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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 30, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> daniel: local woman turns the tables on man that was taking inappropriately pictures of her. >> so you don't like being filmed without permission because that's what you have been doing. >> daniel: story that's going viral this morning. >> gene:
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>> daniel miller. >> shiri: trick or treating in morning forecast, temperature in the lower 50s, spots like boston 41 and bedford warping to 50 and same in nashua, new hampshire. worcester 47, portsmouth, new hampshire 47 and 50s, mid-50s at that proportions of the cape and islands, future cast here does have clouds thinking southward and partly cloudy just for a little while here late morning into early afternoon so lunch time temperatures can we say middle 50s and then during the afternoon we clear out those few clouds, turn mostly sunny again and nice and bright and not as warm and 70s and very unusual this time of year and these temperatures are more normal. break down that halloween, that weekend forecast in just minutes but back over to julie for check of early commute. >> julie: i think traffic gods smiled on us because overall easy commute, expressway moving along a little bit slow but not
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head from medford into somerville and live look at the zakim bridge nice and sunny out at the moment. here are live drive times, ten minutes on the pike from speen street to washington street, 22 minutes on the expressway from the arraign split to the pike and 25 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: bell range 90 minutes ago with lowell middle schooler dozens of students came down with the same bizarre illness. fox25 jessica reyes is live outside sullivan middle school this morning where doctors and school officials jessica say there's no cause for alarm this morning. >> jessica: crews were here scrubbing the place down and won't happen again but this morning still not 100% sure what caused this. students at middle school in lowell back at school this
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>> i had a bad headache, stomach was hurt. >> jessica: some say they smelled something strange. >> as soon as i got in the school i smelled funny egg smell class. >> jessica: students to nearby reilly middle school and dismissed from there. >> some were crying and teachers keeping them under control but scary. >> jessica: five kids sent to lowell general hospital and why authorities aren't possible what caused this, they are sure it was not carbon monoxide poisoning. both schools were scrubbed down and opened this morning. >> nothing in medical treatment now at the hospital that want causes any alarm or makes it think it might be a carbon monoxide situation. does seem to be more of a viral type syndrome. >> jessica: while official are waiting to say it is a virus they aren't 100% sure and never happened here before. live in lowell this morning,
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jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> daniel: in lexington this morning it is back to normal at east brooke elementary school. students there were evacuated after they felt a loud boom and vibration yesterday morning. everyone was bused over to the high school. fire official say they have ruled out fault electrical equipment, gas and small earthquake. >> julie: this crash claimed life of mother and young son. they are changing the road in oxford. route 20 got details from dot, catherine? >> catherine: mass dot did tell me this morning a short time ago they are planning to have a public meeting about all of this to give residents a chance to weigh in and also confirm some of the changes that they said will be coming to route 22. of course, here on route 20 earlier this week and told you the observations, told you how traffic quickly through here, narrow road to have two lanes on either side of the yellow line
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and this morning every now and then you hear a car riding over the rumble strips on the center line there. so again, changes need to be made according to some residents and now we are learning more about what those changes could look like. official met for 2-hour yesterday afternoon behind closed doors so state department of transportation. mass dot confirm to me today some changes will be made immediately to route 20 including adding delynnators on double yellow line and look like plastic poles with reflective tape not to black drivers but see when lifting out of the lane and installing traffic warning lines that will flash speed limit in approaching vehicle speed and enhancing the existing strip and monday's accident involving a car, cement truck and suv. 31-year-old christina russina of sturbridge was killed with her nine-month-old son and two-year-old child was severely injured, three people from the other vehicle suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. i have been hearing from a
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variety of people who think changes should be made. for example, the woman connected to that over my shoulder, she has been working for years to get cement barriers put somewhere along here in which stretch of route 20 to block cars from drifting into the opposite lane her husband was killed in spot not too far from here and another resident that spoke with us this morning as we were here along route 20 told us doesn't think the proposed changes are really going to help all that much. he believes police need to be here enforcing drives who might be speeding through the stretch and mass dot confirming they will be holding a public meeting to give residents a chance to weigh in. for now live here route 20 in oxford, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> daniel: brian johnson is scheduled to appear in court today for probable cause hearing last month the 24-year-old was fired for allegedly making up story that he was shot while on patrol. his report sparked a manhunt and
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closure of schools in millis and prosecutors say it was all a lie and johnson sparked a fire. it is a preliminary procedure that will determine if the case has enough evidence to proceed to a grand jury. daniel: social worker who was investigating a toddler on deer island is being investigated. she copied old information about the toddler's mother and posted it into a new report. rachelle bond had been in prison 12 times, was a drug addict and lost custody of two other children but dcf closed the file on bella bond because of the social worker's actions. that was two years before bond was killed. her mother and mother's boyfriend now face charges in connection with her death. >> julie: graduate will spend one year in jail for sexual assaulting a classmate.
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he was found guilty of misdemeanor sex crimes and using a computer to lure his victim. she was a freshman classmate at st. paul's prep. in court yesterday the teenager gave a powerful victim impact statement. >> what he did to me i felt i would be better off dead. >> julie: labrie will have to pay restitution to the victim's sex offender and will apply to remove his name from the list in 16 years. >> julie: manmade a false bomb threat at logan airport. dennis campbell pled not guilty in court. he was arrested wednesday night on board united airlines flight when heard him say there was a bomb in his luggage and his attorney says he used poor choice of words when struggling to get bag in overhead bin. he allegedly said, quoted, it could come out like a bomb and hit someone on the head.
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>> daniel: state police are investigating a gruesome discovery at massachusetts cemetery. the springfield republican says workers at island pond cemetery in ludlow found a bag of human bones while digging fresh plot. the bag was buried 3 feet underground. police say the bag was size of small child and bones were wrapped in heavy plastic. they appear to be 30 or 40 years old. >> julie: we have learned state agency now scheduled a hearing with the toe company which issued a $48,000 bill after towing jeep out of the mud earlier this week we introduced you to joel ramer he was off-roading in walpole when got stuck in the mud. billed more than $48,000 and when fox25 reached out to assured collision it was a dangerous scene due to proximate uppity in power lines and took seven man crew 12 hours to get the jeep out. department of public utilities
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and sent assured collision a hearing notice and we will keep following the story and see the original sto ry on myfo >> julie: this morning the military will be back in in mili tary after a blimp f loated away. they are expected to gather the re st of the balloon today and no word what caused it to flo at away . local company raytheon built the blimp that cost $182 million. >> daniel: this afternoon marry walsh will hold honor of silence in tom menino's honor and inviting public to join him at city hall plaza and maylene maldonado served as boston's mayor 20 years before deciding not to run for re-election in 2013 and he died on this day last year after a
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former mayor menino was 71 years old. >> julie: police made an arrest and helped police track down the suspect. >> tom: what players were focusing on latest blowout win. >> shiri: any driving still doing here morning hours, good news it is going to be pretty bright, add scattered clouds in there, 52 at 10:00 a.m. and
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>> daniel: tom leiden up very early with the plays that locked this one in. good morning. >> tom: dan, not so early any more. it is great to be here in the morning. easy money last night for the patriots who once again score 30 points, improved to 7-0 and every week you want to give opponents a shot but i guess we should know better with the team hasn't been close yet. show what you happened last night opening drive topped off 47-yard touchdown pass from tom brady to ron gronkowski another reminder make sure you're in your seats early otherwise miss the latest gronk spike.
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if the line-up last night and second half and first two patriots win 36-7 and with the players at this point. >> 76 total yards in the first half this week and all smiles after the game. >> group dialed in just for the game plan and leave sunday's game and talked about third down and get off the field and get these guys back on the field and let our offense do the work. >> defense held and got us the
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big and score before half was huge and came in before half time and did same thing in third quarter really well just played great. >> line backers at secondary and active and we tackled well and most part and that was really important part of this game. these guys a lot. >> after winning on short week a week and a half to prepare for washington who will be right here in foxborough next sunday. in gillette stadium, fox25 sports. >> tom: it has been a methodical route and pats sit and watch while bengals and broncos try to keep the pace this weekend and it was a gorgeous night and perfect result in foxborough. >> daniel: upton man won
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ticket and put ten to $15 from every pay check into a lotto fund and he chose the cash option which means he got $650,000. he says he found out he won on monday but didn't tell his wife until the next day and wanted to surprise her with get this, roses, 12 dozen. a dozen. champagne and plans to use the money to pay off mortgage and do home renovations. dozen roses. wouldn't turn those down, would you? >> julie: no. never gotten 12,000 at a time. looking at roads right now moving along and what's the typical volume on the expressway, thing opened up on route 1 and 93 south. live look right now at the zakim bridge where not a major slowdown at the moment and everything overall looking pretty nice and live drive times ten minutes from speen street to washington street on pike. 19 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the
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from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. fox25 meteorologist shiri spear with look at forecast got to have the jackets on hand for trick-or-treating. >> shiri: jackets on hand all the time and yesterday kind of exception to the rule and normal wake-up temperatures in the 40s, normal highs in the upper 50s that's where we are today on track normal. 51 in boston even a little bit mild to start off your day in the city, mostly sunny skies and as you can see toward lunchtime there will be just a few passing clouds, more than anything today you're going to see a lot of sunshine temps getting into the upper 50s in boston worcester now at 47 and we got the same sunshine winds at 14 miles per hour and i just want to mention to you if you're outside, if you're traveling, if spending time outside you will notice the wind not as strong as yesterday but with temperatures at 49 at 11:00 a.m. in boston, 1:00 this afternoon 51 with a couple
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passing clouds but with that breeze it is going to feel chilly and with that 40s and lower 50s, folks, need the jackets anyway but when you add the wind on top of it it is going to feel kind of chilly. 56 in bedford and boston, 55 in beverly this afternoon, 54 in portsmouth, new hampshire and lower 50s in worcester. and 50 in plymouth this afternoon. so future cast here as we go, you can see the clouds basically drying up as they go. i'm not concerned much about the clouds this afternoon, it will be mostly sunny as folks head home from work, kids head home from school and it stays clear for any of your friday night plans. cold and sunny when you wake up tomorrow morning and hopefully sleep through it because it is going to be 30s back on the map here at daybreak and then for the afternoon, mostly sunny skies continue, clouds very slowly roll into place. here during the evening hours tons of breaks in the cloud cover though at 8:00 p.m. on saturday night and halloween plans, don't worry as we head toward sunday the clouds do continue to thicken up into the morning hours.
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this is when we have the best chance albeit a slight chance of a shower to the north and west of boston here. i'm looking at berkshires for the potential of that southwestern new hampshire perhaps and boston area chance is very very low, not zero but chance is low for sunday shower. more clouds around on sunday see that here with weekend forecast down to the cape and islands starting tomorrow in lower 50s near 60 though by sunday under mostly cloudy skies and know the cool spot ends up being lake regions and mountains of new hampshire where it is going to be lower 50s both days but come sunday that's where we have the slightly better chance of shower. 7-day forecast is up and tomorrow wake up to 30s, high 54 , sunday 60 and 58 and want to mention trick or treaters degree i, chilly, temps in the 40s and come early next week we will start with lows in the 40s, highs in the 60s so it
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the year and partly sunny. back to you. >> julie: model filed a lawsuit after billboards showed up all over new york. >> daniel: coming up after the break we will tell you more about that. plus a reminder to move over. we ride along with state police
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>> julie: former florida governor english reduced spending and subpar performance in wednesday night's debate and his campaign is doing fine. julie: joe biden not running for the top job but meeting with democrats that are. bernie sanders spoke with bind for an hour and residents in washington. sanders did not have ask for enforcement and they discussed campaign and finance issues and vice president has not decided if he has endorse sanders or hillary clinton. >> daniel: senators working into the wee hours of the morning phish up a budget -- finish up a budget deal and kyla campbell is live in object what to discuss it in the region. good morning.
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>> kyla: two year budget deal keeps government from defaulting on debt next week and possible christmas time shutdown and change in social security and raises a debt limit until march of 2017 and there was plenty of drama before the 3:00 a.m. vote and rand paul and ted cruz each spoke for hours in failed attempt to filibuster the bill. >> on the right they say well we need more money from military. on the left they say we need more money for welfare and they get together. there's a secret handshake and we spend more money on everything. >> kyla: bill passed 64-35 and senator warren, markey shaheen and ayotte voted in favor of the spending plan and house already passed and heads to the president desk and white house sent me statement past hour saying president obama looked
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forward to signing it. live in washington, kyla campbell, fox25 news. >> julie: tucson man praising to police after having gun during a traffic stop. he agreed to be disarmed when officers asked. he said he showed officer respect during the situation and rewarded in return. >> they said hey, you were cool with us, didn't give us grief about your firearm so let you off with a warning and i was really appreciative of that and really professional conduct during that stop. >> julie: his initial post has been shared more than 250,000 times and police department thanked him for his compliment. >> daniel: people aren't obeying the law and this is all that's left of the cruiser after hit by tractor-trailer in construction zone earlier this month then just last week a similar incident and both cases
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the drivers were cited. fox25 went for ride along with one state trooper who has been hit twice while sitting in his cruiser on the side of the road. >> often have to remind myself on the highway system i'm simply standing on white line, not white wall. >> daniel: police wrote 3,000 tickets for people not obeying the wall. >> julie: coming up who was on the hook for near lie taking their lives. >> shiri: 58 and pretty normal this time of 82er and weekend cooldown and a big time warm-up and take it hour-by-hour look at those conditions next.
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street >> julie: now at 9:30 a lovely day and quite a change from the rain yesterday morning. however, it is way cooler and chill-up layer up under the costume and hopefully they planned for that and don't have to hide any of the creativity.
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have to buy warm costumes. >> shiri: if you have halloween plans and plans late october anticipate the cold. 51 in boston and problem is we were kind of advertised yesterday because got mid-and upper 70s which is really unusual, 49 still in framingham, 47 pelham, new hampshire, 51 in bridgewater, right now worcester 47, auburn 49, same in holden, amherst, new hampshire 53 lower 50s marty walsh field down to plymouth and over to sandwich in brewster, nantucket and vineyard at 55, like the sound of those temperatures and day planner for today and we do stay dry, mostly sunny now. just few clouds passing noon time and lots of sunshine, gusts will get up around 25 miles per hour so it is breezy but not as wendy as yesterday. 3:00 p.m. 53 and know the kids are coming home from school and going to be so ready for this weekend to start, 47 if you have
9:27 am
today and got look at trick-or-treating hour-by-hour forecast and back to you. >> julie: look at roads right now before we get to top stories you could see a lot of green. cruising along without a lot of delays, expressway a little bit slow as pass morrissey boulevard and that icon you see is an accident on one of the side streets on the pike in framingham. through brighton things have really opened up eastbound. here are live drive times ten minutes from speen street to washington street on the pike and 18 minutes from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel and 16 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. >> daniel: 9:32 right now. back to class for dozens of students that fell ill with a baffling illness. >> julie: crews spent hours scrubbing the schools but they still aren't sure what caused the illness and no cause for alarm this morning.
9:28 am
>> jessica: that's right. back inside school for two hours at this point and not sure what caused it and yesterday at the sullivan school around lunch team and officials here say about 60 kids went out and they weren't feeling well and some of them even got physically ill and checked out and school was scrubbed down here. crews here for hours well into the night singing and officials initially thought this may have had something to do with carbon monoxide poisoning but now leaning toward some sort of virus. >> nothing now in the medical treatment that causes us any loop ramp or makes us think it might be a carbon monoxide situation. it does seem to be more of a viral type syndrome. >> julie: students removed from here sitting nearby reilly dismissed and that has been scrubbed down as well and never happened before and are confident it won't happen again.
9:29 am
jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> julie: andover police have made arrest in joule home break-in. peter barsickenedded up tracked down based on fingerprints and dna at another crime scene later that day and police say barsbarsick is a career criminal. >> i believe rape charge or conviction or something. knowing what i know. >> kidnapping and other charges and set to be arraigned at later date. >> state transportation chief want to step up security after recent deadly stabbing at orange
9:30 am
trains and station platform critical times of the day and 17-year-old jason raymond and pollack says around the transis system not changed in roughly 20 years. meanwhile mason raymond's mother also calling for change at vigil last night. she told her son friend not to seek revenge but instead find inner peace and harold reports jones says it is difficult but forgives the teenager accused of stabbing her son to death. jones told the crowd they need to do the same. >> julie: former massachusetts house speaker who had his pension revoked will receive taxpayer money. resume issuing monthly pension paints for tom finneran and it was wrong to strip finneran's pension. in 2007 the former speaker pled guilty to federal obstruction of justice charges. retirement board is appealing the court ruling and saying it
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will not issue back payments worth nearly $240,000 to finneran until the appeal is heard. >> daniel: investigating a violent muggess this morning traffic enforcement officer was beaten and robbed outside his home. it happened on capin street near tufts university. fox25 spoke with viewer while he was loaded into the ambulance and saw officer peeping into cars. >> had hood on and looked suspicious and can we help you and he identified himself. >> daniel: right now there's no indication the man was targeted because of his job and they are looking for a pair of men in 20s in connection to the attack. >> julie: plymouth man accused of using old work uniform to gain access to cohasset. he worked for hunting control systems to gain access to several empty classrooms at deer heel school.
9:32 am
he used to work for the company and that's why he has the uniform and no children were harmed and missing some cash. >> julie: this morning a local man arrested for house break-ins in groveland. 40-year-old john bell kiss believed to be responsible for at least two burglaries, one on holly lane and jb little road and investigators believe there's more victims out there. >> sometimes people think in this place some items and in this case they may have been stolen and maybe they know the suspect and been in the home in the past and that could give them another clue to look for the items. >> julie: bellkiss faces charges with drug possession. >> daniel: woman turns camera on man that she says was secretly video taping women. she posted video to the facebook page and getting national attention now. fox25 michael henrich has more from newbury street.
9:33 am
>> michael: cloud of controversy in a sunny day in the heart of boston. >> i'm sorry, am i making you uncomfortable, you don't like being filmed without her permission. >> michael: jase dillan is accused of recording women. some woman says were minors along newbury street. >> you don't like being filmed without permission. because that's what you have been doing. you have footage of me on that camera. >> michael: video dillan post does not show video of anyone. this morning fox25 is blurring his face until police confirm whether he is a suspect in a crime. dillan said she did report the allegations. still her unedited video is quickly going viral with more than 250,000 views leading to an interview with national woman's magazine bringing the topic of sexual harassment to the forefront.
9:34 am
>> i would like you to pull out your camera and delete the footage of me that you have. >> daniel: that was michael henrich reporting and dillan says she will be meeting with attorney later today as police investigate and latest tonight at news and five and six. >> julie: man face a judge this morning after beating. 72-year-old man ran out of gas block from his home and hit in the head with a metal object and minutes later his wife was attacked when showed up with gas for the car. both victims suffered seaver -- severe injuries. 25-year-old man has been arraigned and arrested this morning. >> daniel: celebrate completion of city wide app to help drivers pay for parking. park boston is mobile payment app and now expanded to all boston parking meters. today celebration is to highlight the new way people can use quarters now that they no
9:35 am
longer need them for meters and mayor teaming up with former bruin rick middleton to play a game of bubble hockey. >> julie: this weekend two dozen runners will take to the streets for boston marathon victim. the group of more than 20 marathoners running in honor of eight-year-old martin richard, the youngest victim of the 2013 terror attack and runners will raise money for the martin richard foundation. >> daniel: you could be paying a lot more for turkey and shortage for supplies. >> julie: threats people getting in personal e-mail accounts from ashley madison. >> shiri: 2:00 p.m. mostly sunny and drop back into the 40s and six and 8:00 at night, slowly clouds coming in and see
9:36 am
chance for a shower attached to >> daniel: pilot reported fuel leaking in fort lauderdale before it caught fire. everyone had to be evacuated. emergency slides as fire crews worked to knock down the flames and one passenger tripped and fell on the tarmac and suffered a serious head injury and 100
9:37 am
people were on board including the crew. >> julie: officers killed man during a shootout late last night. kentucky state police and u.s. marshal spotted 62-year-old floyd ray cook last night. a gun fight erupted and police later found cook dead. cook is convicted rapist. officers say he shot and wounded tennessee cop sunday and then opened fire on cop in kentucky hours later. julie: dramatic look at texas bar. this was the scene in may when rival biker gangs got into a shootout and surveillance video shows one gang in the bar when rival group caught on police dash cam riding up. moments later the bar's cameras show chaos erupting and people running for cover and grabbing their guns. nine bikers were killed and more than 100 were arrested. grand jury using this video and thousands of pages of documentation to determine what the bikers will be charged with. >> daniel: more trouble brewing for 37 million people who had accounts with online cheating website.
9:38 am
hit with extortion e-mails. e-mails demand $500 worth of bitcoin saying person doesn't pay up the blackmailer will contact their family and friends through facebook. cyber experts say they should not pay up but making precautions make sure facebook friends list set to private and blackmailers are likely the same group that initially targeted the company. daniel: new york judgesiding with model who says she was humiliated with hiv ad. noland didn't know the modeling picture would ultimately end up being used in state agency's hiv awareness ad. she sued for defamation and judge agreed. in april they will decide how much the state must pay noland. >> julie: amazon is being accused of mistreating workers. four exdeliverry drivers suing
9:39 am
benefits and giving comers fast and affordable delivery by stiffing workers and they were considered independent contractors. typically independent contractors are not covered by same protection given by same employees and amazon not commenting on the lawsuit but in august shot down new york times article portraying the company as brutal place to work. julie: this morning getting look at highest paid female executives in the corporate. turns out top honor goes to senior vice president of apple and angela aaron makes more than $73 million a year that's in salary plus stock and options. ceo's of oracle and yahoo round out top three. >> daniel: new information out this morning about the way people diet. turns out most important part to successful diet is tailoring it to person's food preferences and health conditions. researchers from brigham & women's hospital and harvard say it doesn't really matter if the diet is low fat when it comes to long-term success.
9:40 am
losing weight and keeping it off in more than a year. >> julie: bring on halloween candy. 128 dedham and needham and off on the side roads near the pike in framingham and closer into the city in allston-brighton area. as you can see live look through brighton a lot of space between the cars and live drive times 11 minutes on the pike from speen street to washington street and 19 minutes from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel and 13 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split exit for the pike. fox25 storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear joining us now with look at forecast. hi, shiri. >> shiri: hi, everybody. a little bit breezy. obviously we have bright conditions in place now and end up being cooler tomorrow and for the evening hours because i know not going to have to be a kid to gihalloween and a lot of you
9:41 am
back into the 40s. most towns and cities will stay totally dry through the weekend and going to highlight slight chance of sunday shower now 51 in boston and 14 miles per hour winds as expected this morning i have been saying that winds are going to increase slightly after the sun comes up. that's what's beginning to happen now. we will get stronger gusts between 20 and 25 miles per hour so late this morning into the early afternoon couple clouds bright sunshine out there and we will be at 55 at 11:00, 1:00 this afternoon in boston 56 and then we slowly start to go down and once the sun goes down we will be back to the 40s, folks so that's why cooler evening trick-or-treating. this front comes through with just a few of those clouds, a lot of this cloud cover as it leaks into the area end up dissipating and cool weather does move into the weekend future cast today shows clouds
9:42 am
lunchtime today and then afternoon and and not broken and believes it is going to be mostly sunny and high temperatures end up in and around the boston area climbing into the middle 50s rather and boston and malden and 57 in quincy as well as braintree and 58 somerville and watertown and newton and hot spots today south eastern massachusetts and upper 50s with 59 and in taunton and 58 bridgewater in carver and wareham also mattapoisett and worcester 52, same in lawrence this afternoon, 57 plymouth and and mostly sunny day tomorrow and lose couple degrees in the afternoon and highs make to the lower 50s for saturday and closer to 60 especially further
9:43 am
south on sunday and start sunday tomorrow and very late at night and during the overnight hours that the clouds thicken up and 7:00 a.m. watch some spots like southern new hampshire, western most massachusetts, idlely boston stays dry through the weekend and couple cracks into the clouds and later into the day we go and seven-day forecast weekend always in view, don't forget that on sunday we are actually gaining an hour sleep and have to set the clouds back. best bet before we do it on saturday and sun comes up at 6:17 but sun comes down at 4:38 seems so early for the sun to go down. early next week starts out mild with lows in the 40s when you wake up, highs in the middle 60s. back to you guys. >> daniel: ten minutes until the top of the hour, much more
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>> julie: with hood, cottage cheese can be pineapple on a waffle. or cucumber and dill as a dip. with 8 delicious flavors of hood cottage cheese, the possibilities are endless.
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>> daniel: ride hailing
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cat day to whole new level. uber 15 minutes of cuddle time and annual event that started two years ago and led to the adoption of more than 20 kittens and happened in 55 cities around the country. unfortunately boston was not on the list. >> julie: there may be a turkey shortage this thanksgiving. poultry farms have been devastated in the last two years more than 20 states. one turkey farmer in holliston says metrowest daily news they put the birds on lockdown putting up gates and not allowing anyone to see them and department of agriculture 75 million turkeys were affected between 22014 and 2015. they will have higher prices this weekend. >> daniel: because halloween falls on saturday they are expecting large crowds and advise either taking public transportation or coming early to find parking. trick or treaters will also notice the surprise in the sky
9:48 am
large astroid will pass by earth nasa says the space rock is between three and six football fields wide. it will be traveling 7800 miles per hour. experts say the astroid poses no threat to earth but will come closer to any other since 2006. >> julie: what's halloween without a little fun. at fox25 we will show you re-enacting we did danny devito and arnold and we were twins and people wondered you got to photoshop this and i'm in heels and shiri is in flats so that's the actual height. >> daniel: that's true. >> julie: one other one yesterday on the green screen with anna and elsa from frozen. >> shiri: let it go. >> julie: twins one with the suggestion from facebook friends we couldn't do game of throwns.
9:49 am
>> shiri: green giant and little sprout next year. >> daniel: doesn't have to be halloween. >> shiri: a weekly halloween suggestions. posted behind the scenes as well and check those out as we were trying to choreograph whatever it was. >> shiri: amazing. >> daniel: forecast? >> shiri: seasonable one which means it is going to be cool. new england is cool typically at halloween. today we will climb into the upper 50s, mostly sunny, tomorrow for halloween itself i got some very late clouds. things are looking excellent, although 54 your high by the evening hours as sun goes down, back into the 40s so that does ask me earlier jackets for the kids and does mean jackets for the kids. you know, growing up i remember like stuffing my jacket under or suffering. that's not cool. >> daniel: i hear there's a lot to be excited about when
9:50 am
>> julie: have candy stocked up. >> daniel: i'm not sure what i will do yet. >> julie: bring leftovers on monday. >> daniel: deal. thank you so much for joining us and don't forget the fox25 news at 5:00. >> julie: have a great weekend and very happy halloween. "hurry! you gotta get fios" but why? time, you can get a great deal from fios. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available from 50 to 500 megs. so whatever speed you need, fios has it. get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone starting at $79.99 a month. and get $300 back with a 2-year agreement. this is your last chance. offer ends november 7th.
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