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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 23, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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team. >> goes against everything we teach the young boys. >> daniel: why cyber crime may have been act of revenge. >> daniel: we have made it to friday, october 2030, i'm daniel miller. julie: i'm julie grauert and we are feeling a cooldown. >> rob: don't have anything near that today and below average as we head into the afternoon hours and really not any warmer than it is out there currently, upper 40s, low 50s currently and notice a line here temperatures hold steady throughout the day despite plenty of sunshine as soon as the sun sets temperatures will kind of plummet like a rock so keep that in mind so plans to be out the late friday evening be warned it will be a lot colder when you're coming home than when headed outdoor for the movie or dinner. 46 in fitchburg, 49 norwood and a little bit of breeze as well to kind of add to the chill today, winds ten, some cases invent miles per hour, that wind
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will calm down as we head into the afternoon hours. there you go, high temperatures this afternoon not whole lot different from the numbers that we got out there currently, so good news is whatever you're comfortable wearing this morning you will be comfortable afternoon hours and spots down below freezing and coming up in a few minutes we will talk to you more about hurricane patricia. julie: let's look at roads where things are calming down as well, scenes pretty typical slowing on 93 south through the medford area as well on 128 southbound through burlington and lexington. expressway still very sluggish as you head past freeport street and up into boston. over to those love drive time 14 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin bridge and 36 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector and 38 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: we continue to follow breaking news out of boston this morning where police are looking for a suspect in
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julie: it happened in telford street and western avenue and police will be on the hunt this morning. judge jessica -- jessica reyes is there. >> jessica: police still searching for the shooter and right now looking at video from surveillance cameras like the one you see right here hoping to get a clear look at that suspect now, boston police are on scene on telford street for several hours last night and they tell us a man in his 30s was shot twice in killed. it is not clear at this point if the shooting was random or not but police are continuing to talk to witnesses this morning trying to piece this all together. this is a pretty busy area of brighton. there's not only a big shopping center right here but there's also a brand-new apartment complex right across the street from where the shooting happened we spoke to a woman who lives in that complex a short time ago
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uneasy about this this morning. >> i can't believe this is happening around here. i really can't. you know, i never expected it to be that close to my house. why shoot somebody. if you have got some problem with somebody, hash it out, don't pop out a gun. >> jessica: police have not identified a victim, right now saying he is a 30-year-old man and asking for any help they can get and if anybody saw anybody, police. jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> daniel: breaking this morning overseas france reporting deadliest crash in decades, 42 people are dead after a bus carrying elderly people collided with the truck near bourdieu in the southwest part of the country and both burst into flames and just now learning there are only eight survivors and four of them are in serious condition and official are questioning the
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happened saying there's a dangerous curb that makes it prone to accidents. julie: major hurricane is on the move this morning. during the news at 7:00 the national hurricane center called this the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere and hurricane patricia category five as approaches mexico and rob eicher has more and destination right in the path of the huge miles per hour. >> rob: show you satellite imagery, parts of puerto vallarta and alcapollco and lashing both of those areas and national hurricane center and has it making landfall this afternoon south of puerto vallarta and maximum sustained winds 200 miles per hour and actually measured by hurricane hunter and minimal pressure 880 millibars and both of those records for the eastern pacific
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and atlantic or western hemisphere and water temperatures there near the 90 degree mark. again, in general the eastern pacific is a lot warmer than norm thanks in part to el nino and el nino fueling incredible what has already been an incredible hurricane season in the pacific. >> daniel: rob, thanks. new details about developing investigation out at logan airport. airline employee sparking a security scare for taking a selfie. state police confirm with fox25 the worker wasn't trespassing and he was credentialed to be in the hangar when he took the selfie on the wing of american airlines plane and we broke the story during fox25 news at 10:00, the contractor is badged employee for swiss port which is for swiss airlines. american airlines tells fox25 the worker climbed on to the wing inside a hangar and took picture of himself. the aircraft was taken out of service to be inspected but
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right now american says nothing was damaged and state police say it is now up to massport to investigate and determine if charges will be filed. daniel: breaking news in last 30 minutes, lincoln chafee is drop out as there was a statement released confirming his decision. only raised $30,000. julie: this morning fox25 working to get condition of teenager stabbed outside a "t" station. it happened at jackson square stop in jamaica plain. police tell fox25 the 17-year-old boy was stabbed by another teenager after the pair fought. it is second violent incident involving teenager in the lartey of days and teenagers got into a gun fight and forest hills "t" station and riders are concerned for their safety. >> they need to enforce a role or have more security because
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it it is so sad when the man got stabbed. julie: it shows at jackson square stop alone there have already been 26 serious crimes this year, that's the same number as total number from last year. >> daniel: 15-year-old is facing charge this morning for bringing a loaded gun to school. police searched the teen's backpack after he tried to skirt metal detectors at tech boston academy in dorchester. student tried to run and then resisted officers. he is facing charges for gun ammunition and resisting arrest. it>> daniel: it is 9:07. pepperell police officer resigned saying he used excessive force. there was a situation involving sergeant last month. internal affairs investigated and now being handled by the middlesex county d.a.'s office and right now it is not clear what hererra is accused of but police department say it was an isolated incident.
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charge of sexual assaulting a teenage girl. john laruche is accused of having sexual contact in the explorer program of the police department. it allegedly occurred between 1999 and 2000 when laruche was officer in the town and chief has been on unpaid leave since august. he has fled not guilty. julie: new details this morning about the operation in iraq that claim the life of american service member. this is breaking news during the morning. according to the pentagon service now part of operation that freed more than 70 hostages isis. this is the first american combat death in iraq since 2011 and his identity has not been
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julie: isis selling crude tom oil fields and thus far air strikes targeting the field have failed to shut them down. >> daniel: woman on run for more than a decade due this new hampshire courtroom. police say 35-year-old andrea eric driving a car that had yesterday. trooper pulled the car over and discovered that she had a warrant out for her arrest out of pennsylvania. she is charged in burglary case from 12 years ago. she will be arraigned this morning as fugitive from justice and faces extradition to pennsylvania. julie: 9:09, two men are accused of pulling a gun on man during road rage incident. it happened on 95 south in sharon and discovered two dozen round of apnition and halloween mask in the suspect's car. romero and smith appeared in court and this was not a one-sided incident and fox25 tried to find out more about the
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family from outside the court. >> tell us what happened. it is dangerous. >> you know what happened, don't you? >> i don't know what happened. cat and house game. do you know what happened? >> i guess it was a cat and mouse game then, bye. julie: victim's family tells fox25 the victim did nothing wrong and meanwhile romero and smith are due back in court for a dangerous hearing. >> daniel: still to come on fox25 morning news, shots rin out on and game that sparked deadly gun fire. julie: family of man killed in benghazi watched hillary clinton. >> shows me a lot about her character. julie: what they claim wasn't true. >> rob: 73 in boston, 75 yesterday in fitchburg and seem like a distant memory. this afternoon high temperatures 20 colder than that and coming
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supporting a temporary mission that we were constantly evaluating. responsible for quite a bit, congressman. i was not responsible for specific security requests and decisions. >> reporter: arguably the most heated exchange did not even involve the secretary of state. >> don't care if you sent by morris code, carrier pigeon, smoke signals. you need to make sure the entire record is correct. >> that's exactly what i want to do. >> reporter: clinton spent day mounting passionate defense of the benghazi attack that left four americans dead. >> i would imagine i thought more about what happened than all of you put together. >> reporter: republicans insist it is not part of partisan witch hunt.
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manner of the memory of four people that lost their lives. >> reporter: clinton challenged to look at bergeron picture. >> these are complex issues, mr. congressman, and i think it is important to look at the totality what was going on. >> reporter: i'm andy rose reporting. julie: may boycott saying nothing has been learned during the testimony or 17 months the committee has been investigating the attack. >> daniel: winchester native glen doherty says hillary clinton was not truthful with the family immediately after the benghazi attack. >> she spoke to my family about how bad we should feel for the libyan people because they are uneducated and people breeds violence and remember thinking at the time, how selfish of me, i never really thought about the libyan people i have been so consumed with my own grief and loss. it shows me a lot about her character that she would choose
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in that moment to basically perpetuate what she knew was untrue. >> daniel: doherty's sister says clinton did not provide any firm answers about what happened in benghazi during yesterday's hearing. julie: it is now 9:15 and look at roads where things are starting to clear up a little bit and moving along better on 93 through medford, still a little bit slow on 128 southbound as you wind through burlington and lexington. expressway still sluggish as you head from furnace brook parkway to freeport street and up to columbia road. here are live drive times teen minutes route 1 to the tobin bridge and 31 minutes 93 south to the leverett connect and her 35 minutes 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist rob eicher joining us now with look at today's forecast and we enjoyed the 70s but we are back to fall now. >> rob: it will feel more like october as we head into the afternoon today and despite plenty of sunshine and wall-to-wall sunshine as you can
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cooler than yesterday and as soon as the sun sets it will get cold, a lot of areas below freezing later on tonight and good news is at least the first half of the weekend should be clear, not expecting any rain until sunday morning. as we head to the overnight hours, winds will be generally light and start to shift a little bit more toward the northeast at just enough of onshore wind and keep the cape and islands well above freezing. water temperatures still in the 50s to get that wind off the water and no worries there and low 40s for the cape and islands tonight and boston upper but get away from the influence of the coastline and it starts to cool off quickly, down to 30 later tonight in norwood 32 and there will nobody freeze warnings or frost advisories and national weather service only issues one, warn but first phrase of the season and that's it you're on your own and last weekend and no freeze issues tonight and some spots will be down below freezing.
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currently 57 in nantucket, 47 in boston, 47 in foxborough and head over to tyngsborough and 41 current temperature in worcester and even with the sunshine the temperature will kind of hold steady and, in fact, some spots may cool a little bit, middle parts of the day and jumped 20 from the morning to the afternoon and that's pretty typical but today not going to see really much of any change from the morning to the afternoon. satellite and afternoon gray spots indicate clouds and just a few of those from boston basically north and west and few across the north shore that's about it. otherwise no fog to track for you, no showers and yesterday's rain showers are way out here, see the line of them across the canadian maritimes down to the delmarva and cold front and behind cold front gets cooler and cooler forecast for today and then got a couple states of crystal clear skies before we get the next rain drops and there you go moving from missouri into illinois and that is part of a cold front and cold front will reach us sunday morning and that will be the
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next chance of rain. meantime though a little bit of breeze through the morning hours, probably notice that and see the leaves kind of blowing around there and see that through the morning hours. winds become calm though as we head into the evening and in i time clear skies and calm winds temperatures muppet as soon as the sun sets. sun sets at 5:50 and after that starts to get cool and cool pretty quickly and keep that in mind if you have plans to be out late friday evening and start off on the cool side on saturday morning and warm up to the mid-50s tomorrow afternoon and future cast showing just a few more clouds streaming in tomorrow afternoon and advance of the next chance of rain here comes that next chance of rain. couple showers in the forecast and see the timeline this would through sunday afternoon and takes the rain with it and clear and cooler weather starts to come in here sunday evening. so bottom line if you're going to the game, pats hosting the jets at gillette stadium got 60 at kickoff, so pretty mild for football weather, chance for shower will be in the morning
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hours, not expecting any of the showers to impact the game whatsoever. behind the front though a little bit cooler for the early part of the workweek monday and tuesday and next best chance of rain will come our way on thursday. so there you go. the forecast. julie: this winter there will be no more snow farms in boston. public works commissioner michael dennehy tells boston the city will spread out the snow instead of piling it one place and piled it in one place and didn't melt until july. >> daniel: we were the first to use drone coverages and well be using it to bring you aerial
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julie: fantasy sports company looking for a new venue for the event. draftkings are no longer able to use wynn resort as part of the championship. they have a top prize of $5 million and regulators in nevada have ruled draftkings must obtain a gaming license in order to legally operate in nevada. >> daniel: this afternoon john
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farrell will discuss the cancer. he underwent three rounds of chemotherapy and farrell plans to manage the team next season as long as he remains healthy. he will hold conference call with reporters this afternoon and fox25 will be on that call. daniel: we know jerry remy will be back with the red sox. he will be part of rotation of commentators including dennis eskerly and steve lyons and share with dave o'brien who's taking over with don orsillo. julie: personal items are part of debris washing ashore in bahamas. it is most likely from the sunken cargoship el faro and among debris are axe deodorant and they will seven for the voyage data recorder and it is
9:24 am
three massachusetts natives were part of the crew. >> daniel: u.s. and mexican authorities have found a tunnel linking san diego to tijuana. passageway stretched 2600 feet making longest ever built under the u.s. mexico board and her used to transport drugs across the border and tunnel had ventilation and lighting system but the entrance was a bit unusual. >> this tunnel unlike other tunnels do not have the staircase and ladders and believe they were using a pully system of some sort to bring the drugs up from the tunnel. >> daniel: marijuana seized wednesday had estimated street value of nearly $6 million. daniel: search for drug kingpin that escaped from mexican prison includes efforts here in the united states. joaquin guzman broke out through elaborate tunnel.
9:25 am
they believe his wife could be with him and they have property in los angeles and twin girls that are u.s. citizens. julie: jerrod fogel is paying for sex crimes getting $100,000 each for victims. it is part of the plea deal for child pornography and sex crime charge and checks hand delivered to the victims or parents. fogel is expected to be sentenced next month. julie: they are having a hard time getting through school. >> rob: low 40s and watch how temperatures plummet as soon as the sun sets coming up we will tell you more about dunkin' donuts smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. savory...smoky... and unmistakably flavorful. get your day going with one today.
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cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. julie: patricia expected to make landfall later today and being fueled by one of the strongest el nino's since 1950. >> daniel: good morning and welcome back, i'm daniel miller. julie: i'm julie grauert. rob eicher is joining us and you will talk about hurricane patricia when it is closer to home but things looking fairly nice. >> rob: temperatures cooler than late october but fairly fall like and does come with a chance of some showers mainly in the morning hours.
9:29 am
right now 47 in boston and we got 43 current temperature in manchester, 46 in fitchburg, that's really not that bad for an october morning, the problem is we are not going to warm up much at all this afternoon and consequently end up with a cool afternoon and breezy side and winds northwest 20 sustained in worcester and 23 in p town and i am expecting the winds to calm down as we head into the evening hours but a little bit of a breeze through at least the first half of the day. wall-to-wall sunshine even with the sunshine there you go, that's it, that's as warm as it gets heading into the afternoon hours and those numbers really not any different from the temperatures that we have out there currently and as soon as sun sets two get kind of chilly, couple of spots like norwood, worcester, brattleboro, below freezing as we head into the overnight hours and what you can expect going into the game on sunday in a few minutes. julie: look at roads things moving along nicely as we look at the expressway just a little bit of slowing around
9:30 am
opened up as you will be able to see through brighton, 15 minute period between 9:15 and 9:30, 9:45 when things really start to improve. at least as far as the pike is concerned. here are live drive times 19 minutes from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel and 19 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike and 27 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. >> daniel: one person is dead in boston and on hunt that opened fire and happened before midnight at intersection of telford street and western avenue. fox25 jessica reyes has been following the breaking news all morning and live from the scene in brighton. jess, police hope a tip will help actually find the gunman. >> jessica: that's right, daniel, police were here for several hours last night and asking the public now if anyone perhaps saw something last night or more to give them a call and suspect in the case took off running from the scene and this
9:31 am
video from surveillance cameras one you have seen right here trying to get better look at the suspect. police say a 30-year-old man was shot and killed here just before midnight. taking look at video now this was the scene shortly after the shooting happened on telford street here in brighton because police were focused on silver suv and we are told that car belonged to the victim. witnesses say a man shot the victim twice and then took off running through the parking lot toward western avenue. right now police are continuing to go through the surveillance video and the boston police superintendent was here a few hours ago and he says they have not yet determined if this was a random shooting or not but this morning they are continuing to speak with witnesses and trying to piece this all together but once again, police are still asking the public for their help. if anyone knows anything at all about this you're asked to call boston police. we are live in brighton this morning, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. julie: we are following breaking news overnight in nashville where police are
9:32 am
investigating campus shooting at tennessee state university. official at tennessee state said one person has died and two others are in the hospital. nashville police say this happened in courtyard after midnight our time, nashville newspaper reports university spokesman says the man that died was not enrolled at the school. the paper also says the other two people were students and injuries are not considered life-threatening. investigators say this all started over a dice game. just last week three people were shot during a house party near the university and they are all okay and gunman from that shooting is still at large. >> daniel: happening today a woman that wrote sexually explicit letters to former patriot aaron hernandez will face a judge. she is the anonymous tipster that questioned actions of the odin lloyd murder trial and woman will be asked about her claim that juror lied when asked if they knew hernandez was also suspected of killing two men in boston. prosecutors say the woman is not incredible. out.
9:33 am
shirtless man walks into a new hampshire mcdonalds locked and loaded. here is look at surveillance pictures from the restaurant on fischerville road. concord police say the suspect pointed large gun at employees and threatened to kill them if they didn't hand over the cash. it happened at 1:00 a.m. this morning. suspect got away in dark-colored sedan. julie: local football coach accused cyber crime targeting the kids he worked with. michael henrich is live where it all went down and, michael, this is all possible act of revenge? >> michael: that is the accusation of the new coach of the football program and i just went inside the police department here in hanover to try to get an update and told the lieutenant in charge of giving out that information and publicly releasing any updates is not in the building at this time, so we are going to stay on that. i also went over to the former coach's house once again in an attempt to get comment but he
9:34 am
has remained silent and did not answer the door this morning. former coach james wardwell could be in legal trouble and his replacement mike jones says he absolutely should be. >> i'm disgusted with it because of the boys that are going to suffer as a result of hearing about this. >> michael: jones said wardwell tampered with roster of the entire time and going online and deleting name and weight before the start. >> reason i got upset someone had to go in and delete them purposely one-by-one. >> michael: jones tells fox25 this comes after wardwell was suspended by the national youth football association after a on field physical altercation with other adults last year. jones says the police told them the ip address of the person that deleted the roster was traced back to wardwell's home.
9:35 am
is in a forensic lab as part of this investigation. >> it goes against everything we should be teaching these young boys. >> michael: wardwell refused to answer questions for fox25. officer with the department actually just popped his head out of the building and let me know that lieutenant has just arrived back here at the department so i'm going to head inside after the report and see what update might be publicly available and put it on twitter right away and facebook as well and stay with us as we continue to follow the story. live in hanover, fox25 news. julie: we now know the ident of the service member killed in iraq last week. they have identified the commander as joshua wheeler. that service man was part of man freed 70 hostages by mass execution by isis and first american combat death in iraq since 2011 and first time they stepped into cop bat against isis in iraq.
9:36 am
>> daniel: this morning police in saugus are helping surveillance video will help them track down a thief who stole thousands of dollars worth of sportsman memorabilia. happened late wednesday morning and man seen in the video covers his face while taking jerseys and pictures signed by tom brady and paul pierce. one barber says it hurts because they try to help anyone that needs it. >> not the money, it is what it meant to the shop. if you needed something, come ask, this is a family somebody, we take care of anybody. if you needed free haircut, are you down in the dumps, we will help you out. >> daniel: owner of the shop says value of the items stolen was around $6,000 and all gifts from family. this morning the barbershop has posted on facebook they have gotten at least one offer of a jersey to help replace the stolen from person in canada. julie: three women are arrested for shoplifting thousands of dollars in goods in wrentham.
9:37 am
police say they watched the women walk out of the one store with a haul and found goods from 17 different stores. they are from connecticut and considered persons of interest in larger retail crime ring. julie: 21-year-old charge der off iii was heard breaking breaking into a home. he went into a crawl space and police convinced him to surrender and he has been faced with several crimes. >> daniel: breaking child labor laws. dip n dots fined nearly $50,000. owners were scheduling underage workers after 8:00 p.m. and before 6:00 a.m. and taking $15,000 in tips from hourly workers. julie: 9:38. school officials on the cape
9:38 am
app found on ipad used by students. app called bioninja and cape cod times says parent of student at dennis yarmouth found images of adults having sex. superintendent was horrified and app received a four plus age rating on apple store which is supposed mean there's no objectionable content. julie: new hampshire man wants wal-mart to cough up the cash for damaging his property. he arrived at manchester home last week to discover a construction site in his yard and wal-mart being built about a mile away with traffic light going in by his brown avenue yard and got no warning workers planned on digging right on the property line. >> wal-mart is big company and seem to get what they want. at the expense of residents in this area. julie: all he wants is to be paid for the damage and time
9:39 am
off while dealt with the mess and wal-mart tells fox25 it has been working with gluesel since the issue came up. julie: last year kaci hickox was held in isolation after landing at newark airport. she had returned from west africa and she claims chris christie violated constitutional rights by holding her without due process and she is seeking $650,000 and not commenting on the lawsuit. >> daniel: plainville home of ed and elaine brown was sold for $205,000. in 2007 couple was involved in 9-month standoff with u.s. marshall and had been convicted of tax evasion but did not want to go to jail. during that standoff the browns placed bombs and booby traps around their estate. now that has been cleared and
9:40 am
sold and auctioneers are prepared to get rid of thousands of items inside the compound. >> we found antiques, new high-end items found. >> daniel: auction will take place next month and cover back taxes and other expenses owed to the government. daniel: chemical plant site clean-up. future home of the wynn everett resort casino and company is footing the entire 30 million-dollar bill to get it ready. work started this week to prepare the site for new $1.7 billion casino. julie: it is just about 9:42, vandals target new england charity and coming up extreme measure for after vandals destroyed the ronald mcdonald issue. >> rob: 53 and mostly sunny skies in the lunch hour and kids coming home from school about
9:41 am
the same and in other words, not much change as we are expecting
9:42 am
changes in t revising a house rule that let members threaten to stage and far right freedom caucus used that tactic to oust john boehner from the speakership. the group didn't endorse ryan but majority will vote for him. they have met with ryan and one of his conditions or demands he get their endorsement and since backed off of that so looks like looks like a group of lawmaker have hold on the party and election set for next week and reporting live in washington. jacqueline fell, fox25 news. julie: suspect is in custody after stabbing a
9:43 am
teenager at jamaica plain. the crime happened yesterday outside the jackson square "t" stop. 17-year-old boy was stabbed by another teen. it is the second violent incident involving teenagers on week. police say the suspect will be arraigned later this morning. >> daniel: breaking news out of france, death toll is now up to 43 in that deadly crash in the southwest part of the country in bourdieu. officials say child's body has been pulled from the wreckage. that child was traveling in the truck that collided with the bus this is being called the deadliest crash in france in 30 years, only eight people survived. half of them in serious condition. julie: 9:46 and things starting to get better and icons are things on side roads but otherwise major roadways are moving along in decent pace and pike through families and weston tolls and wide open through brighton. here are live drive times 16
9:44 am
minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike and 26 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist rob eicher joining us now with look at today's forecast. hi, rob. >> rob: looking beautiful and first half of the weekend big story weatherwise as hurricane out in the pacific. now, not talking about this because i'm expecting it to impact our weather, quite the opposite. talking about it because it is a historic hurricane and well defined eye and when you have a well-defined eye you have a powerful one and sure enough record breaking one winds 200 miles per hour pressure 880, lower the pressure the stronger the hurricane, both of those numbers records for the western hemisphere and unfortunately looks like it is not going to lose much if any strength before making landfall south of puerto vallarta later this afternoon as category five hurricane. so devastating winds, landslides, mudslides, historic rain all part of the forecast here for the mexican coastline.
9:45 am
again, that's expected to make landfall later on this afternoon meanwhile, back at home big story it is friday and means it is friday night football, fox25 game of the week hanover at middleborough, 48 at 7:00. doesn't sound bad, light wind, clear skies, not bad way to start a football game but it will get cooler as we head through the evening down through 41 by the time the game is wrapping up and everyone is heading home so dress accordingly if you have any plans this evening. temperatures will cool off quickly, so not so bad when you're heading out but will be pretty chilly when coming back home later on on friday evening at 54 in bourne, 53 in new bedford, 46 right now in milton, 47 the current temperature in boston and 44 northborough, 41 the current temperature in worcester and these numbers really not that bad for late october morning but numbers aren't going to change much as we head into the afternoon hours and going to end up with kind of cool afternoon. heading through the weekend we will get a little better, low 50s tomorrow afternoon, low 60s on sunday afternoon, so
9:46 am
the two weekend days but sunday's weather does include very very spotty showers mainly in the morning hours. sunday afternoon i think will be okay and if you prefer the milder weather and then maybe sunday afternoon is the day of the weekend to do some things outdoors. meanwhile on the satellite and radar see a few passing clouds and that's about it and no showers attract and no clouds to track this morning and fog distant memory and next chance of rain working way through the nation's midsection and that should arrive here it looks like on sunday morning. notice a little bit of breeze out there in the meantime and that breeze will calm down as we head into the evening hours and then as soon as the sun sets combination of clear skies and light winds means temperatures cool off quickly examine couple of us starting off saturday morning in the freezing or subfreezing range but with the help of sunshine will get up to low 50s tomorrow afternoon and clouds streaming in saturday afternoon and evening and then here comes the chance of rain
9:47 am
mild on sunday morning but as that front sweeps through clear and slightly cooler weather will start to filter here and head into sunday evening and sunday night but, of course, the question on everyone's mind how does the game look and it is pretty good, 60 at kickoff and any showers in the morning hours and cooler for the early part of next workweek, so guys you could look forward to fairly mild sunday. >> daniel: ten minutes until the top of the hour. fox25 first station in boston to get permission to use a drone.
9:48 am
the new camera if the s hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall
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>> daniel: study done by yale university and lady gaga foundation interviewed students and majority say they are tired, stressed and bored at school. 22% reported school makes them happy examine negative responses could impact grades because it is tough to concentrate under stress. julie: ronald mcdonald
9:50 am
head and feet were hacked off and figurine cost $4,000 and they are not sure if it is replaceable and ronald mcdonald charities supports families with cancer and their families. julie: a bird in brookline has finally been captured. >> he is back. julie: sidewalking cloudily and tearing up historic homes and came to an end with organized effort between police and neighbors to capture dineo and can now go back home. julie: spuds has plastic light and went missing from the tavern at the end of the world some point last month and started a bring spuds home facebook page and offering 1,000 peso reward. >> daniel: history may here at
9:51 am
television station to receiveed federal approval to use drones for news. all fox25 drone flights will comply with state and federal laws. that includes being far from airports and crowds staying below 200 feet and having a licensed pilot at the controls. i went along for the inaugural flight to capture the beautiful colors over autumn hills orchard in groton. after more than a year of planning and safety considerations fox25 becomes the first local television station to receive federal aviation administration approval to uses drones to help tell local stories. fox25 and its owners cox media group wanted to use drones to enhance our news and weather coverage and cover local stories
9:52 am
pilot roland bushay we looked at what drones can do. advantage points that are impossible to see from the ground and can capture an intimate perspective one unlike we have never seen before. from the drone you could see autumn hills orchard full of apples, nearly 12 different types cover 80 acres and if you look closely you can even see moments of us working. check out the beautiful vistas and landscape that will take your breath away. here you can see the colors of fall at very best. fox25 and other cox media group stations will continue working with the faa to help establish permanent rules and regulations for drones by demonstrating their safe and effective use and as you notice from the story i had a great time out there but the problem was i could not touch the drone because you have
9:53 am
to be licensed. >> rob: that was going to be my question, would they allow rob eicher? julie: i bet you could do it. >> rob: 55 today, clear skies first half of the weekend, clouds roll saturday night and sunday and slight chance of afternoon should be okay which means pats game look great. julie: great. watch fox25 news this afternoon. >> daniel: watch the fox25 everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. so whatever speed you need, fios has it with the fastest internet and wi-fi available, from 50 to 500 mbps. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at
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