hurricane in the eastern pacific to be a category 4 or 5 of intensity which is the most on record. u.s. and mexican authorities have discovered a cross border tunnel linking san diego and tijuana. according to u.s. north, the
5:25 am
making it one of the longest ever built under the u.s., mexico border. it is used to transport drugs across the border. it had a ventilation and lighting system, but the entrance was unusual. >> it did not have a staircase or ladders and we believe they were using a pulley some to bring the drugs up from the tunnel. >> the marijuana seized had an estimated street value of $6 million. the search for the drug kingpin is now being looked for in the united states. joaquin el chapo guzman escaped through a tunnel. they are looking for his wife who they believe may be with el chapo. they owned property and have two daughters which are u.s. citizens. a police chief is indicted on charges of atacking a 16-year-old girl. john laroche is accused of
5:26 am
having sexual conduct with a 16-year-old who was in the explorer program. it happened when it happened when laroche was an officer in the town. the chief has been put on unpaid leave. he is pled not guilty. the fires occurred earlier this month in a fall festival in the town. the 14-year-old suspect is also other crimes. 5:26. a local man finds a new fence in his yard he didn't expect. coming up why he is taking on a super store over construction in front of his house. first rob eicher checking the weather for us this morning. rob, good morning. >>rob: good morning, gene, 45 in worcester. not much of a warm-up as we head into the afternoon hours. despite the sunshine. it gets really cool as soon as the sun sets. what to expect for your friday.
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and we continue to follow breaking news in boston where there has been a deadly shooting in a section of bright shooting in a section of brighton. police on the scene overnight as distraught family members were told their loved one died. the latest for the search for gunman in just minutes. good morning and thank you for being with us on this friday morning, october 23. i am gene lavanchy. >>catherine: i am catherine parrotta in for sara underwood. wasn't yesterday just beautiful. >>gene: perfect. >>catherine: no more 70s. a thing of the past.
5:30 am
here with that weekend cooldown, hi, rob. >>rob: 73 degrees. normal for this time of year. want to show you this time yesterday we were dealing with pretty dense fog out there. we want to prove that is not an issue this morning. we have perfect visibility. ten miles would indicate crystal clear-no problems. the case everywhere. sitting at 52 in boston. 40 in fitchburg, 45 inform worcester and norwood. the temperatures not much colder than we were yesterday morning and the problem is we will not warm up at all. temperatures will hold steady and dip maybe a little bit as we head into the afternoon. a bit of a breeze out there 10 in providence and 12 in providence and 12. through the afternoon, winds start to die down. today. not really that much warmer than our current temperatures. 52 in boston. and that will be about our high
5:31 am
temperature as we head into the afternoon and as soon as the sun sets we get cold. about 39 in boston. 32 in framingham. 34 the low temperature for tonight in brockton. overall quite a bit cooler than yesterday and we will be tracking showers as we head through the weekend. guys, we will talk about that coming up in few spins t taking a look at your traffic. things moving along nicely commuting from the north shores commuting from the north shores. you can see 93 south, route 1. no issues at the moment. pike wide open through framingham and natick into the alston-brighton areas. in brighton, nothing is slowing you down. 25 minutes on the pike to the ted williams. and 22 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. gene and catherine, back to you. >>gene: all right, julie. our big story this morning one person shot and killed in brighton happening just before midnight near the intersection of telford street and western avenue. fox25's jessica reyes is live there now with where police are
5:32 am
focusing on the path the suspect took to get away. good morning, jess. >>reporter: good morning, gene. they tell us that that suspect took off running across this star market parking lot in brighton. part of a pretty busy shopping sent here five minutes away from harvard business school and police were out here for hours and they tell me a 30-year-old man was shot twice and killed in this immediate area around midnight. look at this video now. the scene after it happened at tell ford street in brighton. people were focusing on this silver suv that you see right here and that car belongs to the victims. the man shot the victim twice and took off running through that parking lot through western avenue police are continuing to go through surveillance video from this shopping center hope shopping center hoping to get a clear look at that suspect. the superintendent was here a few hours ago and they have not
5:33 am
is random or not. they are continuing to speak with witnesses and piecing it all together. they are also asking for help from the public this morning, and anyone that needs more about this will call boston police. live in boston, jessica reyes, fox25 news. we are following breaking news in tennessee this morning. one person is dead following a shooting at tennessee state university near nashville. police say this happened in a courtyard on campus just after midnight. a nashville up into said the -- newspaper said the man who died was not enrolled in the school. the other two people were students and their injuries are not considered life-threatening not considered life-threatening. investigators say it all started over a dice game. a deadly bus crash in france. 42 people have been killed in a collision between a bus and a truck in the southwestern part of the country near the city of bordeaux. video from the scene where there is a number of ambulances and fire crews on the scene and an official says the death toll is so high because the bus caught fire. a radio station reported the
5:34 am
bus was primary bus was primarily carrying elderly people. so far authorities have not said where the people on the bus were from. this morning, police in saugus are hoping surveillance video will help them track down the thief that stole thousands of dollars from sports memorabilia from a barbara's -- a barber's shop. the owner of barber masters said this happened late wednesday morning. the man was seen taking picture the man was seen taking pictures signed by tom brady. it hurts. >> it is not the money value but send amountal. we are a family shop. we take care of everybody. if you needed a free haircut. if you were down in the dumps, i will help you out >> the owner of the shop said the value of the item was $6,000. and given to her as gifts from her family. a former youth football coach is under investigation this morning for a possible cyber crime. fox25's michael henrich is live
5:35 am
in hanover with what we uncould have had on a story that fox25 broke last night. michael? >>reporter: catherine, we learned that hanover police have confiscated a computer owned by this former youth football coach, and they have it in a forensics lab as part of this investigation into a potential cyber crime. new police are looking into whether former coach james ward whether former coach james wardwell tampered with the roster of his former team. going online and deleting the entire town's name and weight information just before the season began. this comes afterwardwell was suspended from the hanover youth football association last year after an on field physical altercation with other adults. the new football coach reached out to police. police told him that the ip address of the person who deleted the roster did trace back to wardwell's home. now police say that they are looking at this computer and investigating the possibility
5:36 am
and the team's new coach tells fox25 he certainly wants prosecution to happen. >> it goes against everything that we should be teaching these young boys. i am absolutely disgusted with it, because of -- the boys that are going to suffer as a result of -- of hearing about this. >>reporter: fox25 went to to answer questions. as soon as any potential word comes out about possible charges, we will bring it to you. live in hanover, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. 5 d 36. a 15-year-old facing charges for bringing a loaded gun to school. police searched the team's back pack after he tried to skirt medical detectors in mattapan. that is when the gun was found. the student tried to run and resisted officers. he is facing charges for gun, ammunition and resisting arrest ammunition and resisting arrest.
5:37 am
two men are facing charges accused of pulling a gun on another driver during a road rage incident. it happened wednesday along 95 south in sharon. police found more than two dozen rounds of ammunition, a gun and a halloween mask in the suspect's car. the the and in court yesterday. the defense said this is not a one-sided incident. fox25 tried to find out more about that from the suspect's family in court. >> can you tell us what happened? don't you? >> i don't know what happened. it is a cat or mouse game. >> guess it was a cat and mouse game, bye. >> the victim's family tell fox25 that the victim did nothing wrong. meantime romero and smith are due back in court for a dangerousness hearing. three women are busted for shoplifting thousands of dollars of goods. the auto arrest happened in wrentham. they watched the women walk out of one store with a haul and found goods from 17 different stores in their cars. the suspects are from connecticut and considered persons of have in a larger retail crime ring.
5:38 am
wrote sexually explicit letters to former patriot aaron hernandez will face a judge. the anonymous tipster that questioned the actions of a juror in the odin lloyd murder trial. the woman will be asked about her claim that she knew a juror lied. prosecution says the person is not credible. a new hampshire man wants wal-mart to cough up the cash for damaging his property. arrived at his manchester home last week to discovered a construction site in his yard. a wal-mart being built a mile away a traffic light going in right by grezel's brown avenue yard. he tells fox25 he got no warning that works planned on digging right on his property line.wal-mart is a big company and they seem to get what they want, at the extent of the residents in this area. >>reporter: grizel said all he
5:39 am
work when he dealt with the mess. fox25 has been working with grezell since the issue came up up. red sox manager john farrell will talk about his battle with cancer. his lymphoma is now in remission. he underwent three rounds of chemotherapy. farrell plans to manage the team next season as long as he remains healthy. he will hold a news conference and steaks will be on that call. we know that jerry remy will be back calling red sox games. remy renewed his contract with the network part of a rotation of commentators including daniel eckersly and they will share by o'brian taking over for don orsillo. hands-free driving systems may not help you on the road as once previously thought. dialing the numbers, switching a song or voice-to-text could distract for 27 minutes. they rated distractions for a
5:40 am
number different systems and found the offering with found the worse to be in the 2016 hyundai a. a bird that has terrorizing neighbors in brookline has been captured. dino flew the coop three months ago and ever since squawking loudly and tearing up historic homes. call came to an end with an organized effort organized effort between police and neighbors to capture the man mall. dino is checked out by his vet and back home. a failed chief caught up he on camera. what a woman at 6:00, what they had to sitle for when her target was too big to handle. a flight grounded because a employee sat on the wing of the plane. what the person was doing on the wing in the first place. checking weather and traffic every ten minutes. looking at a reasonable 12 looking at a reasonable
5:41 am
braintree split to the columbia road. whatever students will be comfortable wearing this morning will be comfortable this afternoon. hardly any change from the morning to the there's a better way to lahey hospital and medical center.
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5:44 this morning. we continue to follow a developing organization at logan airport. a airline contractor could face charges for taking a selfie. fox25's daniel miller here to explain how that one picture took an entire plane out of service. >>daniel: that's right, gene, an american airlines spokesperson said that contractor took that selfie while sitting on the wing of the plane. we broke this story during the fox25 news at 10:00. the airline confirm to us the contractor is a badged employee for swiss port which is the cargo service for swiss air. american airlines tells fox25 that worker climbed on to the
5:44 am
wing of an american jet inside an hangar and took a picture of himself. the aircraft was taken out of service to be inspected as a safe precaution, but american said nothing istageed. reached out to mass port and state police sand said we have not heard of any charges in this case. we will be following it for you all morning. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 morning news. prized possessions of a new hampshire couple who held federal agents at bay for months are going up for sale. the plainfield home of ed and elaine brown was sold at auction for over $25,000. the couple was involved with a nine-month standoff with u.s. marshals. they were involved with tax evasion but did not want to go to jail. they placed bombs and booby traps around the estate. now that it is cleared and sold, investigators are getting rid of the thousands of items inside the compound. >> we found living room sets, antiques. so many new items, high-tech items.
5:45 am
>> the proceeds will cover back taxes and other things owed to the government. a nurse from maine is suing the governor of new jersey because she was quarantined against her will. casey hitchcock was. she had returned of working with ebola patients in africa. chris christie violated her constitutional rights by holding her without due process. she is seeking $250,000. a weymouth business tied to a local famous restaurant is going out of business. owner say the store will close some time next week. the butcher shop is affiliated, that restaurant closed in 2013 and since has been torn down. famous for the cactus-shaped signs and plastic cows standing by the roadways. good morning, everyone, start south of town on route 3. things moving along fine from 228 in rockland to the braintree split. some of those artery
5:46 am
some of those arteries wide open. 28, 24 and 95 look good. as we head up closer into boston. we have a new accident on the pike. it is eastbound right after cambridge street. hopefully they will get that cleared out before they have a huge impact on your drive time. live look at the expressway. volume starting to build as we approach the 6 a.m. hour. the live drive times. 10 minutes on 3 from 228 to the split. ten minutes from route 3 to 128 ten minutes from route 3 to 128. and 12 minutes as you approach 128 on 95. meteorologist rob eicher with a look at the forecast. no fog but a lot of sunshine out there today. >>rob: a lot of sunshine but >>rob: a lot of sunshine but despite that, julie. we will be cool. snowflakes on sunday and in case you are curious, 59 case you are curious, 59, that is normal. what to expect. we will be below that the next couple of days. sunday is definitely the warm day through the seven-day forecast and sunday is the day it comes with a little bit of shower action as we head into the morning hours.
5:47 am
if you have plans to go out to the fox25 game of the week, hanover at middleborough, 48 degrees at kickoff at 7:00 with light winds, clear skies, sounds great, but do be warned that temperatures will cool off quickly. tell be at 4 when the came comes to an end. not so bad or cool but getting chilly as the game comes to an end. as we head into the weekend. saturday, temperatures in the low to mid-50s with good deal of sunshine. a big warm-up across the board. a lot of low 60s and we notice these rain showers hit or miss. these showers clear out as we head into the afternoon. currently sitting at 55 at the vineyard. 54 in p-town. 51 the current temperature in bourne. 48 in scituate. 50 in rockport. fitchburg. 40 degrees. across the board, these numbers we had yesterday. the problem is we will not warm up at all. these numbers will stay steady
5:48 am
and will see a couple of spots even cool off in the middle of the afternoon despite plenty of sunshine. and showed you the satellite and radar. thin high clouds in southern new hampshire. that's it. the good news is no fog to speak of through the morning hours. the showers we saw very little rain. a trace in boston. from nova scotia to the delmarva peninsula. that line of showers courtesy of a cold front that has moved out, but as you might expect with the cool front, cooler weather is coming in. cooler for most states. nebraska is the next bit of rain our next weather maker that is due to arrive sunday morning with a couple of spotty showers expected during the morning hours. meantime, hour by hour through the day and how temperatures will change. not much change at all between now and the afternoon hours headed out for your friday evening. 46 in boston at 7:00. 41 in worcester.
5:49 am
40 in orange, but notice as soon as the sun sets, the temperatures cool off very quickly. already down to 43 in boston. 36 in worcester at 11:00. going out on friday evening. going out later this evening, you will want to dress for warmer weather and dress warmly for the hide back home. tomorrow morning generally upper 30s to low 40s in the morning hours. high temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. a fairly pleasant looking saturday. we will see the clouds increase a little bit on saturday with that chance of rain coming early on sunday morning. after heading to the game on sunday, pats versus the jets at gillette stadium, i do think that the showers will be out of the way by the time they get going around 60 degrees at kickoff. not expecting the rain to impact the game whatsoever. a little bit cooler for the early part of next workweek, and the best chance of rain in the seven-day forecast. looks like we are on tap for a
5:50 am
pretty good soaker on thursday. >> teenagers say it is tough being them. plus new at 6:00, a massachusetts coffee chain fined thousands of dollars.
5:51 am
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a mission for a danvers teacher is called a success. colleen ritzer was killed two years ago. kindness for colleen day was meant to honor her on anniversary of her death. the hashtag spread across twitter as people it good deeds for someone else. it jennifer berger started the campaign and a fitting tribute to her permit. >> she was an amazing person. she was my best friend from kindergarten into adulthood and just that sort of person who was evidentlessly caring and kind. and she just knew how to put a smile on other people's faces. >>gene: if you want to see some of the local acts of kindness, log on to our web site. click on the story under "news" which is on our home page. this morning high school students are having trouble getting through their day getting through their day and
5:53 am
new research is found this way through lady gaga's born this way foundation. they are stressed and board at school. only 22% say school makes them happy. the negative responses could impact grades because tough to concentrate under stress. former subway pitchman jared fogle is paying for his alleged sex crimes. ten are getting part of restitution getting $100,000 each. the checks were hand delivered to the victims or their parents. fogle expected to be sentenced for the crime in a month. twitter employees are getting a stake in their business. the new ceo jack dorsey says he is giving 1% of the company worth $200 million back to employees through an equity pool. the second time dorsey made such a move and he did so in 2 such a move and he did so in 2003 with another company. sometimes you want a little quiet and now google chrome is helping out. the web browser unveiled a new
5:54 am
feature the mute button. it let's you mute tabs with a simple right click. if you hear it in another tab, you can click, open and it is silent. getting along facebook is easier. they debuted numerous new features. one biggie is a search tool to find posts related to one subject. facebook will highlight posts of breaking and developing news as you start timing. 5:56. more debris washing up from the doomed cargo ship el faro. the mounds of hygienic projects from the departmentths of the ocean. temperatures jump 20 degrees today. no warm-up from the morning to the afternoon and coming up, i will track which towns will drop below freezing. horrified by an app on a student's ipad. the local superintendent
5:55 am
she is questioning who now at o'clock, breaking news in brighton where a man was shot and killed just feet from a supermarket. what we have learned about the gunman and the evidence that police are looking at right now police are looking at right now. hillary clinton staying calm and collected during a marathon grilling about the benghazi attack. >> i really don't care what you all say about me. it doesn't both mere a bit. >> her answers to questions of failed security and what spark failed security and what sparked a shouting match during
5:56 am
the hearing.
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