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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 29, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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at 68. it is not going to last us though. for the pats game tonight, a dry and gusty forecast. gusts still around 30 miles p atillette later on this evening. and we will start at 44 tomorrow. climb up to 59 degrees which is seasonable. t bright. sunshine with halloween. there are more clouds and a slight risk of a shower. back to you guys. >> all right, thank you,hiri. 6:21. a high-profile trial that we covered for weeks. sentencing for new hampshire prep school student convicted of sexually asauling a classmate. the punishment the defense team thinks is fair. developing news overnight, three people shot iide a
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what woman: i'm here to fight h.i.v. and pandemics to come. man: to keep boston harbor safe and clean. man:ause this ishere robotics is happening. man: to help every student find their true words. woman: here to express myself. woman: here because math
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is the language of the future. man: to change the world through music. man: here to unlock the adhesion power of the gecko. -woman: and the common good. -man: umass. -woman: here for a reason. at that developing story this morning. police are searching for a gunman that open fired inside of a mall in indianapolis. three people were shot. this happened just inside the entrance to the mall. police say the gunman targeted
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were also hit. we are told all three victims are expected to survive. the south carolina deputy who threw a teenager to the ground before arresting her about to face a new lawsuit. the girl at the center. lawsuit hired an attorney after she said she suffered physical and psychological issues after the attack. attorney would not respond to video that the girl punched 9 officer in the face before the confrontation. colon cook lost part of his leg when it happened earlier this month. his left hand also suffered extensive damage. doctor at mass general are working to fix his fingers. we spoke with cook yesterday after he landed at logan. the 25-year-old said he just barely managed to escape before being killed. >> i was punching it with my right hand in the nose. and luckily it kind of let go. and i swam up and grabbed my
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board. >>sara: cook says despite the attack, we actually go surfing again if he could. an online fund raising campaign to honor the life of a new hampshire boy who died unexpectedly this week has far exceeded expectation. christopher chester was just 9 years old when he died of an unknown heart condition. he was delivering cookies to a friend when he collapsed. the woman who heard the story began the cookie for christopher campaign in the go fund me page to help the family pay for the funeral. the goal was to raised 10,000, but at last check, it has raised $28,000. it is not even halloween yet, but there is always a holiday dispute in one local town. the crafting event that is coming under fire even though it has been on the calendar for nearly a decade. i have been talking about i have been talk a lot about the rain and potential for flooding. look at the wind reports. gusts up to 60 miles per hour from milton, fall river at
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46 in rockport, wareham 40 miles per hour. i will show you when the winds as well as the rain ease up
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a man is arrested on whatever life throws your way, you' ve got it in the bag. you' ve got t.j. maxx! keep your standards high, and your spending low. maxx life! this is a fox25 storm this is a fox25 stormtracker weather alert. >>gene: new at 6:30, just bumper-to-bumper out there as flooding and whipping winds make for a very slow commute
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this morning. visibility also an issue as we follow the drive on 95 south this morning. a lot of traffic out there. a lot of issues on the road a lot of issues on the roadways. we are keeping an eye on it for you. good morning, thursday, october 29. i am gene lavanchy tsara and i am sara underwood. team coverage of the severe weather. fox25 jessica reyes is surveying damage on north shore. daniel miller is watching the roads. and julie grauert has your drive times. but bewe go win with fox25 stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear. >>shiri: yes, busy morning for us. and the heavier showers focused across the cape up to the south shore. the timing of this becoming pretty clear that the heavy stuff will be out of here by 8:00 this morning. but if you have anything that you are doing, traveling to and from here across the cape, the islands, even the south shore, check out all the lightning that is now attached to these storms systems. it is pouring from sandwich over to wareham up to duxbury right now.
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rain capable of giving you a quick inch in a short amount of time. in boston we are giving you a little bit of a breather and not done with the rain yet. peabody to wellesley, franklin, a light to moderate rain that will drift toward boston. and another swath of rain. this is on the front that is now focused over swansea. in southwestern new hampshire right now. we are going to be dry by noon we are going to be dry by noontime. any spot showers this afternoon with highs in the 70s. we will take you through it hour by hour coming up. julie grauert with live drive time traffic. how -- those drive times are not going to be any luck for them, they are not. as soon as one accident clears, another one pops up. i am doing my best to keep on top of all of those for you and keep you updated. this is one we were talking about on 95 northbound in sharon. still waiting for that to clear still waiting for that to clear, and those delays stretching back to foxborough. new accident in foxborough. a rollover vehicle at route 140 a rollover vehicle at route
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140. those delays will stretch back past 495 and you will see them reflected in our live drive time. waiting for the accident. center lane blocked right at the braintree split. expressway heavy and steady as far as volume is concerned. here are the live drive times that have been focusing south of boston and where we are seeing a lot of problems. 44 minutes on route 3. 27 minutes on 24. and we are up to 47 minutes on 95. as you head from 495 up to 128. gene and sara, we will be watching these all morning for you. >>gene: julie just showed you not pretty and that rain and wind is make wind is making for a slow ride to work. >>sara: fox25's daniel miller is our eyes on the road and right now you are on 95 headed south. >>daniel: yeah, we are actually, sara, on 93 south headed to 95 south. what you are looking at now traffic moving in the southbound lane here on 93 south in the milton area. the rain has stopped for a bit
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for a moment it was coming down heavier, but we are getting some drizzle. the roads, however, are still wet in this area i would advise because we noticed several cars without their rates on. if you were headed out. make sure that the car in front of you, at least you can see them and they can see you turn your lights and wipers on. traffic is moving mathly in this drink. we will be out here on the roads making sure your drive to and from work is a safe one. reporting live, daniel miller, station news. a huge maple tree is toppling on to a house in danvers, the wind and rain. that nag tree in half damaging a roof along -- as well as a car that is nearby. >> the homeowner tells fox25 she has been complaining about that rotting tree for weeks and the city never removed it. fox25 jessica reyes is live in danvers with a closer look at the damage there. good morning, jess. >> good morning, sara. you can see the tree has been cleared away, but the stump does remain here this morning. and you can tell just by
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pretty big maple tree, and the family who lives in this home told our crews last night came crashing down into their front porch and their truck just as they were getting ready for dinner. this is video from the scene here. our crews shot this here on maple street right after it happened last night and you can see it did do some pretty significant damage to the hood and windshield of the truck. the homeowner here told our crews that the tree stood on city property right in front of her house. she claims she has begged officials to cut it down for years saying she thought it was just an accident waiting to happen. >> half of it was dead, yeah. i got concerned, you know, about the branch coming down on my vehicle and also hurting someone. >> that homeowner went on to say despite the headaches of having to clean up the mess here, she is just thankful that no one was hurt and her family can stay in the home while they are repairing some of that minor damage to her porch. danvers police did say last
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downed branch in other parts of town and they are continuing to keep an eye on things and pick up debris as the storm continues here this morning. we are live in danvers, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. fox25 will keep you updated all morning long on the track of the storm and any possible problems on the roads. you can also track the weather once you leave the house leaving your fox25 weather app that is free to download. to your apple and android devices. shiri and julie back in a few minutes with the update. breaking news this morning in boston. police are investigating a stabbing in one of the most the city. our crew at the scene says neck. another person punched in the head outside of the point bar on hanover street near faneuil hall and quincy market. both people were taken to the hospital. unclear how badly they were hurt. so far police have not said if it started inside or outside of the bar. the local man accused of making serious threats on board a plane at logan airport.
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he reportedly told passengers he had a bomb in his bag. catherine parrotta live at logan talking with passengers this morning. good morning, catherine. >>reporter: good morning, gene. logan airport is back to business as usual this morning, but passengers putting themselves in the position of those passengers last night saying this is certainly a scare to be taken very seriously. that man in the meantime will be arraigned this morning for making that false threat. state police said this all started unfolding just before 7:00 last night when state police boarded united airlines flight 439 scheduled to go to chicago after a report that a man said something indicating he had a bomb in his bag around other passengers. state police arrested 5 state police arrested 55-year-old dennis camp belly of uxbridge. he is charge -- campbell of ux he is charge -- campbell of uxbridge. charged with making a false bomb threat. he was held on $250 bail. passengers reacted to the incident. this is what he said about it. >> pretty moronic to go and say something like that especially nowadays. i think that the punishment.
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it all depends on what -- people feel nervous and anxious when they fly. but a decent punishment is due. >>reporter: now the person who was removed from the plane last night, he is scheduled to be arraigned in east boston today not too far, of course, from logan airport and we will keep you updated on that. in the meantime as we mentioned we have been speaking about passengers and they tell us a little bit what they think of when they get on planes and what they do when they fly. you will hear more about that as they react to this incident in the next hour. live at logan airport, fox25 morning news. police on the south shore are beeping up patrols as a string of -- beefing up patrols as a string of bb gun attacks. a woman was actually struck by one of the pellets. laura squeezey tells fox25 she was -- sweezy tell fox25 she was driving through hanover
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when someone shot through her car and hit her in the ear. >> i heard a big bang and a sting on the side of my head. i looked at the windshield and it was totally shattered and i realized i had just been shot. >>sara: businesses hit include a pizza shop and frame store. owen labrie was found assault. victim was 15-year-old classmate at st. paul school. he faces up to 11 years in prison but his lawyers are organizing for probation. he is convicted of using a computer to lure the victim. that charge could force him to register as a sex offender over the next 16 years. could be another week before a high school student accused of killing his teacher is back in court. salem news reporting that court documents don't have phillip chism scheduled until november 4. the 15-year-old is accused of killing and rape
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killing and raping his teacher. his mental competency to stand trial was called into question. >> this morning attorneys for the boston marathon bomber continue to fight for better access to their client. dzhokhar tsarnaev defense team and family were granteds. >> he was access to tsarnaev while being held in massachusetts. now a judge failed to he is tend those privilege at a prison in colorado. the judge refused to let prosecutors learn about tsarnaev's activities inside solitary confinement. unsealed court documents, fox25 learned some of the details tsarnaev. he can only take phone calls with immediate family members and they must be in english. he can't speak with the media and book and newspaper access is koreaned and tsarnaev has restricted tv and radio privilege. 6:39. the undefeated new england patriots. they host miami dolphins at gillette stadium. expect heavy traffic around
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foxborough on the drive home. pats enter 6-0. dolphins at 3-3 and playing well of late. we will have a complete wrap-up on the fox25 morning news. the celtics starting season on the rye foot. the cs hosting the 76ers. marcus smart drills the buzz beater. and then eye jay thomas great defense. he makes the deal that breaks the toer way and avery bradley finishes it with the slam. celtics win it 112 to 95 over the 76ers. the boy was trying to show his state pride but the school made him change his clothes. why the shirt with the state simple was not allowed in class. she says she can see the future and it didn't look good. that's why a local is talking -- taking this warlock to court. what the judge had to say during this halloween hearing. those drive times are start those drive times are starting to crawl up. 18 minutes on the pike eastbound from the weston tolls
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into boston. shiri? >>shiri: i have rainfall estimates upwards of 2.5 in lakewood. 2.5 in fall river. needham, 1.3, lending to the risk of flooding dunkin' donuts smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. savory...smoky... and unmistakably flavorful. get your day going with one today.
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medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. meteorologist shiri spear here and we have got heavy, heavy rain from mashpee and falmouth this morning. travel very slowly here. torrential rain in place. heavy rain extending to halli fox and hampton that eases up. we have a little downpour through needham. much lighter into boston area up to middleton and as well as the north shore. a witch and a warlock face off in a salem court room just days before halloween. a judge granted 75-year-old self-proclaimed rich laurie sofora against christian day. she claims that day has been making mare razing phone calls for there he years and posted
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images about her on facebook. she claims or admits that she never ever called police. >> didn't want to bring scandal to the city of salem. >> it was not my voice and not me, and i plan to appeal this all the way to the court >> the protective order will be in place for a year. day has at least two prior harassment cases on the record. in a few hours, mass gaming will among other things fantasy sports in the bay state. the board will tackle wynn casinos quarterback casinos xwarterly -- quarterly reports and racing applications for next year. meeting gets started at 10:30 at the hine s convention center. the city of boston could ban realistic toy guns from public places. this comes after a series of close calls between police and kids with replica guns. police commissioner bill evan
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is pushing for the ban. he tells us that his biggest fear that the officer may kill a child carrying one of the toy toys. of our city. these guns seem real, they feel real, nothing to distinguish them from a real gun. >> this year alone, they on if case kateed 39 of these replica happenedguns. a holiday tradition more than a decade old is in jeopardy. the the. the high school chorus sings carols, poses for pictures and location sell homemade food and craft, but now the building inspector says the event violates zoning laws. the nursery's owners are challenging the decision. >> i was really surprised and really disappointed because i really don't know what harm this event causes. i just don't know what his thinking was.
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laws prohibit the nursery from selling things that aren't related to agriculture. the board will bring up the matter again next month. this morning, police in rhode island are hope rhode island are hoping a picture can reunite a marine with his missing wal-mart. the wal-mart showed up inside a mcdonald's in war rick. inside was some wash and a parris island boot camp challenge coin. the soldier most likely returned from leave and is from rhode island. 6:47. we are still seeing problems on 95 north. this accident haven't cleared in sharon yet at main street. the second accident on 95 northbound in foxborough is a roll over at 140 -- route 140 and you can see the delays stretching past 195 long past it now and that contribute it now and that contributing to much slower drive times. i put the radar over that graphic, and you can see that area is just soaked now as well area is just soaked now as well. so that is not helping in the efforts to get everything cleaned up.
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we shift north expressway jammed. average speeds of 7 miles per hour. it is still dark out there, and the rain makes visibility even more challenging. like look at the sglaim kim bridge, volume is reheavy. 43 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. over an hour -- almost an hour and 10 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. fox25 storm tracker weather meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. shiri, we got a tweet from a viewer who wanted to remind us of the wet leaves as well. wet leaves become almost as slippery as ice in some cases. a lot of things to watch out for this morning hirz shiri excellent point and wet leaves that will possibly contribute to power outages with the heavy rain and damaging winter storm rain and damaging winds together. we have fall foliage on a lot these trees can weigh down the limbs. the biggest weather threat for the next two hours. lightning is something that we are now monitoring on the cape.
6:26 am
but the coverage is somewhat small. you know when i start seeing some blues here on radar like that. that indicates that shouldn't even be dealing with a little bit of hail and indicates that has the potential of being a severe thunderstorm. no reason to panic right now as i do not have a severe thunderstorm warning but this is blasting through with just likely around 40 miles per hour attached to it, but the heavy rain going to be the biggest issue across the cape and islands. i will have a close eye on that one though. a flashflood warning over parts of bristol county because of how hard that rain came down. the effects are a little massachusetts. i want you to be wary of that. middleborough, plymouth, marsh feel to the south shore. a flood warning in place. also because of heavy rain and potential of ponding of the water on local roadways. the roads that are really going to suffer the most from us this this morning. winds will be whipping, gusts
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we get gusts closer to 60 miles per hour. that's when we will have some kind of severe thunderstorm warning issued, not the case right now. we are just dealing with gusts and some down pours. futurecast here as we head toward 9 a.m. the heaviest rains -- the ones, the showers and storms over the cape right now are moving out to sea and what we get behind that a lot clouds at 9 a.m. even still a couple of scatter even still a couple of scattered showers in and around the boston area and massachusetts. and drying out. into the afternoon we dry out for a period and the clouds break apart a little bit and another batch of cloud cover and spot showers that come through in time for the evening commute which is where that rain comes from in the boston area of 5 p.m. incredibly limited. not the downpours. most of you see a dry afternoon and future cast at 8 p.m. we have clearing skies, folks. temperature-wise, it is going to be really mild out there. we have 71 in boston.
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71 in framingham and in fitch 71 in framingham and in fitchburg. 67, worcester. 68 69 in manchester and plymouth. 6234 hyannis. with the tropical downpours the tropical heat. we get to reap the benefits of warmer temperatures. albeit windy weather. tonight i have temperatures into the 40s. 46 in boston. 42 in framingham. and that is what you will wake up to. then we will hit the upper 50s in the afternoon, which is actually normal for this time of the year. hey, our seven-day forecast with the weekend always in view. tomorrow 44 degrees the wake up up. 59 the high. 30s on saturday morning followed with highs 54 degrees. saturday, of course, we have trick or treating. the trick or treating forecast haven't changed with the 40s and dry and chilly conditions. back to you. all right, shiri. october brings new rules at the grocery store. coming up this morning, the morning staple that people can't buy without showing your
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new at 7:00, the aclu wants to make sure that schools are not snooping
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the report in today's new england journal of medicine show that the rate of cancer spreading past after detection has stayed stable over the past few decades. that suggest that screening and early prevention is not preventing the mo dangerous forms of the disease. it comes after the american cancer society scaled back mammography advice saying that most women should start at age 45 and not 40. this morning a health alert for thousands of allergy medicine injectors. thousands of api-pens are being recalled. they say they may not administer the correct amount of life saving drugs. they ask to check the web site of how to return injectors. under consideration in the pharmaceutical company. pfizer has approached rival pfizer has approached rival alergen of joining forces. the talks are at the early the talks are at the early stage.
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companies have a combined market value of $330 billion. this morning there is a new safety recall for people who drive a ford. ford is recalling 129 mid-sized suvs to fix fuel lakes. it effects the ford edge and lincoln mks. fuel tanks can rush in places where salt is used to clear snow off the roads. fuel leaks can cause fires, butted for says no reports of that yet. days before halloween and some people are having to show an id for eggs. a pennsylvania market has ban a pennsylvania market has banned minors from baying them to prevent pranks. some understand the band but most shoppers think it is a bit overboard. come on, really? i mean it is an egg. what about toilet paper. we should take that off the shelf too because somebody's house will be tps. that was the thing to do when i was -- tped.
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was a kid. this store will -- not sell eggs until sunday. >>sara: he had a good point. responsible for a smash and grab at a local pizzeria. they took the cash register but left behind one item that police believe will lead to be a arrest. and some of the worst weather on the roads. by 10 a.m., slight improvements. by noontime, vast improvements. i will time out the rain hour by hour next. and a surprise visitor walks into this emergency room
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