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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 30, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. now at 4:00, two observing schools scrubbed down and back open this morning. what authorities believe caused dozens of students to become sick during lunch. >> new this morning changes coming to a dangerous stretch of the road. the changes being made at the spot where a mother and her baby were killed. >> improvements on the train. why people will find more officers waiting with them on the platform. >>announcer: this is the fox25 morning news. >>daniel: good morning, friday >>daniel: good morning, friday, october 30, 4:00, i am daniel miller. >>julie: good morning, everyone, i am jewel yule. sorry to say no more 70s. we enjoyed it for what it was worth. storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear joins us with a cooler forecast today. hi, shiri.
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>>shiri: hey, good morning. yesterday was the same temperature in boston than dallas, texas. yesterday was really warm. back to normal this morning. even little mild to start the day. currently boston at 53. lawrence and beverly at 50. 47 at worcester and bedford. 46 in nashua and portsmouth. lower 50s norwood, plymouth and down at the vineyard 56 degrees down at the vineyard 56 degrees. a little bit warm, but temperatures are still falling, so i expect there will be a lot of middle 40s here by 7:00 this morning. boston at 47, but worcester all the way down to 41 degrees. there are some clouds coming at us from the north and west today and they will tend to move through late morning through noontime. only scattered clouds. not overcast. partly to mostly sunny skies at lunchtime. temperatures will be in the middle 50s. top out in the upper 50s in most towns and cities. possibly blow 60 degrees. high 54 to 60 today. not as warm but it will be
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bright and dry and a look at that weekend forecast in just minutes. julie, back to you for a check on the roads. >> shiri, roads are dry this morning unlike yesterday morning, and we are moving along at a nice pace right now. pike looks good from framingham through the weston tolls and brighton wide open. here are your live drive times. 12 minutes on 24 from 106 to 128. 23 minutes from 49 to the leverett connector. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. 4:02 right now. happening today, kids will be back in class in lowell one day after doddss of students became sick during lunchtime and investigators don't know what caused this. it happened at the sullivan middle school. 50 students complained of flu 50 students complained of flu-like symptoms and some got physically sick. five sent to lowell hospital for evaluation. the school was evacuated. schools said it was a stressful day. >> as soon as i got in the
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school i smelled this smelly mel. and i had to go back to the class. >> aid bad headache. my head was hot and my stomach hurt very bad. >> at first they thought it was a carbon monoxide leak but now they believe a virus was to blame. riley elementary is where the students were evacuate too. during lunch. they changed lunch options for later lunch hours. they said there is no evidence of food poisoning. no classes were cancelled. in lexington back to normal at eastbrook elementary. people were evacuated after a loud vibration and boom and everybody was bused over to the high school. they ruled out faulty electrical equipment, gas and a mall earthquake. new this morning an overnight crash in charlestown
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and rutherton avenue. two people the hurt. 4:03. big safety changes are planned to saechx route 20 in oxford known as dead man's curve. the scene of a deadly crash we have been happening since it happened on monday. christine that rusin and her infant son were killed when the she was driving crossed the center line. officials are taking immediate action to make the road safer. the telegram reports they include posts along the yellow line, warning lights that also check speed, and improvements to already existing rumble strips. the short-term safety improvements are expected to get under way next week. >>julie: it is now 4:04. this morning a social worker who evaluated the mother of a toddler found dead on deer island is the focus of a state investigation. dcf is reviewing the work of the employee in the case of bella bond. the social worker copy the social worker copied old information about the toddler's mother and pasted it in a new
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rachelle bond was in prison 12 times, a drug addict and lost custody of two other children. they closed the file because of the social worker's actions. that was two years before bella bond was killed. her mother and boyfriend face charges in the little girl's death. the two-year budget deal. raises the debt ceiling allowing the government to continue to pay its bills. lifts spending caps for pending for military and domestic programs for $82 billion over two years. it is on its way to president obama's desk and he is expected to sign it. a man charged on a brutal attack on two senior citizens mr. face a judge. it happened late wednesday on lynwood avenue in providence. a 72-year-old man ran out of gas about a block from his home gas about a block from his home. he was hit in the head with a minutes later his wife was also attacked when she showed up with gas for the car. both victims suffered severe injuries. a 25-year-old providence man
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has been arrested in this case. he will be arraigned this morning. hanover police have made an arrest in a july home break-in. peter barsek accused of tape peter barsek accused of taping a teenaged girl to a jail before making off can cash. barsek is a career criminal and a registered sex offender. the father tells fox25 that he is glad that the or deal has come to an end after hearing about his smith nibble 1980 a something. knowing what i know right now, i am just really, really thankful that my wife and son got home when they did. >> police were able to gather dna from clothes at the scene and tracked them down from surveillance video from a nearby restaurant. facing kidnapping, home invasion and other charges. manchester police make an arrest in a crime in july. accused of rape accused of raping a woman in the surfside beach parking lot. he turned himself into police
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there is dna linking hiping to the crime. garcia is charged with kidnapping, rape and attempted murder. new details in morning of another man accused of rape on nantucket. david matterson was arrested last week for a pair of sexual assaults that happened in 2008 and 2014 and may be linked to more attacks. the globe reports that they are testing matterson's dna against other rapes. fox25 will have an update on the investigation as it continues. this morning state police are investigating a gruesome discovery at a massachusetts cemetery. the springfield republican reports reports that workers at the island palm cemetery found a bag of fresh human bones. the bag was the size of a small child and the bones were wrapped in heavy plastic. they and to be 30 to 40 years old. a graduate of prestigious new hampshire prep school will spend one year in jail for sexually assaulting a classmate sexually assaulting a classmate. owen labrie was sentenced in concord.
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in august found guilty of misdemeanor sex crimes and using a computer to lure his victim. she was a freshman classmate at st. paul's preparatory school. in court yesterday, the teenager gave a powerful imvictim impact statement. >> what he did to me made me feel like i didn't belong on the planet. and that i would be better off dead. >> labrie will have to pay restitution to the victim's family. he has already registered as a sex offender. he will be able to apply to remove his name from that list in 16 years. 4:08. police investigating a violent mugging. a traffic enforcement officer was beaten and robbed outside his home. it happened wednesday night on capen street near tufts university. fox25 spoke with a viewer who took these pictures as the officer was loaded into an ambulance. daniel mahoney tells us only a day before the attack, he and his father saw the officer peer his father saw the officer
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peering -- peeping into cars. >> aide hood on. he looked suspicious. we asked him can we help you and he identified himself. >> police say right now there is no indication this man was targeted because of his job. they are looking for a pair of white men in their 20s in connection with the attack. health officials in new hampshire need help getting answers for hundreds of residents possibly exposed to dangerous chemicals. the portsmouth herald said they are look for a lab to process blood samples from 800 residents. all were exposed to chemicals in a contaminated well. the well was closed last year. they processed 700 test bus cannot handle the remaining cases. fox25 has more on a story that we broke this week. a state agency has now scheduled a hearing with a tow company that issued a $48,000 bill after towing a jeep out of the mud. you see that jeep there. earlier this week we introduced
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was offloading when he got stuck. they billed his insurance company more than $48,000. when we reached out to the company, he said it was a dangerous scene due to the proximity of power lines and took a seven-man crew 12 out. the department of public utilities is now investigating the tow bill and has sent notice. we will be keeping you up to date on this story. to see the original story, head over to our web site at it is now 4:10, the new england patriot making wins against division rivals looking easy. the pats hosting miami and wasted little time getting on the board. tom brady hit rob gronkowski with the touchdown on the first series of the game. there we go and yes, wait for it, celebrated with a gronk spike. brady will hit running back dion lewis with a short pass and he takes it into the end
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pats roll over dolphins 36-7. they are 7-0 and face the redskins next sunday on fox25. a family pet used as target practice. ahead at 4:30, the neighborhood is on alert after a cat is found shot. a local man found flying because of an alleged bomb threat. why he says it is all one big misunderstanding. first it is friday and storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear is tracking the forecast. >> that's right. good morning, you guys. for the morning commute temperatures in the 40s. up to 50 degrees after the sun comes up. mostly sunny. passing clouds. evening conditions clear. 50 to 55. i am back with that weekend forecast. before i go, here is the travel
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4:14 right now. an uxbridge man has been banned from all airports and air travel after making a false bomb threat at logan airport. yesterday 55-year-old dennis campbell pled not guilty in court. he was arrested wednesday night on board an american airlines flight. his client used a poor choice of words -- or poor choice of
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words that is when struggling to get his bag into a overhead bin. campbell said, quote, it could come out like a bomb and hit somebody on the head. new this morning, the state new this morning, the state's transportation chief wants to step up security across the mbta after a recent line stop. stephanie pollack is telling the boston herald pushing transit police to be more visible during critical times of the day. 17-year-old mason raymond was stabbed to death during a fight at the jackson station. pollack said how they are spread across the stations have not changed in 50 years. a string of house break-ins a string of house break-ins in grove land. john bacchus is believed to be responsible for two burglary responsible for two burglaries on holly lane and they believe there are more victims out there. >> sometimes people think they misplace some items. in this case they may have been stolen.
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maybe they know the suspect and he has been in their home in the past and can give them another clue to look for those items. >> faces charges breaking and entering are trespassing, larceny and drug possession. the new iphone. it allows to choose streaming services like hulu or netflix and functions like an iphone or ipad bringing it to the television and will feature siri for voice commands. holding a street arcade to celebrate the completion of a city-wide app to help drivers pay for parking. park boston is a mobile payment act and expanded to all boston parking meters. today's celebration is to highlight new ways that people can use their quarters that they no longer need them for meters. teaming up with rick middleton to play a game of bubble hockey to play a game of bubble hockey. bubble hockey.
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>> i use those quarters. i go get a lottery ticket to see if i have won. >>daniel: i toss them in ponds ponds. >>daniel: yeah. >>julie: i like that idea. 4:16 in the morning. expressway wide anticipate. moving along at a decent clip. looking got in brighton. count the car, three, four early risers. 15 minutes from the tolls to the tunnels. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. 23 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. fox25 stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and the rain has stopped for today. so that's a score. >>shiri: yeah, the rain is out >>shiri: yeah, the rain is out. some cooler temperatures are in though. we are not starting off all that bad. we are starting out a little above average. average low 42 and have that sunrise at 7:15. average high 57 degrees. and we are going to be pretty much normal once we get in the afternoon.
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look how mild boston is starting at 53 degrees in the city. we have clear skies in place. we still have winds though at 16 miles per hour. so it still tends to be a little bit of a breezy day over the next couple of hours. we have got sunshine through a good chunk of the morning. a little bit of passing cloud cover. probably around lunchtime today and you can see we go from 50 at 6 a.m. to 47 degree at 8 a.m. still losing heat here still losing heat here 52 at 10:00 and back to the mid-50s by lunchtime. worcester cooler at 46 degrees. clear skies. same 16-mile-per-hour wind, but you can see we have got this cooler stat at 44 at 6 a.m., 42 at 8 a.m. and staple deal from late morning into the early afternoon a few clouds coming on through. overall going with a mostly sunny forecast and will find a couple more of those clouds north and west of boston for the middle of the day. 56 in boston.
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and lower 50s in worcester and orange. keene, new hampshire at 51 degrees later on this afternoon degrees later on this afternoon. a little cold front coming through and the only consequence we really get will be as i mentioned a few clouds and does usher in cooler air for this weekend. we start off cold and sunny here tomorrow. a lot of the day will feature sunshine, but into the afternoon, we will start to see thin clouds creep in at first, forecast here. and even dry during the evening hours, but the clouds continue to roll in, thicken up here overnight saturday into sunday morning so sunday morning count on the clouds. a warmer day the weekend and we even have the chance for just a spot shower in the morning western massachusetts, up into southern new hampshire. rain chances are pretty low. ever since i was forecasting yesterday, it looks like the rain chances pretty -- pretty significantly lower on sunday
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although not down to zero. over the weekend for the cape. 52 in dennis. 51 in chatham. and closer to 60 degrees on sunday and you can see that we incorporate more clouds and the beaches north of boston up to lakes region and the mountains well. we have temperatures that thank will start in the lower 50s for the day tomorrow and we get into the upper 50s for sun. quite a bit cooler as you look up toward laconia and the lakes region. seven-day forecast always in view up now. of course trick or treaters tomorrow. high 54 degrees which looks nice, but will be a little bit cool when you start considering what it is going to be like as you actually leave the house to trick or treat during the evening hours. it will be in the 40s. 60 degrees on sunday with a few more clouds around and that slight risk of a shower. monday, 66 degrees and keeping it partly cloudy and dry tuesday, wednesday, thursday of back to you. 4:20 right now.
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to an abrupt end. the money and traffic problems that forced one community to cancel their veterans parade. and changing of the plans.
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right now the search continues for a kentucky fugitive accused of shooting at police in two different states. officers spotted 62-year-old floyd ray cook thursday in tennessee but he got away; however, police were able to arrest two of cook's accomplice arrest two of cook's accomplices. cook is a convicted rapist. officers said he shot and wounded a tennessee cop sunday and open fired on a cop in kentucky hours later. one man is recovering in the hospital after a dynamic airways plane caught fire in the tarmac in ft. lauderdale. you can see here in these pictures. the plane was waiting to take off when the left engine erupt off when the left engine erupted in flames. everyone had to evacuate on emergency slides and crews worked to knock down the flames worked to knock down the flames. one passenger tripped and fell on the tarmac and suffered a serious head injury. 101 people were on board including the crew. this morning the military will be back out in pennsylvania gathering up part of a crashed military blimp. that blimp floated away from a base in maryland on thursday.
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pennsylvania police used shotguns to deflate the blimp so it didn't blow around. the military will gather the rest of the balloon today and no word what caused it to get away. the local company raytheon built the blimp that cost $18 2 million. wisconsin congressman paul ryan will begin his first full day as speaker of the house. the former presidential candidate took the oath. he told colleagues it is time to fix a broken house of representatives and work together for the american people. mitt romney tweeting out a photo of ryan. the former presidential candidate proclaimed i got the first speaker selfie. romney was -- ryan was romney's choice for vice president in the unsuccessful run in 2012. two drug raids leaves a local family behind bars. they searched this home and found heroin inside and digital scales throughout the home. after the search, they arrested
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last thursday police searched the same home and arrested jeffrey lawrie accusing him of heroin from heroin distribution. a plymouth man used an old work uniform to gain access of a cohasset uniform. anthony b milford pretended to work for a hvac system to gain access to several open classrooms. he used to work for the company and that's why he had the uniform. no children were harmed but a teacher who kept her purse in one of the classrooms was missing some cash. change could be coming to the booming industry of fanlt see sports. the massachusetts commission tackled the issue of fant eports. the commission came out in favor of regulating the industry. the commission can't change the laws but raised self-concerns including integrity of the game and transparency of those running them. >> i think it was triggered by nfl football that has this mass
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advertising campaign. >>daniel: steven crosby is talking about a boston-based employee of draft kings who won $350,000 on rival site fan dual. work ynn casinos are mixing things up with a few changes to the planned everett casino. the company scrapped plan for a nightclub opting for an upscale lounge. they updated the massachusetts gaming commission on the cleanup of the everett site. they filed another lawsuit asking to pull the environmental approval granted by the state. 4:27 right now. not waiting to start the holiday shopping season. coming up at 4:30, why wal-mart is ready for christmas the moment halloween ends. plus, probably not the best idea to steal from a kid at a hockey game.
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