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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 28, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> anchor: day starts dry but rain is moving in. time line on when to expect the worst of the rain. and the wind. >> anchor: crews are boarding up the building after a fire tore through here displacing dozens of residents. coming up. why one resident said that some ignored the smoke alarms at first. >> reporter: bb gun shooting spree shatters windows across one massachusetts town. who neighbors say police are looking for. as they try to close up the case this morning. >> reporter: plus it could be a must windy bait tonight for donald trump, who is trailing in the polls first time. >> reporter: candidates expected to shine during the prime time event. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 morning news. >> anchor: good wednesday
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on the 28th of october. i am julie grauert. >> anchor: and i am daniel miller. we appreciate your company. fox 25 news storm tracker weather meteorologist shiri spear tracking some severe weather rolling into the area this afternoon. good morning shiri. >> weather: yeah, especially peaking tonight and early tomorrow morning. this is it. this is the rain we will be watching here. for, at least, next 24 hours. and in fact, about 24 hours from now, we will see some of the worst of it coming to an end. and hour-by-hour temperatures as we head toward noon time. we will start to weed out the 30s and 40s that we have now. and 55 by lunch time. and boston. 50 in worcester. 52 in nashua. 56 norwood. so temperature wise sounds good. but here comes the rain showers moving into central and eventually western massachusetts. and by about lunch time today. then reaching the boston area in time for evening commute. start off cool and mostly cloud easy. we have heavy rain and winds arriving late tonight. that's where the severe weather threat will come in to play. late tonight. early tomorrow morning.
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highs 54 to 60 degrees. and we will go over rain totals coming up in a few. back to you julie for a check of the roads. >> reporter: things are finally settling down a bit on the roads. besides our typical slow spots. average speeds of 9 miles an hour on 93 south through medford right now. expressway sluggish from furnace brook parkway. you can see stop and go past free port street and gas tank. these are live drive times. 26 minutes pike weston tolls to ted williams tunnel. 34 minutes on expressway from braintree split to pike. 43 on 93 south from 495 to leverett connector. >> anchor: 9:zero. two breaking news out of lin this morning. where this late night fire has left dozens of people without a home this morning. fox 25 news catherine parrotta is live on scene on chestnut street for us. you have been there since 4:00 this morning. and they are boarding up the building right now? >> reporter: yes. so when we first got here fire crews were here. still working on the building. they have since cleared, of course.
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what you are seeing now is what you have described. people here. doing clean up. boarding up the building. you can see they are making some progress on that right now, and of course, the road is back open as well. but here is what we know about this fire. crews were here for a few hours. ever since the fire started 11:00. and this was three alarm fire. at 152156 chestnut street. the fire chief said it seemed to have started in the back of the building and spread up the walls. the chief said the time of the fire is also a, which because most people were home. and sleeping. and firefighters needed to work quickly to make sure everyone was out. they did help a few people out using ladders. this building has businesses on the ground floor, restaurant and salon. apartments on top floors. red cross helping 24 adults and seven children forced out of the homes by this fire. fire alarms worked according to chief and we spoke with one displaced resident that did not get people moving quickly. this is what she had to say about that.
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>> usually the alarm always go off in the building. so everyone basically cried wolf when the alarm went off. when i smelled the smoke i ran out. like i literally got to get my mom of the my first thing. and my dad. and then i came over here. my mom was sleeping. she came and in her night gown. everyone in bed. >> reporter: exactly how the fire started is under investigation. i have a call in to district chief to see if we can get an update on that. but that woman that you heard from. she lived in one part of the building. around the front side. her parents lived in another apartment on the other side of the building. and she also had an aunt and niece that lived in a third apartment in this building. so for them, a lot of the family members impacted by this. you will hear more about that coming up next half hour. for now, live if lin. catherine parrotta fox 25 news. is. >> anchor: in fitchburg police looking for a person that shot out windows across a number of streets with a bb gun.
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bullets hit at least one home and numerous cars. michael henrich is live in fitchburg where police have a description of a car that witnesses saw leaving the scene. michael? >> reporter: this is what neighbors are telling us. that after some of the shots were fired they saw a black sports car with a spoiler, driving away from the scene. there were a lot of different scenes. because cars and house impacted. show you pictures of the damage of the a lot to choose from considering how many people were impacted by this bb gun shooting spree. police say 16 cars had, at least, one window shot out. and then a house also had a couple of its windows affected as well. one victim tells fox 25 news he was out it dinner with his family and he noticed the car window shot out and glass all over the backseat. and another victim said that she is grateful she was on vacation. because her bedroom window had a bb go through it. shattering the glass in parts of
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the window there. it was her pet sitter that called her and let her know her house was targeted. >> she had come over to take care of the pets. said windows are shot out. you need to come home. it is unsafe. >> i heard. and i am looked out the window. i thought someone tapping on the window. i looked over and saw a light coming down the street. i heard a car in idol. and probably about five seconds later, the car sped off. >> reporter: even though 16 cars and one house were targeted police do not believe the people that own them were targeted. meaning they believe it was a random act of vandalism. that said they want to bring this person n neighbors reporting seeing the black car with a spoil. if you have information call fitchburg police right away. live at fitchburg. michael henrich fox 25 news. >> anchor: boston police asking for help to find a man
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wanted in connection with a murder in bright tonight. detectives say 25-year-old gamada musa is a suspect in last week's shooting death of desmond joseph. he was killed last thursday night on tellford. and fox 25 news was on scene as this was breaking that morning. police warn that gamada musa should be considered armed and dangerous. >> anchor: a massachusetts man is being held on bail this morning. accused of choke i did a five-year-old girl in exeter. 19-year-old soloman martinez of middleboro turned himself in to police last week. police say the little girl is a relative of his. police say he was visiting family in exeter when the incident happened. and martinez faces multiple prison. >> anchor: police in new hampshire on alert this morning for a man threatening people with a gun in laconia. the incident put several schools and part of downtown on lockdown. officers received a report the gunman was in an apartment on jewitt street. police shot teargas into the home and found a gun and ammo inside of the apartment but suspect was nowhere to be found.
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>> anchor: the search continues this morning for a missing grandmother from lowell. elga disappeared sunday. and family said that she likes to walk back and forth behind their home on tulip lane. she went outside to do that. and has not been seen since. 67-year-old has a intellectual disabilities as her family grows worried they are making an emotional plea for her return. >> if you see her or you have her, let her go. come home to us. call lowell police. anything. >> anchor: police have searched nearby businesses and homes. this is another picture of her you see here. if you recognize her, or you seize her you are asked to call police. we have this information on our website >> anchor: it is 9:08. happening today. rhode island native that survived a shark attack will undergo surgery in boston hospital. colin cook from tibberton and lost his leg during an attack in
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hawaii this month. surfing when shark dragged him under. he is eager to get back on the water after surgery this morning at mass general. >> and new this hour. crews work to save a 6-foot blue shark stranded on a beach. this is a look at the pictures posted on facebook. members of the center for coastal studies formed a bucket brigade to keep the animal wet and towed it back to the water where it was released. young shark regurgitated the stomach which experts say is someone reaction to stress but he will be okay once he is back in open water. >> anchor: 9:09. general motors announcing a massive recall this morning including 1.4 million cars that could catch fire. leaking oil has caused 1200 engine fires. most of those fires happened when the cars were off. and at least, 19 customers have been hurt. the recall affects several models from 1997 to 2004. several of the cars were recalled. about a decade ago. but fix is not working.
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gm is urging owners to park cars outside, until they can get the free repair. >> anchor: this morning the death toll in afghan earthquake has risen to 400 as crews continue emergency efforts. afghanistan and pakistan are trying to rush aid to survivers of the 7.5 magnitude quake. struck monday in mostly unpopulated area in pakistan near the border. earthquake damaged 10,000 homes across pakistan and 150 schools. >> anchor: five-year-old boy in the hospital after he was hit by a car after getting the off the school bus monday afternoon. we are live where it happened this morning. where the investigation is focusing on the bus driver. >> anchor: plus the feds are taking a look at the classroom take down in south carolina. the decision being made today about the deputies's stewart and new cell phone video that showed different angles of the attack. shiri? >> weather: good morning. if you are headed out at all this morning i have good news on the weather front. right now b 37 degrees. i know it is cool.
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>> anchor: south carolina resource officer seen slamming a female student has been suspended and officials say the investigation into his case will be wrapped up today. new video of the violent arrest has surfaced this morning. and fbi and justice department are now involved. deputy ben fields called into the classroom because student
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students in the classroom said the girl tried to punch the officer before the violent take down. and she still -- they feel his actions were over the top. >> i have never seen anything so nasty looking. so sick. to the point where, you know, other students are turning away. do not know what to do. scared for their lives. supposed to be somebody that will protect us, not somebody that we have to be scared of or afraid. you know things like this definitely scary experience. >> anchor: fbi is now conducting a criminal investigation into the case. and department of justice is opening a civil rights investigation. >> anchor: meanwhile, south carolina police officer will not face charges after he killed a teen during a drug bust. police just released video of the deadly confrontation. lieutenant tiller moves it to make the arrest and 19-year-old zachary hammond drives off. officers felt he would be run over. opened fire killing him. teen's family filed a lawsuit department.
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>> anchor: this afternoon thousands are expected to attend the funeral of the new york city police officer killed in the line of duty last week. officer randolph holder shot chasing a armed robbery suspect in east harlem. 33-year-old is 4th nypd officer killed in 11 months. >> anchor: new hampshire community says good-bye to nine-year-old boy that died while delivering cooktos a neighbor. christopher chester walking with his father friday knight in sandown when he collapsed. on the way to a neighbor's house with homemade treats when tragedy struck. and christopher's devastated parents tell us neighbors have raised more than $20,000 to help the family. >> i don't know how to thank everyone. thank you is not enough for what they have done. >> especially the people that do not know us. >> anchor: after the death parents learned he had been born with a birth detect in his heart. and that's what caused him to collapse. >> anchor: it is 9:15. hundreds gathered to help at-risk women at this year's
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funny women serious business luncheon in boston. sara underwood is one of the hosts. it provides job training, support to 12,000 women every year. guests are author of the book that inspired the tv show orange is the new black and daniel and i had the pleasure to be guests. there we are. >> anchor: great event. >> anchor: it was great event. inspiring stories from women that work for rose' see's house. >> anchor: 1700 people filled the convention center. >> anchor: sara did a great job. more on our facebook page if you want to check it out and learn about rosie's place. go out to the roads. you can see things are starting to calm down. 93 south sluggish through medford. expressway. where slow roll from furnace brook up to columbia road. and you can see bumper-to-bumper as you pass the gas tank. here are live drive times. 22 minutes on the pike from weston tolls to ted williams tunnel. 31 minutes on expressway from
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37 minutes 93 from 495 to leverett connector, meteorologist shiri spear is joining us now with a look at the forecast. and i know you are watching the rain we are expecting tonight? >> weather: rainnols during the afternoon hours. but really does not intensify until overnight. and so we have dry morning conditions. clouds on the increase. even rain. now you can see clouds are taking over. between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. coastal flood advisory. splash over. across the eastcoast here and of massachusetts. and perhaps a couple of pockets of minor flooding. i don't see a big impact from that but heavy rain and wind that rolls in this evening and continues into thursday morning commute. showers are really starting to get going in spots like new york and pennsylvania. this is all the moisture that will be moving toward us here. tropical downpours. because it had tropical or gin. this is actually the moisture that was attached to hurricane patricia over the weekend. knock longer a tropical system. but has a lot of moisture to bring to the region. also a thunderstorm risk.
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mostly during the overnight and early tomorrow morning. so you can see the risk elevated. especially with that deeper green inland. so not just rain and wind but severe weather potential that we will stay tune to. right now, rain is not reaching the ground yet in western massachusetts. let me mention. that 40 degrees in worcester. clouds will continue to thicken up as we go. so 40 degrees. winds coming in from the east. which is going to keep -- stall out temperatures a bit here. as we head into the afternoon. so 11 a.m. 48. and by 1:00 51. and showers roll in after that. but do not turn heavy until tonight. 52 right now in boston. and with clouds in place. they are not going anywhere. so we have clouds at lunch time of the dry at 54 degrees. and notice temperatures kind of hold flat through the afternoon. as rain moves in for the evening commute. then go up during the evening. so high temperatures today. that you see on the map. are actually going to end up peaking very late today. 56 in boston.
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55 in bedford. 54 in fitchburg and worcester. 60 in plymouth. new bedford and hyenas. but it won't happen until the end of the day. so future cast here at noon time. still going with a dry forecast. just tons of clouds. and at 3:00 p.m. bus stop pick up time for a lot of kids out there. kids getting off the bus. wet conditions. hampshire. and then within the next hour or two hits the eastcoast, which means in time for that evening drive home from work. we have showers. potentially pockets of moderate to heavy rain. but real heavy rain overnight. and especially tomorrow morning. this is 5 a.m. i want to pause it here. because in particular, i am seeing the potential for some severe weather here. perhaps some severe thunderstorms. with passage of these storms tomorrow morning. during the morning commute. it doesn't move offshore until close to 10:00. and that's tomorrow morning. so start to see some improvements this time tomorrow. including even some breaks in the cloud cover but winds, of course, an item that we will be
9:19 am
watching closely. because tonight, tomorrow morning, we have got winds that will be gusting anywhere from about life for to 55 miles an hour. strongest along the coastline. and down to the cape and islands. that is capable of downing tree limbs especially when you empire it with the fact we have lease on the trees and you add the wind and rain and branches can easily break. causing power outages. so a lot going on here. in the seven-day forecast. even some warmth as tomorrow we get up to the lower 70s. and for highs. and for friday, 59. we brighten up. saturday at 55 degrees. and that's the high temperature. of course, as we look toward the trick or treating forecast it will end up being cooler here for the kids. and we will be dry and chilly for saturday evening. in the 40s. and then on sunday. upping the risk for showers. also the clouds. and with a high of 64. back to you guys. >> anchor: 9:20. lab in massachusetts has found unusual way to fight cancer. coming up. how it is using the herpes virus to kill tumors.
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but first, protecting customers from cyber fraud.
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companies too much power. >> anchor: top 10 republican presidential candidates getting ready for third debate tonight. our kyla campbell is live in the nation's capitol to explain what is expected. good morning kyla. >> anchor: good morning. candidates will go head-to-head for two hours in tonight's debate.
9:22 am
republican voters has ben carson in first place with donald trump close behind. the other candidates hope to have breakout moments tonight. marco rubio in third. jeb bush and fiorina 40s and fiorina dropped after stand out performance in second debate. ohio governor john kasich getting 4 percent of support in tuesday's poll. he said his competitors are crazy to suggest that u.s. gets rid of medicaid and tries to deport 11 million people. >> anchor: tonight's debate is supposed to focus on the economy. live in washington, kyla campbell, fox 25 news. >> anchor: in two hours former secretary of state hillary clinton will be in manchester new hampshire. democratic presidential candidate will speak. at the latest politics and egg series, tradition in the granite state where presidential
9:23 am
asked to sign a wooden egg. fox 25 news is already at the clinton event at salem college. blair miller tweeting out photos from the event few minutes ago. look for the report tonight on fox 25 news at five and 6:00. >> anchor: later today wisconsin congressman ryan is formally nominated for speaker of the house. john boehner resigned from the post last month and ryan initially said i was not interested in the position. some legislators are concerned he is not ready because he has not served a day in he had senior house leadership. will be voted in this week. former speaker of the house expected to plead guilty in a federal court in illinois. dennis hastert accused of lying to fbi about large payments to unidentified individual. and the feds say money was a bribe to cover up for something that happened decades ago. by pleading guilty hastert may be able to keep the details about the event from becoming public. >> and senate has passed a bill to improve security when it comes to computer crimes.
9:24 am
despite privacy concerns. this act passed by 74 to 21 vote yesterday. and supporters say the bill will allow companies to share information about cyber attacks with each other or government without the fear of a lawsuit. critics including senators and some technology companies are worried the bill will allow agencies to gain access to personal data. >> anchor: 9:26. one of the most closely followed stories of the year. new details we are expecting to get today in the bella bond case. and how it could impact foster care across the state. shiri? >> weather: good morning. if you have driving left this morning. 36 to 50 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. but this evening we will bring in the rain. temperatures steadily warming to upper 50s. rain is not peeking this evening. show you when it does. coming up. >> anchor: five-year-old boy hit by a car trying to get home
9:25 am
why he was let off the bus to >> anchor: now at 9:30. remnants of hurricane patricia heading our way. taking a look at the radar. heavy rains will be here, that's where meteorologist shiri spear joins us. what is the time line? what can we expect to get them? >> weather: we are getting soaked, especially overnight and morning commute tomorrow. we will be so busy. but by the evening commute today. you will start to see impacts. lots and lots of rain. drifting toward us here.
9:26 am
and that's going to account for the volume of rain that we will be seeing. inches of rain in fact, in the forecast. boston now at pool. so is rockport. 53 scituate. but those are exceptions to the rule. rule being 30s and 40s this morning with 45 in waltham. 39 in lawrence. updated there. and in lowell. 32 still in exeter. we have worcester at 40. and fitchburg 38. 36 in nashua. dry in western massachusetts. and a lot of that drying up on its way down initially today. but it will start to hit the ground by lunch time in western mass. plymouth 51. 42 adle. before 53 in harwich. talk about the time line locally. 52 in boston. with clouds. noon time still cloudy. and clouds continue to thicken up. but forecast is going to remain dry at noon. it is shortly after that the rain works the way from west to east. so 3:00. showers mostly western and central massachusetts. by 7:00. it is here in boston.
9:27 am
and we have some downpours. in the forecast. and overnight tonight. wait until you see how much rain we are forecasting in your town or city. coming up in less than 10. back over to you for a check of the roads. >> reporter: we will appreciate what we are seeing receipt now. because it will be messy tomorrow. expressway slow from furnace brook up to columbia. framingham to toll nice. and through brighton it is good. ten minutes from speen to washington street on the pike. and 29 minutes on the expressway from braintree split to exit for the pike. and 29 minutes on 128 south from route one in peabody to weston tolls. >> anchor: ins 92 31. we continue to follow breaking news out of lin this morning. where red cross volunteers are helping dozens of people left homeless. in an overnight fire. flames destroying several apartments and businesses. catherine parrotta is live at the scene on chestnut where crews are boarding up windows
9:28 am
>> reporter: you can hear the work going on as well. as they are putting boards into some of the windows. step out of the way and give you a look at the scene. you can see how badly damaged the building was left by the fire that tore through here. there was a business on the bottom here. of course, not able to open today. and also all of those residents unable to return to their homes. which were left damaged by this fire. certainly not the wake up residents were expecting. >> i didn't think i would lose all of my stuff. that's everything i have. but at least i am here. >> reporter: for bernadette this building on chestnut was the place that she started to call home three months ago. where her parents have lived for two decades. home also to an aunt and niece. all of them now left to pick up the pieces. escaping with their lives as their homes went up in flames. >> saw smoke. where is it coming from? i looked downstairs and saw the back door and it was lit up. >> reporter: officially say three-alarm fire started at 11:00 last night.
9:29 am
back of the building spreading up the walls. guzman noticed something wrong when she noticed people running from the restaurant. >> i went upstairs to double check. as soon as i smelled the smoke. i literally ran out. i literally have to get my mom. my first thing. and my dad. >> reporter: firefighters say the time of the fire was a challenge. most residents home of the many sleeping. >> i came over here. my mom sleeping. she literally came in her night gown and everything. everyone else, everybody in bed. >> reporter: firefighters worked to get flames under control residents kept warm in a bus. and red cross working to help 24 adults and seven children with nowhere to go. now left to figure out what to do next. >> my mom has been in this building be 20 years. living here. and to start over for her and my dad will be the hardest thing they have ever done. so basically have to take it one day at a time. >> reporter: now her family will be going to a relative's home today to figure out what they will do next.
9:30 am
fire chief said the fire alarms in this building were working. although that resident said that people did not react to them immediately at first. thought maybe it was a false alarm. still most people able to run out of the building. firefighters did as a couple of people using lad determines i have a call into the district chief to see if we can get an update on the cause of the fire. where it started and if we have that information you can access it later today on our website or, of course, on our news at news at 5:00 and 6:00. catherine parrotta fox 25 news. >> anchor: five-year-old boy recovers after hit by a car moments after stepping off the school bus. fox 25 news jessica reyes is live in worcester this morning. where school officials want to know why he was allowed to cross four lanes of traffic alone. jess? >> still a lot of questions about this. all happened on hamilton in worcester. on monday afternoon. police say that little boy was crossing the industry when he was hit by a car here. just moments after he got off the bus. and this morning, the focus of
9:31 am
centering on the bus driver that let him off the bus with no one there. >> he came out over here. he got hit. bounced off the parked car. and then landed over there. >> reporter: it is a horrible image ron cannot get out of his head. five-year-old little boy hit by a car right in front of his house. >> side of the head there was a lump half the size of a baseball. i said you would be okay buddy. >> reporter: five-year-old just got off the school bus 3:40 monday afternoon at the usual stop on hamilton. older sister that usually walks with him stayed after school and his parents were not there on meet him. he tried to cross the busy four lane street alone when a car hit him. throwing him more than 20 feet. >> laying on the ground not crying. and he was not really responding. he was in and out. >> reporter: driver stopped and told police the boy ran into the street from in between two parked cars. police say he has not been charged as data from the car
9:32 am
speed limit at the time. this morning the focus is now on bus driver that let the boy off alone. he is a student at the abbey kelly charter school and they say elementary children should not left alone at the bus stop if no one is there to meet them. he only suffered minor head trauma and broken leg. ron is still shaken up thinking about the scene. just thankful it was not worse. >> adrenaline kicks in and you want to get in and help. >> reporter: now it is not clear at this point if this bus driver has been disciplined or not. but we have calls into the bus company this morning. and we will have much more for you tonight on fox 25 news at five and 6:00. live in worcester. jessica reyes, fox 25 news. >> anchor: happening today. state investigators will reveal what involvement d.c. f had with family -- the office has been looking into the case of bella bond. and governor charlie baker requested the investigation.
9:33 am
he wants to know if d.c. f or other state agencies had any contact with the toddler's family. and if anything could have been done to prevent the tragedy. and bella's mother and her mother's boyfriend face charges in connection to the two-year-old's death. >> anchor: time is 9:37. and happening today. we could learn more about the prison restrictions placed on be convicted bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. the judge who sentenced dzhokhar tsarnaev to death this year will unseal three motions regarding the terrorist current life behind bars. 22-year-old is being held at the federal supermax prison in colorado. prison restrictions include no access to mail, visitors or other inmates. >> anchor: two-year-old boy remains in the hospital this morning. and we are learning more about the crash which killed his mother and baby brother. it happened monday morning o route 20 in oxford. christina russsin driving with to young children and car slammed into a cement truck. impact took place on a dangerous curve in the road. and we spoke with another driver that car ended up hit by russsin's car.
9:34 am
she was not reckless. i want people to nose that. >> anchor: officials saying that section of route 20 has a history of crashes. tomorrow mass dot officials will meet with local leaders to discuss that and what safety changes could be made in the area. >> anchor: police are searching for two suspect that is tased and tied up workers at the stoneham jewelry store. police say men walked into colonial trading jewelry store on main street yesterday morning. seemingly to sale jewelry and attacked the two clerks and ran off with unknown amount of gold coins. >> anchor: during the transaction, apparently one of the suspects pulled out a taser. and tased one of the employees. and second employee working in the store heard the noise and came over to assist and he was tased as well. >> anchor: one of the suspects also had a knife. fox 25 news has learned that similar heist happened last march. in that incident robbers made off with $250,000 in gold coins. no arrests were made in either case. >> anchor: great news for baystate education s massachusetts ranked first in
9:35 am
the country in student performance. and on the national assessment of educational progress. and it is a test given every two years and all 50 states. the state led this year's rankings in 4th grade reading and math and eighth grade math. new hampshire beat out massachusetts in the eighth grade reading. however there is one big concern. nationwide math scores for eighth graders fell three points and 4th grade scores dropped two points. first decline in math in 25 years. test scores are up but enroll system down at public colleges across massachusetts. and state saw 1.8 percent drop in enrollment this year. and that drop was fueled by a big reduction in students at community colleges. >> anchor: keep the coffee flowing this morning. plenty of people will need it. game one of the world series ended well after 1:00 in the morning. you saw it right here on fox 25 news. royals and mets. and kansas city alex gordon hits a dramatic game tying home run bottom of the 9th. sent the game to extra innings.
9:36 am
this is how tended. bases loaded. bottom of the 14th. kc cosmer flies out to right field and allows escabar to score from third. royals win 5-4. game two tonight. starting right here on fox 25 news. this morning fox sports said electronics failure caused the broadcast of the game to be interrupted. causing both generators to lose power n a rare move major league baseball delayed the game for seven minutes. fox sports switched over to international broadcast of the game until generators were fixd. >> teenager from massachusetts welcomes the u.s. women's soccer team to the white house. she was invited to deliver the opening address by the president himself. and she had written to him during the world cup because her brother told her that boys are better at soccer than girls. and she begged president obama to do something about it. and he did. by inviting her to speak after the women won. >> it makes meed martha people do not treat girls equally.
9:37 am
a lot of girls are better at sports than boys. >> this e-mail taught all america's children, that playing like a girl means you are a badass. >> anchor: 25 million people watched them win. former u.s. captain abbey wambach announced retirement right after the white house event. i can only imagine what her brother was doing while she was standing next to the president. >> anchor: he was going i will never make fun her again. >> anchor:ner. all right. coming up. some rhode island homeowners are suing a hollywood movie maker. the lies they claim they were told during a popular horror movie. >> but first. flu vaccine in short supply. the mistakes that led to the shortage and how long it could take before it is available. >> weather: not much in the way of rain totals until after 3:00 today. and rain moves in tonight. and real heavy overnight. and 1-to-2 inches of rainfall total.
9:38 am
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>> anchor: this morning there is a health alert out about the flu vaccine. supply shortage could cause problems for some families in massachusetts. and flu mist is a nasal spray used to deliver the vaccine to kids and adults that do not like needles. manufacturer planned to make 15 million dose this is year and so far just 5 million were delivered. available late december. that means many parents will have to force their kids to get the dreaded flu shots. >> kids will go into panic mode
9:41 am
and i will have to bribe them and typically avert their eyes if they have to have shots. >> anchor: doctors do not recommend waiting until more flu mist arrives. locally the flu season starts in late november and vaccine needs at least a couple of weeks to be affective. scene activities trying to harness a virus that could possibly help to fight cancer. globe reports this morning food and drug administration has approved a modified herpes virus to treat advance stage melanoma. dropped if a massachusetts lab it attacks cancer and gets the immune system to spring into action against tumors. >> anchor: heroin addicts chasing a powerful high going to drugs with fentanyl. they have seen a dangerous increase in number of fentanyl seizures. addicts seeking out areas where they know overdoses have happened because they know the drugs could be stronger. and massachusetts has seen the most fentanyl seizures in the state second only to ohio.
9:42 am
debate whether to allow terminally ill patients to end their lives with help of doctors. lawmakers heard from people on both sides of the issue yesterday. and among those to testify was husband of brittany mainard, brain cancer patient from oregon that made international headlines. by taking her own life as her tumor advanced. >> tumor was killing my life. brittany took control back from the tumor to have a gentle pass in the dying process. >> anchor: opponents fear physician assisted suicide could be abused by doctors and that some patients could be coerced in to ending their own lives. and five-year-old girl in oregon is at the center of an emotional debate. julianna snow has incurable disease that has left her so weak any virus could kill her. she has told her parents that she wants to go to heaven instead of going to the hospital. and they plan to honor that request.
9:43 am
among doctors. but how young is too young to exercise the right to die. no word yet if the state of oregon will intervene. >> anchor: 9:46. look at the roads and where we are seeing slow spots. on the expressway. we can expect traffic there. pike looking better. as you can see an accident on 128 northbound in waltham area. so once you make the way up past the pike. that's where we are seeing slowing. pike itself though wide open through brighton and such a nice sight after seeing bumper-to-bumper mess there earlier this morning. here are live drive times. 11 minutes on pike from speen street to washington. and 23 minutes on expressway from braintree split spit to exit for pike. 24 minutes on 128 south from route one in peabody to weston tolls. check in with meteorologist shiri spear. i know there is a bit of a storm on the way in with all the rain. what can we look forward to? >> weather: probably not looking forward to it. but there will be a localized
9:44 am
flooding potential with heavy rain, strong winds, perhaps power outages. and coastal flooding. all things we are watching. obviously the rain and wind are my biggest concerns. coastal flooding, i expect it will be a minor event. with splash over. a couple of pockets here minor coastal flooding in usual spots for east facing beaches, noon time today. and it will be this evening for south coast. between 7:00 system and midnight. my concern is wind advisory. sustained winds up to 30 miles an hour. winds from southeast gusting 35 to 55. and which lends itself to some downed tree limbs and power outages when you the wind and rain, and you have got almost fall foliage on a lot of trees, that's a recipe for some power outages here in the next 24 hours. so this is all the rain that will drift toward us. it does come with downpours, perhaps in time for evening commute. boston right now at 52 degrees. and with clouds. and i will keep it cloudy and dry through 1:00 today.
9:45 am
and 3 p.m. only slight chance of a shower. much better chance at 5:00 today. and beyond. temperatures will stay flat middle of 50s through the afternoon, and continue to rise during the evening hours. and that's when we get up to overnight tonight. so we have future cast here pausing at noon time of the show you the real risk of rain lay as cross western new england. now let's take it over to about 3:00 p.m. i mentioned boston. keeping the chances relatively low around 3:00. not zero. but it will be lower than spots like western massachusetts. southwest new hampshire. where we have a better chance of rain at that time. by the way this is a brand new future cast. even if you have already seen it come back over to the screen. look at the fresh information. at 6:00 p.m. downpours during the evening commute staying just to the west of boston. i am not going to rule out some downpours through the city. so things will start to get messy here as folks head home from work. but especially after they are home. so dinner time tonight.
9:46 am
overnight tonight. we get pockets of heavy rain. when we start to see shading of deep red on the map there. that will be intense rain. that will be thunderstorms early tomorrow morning. thunderstorms gusty winds and potentially some severe thunderstorms. we will have to follow through that morning commute. but by 10:00 it is moving offshore. things are quieting down. so this being focused around the morning commute. terrible timing for t telling to you give yourself extra time. and today high temperatures late in the day climbing into upper 50s. tomorrow it will be 70. so it will get warm but real windy with gusts i was mentioning up to 55 miles an hour. seven-day forecast for the weekend always in view on the screen right now. 72 tomorrow. yes, but after that main area of rain moves out. during the afternoon we will have to watch out for spot showers before we dry out in the evening. 59 is the high on friday. fairly bright. mostly sunny on saturday. high of 55. 60s back for sunday and so is a chance for shower.
9:47 am
>> anchor: nbta workers make a ghoulish find.
9:48 am
skeletons unearthed during a >> anchor: wal-mart is changing the look of the giant super centers.
9:49 am
wall street journal said that many stores will drop nearly 2500 items from stock. wal-mart is also going to lower the height of shelves near the registers. that means less gum, candy and magazines but customers will be able to see the whole store when they walk in. >> and florida man capping out at a local mall and plans to stay there until black friday. orlando radio host kevin sutton plans to be -- live outside of the local mall for the next month. raising money to help homeless children in central florida. he hopes it will improve the lives of many kids. >> kids not having a meal to eat. or being hungry. you know, i have a 12-year-old daughter, man. and i never want to see myself in that position. >> anchor: last year he spent 15 days camped outside of the mall and collected 3 tons of food for a local charity. >> anchor: rhode island couple sues makers of the conjure engnow that dozens of fans are tres passing near the home that
9:50 am
inspired the movie. norma sudcliff put up no tres passing signs but dozens of fans walk around the property. filmmakers never changed the names and town in the film and she said she feels violated. >> the worry of the one or two that could be more serious. than just trespassing. and that's what we live with every day. >> anchor: originally sudcliff told reporters that she seen and heard what she thought was ghost and later said it was for entertainment. now she said there is nothing in the movie that is true. >> and a strange fine means halloween arrived early at government center. nbta workers making repairs to blue line platform unearthed cloth mask and capes. capes red and blue with white stars on them. and they were found rolled up in a ball inside a small shallow section of concrete poured 60 years ago. >> anchor: new survey tells us about what we already know. eastcoast is most expensive place in the country to live. and the research show couples with at least two children need
9:51 am
to make 100,000 or more to cover housing and food and child care and transportation. and the most expensive place is of course, the nation's capitol where you need over $106,000 just to get by. and the rest of the top five are all in the new york city area. and boston, family of four needs $85,000 for basic expenses. wars soars. fans looking for tickets for opening night may have to pay $100 for seats. prices are going up. most theaters sold out in minutes when they went on sale last week. "star wars" force awakens debuts december 17. be director joe is one of them. >> and harry. joe has his. >> anchor: i don't have tickets. i will -- take your tickets if you offer. >> anchor: joe do you have tickets? make us an offer. >> anchor: $100 i have an extra ticket. >> anchor: hopefully we have a deal. >> weather: so we have a lot
9:52 am
going on weather wise. things are going downhill. this time tomorrow we will be active. today up to about 60 degrees. that will happen real late in the day. most of the day plan on 40s this morning. 50s this afternoon. and it turns windy and wet in time for evening commute. and that threat is peak i did overnight tonight. and into the morning commute. definitely want to check in with us. for drive times positive live looks at radar because it will be a mess. >> anchor: okay. thank you so much for joining us this morning.
9:53 am
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