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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  October 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it's actually just a bit weaker with the latest observation just in. this is the storm offshore, puerta vallarta is up here and moving parallel to the coast right now, but starting to jog of 0 to the right. there's a wider view of t. i wanted to put this on here. can you believe this. if i point to the center of this these are the wave height and right now 40-foot waves of the center and eye of the storm and that's pushing a wall of water toward the shoreline, that's why it will be catastrophic when it comes ashore. winds, 190 miles per hour, down just 10 miles per hour, moving north-northeast at 10 miles per hour. moving it along the coastline south of puerta vallarta. the strongest winds on this side. with the highest storm surge and the track will bring it inlands, likely weaken to a category 3 by 2:00 a.m. because of the wound continuous terrain. it will rip the storm apart quickly. tropical storm by tomorrow evening, butt but the problem is all the mountains and rain will cause torrential landslides and mudslides and again,
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catastrophic. >> mark: what about here at home, are we looking at much cooler weather and rain here this weekend? >> kevin: certainly cooler today and cooler tomorrow. terms were near 60 degrees today. satellite-radar will show clear skies tonight. what i'm tracking for you is this line of showers coming at us, that will push in here this weekends. a timeline on when to expect those and impact the patriots games but other than that, the only other problem with our forecast is going to be how cold it will be tomorrow morning, most of you have had a frost or freeze already, so it's not going be to affecting your growing season. your growing season is over for most of you, but temperatures will still be in the 20's to low 30's first thing tomorrow morning. rebound in the afternoon will bring us back to what it was today but with less wind. the warmer temperatures come on sunday, again in time for the patriots game. talk more about that coming up. >> mark: people in mexico didn't have a lot of time to prepare for patricia. in nice bounce pass minutes, how they are bracing for a direct hit from this devastating storm. >> joy: we're following breaking news out of harvard university
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a woman at a housing complex was approached, followed and chased by a strange man. this happened around 4:00 a.m. this morning, as she was returning to her apartment in holden green after walking her dog. she says that a minivan pulled up, she felt something was wrong, so she ran in, and locked the door. then she tells the police, the man went after her, even banged on her door. now, eventually, he did take off in his van. he's described as a white male in his early 20's with short cropped light colored hair, approximately 6 feet tall, wearing a brown work jacket. the minivan is described as an older model dark colored van with a silver bumper. more officers will now be patrolling that area in response to this incident. >> mark: also tonight, armed and dangerous. tonight, police are trying to track down the man who walked into a mcdonald's, shirtless, threatening to kill the co-workers, or workers, i should say, if they did not give them the money. the robbery was all caught on camera. >> heather: fox 25's robert
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goulston is live at the fast norwood and dedham chain to show us how it all went down. >> the reporter: those security cameras were rolling inside the mcdonald's when police say a man with no shirt, shorts, and a mask over his face walked right in the front door, pointing a long gun. >> it's crazy. it's crazy. >> the reporter: a security camera shows the bare chested man, armed with a long gun, going right for the cash registers inside a concord, new hampshire, mcdonald's. >> he walked in, he pointed the gun at several employees, he threatened to kill them. >> the reporter: the employee opens the register and the suspect doesn't just take the cash, he takes the whole cash drawer. before b beelining it for the door. >> the reporter: police say the suspected was last seen if a neighborhood just down the street, after he ran out of the mcdonald's and across the parking lot with the entire cash drawer. concord new hampshire police are trying to identify the man. he's around 30 to 40 years old,
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210 pounds. people seeing the video for the first time could not believe it happened at a mcdonald's. >> oh, wow, that's pretty intense. >> the reporter: mcdonald's telling us all of the employees are ok, and the safety of our crew and patrons is our paramount priority and we are cooperating with local authorities as the investigation remains open. we encourage anyone with information to contact the concord police department. yeah. i was shocked especially with the no shirt on, you know, just why, you know? >> the reporter: a lot of people asking that question tonight and police say the man did run out of the mcdonald's into that neighborhood, but they're also looking for an older model green ford taurus, so if you have any information, contact concord new hampshire police. live in concord, new hampshire, robert goulston, fox 25. >> joy: quincy police are asking parents for vigilant after a man
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offered a young girl a ride home on hollis avenue yesterday. sky fox was over the scene where police say the man approached the girls asking if they wanted a ride. the car turned on to faxton road and police are investigating whether it might be related to a semena largest lead incident in randolph. investigators say a man grabbed an 11-year-old girl after she afternoon, near lantern lane and south street. now, she did manage to escape. similarities, they are slightly the randolph suspect described as a white elderly man, with white hair. >> teenager locked up charged with murder. police say two boys got into a fight at a boston t stop and a 17-year-old was stabbed in the chest. stephanie quinu was in court today for the arraignment. stephanie, you spoke with a
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close friend of the victim. >> the reporter: yes and she is in absolute shock, because she was actually with mason raymond here at jackson square station, right when he was stabbed. she told me she walked away for a second and when she camp back, he was on the ground. and today, in court, new information as well, the state saying the suspect confessed on camera to stabbing raymond. >> that stab tuned, your honor, penetrated his heart and unfortunately, mr. raymond expired at about 4:30 a.m. early this morning. >> the reporter: mason raymond's mother, shook with emotion today after hearing those words about her son. the 17-year-old was a west roxbury high school student. police told us raymond and the suspect, 16-year-old ronaldo cepeda knew each other and in court, prosecutors revealed that speech did a, confessed to stabbing raymond, running away and tossing the knife. tonight a growing memorial outside the t station where way pond was stabbed. one of his friends says she held
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his hand as he lay there. >> i was like, wake up, mason, you're going to pull through, you're going to be all right. i really thought he was going to make it. >> as friends and family mourn, commuters are shaken up. >> that actually concerns me, because my girlfriend lives two blocks away from here and takes the train every day. >> the reporter: we called to ask about the action, mbta transit police are taking to keep commuters safe. they emailed us a statement reading in part, in light of yesterday's tragic event at the jackson square mbta station, we will scrute increased uniformed presence there and other stops along the orange line. meantime, we have learned cepeda does have a juvenile criminal history of violence. he's due in court on november 16th, and this isn't the only recent incident involving violence and teens along the orange line. coming up, in the 6:00 p.m. hour, the response from mbta transit police. in jamaica plain, stephanie quinu, news new news. >> new -- fox 25.
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>> mark: an anonymous tipster who raised questions about the aaron hernandez trial, appeared in court. she worked with one of the jurors in 2013. prosecutors are questioning her credibility, saying she wrote sexually explicit letters to hernandez in jail. a worcester woman tied up during a home invasion and the victim he arrived at her main street apartment around 9:00 p.m. three armed men were inside and had robbed the place. the victim was eventually able to break free from hand and leg restraints and run for help. call worcester police in you know anything about the crime. manchester, new hampshire, a suspect still on the loose. police say this man robbed the 7-eleven on webster street early this morning. the clerk told officers, the suspect alluded being armed with gun but didn't show one. the suspect is a white man in his 50's with facial rare and could be driving a dark colored ford fusion or mercury milan. >> heather: a former youth football coach under
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investigation for allegedly trying to sabotage the team he once broke. fox 25 broke the story last night at 10:00 p.m. and to be, we obtained the warren detailing the police search of his -- warrant detailing the search of his home. kerry kavanaugh is live in hanover with what other coaching jobs this man is now out of. kerry? >> the reporter: joy, the search warrant says police wept in and took electronics from this coach's home. they're looking to see if he intentionally went on line and messed with the rosters of three different youth football teams in town. it's created some bad blood here in hanover. >> it goes against everything that we should be teaching these young boys. >> the reporter: michael jones is a youth football coach in hanover. he says the fall season for 117 players in -- abandon the town's three teams got off a rocky start and had nothing to do with any play on the field. >> all of the rosters for the whole league in hand jo were missing. >> the reporter: an alleged data breach, jones contact police, concerned that a former coach
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had a vendetta. >> it started some type of altercation between the adults and coaches to the point where there was -- it got physical. >> the reporter: jones says that altercation led to james wardwell's permanent league suspension. that led the police to him. friday, we pulled the search warrant, showing police confiscated an iphone, computer and a wireless router. the warrant says they went to wardwell's home after tracing the alleged illicit web activity to the. the -- to the ip address at the home. wardwell had no comment when we went to his home. the hanover youth job wasn't the only coaching job he lost this year. officials at spellman high school in brockton say it was mutually decided wardwell would no longer coach the girls basketball team and the wolfpack confirmed wardwell is no longer coaching boys basketball, preponderance of the evidencing the outcome of the criminal investigation. i hope they have absolute charge
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him, because this was maliciously done. he needs to answer for this. >> the reporter: and police say the forensic examination of those electronic items will likely take a few weeks. live in hanover, kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. >> mark: on august 14th, john farrell gave an emotional press conference at fenway park to announce he had been diagnosed with stage one lymphoma. ten weeks later, farrell has completed his chemotherapy and is in rear mission. he spoke to former sox skipper, terry francona every single day during his eight weeks of treatment, which allowed him to stay positive during such a challenging time in his life. >> basically, there was six months of chemo given in an eight week period, it was a very intense and shortened down or concentrated regimen. it beat me up a little bit physically, but honestly, right now, feeling pretty darn good. >> mark: farrell will rejoin the red sox, with no limitations and
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meetings this weekend in arizona arizona. >> the reporter: an airplane temporarily grounded because of a selfie. >> it was just one of those oh my god moments. >> the reporter: ahead, the length one worker here at logan allegedly went to -- get that shot. >> mark: also ahead, new information about the local police officer who is off the job tonight, as cued of strangling someone -- accused of strangling someone and witness intimidation. >> kevin: cooler out there, but lots of sunshine. look it our west, a line of showers that will impact your weekend forecast. a timeline and whether to expect them. >> joy: those of people evacuate, bracing for a direct hit from a monstrous category 500. an update on last-minute preparations as the form of storm closes in -- as the storm hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall
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cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. >> joy: welcome back to your fox 25 at 5:00 p.m. a pepperell police officer is off the job, accused of strangling someone. the district attorney tells fox fox 25 sergeant armando herrera has been charged with strangulation, witness intimidation and filing a false report. pepperell police say he resigned after an investigation into the incident was completed. right now, we're still working to find out exactly what happened. also tonight, a boston teenager facing serious charges after he allegedly tried to bring a loaded gun to school. police say a 15-year-old student was late to the boston tech academy in mattapan and was seen trying to get around the metal detectors.
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the boy's unzipped backpack, the teen allegedly took off. but police caught up with him, and after a struggle, they were able to arrest him. >> we continue to keep an eye on hurricane patricia. this is a view of the massive storm from space and you can see, it is huge and tonight, millions of people are bracing for impact when that hurricane hits lands, trying to get away from the coast. seven popular resorts and hotels are in its path and as pablo sandoval reports, there wasn't a lot of time to prepare. >> the reporter: a view from outer face is enough to see why patricia is the largest and strongest hurricane ever recorded. meteorologists monitored the cyclone as it intensified from tropical storm to a category five hurricane within hours. the airport in the popular resort city of puerta vallarta is closed until further notice,
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around the monster storm. first lieutenant and a reconnaissance crew flew right into it. >> the best description i can relate to you is going on a roller coaster. that constant dropping out of your somage. the storm isn't weakening, at least not yet. >> when we left it, it was still innocencefying and each pass, we -- intensifying and each pass, we did three passes and each one we did, it kept getting stronger and stronger. >> patricia could dump as much as 20 inches of rain in mexico, causing flooding and triggering mudslides. what's left of the hurricane should drift north into the southern region of the u.s. where parts of the lone star state are already under flash flood watches. i'm pablo sandoval reporting. >> kevin: what apopcoa an amazing storm. that's what it looks like on our satellite picture. it will make landfall in between these two places an come ashore area. there is radar on the map, green blips over here by texas, but
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there are no radar sites in here to help us out, so we're blind as far as radar, but we know it's tropical moisture and heavy rain with the storm system. 190-mile-per-hour winds and north-northeastward movement, it's wakened a bit. didn't get the lowest pressure ever recorded, which would be typhoon tip. unless it intensifies again. 190 miles per hour tie it is with typhoon tip way back in 1979, so this storm continues to make its way toward land. it's going to be on shore during the next couple of hours. it looks like assuming it keeps that north-northeastward trend, it's getting closer to that resort area. here's the good news, hurricane-force winds only go out about 35 miles per hour, so it's not going to be the strongest winds that will hit the most populated areas, but still, an incredible storm, no doubt about it. this is 2:00 a.m. in the morning. down 125 -- down to 125 miles per hour. tomorrow afternoon ating 2:00 p.m., down to 60 miles per hour and a tropical storm,
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that's what the mountainous terrain will do to the storms, just rip them apart. a lot of sunshine out there. clouds over the water. back to our west, tracking these showers moving toward us. that's something in our forecast. 45 in worcester and with the wind today, made it feel cooler. all the sunshine, dropping into the low and mid 30's around the worcester area. boston at 50 right now. feeling cooler with the wind there now and this too will drop down into the 40's. orange, 45 degrees right now in this part of the state and southern new hampshire of vermont, you tend to get colder. upper 20's by first thing in the morning. cold start to your weekend. there will be clouds that filter on in here with the sunshine during the day tomorrow. but i'm expecting the increase in clouds, a real true increase in clouds that come tomorrow night. by 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night, we'll be talking about all of these clouds spreading into the area and the rainshowers follow with it as that cold front approaches, there they are, through sunday morning, early in the morning, even heavier downpours in the berkshires hand south southern vermont, southern new hampshire, through worcester county by 6:15 p.m.
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stragglers left over by 10:45 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., but the clouds start to break up just in time for kickoff at 1:00 p.m., that's where the clouds will be and the last of the showers should be out of here as well. i'm forecasting a dry afternoon on sunday. here's your high temperatures for saturday. 53 sandwich to hyannis. 5 knife in nantucket. to the south shore, quincy at 52. duxbury, 53 brockton 54 degrees and to the north shore, 52 if ipswich, wind. a, new hampshire, 51 degrees. the seven-day forecast shows that that cool air gives wave it slightly milder temperatures ahead of that cold front on sunday. but i'm keeping those showers out of here for gametime. by monday and tuesday, back to sunshine, specifically for kickoff on sunday for the patriots hosting the jets. about 60 degrees, a mixture of clouds and sun, but again, taking the showers out. doesn't mean you can't get wet with the tail gates in the morning, plan for that, but overall, showers come on through and not a wet sunday. >> mark: historic church bells making their way to a new home in boston today. >> joy: the bells are from the former holy trinity church, they
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transported to the cathedral of the holy cross where they were lifted into place. the whole process took several hours to complete, because each bell had to be lifted one by one, and placed into the bell tower. until now, the cathedral played the sound of bells from a speaker system. >> mark: quite a site. and quite a sound. more than a dozen schools locked down for hours, then students sent home for the day. what sparked this school scare in one new england town. >> joy: but first, a boston business bracing for layoffs. the big-name company where more than 100 employees are about to
5:21 pm
leadership isn't given.
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>> mark: another huge day on wall street. financial giant state street is cutting jobs. 170 in boston, 600 worldwide, in response to a poor performing third quarter. according to the globe, state street is hoping to save $500 million a year. the company also says they plan to hire some 400 people in the near future, so the net job loss would be about 200 people. crews continue to cleanup the former chemical plants, which will soon be the site of everett's casino. it's going to cost ate least $30 million to clean up the site along the "mystic river." once finished, the wynn company will build a nearly $2 billion waterfront casino. >> joy: to the presidential race now and then there were three. former rhode island governor
5:23 pm
of the democratic race to be the next president. chaffee made the announcements in washington, d.c. today, telling supporters, he made the decision after much thought, this comes just two days after former virginia senator jim webb ended his canned assessment. vice-president joe biden also announced this week that he would not seek the nomination. a local lawmaker could get a power boost when paul ryan likely becomes speaker of the house next week. jacqueline feld shows us the politicians will need to get closer to the g.o.p. leader. >> the reporter: paul ryan is a campaign cash cow. we dug through federal election filings to find out who at home is benefiting. and what ryan's support could mean for their influence here on the hill. paul ryan has created a national profile for himself. and with that, comes a lot of money. >> he's a huge source of campaign cash for his colleagues and for other junior candidates who hope to become his colleague.
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>> the reporter: ryan's leadership committee wassette sixth top contributor to campaigns in the last election psych em. we reviewed federal documents and found ryan gave new hampshire congressman frank ginta's campaign a total of $10,000. he tried to help mayor lane garcia unseat ann custer, with a $5 million contribution, though her run for unsuccessful. center for politics says who gets money is a good indicator of who the congressman views as an ally. >> one bram terms of accumulation is to look at who is receiving his support from his campaign and from his leadership p.a.c. >> the reporter: ryan gave generously this past election, in total, $2 million to about 140 candidates. in washington, jacqueline feld, fox 25 news. >> the reporter: the election for speaker of the house is scheduled for next week. >> boston based fantasy sports company forced to find a new venue for a signature event in investigation as. draft kings is no longer allowed
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championship. regulators in nevada ruled draft kings has to obtain gaming license before it can legally operate in the state. rescue mission taking a deadly >> joy: tonight, we're learning much more about the life of a decorated american soldier who hostages. why american troops had to make their move when they did. >> mark: also ahead, gunfire rings out in the middle of the night, turning a popular scene. tonight the search for the gunman. >> joy: but first, a dangerous stunt at logan airport grounds a plane. >> i didn't want to fly on a plane with someone bouncing on the wing without knowing it's
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>> joy: other trouble this mom this is hugely important. is there anywhere in your house i can get a good signal? anyway, you were saying. it's a tragic love story. i love tragedy. what is that noise? what? i'm on set. what movie? i'm shooting a movie about laundry. leave slow internet behind. a movie about laundry? yeah the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest wi-fi available when you need it the most. get out of the past. get fios. does this $20 family fill up meal have
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eight pieces of original recipe chicken? yes. [ding] two large mashed potatoes and gravy? yes. [ding] and are you the real colonel sanders? yes... [buzzing] it's finger lickin' good. >> mark: plane grounded all because of a selfie. officials safe an employee autology and airport snapped the shot while standing on the wing of a plane.
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>> joy: this is a story we brought you as breaking news on the fox 25 at 10:00 p.m. and new tonight, christine mccarthy says the employee didn't just do it once. >> the reporter: american airlines tells us that this employee climbed on to the wing of this plane before snapping a selfie, forcing the airline to inspect the aircraft for safety. and now, jetblue tells me, they experienced a similar incident. >> ok. so this is how i take a selfie. in a world flooded with selfies, traps we shouldn't be surprised by one snapped hat logan airport thursday night. >> it was just one of those oh my god moments. >> the reporter: but it is shocking to travelers. >> i would have been very mad. >> the reporter: because it was on a wing of an american airlines jet like this one, allegedly taken by an employee of swissport, a company that provides cargo, fuel and passenger services at logan airport. >> it's crazy. i don't know how someone would think to do it, what kind of judgment is involved, but on the other hand, it must have been a
5:29 pm
really great selfie. >> the reporter: at least one passenger wasn't impressed, and reported the incident. airport staff tells fox 25 and that wasn't the only selfie. jetblue confirms an incident on their plane too. officials with both airlines performed inspections and deemed the aircraft safe before taking off. >> i don't want to fly on a plane with someone bouncing on the wing without knowing it's ok. >> the reporter: officials say the worker had a pastport badge, which allows him on the property, but sources say, passengers we talked to are divided on what punishment he should face. >> it doesn't sound like acceptable behavior. he should be fired. >> they agree on one thing -- the selfie craze has reached new heights. >> selfies are really gone a little too far. >> number one, who cares. number two, be safe. and don't be stupid. >> we reached out to swissport to ask them throughout the day, the status of this employee. they have not responded to our many calls, and emails. in boston, christine mccarthy,
5:30 pm
fox 25 news. >> mark: we continue to follow breaking news out of harvard university. a woman at a housing complex was approached, followed and chased by a strange manahan 4:00 a.m. this morning as she was -- man, around 4:00 a.m. this morning, as she was returning to her apartment after walking her dog. is a minivan pulled up, she ran into the apartment, and locked the doors. the man followed her an banged on the door and eventually took off in his van. he is described as early 20's, approximately 6 feet fall, short cropped hair, wearing a brown jacket. the minivan is an older model van with a silver bumper. more officers will be patrolling the area in response to this incident. >> joy: a chilly windy evening in the city of boston. beautiful to look at though. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, however, you're tracking some showers hand a cooler weekend coming our way. >> kevin: the start of the weekend especially the tomorrow morning is a cold one, 45 to 50 across the area and with any clouds that were here, melting away as the sun goes down, it's going to be a clear night.
5:31 pm
that will hey louve temperatures to drop, especially as the winds die down. this is a front coming our wear and it's going to bring showers on in here. this front is a cold front, and ahead of a cold front, you tend to get some of the showers, of course, behind it. you tend to get colder air and that front is located right about in here, just where the showers are located right now and that will continue to push eastward toward us over the next 24 hours. your loaf temperatures overnight with the winds diminishing, dropping to freezing metro west, 40 at logan airport, but go out to j.p. or over to roxbury, even to places around fenway park, you'll be in the mid 30's for low temperatures tonight. it will stay near 40 in the southeast coastline, out to cape cod, inlands, 30's and upper worcester, southern new hampshire and vermont. a cold start, a rebound by sunday and when the showers will >> mark: tonight, boston police are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a 30-year-old man overnight. >> joy: this is a story we
5:32 pm
the morning news. it happened in brighton here what is normally a busy shopping plaza. as fox 25's jessica reyes reports, neighbors can't believe it happened right in their backyard. >> it's just crazy. the parking lot of a busy shopping center in brighton, becomes part of a massive crime scene, police combing the yea where a 30-year-old man was shot and killed overnight. police were called to the scene just before midnight. they showed up to find a victim laying on the ground, next to his s.u.v. with a gunshot wound to his chest. a crowd of visibly upset people gathered nearby, as police processed the scene. the stretch of the street where this happens runs between a star market and a large apartment complex. people who live there tell us they have never seen anything at all like this before. >> i'm in shock. i just can't believe this is happening`zj/q around here. police spoke to several witnesses and canvassed the area for hours, but say the shooter got away. investigators say he was last seen running across the star market parking lot. police now hoping surveillance video will give them some clues.
5:33 pm
at this point in time. we're checking cameras. one thing police are sure of right now is that this shooting was not random and the victim was the intended target. people who live here however, still rattled. >> why shoot somebody. if you've got some problem with somebody, hash it out. don't pop out a gun. >> joy: tonight a boston police officer has been cleared in a deadly shooting. >> mark: fatal shots were fired in april of 2014. that is when michael andrews allegedly lunged at a boston police officer with several weapons inside a south end home. police were responding to a domestic assault call at the time. the suffolk county d.a.'s office shared their report with the andrews family before releasing it to the public. >> joy: a woman on the run from police for more than a decade, waved her extradition in new hampshire in a courtroom today. authorities told 35-year-old 35-year-old -- pulled the 35-year-old woman over yesterday and soon discovered she had an arrest in
5:34 pm
she's charged in a burglary case from 12 years ago and being held without bail. we're learning smoking caused deadly fire in chicopee. 87-year-old woman and her 60-year-old son died in the fire last sunday. three other people did manage to escape. firefighters say the home is have working smoke alarms. >> mark: saugus police are hoping surveillance video will help them track down a thief that stole thousands of dollars a barber shop. the owner of barber masters told fox 25 it happened wednesday morning, the man seen in the video covers his face while taking jerseys and pictures signed by tom brady, jason varitek and paul pierce. one barber says it hurts, because they try to help anyone that needs it. means to the shop. if you need he had something, come ask. this is a family shop, we take care of anybody. if you needed a free haircut or down to the dumps, i'll help you >> mark: the owner of the shop says the value of the item stolen was around $6,000.
5:35 pm
and they were all gifts from family. the barber shop said on facebook that they have received at least one offer of a jersey to help replace what was stolen. wrentham police looking in to whether three women arrested for shoplifting are part of a bigger operation. officers were called to the outlets on thousands of dollars night and arrested three women from connecticut. thousands of dollars in merchandise from several stores was also recovered. police say the women are persons of interest in an organized shoplifting ring. >> joy: pumpkinfest is back in 2015, but this year, it had open up in laconia, new hampshire tomorrow, instead of keene. last year, you will remember, the festival was troubled by riots from nearby keene state college, resulting in the arrest of several students. this is the 25th year of pumpkinfest. >> what can you do to ensure that children are kept safe? >> the reporter: she's the independent watchdog for dcf. what the new child advocate is telling me about her role in keeping kids safe. >> joy: also ahead at 5:00 p.m., a change of plans.
5:36 pm
the one way the city of boston is changing how it deals with historic winter. >> but first, 17 schools on lockdown for hours. then students sent home early. what caused a massive school
5:37 pm
you're watching the >> mark: the death toll continues to rise in france, after a bus and truck collide. >> joy: the crash happened in the southwestern part of the country, killing at least 43
5:38 pm
officials say it's the deadliest crash that france has sheen in 30 years. it happened on a sharp turn, which is very accident-prone. both vehicles caught fire. at least one child was killed in this accident. the majority of the victims were on a day tour of that area. also tonight, disturbing details out of sweden, where officials say a masked man who carried out a deadly sword attack at a school first stopped to pose for pictures with the students. two people were killed before that suspect was shot by police. officials say the school has a large number of immigrants, and investigators are looking into whether racism was a motive. >> mark: police say one person is dead after a shooting on the campus of tennessee state university in nashville. two others were injured in the shooting, at an outdoor courtyard on campus. police say the shooting happened after a dispute over a dice game. the two students were taken to a hospital but are expected to be ok. police have not said anything about a suspect. all the public schools in fairfield, connecticut, locked down today, due to a threat.
5:39 pm
at least three schools, so all 17 were locked down and police officers were present at each of them. students were sent home early, but investigators say they did not find any credible evidence of a threat. a water main break is causing serious problems for one new york city neighborhood. officials say the water main broke at a construction site this morning, in the elmhurst neighborhood in queens. several roads are closed and subway and bus services in the area are expected to be delayed. you can check it out all that water right there. it is not clear what caused the water main to bust. >> kevin: the beauty of the pacific coast of mexico being menaced by a beast. this is hurricane patricia, looking to make landfall this evening. a category 5 storm. plus word on showers this weekend. >> joy: we're learning more tonight about an american soldier killed during a rescue mission to free hostages being held by isis. his incredible life of service, when we return on the hand-crafted...layer by layer.
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>> joy: tonight, we're learning more about the highly decorated american soldier killed in an operation to free isis hostages. master sergeant joshua wheeler leaves behind his wife and four sons. >> mark: the oklahoma native is the first u.s. service member to die in the ground fight against isis in iraq, and tonight, we are learning more about the rescue mission and why american troops had to make a move when they did. how the mission played out. >> the reporter: the deadly battle was first time u.s. forces have directly engaged isis fighters on the ground in iraq. in a joint operation with kurdish fighters, u.s. special operations forces from the elite delta force raided an isis compound to rescue hostages believed to be in imminent danger of execution. u.s. warplanes dropped bombs on makeshift isis training camps, staging sites, and bridges in the area. then, five helicopters brought in nearly 30 u.s. special forces
5:43 pm
as they approached the all of a sudden compound, a firefight broke out. when the mission was over, the u.s. aircraft overhead destroyed the site. u.s. forces were not meant to enter the compound, or directly engage the isis fighters. but when kurdish forces inside the compound were overwhelmed, the u.s. commander made the decision to enter the firefight. the u.s. soldier killed was shot inside the compound. u.s. forces have been in iraq on a train, advise and assist mission. the pentagon challenged over the decision to participate in this operation. >> this was a unique circumstance. this was a support mission, in which they were providing support to the iraqi -- to the kurdistan regional government and u.s. forces are not in an active combat mission in iraq. >> in the days before the raid, u.s. surveillance spotted mass graves dug and ready inside the compound, prompting immediate action. u.s. officials say 70 prisoners were rescued.
5:44 pm
20 iraqi security forces, as well as iraqi civilians and interestingly, isis fighters accused of spying, missing however, were the kurdish captives, they were sent into rescue. >> not clear to us exactly who would be there. and so, that's one of the things we're going through right now, the deep recesses exactly who those folks were. >> mark: master sergeant wheeler was part of the delta force, he earned multiple bronze star med has and several other awards for his service and bravery. joshua wheeler was just a month shy of his 40th birthday. we are also learning the terror group isis is raking in big money, thanks to oil sales. iraq and u.s. officials say isis makes up to 50 millions dollars a month, selling crude from oil fields it has seized in iraq and syria. despite airstrikes targeting those fields, operations have failed to shut down. >> heather: joe maddon the search for the el faro thins this week.
5:45 pm
the bahamas to steve for the boat's voyage data reporter, similar to a plane's black box. over the past few days, personal items and debris have been washing ashore, investigators say the items are most likely from the sunken cargo ship. 33 people were on board when it disappeared in the the eye of the hurricane. three massachusetts natives were part of the crew. >> a monstrous hurricane barreling towards mexico right now, a cats gore 5, with winds of 200 miles per hour. let's take a live look at puerta vallarta right now. this must be the calm before the storm. cloudy skies, waves, not too high right there. kevin has been tracking hurricane patricia all afternoon and this is an extremely dangerous storm, where is it right now. >> kevin: the picture from puerta vallarta is a great picture to see, that's on the back side of this system. so while the winds extend out only 35 miles from the center, the strongest winds anyway, going to get strong gusts, but look how this spins, right. so the winds are actually blowing out toward the water, away from the coast.
5:46 pm
so much in puerta vallarta. however, to the right of the eye is where the beggest surge will be, check out some of the wave heights. 28-foot waves. it's amazing. go further out in the ocean, up to 41-foot waves, just to the right of the center of this hurricane. it's a category 5 storm. now, winds are certainly gusting over 200 miles per hour. the sustained winds maximum now just a small downgrade from the 200 sustained at the 1:00 p.m. observation. north-northeasterly movement at 14 miles per hour, puts it on shore to the south of that resort air why and spare puerta vallarta a lot of the problems that would come with the strongest winds. there will be heavy rain wrapped all around the storm, you get into the mountainous regions and you get into a landslide and mudslide problem. when the storms gets to texas,
5:47 pm
it will be a heavy rainstorm and they're expecting the potential for flooding in southern texas especially as it comes across the southeast u.s., as tropical rain. this is what we have to deal with tonight. nothing like that, just some breaks in the clouds, cold temperatures first thing in the morning. there's a front back here, pushing toward us and that cold front will bring the rainshowers at us in the next 24 to 36 hours, sunday morning, generally is when we'll be looking at those. before we get to that, we have this to contends with overnight. a mixture of clouds and clear skies, a little bit of fog forming and temperatures dropping through the 40's for you on cape cod. in boston, it will be totally clear, until the early morning hours. again, a little bit of fog to form. temperature at 41 at 5:00 a.m. to the north and west of worcester, temperatures will be dropping, check this out. clear skies and down to 31 first thing in the morning. there will be towns that fall into the upper 20's though, especially for you northern worcester county, southern new hampshire and vermont. southwest new hampshire especially and southeast vermont. future cast on saturday shows we have a lot of sun here too, but clouds start to work on in. notice they're coming in off the ocean this way initially and
5:48 pm
way, because the front is approaching and that southwesterly wind begins to kick on in. it's going to warm up us a bit on sunday before the front comes on through. this is the front here, ahead of it, the showers, that start to brake out early sunday morning -- break out early sunday morning, through the morning, a couple of heavy downpours. 8:00 a.m., a lot will be heading to gillette for the tailgate, a couple of showers left over. by the time we kick off, we are dry with the sun peeking out and temperatures on the mild side. high temperatures tomorrow will be on the cool side. 53 sandwich and in brockton, 54 degrees. to franklin, 54, an over to quincy, 52. duxbury at 53 degrees. a lot of sunshine tomorrow and to the north shore, knife 1 in ipswich. merrimack valley, 53 in the city of lowell. here's the seven-day forecast, takes you through the coming weekend, where temperatures are going to be cooler on saturday, but you'll have more sunshine. then by sunday, you'll be looking at slightly warmer temperatures. that's a cold front coming on through. it will bring a couple of showers, dry for the patriots kickoff with the jets at gillette stadium. behind that we cool things off
5:49 pm
for monday and tuesday, despite the sunshine to near normal levels to start next week. >> joy: and this winter, there will be no more snow farms this boston. public works commissioner michael dennehy says the city will spread out the snow instead of piling it up in one place. last winter, a massive snow pile in boston accumulated all season long and it did not melt until july. >> mark: we are following a developing story ahead at 6:00 p.m. police in two towns trying to track down a man who approached two young girls after school. in a live report, what detectives just told fox 25. plus, she's the independent children and families. new at 6:00 p.m., in a one-on-one interview, who the state's new child advocate sees her office at a time with dcf is under fire. and also new at 6:00 p.m., how paul ryan could help balance your work and family time, if he becomes the new house majority speaker. >> joy: next at 5:00 p.m., the
5:50 pm
pulled from ipads used by >> mark: controversial app has been pulled from ipads used by students on the cape. >> joy: it's called bioninja. according to the cape cod times, a parent of astute at dennis yarmouth middle school found a video on the app that showed adults having sex. officials say the app received a four plus age rating in the apple store, which is supposed to mean there's no objectionable content. >> mark: google chrome is helping people observed the internet in silence. the mute button has been
5:51 pm
revealed, let's you mute tabs with a simple right click if you and all of a sudden you hear music on another tab, you have silent. and getting around facebook is a lot easier. the social networking site has a new feature, facebook will highlight and suggest posts about breaking and developing news as you start typing. >> joy: twitter's c.e.o. has made a major financial decision. jack dorsey has given away one-third of his stock to employees. dorsey has been in power for a few weeks and says the shares are worth $200 million. the move comes just days after twitter announced it was cutting more than 300 jobs. meanwhile, amaze, is stepping up its robotic production. since the start of the year, 30,000 robots have been made in the state. the seattle company credits the robot boom to its purchase of a north reading based kiva system. the robots will help make
5:52 pm
in turn should help make file filling orders faster. >> mark: vermont based ben ben & jerry's has a new beer flavored ice cream, partnered brewery. making a brown ale that's added to the ice cream along with salted caramel and brownie bits. but don't worry, folks, no alcohol in the dessert. the nephew of a mass state police trooper showing off his great halloween costume. >> heather: pretty adorable. take a look at griffin. i know, he's so cute. the picture says it all. his uncle is a state trooper, so he's a huge fan. mass state police, even though he does live in pennsylvania. griffin rolled up to his local halloween parade, decked out in msc gear, and guess what? he won second place. >> very nice. way torques griffin. -- way torques griffin. two towns on alert because someone is approaching young girls after school and police are trying to find out if it's the same guy. >> kevin: how close hurricane
5:53 pm
patricia is to mexico now and when the rain will affect us this weekend. >> joy: new details about the logan airport worker who took selfies on the wings of not one but two airplanes. what the airlines tell fox 25 and why the worker is not in trouble. >> a frightening scene in a local mcdonald's, when a shirtless man busts in. locked and loaded. we begin with the developing story tonight at 6:00 p.m. police and parents in two towns are on alert, concerned about an older man approaching young girls after school. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> joy: i'm joy lin nakrin. the incidents happened in quincy and randolph. the young girl gave similar descriptions of the man who approached them. fox 25's katherine burcham just spoke with investigators about these frightening encounters. katherine, do investigators believe this is the same man? >> the reporter: joy, detectives tell me they simply don't know that, but they do say there are similarities in both incidents and they shave, that when the suspect approached the girl here in randolph, he continued to
5:54 pm
and that is what has them so concerned. police say the 11-year-old girl had just gotten off her bus from randolph community middle, when hand older man began following her. detectives say the man grabbed the girl's arm and said he wanted to talk, but she broke free and ran away. even as he continued to follow. just two hours later, quincy police say two female students atlantic middle school were approached by an older man who followed them in a car and asked if they wanted a ride. those girls also ran away to get help. investigators tell fox 25 news, the suspect in quincy was a white male, 50 to 60 years old, driving a tan toyota corolla. in randolph, police say the suspect was an elderly white male, with white or gray hair, and that he was wearing a red sox sweatshirt. while police tell us they don't know what that man's intentions were with the girls, they know he's already committed at least one crime. >> merely touching someone is an
5:55 pm
assault and battery, anwanted
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