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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 27, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> julie: changes local lawmakers are calling for this morning to protect people at dead man's curve. >> daniel: shaking things up on the campaign trail. how far ben carson has pulled ahead of donald trump for the first time. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: it is 9:00 on tuesday, october 20th, i have to look at my phone to see what day it was. >> julie: month is flying by, very chilly ride to work this morning, maybe that's why it is lard to keep track of the dates because it feels like winter even though in the thick of fall.
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>> daniel: brain cells frozen. >> shiri: oh, no. this is the kind of morning and hot cocoa or hot coffee or tea, it is golden because it is cold out there and temperature starting to respond to the sunshine though and far fewer 30s on the map, no longer have the 20s this hour we got 40s so 42 in boston and plymouth and 42 in worcester, still 32 freezing and nashua but it is nice to see you climb out of the 20s there and in beverly at 35 now and no rain makeners thursday's forecast. 52 to 38 freezing start and sun and scattered clouds, timeline on incoming heavy rain for tomorrow coming up next and for check on the roads. >> julie: update everyone on the accident and tell you about on the danvers area, tweet from
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mass dot, 95 north right at endicott road, multi-vehicle crash, three lanes are still blocked, that's going to slow things down in the area. 128 southbound through burlington lexington still very sluggish, 93 south through medford and into somerville is just crawling along. live look at the pike right now where you can see volume remains steady through brighton. here are live drive times to help you plan your day, 36 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel and 35 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 54 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: 9:02 right now, update to breaking news out of saugus, lockdown has been lifted at the high school. school official confirming the order was in place for about an hour but it is still unclear what sparked that lockdown. again, the lockdown lifted at saugus high school. >> daniel: we continue to follow breaking news out of pembroke where students are in class as police investigate a serious threat against the middle school but story came in as tip just before the 10:00
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newscast. fox25 jessica reyes is live outside of the pembroke community middle school where the investigation, jessica, began over the weekend and within the last ten minutes you got brand-new information about what that threat was. >> jessica: that's right, daniel. we just heard back from police. they are giving out pretty limited information but here is what we know so far. this all involves a 12-year-old student here at pembroke community middle school and this all started over the weekend and threat was made to other children and student body at large here in the middle school. pembroke police investigated throughout the weekend they say met with school officials on sunday night to address safety concerns. this morning they say the investigation continues and no charges have been filed at this point but they do say there's no ongoing threat to students here this morning. superintendent we know did tell the patriot ledger last night that the student in question has been sent for a mental health evaluation. we know the student absent
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does say that he or show was not suspended. they were absent from school and still a lot of questions about this this morning but learning this is a 12-year-old student involved in all of this. we still waiting to hear back from the superintendent's office this morning and as soon as we do we will get right back to you for now live in pembroke, jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> julie: driver slams into 128 in needham and takes off into the woods. the story is new this morning. fox25 michael henrich has been reporting live from the scene where troopers were tweeting from the crash site. michael? >> michael: they were tweeting not information only but pictures of what happened here right along in industrial park's parking lot alongside 128 here but you could see the general area where the accident took place a little before 10:00 last night. these pictures really tell the story though. mass state police showing us one of the three cars involved in
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this accident knocked off the roadway. another two cars still on 128 at the time that those pictures were taken. the accident, of course, all cleared up at this point. that's not the end of the story here. mass state police say one of the drivers ended up running away from the scene and ended up needing a canine officer's help. canine named fathom. to track the driver down and bring that person into custody. what's more as you can see in these pictures, one of the troopers seen holding what appears to be a couple bottles of prescription drugs. many questions here. first and foremost, whether those prescription drugs played any role in the causing this accident. we simply do not know yet. i have reached out to massachusetts state police to get that answer. also asked who that driver that ran away initially was whether any charges will be pressed. we have not heard back. as soon as we do we will bring you an update on the fox25
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morning news app as well as for now though we are reporting live in needham, i'm michael henrich, fox25 news. >> julie: new at 9:00 community at new hampshire mourning death of fourth grader who collapsed while delivering cookies to a friend. according to the union leader nine-year-old christopher chester just made cookies and delivering them from the a friend when he collapsed friday night. when paramedics arrived they were able to get his heart beating again but efforts to save him were unsuccessful. family and friends set up go fund me account to help family pay for funeral costs and so far more than $19,000 has raised. >> daniel: police in peabody trying to determine what caused teenager to run off the road and slam into a utility pole. alex vital died sunday night and malden catholic senior was set to graduate next spring and group counselors were helping devastated classmates and teachers deal with the tragedy. >> a tremendous loss and not
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all of us and adults in the building. i had teachers in tears when we announced this. it is just that hard. >> daniel: police say alex' car left no skidmarks at the scene and no obvious reason why he left the road. >> julie: serial rapist on nantucket says he is responsible for four attacks on women. he was charged with sexual assault in 2008 and another in 2014. prosecutors told the globe matterson also confessed to another rape in 2008 and one took place last month and police are comparing the dna to evidence from other similar incidents on the island. julie: derry, new hampshire man held on rain charges. he is asking for, having and distributing images of child sexual abuse. police say the alleged victims range in age 11 years old to 22.
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held on $5,000 bail. julie: bridgewater state student accused of trying to intimidate a classmate. he was out on bail on rape charge and brockton enterprise reports judge ordered sandy to stay away from the alleged victim for a year. he is now out on personal recognizance and due back in court in january. >> daniel: massachusetts couple police dubbed bonnie and clyde are back in custody. they are accused of robbing five banks from ludlow, massachusetts to florida. yesterday a state trooper spotted joseph running out of bank in delaware cash in hand and carrier led police on chase into pennsylvania before crashing into a pair of cruisers and being taken into custody. the ludlow police detective who has been tracking the couple says it was a great news to hear they have been caught. fox25 has told it is unclear when or if the couple will come back to massachusetts to face charges. they could be charged federally because the crimes cross state lines.
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there's no word this morning on the status of the seven dogs the couple was said to be traveling with. >> julie: police arrested steven cass at hem after they send for a school laptop. cass was said to have illegally kept the commuter after he left the job and there was widespread problems in the sports department and all the school had to do was call him for the laptop. >> never asked for it back, never asked me to pay for it. they gave it to me. >> julie: only goal was to recover the computer and cass will be back in court for a probable cause hearing. >> daniel: we now know the cause of this weekend's massive home explosion this taunton. the state fire marshal says the blast was result of an accident during a home repair project. and gas shutoff golf while
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shutting the heater. no one was hurt but it is a total loss. daniel: construction worker trapped and check from milbury fire department. the excavator tipped over on providence street while building was being torn down. the person inside was able to get out on their own and tow truck had to be called in to move the machine. >> julie: tomorrow we could learn more about the prison restrictions placed on convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsamaev. judge that sentenced dzhokhar to death earlier this year will unseal three motions regarding and super max prison in colorado and restrictive measures could include mail, visits and other interactions to prevent the risk of terrorism. >> daniel: late night deal could keep the federal government from shutting down earlier this year and reached budget agreement with president obama just before midnight and deal was for two years and keeps
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the government from defaulting on loans by raising the federal barrowing limit and calls for limited spending increases while cutting some social programs. vote on the plan could come as soon as tomorrow. however, conservative republicans still have not agreed to the plan. >> daniel: 9:11 right now. new poll says americans reduce risk to reduce amount of money spent by washington. poll says 56% of voters are okay with shutting down the federal government if that means more spending cuts. that includes 76% of republicans and 44% of democrats. 29% of voters also say they oppose raising the country's debt limit which would cause the u.s. to default on loans and likely send stocks falling. daniel: still ahead local woman hit by a speeding mail truck.
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>> excruciating painful. >> daniel: she says the mailman came after her. >> julie: making documents politically correct and phrase many wants to phase out. >> shiri: 41 at 10:00 a.m., 50s back at lunchtime today, mid-50s for highs but wait
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with hood, cottage cheese can be pineapple on a waffle. or cucumber and dill as a dip. with 8 delicious flavors of hood cottage cheese, the possibilities are endless. always good. always hood. >> julie: we have breaking political news.
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for the first time ben carson leading donald trump in national poll. kyla campbell is live in washington to break down the numbers. kyla? >> kyla: cbs news poll shows 26% of republican primary voters would nominate ben carson. he is now edging out donald trump who got 22% support on that poll. trump had been downplaying recent iowa poll put carson in lead and shows the trend continues nationally. carson leads trump among evangelicals and those identified as very conservative and more women also choose carson over trump. marco rubio is in 4th place but 8% of people polled his nomination and jeb bush and carly fiorina are tied for 4th 4th place with each getting 7% support in the poll and republican candidate will square off in another debate tomorrow night on cnbc. kyla campbell, fox25 news.
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swing through the granite state. democratic front runner will be back in new hampshire tomorrow and thursday. pundits say she will increase attention on the state which has been the weakest link in the pass to win the nomination. >> daniel: happening today president obama expected to call for tougher gun laws. president in chicago to address the annual conference of police chiefs from around the world and plans to call for expanded background checks for gun purchases and police chiefs want improvements to federal databases which tracks people who are not legally allowed to buy guns. >> daniel: this morning government looking to take illegal immigrants out of documents to change wording to undocumented foreign nationals. within the u.s. government they say the term is offensive. >> i think the least we could do is respect humanity of people
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rid of lang outdated and offensive and rose's law removed the term mental retardation from the mental government. >> julie: 9:16 and watching the accident in danvers 95 north at endicott road, still several lanes blocked in that area while crews work to make sure everyone is safe and get it cleared. 128 southbound very slow through lexington, 93 south sluggish as well through medford, expressway jammed from furnace brook parkway up to columbia road. here are live drive times. 30 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. 33 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike and little urn an hour on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now with look at today's temperatures. has it warmed up tall since -- at all since 20s and 30s? >> shiri: 40s pop up on the map and weeding out 20s great news and freezing temperatures
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going to trade that in for heavy rain and wind tomorrow and gets warmer but gets a lot messier out there, freeze warning only went until 9:00 this morning for the cape and martha's vineyard so that is no longer a concern. otherwise temperature today are going to warm up nicely so we got 42 boston, worcester and plymouth now and 35 still in beverly, one of the cooler spots now, at least we got the sunshine and calm winds 11:00 a.m. 44 and by around lunchtime, by noon, 1:00 you're going to make your way into the 40s there. plymouth at 42 right now, started off chilly, started out freezing, started off in the 20s, in fact, and now we got the sun up to 51 at 11:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. 54 but you will also see more and more of the clouds starting to pop up into the afternoon. i don't expect that it is going to become overcast but the skies are going to tend to turn a little bit milky later on today. 54 in boston, 55 in lawrence,
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and worcester today 52 same in gardner, 54 mildford, new hampshire and 53 from the sea coast down to the north shore and for the south shore and more of the middle 50s and plymouth at sandwich climbs to 55 and so does hyannis and 56 nantucket and with the same mix of sun and clouds. high pressure is going to keep us nice and dry for the day today but off to the west you can see the showers moving toward us by early tomorrow morning but your wednesday morning commute will likely be dry here. i can't rule out a rogue shower up ahead of this but overall it is the clouds that will thicken up during the morning tomorrow so getting into work not too much of an issue even at lunchtime not looking too bad, the chance for rain is going to start going up and i do see a couple showers here by 5:00 in the afternoon. heaviest rain though still across western new england and in passing through during the overnight hours here peaking as well into tomorrow morning. so future cast in my opinion a
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to see a little more rain, still downpours for thursday morning and gusty winds. tonight we got temps falling back into the 30s and 40s, about 45 in boston but 30s off to the north and west, 41 in plymouth not as cold because we got the clouds moving in and still not wet and highs near 60 tomorrow and wet weather and winds 35 up to 50 miles per hour that's going to push water into the shoreline and even boil down to concerns along concern over minor coastal flooding, warm day at 70s and rain showers going to ease up and much more scattered in the afternoon and bright and breezy 50 and weekend sunshine saturday for halloween and by sunday we will have to watch out for more rain. back to you guys. >> daniel: legacy to be left
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boston's mayor >> julie: kelly write explains crews trying to get through remote mountainous areas to
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reach victims in need of immediate help. >> reporter: death tolls continues to rise in south asia following a massive earthquake that killed people and struck remote area of afghanistan monday but it causes extensive damage in pakistan and shift buildings in india. recovery efforts likely to be created by security threats and escalating taliban insurgency. >> i demand all afghans to help each other and in the affected areas and every afghan to provide accurate information on
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the casualty of damages and start managing help for those who need it. >> there are a number of prepositioned emergency shelter and supply kits and warehouses throughout afghanistan and in pakistan usaid has existing partners ready to responsibility. >> reporter: in addition to existence from u.s. agencies are mobilizing and the earthquake zone. kelly write fox news. >> daniel: persian gulf in building boom right now and decades it could be too hot for humans to live there and climate change experts say end of the century the heat index in saudi arabia cutar and it could be hot for many humans to survive.
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morning about whether maritime law was broken. the uss lassin was only 12 nautical miles from the manmade island. mission was approved by the president. u.s. government does not recognize the island as chinese territory because the sea is center of many territory disputes. >> julie: new video shows success of raid isis prison in iraq where american soldier was killed. isis held prisoners running for their lives and seconds after delta force troops and kurdish commandos burst into the prison last week and see the rescuers checking hostages for weapons and suicide vests. raid was first time u.s. forces have directly engaged isis fighteners rackliffe and killed in the firefight. julie: student pulled out of class by a police officer and whole thing caught on camera.
9:25 am
. >> what she could have done that warranted that kind of response. >> daniel: where the officer is this morning. shiri? >> shiri: and we got dry and some chilly weather in place and so dry we have eight inch rainfall deficit in boston, worcester. starting tomorrow. timeline on that rain coming up. >> catherine: this is site of deadly crash in oxford but local
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first to happen here and >> daniel: freeze warning in parts of the state but it is seriously chilly out there. >> julie: good tuesday morning, everyone. i'm julie grauert here with danel and shiri is telling us about the cold temperatures. >> shiri: warm-up happening right now so we have the sunshine and helping to feel the warm-up which means the difference between this morning pronounced, 4 cooler in boston and it was 22 cooler on the vineyard than it was yesterday morning and 49 in orleans and we 37 , foxborough at 34, still freezing in framingham and
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30s outside of city by lunchtime today cool 50 but fairly bright, sun and scattered clouds today high 56, i will show you when the rain does move in during the day tomorrow coming up in just a few. julie, back to you for a check on the roads. >> julie: several lanes have been closed for the last 30 minutes. it is on 95 northbound three lanes have been blocked because of a bad accident there. if you work your way closer into the city, 93 south sluggish through medford, 128 southbound average speeds about 8 miles per hour as you head through buried and lexington. expressway still very slow as you can see past freeport street and up to columbia road. here are your live drive times 27 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. 30 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike and 46 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector.
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school in pembroke middle school after police investigate a threat and suspect just 12 years old. >> jessica: student just 12 years old and threats apparently were made over the weekend. they tell me that on saturday they got a report on the report made by 12-year-old to other children and to the student body at large here at pembroke community middle school. police investigated throughout the weekend and met with school official on sunday night to address safety concerns. they say no charges have been filed at this point but the investigation continues and one point that they really want to get home to everyone is that there's no threat to anyone and no one is in any danger at the school. superintendent said this student has not been suspended but absent yesterday and confirmed patriot ledger student now undergoing a mental health
9:29 am
evaluation and questions about this including what type of threat exactly was made here. we are working to get the answers and have much more for you tonight on the fox25 morning news at five and 6:00. live in pembroke, jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> julie: baby on live support and another child in hospital following a deadly cash crash. catherine parrotta live near the scene of the crash and area known as dead man's curve. >> catherine: see how narrow road is on neither line of the yellow line here and white cross there and local residents say the road has been the sight of many crashes and actually met the man with a connection to that cross that you're looking at right now.
9:30 am
still investigating this latest crash and we did speak with a man that tells us his exwife's previous husband was killed on stretch of road by drunk driver who crossed over the line en82 years ago and woman's son left in wheelchair. woman wrote a book about all of this and doing presentations to get safety improvements made to the road including cement barriers put here. >> this section is so bad right here, they have done the barriers down that end of 20 but that should actually be done right here. this is such a dangerous part of
9:31 am
so many people lost so many lives here. >> catherine: police investigating circumstances surrounding yesterday's crash and many local residents saying crashes here are all too common. now, i did reach out to the town manager here in the town of oxford and confirmed for me there's going to be a meeting with local officials and state officials and going to discuss some ways they might be able to temporarily improve safety in this stretch of route 20. didn't have a date for that meeting just yet and still very much in the developing phase. meantime here this morning i have seen a couple people come by and walk up to the site of this crash just a little ways away where we are standing leaving flowers in things like that. one man doesn't know anybody involved in the crash but felt so bad what had happened here. for now live in oxford, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> daniel: state police are saying very little this morning about a vehicle involved in deadly hit and run in saugus and 33-year-old man hit and killed while trying to cross route 1 late sunday night. we were on the story as it was
9:32 am
breaking yesterday morning and troopers found the vehicle and right now driver remain on the loose and investigators will not say what kind of vehicle was involved but today they plan to continue processing it for evidence to identify who may have been behind behind the wheel. daniel: this morning boston police investigating person hit on in brighton. victim's injuries are not life-threatening. >> julie: it is 9:36 and this morning a weymouth postal carrier charged with hitting woman in leg with mail truck. happened sunday night. witnesses tell fox25 edmund haggerty speeding through the neighborhood and when told them to slow down and told fox25 heather hegedus instead the mailman came at her with this truck. >> it is excruciatingly painful.
9:33 am
a beer can in haggerdy's truck and he had been stressed about the workload and haggerdy is off the road but still getting paid by the post office and due back in court in december. >> daniel: this morning the hunt continues robbing a manchester, new hampshire grocery store and happened saturday night and suspect in the sundlun is accused of pulling a knife on the owner. she tells fox25 she decided to turn the tables on him. >> looked at him and smiled and showed him my knife and pointed toward him and he left. >> daniel: mother of four used the knife to scare away the would-be robber. he is 5'4" and weighs 180 pounds. >> julie: dealing with a noosents cat problem. mspca says there are too many ferrell cats and breeding which
9:34 am
mspca is trapping animals to be fixed and released. >> daniel: tom brady is on the clock on the deflategate legal battle. the qb has until december 7th december 7th to reply to the claims. it says judge richard berman overstepped the authority by eliminating brady's four game suspension. nfl also says significant evidence linked brady to those deflated footballs used in the afc championship game. daniel: 9:38 and looking into regulating fantasy sports boston's own draftkings shelling out thousands of dollars advertising all over the mbta. fox25 found ads for the daily fantasy football website in south station and this week the gaming commission is meeting to talk about whether sites like draftkings should be regulated and we asked governor charlie baker what he thinks about the ads. >> don't think that is a
9:35 am
don't know any of the fact, don't know until you showed to me and no impact on the way i think about this. >> daniel: mbta spoke person says for two buses draftkings spent $17,000 on 4-week ad campaign. the gaming commission is set to meet on the issue on thursday. >> julie: tonight 2015 world series will start right here on fox25. the mets and royals will square off in kansas city. mets fans are ready for the team's first appearance in the fall classic since 2000. fans held pep rally in queens yesterday. pregame coverage begins tonight at 7:30 and see every game of the world series right here on fox25. >> daniel: new study out of mass general hospital say there surgeries. includes unintended side effects and just giving the wrong medication. more than third of the errors hurt the patient. researchers observed nearly 300
9:36 am
come up with the stats. experts say part of the problem is how quickly things happen in an operating room and one possible solution is to create a bar code scanning system to mistakes. >> julie: legislation that had let doctors livening drugs is heading to beacon hill. happening today the state's public health committee will hear arguments for assisted suicide and practice already illegal in five states including vermont examine here in massachusetts governor charlie baker opposes the bill and 2012 rejected a ballot question on livening drugs. >> daniel: small town of irving joining the ranks of police departments using body carmen dinunzio. the town's five full time and five part-time officers reportedly begin wearing the cameras this week and nonprofit to pay for the carmen dinunzio and chief says mandatory policy should help ensure professionalism.
9:37 am
>> julie: tribute to boston's beloved mayor tom menino. boston university will be home to the menino archive and inventory and he catalog collection from 30 years in public service. menino worked at b.u. for sometime. julie: serious new concerns about lamar adom and criminal charge he could face following the weekend at nevada brothel. >> daniel: how local cities would fair if zombies invaded new england. >> shiri: i guess that's good to know. rain on the way, heavy rain at that and looking at one to possibly even more inches of rain.
9:38 am
on the worst of it plus the video makes the rounds on social media. richland school district two black parents association want to know why the arrest was so violent.
9:39 am
and warranted that kind of response. >> daniel: very disturbed by the video and officer's actions are under investigation. >> student asked to leave the class several times by the instructor at the school and assistant principal there as well and officer was called on scene to actually have the student removed from the location. student refused and officer acted that you see on the video. >> daniel: officer can be heard giving the student ultimatum. then there's a struggle. >> daniel: deputy in the video has been accused of excessive force before and center of lawsuit following a violent attack ten years ago. for now officer ben fields is on
9:40 am
not to return to the school as department investigates what happens. >> julie: new details this morning about former basketball star lamar odom. he is possibly going to be charged after tested positive for cocaine. he remains in hospital in los angeles and there's a report he may need a kidney transplant. >> daniel: woman charged with driving through a homecoming parade is now locked up. 25-year-old adacia chambers was drunk when she boston herald through the homecoming parade oklahoma state university on saturday. her attorney says she wasn't drunk and mental health issues and judge ordered mental health if there's anything wrong with chambers.
9:41 am
running short with cargo ship with missing cargo members. navy using locater device to seven for signal being sent out by recorder and el faro sunk joaquin. 33 people were on board including three with ties to massachusetts. daniel: julie: looking at roads and slow spots and new accident to tell but at expressway northbound right at furnace brook parkway and hopping on the expressway going to expect to see some delays there until it is clear. 93 south sluggish through medford and 128 south still giving problems through lexington and live look at zakim bridge moving over the bridge and on to the leverett connector with a decent pace and live drive times, 13 minutes route 1 from 128 to the tobin and 40 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector and 32 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist and shiri spear
9:42 am
and chilly to start the day. >> shiri: nice clear skies and taking blanket away and cools down significantly and started in the 20s and 30s and warming up now and not just clouds in the future, this moisture here planted over the southeastern united states. this is all very tropical, very deep moisture that was attached to hurricane patricia over the weekend going to feel localized down downpours and check out today's future cast featuring sunshine, thin clouds, kind of milky skies here developing and go into the afternoon and today's highs end up reaching the middle 50s which isn't all that unusual for this time of the year. couple degrees below average and 54 in marshfield and 55 in brockton and framingham and 54 in lowell and manchester, new hampshire and lower 50s in worcester today, middle 50s for the cape and islands and not too much variation there and then tonight we got low temperature that will end up rolling back into the 30s
9:43 am
across the interior but upper 30s there and 40s from boston down to south shore and cape and islands and going to be almost 10 warmer than what you woke up to this morning by tomorrow morning. temperature hit rock bottom and then we climb back up to about 60 but in come the changes that we have been talking about first thing in the morning, this is 7:00 a.m. with future cast and clouds already arrive and thicken up and slight chance we will get morning shower, slight chance we will get a lunchtime shower, much better chance we will get showers here at 5:00 p.m. so future cast has bulk of the rain out across western most new england. there's a chance if it speeds up it is going to arrive a little bit sooner and seeing a little bit more than future cast is denoting here and let's plan on some evening commute showers much heavier if you're going to be out west but then overnight it is going to pour and thursday morning 7:00 a.m. this is a little too soon in my opinion to clear out the showers going with some downpours still and some
9:44 am
gusty winds. i see the highest impact commute, in fact, being thursday morning commute by heavy rain and hour-by-hour wind gusts something we will also have to pay close attention to tomorrow, wind will start to strengthen during the overnight hours and strongest here and remain gusty into thursday and winds gust between 35 and 50 miles per hour going to help shove the water into the shoreline too which means we are going to have to watch out for some splashover minor coastal flooding, high 70 on thursday, showers break up, dry out by the evening, friday bright and breezy 60 and saturday halloween, high 54 but for the kids getting ready to trick or treat, parents thinking ahead and temps in the 40s and going to be dry and chilly and jackets on top of costumes most likely and developing rain, sunday night or monday morning still ironing out that timeline. back to you guys.
9:45 am
too many pictures >> daniel: wal-mart is following in the footsteps of amazon and google by branching
9:46 am
retail giant has asked permission in the faa to begin testing drones for home delivery, curbside pickup and inventory and they have been testing drones and amazon says they are ready to begin packages with drones as soon as it is legal and sporting good store black friday and they will be closed on thanksgiving and black friday. it has gotten out of hand and company's 12,000 employees will get paid for the day off. instead the company is encouraging people to go outside. >> julie: starbucks getting into the halloween spirit with vampire themed frappuccino. it is called the frapula white chocolate mocha and raspberry syrup and going on sale tomorrow
9:47 am
julie: found link of looking at pictures of food and packing on pounds. the more you gaze the more you're likely to overeat. apps like instagram are making it worst and problem is foodie pictures can trick the brain into thinking you're hungry and more studies are needed to better understand the link. >> daniel: comedian ricky gervais is returning as host for golden globes. he hosted three years in a row and ended in 2012 after the organization running the event said he crossed the line with some of his jokes. his return comes after three highly rated nbc telecast hosted by tina fay. daniel: duchess and prince went out for the bond film. it is the twenty-fourth bond
9:48 am
film spanning more than five decades. reaction this morning to katherine's dress, you guys? >> julie: i love it. she can do no wrong in my eyes. >> julie: should zombie apocalypse hit. >> daniel: safe to say you may want to flee new england should paranormal uprising happens. >> julie: look at map. providence most likely place for zombie invasion, bridgeport, forest, boston number five. boston also made the top ten for vampire problems thanks to all
9:49 am
blood banks. >> shiri: i have a feeling we are going to be busy with pretty significant rain. >> daniel: thank you so much for joining us.
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there's a better way to specialized surgery that's right for you: lahey hospital and medical center. cardiac teams pioneering innovative treatments... and neurosurgeons at the forefront of spinal surgery... right here. america's largest live-donor liver transplant program... right now. and quality outcomes among the nation's best... the right outcomes... for who matters most. lahey hospital and medical center
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