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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  October 27, 2015 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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barely got out alive. >> so very grateful. he's a i will will -- little miracle. he was sitting right behind christina in the car and thankful he's ok. the family of christina shattered. the mother of three was driving her two boys to her mother's when she and her 9-month-old noah were killed, they went head on into a cement truck while approaching the dangerous curve on route 20 in oxford. >> everything christina did, she did for her kids. >> it happened just like a flash and i said oh my god. >> the reporter: pierre laflore was in the car behind christina's. >> i sew i see there's a baby too, and i give the little boy to my son and tried to help the baby. >> the reporter: state police are investigating the crash, but officials including the oxford fire chief says, the turn has a history of crashes. the state telling fox 25 news
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they recently added rumble strips near the center line, but people tonight are pushing for more to be done. >> she wasn't driving fast, she wasn't reckless, and i want people to know that. that. >> the reporter: and a live look at that stretch of route 20. you can see that sharp turn with the cars just whipping around. one idea they have is a temporary solution, is turning this in to a one-lane eastbound and westbound on either side, to give the cars more room, as they negotiate that turn, again, that meeting is scheduled for thursday at 11:00 a.m. and again, massdot and town officials will sit down, come up with some ideas. we are live in oxford, robert goulston, fox 25. >> elizabeth: for continuing coverage on the oxford deadly crash, visit our web site, download the fox 25 news app. it's free, and available for apple and android users. >> updated breaking news in worcester, where a 5-year-old is recovering after being hit by a car. fox 25 learned the child was hit on hamilton street yesterday.
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the child goes to the abbey kelly charter school. he was dropped off by a school bus and there was no one to meet the boy, but the driver still drove off. we're told the boy ran out in to the road and he was hit. he broke his leg and is being treated for minor head injuries. the driver, a 35-year-old, has not been cited. fox 25 news's erika richie is in worcester to cover this story for us tonight. >> elizabeth: also breaking news in laconia, police police attempting to arrest someone on jewett street. nearby holy trinity school was put on lockdown around 1:00 p.m. walkers were not dismissed, but students were allowed to leave in buses or cars. >> mark: now to a life look at the boston skyline. see what it looks like right here. i knew the great reveal would be something. clouds moving in though, but still, we can see a peek of sunset. storm tracker weather, chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, nice outside right now, but you're already tracking our flex rain event.
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pictures you would think the clouds have the rain attached to them. you have to go down the coast to mid-atlantic states coming in fit and starts at first. but then it really peck up in intensity back here and there's a lot of heavy rain embedded in all of this tropical moisture stream willing toward the northeast, although it doesn't look as organized to me has it did yesterday and certainly not when it came through texas and florida. upward of 10, even 20 inches of rain is reported from this, the remnants of hurricane patricia. we have all know what it did to mexico last week and into early this week. future cast shows us clouds thickening up through the morning. lunchtime, rainshowers back here in to western new england, nothing in central, or eastern new england hand dry, and that's how it will play out through the lunchtime. rain arrives in the afternoon and kenneth countie aoki. as far as our immediate concerns, during the morning tomorrow, starting ate 10 a.m. a, for your -- at 10:00 a.m., there will be a coastal flood advisory. the winds will not have picked up yet, but because of the
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astronomically high tides and the full moon, potential for splashover on some of the roadways. winds will come with the heavy rain. >> elizabeth: stoneham police are searching for the thieves who left two workers tasered and tied up. the he men used a stun gun and zip ties to rob a local coin shop. fox 25 news's crystal haynes is live in stoneham with the concerned from nearby businesses businesses. crystal? >> the reporter: liz elizabeth, i can tell you that one of the employees was actually transported to the hospital. the other one actually able to break free from his restraints and hit the panic button. behind me, this is a very busy plaza with several businesses. i did speak with the nearby pizza shop and they tell me that this has everyone shaken. held up, in broad daylight. while businesses were just opening up on main street in stoneham, police say two hispanic men came in to colonial trading looking to make a deal. and left with stolen gold coins.
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>> during the transaction, apparently one of the suspects pulled out a taser and tased one of the employees, the second employee working in the store heard the noise, came over to assist, an he was tased as well. >> one of the suspects wielded a knife and the two of them made off with an undidn't closed amount of -- undisclosed amount of coins. sky fox overhead at 10:00 a.m. this morning after it all went down and fox 25 cameras were rolling when several evidence bags were taken out of the store. >> this place is targeted in particular. >> the reporter: this is not the first time colonial trading has been robbed. last march, a quarter of a million dollars in gold coins were taken. in an overnight smash-and-grab. does it scare you have that someone robbed you. >> yes, because it's the second time this happened. >> the reporter: helena and her husband own the restaurant just next door to colonial trading. >> i know the guy two years. beautiful person. >> the reporter: those with ties to the store with little to say
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today, shaken by the or deem. deem -- ordeal. anything all right? any kind words for your employees that endured this? >> they know how i how i feel. >> the reporter: back out here, live hat that pizza hop, where again, they had only nice things to say about these employees, everyone very concerned about their well-being tonight. we are hearing that they are ok. now, police do not have surveillance images from this latest robbery. i guess the cameras were down, that is what they were told by the owners here. they also have not made an arrest in either one of these robberies. for now, reporting in stoneham, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> mark: two men are under arrest accused in an armed robbery in dorchester. the victim told police the men were wearing masks when he was robbed near the sabin hill mbta station last night. officers tracked him down and were told they found the masks and replica gun on him.
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19-year-old man of needham face charges of armed robbery and assault. >> police working to track down those responsible for a marijuana grow operation in town. an officer on patrol early monday morning noticed a door had been broken into at a building on kilbourn street. when he went to investigate, he found 200 marijuana plants growing inside. after getting a search warrant, officers also found a gun, ammo and surveillance footage. >> mark: we now know the name of the man killed in a hit-and-run in saw gust in weekend. -- saugus this weekend. lee castro of new york died after being hit by a car after trying to cross route 1 south sunday night. state police have a collar that may have been involved in the crash, but have not yet tracked down its driver. >> elizabeth: fitchburg police are looking for suspects tonight after 16 cars were damaged by bee-bee gun shots. police tell us the windows were shot out of those cars early monday morning. the west side of fitchburg seeing the most damage. some of the roads where the cars were damaged include sand born,
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may lynn and easton streets. malini basu just spoke with the homeowner and we'll have that interview next in the next half-hour. >> mark: new developments on a $48,000 bill. a walpole company issued after pulling a jeep from the mud pit. the massachusetts department of public utilities which regulates the industry is regulating the bill. kerry kavanaugh is in the newsroom. >> the reporter: that's the statewide towing association says since it hasn't seen the actual scene, it has no comment on the amount of time it took to pull the jeep from the mud but some of the line items exceed industry standards and some they've never heard of. >> and i got stuck. >> the reporter: joel says this is a photo of his jeep stuck in several feets of mud while he was offroading with his girlfriend, october 18th. walpole police arrested the couple for trespassing on land belonging to a public utility. the jeep had to be towed. >> when i went to pick up the
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vehicle from assured collision, he had informed me that there was some damage donato the vehicle, but didn't really get into details. and also informed me that the bill was $48,000. >> the reporter: a short collision of walpole used several pieces of equipment, a seven man crew, and spent 12 hours hauling the jeep out. they submitted a bill to raymer's insurance for $48,000. >> what did you think when you got that price tag? >> i thought they made a mistake. >> the reporter: we asked the statewide towing association which represents 200 massachusetts tow companies, including assured collision to review the bill they sent us a statement saying some of the charges appear to be significantly in excess of the industry standard. a short collision charged $1,250 per hour for an on site supervisor. the association says the industry average is between 175 and 325 an hour. there was a $5,000 line item for dangerous condition liability. the association says they've never heard of that type of insurance.
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line equipment in some cases should have been included with the trucks. but it appears it was billed straightly. a short collision told fox 25 -- assure collision told fox 25 the jeep was in a swamp, the proximity to power lines only increased the risk to their workers. they declined to comment on camera, but the owner told us he has placed a lien on the jeep. and the owner of assured collision says the scene was a haz-mat situation and his workers were exposed also to poison ivy. it caps how much tow companies can charge for police. investigated. >> mark: the underfelted new england patriots are two days dolphins. bush tsarnaev didn't stearns didn't give away too much. >> tom brady has been moreira veal this year than others, not
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by his words, but his actions. the limited time he spends answering questions leads us to believe that brady is more focused on winning than ever. a rejuvenated miami team under head coach dan campbell. dolphins have won both games convincingly. they led the game 35-0 at one point. foxborough not usually a friendly place for miami, especially when brady is quarterbacking, but brady is taking notice of how good miami looks right now. >> they're playing great. they've got a lot of great players and they've hadd they've had them, you know, every time we played these guys, i mean, they've been a challenge. they're riding high right now and i think they're really getting after the quarterback. it's a fun week. the competition starts you as soon as last game ends, and we got the same amount of time to prepare and hopefully, we'll make as good of use as it as we possibly can. >> bryan salmond was in foxborough today. later in sports, he has more on the patriots and also later in
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sports, we ask you a reflective question, where were you 11 years ago tonight. >> i remember it well. whole be responding later on. surrounding some of the bolts and nuts in the big dig tunnel. >> elizabeth: tonight, there's new concern. next at 6:00 p.m., what inspectors discovered regarding results, joints and the missing steel plates and what the department of transportation wants you to november. plus -- >> you have don't know what the next day is going to bring. >> mark: a mother and father their 9-year-old son. what caused the little boy to collapse while walking with his father and never get up. >> elizabeth: first at 6:00 p.m., why marty walsh wants
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mayor martha stewart walsh is weighing in on the draft kings debate. he believes at this point that the federal government should
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regulating the industry. >> mark: mayor walsh thinks the mbta could benefit from taxing the industry. sharman sachetti is live testify state house and the mayor stopped short of saying the boston based company should be >> the reporter: you wouldn't say that. he said he didn't know enough about it, but we can tell you that two days from now, the massachusetts gaming commission is set to meet to decide whether or not the state ought to be regulating on-line fantasy sports sites like draft king and tonight, boston's mayor is saying, should they do that and if they levy taxes, then that money could go toward the mbta. >> it's a dedicated revenue source to fix up the mbta. >> the reporter:: and that's what boston mayor marty walsh said when we asked him about taxing daily on-line fantasy sports. >> there's a real opportunity because we didn't have that revenue last year. >> the mayor wouldn't outright call sites like draft kings gambling and says the federal government needs to step in when it comes to potential regulation.
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hand new companies popping, whether it's draft kings or uber or air b & b, i think thefest has to take a look at the companies and they're catching on. >> it all comes one day after we found draft kings ads plastered across south station, which is owned by the mbta. a t spokesman tells me for just two buses, draft kings spent $17,000 on a four week ad campaign. we asked the mbta how much draft kings had spent on advertising with the t since august, an we're still waiting to hear back. >> the numbers of people that go through the public spaces, the type of people that go through those public spaces, meeting a very broad demographic, it's a way to make a broad impact in a short period of time. >> the reporter: even though the state is considering regulating daily on-line fantasy sports, the governor told us he didn't believe the ads shut come down or there was a conflict. tonight the mayor is saying the same. >> do you think that the elected leaders at the state level ought to say those ads should have had come down until we can figure
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>> i don't think so, not yet. >> the reporter: i did ask the governor what he thinks about potentially taxing sites like draft kings and putting that money, dedicating it towards the mbta, but his office sent me a question. that gaming commission hearing is thursday, and we'll be there. live outside the state house, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> mark: new review finds the big dig project is plagued with heavy rust and corrosion. state inspectors raised concern in the past year about missing steel covered plates and heavy corrosion in the big dig tunnels. the rust was so severe the joints were given a poor rating by inspectors. inspectors also found cracks in tunnel roof slabs and on-ramps. massdot said much of that is due to wear and tear on the high traffic volume and that the tunnels are safe. >> kevin: what a gorgeous evening it is in boston, that's
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for sure. the sun is going down. clouds moved on in. temperature at 50 degrees. dew point is dry, not going to be any rain tonight. a southeasterly wind will start to pick up overnight and through the day tomorrow especially. it's going to do two things, one will be to cause coastal flooding potentially, at least a little bit of splashover. get to that more in a moment. portsmouth, you're down to 45. fitchburg, 47 and norwood, 48. even hyannis, nantucket the vineyard all into the upper these temperatures will continue to fall through the 40's, with the clouds don't have the rain with them. it's back here. this rain moving into the mid-atlantic states this evening and to the midwest too and this is all pushing up from the south, it brought torrential rain and flooding to the deep south. won't be quite as bad here, but localized flooding, especially some of the area roadways during the height of the storm tomorrow night and into early thursday morning. futurecast showing the clouds rolling in tomorrow night. dry morning commute, it's after the commute, we'll watch the showers start to make their way toward western new england. this takes you to lunchtime and
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it's still dry for all of you in new england tomorrow at lunch. it's in the afternoon, your drive home, could start to get wet, especially driving it to the west, but a couple of showers make it in to western new england by 8:00 p.m. hope fly you're home by then, but if not, run into a shower. back here, some of the heavy rain. bright colors showing up on future cast, denoting heavy downpours in your town and anywhere in central, eastern, and western new england, really anywhere in new england, during this storm system. this takes you after midnight tomorrow night and through the morning commute thursday. heavy downpours coming on through. that figures to be the most problematic time for you to get around during thursday morning with solve those downpours and potentially by the way, a thunderstorms or two mixed into this because of the tropical nature of this system. future cast shows breaks in the clouds, still the refreshing of a shower, but lesser by lunchtime thursday buff the breaks could fire up a couple more showers as the back edge of the system comes on through. we'll have to watch for a thunderstorm. temperatures will be spiking here, into the 70's by thursday afternoon. before this whole system comes on through and that's with we'll
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have to watch for some of the showers and storms that start to pop on up. looking at rainfall, not much through lunchtime or even dinner time tomorrow evening. it's tomorrow night, we'll start to see they have remember see heavier rains coming on in, hitting the hills and being lifted up. heavier downpours to fall around worcester and back through the berkshires hand southern vermont, so that's where your heavier totals are likely to be. inch of rain around boston, upwards of 2, 2 1/2, 3 inches off to the west, so there can be localized flooding. the coastal flooding would come from splashover from the winds blowing the water up against the coastline. first period is 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. a wind advisory is in place as well, for gusts up to 40 plus miles per hour. that starts tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m., it's not for tonight. 60 degrees. even warmer though and you're going to see that in the seven day forecast. the warmest dave is going to be thursday is your fox 25 seven view. by this weekends, we will be clearing things out, so the
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worst part is tomorrow night and into thursday morning, but look at the high temperature on thursday, about 72 degrees. and that bodes well for you especially if you have plans to evening. drying out, temperature of >> the reporter: a community gathering to honor a local fourth grader who died of a heart defect. >> so generous, it's heartfelt. >> the reporter: how that 9-year-old is being remembered by his family tonight. >> but first, the shocking video showing a deputy drag a female student out of her seat and across the classroom floor and why the f.b.i. and justice
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>> elizabeth: this shocking cellphone video has sparked an investigation by the f.b.i. and the justice department. it shows a south carolina deputy pull a female high school student from her chair, and then drag her across the floor. >> mark: tonight, federal investigators are working to find out what happened before and after the camera stopped rolling. >> ok, are you done with me. >> mark: south carolina police officer ben fields seen here is on administrative leave, after his violent takedown of a high school student was caught on camera monday afternoon. >> you can see the sheriff's deputy tossing a female student to the ground, after she refused to get up from her desk. then, throwing her across the
6:24 pm
>> we don't want everyone to rush to just a minute, but we have also kneel that the video was very, very disturbing. >> according to police, the student was asked to leave the classroom. when she refused, fields was call into arrest her for disturbing the class. school officials say the video is extremely disturbing, and has banned the deputy from all district schools pending an investigation. the sheriff's department, who's also looking in to the matter, says it's still unclear what happened before the cameras started rolling. >> we'll have to look at this in its totality to understand exactly what happened. is this a pattern, is this something that he's done before. >> the deputy has been the subject of two lawsuits in the last ten years. in 2007, a couple claimed he used excessive force with questioning them about a noise complaint. the husband says fields slammed him to the ground. cuffed him and began kicking him. but the jury ruled in fields' favor in 2010. in 2013, a student claims fields falsely accused the teen of being involved in a gang. the school expelling him and the lawsuit is ongoing.
6:25 pm
>> when you see a video like what we've seen earlier today, it alarms you and makes you a little bit afraid of what is actually happening within our schools. >> the deputy has been working for the school district for seven years and was recently awarded the culture of excellence award in 2014 for proving to be what they say was an exceptional role model to students. >> elizabeth: a new hampshire 9-year-old collapsed and died while walking with his father. >> mark: next at 6:00 p.m., we speak with his devastate the parents. what they think is to blame for their son's sudden death. plus -- >> the reporter: should terminally ill massachusetts residents have the right to take their own life. it's a big debate at the white house. >> elizabeth: where police are trying to find a triggerman who
6:26 pm
windows on 16 cars for the girl scout meeting. okay. for the soccer team. for the girl scout meeting. how many meetings are you having? stop & shop just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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>> elizabeth: a 9-month-old boy critically hurt in a crash between a car and a semen truck in oxford d has died. it's one of today's top stories. baby noah, along with his mother, 31-year-old christina of sturbridge were killed on route 20. it's a stretch of road known to be dangerous for years. it's believe christina crossed the center line before hitting the semen truck. two workers are z a pped with a stun gun. they tased two workers and tied them up with zip ties before taking away with coins. >> right now, mourners are gathering in a new hampshire
6:28 pm
boy who suddenly died. christopher chester's parents say a congenital heart defect is to blame after he collapsed while walking with his father. fox 25's katherine burcham spoke to christopher's parents about how they are remembering him tonight. >> >> the reporter: a line, wrapped around the building here at christopher's wake earlier this evening, those who never met the fourth grader, touched by his story, and his sudden loss. loss: this was 9-year-old christopher chester's pride and joy, a barn filled with animals who followed him wherever he walked. >> every time i looked at any 1, i talk to them about christopher, because they all loved him too. >> today, christopher's mom and dad told us the stories of how christopher cared for the farm, and for them too. like last father's day when he saved for months to buy a gift for his dad. >> he took all of his allowance money to buy me a hunting -- [indiscernible]
6:29 pm
spend time together, hunting, horse riding, and they were together friday night when christopher fell to the ground unconscious. >> so generous. >> the reporter: christopher had an enlarged heart, a birth defect his parents never knew about. the profound and sudden loss is one his parents say they would never wish for anyone else to experience. [indiscernible] you don't know what the next day is going to bring. >> the reporter: christopher's mother did have the same heart condition, and she says that she wants other parents who have that genetic history to make sure that their children are tested. tomorrow. in plaistow, new hampshire, katherine burcham, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: tomorrow, we could learn more about the prison restrictions placed on convicted boston marathon bomber, dzhokhar tsarnaev. the judge who sentenced dzhokhar tsarnaev to death earlier this year will unseal three motions about the terrorist's current
6:30 pm
david matterson was arrested last week and charged with sexual assaults in 2008 and another in 2014. prosecutors tell the globe that matterson has also confessed to another rape in 2008 an one which allegedly took place last month. matterson is being held without bail, and police are comparing his d.n.a. to evidence from other similar incidents on the island. let's get right to fox 25 storm tracker weather chief, kevin lemanowicz. >> kevin: rain coming for us tomorrow, not right away though. this rain is down the coast from us, we're seeing some of the thin clouds streaming here right now, ahead of the system. but the rain will arrive during the day tomorrow, as showers first and then heavier downpours tomorrow night and into thursday morning.
6:31 pm
hurricane patricia, at least in part anyway. the tropical moisture coming from it. for us, it's going to bring the clouds overnight in here, already seeing some of those. thicker thousand the morning hand that's what futurecast is denoting here hand then the rainshowers start to arrive in the afternoon. this is taking you up to end of lunch hour, 1:30 p.m. already seeing showers in vermont and western massachusetts. then through worcester county and into boston and the north shore, by about 8:00 p.m. so during the evening commute, showers around, it won't be the worst of it. that comes later on. look at the heavy rain coming in late tomorrow night and into thursday morning. it's not going to be done just after midnight,ok \!tthat's where i'm stopping it for now. low temperatures you when wake up in the 30's and 40's, so a chilly morning, though not nearly as cold as this morning was and during the morning starting at 10:00 a.m., a coastal flood advisory, minor splashover, not a big concern, but morrissey boulevard, that get the splashover and astronomically high tides. i'll show you when the worst of it is going to be. >> elizabeth: do you think massachusetts doctors should be
6:32 pm
allowed to prescribe medication to terminally hale patients that would end their lives? that is the controversial question discussed today on beacon hill. >> mark: fox 25 news's bob ward smoke with a man whose late wife started the right to die movement when she took her own life. >> the fact that brittany spoke up, has made a huge impact. >> dan de aza was the husband of brittany maynard, the terminally ill california woman who made international headlines as she became the face of the right to die movement. in 2014, brittany took her own life in oregon, where it is legal for the terminally ill to end their lives with prescription medication. >> the tumor was killing my wife. britt any simply took the control back from the tumor, so that she could have a gentle dying process. >> dan diaz is at the state house, hat this crowded hearing, to support legislation to make massachusetts a right to die state. a similar effort lost in massachusetts on a ballot question in 2012, the new legislation requires a terminally ill patient to be diagnosed with less than six
6:33 pm
be mentally competent, be an adult and to self-administer the lethal medication needed to end life. >> there is a difference between life and living. and for a lot of people, that is not living. >> but people opposed warn of a slippery slope, of a medical establishment, insurance companies, doctors, who one day might convince a patient who wants to live to instead end his own life. >> this bill is not about giving patients the right to die, it is about giving doctors the right to kill. >> in 2012, massachusetts voters rejected a right to die question at the ballot. this time out, backers are taking a different strategy. they're going before a committee and they're hoping to get this question in front of the full legislature for a vote. at the state house, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> portsmouth, new hampshire, where fire officials are investigating what sparked this fire at a home on stark street. flames broke out late last night, the house was being renovated so no one was home.
6:34 pm
has since been released from the hospital. >> elizabeth: the investigation continues tonight into a school threat allegedly made by a pembroke student. police say they have a report of a threat made by a 12-year-old against other children and the pembroke community middle school. the school officials say the student has not been suspended, but they tell the patriot ledger that the child has been referred to a mental health professional. time is running out in the search for the data recorder from a missing cargo ship. that data recorder on el faro will run out of battery life by the end of this week. right now the navy is using a locator device to search for a signal being sent out by that recorder. el faro is believed to have sunk near the bahamas after being caught in hurricane joaquin. 33 people were on board, including three with ties to massachusetts. >> mark: fall river man is talking about his race to escape one of the strongest hurricanes on record. lance hue ton was in puerta vallarta mexico on working vacation taking resort photos when hurricane patricia rolled in.
6:35 pm
him he had 30 minutes to pack his things for an evacuation bus after a 12 hour bus ride with little food, houston made arrangements to fly back home to massachusetts. >> i think now, i'll pay more attention to my surroundings. also may also check the box that says, do i want travel insurance. i may consider that as well. >> understandably. houston said he only missed out on one day of his vacation, but he came away with an experience he'll never forget. >> elizabeth: a veteran and local congressman wants to stop for profit colleges from aggressively targeting other veterans. boston area representative seth moulton shares his plan with jacqueline feld. >> the reporter: former college recruiter, christie, who is also a veteran says for profit colleges are aggressively targeting veterans to collect federal education dollars. >> most of these programs are garbage. too often, they're failing to provide veterans with jobs than with a bright career. >> congressman seth moulton
6:36 pm
relied on the g. bill to pay for college half serving in the u.s. military. moulton agrees some for profit colleges are tanking advantage of veterans and leaving them with mountains of debt and sometimes, no degree. next week, he'll introduce legislation that would stop the schools from going after veteran education funds. >> some veterans are going to school where they have terrible graduation rate, they're not getting the education they deserve. >> for profit colleges cannot receive more than 90% of their revenue from the federal government. right now, gi bill tuition doesn't count as federal funds. encouraging for profit schools to enroll veterans. molton says his bill would change that, and make military education funding count as federal aid. >> this is a common sense change that we've got to make. >> republicans and defenders of the for-profit industry have pushed back against tougher regulations. they say to keep college accessible for nontraditional students. an industry spokesman added for profit institutions focus on
6:37 pm
relevance for working adults. in washington, jacqueline feld, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: the legacy of longtime boston mayor tom menino. these artifact of the city's longest serving mayor will soon be on display at boston university giving tourists a look at menino's public and private life. he worked for bu for a time as a founding co-director of the initiative or in cities. today, menino's widow spoke about how important b.u. was to her husband of 48 years. >> as mayor, tommy would always speak highly of how far committed boston university was to our city, and how it supported all of the efforts he championed in helping young people on their path to higher education. >> this friday will mark one year since mayor men november died of cancer. >> mark: community in boston getting a major boost. mayor walsh and venture cafe and ibm unveiling an initiative
6:38 pm
known has a startup cloud ecosystem. it's an interactive on-line platform designed to connect, support and grow boston's world class technology and startup community. >> the powerful way to grow your startups, but also to grow jobs in the area as well. >> start hub web site is now live at start well, if you take the orange line at night, there will be some changes over the next few days. starting tonight, shuttles will replace orange line trains between jackson square and forest hills, the change begins at 8:45 p.m. and runs -- 8:45 a.m. and runs through the end of service. >> elizabeth: the city of lawrence is dealing with a nuisance cat problem. the mspca says there are too many feral cats which are breeding, obviously making the problems worse. the mspca is working to trap the animals so they can be fixed and released. >> a major retailer opting out
6:39 pm
of black friday. they call it opting outside. we'll explain coming up. >> mark: workers making final repairs to the t spot make a spooky discovery before halloween.
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section of andrew: the one thing about soccer that i like the most is when i put my uniform on, the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. i think all of us play for that very reason. it makes us the child we once were.
6:41 pm
you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again. my name is andrew, and bluecross blueshield has me. >> mark: numbers out tonight show how much money americans may spend this holiday season. overall, shoppers will spend $630 billion. >> elizabeth: 105 billion of that will be made through on-line sales and the national retail federation expects
6:42 pm
87 million consumers to take advantage of black friday deals. but this year, a popular outdoor goods sporting goods store is skipping black friday. rei will be closed on thinks and on black friday, and as fox 25 news's heather hegedus shows us, the company's top executive wants you to do something other than shop. >> i don't think they should shop on black friday. >> why not? >> because i think it's -- everything is too commercial. >> elizabeth: as retailers look for more and more ways to get you into their stores on black friday, national chain rei is looking to get you outside. we faced time with the v.p. of sales. >> our rei employees suggested this was another way in which we could really celebrate the beauty and wonder of outdoors. >> this black friday, all 143rei stores will be closed and instead of reporting to work, employees will be paid to spend
6:43 pm
every rei customer we spoke with is applauding the idea. >> we have spend so much time shopping anyway and we live in a beautiful world. >> still making the decision to close is no question of financial sacrifice for the con sexually assaultedder co-op who tells us black friday is typically one of their top ten days of the year for sales. eventually. i think that's a small investment, what they're doing. >> an for customers concerned about missing out on savings, rei says they'll spread offers throughout the holiday season, and says it's more about sparking a national conversation about priorities. some customers hoping other stores now follow suit. >> i think everybody should be closed the day after thanksgiving. >> has for on-line shopping, will be open for business on black friday. although the company admits to me, it will take several clicks to find the deals, the home page will be a black takeover screen that says, hashtag opt outside. in framingham, heather hegedus, fox 25 news.
6:44 pm
>> elizabeth: fitchburg police are looking for the person who used a bee-bee gun to shoot out the windows of 16 cars, this happened early monday morning on several different streets, including sanborn, temple, just to name a few. now there are more, but all of them are inside this highlighted area. a house was also hit that was on clear view avenue. new at 6:00 p.m., malini basu is live in fitchburg, after speaking with that homeowner. >> >> the reporter: elizabeth, that's right, and fox 25 was also able to confirm there were hat least 16 cars that had their windows shot out, with the bee-bee gun. tonight, fitchburg police are hoping there may be a homeowner that has surveillance cameras and may have captured something. but first, i want to take you to the house you just mentioned that was shot out. we spoke to that homeowner just a short time ago. it was on monday morning, around 2:00 a.m. in the morning, the homeowner got a call from her neighbor, the dog sitter, saying you need to come home quickly, someone had shot out her bedroom and living room window and she tell us she was on vacation an
6:45 pm
here's what she had to say. >> she had come over to take care of the pets and said, your windows have been shot out and you need to get home because the air is. coming if and you're unsafe, because things are broken. so i have came home, and then i waited for the cops. >> the reporter: ok. so right now, you should be seeing some video here of some of the cars that were also shot at. now, some of this is happening on westminster hill, ash become, oak hill and franklin roads and massachusetts turnpike. now, back out here live, one neighbor tonight tells fox 25 she saw a car sitting on her street, it was the same car that may have hit that woman's house that you just heard from. it was a black sports car with a spoiler on it. if you know anything, you of course are asked to call police. we, of course, are working on getting more details from fitchburg police. live in fitchburg, malini basu, fox 25 news. shot. the flu vaccine comes in many
6:46 pm
all new on the fox 25 after the game, the flumist shortage, a lot of people are suddenly running into hand how long it could take to get restocked at clinics, later after game one of the world series. halloween comes early for some workers at the mbta's government center stop. check this out. workers renovated the blue line platforms recently unearthed the cloth masks and capes, red and blue with stars on them. the ghoulish items were found rolled up in a ball inside a small hallow section of concrete that was poured more than 60 years ago. >> kevin: seeing some thin clouds spread over the area right novel, but those are attached to this storm system. rain breaking out in the mid-atlantic states ahead of the main body of this, but if you go from where we are all the way down here, you'll find it's over 400 miles away, so it's still a ways off, it's going to take some time to get here, but the rain is spinning around a broad circulation ahead of a front that's coming our way. sounds complicated, right?
6:47 pm
tropical downpours are coming for you and gusty winds that will move on into. this tropical rain, leftovers of what was hurricane patricia coming through mexico in to the southern part of the country. it wasn't a hurricane anymore and it hit the south but certainly brought rain with it. overnight tonight, we'll see the clouds stick around. thick are clouds through the morning. by lunchtime, rainshowers breaking out in vermont and westernmost massachusetts. by about 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon, the first showers reaching worcester county, those continue their march toward boston by 5:30 p.m., so during the evening drive. some showers, but the heaviest rain will be reserved for late at night, tomorrow night and in to early thursday morning. this takes you to 5:00 a.m. this is the morning commute thursday with some of the heaviest rain still coming on through and the gusty winds to boot. we'll have winds gusting upwards of 40 miles per hour, take down small branches, even a few of the weaker trees out there. something we'll have to watch for just in case there are scattered power outages or damage. during thursday, we'll start to see breaks in the clouds, as early as late in the morning, and through your lunchtime. but watch how some more showers and storms can actually fire up with any heating and there will be heating.
6:48 pm
to push 70 plus degrees if most towns. so by evening, the showers are gone, the warmest temperatures are happening, starting to cool down at gillette stadium, calling for partly cloudy skies, 56-degrees. no showers but they'll be gone. tailgaters could have a shower or two, be aware of that and stick with us. as far as rainfall totals, not much by dinner tomorrow, not even much by midnight, but overnight tomorrow night and thursday morning, ramp it up between one and two locations upwards of 2-3 farther to the west and lesser on cape cod and the islands. coastal flood advisory starting at 10:00 a.m. in the morning until 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon. the wind advisory for the gusty winds doesn't start until 7:00 p.m. in the evening. weekend halls in view. going to clear it out for friday and saturday after the rain has passed us by. on saturday, of course, a big day, 55 in the afternoon. by the evening, temperatures falling through the 40's, dry
6:49 pm
and chilly for your halloween trick-or-treating. >> well the patriots are dealing with fired up angry sea mammals right now. bryan salmond reports from foxborough and speaking of dominant creatures, who inhabit this earth, the dolphins head coach has interesting thoughts to try to stop the phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me...
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does this $20 family fill up meal have eight pieces of original recipe chicken? yes. [ding] two large mashed potatoes and gravy? yes. [ding] and are you the real colonel sanders? yes... [buzzing] it's finger lickin' good. >> well it's a quick turn around for all of us. many of you haven't recovered from sunday's win over the jets yet, either emotionally, physically or financially, but buckle up, because two nights from now, the pats play again and as our bryan salmond tells us, tom brady is ready for the challenges of this short week. >> tom brady is not blind. he can tell that the dolphins are playing extremely well since dan campbell became the hedman and brady did not look like a guy who will be affected too anythingively about the quick turn around and playing on thursday night. >> you do the best you can and
6:53 pm
mentally, you have to work as hard as you k. physically, you have to, you know, be tough enough just to push through it. so it's a fun week. i think, you know, the competition starts, you know, as soon as last game ends, and we got the same amount of time to prepare and hopefully, we'll make as good use of it as we possibly can. they can really tee off on the quarterback and they were teeing off the other day and we have to be balanced, take control of the game. it's tough to do. they are a good run stopping defense. last two weeks especially, so it's just, you know, there's no easy -- there's nothing easy about it. >> and in listening to tv 12 today, you can see he's like an elephant. he does not forget. he remembers losing to open the 2014 season to the miami dolphins and says, this game on thursday will not be easy. inside gillette stadium, bryan salmond, fox 25 sports. >> thanks, brian. brady by the numbers against miami, 12-1 in foxborough.
6:54 pm
brady only played a quarter, matt cassel played that game, he's under .500 in miami. brady, 8-0 in quick turn-around games on thursday night. how will miami try to stop gronk? he's got six touchdowns this year, five lifetime against miami. dolphins head coach dan campbell is a former tight end and he sounds semi serious about his plan to stop gronk. >> the guy is an animal, and he can do everything. kind of like what we did with j.j. watt last week. them. we'll probably put the whole secondary on him and go from there. >> world series, game one in kansas city. if there's not a sweep, the world series will go into the november for the first time since 2002 but that was because of 9-11. can the royals stop daniel murphy. one of the teams will break a longtime championship route. the mets of course in 1986, but
6:55 pm
remember where you were 11 years ago tonight? back to folk, can you believe it? the red sox are world series champions, go to our facebook page, mark, you were asking people to share their memories from 11 years ago. >> mark: there were great ones from people who were little kids, woken up by their parents to come down to older folks like you and me. talking about popping champagne and ending the drought. >> even young folks like myself and elizabeth. >> thank you, kevin. ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long. upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you, because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter.
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