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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 26, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> daniel: cutting tanglardized testing in half and how it could affect how students spend their time in the classroom. >> daniel: it is monday,
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october 26th, i'm daniel miller. >> julie: i'm julie grauert. it is a beautiful looking day out there, glance out the window, however, meteorologist shiri spear here to break it down that how it feels, very chilly. >> shiri: weed out the 30s and live look outside and tons of sunshine on tap, 46 in boston right now also 46 in norwood, 43 in lawrence and we are up to 41 now in worcester and climbing out of the 30s there and 32 in keene, still up to freezing and better than 20s where you were last hour and 51 on hyannis and this is future cast how we warm up today goes like this, we are going to be upper 40s to lower 50s by lunchtime today and sunshine cons and sunshine persists and temperatures and 48 to 54 and warm-up today, much cooler than yesterday when we have the 60s but nice and
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bright conditions and got big changes in the form of warm-up but also pouring rain and i will tell you when to be prepared for that coming up and julie for check on the roads. >> julie: handful of accidents and southbound right on the shoulder at columbia road and another accident on the pike this is pike westbound right after washington street so those are slowing things down. as far as the expressway is concerned you can see still stop and go as you pass freeport street and live drive times 42 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike and 26 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector and 28 minutes on 128 south, that's actually 128 northbound from university avenue in westwood to the weston tolls. >> daniel: 9:02 and continue to follow bruins out of saugus where police are searching for hit-and-run driver. during the 7:00 a.m. news this morning tragic update we learned the person hit has died.
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first breaking and as you can see it was a very active scene. fox25 jessica reyes live on route 1 with more details from state police. good morning, jess. >> jessica: good morning, daniel, we heard from state police just about 30 minutes ago and they have given us a little bit more information about this victim. they say he is a 33-year-old man from new york. they say he was crossing route 1 and was hit in the middle of the southbound side of route 1 here as leaving the hooters restaurant here around 11:00 last night and taking look at video from the scene now, crews shot this right after this happened here on route 1 south. we understand the victim here he was taken to melrose-wakefield hospital where he was pronounced dead around 11:30 last night and crews on scene tell us that state police actually did have several witnesses inside that hooters restaurant. this happened just as restaurant was getting ready to close and actually have to keep everyone inside the restaurant keep them from going right inside and
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state police searching for a red mercedes spotted leaving the scene and we have learned this morning that a 33-year-old man from new york was hit and killed here last night and working to bring you more information about him including name and as soon as we get that we will pass that right along to you. for now live in saugus, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> julie: breaking news in afghanistan powerful earthquake there this morning and u.s. geological survey initially said 7.7 quake and now revised that to 7.5. take look at new video from the scene, people running out of buildings as the buildings violently shake. damage is evader where. the quake was felt across southeast asia in pakistan and india and continue to update on you breaking news all morning.
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fire engine that was not able to pump water at local winery. part of the pump on the engine is broken but say the problem did not cause issues with water supply on the night of the fire in august. truck was not able to pull water from a portable water bag. second engine from oxford also had trouble getting water. official don't know what caused the problem. daniel: happening today the pennsylvania woman accused of triggering amber alert in massachusetts is expected back in court. police say tiffany cherry left pennsylvania with sick infant a week ago even though she had been told to get the boy emergency medical care. cherry told police she wanted to get her son to boston hospital and faces several charges. >> julie: new hampshire gradual from prep school owen
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after found guilty of raping a underage student. they be on sex offender list. >> julie: joan abrian and two aids convicted of running a rigged hiring scheme in the department and pros securities say they created jobs in exchange for budget favors in top lawmakers. o'brien has been called to testify before a grand jury on several occasions since his conviction. the feds want him to reveal details about possible misconduct by lawmakers. o'brien appealing his conviction and 18-month prison count. >> daniel: three men face charges for running a meth operation out of a local hotel. burlington police crediting hotel staff at sinnesta hotel for noticing the suspicious activity. the men had been staying at the hotel for at least two weeks. employees say they saw one man wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet with a gas mask over his face. and the men according to police
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had covered the smoke detectors in the room with plastic bags. hotel guests as you can imagine shocked. >> whole cooking mess thing is shocking to me in a hotel that is amazing. i mean who think of that. >> daniel: police tell us one of the men is known for drug trafficking and all men will be in district court this morning. >> julie: deadly crash in fitchburg still under investigation this morning. happened yesterday evening on water street near vemus. two cars collided one destroyed and one person died after flown to hospital and victim's that i am won't be released until his or her's family won't be identified. >> julie: milbury police chief tells us 56 debra mcnamara fell asleep and building did not have sprinklers and chief says sprinklers could have saved
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to code without them. >> daniel: we were live at the scene as this was breaking during the morning news on saturday. the plane crashed into the woods moments after taking off from the worcester regional airport on saturday morning. the telegram reporting this morning that there was some sort of breakdown in communication between air traffic control and her the emergency fire personnel at the airport. worcester fire ridership on scene first after air controllers called 911 because they couldn't reach the airport's rescue firefighters. 66-year-old gary weller of connecticut was flying that plane. the ntsb is expected to release a preliminary report within the next ten days. >> julie: revere's mayor, fire and police cheech will meet with addiction specialist in fight against opioids and happening at 11:00 this morning at revere city hall.
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julie: today department of health and human services will hold a public fornumb dover to talk about proposed dispensaries the goal is to get input from the communities, potential patients and caregivers about safety and other concerns. that forum is happen at 7:00 p.m. at mcconnell center on longest street. >> daniel: donald trump is in new hampshire right now. gop front runner kicked off event at atkinson at 7:00 a.m. and showed it to you live. mr. trump wasting no time taking aim everything from the military and media and competition. >> i could go on and on because we want to talk about other things like bush, carson, hillary. hillary. can't take another hillary, hillary. how bad is it? what a mess. >> daniel: trump also read allow the latest poll standings saying despite the poll in iowa is winning all of them.
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daniel: donald trump not backing down from comments made about ben carson religious he said he, quote, doesn't know about seventh day adventists. that's been carson's religion but wasn't insulting carson and come up between the pair last month and last month carson apologized for saying trump's faith is ingenuine. >> julie: 70% say trump voters has what it takes to win the general election. voters think ben carson and jeb bush are tied to 2nd place when it comes to electability and marco rubio came in 4th 4th place. >> catherine: investigation after home explosion in taunton and latest work going on at the scene. >> daniel: trump is in new hampshire and front runner took aim at this morning. shiri?
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>> shiri: warm-up going to be not that amazing. i got 30s, 40s now but 50s by lunchtime today, highs will top out only in the lower 50s
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much warmer it will be by the >> julie: this morning we expect to learn more about boston's woman involvement about his death and live outside the courthouse in jamaica plain this morning and michael, i
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information on this story. >> michael: within the last several minutes speaking with the widow in the situation and her nice is tracy francis, her husband clive was killed over the weekend at their niece's hyde park home and roxbury district court after the tragic death of her husband, he was 49 years old and just learned his birthday was coming up on halloween. she had a big fiftieth birthday party, surprise party planned for this friday and what breaks the heart even more their wedding anniversary was coming up this thursday and she was in tears as she talked about topics, tears when she lost to another loved one in her family and 36-year-old yvonne lewis shot her uncle in the head on saturday afternoon and that sparked a manhunt for about five hours and eventually taken into
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custody in peabody by peabody police and again, a region wide manhunt that went on for hours saturday afternoon and this morning the arraignment is set to take place any minute now in west roxbury district court on murder charges. the widow of clive francis spoke with us on camera and we will speak more coming up in 15 minutes and editing some of the footage now so you can see it and emotion on her face clearly heartbreaking, her family there to support her, she walked in with wedding picture in her hand i will show you all of that in just a few minutes. stay with us. reporting live outside west roxbury district court i'm michael henrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: vice president joe biden speaks for the first time since announcing he would not run for president and spoke to cbs60 minutes ahead of the reports of the announcement and how the son's death affected his decision. as andrew spencer reports biden isn't leaving the door open for any further speculation.
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>> reporter: vice president of the united states it seems will be the last elected office joe biden will ever hold. >> reporter: will you of run for political office again. >> no. >> reporter: biden talked about the impact his son's death had on decision to run, reports bo biden offered support are a bit overdone. >> made up as hollywoodesque at last minute bo said dad, like one win for the beginner, wasn't like that. >> reporter: last week biden put end to speculation he had not be in campaign. >> unfortunately i believe we are out of time and mount a winning campaign for the nomination for the nomination. >> reporter: it took him too long to decide and window eventually closed.
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>> dealing with the loss of bo any parent listening who lost a child knows you can't -- it doesn't follow schedules of primaries and caucuses and contributors in the like. >> reporter: biden wants to influence the democratic party and make sure it doesn't walk away, he says, he and president obama have done. i'm andrew spencer reporting. >> julie: school districts to require fewer and more meaningful exams and kyla come bell live in washington to explain what the president is doing today. kyla? >> kyla: students instructional time in the classroom and meeting with
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and school district leaders at at the white house and make more than 100 standardized tests pre-k to high school and standardized tests should align with students learn in effective classrooms and work they would have and real world. >> julie: trouble spots and see by all the icons, not problem free yet, expressway southbound waiting for the accident to clear at columbia road. still issue on 128 northbound at high street in dedham and another on the pike westbound at washington street in newton. bumper-to-bumper as you pass the gas tank on the expressway northbound right now. here are those live drive times up to nearly an hour on the expressway from the braintree split exit for the pike and 22 minutes on 93 south from 495 --
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to the alert connect and her 20 minutes 128 south northbound from university avenue to the weston tolls. >> shiri: sunshine out there now and really good-looking day, great way to kick off workweek and beware and frosty spots and ends up being the coldest day of the workweek at least and then we got a warmer and wetter forecast by wednesday into thursday and right now satellite and radar pretty quiet other than couple clouds floating across the cape in nantucket and going to be on and off through the morning hours, actually ocean effect clouds elsewhere and we are dealing with sunshine and it is going to stay like that today. in fact, 46 right now in boston and it is going to be bright as it is now for the rest of the day so we got sunshine straight through the remainder of the morning, 49 here at 11:00 a.m. and by the afternoon we are going to be in the lower 50s. couple cooler spots though including worcester at 41 now you did drop down to freezing
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sunshine in place and sunshine by 11:00 a.m. and 42 1:00 p.m. 48 and here we do not hit the 50s and stays cooler and we got a lot of spots like that as travel through the day and cape and islands, still got highs lower 50s in hyannis and 53 , sandwich 51, vineyard at 53 and then you get up to the south shore and it is going to be all sunshine, so plymouth 51 , hull 52, bridgewater 53, boston sunshine and 52 this afternoon and middle 50s in norwood, foxborough 53, same in framingham, burlington, lawrence, hudson, new hampshire and upper 40s worcester to gardner and higher elevations temperature get a little bit stuck today because cooler air stalling out warm-up but also travels over the ocean water and travels over the cape and islands and that's what causes
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those ocean effect clouds and otherwise sunshine and lift a bit and we end the day on nice and bright note there will be more tuesday clouds around, see them here and there and couple more degrees today and not in the morning, 37 in boston, 33 beverly, 35 in plymouth and 32 in worcester. it is high temperatures that actually go a little bit higher tomorrow than today low and mid-50s, 56 in boston and nice not to see the 40s on the map here tomorrow and then by wednesday 60 , check this out, rain that will develop during the day and turned steadier and heavier during the evening and overnight hours you can see the blue associated with into thursday we still got scattered showers, showers start to fall apart, winds really start to pick up and that's our hot day of the week, 70 but not hot with sunshine, hot with clouds
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and scattered showers. by friday starts to brighten up and lower and middle 50s highs in the weekend and halloween sunny. back to you guys. >> daniel: boat full of whale watchers sinks off the coast of canada and what we learned about the tragedy and the company's past.
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crowd of people taking lives and >> daniel: 9:24, memorial for 24 people and 17 injured when woman plowed into a crowd. adacia chambers was drunk when she drove into oklahoma state university's homecoming parade saturday. chambers' lawyers say family history of mental illness and have been acting strange in the days before the crash. >> it has been shared there were several days going without sleeping and very uneasiness about her and uncertainty about her future, perception about herself, perception about what others thought about it. >> daniel: last night vigil was held for victims of the crash and people also prayed for chambers who's facing multiple second-degree murder charges.
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maritime academy for jessica simpson and graduated in 1996 and one of the 53 people on board a cargo ship which sank during hurricane joaquin. two other massachusetts natives were also on board that ship. julie: students in new hampshire are honoring the life of teenager found in hotel. organized a vigil in her honor last night. the 17-year-old died of drug overdose over the weekend and friend say they want to help inspire people to find a solution to the growing drug epidemic. >> want to have problem with these drugs and it is getting closer to us as children. >> julie: she was a senior at spaulding high school. >> daniel: home leveled by explosion. coming up next what neighbors say they saw and heard just before the house blew up and how the woman inside made it out alive. good morning, shiri.
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>> julie: now at 9:30, hit and run on route 1 in saugus is deadly, crash happened outside hooter after 11:00 p.m. last night. this morning authorities are looking for dark red mercedes sedan that has heavy front end damage on the passenger side of
9:27 am
the car and we are live in just a moment. good monday morning, everyone, i'm julie grauert. >> daniel: i'm daniel miller. sun is out there and it is still chilly. >> shiri: grab jacket, grab extra layer and say it basically all day long and getting into the lower 50s. 46 now in boston and randolph number just updating there and lawrence 42 , 42 in framingham, still in the 30s though in exeter, new hampshire and still has chilly spots 41 in worcester, 42 in fitchburg, thirties in new ipswich in keene, new hampshire and nashua recovering out of the 30s, back to 40 , congratulations, 46 in plymouth and 50 in harwhich, 51 nantucket. so clearly the cape and islands kind of on the warmer side of this forecast. but now we got 30s, we got 40s, couple 50s on the map, noon time it is going to be closer to northwest in most towns and cities ask kind of cool and bright at 53 and clear conditions at 7:00 p.m. but
9:28 am
temperature are really going to take a hit as sun goes down and back to 447:00 this evening and show you how much colder it is going to be this time tomorrow and back over to you for check on roads. >> shiri: slow spots around town and quick tour of them 93 south sluggish through medford, speeds of 7 miles per hour on 128 south right now as you head around the bend through burlington and lexington as you can see you in accident there as you approach the pike. pike itself is still sluggish as you could see brighton bumper-to-bumper heading eastbound. 27 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel and a little over an hour on the expressway. that is much longer than we are used to seeing this time of day and 37 minutes on 93 south to the leverett connector. >> >> daniel: driver hit someone on route 1 and sped off leaving the victim to die. fox25 jessica reyes joins us
9:29 am
from the scene this morning and jessica, new details with state police and vehicle they are looking for. >> jessica: victim 33-year-old man and hit southbound side of route 1 around 11:00 last night and state police say they are now looking for a red mercedes that was spotted leaving the scene here. taking a look at video at the scene, this was shot right after it happened last night and crews southbound side of route 1 closed off for quite sometime as they recreated the scene here and as they were doing that actually had to keep people that were inside hooters restaurant inside to keep them from going into the crime scene so right outside the restaurant here. once again state police looking for a red mercedes in connection with this crash, we know the victim is 33-year-old man from new york and as soon as we get more information on him including his name, we will pass that right along to you.
9:30 am
reyes, fox25 news. >> daniel: past 15 minutes death toll in afghanistan reached more than 100 people in powerful earthquake that hit the country this morning. u.s. geological survey initially said this was a 7.7 earthquake. it has now revised that to 7.5. new video from the scene and seen people running into the streets and building violently shake and quake was stalled across southeast asia and pakistan and india and continue to update you on breaking news all morning. >> daniel: >> julie: investigators sifting through rubble to find a cause and catherine parrotta is live outside of what's left of that home. catherine? >> catherine: yes. you can see the pile of debris just over my shoulder and sifting through the debris and move over to the side and pan over and show you all the vehicles parked out front, two
9:31 am
marshal's office and make it out next to the yellow machine and group of investigators here on the scene right now and again, this is the process of looking into exactly unfolded here trying to get better idea of what happened although they look at they suspect this was related to natural gas and meantime a lot of neighbors coming by still unshock what unfolded. >> watching patriots game and heard loud noise. >> catherine: three neighbors enjoying a sunday as anyone might and ordinary sunday shattered and anything far from typical and debris what was once a home at 40 christine lane and that home torn apart by explosion. >> window blown out and 30, 40 feet. >> debris in everyone's yard around here. >> catherine: it was intense
9:32 am
according to neighbors and one shot cel phone video engulfing colonial and small miracle 52-year-old homeowner was inside and made it out. >> she was definitely hysterical and she made it out okay, wasn't hurt, she was in the house at the time and evidently started in the basement and she was upstairs on the second floor from what i'm told. >> catherine: taken away in ambulance, emotionally shaken and red cross will assist her as investigators work to piece together exactly how this unfolded, neighbors still in disbelief. to give you sense of just how intense the blast was, i just picked up this piece of debris over on this side of the street where we are standing and house across the street so pieces of this house got sort of strewn all over the neighborhood here and again that house was about the size of that house that you see next door to it and what it has been reduced to right now and investigators here on the
9:33 am
exactly what happened here and though do suspect it was related to natural gas and updates on this we will get those to you on the website and also on the news tonight at five and six. now live here in taunton, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> julie: breaking news in carver, stay in place order at carver elementary school. school confirming a teacher saw a possible intrude or campus and police have been called in and as precaution doing a full search of the school, that is all we are being told about the investigation at carver elementary school but stay with fox25 here and online as this story develops. >> daniel: this morning we expect to learn more about boston woman's involvement in her uncle's death. fox25 michael henrich is live outside the courthouse in jamaica plain this morning. michael, you have brand-new information for us. >> michael: within the last 30 minutes, daniel, i spoke with tracy francis, she is the wife of the man that was killed over
9:34 am
you some of the video that shows her come surrounded by family and this moment it is particularly heartbreaking because not only mourning the loss of clive francis that would have celebrated his fiftieth birthday and his wife said she had a surprise party planned this friday and so hurt because the person charged with killing clive francis is none other than his niece, 36-year-old yvonne lewis. lewis, her arraignment is set to happen any moment at west roxbury court. she shot her uncle at hyde park and got insight from tracy francis that says her husband was going to get a haircut before heading to a funeral and he was asked to stop by his niece's house for some reason and couldn't divulge that but
9:35 am
she says he went there with their 11-year-old son and their 11-year-old son was at the home when clive francis was shot and killed. here is a little bit of that interview with tracy francis. >> wouldn't answer my calls and my son was with him. i don't understand because and why do something like this? >> michael: so chose, that's how she described the relationship. tracy francis talked about the kind of man that clive francis was, a man that is family relied on, man that owned a business on
9:36 am
time trucking that hoped to pass children. he had four children in all. tracy francis also continues this week knowing that their anniversary would have been this thursday and now she will mark that day alone. fox25 news at five and six and update what takes place inside west roxbury district court here at yvonne lewis' arraignment. for now reporting live from michael henrich, fox25 news. >> julie: local drunk -- dunkin donuts was plowed through and happened yesterday afternoon and fox25 was there as relatives arrived shortly after the crash and driver and store employee were hurt but they are expected to recover. witness says firefighters were right around the corner on another call when it happened. >> all of a sudden everybody
9:37 am
stopped and everybody started waving. >> julie: police tell us the driver may have mistakenly hit the gas instead of the break but still working to confirm that. >> daniel: safe return for kids in methuen after shooting plot was stopped by police. it involved tiny grammar school. pair of students told classmates to stay home today because they were going to shoot up the school. other students reported the plot to school staff and 13-year-old and 14-year-old were quickly taken into custody. >> everyday we send our kids here and luckily methuen police responded quickly, handled the situation appropriately and kids are out of the school. >> daniel: both teenagers are charged and older teen held without bail and younger released to his parents and both are expected in court today. >> julie: man accused of stealing expensive wine. happened in several states in the northeast.
9:38 am
new york and recently accused of hitting stores in connecticut. liquor store owners say they are keeping close eye on stock and deluca wanted in four states including rhode island, new jersey, new york and connecticut julie: processed meats like bacon and sausage cause campus. looking at -- cause cancer. scientists are questioning if there's enough evidence to support this latest finding. >> daniel: this morning whole foods recalling a number of products across new england because of the possible listeria contamination. the supermarket is recalling both packaged curry chicken salad and sandwiches as well as classic delhi pasta salads. they were all sold between october 18th and october 22nd. sell buy date of october 23rd. the recall covers massachusetts, new hampshire, maine, rhode island and connecticut. people who bought any of these
9:39 am
products are asked to throw them out or bring receipts to whole foods for full refund. >> julie: if you're lucky you may have chance to catch a glimpse of movie stars. supertrooper. >> shiri: normal high temperature 58 and flat 53 for high today, big warm-up wednesday and into thursday and
9:40 am
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>> daniel: five people died when 65-foot boat went down off british of columbia and learned five victims were british tour exists 27 people were on board, one person remains missing this morning. the seven for the final victim will resume as soon as the sun comes up at the scene. we are told there was no bad weather in the area at the time of the crash. conditions were reportedly calm, clear and sunny. in 1998 a whale watch boat from the same company capsized during an excursion and operator and one passenger died in that accident. >> julie: this morning new york city fiance hoping to start a foundation in his name. officer randolph holder was
9:42 am
accused gunman now facing charges and they want to send money to holderrer's home country. julie: flip sanders died yesterday and kevin garnett posting a heartfelt photo of him. >> daniel: thursday night's match-up with miami dolphins and pats were down yesterday in the fourth quarter when brady fires 8-yard td pass and gave pats 23-20 lead and under two minutes to go in the game it is brady again this time finds rob gronkowski all alone. there you see, gronkowski goes untouched and pats win 30-23 and
9:43 am
they are now 6-0 on the season. >> daniel: high school football player claims he was given a personal foul for playing. dante truro was flagged for pointing finger to sky at end of 73-yard td run and official said it was for taunting and he was just giving thanks as he does after every touchdown. >> always been taught since i was middle and playing football since i was five years old glory shouldn't be on you, it should be the team and on god. >> daniel: he does not he should have been penalized during the game. >> julie: one area troublesome 128 lexington and other is expressway and earlier accident has really slowed things down even more than what we were used to, average speeds 7 miles per hour and as we particular you
9:44 am
gas tank you can see crossing along until get the accident cleared. that's why we are seeing drive time up to 42 minutes on the expressway and that's better than last time we checked when hovering closer to an hour and 21 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel and 41 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear back from few days off and joining us chilly day out there. >> shiri: sunny day out there and starting normal lower 40s and 7:10 this morning and sunshine until five, 46 this and temperatures won't goat to the average high, 50 noon time and 53 at 3:00 p.m. here and we are seeing temperatures fall and big reason why because cooler wind coming in from the north here and keep us dry and isn't going
9:45 am
to truly override the cooler air coming in and what we might hope for and same time southeastern united states dealing with a lot of moisture, this is moisture from the leftovers of what was hurricane patricia, not a tropical system any more but fueling some heavy rain here and some of that moisture does leak into our own forecast as we hit the middle of the week and future cast featuring sunshine and thin clouds over the cape and islands, clouds on and off kind of for the cape and islands because ocean effect so we got the wind picking up the moisture, spilling clouds out in your direction. otherwise sunshine in boston at 52 this afternoon, same in quincy, cambridge 53 and looking for cool spots central massachusetts where we get trapped if the 40s, northborough, worcester, rutland, a littleol, 49 later today versus those low to possibly middle 50s in spots like brockton, framingham and lowell all around 53
9:46 am
and 52 in manchester, new hampshire, 50 in keene, we got a lot of lower 50s for the cape and islands later today and tonight we are back into the 30s, going to be a cool start to the morning tomorrow, we hit these temperatures as sun comes up, framingham, lowell, manchester, new hampshire, worcester down to 33 , upper 30s in boston and in marshfield so get your sweaters ready and jackets ready, tomorrow it will be temps back into the mid-upper 50s so do gain a couple degrees as go into tuesday forecast and gain a couple clouds as well, on and off tuesday clouds, wednesday 60 as clouds fill in, showers move in and heaviest rain overnight and thursday and check out rain totals, a lot of totals you see, a lot of this rain will actually fall during overnight hours, these are early estimates, can end up a little more, can end up a little bit less but seeing inch and a halfy rainfall potential and thursday morning and scattered showers
9:47 am
wind pick up, 70 enjoy it while you can and normal high of 58 by friday and over the weekend we have highs in the low and mid-50s saturday and into sunday, saturday pick of the weekend although chilly for halloween it is going to air on the sunny side.
9:48 am
they made that saved the life of >> julie: breaking news overnight in peabody. fox25 within the last ten minutes this crash on forest street was deadly. car hit utility pole just before 11:00 last night. police now confirming the victim was a 17-year-old driver from peabody and they have not been identified yet. we will, of course, be following up as this investigation moves forward today. you can look for the latest on news at five and six. >> daniel: fisherman in gnc credited with saving the life of toddler and pulling other migrants from the water. 18-month-old looked lifeless when he was brought into a boat. fisherman frantically working to revive the boy and get him out of the wet clothes. the boy and mother were trying
9:49 am
when their boat went down. >> both gave him a second life, we are grateful to you, may god bless you. >> daniel: boy and his mother are doing well this morning. the fisherman pulled 15 other people out of the water during the rescue. >> julie: jimmy fallon on the mend this morning after taking a trip during trip to cambridge this weekend. he was harvard by harvard lampoon and during parade he was caught on camera falling down. he was taken to mass general where he was patched up. jimmy nearly lost a finger during a kitchen accident. >> daniel: internet cat video
9:50 am
things cats. >> shiri: we got the sunshine and going to feel great outside, doesn't feel horrible out there but it is going to be cool, highs anywhere 48 to 54 and for me personally that's a jacket day. i don't take off my jacket when only in the 50s. sunshine today few more clouds and 60 on wednesday.
9:51 am
>> daniel: they just go up and down. >> shiri: so new england and october and i'm in the good graces of my own children so i've good. >> julie: dressing up? >> shiri: wizard of oz theme. i didn't get to be dorothy or glenda because my kids claimed that. >> julie: matt will be lion. >> shiri: get extra hour sleep because we turn it back an hour. >> daniel: thank you so much
9:52 am
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