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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  October 24, 2015 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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yahoo now at 10:00 the most powerful hurricane ever recorded just made landfall tonight in mexico. the conditions right now as the monster storm slams into the coast. ed. >> the latest track of hurricane patricia hitting mexico tonight and when some rain will arrive for us this weekend. followed in her car by a driver allegedly posing as a police officer. >> i'm glad that i didn't pull over. >> reporter: that woman's terrifying ordeal and what happened when she finally reached her driveway. >> and locked and loaded a frightening scene at a local fast-food restaurant after a shirtless man bursts. in the fox 25 news at 10:00
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starts right now. we are following breaking news out of methuen at this hour two. middle school students have been accused of threatening to shoot up their school. hi everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> i'm joy lim nakrin. we just at facts 25 just got off the phone with methuen's police chief. he tells us a student at the school alerted them to the threat there was a planned date for the attack and the suspect were telling the good students not to show up to school that day. >> both of these middle school students have beenard. we are set to talk with police in just a few minutes time. much more on this developing story and breaking story throughout the newscast. the news comes just days after a methuen high school student was arrested on similar charges that student also threatened to shoot up the school. police did search his home. they found ammunition but no guns that cold hold the amo. also this week a student at methuen high was arrested for pulling the fire alarm. also breaking tonight hurricane patricia slamming into mexico's west coast.
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the strongest hurricane on record before making landfall. now causing total chaos late tonight in places like puerto vallarta. winds and rains really picking up as the storm charged closer today that's just the beginning of what could be hours of catastrophic damage ahead. >> so here's what we know about hurricane patricia at this hour. patricia hit land with wind speeds at 165 miles per hour. there are already several reports of flooding and landslides and thousands of people have been vacated from the coast. andy rose picks up the story from here. >> reporter: authorities spent the day sweeping through the streets of puerto vallarta warning everyone to leave the beach, close their businesses and take shelter. a view from outer space is enough to see why. >> underneath our door this morning was a note that said that the government was evacuating the hotel. that was really the first
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thing we realized how huge this storm really was becoming. >> reporter: jonathan lake owns a home right in the path of patricia has decided to ride it out. >> puerto vallarta has sustained a couple of storms like this in the past. >> reporter: but hurricane patricia is the largest and strongest hurricane ever recorded. according to the latest advisories, sustained winds dropped below 200 miles per hour. >> there is also a high chance that it will reach the gulf of mexico and reach the united states. it could even intensify a little bit once it reaches the gulf of mexico. >> reporter: while planes are being diverted around the monster storm, first lieutenant lisa and her air force reconsaunce crew blew right into it. >> the best description i can relate it too is going to a roller coaster. >> reporter: the airport in puerto vallarta is closed until further notice. about 15,000 tourists have been evacuated from the coast and into shelters. >> big event right now is the storm. but i don't want anyone to
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forget the aftermath that's going to be here. again, remember, there's going to be struggles with the infrastructure power, water, food. >> reporter: i'm andy rose reporting. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz joins us now and kevin winds dropped from 200 down to 165 when it made landfall of course that's extremely dangerous at this hour at the very moment even with those winds? >> no question about it. you remember 1992 that was hurricane andrew with winds at 167 miles per hour. so in the same category, category five. you remember the damage that andrew did in 1992 if you think back to that. hurricane camille came ashore on the mississippi coastline in 1969 with stronger winds than these. this when it was in the water the strongest we have seen 200 miles per hour sustained winds just luckily weakened a bit before it came on shore we're talking 165 miles per hour we're talking tornadic-strength winds causing that damage. i have been watching the
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wave heights come from 45 feet down to 27 just offshore that's because it's made its way inland. the track as a category five goes off toward the north northeast at 15 miles per hour. it will weaken substantially overnight down 125 miles per hour just by 2:00 a.m.. then by 2:00 tomorrow afternoon a tropical storm with winds of 60 miles per hour. but that's not the end of the threat. it will be raining heavily the mountainous terrain here in mexico will ring out all the tropical moisture and because flooding for all the people living in those regions right there. back home we are clear tonight awaiting some showers this week which will play apart in your weekend forecast. you look to the west you can see them there. nothing that compares to what's happening in mexico right now. but some of that moisture may make a run at us just as tropical rain later on in the seven-day forecast. stay with fox 25 and as we continue to track hurricane patricia in the next half hour how technical is preparing for monumental rainfall.
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happening right now a suspect slips out of handcuffs makes a run for it in bourne. brandon is still on the loose tonight. he was picked up earlier today for three nonviolent warrants. he managed to escape a police cruiser at the police station while the officer was occurring his gun -- securing his gun. that officer lost the suspect right after he hopped a fence. please call police right away if you think have you seen him. also tonight police in medway are on the hunt for a driver accused of impersonating a police officer. the investigation started after a woman says she was followed home. fox 25's jim morelli is live in medway with her story tonight. really terrifying, jim? >> reporter: truly terrifying. police in three jurisdictions are aware of this franklin, millis and here in medway where they are looking for the the driver of a dark colored car possibly a dodge challenger who may have possibly been trying to impersonate a police officer. pull over.
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>> reporter: a frighten encounter of the strangest find. missy briggs of medway is followed home by a driver who appeared her to was impersonating a cop. >> i first saw him behind me i thought for a minute maybe this is a cop. but i sat, i thought about it for a and i said no, no something doesn't seem right. >> reporter: the lights on his car were blue and green and were mounted on dashboard. this all went down early sunday morning. missy was returning home from a waitressing shift at a framingham restaurant in medway she picked up a tail. again, what appeared to be a police cruiser. >> i felt like he was trying to push me off the road but i didn't want to stop i have heard about this before never knew anyone in this type of situation. i was panicked i was scared. >> reporter: just one street away from home she called her husband andy. i ran out the door, ghraibed the hammer which is first thing i saw and as soon as i came out. the person on the tail did not follow but did linger for a time on the street.
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a frightening and bizarre experience one missy and andy don't want anyone else to go through. >> either women are asking or husbands asking for their wives what made you second-guess what made you second-guess, listen to your gut. >> reporter: once do you listen to your gut a couple things you can do if you're not so close to home. number one call 9-1-1, number two, drive to the nearest police station. coming up at 11:00 we'll tell you what the possible police impersonator did when missy's husband came out the door. let's file it under a dramatic exit. for now live in medway, jim morelli, fox 25 news. extra patrols after a woman was approached and then followed by a strange man near a dorm. the victim says someone pulled up in a van that's when she started to run. fox 25's christine mccarthy live in cambridge with that suspect's description. christine? >> reporter: harvard university police are in fact stepping up their patrols. in fact, you can see behind
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with the lights on that is a harvard university police officer inside his car watching this area called holden green. now what we have learned is that the school tells police a female student that she had run away from a man who chased her all the way up to her door early this morning. we're told it was around 4:00 this morning when this happened. she tells police that she was out walking her dog in the student housing complex wasn't right. she turned around and saw a man behind her. she says she ran to her doorway and he followed her. chased her up to her door and she got inside was able to get inside and lock the door behind her but she tells police that he continued to bang on the door and then fled in her vehicle. now residents tell us that they're shaken up they're going to be more cautious of their surroundings. >> yeah, and i have friends that live here. who i work with.
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and their families and for me because i walk my pet out here every day. >> reporter: now the suspect is described as a white man in his early 20s with short light colored hair about 6 feet tall with a wide build. as for that vehicle that he left if we're told that it appeared to be between 2000 and 2001 dark colored minivan, possibly green with a silver bumper. of course harvard university police are asking people to keep their eye out if they see anything suspicious perhaps they see someone who might match this description or that suspect vehicle to of course go ahead and give police a call. in the meantime, of course they are urging students, residents in this area to be extra cautious. in the meantime, we're going have an officer out here throughout the night making sure that this area of holden green is safe. we're live in cambridge tonight, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. a woman on a bike hit and killed in eastham. new at 10:00 the fire department tells fox 25 that the woman was hit by a car
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on route 6 around 3:00 this afternoon. she was taken to cape cod hospital but did not make it. we are still awaiting to hear if the driver is being charged. the accident which remains under investigation closed the road for about two hours. a 16-year-old will be tried as an adult in the murder of a teen in jamaica plain. police say renaldo confessed to stabbing 17-year-old mason raymond thursday afternoon outside the jackson square t stop. friends of the victim tell fox 25 there were previous conflicts between raymond and his alleged killer. next month. more details now about the jackson square tragedy. tonight about 250 people showed up for a vigil for 17-year-old mason raymond. those in attendance lit candles, cried and prayed family. police arrested this man today on multiple charges after they say he held his one month child hostage. offers took thomas carol into custody after a standoff on west bow street around ate:30 this morning.
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police originally responded to the call for a domestic abuse call. they found the subject had taken the baby hostage carol is being held on $25,000 bail. arraignment is set for monday. for john farrell the last 10 weeks have been a whirlwind. the life altering cancer diagnose which led to eight weeks of chemotherapy thankfully the sox manager with good news to share today he's in remission. he spoke with terry francona every day during his treatment which helped him stay positive. >> basically there were six months of chemo begin inform roughly a eight week period. it so was a very inoffense and shortened down -- it beat me up a little bit physically but honestly darn good. >> fair really will rejoin the sox and will attend their organizational meetings this weekend in arizona.
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selfies standing on the wings of a plane. we brought you this story as breaking news on our fox 25 logan. in next half hour, how many other airliners that airport worker is accused of snapping photos on. that's tom brady behind the mask. the reason he's getting into the halloween spirit at a local grocery store. a man allegedly tries to lure young girls after school and tonight the police say the incidents could be connected.
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changing their families >> welcome back to fox 25 news at 10:00. under investigation and out of several coaching jobs. fox 25 broke news of the hanover coach accused of trying to sabotage the youth teams that he once coached. our kerry kavanaugh is in hanover with the evidence from the coach's home now in the hands of police. >> it goes against everything that we should be
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teaching these young boys. >> reporter: michael jones is a youth football coach in hanover, he says the fall season for 117 players in the town's three teams got off to a rocky start and had nothing to do with any play on the field. >> all of the rosters for the whole league in hanover had been were missing. >> reporter: an alleged data breach jones contacted police concerned a former coach had a vendetta it. >> started some type of altercation between the adults and coaches to the point where there was it got physical. >> reporter: john says that altercation led to coach james wardwell's permanent league suspension that led police to him. fox 25 obtained this photo of officer searching the home of the former coach last week. friday we pulled the search warrant showing police confiscated an iphone, computer and a wireless router. the warrant says they went to wardwell's home after chasing the web activity to the i.p. address at the home. wardwell had no comment when we went to his home. the hanover youth job wasn't
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the only coaching job he lost this year. officials at spellman high school in brockton say it was mutually decided wardwell would no longer coach the girls basketball team after last season. and friday, the wolfpack confirmed wardwell is no longer coaching boys basketball pending the outcome of the hanover criminal investigation. >> i hope they absolutely charge him because this was maliciously done. he needs to answer for this. >> reporter: police say the forensic examination of those electronics can take weeks. in hanover, kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. worcester police continue to search for suspects after a woman is died up during a home invasion. the victim arrived thursday night around 9:00 and found three arm men inside. they robbed the place and tied her up in a bedroom. the victim was able to eventually break free from hand and leg restraints and run for help call worcester police if you know anything about the crime. $40 million worth of cocaine confiscated by the coast guard.
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the drugs from two different ships this month in the caribbean sea. as you can see on this video right here members stacked up the drugs like luggage. a total of six people are arrested in busts in the past year the u.s. coast guard has confiscated 4.3 billion dollars worth of cocaine. also new at 10:00 dover, new hampshire, police are asking for your help finding this robbery suspect. police say the man you see here walked into the c.v.s. on central avenue after 8:00 last night and hand the pharmacist a note demanding prescription drugs. the suspect then ran off. a k-9 officer followed for a short while but then lost them. if you think you can help solve this crime call dover, new hampshire, police. tonight this dog lady is recovering after her owner says she was attacked by two pit bulls in new hampshire. the dog's owner says eventually the other dog's owner came to separate them but lady had to get 30 to 40 staples to patch up those injuries. police issued five summons to the owners of the pit
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bulls. earlier tonight, a wake was held for a rod chester, new hampshire, teen who died of an apparent drug overdose. last thursday 17-year-old eve was found dead in a motel she was a student at spalding high school. on sunday, her classmates will hold a candlelight vigil to remember her. a young man says a man approached her near the bus stop and tried to grab her. fox 25's kathryn burcham in randolph where she spoke with concerned parents. >> i don't know, i really don't know but it's really scary. very scary. >> reporter: eve can only imagine what the intentions were of the man randolph police say approached an 11-year-old girl at this bus stop yesterday. orleans own daughter uses the same stop goes to school with the victim. >> she didn't tell me nothing when she came then i got a phone call then i ask
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her she said she didn't see nothing. >> reporter: police say the man grabbed the girl's arm and said he wanted to talk. she broke free and ran to a neighbor's house even though the man continued to follow, according to police. >> clearly we don't know his intentions, that's what most concerning and that's why again the investigation is ongoing. >> reporter: investigators also probing whether the suspect is tied to an incident just two hours later when quincy police say a man tried to lure two female students from atlantic middle school into his tan carolla. police tell fox 25 that's similar to the randolph suspect who they say was an older white male with white or gray hair and about 5'7". police say he was wearing a baseball hat with b.r. on it. in an e-mail to parents school officials said the incident should be of concern to all families and parents should speak with your child about what to do if they feel threatened or unsafe. orleans says she's already talked to her daughter but
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precautions. >> when i'm here i'm going to try to wait for her at the bus stop then my husband also try to take her and pick her up. >> kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. the teacher assaulted and a student suspendsed the case tasty treat that started it all. >> reporter: first tragedy hitting southern france. the outside factor which likely led to this deadly
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2343 people killed in south western france. officials say it's the deadliest crash that people have seen in 30 years. both vehicles caught fire at least one child was killed. the majority of the victims were on a day tour of the area. hundred meanwhile are gathering in a swedish city tonight in memory of a student and teacher killed in a deadly -- a masked man posed for pictures with students just yesterday before carrying out this attack. the suspect was shot by police. officials say the school has a large number of immigrants and they're investigating whether racism was a motive. the american soldier killed in iraq has been identified. this is master sergeant joshua wheeler the 39-year-old died freeing captives during a raid on an isis compound. he was killed during an exchange and small arms fire. the sacrifice and decisive action of this
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courageous american in support of his comrades remind us of the dangers the coalitions forces confront in iraq but also of the important systems they provide local forces are as they lead the fight against a barbaric enemy. >> the okay native and father of four is the first american to die in the military campaign against isis. a boston-based fantasy sports company is being forced to find a new venue for its signature event in las vegas. the boston globe is reporting that draft kings is no longer allowed to use the wynn resort in vegas for part of its world championship. regulators in nevada have ruled draft kings has to obtain a gaming license before it can legally operate in nevada. financial giant state street is cutting jobs 170 in boston, 160 worldwide. according to the globe state street is hoping to save about $500 million a year. the company also says they plan to fire some 400 people
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in the near future so the net job loss will be about 200 people. no shirts but serious threats. what a man missome clothing told workers when he burst into a local fast-food restaurant. a clear night will lead to a cold start to your weekend. but i'm tracking when these
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weekend plan star church bells making their way to a new home in boston today. they were taken down and transported to the cathedral of the holy cross when they were lifted into place the whole process took hours to complete. each of the large bells had to be lifted one by one and placed into the bell tower. until now the cathedral played the sound of bells from a speaker system. all right so the big word in weather tonight has been this major hurricane patricia making landfall in the mexican coastline. winds 185 miles per hour with gusts 211 miles per
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that comes a catastrophe that's happening there right now and the incredible damage we're waking up to tomorrow. let's hope this week it i did not cause any more problems. but the rain that's falling out in this part of the location is going to be flooding landslides and mudslides potentially as well. we won't know exactly where this ranks officially until we can get all that information in. but it will be tough to get a lot of data out of there. you can imagine weather instruments aren't built to survive winds this strong. this location category five coming on shore south of puerto vallarta moving onto the mainland mexican mainland by the way category three storm that would be by 2:00 a.m. so weakening fairly quickly because the mountains rip these storms apart then making its way farther inland 60 miles-per-hour winds by tomorrow afternoon a tropical storm but all of that rain all the tropical moisture being squeezed out like a sponge after you do the dishes and that's dropping all that rain into those mountains that's why there's going to be the flooding and landslide
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back home it's much quieter the only thing we have to worry about is cold air at left for your morning. this front to our will be pushing toward us. this is a cold front and that cold front along it does have some showers. the showers the leading edge of the cooler air. this is where the front is located tonight. that's going to be pushing toward us during the day tomorrow. but we won't see the effects of it until sunday morning. these are your temperatures now check this out. orange already below freezing with 30 degrees we had the wind earlier today made it feel colder. these are your temperatures going down to the upper 20s tonight it's a chilly one out there tonight for sure. your growing season is over so it shouldn't affect your plants near garden. 35 under clear skies. you're dropping below freezing boston 43 at the airport right now. it's cold stuff just a few clouds overhead. you get away from the coast away from the airport where absolutely nobody lives you will find yourself in places
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like fenway and off to j.p. where your temperatures will be in the upper 30s for lows overnight tonight. 47 on the coastline down this way temperatures tonight under partly cloudy skies will be dropping into the upper 30s as well. chilly night no doubt about it. it will be chilly when you wake up tomorrow morning. here's future cast showing the clouds increasing tomorrow night ahead of the front that's coming our way. here come the showers during the early hours of sunday. into worcest during the 7:00 hour. boston the 8:00 hour then the showers start to break apart. taking you right through your tailgating time up to 1:00 where i except clouds to will start to break up. the showers to be gone things improve as the game goes on out there in foxborough for the patriots versus the jets. temperatures tomorrow afternoon look at this in the 50s just like you had today. better because you won't have the wind but its going to feel colder first thing in the morning. here's that seven-day forecast. it wachls up just a bit on
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sunday -- the warms up just a bit on sunday. temperature at kickoff about 60 degrees with partly sunny skies things are looking pretty nice overnight for your week outside of those early morning showers. guys just sleep in sunday and you will miss them all. >> good advice. thank you. updating you now on two. middle school students under arrest accused of threatening to shoot up the school. >> this story breaking at the top of the news suspects. both suspects are boys and the threat was for monday. the suspects were telling some students not to show up to school and one of the students apparently has an obsession with school shootings. right now, we're waiting to hear from methuen police chief about this case. his comments all new at the top of the hour. happening right now the search for a suspect after he sliches out of handcuffs and makes a run for it in bourne. brandon is still on the loose tonight heh was picked up earlier today for three nonviolent warrants. he managed to escape a police cruiser at the police
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station while the officer was occurring his gun. the officer lost the suspect after he hopped a fence. call police right away if you see brandon. no shirt, but armed with a rifle. a new hampshire man bursting into a mcdonald's. >> threatening workers if they didn't hand over money. fox 25's robert goldsston with how this holdup in concord luckily ended safely. >> it's crazy. crazy. >> reporter: a security camera shows the bare chested man armed with a long gun going right to the cash registers inside a concord, new hampshire, mcdonald's. >> he walked in he pointed a gun at several employees and threatened to kill them. >> reporter: the employee opens the register and the suspect doesn't just take the cash he takes the whole cash drawer before bee lining it for the door. >> there were customers that were staff members in the business very brazen. >> reporter: police say the suspect was last seen in a neighborhood just down the street after he ran out of the mcdonald's and across the parking lot with the entire cash drawer. >> concord new hampshire
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identify the man who's around 30 to 40 years old 210 pounds. people seeing the video for first time could not believe that it happened at a mcdonald's. >> oh, wow, that's pretty intense. >> reporter: mcdonald's telling us all of the employees are okay and the safety of our crew and patrons is our paramount priority. we are cooperating with local authorities as the investigation remains open. we encourage anyone with information to contact the concord police department. >> i was kind of shocked, yeah. i was kind of shocked. especially with no shirt on you know why, why you know roar even though the suspect may have gotten away on foot police are still looking for a vehicle a late model green taurus. it stretches nearly half a mile coming up new at 11:00 the truly baffling aspect of a massive drug tunnel between mexico and the u.s. first at 10:00 who is this masked man. the sweet treat the 50 lucky
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fans across new england. but next, no longer on the run, how new hampshire police arrested a woman believed to be a suspect in a crime that happened more
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the charges were later dropped when it was determined the man was only using the bathroom. the principal claims the archdioceses forced her to resign in what she calls an attempt to "save face." no comment from the archdioceses. a woman on the run from police for more than a decade waives her extradition. authorities pulled 35-year-old andrea over on 93 north yesterday. soon discovered she warrant for her arrest out of pennsylvania. she's charged in a burglary case from 12 years ago is being held without bail. pack of democrats running for president has now dropped down to three. former rhode island governor lincoln chaffee is dropping out of the race to be the next president. he made the announcement in washington, d.c. today telling supporters he made the decision after much thought. it comes just two days after jim webb ended his candidacy. vice president joe biden also announced this week he would seek the nomination. after making it through 11 hours of testimony in washington, d.c. yesterday, hillary clinton is planning a trip to new hampshire next
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week. the democratic presidential candidate will meet with voters in manchester, bartlet, and middleton. she's expected to focus oil proving the economy and college affordability. local lawmakers could get a power boost when republican paul ryan likely becomes speaker of the house next week. jacqueline fell shows us the closer. >> paul ryan is a campaign cash cow. we dug through federal election filings who find out who at home is benefiting and what ryan's support could mean for their influence here on the hill. >> reporter: paul ryan has created a national profile for himself with that comes a lot of money. >> he's a huge campaign cash for his colleagues and for other junior candidates who colleagues. >> reporter: ryan's leadership committee was the sixth top contributor to campaigns in the last electionsle can cycle. we reviewed federal documents and found ryan gave new hampshire congressman frank's campaign a dwroft
1:35 am
$10,000. he also tried to help garcia unseat ann coster with a $5,000 contribution though her run was unsuccessful. center for responsive politics says who gets money is a good indicator who've the congressman views as an ally. >> one barometer would be to look at who is receiving his support. >> reporter: ryan gave generously to past elections in total nearly $2 million to about 140 candidates. in washington, jacqueline fell, fox 25 news. the election for speaker of the house is scheduled for next week. >> four week extension and criminal charge of assault due to a baby carrot? >> what she admits to doing and why legal experts say she could face even more problems. but next picking the wrong spot for a picture. tonight what we're learning about the man airline officials say snapped
1:36 am
logan and why he was allowed >> we are learning more about a bizarre story at logan airport an employee climbed on the wing of a selfies. >> pretty bizarre. tonight with you know know it not the only one. fox 25's christine mccarthy shows us what she learned about the so-called wingman. >> reporter: in a world flooded with selfies perhaps we shouldn't be surprised by one snapped at logan airport
1:37 am
>> it was just one of those oh my god moments but etc. shocking to travelers. >> i would have been very worried and mad. >> reporter: because it office the wing of an american airlines jet allegedly taken by an employee of swiss port a company that provides cargo, fuel and passenger services at logan airport. >> it's crazy. i don't know how someone would think to do it what but on the other hand, it must have been a really great selfie. >> reporter: at least one passenger wasn't impressed and reported the incident. airport staff tells fox 25 and that wasn't the only jetblue confirms an incident on their plane, too. officials with both airlines performed inspections and before taking off. >> i don't want to fly on a plane with someone bouncing knowing it's okay. >> reporter: officials say the work her a massport badge which allowed him on the property but sources say that's been taken away. passengers we talked to are divided on what punishment
1:38 am
he should face. >> it's not acceptable behavior he should be fired. >> reporter: but they agree on one thing the selfie craze has reached new heights. >> selfies really you know has gone a little bit too far. >> number one who cares number two he's safe and don't be stupid. >> reporter: we reached out to swiss port to ask them throughout the day the status of that employee. they have not responded to our many calls and e-mails. in boston, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. a popular issue pushed back into the national spotlight this week. juggling work and life. congressman paul ryan says he's willing to become the next house speaker if he's allowed to keep his family his top priority. congresswoman catherine clark also has to leave her husband and three kids behind. >> it is a juggle. i think any working mom and dad will tell you it's a juggle but i'm the lucky one. i have good policies, i have health insurance. >> massachusetts senator
1:39 am
elizabeth warren says every family needs quality family time. meanwhile pumpkinfest is back in 2015 after this but in a brand new city this year. this year's pumpkinfest opens up in laconia, new hampshire, tomorrow instead of keen. last year the festival was troubled by riots from nearby keen state college resulting in the arrest of several students. this is the 25th near of pumpkinfest. a teenager out of school for a month all because of a baby carrot. a teacher -- she's accused of throwing one at a teacher. exhibit a a baby carrot. the weapon used according to school disciplinary paperwork in an assault and battery of a moody middle schoolteacher. >> i just don't know how to combat this. >> reporter: kerry may's 14-year-old daughter aaliyah is is currently suspended for launching the vegtable. >> i don't understand the whole thing to explain yes it happened.
1:40 am
and said she's in trouble with couple day the out of school but this has gone beyond. that we've got court. she's charged not small charges assault and battery with a weapon. >> reporter: 14-year-old girl said she had just left class in the hallway saw a teacher that she had last year so as part of a joke she reached in her pocket and pulled out a baby carrot that she had stashed away at lunch and tossed it towards the teacher never thinking she would hit her on the forehead. >> it's a soft carrot. you don't have to have an injury to are a battery. there doesn't have to be any showing it has to be offensive in the unwanted touching. >> reporter: the schools have declined to comment kerry may says they sent this letter recently to try and get her daughter on admit guilt. adding they tastely declined. now mom says they await a
1:41 am
summons to see what happens next. >> this will go before a judge and there could be legally sufficient evidence for a finding of guilt here. this is not the kind of thing i think a judge would necessarily find appropriate. but they could offer her some sort of counselling to have it taken under advisement or to put a carrot at the end of the stick. >> reporter: sticking out the four week suspension something mom says is hard to digest. that was john burket reporting. updating that breaking news hurricane patricia slamming into mexico tonight hitting south of puerto vallarta with 165 miles-per-hour winds. before it hit landfall it was called the strongest hurricane on record. tonight flooding and landslides have already been reported. as patricia begins to move northeast through mexico residents in southern texas are already feeling its effects. most of the impacted homes are on the gulf of mexico in galveston and other coastal areas.
1:42 am
highs are higher than normal already surf is choppier and by sunday, a storm surge in some parts of texas could make the water levels rise an extra three feet. >> we're just moving furniture around and everything. so we've heard there's never been water inside any of the garage or any of these rooms except for hurricane ike. >> at the rate it's moving now kevin, really heading into weekend it has to be rain the biggest concern. >> no question by the. it's still blowing really hard in mexico but that rain will fall over the mountainous locations and cause the landslides and the mudslides this is the storm that made landfall so 165 landfall estimate. but have one report still to be confirmed of 185 miles per hour. 165 puts it on par with hurricane andrew in 1992. then checking out the wave heights, wave heights are 23 feet just offshore but they were as high as 41 feet at its peak intense ity earlier today. here's the latest track. 130 miles per hour now so
1:43 am
it's downeven more it's come over land and interacting with all that mountainous area. it will become a tropical storm by 8:00 in the morning and just a tropical depression by 8:00 tomorrow night. it will still be raining hard over the mountains squeezing those clouds out like they're a sponge. likely to be flooding in portions of texas from this storm or at least some very heavy rain. that was the latest information from the hurricane center on that storm. i'll have the latest information coming in right now for our weekend forecast at 11:00. shoppers at a local whole foods had no idea who was behind this silly mask. but it was tom brady himself. new england's favorite quarterback says he left a surprise in 50 buckets of unreal halloween candy in whole foods markets in the region. if this video holds any
1:44 am
be his autograph. also following breaking news in methuen where some middle schoolers allegedly threatened to shoot up their school. new at 11:00 what the police chief just said about this plus, how investigators found out about in plot before it could happen. we continue to follow that breaking news in mexico where a category five hurricane patricia has made landfall. next at 11:00 kevin is tracking this path. a huge night in sports. bruins in brooklyn, sell tilts and the alcs but it's day. >> we're the middleboro cheerleaders and you're
1:45 am
the bruins with a slow start in the 2015 and for b fans it's really terrible considering the black and gold are winless in the garden. good thing tonight's matchup
1:46 am
islanders. bruins would get on the board first in this one. how about brett connolly doing his thing his second of the season he likes the layup. 1-0 the bs were up. going up 2-1. they scored two in the second. put your boards up 3-2. they add another the bruins win this thing 5-3 improve to 3-3-1 on the season. now the pats marcus canon who was supposed to be the replacement dante high tower are all questionable while receiver brandon lafell who knows. pats have until 4:00 p.m. saturday to activate him. now two weeks after being diagnosed with nonhodgkin's lymphoma john far really has been begin a clean bill of -- john farrell has been given a clean bill of health. >> i talked with tito every single day, every single day i will tell you that we shared a text and i can't thank him enough for the. >> he showed.
1:47 am
question go on and on. letters from diehard yankee fans. it has a way of stripping down all those walls when you see the human side of people coming out it certainly gives you a boost. >> all right. some playoff baseball. game six al cbs s blue jays trailing three games to two. david price the pitcher against the royals well, the royals helped their cause making it a world series. how about the home run gives them a 2-0 lead. joey bat his second home run of the nightified the game up at 3. they're in the top of the eighth. we'll have more coming up at 11:00. folks fox 25 game day on paper it was a good one. one loss middleboro hosting one loss hanover. by the way, the host middleboro great hosts packed crowd inside the pit facility. look at the reign majoret doing her thing with the fire.
1:48 am
running like he's on fire. the speed, hanover up 13-0 early in this game. they come back. chipman to hart. 13-6 at the half. brad rogers was too much. five touchdowns on the night the indians win this thing 48-14. they win the league title along with it. the last year we have given so much work. >> it's one game on the offensive line i would say spirit. championship spirit semihave
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