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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 30, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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day before halloween, don't we know around here. thanks for being with us. i am gene lavanchy. >>sara: i am sara underwood. a very different forecast this morning. dry with much cooler weather headed in. good news for the trick or treat trick or treaters. storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear joins us with a timeline on a much smaller warm-up. >>shiri: smaller because yesterday we got into the 60s, got into the 70s. this morning on the flipside. fitchburg at 46. norwood, 48. boston, good morning at 52 degrees. future. cast though has temperatures falling by a couple more degree before our warm-up starts. 7 a.m. temps will be in the 40s 7 a.m. temps will be in the 40s. we are looking at pretty bright conditions except southwestern new hampshire and western massachusetts where we have a few more of those clouds that travel through boston and worcester. and middle 50s for the middle of the day. high temperatures end up cracking upper 50s in most spots. 54 to 6. bright and dry but not as warm.
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trick or treating forecast coming up. julie grauert with live drive time traffic. >> shiri, things looking better on roads than yesterday. we are seeing bright green. moving along 93 throughout cloverleaf and work oburn and medford. pike looks good through framingham to the weston tolls. this is what you see wide open. live drive times. 11 minutes on 24 from 106 to 128. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. nine minutes on the prey from to the pike. back to you. new this morning, police are called to the scene of a crash in charleston, overnight. this happened on chelsea street and rutherford avenue. our crew at the scene said two people were hurt. unclear how serious those injuries are. happening today, students in lowell are getting ready to head back to school after a health scare during lunchtime. fox25's jessica reyes live at the sullivan middle school where investigators are still unsure what caused the illness. good morning, jess.
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>> good morning, gene. yeah, all started at the sullivan middle school. the school had to be scrubbed down for hours and official aren't sure what caused all of this. it all started here around lunchtime. dozens of kids were complaining of flu-like symptoms and some of them were even getting physically ill ill. a total of 0 children reported getting sick. five of them sent to lowell general hospital to be checked out. the school was evacuated and sent to nearby riley elementary and dismissed from there. at first expected a carbon monoxide leak at the sullivan school but now believe it may have been a virus. >> there is nothing in their medical treatment now at the hospital that causes any alarm be a carbon monoxide situation. it does seem to be more of a viral type syndrome. >>reporter: we know that the sullivan school and the riley elementary that students were moved to yesterday. both of them were scrubbed down
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for self-hours. students will be back here. and coming up in the next hour, we will be hearing by some of their parents. live in lowell, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. we are working to learn what sickened a handful of students at a school in marlborough. the school district tells fox25 that the students fell ill during lunch at cane elementary school. as a precaution the school changed lunch options for later lunch hours. they sent out an alert on their facebook page saying no evidence of food poisoning. classes were not cancelled. in lexington back to normal at estherbrook elementary school. stud incidents were evacuated after they felt a loud boom and vibration yesterday morning. everybody was bused over to the high school. fire officials have ruled out faulty electrical equipment, gas and a small earthquake. new this morning, big safety changes for stretch of road in oxford known as dead man's curve. >> route 20 was the scene of a deadly crash we have been covering since monday.
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fox25 catherine parrotta live in oxford with what state officials plan to do to keep people safe there. catherine. >>reporter: good morning, sara. we are back out here on route 20. and we were here earlier after that crash that killed a 31-year-old mother and her 9 31-year-old mother and her 9-month-old son. we told what residents have been saying about this road and i confirmed for you earlier this week that officials were planning to meet to discuss some ways they might be able to make this road safer. now we know what some of those changes might be. officials met for two hours yesterday behind closed doors with the state department of transportation. according to the worcester telegram and gazette. members of the massachusetts house and senate said some changes will be made immediately to route 20, including adding delineators on the double yellow loin, installing traffic warning lights that will flash the speed limit and approaching vehicle speed and enhancing the existing rumble strip. the changes come in the wake of monday's accident involving a
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car, a cement truck and a suv. 31-year-old christina rusin of sturbridge was killed in that crash with her 9-month-old son. her 2-year-old son was severely injured. three people from the other vehicle suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. we have been telling you earlier this week again how residents have been saying how dangerous they find this road even when it come to turning into their driveways. and i also pointed out to you this in the background and coming up next hour. i will tell you a little bit more of the woman connected to that cross and how she reportedly reacted to news of these changes. all of this coming up next hour. live in oxford, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. one driver rushed to the hospital following a violent crash on route 1. state police say two vehicles collided in the northbound lanes in wrentham. one car was forced into the southbound lanes where it was hit by a tractor-trailer. incident backed up traffic heading to last night's patriot game at gillette stadium. this morning a local man was arrested for a string of
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police say 40-year-old john balkis is believed to be responsible for at least two burglary and jb little road. investigators believe there are more victims out there. >> thinking that -- sometimes they think some people misplace some items. stolen. maybe they know the suspect and he has been in their home in the past and can give them another clue to look for those items. >> he faces charges including breaking and entering, trespassing, larceny and drug possession. health officials in new hampshire need help getting help for dozens exposed to hazardous chemicals. the state is looking for a lab to process blood satchels from 800 residents. all were exposed to water florida contaminated well at the air force base. the well was closed last year. cdc have processed several hundred tests but cannot handle the remaining cases. fox25 investigates with more information on a story we
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broke this week. we have learned that a state agency has now scheduled a hearing with the tow company that issued a 48,000 bill after towing a jeep out of the mud. earlier this week we introduced you to joel raymer who was offloading in his jeep in walpole when he got stuck in the mud. assure commission bailed his insurance company $48,000. when reached out to assure collision the owner said it was dangerous scene due to proximity to power lines and took a seven-man crew 12 hours to get that jeep out. the department of public utilities is investigating the tow bill and sent short collision a hearing notice. we will keep following the story to see the original story at new this morning, state's transportation chief wants to step up security across the mbta after a recent deadly staffing at an orange line t stop. stephanie pollack tells the
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boston herald she is pushing transit cops to be more visible on trains and station platforms during critical times of the day. last week 17-year-old nathan raymond was stabbed to death during a fight at the jackson square station. how police are spread out around the transit system has not changed in roughly 20 years years. a leominster police say they need your help to investigate a series of smash and grab burglary and grab burglaries. the suspects in these pictures broken into restaurants and stolen cash from the registers. police say there are two people involved in the crime. and an alert is going out to residents near ashland state park. this poster is popping up around the area. it says coyotes have been spotted near the park. as you can see from the picture, a coyote was seen right outside of the public rest room. parkgoers are asked to stay alert and keep mall children close by. 5:08 this morning. the patriots are the first nfl team to win seven games this season.
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pats look impressive. they rolled over the miami dolphins 36-7 last night at gillette stadium. fox25's bryan salmond have reaction from the still undefeated super bowl champs. >>reporter: even though tom brady threw four touchdown passes and the faiths scored 36 points, it was all about the defense as deafen mccourty and crew held a team that scored 41 in the first half last week to 46 overall yards this week and they were all smiles after the game. >> we have a group that is dialed in just now to the game plan. we came in leaving sunday's game and we talked about 3rd down if we can get off the field and get these guys back on the field and let our offense do the work and i thought we started off -- we gave up a first down and we kept getting off the field on third down and that's huge. >> every time we punted them the ball, you know, the defense held and got us the ball back. they got us a turnover which was big, and cored before half.
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we felt good after halftime and quarter. they played really well. and they played great football. >> linebackers were active. secondary was active. but we tackled well for the most part. and that was a really important part of this game. these guys do well. >>reporter: after winning after a short week, they have a week and a half to prepare for washington that will be right here in foxborough next sunday. in gillette stadium, bryan salmond, fox25 sports. >> the game next sunday you will see right here on fox25. patriots owner robert kraft indianapolis colts. during the halftime ceremony honoring former patriot willie mcguiness. kraft said nothing more than saddling colts with a loss. kraft said the teams with mcguiness beat the colts 16 times in his career. many patriots blame indianapolis for instigating the deflategate scandal
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following january's afc championship game. sports director tom leyden will join us live at 6:00 to talk about what is next for the team. 5:10 this morning. the investigation into the death of a toddler found on deer island takes a new turn. coming up at 5:30, who state officials are shifting their focus on this morning and why simple paperwork could have made a difference in bella bond's life. a violent mugging on a local traffic officer. the pair of dangerous suspects that police are looking for this morning. but first julie grauert is checking traffic. >>julie: right now we are looking at 923 southbound. a 20 minutes commute from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. shiri? >>shiri: good morning, guys. leaving the house in the next couple of hours clear skies to start off the day but the 40s back in down. 44 at 6:00 and 7:00 this
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for less than you imagined. the 2015 models are going fast. find your tag and get cash back for 15% of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get 0% financing for 72 months on these remaining 2015 chevy vehicles. back at 5:14. police are investigating a mugging. a traffic enforcement officer was beaten and robbed outside his home. it happened near tufts university. fox25 spoke to a viewer who took pictures as the officer was loaded in the ambulance. daniel mahoney say day before the attack he and his officer spotted the officer peering into cars. >> he had a hood on and looked suspicious and we asked can we help you and he identified himself. >> right now there is no indication the man was targeted because of his job. they are looking for
5:15 am
they are looking to for a pair of men in their 20s in connection with this attack. an uxbridge man has been ban from all airports and air travel after making a false bomb threat at logan airport. 55-year-old dennis campbell pled not guilty in court. he was arrested wednesday night on board of a united airlines flight. campbell's attorney aid his client used a poor choice of words when struggling to get his bag into the overhead bin. campbell allegedly said, quote, it could come out like a bomb and hit someone in the head. amazon being accused of mistreating his workers. four ex-delivery drivers are suing over wage over time and other benefits. amazon is giving customers fast and affordable deliveries by city offing its workers. those drivers work for amazon prime now and were considered independent contractorers. typically they are not could have had by the same protections of normal employee protections of normal employees. is not comment be often the lawsuit but in august
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they shot down a new york times describe the company as a brutal place to work. we are getting a look at the highest paid person in the country. the top honor to an apple executive angela arent is the senior vice president for online stores. makes more than $73 million in salary and stock options. the ceos of oracle and yahoo round out the top three. work ynn casinos are mixing things up with a few changes to the planned everett casino. the company has scrapped plans for night club opting instead for an upscale lounge. the change came as an update on massachusetts anything massachusetts commission on cleanup of the everett site. globe is reporting that the city of somerville has filed another lawsuit asking a judge to pull the environmental approval granted by the state. good morning, everyone. happy friday. take a look at your early morning commute. pike moving along nicely from
5:17 am
tolls and into the allston tolls and into the allston-brighton area. looking good from cloverleaf into somerville. live look at zakim bridge things are wide open on the bridge itself. 11 minutes on pike from speen street in natick to washington street. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 22 minutes on 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston toll. fox25 storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear joining us now with a look at what we have today and then throughout the weekend. >> because today's weather will be incredibly different, julie, than yesterday. yesterday, warm and also very wet and windy. this morning normal low temperature will be around 42 degrees. normal high, 57. you know what, we are little warm on this side and will be totally normal for high temperatures this afternoon. boston. 45 degrees in worcester with clear skies up above. 12-mile-per-hour winds. winds will gust today up around 25 miles per hour which will be noticeable. now temperatures still going
5:18 am
we have got 42 in worcester at 7:00. 9 a.m. 44 degrees. we are up to 49 degrees by 11 a.m. and we get just into the lower 50s in worcester. now lawrence also in the 40s this morning. 49 degrees for you folks with the same clear skies. by 7 a.m., 46 degree. you go down by about 3 more degree and 9 a.m., 48. and you get back into the middle 50s by this afternoon and finally in boston 52 degrees with 12-mile-per-hour winds, and you will be close to 50, but upper 40s coming back to town at 7:00. 9:00 this morning. by 11 a.m., 54. and a few clouds right in the middle of the day. high temperature area wide make it into the upper 50s down across southeastern massachusetts, norwood, plymouth down to hyannis plymouth down to hyannis. 56 in fitchburg and 56 in nashua, new hampshire. futurecast a slaebing little cold front will come through but will do more than trigger a couple of clouds but cool in the cooler air for your
5:19 am
saturday. saturday morning, 7 a.m. with your futurecast cool and nice and sunny and although you do see some clouds moving in as we progress into the late afternoon to evening hours, it will eventually be thin. i don't see any problems whatsoever for trick or treaters. cloudy and dry conditions move on in by the time you wake up here sunday morning. sunday morning the best chance for a lonely shower north an west of boston. even tempted to take the shower risk out for sunday completely, because it is about 99% of are you going to see dry day here on sunday. in fact the clouds even start the afternoon. so any travelers down to the cape and islands. lower 50s for the day tomorrow. close to 60 with many more clouds on sunday and the beaches north of boston up to the north shore and the seacoast, temperatures, again, lower 50s tomorrow. upper 50s on sunday. much, much cooler for the lakes region in the mountains where you will barely get into the
5:20 am
the weekend and a better chance of seeing the sunday shower. today 58 degree. nice and bright for saturday. 54 degrees. you are going to wake up to the 30s. 54 in the afternoon. you know what, saturday's weather looks pretty nice and for trick or treaters. you have that trick or treat forecast coming up on sunday at 60 degrees. best part, we actually gain an hour of sleep. it is fall and we fall back as daylight saving time comes to an end. we set the clocks back before you go to bed on saturday night. sun, sunrise 6:17. sunday, sunset, get this, 4:38 in the afternoon. monday, tuesday, wednesday going with the dry forecast and highs in the 60s. back to you. >> all right, shiri. two new public meltdowns for a superstar. still ahead, justin bieber's defense for abruptly cancelling his concert and walking out of a live interview. facebook folks getting a
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a driver is did ya know? fresh step extreme lightweight litter isn't just light. it's also the best lightweight for eliminating odors. amazing, right? for superior odor elimination try fresh step extreme... lighweight. back here at 5:23. new this morning just after 3:00 this morning, the senate approved a two-year budget deal. it raises the debt hearing until march of 2017 allowing
5:22 am
borrow money to pay its bill. the deal lifts budget caps on spending for a total of $80 billion over those two years. now on its way to president barack obama's desk. he is expected to sign it. a republican presidential candidate is telling boaters in new hampshire that his campaign is not on life support. former florida governor jeb bush made spots in portsmouth and new london yesterday. bush reduced his campaign spending and critics said he had a subpar performance in wednesday night's debate. the candidate said his campaign is doing fine. a tucson, arizona man is praising police after admitting to having a gun during a traffic stop. he posted to facebook. he told police he had a gun on him during a traffic stop and agreed to be disarmed when officers asked. he says he show the officer respect during the situation and was rewarded in return. >> they said, hey, you have been really cool.
5:23 am
you didn't give us any grief about your firearm. we will let you off with a warning. and i was really appreciative of that and i felt they had really professional conduct during that stop. >> his initial post has been shared more than 250,000 times including by the tucson police department who thanked him for his compliment. next week, members of congress will vote on a plan to reform the country's mental health system. a subcommittee is debating a bill that will add more beds at psychiatric units across america. it will also change privacy rules to allow family members to work with doctors of the -- of the mentally ill. republicans claim that mental health reform is one way to prevent mass shootings. opponents of the bill say it violates the civil rights of patients. boston is on track this morning for its fastest housing growth in 15 years. leaders are hoping all of the construction will help make rent more affordable that will get students out of apartments and back into dorms.
5:24 am
piling into off campus housing, landlords will hike the rent. mayor's office will solve the problem by 2030. the goal is to free up some 5,000 apartments by building additional dorms. this morning, a boston woman is causing a stir online for an encounter she had on a busy back bay street. coming up next, what she said was the result of digital harassment. and i have got temperatures today that will be pretty close to average. average high 57 degrees today. a little bit cool tomorrow, but i have got a weekend and early next week warm-up. i will tell you why up next. an arrest in an attack we have been following all summer.
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it is back to school for kids in lowell this morning. dozens of students said they felt sick at lunchtime at the same time. a live report into the investigation of that rather strange sickness. good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us on friday morning, october 30. i am gene lavanchy. >> i am sara underwood. sorry to say no more 70s. fox25 storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear is here with a cooler forecast this morning. >> that's right. so yesterday started in the 60s. got to the 70s.
5:28 am
the same temperature in boston as dallas, texas. this morning 40s on tap. boston -- boston at 5 2 and watertown at 49. lawrence, 49 degrees and framingham now at 48. pretty cool in worcester as well, 45 degrees. not cold but kind of cool. 42 in fitchburg. amherst, new hampshire at 48 degrees and wing a little bit further south because pretty mild for the cape and islands. starting off your day in the lower 50s. plymouth at 46. marsh feel at 48 degrees. and your day planner goes like this. mostly sunny skies as the sun comes up at 7 a.m. 46 degrees. definitely a dry day. noontime 56. a few more clouds. winds will gust up around 45 miles per hour. and we brighten right up around 3 p.m. and up to 58 degrees which is a normal high temperature for this time of the year and upper 40s by 7 p.m. remember 40s for your friday evening plans. i have got a look at that halloween forecast in just minutes. julie grauert with live drive-time traffic.
5:29 am
julie, how are those drive times doing. >> julie, right now drive times very manageable. take to you the expressway where starting to see a little bit of slowing near the braintree split on 128 braintree split on 128. otherwise things are looking good. move you up to 93 south. this accident just popped up. we will give you informing on that. right now it looks like storrow drive. 93 south moving along fine and zakim bridge wide open. life drive times. 12 minutes on pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. split to the pike. 21 minute from 495 to the leverett connector. gene and sara, back to you. happening today, students in lowell are going back to school after dozens of kids fell ill this morning. the classrooms have been cleaned and halls are safe. fox25's jessica reyes live at sullivan middle school where the doors there are going to open at 7:30 this morning. >> good morning, gene. that's right. just about two hours from now, students will be back for the first time since this happened around lunchtime yesterday.
5:30 am
this school was scrubbed down for hours yesterday, and they will be here in just a little bit. all started around lunchtime here. officials say students went to some teachers saying they had -- they were complaining of flu -- they were complaining of flu-like symptoms and some of them were getting physically ill. a total of 60 children reported feeling sick and five of them were sent to lowell general hospital to be checked out. the school was evacuated and students sent to nearby righty elementary to be dismissed from there. at first authorities expected a carbon monoxide leak at the sullivan school and now believe it may have been some sort of virus. >> nothing in their medical treatment or hospital that will cause them any alarm or make them think it is a carbon monoxide situation. it does seem to be more of a viral type syndrome. >>reporter: not only was the sullivan school struck down, but riley elementary, the school that they were sent down, that school was scrubbed down for hours as well.
5:31 am
now coming up in the next half hour, we will hear from kids who were here yesterday and their parents. live in lowell, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. new this morning, a boston woman said she was harassed on newbury treat by a man with a camera. she went after him and a video of that confrontation is going viral this morning. fox25's michael henrich is live on newbury street with details on her post. good morning, michael. >>reporter: good morning, sara. overnight the woman at the heart of had controversial video posted a meso mess memo who those who see it. she calls the digital age the battle ground for sexual harassment and turned tables in this video on newbury street and it has certainly gone viral and it has certainly gone viral. >>reporter: a cloud of controversy covers a sunny day in the heart of boston. >> i am sorry, am i making you uncomfortable. you don't like being filmed
5:32 am
without your permission. >>reporter: jake dillon an aspiring singer base out of boston posted this video to facebook. she claims she witnessed the man in her video recording her private parts and eight other women some she said were minors along newbury street. >> you don't like being filmed without permission because that's what you have been doing that's what you have been doing. you have footage of me on that camera. >>reporter: the video that dillon posts does not show the man taking video of anyone. this morning fox25 is blurring his face. >> off wedding ring. >>reporter: until police confirm whether he is a suspect in a crime. dillon said she did report the allegation. so her unedited video is quickly going viral with more than 250,000 rue leading to an interview with a national women's magazine bringing the topic of sexual harassment to the forefront. >>reporter: now in this video, the man says that he doesn't
5:33 am
know what she's talking about and then goes on to add why she thinks he boo need permission to take any pictures on a public street in the first place. now dillon has agreed to sit down with an in-depth interview with fox25 this afternoon and you can keep an eye out for that on fox25 at 5 and 6. now we are live in boston, michael henrich, fox25 station. new this morning, police are called to the scene of a crash in charlestown on chelsea street and rutherford ave. two people were hurt. unclear how serious those injuries are. change is coming to a section of route 20 after a deadly crash in oxford monday morning. christina rusi n and her infant son were killed when the car rusin was driving crossed the center line and they want to prestlent start of tragedy from shall d -- prevent this stratly from happening again. posts along the yellow lines, warning lights that check speeds and improvements to
5:34 am
already existing rumble strips. the short-term safety improvement are expected to get under way next week. a social worker who evaluated the mother of a toddler found dead on deer island is the focus of a state investigation. the dcf is reviewing the work of the employee in the case of bella bond. the social worker copy the social worker copied old information about the toddler's mother and pasted it in a new report. rachelle bond had been in prison seven times and was a drug addict. her mother and her mother's boyfriend face charges in connection with bella's death. facing criminal charges following an off-duty incident with at a bar. john hicky charged with two counts of assault and battery. the 19-year veteran of the force have been on administrative leave since the incident earlier this year. colose his job if found guilty. andover police made an
5:35 am
arrest in a july home break-in. peter barsik is accused of tape peter barsik is accused of taping a teenaged girl to a chair before making off with cash. police ended up tracking him down based on fingerprints and dna he left at another crime scene later that day. police say barsik is a career criminal and a registered sex offender. the victim's father tells station the family is relieved that the or deal has finally come to an end especially after learning about his history. >> i believe that there was something in 1980, a rape charge or conviction or something. knowing what i know right now, i just am really, really thankful that my wife and son got home when they did. >> he is facing kidnapping, home invasion and other charges. he is set to be arraigned at a later date. state police are investigating a gruesome discovery at a cemetery. workers at the island palm
5:36 am
of bones digging a fresh plot. the bag was the size of a small child and bones wrapped in heavy plastic. they appear to be 30 to 40 years old. a graduate of a prestigious new hampshire prep school will spend one year in jail for sexually assaulting a classmate sexually assaulting a classmate. owen labrie was sentenced in concord. in august he was found guilty of misdemeanor sex crime and use using a computer to lure his victim. she was a freshman classmate at st. paul's prep in court yesterday, the teenager gave a powerful victim impact statement.what he did to me made me feel like i didn't belong on the planet, and that buy be better off dead. >> labrie will have to pay restitution to the victim's family and he has already registered as a sex offender and he will apply to have his name removed from that last in 16 years.
5:37 am
arrest in a crime that happened in july. his or her say adams garcia is accused of raping a woman in the surfside beach parking lot. he turned himself into police. police say dna linking adams garcia to the crime. he is charged with kidnapped be he is charged with kidnapped being, rape and attempted murder. another detail of a man accused of rape on nantucket. david matterson was arrested for a pair of sexual assaults that happened in 2008 and 2014. now we are learning he may be linked to more attacks. the "globe" report that police are testing matterson's dna against other rapes. fox25 will have an update on this situation as it continues. patriots are making win again division rival easy. tom brady hits rob gronkowski for a 47-yard touchdown in the very first series of the game and yes, he celebrated with that memorial rabble gronk pike. right before halftime, patriots core again. brady hits running back dion
5:38 am
lewis. short pass he takes it into the end zone. pats roll over the dolphins 36 pats roll over the dolphins 36-7. patriots 7-on season and face the washington redskins next sunday right here on fox25. sports director tom leyden will join us coming up in the 6:00 hour. change could be come together booming industry of fantasy sports. the massachusetts gaming commission tackled the issue of daily fantasy sports during a public meeting thursday. the commission came out in favor of regulating the industry. the commission can't change the laws but raised self-concerns including integrity of the games and transparency of those running them. >> the trigger point was triggered by nfl football with this mass advertising campaign and this problem. >> steven crosby is talking about a boston-based employee of draft kings that won $3 of draft kings that won
5:39 am
$350,000 on rival site fan dual. storm is not over for spouses caught cheating using the internet. coming up at 6:00, how the ash leave madison web site exposed millions of people to online threats. a bad luck turns violent for an elderly couple in new england. how running out gas made that couple a target a block from their own home. >> checking weather and traffic every ten minutes. 12 minute commute from the braintree split up to columbia road. shiri. >>shiri: your trick or treat forecast. saturday evening, 4 p.m. 52. slide into the 40s. dry an we thought we' d be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines
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only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available from 50 to 500 megs. so whatever speed you need, fios has it. get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone starting at $79.99 a month. and get $300 back with a 2-year agreement. this is your last chance. offer ends november 7th. get out of the past. get fios. a disturbing attack on a new england couple. they had run out of gas a block from their home when they became victims. fox25's daniel miller is here now with more on this disturb now with more on this disturbing case, and the rhode island man now under arrest for this. >>daniel: yeah, that's right, sara.
5:43 am
providence police charged a 25-year-old man with this brutal attack. he attacked a married couple on lynwood avenue in providence. a 72-year-old man ran out of gas about a block from his home. he was hit in the head with a metal object. minutes later his 70-year-old wife was also attacked when she show up with a gas can for car. when police found them the man had facial injuries and both his eyes were wollan shut. his wife was lying on the ground unconscious. >> these two people were hit with a -- with a -- possibly a metal object, and we believe they were struck above the body they were struck above the body, in the face and head. >>daniel: the elderly woman said she tried to throw the gas can at him, and after he attacked her husband, but he turned around and hit her in the leg with a bat and then knocked her out. after she fell to the ground, a eyewitness was walking nearby
5:44 am
and the suspect ran off after the attack. police were able to locate him and he will be arraigned later this morning. daniel miller, fox25 morning news. recent close call involving state troopers because people are not obeying the state's new move over law. this is all that is left of a cruiser after it was hit by a tractor-trailer in a construction zone earlier this month. then just last week, a similar incident. in both cases, drivers were cited. fox25 went for ride along with one state trooper who has been hit twice hitting in his cruiser sitting on the side of the road. >> i often have to remind myself when i am on highway system, i am simply standing on a white line, not a white wall. >> crashes are not unusual. police around the state rote 300 tickets for people not obeying the law. we are told there are special units on the road looking to put a stop to the problem. a plymouth man is accused of using an old work uniform to gain access to a cohasset elementary.
5:45 am
police say anthony binsfield pretended to work for huntington control services and hvac systems to gain access to several empty classrooms at the deer hill cool. he used to work for the company and that's why he had the uniform. no children were harmed but a teacher that kept her purse in one of the classrooms was missing cash. good friday morning. look at the roads on route 3 south of town moving along nicely from 228 in rockland up weymouth and over to the braintree split. some of the other artery some of the other arteries leave leaving to 28. 95, 24, 28. look at the expressway. we are starting to see a little bit of slowing. not that bad though quite yet. here is a live look past the gas tank where it is a little bit of space between those over to the live drive times. 10 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. 128. 13 minutes on 95 as you approach 128.
5:46 am
meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and enjoy the gone >> the 70s have left us here in favor of 40s this morning so not as mild but still a little bit breezy. not as windy. win will gust around 25 miles per hour. not enough to do damage but enough to notice it cooler weather on saturday and by the evening for trick or treaters. most towns and cities will stay dry on sunday. only a blip of a chance of rain here on sunday morning. currently 52 in boston. it is nice and clear and we have got 12-mile-per-hour winds sustained. we will see stronger gusts through morning and the main wind will come up. 7 a.m. temperature down to 50 degrees and i wouldn't be surprised to see boston in the warm up. warm-up kicks off after 9 a.m. at 11:00, 54. a few.
5:47 am
we will take it. temperatures totally normal for this time of year. cool weather and cool front is sagging toward us. future cast doesn't highlight much in the way of cloud cover. you see a band of clouds from southwestern new hampshire and western massachusetts. it is sagged toward boston and worcester which late morning an ends up kind of drying up as it goes. so by noontime today, still looks mostly sunny. a couple of clouds mixing with sunshine. definitely going to be a dry day into the afternoon. i am just simply going with the sunshine as we get into the afternoon with temperatures take making it all the way into the 50s. 56 in boston and malden and 58 in quincy today. cambridge, brookline, as well as watertown and arlington at about 57 degrees. central massachusetts today only gets into the lower 50s though. so it is kind of a struggle to warm up in athol, gardner and rutland. a long sleeved day even in worcester at 52 this afternoon
5:48 am
and southeastern massachusetts going to be one of my hotter spots later today. you can see we have 60-degree read information bridgewater, taunton and even down to wareham at 60. plymouth gets to 58. it portsmouth, new hampshire at 56. lawrence at 55 degrees. and over the weekend, we are going to lose a couple of degree for tomorrow. low to mid-50s on saturday with 54 on n boston. 54 in worcester and nashua, new hampshire. you will like the sunday temperatures a little more. 60s in plymouth and 59 in foxborough. a lot more clouds around. tomorrow morning cool, cloudy start. high and thin. i am not concerned for them saturday night for your halloween plan. cloudy sunday morning. best chance of a spot shower far north and west of boston. not a big play in the weekend forecast and clouds star to break up. seven-day forecast with the weekend in view. sunday the best part of that weekend forecast in the chance
5:49 am
you get to sleep in an extra hour because you set the clocks back and sunrise, 6:17. the sun goes down at just after 4:30 in the afternoon. back to you, guys. now 5:50. keeping your favorite foods in your diet. coming up next, the new local study that says you don't have to stop eating what you love to lose weight. and a disgraced former -- actually taxpayers -- moving along, taxpayers are support along, taxpayers are supporting a disgraced former state very strong governor, probably the strongest governor in the history of the state of florida. and i think there were some folks in the legislature that thought they might be able to run over him. that didn't happen. one tax cut wasn't enough- he had to do more. it wasn't enough to have
5:50 am
with school choice in florida, he wanted to have 100,000 kids. if he didn't like a project, it was going to be vetoed. it didn't matter if you were a republican. it didn't matter if you were his best friend. he said: 'this is where we're going, this is how we're going to reform state government...' every politician comes in talking about making change, and generally there's not much change. but governor bush made a lot of changes. he got the nickname veto corleone. if he saw something in the budget that he thought violated his conservative principles, you could guarantee it was gonna get whacked. he vetoed a bunch of my stuff and i was the senate president. the message to washington, d.c., is 'get ready...' because there will be change. nright to rise usa is responsible
5:51 am
this morning pop star justin bieber is accused of a new which czar behavior. wednesday in spain, bieber walked out of a radio interview after learning none of the deejays spoke english. then more drama in norway. bieber did one song and quit telling fans, quote, i am not doing the show. he was reportedly upset about water spilling on the stage. he has since taken to instagram and apologized saying he was tired after a rough week. new information out about the way people diet. turns out the most important parts of a successful diet is
5:52 am
tailoring it to fit food preferences and health conditions. researchers at brigham and women's say it doesn't matter if the good night is low fat. they measured success for losing weight and keeping it off for more than a year. the catch of the day at many restaurants may not be what you expect. a new study says that 43% of salmon served at restaurants or sold at grocery stores is mislabeled. fish labeled "wild, alaskan or pacific salmon" is actually farm-raised atlantic salmon. a trade industry group disputes the finding and saying that the study is incomplete. after halloween, it is time to think thanksgiving and turkey farmer taken extra precaution to ward off the bird flu. poultry farm in more than 20 states. one turkey farmer says they put their birds on lockdowns putting up gates and not allowing anyone to see them.
5:53 am
says 7.5 million turkeys were infected between december 204 and 2015. the shortage of turkeys this year could mean higher prices this thanksgiving. salem is getting ready for its super bowl weekend which is, of course, halloween. police say because the holiday falls on a saturday, they are expecting large crowds and advising either taking public transportation or coming to find parking.this isn't our first rodeo and we have been through this and this needs to run well with the strategies we have in place years before. we will keep going and of course a large police presence. people should feel safe. >> police say they just want everyone to come and have a good time. festivities wrap up at 10:30 with a fireworks display. 5:56 this morning. one of the bloody one of the bloodiest days in the history of american motorcycle club. coming up, a new lance video
5:54 am
shooting outside of a strip mall. much cooler start of the day. timing out a typical warm-up when we come back. and a hockey fan swipes a puck from a little boy watching the game. coming up how the leah: i just was thinking any minute could be the minute. and the minutes kept passing. we both kind of relaxed and thought, "she'll come when she's ready." [ grunting ] woman: it's a girl! leah: and she did.
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