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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 26, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> this is the fox25 morning news. >>julie: good monday morning, everyone, it is now 4:30 on october 26. i am julie grauert. >>daniel: i am daniel miller. we appreciate your company this morning. we are cutting temperatures in half. and we also want to welcome back meteorologist shiri spear. when will we get that warm-newspaper is. >>shiri: the warm-up yesterday. 60s. you are waking up in the 30s. in boston, 46 degrees. 43 in waltham. we drop it to 36 in framingham. a frosty temperature right here. 39 in lowell four this morning and in worcester. 35 in fitchburg. 38, nashua, new hampshire. look who is freezing, keene and orange back to the lower 30s. 45 in hanover. 45 in plymouth. upper 40s from sandwich over to harwich up to provincetown and not so worry not so worried about the cape and islands where it is so milder this morning. unconcerned with anyone 46 and about he low because they have that potential for frost and even freezing temperatures.
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7 a.m. 30s and 40s. an average temp around 39 degrees because we are still losing heat. all way until 7 a.m. temperatures will continue to dip and slowly start to rise by 8:00. by noontime 50 degrees. 53 at 3 p.m. nice and sunny. by 7:00 clear but 40s are back. how cool it will be again at this time tomorrow. julie, a check of the roads. >>julie: things are looking good. pike framingham through the weston tolls to the allston/brighton tolls area. same story on 93 south. zakim bridge moving along. 11 minutes from 24 from 6 to 128. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 4:31. breaking news saugus. our crew is on the scene of a hit-and-run on route 1. after 11:00 a person was seriously hurt.
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where this morning, jessica, you have been talking to state bliss this incident. good morning. >> good morning, daniel. well, you can see the scene here is now clear, but in happened around 11:00 last night on route 1 northbound night on route 1 southbound, and this morning state police are still looking for the driver. taking a look at some video. the scene shortly after it happened. state police have the southbound side of route 1 closed off for over an hour as they processed the scene here. now happened right outside of a hooters restaurant. our crew on scene tell us that people were told to stay inside the restaurant as police and their initial investigation. this happened couple of hours ago. the information is pretty limited a this time. we spoke with state police at the danvers barracks. and they say state police are looking for a red or black mercedes in connection with this case. we have calls to the saugus police. they are also investigating. as soon as we get more information, we will keep you posted. live in saugus, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news.
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we are following breaking news peabody where a car hit a utility pole on bar street. it happened after 11:00. mass state police was on the scene investigating. the driver was trapped in the car. we are working to get the condition of the driver from state police this morning. this morning, investigators will turn to the site of an explosion that reduced a home to a pile of rubble. a street view image show what 40 christian lane looked like before the blast. neighbors say they were watching the patriots game yesterday afternoon when they heard the explosion. a massive fire broke out in the two-story colonial. fire investigators have not released the cause of the explosion and fire, but they suspect it will involve natural suspect it will involve natural. >> we noticed that the front doors and the windows had been blown out. 30 to 40 feet from the front of the house. >> the 52-year-old woman home alone made it out unharmed and taken to the hospital as a precaution. happening today, three men will face charge for running a meth operation out of a local hotel.
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hotel staff for noticing the suspicious activity. the men have been staying at the hotel for at least two weeks. saw one man wearing a ankle mask. they could have had the smoke detectors with plastic bags. were shocked. >> the whole cooking meth thing but in a hotel? that is amazing. i mean, who thinks of that? >> police tell us that one of the men is known for drug trafficking. all three will be in woburn district court. this morning we expect to learn more of a murder case in hyde park. a woman is accused of killing her uncle. michael henrich is live at best district court where she will michael? >>reporter: a little more than five hours or so that is when this woman is expected to be arraigned on those murder charges here at west roxbury district court.
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it took about that amount of time for boston police with the help of other agency to bring her in after a region-wide manhunt. police te all happen over on ward avenue on saturday afternoon afternoon in hyde park. that is where police say 36-year-old yvonne lewis shot his own uncle in the head killing the 49-year-old. now police took to twitter and along with the means to get the word out for the public asking for help fining lewis who fled in a red suv. peabody police helped bring rue business in about five hours later in all happened saturday afternoon. neighbors who spoke with fox25 happened. >> very surprising. we came in our yards -- you know them very well and i can say they are very quiet -- say they are very quiet -- quiet neighbors. >>reporter: for nine years, from 2003 to 20123 from 2003 to 20123, lewis served as the switch operator
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a civilian employee of the boston police department. and this morning, she faces a judge accused of taking the life of a loved one now coming up in the next hour, we will go over more of what we know about lewis and, of course, later this morning at the arraignment this morning at the arraignment, we hope to learn more about what police have found about a potential motive. live outside district court, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. a 4:36. of a dorchester man accused of stabbing another. it happened in the fenway neighbor. the victim was walking on park drive and attacked by 53-year-old bain barber. when barber tried to take her purse, the woman fought back. >> around 2:00 in the morning i was sleeping and my tv was on. someone in the alley started screaming "help." >>daniel: the woman was treated at the hospital for nonlize injuries. barber will be arraigned on multiple channels including assault with the intent to murder. a deadly crash in fitchburg is still under investigation this morning.
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it happened yesterday evening road. take a look at this video. two cars collided. one of them just destroyed. one person died after being flown to a hospital. the victim's name won't be released until his or her family is notified. a robbery and shooting lowell police arrested 19-year-old connor catigan in connection with two separate robbery robberies. catigan a two other people are accused of shooting one victim and threatening another with a knife. the victim shot was let thated at the hospital. police are still searching for the other suspect. trying to determine what happened before a car slammed into a busy dunkin' donuts. that suv plowed through the front window of the store on washington street in the center of canton. it happened yesterday afternoon and the store will be closed today. fox25 cameras were there as relatives of the camera arrived shortly after the crash. the driver and the store employee were both hurt, but they are expected to recover. a witness says fire fighters were right around the corner on another call when it all happened.
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>> you know, all of a sudden everybody heard a big bang. the fire department looked over and didn't see anything. traffic stopped and everybody started waving them over. >> police tell us the driver may have mistakenly hit the gas instead of the break. we are working to confirm that. it will be safe to return to school for kids in metheun after a shooting plot was stopped by police. the plot involved a grammar school. a pair of students told classmates to stay home because they were going to shoot up the school. other students reported it to school staff and a 13 and 14-year-old were quickly taken into custody. >> still nerveracking. every day we send our kids there. luckily metheun police responded quickly handled the situation appropriately and the kids are out of the school.both teenagers are charged with threatening the school. the younger suspect was released to his parent. the older got out on bail. both students are expected in court today. happening today, revere hosting a summit on opioid abuse.
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revere's mayor, fire and police chief and state lawmakers will meet with addiction specialists to discuss the latest in the fight against opioids. it is happening at 11:00 this morning at revere city hall. new hampshire leaders also want to talk about drugs there. the focus is on medical marijuana. today the department of health and human services will hold a public forum in dover to talk about proposed dispensary there. the goal is to get input from the community. potential patients and caregivers about safety and other concerns. that forum is happening at 7:00 tonight at the mcconnell center on locus street. students in rod chester are honoring the life of a teenager found dead in a hotel. the classmates organized a vigil in her honor last night. the 17-year-old died of an apparent drug overdose last weekend. now their friends want to inspire people to find a solution to the growing drug epidemic. >> i want people to see that we have a problem in our town, not just our town. we have a problem with these drugs in that it is getting
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>> tarme was a senior at spalding high school. classmates at the mass maritime academy remember one their own lost at sea. a memorial service was held for 42-year-old jeff me mathias of kingston. he graduated from mass maritime in 1996 and one of three people on board a cargo ship that sank during hurricane joaquin. two other massachusetts natives were also on board the ship. 4:40. a fire on red line will not cause problems for commuters. a witness sent us pictures of flames shooting from the tracks in dorchester yesterday. the electrical fire started on the third rail along a set of tracks used for moving trains and in out of the red line maintenance facility. power to the red line and commuter rail was shut down for 20 minutes while fire fighters put out those flames. record breaking pumpkin chunking. coming up on the fox25 morning news, how this annual fall tradition ended up in new england in the first place. but first, liquor store owners keeping a close eye on
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their wine. still ahead this morning, who police say was stealing expensive bottles across the region. good morning, shiri. >> hey, good morning. 30s and 40s hanging out the door. right now 53 degrees. we have a slow and steady warm we have a slow and steady
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new this morning, the town of charlton will spend $50,000 to repair a fire engine not able
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a winery. part of the engine on the pump was broken but it did not cause the issue with water supply in august. the truck was not able to pull water from a portable water bag. a second engine from oxford also had problem getting water. officials don't know what caused that problem. another decade before the seacoast see a bike and walking path completed. the greenway is slated to run the greenway is slated to run 70 7 0 miles from kittery maine to massachusetts. part of the path will run along hampton corner. the state and the company are arguing over the value of that property that is slowing down the whole process. it is 4:44 right now. new list shows massachusetts is energy efficient and put together by the american council for energy official economy and ranked the bay state as numbering one for the fifth year in a row. vermont, rhode island and connecticut aren't fall behind coming in 3rd, 4th and 7th respectively. this morning doctors are
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it comes to e-cigarettes. the american academy of pediatrics wants the federal government to keep anyone from under 21 from buying the products. want higher taxes, bans to minors and an -- e-cigarettes that taste like candy. massachusetts and 46 other states have rules in place making it illegal to sell e-cigarettes to anyone under 18 e-cigarettes to anyone under 18. the you england patriots are undefeated into the thursday night match-up. in a battle. pats down in the fourth quarter and brady with a 8-yard touchdown was to danny amendola. gives the pats a lead and under two minutes in the game, brady against who finds rob gronkowski all alone. gronk goes untouched into the end zone. pats win 30-23. they are 6-0 on the season. looks like jets fans are up to their own tricks again.
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plane saying clinton, oj. you can draw your conclusion of what it meant. back in july a group called fan media paid for a banner to fly over patriots training camp that said cheetahs look up. a look at the roads where things are moving along nicely. 128 wide from burlington into lexington. pike wide open and the zakim down. 12 minutes on pooh i can from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. 19 minutes from 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. this is the kind of morning where you are going to fire up these seat heaters, shiri, as you head out the door. pretty chilly out there. >>shiri: sounds magnificent. i think i will take a seat heater myself. normal low temperature that we hit when the sun came up. the normal low is about 43 degrees.
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sun does not come up until 7:10 this morning. the temperatures can keep dropping until they warm up. normal high 58 degrees. we keep in mind look at that number 43 degrees the normal low. you know what the temperatures 46 degrees in boston. so although it feels chilly, there is nothing that unusual about the temperatures we have right now. you are probably going to be waking up to what is considered pretty typical for this time of year. afternoon highs are going to fall a little flat. noontime 50 degrees. 53 at 3 p.m. mostly sunny skies really throughout the day, so the big picture right now is going to be high pressure driving for the day ahead. the position of that high pressure, though, is keeping us nice and dry. nice and bright. sucking in that cooler air from the north that is stalling today's warm-up and limiting up going. on the flipside, check out all this moisture that goes just from the eastern fringing of texas here across the northern
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that was attached to what was patricia. now it is going to impact the southeastern united states. as we get into the middle of the week reason just a little bit of that moisture will fuel our own downpours. what we have today ends up being mostly sunny. an example of the cape and island clouds and we will tend to see a few more clouds in that direction versus the sunny check out these high temperatures that we are expecting later today. 52 in boston and malden. 53 in quincy. middle 50s in arlington, newton middle 50s in arlington, newton. brookline, 54. dedham, 55 degrees. one of my chilly spots will end up being central massachusetts. worcester topping out at 50 degrees. i have got 40s on the map. pots like rutland at 49 degrees later today. 50 on the nose in gardner and athol. uxbridge at 54 degrees. a quick look at southeastern massachusetts. just some of your local high temperatures later today from 5 temperatures later today from 51 in scituate to 52 in plymouth.
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53 in bridgewater and broxton. 53 in bridgewater and broxton. 56 in walpole. we have a couple of pops of middle 50s out there. framingham 5 degrees. lowell, 54. manchester, new hampshire. 53 degrees. lower 50s though for the outer cape and, again for central massachusetts. our two chilly spots. tonight with mostly clear conditions. we have lows back into the 30s. we are going to wake up to about 30 in framingham and lowell tomorrow morning. 37 in boston. it is going to be a cold start to the day. we bring in a couple more degree. a couple more clouds for your tuesday forecast. and boston gets up to of a. and worcester 54 degrees. uppers though from new bedford down to the islands and it is partly cloudy for a good portion of the day. so not quite as bright for your tuesday forecast. wednesday is when things really tart to change. 30s as you wake up in the morning. we get developing rain. we also got some warmth that moved in. 60 degrees. showers that will end up being heaviest during the late
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evening or the overnight hours. notice the rain continues into thursday here. thursday those showers will turn much scattered and lighter so we will pick up a lot of this rain. again, wednesday night into very early thursday morning. rain totals are pretty impressive a as we are looking out ahead. over an inch in worcester and boston. about an inch plymouth and slightly less for the cape and islands but a solid soaker. rain that we made at this point and we have about a 7-inch rainfall deficit. the winds pick up on thursday. by friday it will still be breezy by 58 degrees. temperatures taking a hit again and then into the weekend, nice weather for trick or treaters albeit cold. 4 on saturday and by sunday, 52 take taking a closer look at that weekend forecast here, you can see 50s all the way from the cape and islands and boston at about 55 degrees both days. and worcester at 5 on saturday and 54 on sunday and a little bit warmer in spots like nashua
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bit warmer in spots like nashua. honestly the weekend will be pretty cool compared to the 60s and 70s we get for the middle of the week. back to you. 10 minutes before the top of the hour this morning. an escaped prison eggs is back in custody. coming up new at 5:00, how this man managed to slip out of his handcuffs and squeeze handcuffs and squeeze through a
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pennsylvania woman accused of triggering an amber alert in massachusetts is expected back in court today. tiffany cherry left pennsylvania with her sick infant a week ago even though she was told to get the boy emergency medical care. cherry told police she wanted to get her son to boston hospital. she faces self-charges. this morning police continue to look for a man accused of stealing expensive wine. it happened in several states in the northeast. scott deluca most recently accused of hitting stores in connecticut. liquor store owner are keeping a close eye on their stock. >> they even keep them behind the counter to have an opportunity to hand sell that bottle and have them in locations that are key and have cameras pointing in that direction so they can watch over those. >> deluca is wanted in four states, rhode island, new jersey, new york and connecticut. this week state officials in massachusetts sell off some valuable items. an auction of unclaimed
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property will begin on saturday. this includes jewelry and high-end watches found in an abandoned safe deposit boxes. the items will be displayed at the statehouse today. even after they are sold, owners can receive profit from the sales if they can prove rightful ownership. if you walk through the rose kennedy greenway, you may notice something missing. crews have taken down a colorful sculpture hanging above the park. it is called as if it was already here" created by a local artist. part of a mission to bring contemporary art to boston on a rotating timeline. a change of venue for the annual pumpkin festival in new hampshire. hundreds of people who spent saturday in laconia say it was a success. the festival used to be held in keene and were moved because of riots at last year's event. no crazy no craziness this year. people who went said it was a lot of fun. >> good food and the pumpkins are varietal and interesting.
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it was a lot of fun. >> seeing jack-o-lantern. >> you are having a lot fun. >> yeah. >>julie: i like her mask. laconia business owners are happy that ircity has a chance to shine. playing hottest to the extreme pumpkin chunkin event. teams competed to see who can throw a pumpkin the firstest. a world ward was set. >> we beat the world record right now. so i don't know if they will recognize it since it was not in delaware, but it has always been our goal. >>daniel: the pumpkin chunkin world championship used to take place in delaware but no one would insure the event because it was too dangerous. they threw a piano and vw bug during the event there. check it out. a lobster man in beverly makes quite a catch. check out his blue check out his lobster that was caught near beverly
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he plans to offer it to the new england aquarium. if he can't find it a good home if he can't find it a good home, he will release it back into the ocean. >>daniel: that is incredible. >>julie: one of a kind. smashing through the front window of a busy restaurant. police investigate a car crash at this dunkin' donuts. why regular also have to find a new place for their could have the morning. fire crews are combing through the rubble of a home to find out what caused a giant fire. what could be blamed for a loud explosion heard across a local neighborhood. that's amazing. this is amazing. that's amazing! surprising things at chevy. we're sold. it's so pretty. beautiful. it feels great. perfect. expect from a chevy at all. get more than you expect for less than you imagined. the 2015 models are going fast. find your tag and get cash back for 15% of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get 0% financing for 72 months on these remaining
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now at 5:00, breaking news. a shun under investigation. the car police are searching for and the clues left at the scene. a fiery explosion destroys a home. where officials are focusing their investigation this morning. developing news. a whale-watching boat has sunk killing five people. the frantic search for a missing passenger this morning in canada.
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