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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  October 30, 2015 5:00pm-5:58pm EDT

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apartmtaped off here, at this point, they don't suspect any foul play, but they do plan to conduct a search warrant here as they try to get to the bottom of thousand this baby died. -- how this baby died. multiple detectives and fire crews responded to this apartment on kimble street friday morning. manchester police say here, they met with the 30-year-old woman, who lives in the apartment with her family. inside investigators say they found a deceased female infant, neighbors told fox 25 the woman had the baby less than a month ago. at first, investigators didn't know what type of scene they were responding to, so took no chances. >> i got woken up this morning from them coming through my house checking for carbon monoxide and stuff, like they had something that they were checking, the air with. >> the reporter: they soon determined no one else was in any danger. this woman told me in spanish, the woman inside is her sister-in-law. she arrived here desperate to know what was going on. is it true, she asked us before heading in side to talk to police. manchester investigators don't suspected foul play, but they
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will conduct a search warrant and say a complete investigation is underway. so we have yet to see police return to begin that search warrant, but we're going to stay on the scene here and let you know any new information we gather about this investigation in our next hour. live in manchester, new hampshire, kerry kavanaugh, fox 25. >> mark: clear and cool fall day here on the water at crocker pond in wrentham and chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz says things are looking good for trick-or-treaters this weekend, but probably want to bundle up a bit. >> kevin: i think so. today is 14 degrees cooler than yesterday for your high temperature. got up to 61 in boston, which, by the way is still above average for the date, by just by a couple of degrees. worcester, 54 for a high and temperatures falling back through the 50's. we'll be only in the 50's for high temperatures tomorrow, so already, we'll be starting out cooler before trick-or-treating even commences and by the way, there is some wind gusts out there over 20 miles per hour from time to time. nashua, orange, some near 20 miles per hour, plymouth and province. not damaging winds, but still a breeze out there, it makes it
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feel just a little cooler as well, but it is clear this evening after a sunny afternoon. there are a few clouds to the north, even some snow flurries in the highest elevation. not a concern and nothing moving toward you us. our weather is looking great. sunshine after a clear night, but temperatures will drop into the upper 20's and low 30's and pinkerton the afternoon, we'll be watching some clouds starting to go work on in. whether or not they have any rain for your trick-or-treating, what temperatures will be like for your evening festivities on halloween too. >> joy: now to a developing story we're following tonight, the u.s. will soon put boots on >> mark: president barack obama ordering troops to the region to help fight isis. the move comes two years after the president said he would not send troops to that country. stacy cohand has more on this change in strategy. >> the reporter: in syria, the term, war-torn, is insufficient. landscape is divided between areas divided between isis, the syrian government strong hold
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campaigns, aimed at advance -- now if a dramatic policy shift, the white house announces plans to put boots on the ground in northern syria. to assist and advise kurdish and arab forces fighting isis. >> we can be a lot better off in terms of intelligence, having forces there, but on the other hand, it's extremely dangerous and are we getting drawn into the syrian quagmire. >> the reporter: fewer than 50 special operations forces will be sent to syria, but is this just the beginning. >> it would not shock me if we ended up sending more in the future, but i think this is a very good step to have a much better feel for what's going on. >> the reporter: white house insists, this is not a step toward war. >> the core of our military strategy inside of syria is to we would up the capacity of local forces, to take the fight to isil on the ground in their >> the reporter: a noncombat mission is u.n.h. wildcats football of the most dangerous places in the world. i'm stacey cohan.
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>> mark: one person is dead, another seriously injured after a five story building collapses in midtown, manhattan. the building was in the process of being demolished when it collapsed. the injured cop struck workers was trapped for several hours before being pulled from the rubble. 19 people were on the job site when it collapsed. the cause is still unknown joy lin nakrin want to get you to breaking news in that case against a new hampshire prep school student convicted of the sexual assault of a younger student. the merrimack county district attorney's office saying now that the legal team of 20-year-old owen labrie rejected a string of plea deals, the latest one apparently would have only had labrie serving 30 days in jail, and he would not have to register as a sex offender. well, labrie was sentenced yesterday to a year in jail, and he will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. >> mark: heartwarming welcome home for the crew of boston based coast guard cutter spencer. the ship was on patrol for 65 days if the caribbean. it intercepted four vessels
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suspected of drug trafficking and seized more than 2,000 pounds of marijuana and more than 3,000 pounds of cocaine. the coast guard cutter has a crew of 14 officers and 86 enlisted personnel. new developments tonight in the high profile case of a former millis police officer as cued of shooting his open crews to cover up a lie. this is our first look at brian johnson in weeks, since he claimed his cruiser was fired on. sparking a manhunt in millis and a lockdown of area schools. johnson was at wrentham district court for a probable cause hearing and back in court next month. >> elizabeth: two lanes of route 128 south in waltham are open once again after a four-car crash there. traffic was stalled until 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. several injuries were also reported. >> mark: also new at 5:00 p.m., alarming response from firefighters in a building in boston today. smoke could be seen coming from a building near tremont street. a malfunctioning solar panel may
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one person was transported to the hospital for smoke inhalation. >> in oxford, a deadly crash killed a mother and her infant sound christina rustin and her baby boy died after her car she was driving crossed the center line. during a meeting yesterday, officials came up with several changes to take effect. those include posts along the yellow line, warning lights which check speeds and i will appropriate to already existing rumble strips. the changes take effect next week. governor charlie baker meanwhile announcing today that dcf will review the work of an employee who handled the bella bond case. a report released earlier this week showed that social worker copied years old reports when evaluating rochelle bond in 2012 and 2013, after reports of neglect. those old reports were from years before bella was even born. the body of bella was found in a trash bag on deer island in june. her mother's boyfriend has now been charged in the murder and her own mother charged as an accessory to that crime. >> mark: fire exchange on
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newbury street, caught on video, it happened after a woman confronted a man who she says was recording inappropriate images of girls and teenage girls. because no laws have been broken, police say there is little they can do. fox 25's robert goulston is live on newbury street with the video that more than a million people have seen. robert. >> the reporter: the woman says that the video was recorded here on newbury street, a very public street, but police say they didn't find any evidence of laws broken, but one woman saying he went too far and she made it clear to him. >> i'm sorry, am i making you uncomfortable? you don't like being filmed without your permission. >> the reporter: the man who we are not identifying because he is not being investigated or charged with a crime, tries walking away from jaws dillon for several minutes. >> can i see your camera, because you've got some really beautiful footage of myself and the other girls. >> the reporter: dillon watched the man, after she caught him
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recording her private areas and then inappropriately recorded at least a half a dozen other women, including two young teens under 16. the man never fully acknowledges he was recording the women or girls, only saying this. >> could you please just pull out your camera and delete it. >> why do you think that i would need your permission, first of all. >> the reporter: do you want to talk legal semantics with me right now? >> dillon posted the video on her facebook count and how has more than a million views. today she writes this digital age we live in is a battle zone. we have experienced harassment in our lives and it matters not whether you are a woman or a man. this issue is not only a feminist issue but a humanist issue. are you done. >> i just want to see the footage of me that you took. i would like you to delete it, please. >> dillon originally scheduled to do an interview with us today, but then said she had to cancel because she was overwhelmed by the response. again, one million views on her
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facebook and tonight at 6:00 p.m., we'll talk to a legal expert about this very difficult legal question about women being sexually harassed with cameras on public streets. we are live in boston, robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> mark: new at 5:00 p.m., a suspected bank robber may have struck again. boston police believe the person in these photos robbed the beige on gal continue boulevard in dorchester yesterday and robbed a boston base earlier this month. >> joy: school back in session at sullivan middle school in low yes after dozens suddenly got sick yesterday. our cameras show staff and students returning to the school this morning, after classrooms were scrubbed overnight and tested for carbon monoxide. in all, 60 kids got sick around the same time, but hospital officials told us yesterday, it was not due to carbon monoxide. >> there is nothing in the medical treatment now at the hospital that causes any alarm or makes us think that it might be a carbon monoxide situation.
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have them. >> elizabeth: also ahead, a company refusing to publish a tribute to a fallen hero. his sister can't imagine why. >> i'm appalled that somebody would do this. >> joy: all new in our next half-hour, fox 25 news getting answers and results from that company. >> the reporter: clear skies and cold temperatures overnight, lead to a frosty start to your halloween, but how temperatures will be for your actual trick-or-treating hours. >> the reporter: you've seen
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a local >> >> sign language causing a controversy at concord, a massachusetts man was ordered to take down his black lives matter sign. the issue, it's not in compliance with concord sign bylaws. >> joy: now another resident anonymously filed a complaint this month. christine mccarthy just spoke with the homeowner and the sign has a special meaning to him, right? >> the reporter: it sure did and as you said, we just talked to him, he says that he's a father of two children, one who is african-american, the other, latino, so when the town asked him to remove a sign on this fence and move it back here, farther in the yard, he decided to write an open letter to the resident who filed that complaint and that's got the community talking. >> black lives do matter. >> the reporter: johnny cole is one of many who value these words. >> this is a public health issue. you know, why are people dying at such alarming rights. >> the reporter: as a gay asian dead of african-american and latino children, cole knows what
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it means to be different from other families in the neighborhood. that's why he felt compelled to post it sign on his fence on this quiet concord road, but it was up for just over two weeks, when the town asked him to remove it, following an anonymous complaint. >> initially, it was really disheartening. i definitely was really upset. it was really hard for both me and my husband. >> the reporter: the problem is the sign was up for too long, the town tells us. >> the sign by concord allows a sign such as they put up two weeks to be placed within the town right away. >> we dug up that section of concord bylaw, a political idea lodge cam or charitable sign it states may not be posted for more than two weeks without manager. >> moving a couple of signs on to their own appropriate in my -- that's what cole did but some neighbors are disappointed,
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putting up their signs in their own support. >> the reporter: it's nearly everyone seems to wonder who filed the complaint. >> this is a very progressive an open neighborhood, and it just shocked me that anyone would have anything against that. >> the reporter: now, the town of concord tells me that these bylaws are so strict and have been for years, to keep the historic look and feel of this town, now, this dad tells me that he plans to file an extension to be able to keep his sign on this fence on this town right-of-way for longer than two weeks, but he does tell me that the town manager's office did tell him that in the more than two decades that the town manager has been in his position, he has never granted an extension. we're live in concord tonight, christine mccarthy, fox 25. >> mark: boston. >> boss mayor marty walsh holding a street arcade to celebrate a new app for parking. park app allows boston residents
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without digging for quarters. this app has been expanded for use in all boston parking meters now. wynn resorts meanwhile making everett. the company saying they have scrapped the idea of a night club in favor of an upscale lounge. the "boston globe" is also reporting that the city of somerville has filed another lawsuit, asking a judge to pull the casino's environmental approval, which it received from the state. your shades on. who, that's a bright sunset going down over the fenway park and off to the wells of boston, looking from our beacon hill 57 degrees. 27. i point that out because when we forecast low temperatures, that's a parameter we look at, when it's going to be clear, and nearly calm. winds will continue to diminish your temperature can drop all the way down to the dew point, if it's perfectly calm out. watching for tonight. there will be temperatures in the 20's. boston is at 57 degrees as you
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saw with all that sunshine out there. and basically, unlimited visibility. temperature will drop down to 39 degrees. not all the way to the dew point, remember, there's going to be a bit of a breeze, not going totally calm in boston. worcester, 52 degrees right now, so starting a little bit lower, lots of sunshine for now, but going down to 34 first thing in the morning under clear skies. to the south shore, plymouth, 58-degree right now with the sunshine. and your temperature dropping down into the mid 30's overnight. 36 degrees and then finally, we'll go to the north, lawrence, up here, merrimack river valley, lots of sunshine for now and your temperature dropping there to the 30's tonight as well. 34 degrees, but the towns north and west of worcester, where you'll find the upper 20's, a lot of below freezing temperatures, but the frost and freeze has already happened for most of us out there now. now, gusty winds still to be sure. these are some of the strongest gusts, 22 at orange, 23 nashua. 17 miles per hour in plymouth. other places have a breeze, just don't have the stronger wind gusts. nothing damaging out there anymore. just something that makes you feel cooler as the sun goes down and the sun while it's out there
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now, has it sets, there's going to be clear skies over new england. few clouds in the mountains, even a couple of flurries showing up here in some of the green mountains and new york as well, so that's something that's in the highest elevations. we are staying totally clear all night long. you've waking up to sunshine first thing in the morning. you see that here on futurecast. this takes you to 7:30 a.m., let's advance it to noontime and beyond. afternoon, clouds start to roll on in. these clouds thicken up tomorrow night and into sunday morning, we're going see a couple of showers start to develop. they're just scattered showers, not a big wall of water coming in for sure, but something we'll be tracking during sunday morning's newscast is where the showers are. we start to brake back into the sunshine sunday afternoon, so as far as temperatures tomorrow, for high its, remember, 50's is about average for this time of year and tomorrow, right on target. cambridge, somerville, 55. deadham, 55 degrees. north shore, temperatures will be again generally in the 50's for you in essex county. 54 in amesbury and back here to southern new hampshire, nashua at 5 tour degrees and south shore, temperatures in the 50's here as well.
5:18 pm
generally in the mid 50's for most locations on the south shore. you'll see that here, brockton at 55 and plymouth at 55 degrees as well. but what about halloween evening, after all, we go trick-or-treating after the sun goes down and the temperature during the evening will be falling, by 4:00 p.m., if you're going out before sunset and sol of the younger children like to do that, still in the 50's, then dropping through the 40's as the evening progresses. pinkerton sunday to monday, we'll be watching this storm system, but you see in the seven day forecast, the weekend always in view. keeping that offshore, keeping the clouds rolling in here on monday. not the rainshowers that come with it. it will be mildest on sunday, with that risk for a shower around and the other thing you have to remember about sunday, you have to push your clock back, you get an extra hour of sleep sunday morning. >> mark: what's more seasonable than dropping pumpkins off the roof of a building and washing them smash? students at boston university participating in the prehalloween tradition. students coming out to watch this go down and learn while they do it. >> obviously, throwing pumpkins,
5:19 pm
educational, but it has to do with gravity, very lostist, so i mean -- velocity, so we have to tie it in to the site but we want it to be fun for everyone. >> mark: they get an a plus for that, right? certainly looks like a great time out there, unless you have to clean it up, of course. >> joy: that's right. not so fun. ahead, if you are hoping to have a heaping pile of a holiday staple, well, you might be out of luck. the thanksgiving favorite that could be in short supply this season. >> also ahead, a story you'll want to see before you head to the grocery store. an inside look at the tricks some companies use to back their treats and why it could cost you money. >> joy: but first, trouble on the march mac.
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>> mark: the ntsb is launching an investigation into a plane fire at fort lauderdale airport. 20 people were hurt in a dynamic airways jet caught fire while taxiing, moments after the pilot and the plane behind the jet reported that fuel was leaking from the jet. the f.a.a. says the jet passed all preflight inspections before it left the gate. >> joy: army officials say today teens are now in the pros svonburg removing sensitive radar from a crash military blimp in rural pennsylvania. this weekend, helicopters will come into help hoist the rest of that blimp wreckage from the trees in muncie, an on to a truck. the blimp floated away from an army site in maryland on wednesday before crashing -- crash landing in pennsylvania. meanwhile, no bail form the rhode island man accused of
5:22 pm
beating an elderly couple on wednesday night. >> the man will undergo a mental competency hearing before his next court date. the 25-year-old never entered a plea in court. prosecutors say he attacked the couple in their 70's, with a metal baseball bat while they were putting gas in their car on the side of the road. both victims were found severely beaten. >> this is something that is, you know, it is just despicable what's happened to the elderly people. >> mark: a break in the case of a missing elderly coup. human remains were found on thursday, as officials investigate the death of jeff and jeannette navin. prosecutors named their son as a person of interest. >> joy: help for hundreds of residents possiblily exposed to dangerous chemicals.
5:23 pm
the portsmouth herald is reporting that the state is looking for a second lab to process blood samples from nearly 800 residents. all were exposed to water from a contaminated well at the former pease air force base, the c.d.c. has already processed several hundred tests, but can't handle all the remaining cases. >> mark: hypodermic needles littering a hanover playground, they were found at sylvester field. officers are increasing patrols in the area. police are advising everyone to be vigilant and to talk with kids about what to do if they see a needle. we know it's not even halloween yet, but if you're thinking ahead, for the holidays, well, you might want to shop this weekend. >> joy: i always want to shop every weekend. >> mark: keep it in mind. >> joy: the two major retailers offering huge discounts on big ticket items on sunday. how you can score big deals. >> mark: also ahead, his sister just wanted to pay tribute to her fallen brother. >> and they said the
5:24 pm
put on the stamp, that it could hurt basil's public reputation. >> the tribute that company wouldn't publish and what they're saying tonight after we asked about it. >> joy: but first, a local town going to great lengths to keep kids safe on halloween. officers published a sex offender map, but not all
5:25 pm
we explain next on your i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit breaking news oust of manchester, new hampshire. an infant girl has been found dead in an apartment on kimble street. police don't believe any foul play is involved and an investigation is underway to determine the exact cause of death. fox 25 is in manchester at this hour, speaking with neighbors about what they've seen and heard. another live report just ahead in our 6:00 p.m. hour. >> joy: also tonight, families all across new england, of course, getting ready for a big night of trick-or-treat, and local police want to make sure that everyone stays safe. good evening everyone, i'm joy lin nakrin. >> mark: and i'm mark ockerbloom.
5:26 pm
police have released a map of local registered sex offender. stephanie quinu is live at the police department and they've had to keep some registered offenders off this list. >> the reporter: and that's because under state law, police can only publish the information for registered level 3 sex offenders, those considered the most dangerous. this is that map they've published. you can see all of these red dots right here. well the dots do not include level 1 and level 2 sex offenders. it's something residents say has to change. >> because we don't know, they could be hike, living right next door to us and we wouldn't know. >> the reporter: the day before halloween as people prepare to celebrate, methuen police are preparing to protect, publishing this map that shows where level 3 sex offenders live. methuen police chief joseph solomon told us, he's received dozens of calls from residents asking for this information. >> but you also have to be concerned about who else is in that neighborhood. >> level 3 offenders are considered those who have a high risk of offending again. under state law, police cannot
5:27 pm
1 or level 2 offenders. >> we truly believe that we should be able to publicize level 1, 2 and 3. if you've already offended, there's a potential to reoffend. >> residents can go to their local police department, show their address and find out where level 1 and 2 offenders live nearby. but some people we spoke with believe that information needs to be more accessible. this woman works in methuen, and lives in haverhill. she told us, she looked up her home and couldn't believe what she found. >> i'm very surprised. my surrounding area, there's like 52 of them, just like in a couple blocks i a way. >> solomon says it's a balance between privacy and protection. >> there are individuals who have served their time, they have a right to live in our community, but we also have a right to let the community know that these addresses you might want to stay away from. >> and chief solomon says this information, not meant to scare anyone, really meant to empower people, meantime, we've also posted a link where you can
5:28 pm
actually enter in your hometown and check out the registered sex offenders in your area. again, that's on my web site, and coming up in the 6:00 p.m. hour, the extra protection here in methuen. police are taking to make sure that everyone stays safe this halloween. in methuen, stephanie quinu, fox 25 news. >> joy: beautiful sunny, fall evening here in the city of boston. gosh, that's gorgeous. a chill in the air as sun sets and fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz says kids will want to bundle up for that trick-or-treating tomorrow, right? >> kevin: they will have to, but it's not a night we need to put a big wintory coat over the costume you've been working on, just some layers underneath should do it for this one. the high today made it to 60. we're already dropping through the 50's, it's down to 57 at logan airport, for instance, a couple of degrees cooler in the back bay, going down to 39 in the immediate boston area tonight. freezing temperatures, even as close as around 1:28 a.m. this evening.
5:29 pm
worcester, you're dropping to 34, so there will be towns north and west of worcester that will be in the upper 20's tonight for low temperatures. in fact, here's what it looks like. brattleboro, vermont and keene, new hampshire, 29 degrees. places just northwest of worcester will see similar temperatures. notice, all the clear skies. not quite as cold for trick-or-treating, what temperatures will be straight ahead. >> fire officials are investigating tonight after an apartment building caught fire in manchester, new hampshire. >> joy: it happened overnight at this building on clifford street. firefighters were able to go inside and rescue several people and pets thankfully. one person did have to be taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and tonight, 20 people are now displaced, there's being assisted by the red cross. >> mark: fire in dudley burned through a good portion of this born on sylvester road, making it a total loss. firefighters say because the fire happened away from the water district, they had to grab water from a nearby pond. the building was used to store items, but it was not regularly used. nobody was injured in the pfeiffer and the department says they are looking in to a cause. >> joy: police were called to a
5:30 pm
you can see two cars, mangled in rutherford avenue. people were hurt. at this point, we're still waiting for word on how serious the injuries were. the state's transportation secretary looking to step up security on the mbta after a deadly stabbing at an orange stephanie pollack says she's pushing for transit officers to be more visible on trains and station platforms during critical times of day. last week, 17-year-old mason raymond was stabbed to death during a fight at the jackson square station. >> mark: her brother killed in afghanistan in 2009, while serving his fourth tour of duty. that local woman tried to order custom postage stamps in honor of his memory. the reaction she got from the company, well she calls it shocking hand reached out to fox 25 for help. sharman sachetti is here now and sharman, when you got in touch with the company, they changed their tune. >> the reporter: this started when the sister of staff
5:31 pm
and said she wanted to honor her brother's service, but they refused to print the stamp because of what appears under the image. until we started asking questions. lisa shows me the custom postage stamp she eventually had made in honor of her late brother, stamps the web site flat outrefused to create for her. >> i'm appalled that somebody would do this. >> lisa wanted to put her brother's image on the stamp and the letters, kil, for killed in action. serving his fourth tour when he was killed by a roadside bomb. the stamps were thank you notes foundation. >> all of this is about honoring my brother and they cancelled the order on me. >> she showed us the emails. >> they said the abbreviation, kia, could not be put on the stamp, that it could hurt basil's public reputation represent. represent. -- public reputation.
5:32 pm
>> what was your reaction when you heard that. >> i was shocked. >> why not the date of his birth tanned death? >> because this isn't just a case of matthew died. he died because he was killed in action serving this country, so that we could live free. >> lisa wrote back and basil's cited postal service guidelines. >> this same she said it was due to usps, the united states postal service public regulations. >> we reached out to the postal service who said there are no regulations banning the letters kia, so i emailed the company and they said they've reexamined their policies and will print the stamp with the letters kia as well as the image. >> lisa sent me this email saying the company will approve her request and she's had this done by another site, but she tells me she's glad her brother's memory can be honored
5:33 pm
in this way. >> joy: nearly two dozen runners will take to the streets of new york this weekend, in honor of a boston marathon bombing victim. team mr-8 is once again competing in the new york city marathon. that group of more than 20 marathoners will be running in memory of 8-year-old martin richard, raising money for a foundation created in his honor. richard was the youngest victim of the 2013 bombings. >> the reporter: a boston doctor riding his bicycle to mass general hospital, is struck by a hit-and-run drive here in cambridge. i'll show you the exclusive video the doctor hopes will lead to an arrest. >> mark: also ahead, a shortage that could change your holiday menu. the thanksgiving favorite that could be in short supply this season. >> joy: and taking their fight to the supreme court. why one group says obama care
5:34 pm
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>> mark: massachusetts house speaker convicted of obstruction of justice is about to begin receiving pension checks while the state retirement board appeals a ruling allowing it. >> joy: the "boston globe" is reporting that the retirement board is agreeing to allow thomas f finnegan to collect a monthly check after the initial ruling to deny him the money. the board is looking to put a legal hold on back pay.
5:37 pm
>> mark: talk of a government shutdown is off the table for at least the next two years. the senate passed sweeping new budget deals. president obama bam opened the negotiations and openly negotiated with republican and democratic leaders, including former house speaker john boehner. three senators running for the presidency blasted the deal as an example of excessive spending. >> this deal represents the worst of washington culture. the left and the right have come together in an unholy alliance to explode the debt. >> the agreement would raise the debt ceiling until march 2017 and removes the threat of a national default next week. it also will protect seniors from unexpected spikes in medicare premiums next year and the u.s. supreme court is considering a new challenge to the affordable care act, justices are considering whether to take up challenges to the act's birth control requirement. seven faith affiliated colleges, hospitals and charities are requesting a faith-based exemption to the law, mandating free birth control for employees
5:38 pm
and students. justices could make an announcement next week. >> >> joy: severe weather, even possible tornadoes hitting just west of san antonio, texas, a helicopter giving us this bird's eye view of the damage there today. several buildings were torn apart, including this high school, as you can see. and even though a lot of damage was done, the good news is that no one was hurt in these storms. within just the past hour, texas north of san antonio declared a local state of disaster because of flash floods. >> the reporter: back home, all we need to worry about is how cold it will be before we start out halloween. what the temperature will be like for trick-or-treating. >> mark: attention shoppers. if you think buying your family's snacks in bulk packaging is savvy shopping, think again. some companies use tricks to package their treats and you might not notice you're getting less.
5:39 pm
on the fox 25 news mom this is hugely important. is there anywhere in your house i can get a good signal? anyway, you were saying. it's a tragic love story.
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biggest retailers want you to go holiday shopping. wal-mart and target are rolling out holiday deals on sunday. wal-mart says hundreds of items will be discounted, including an ipad mini 2 for $199 and a smart tv for $299. target is offering curbside pickup. both companies are focused open enhancing the holiday shopping experience. >> joy: buyer beware, when it comes to scoring a good deal and saving money, watch out for tricks 2 for 1. what you need to look out for to make sure you're getting the most for your money. >> the reporter: perhaps the most frustrating thing for you as a shopper is getting that huge bag of chips home. >> you feel like it should be almost to the top of the bag. >> the reporter: and it's only half full. >> you find that you paid $4, $5 almost for a bag of potatoes chips and you have only a handful. >> this instructor of marketing at georgia state university says you shouldn't be shocked by the
5:42 pm
amount of chips you get in a bag. >> there is the number of ounces packed in that bag right on the label. it isn't counted by the number of chip pieces in this. >> chris says there's one main reason companies will change their packaging. >> when a company is experiencing increase in cost, they have a choice -- either number, one, increase the price of the product as it is on the shelves, or b, decrease the amount of product that goes in the packaging on the shelf. moral of the story is read the package, read the package, and read the package. >> the reporter: just because the sign says you're getting a bargain doesn't mean you are. >> you really have to pay attention, if a store has the pricing on there, where are you going to get por for the money. >> the reporter: one. sneakiest areas is how they package ultra large bags of snacks. do you know the ultra large almost always is more expensive
5:43 pm
per ounce than the mid size. because the people that buy the ultra large just want more of it, not necessarily a better price. you've got to check the calculator on your phone, the best way to figure out when you're getting a real deal. i'm clark howard. >> mark: the next annoying robocaller to light up your phone just might be uncle sam. the senate voted to exempt the federal government from the do not call hillsborough county. the provision in the budget bill would let agencies dial you up money. senators hope the you'd mated calls recover millions in lost tax dollars. precedence, including massachusetts senator, ed markey. >> opens the door to potentially unwanted robo calls, and texts to the cellphones. of anyone with a student loan, or a mortgage. >> washington bureau expects president obama to sign the budget bill into law in the coming days.
5:44 pm
boston as people head home for the weekend, but chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, everyone is looking ahead to tomorrow night. looks like it's going to be a pretty good night for trick-or-treaters, right? just a little chilly out there. but tonight is the colder night leading into your halloween night. temperatures on the frigid side, it's to be reasoned with all the clear skies around new england. the clear nights tent to be the chilliest ones as you get into the colder seasons. temperatures in portsmouth, new hampshire, 51 degrees. back in keene, it's all right down to 48. and in= pi5mmter, it is 52 degrees and that temperature overnight, continues to drop. clear skies dropping there to the 30's first thing in the morning and in boston, it's 57 right now hand that temperature, under mostly clear skies will drop down into the upper 30's as well for your morning. of course, that's at the airport, you go to the back bay, temperatures are going to be in the mid 30's for low temperatures over night. the coldest will be to the north and west. in the city, maybe you'll head up to your faith spot to watch the bruins, away game, 50 degrees as you step out the
5:45 pm
door at 7:00 p.m., but. coming home around midnight, 45 degrees, a light northwesterly breeze and the temperature will keep on falling. to the north and west, 29 in keene, new hampshire. 30 in new hampshire. bedford, 30 degrees. 31 in brockton, so clearly a frosty night. milder out there on cape cod and the islands, staying in the upper 30's to low 40's for you. futurecast, you're waking up to sunshine, despite how cold it's going to be out there, it will be frosty, but it will be sunny. afternoon, thin clouds that will start to work in hand a mostly sunny day to be sure, but the night. estimate, no rainshowers in the forecast for any of your trick-or-treating plans, no doubt about that. even late tomorrow night, this takes you to 8:30 p.m., all the way until 1:00 a.m. and just starting to see a couple of specs of green showing up, still, i just don't think there will be any showers around at this point. if there are going to be any and there will be few in sound new england being during the first part of sunday, afternoon sunday, we're breaking up the clouds one more time and back to sunshine for you, so that's looking like a pretty good
5:46 pm
forecast for your halloween festivities. worcester county, temperatures in the low 50's. gardener, 51. fitchburg, to the mid 50's at 56. there's the city of worcester at 51 degrees p up in southern new hampshire, temperatures in the upper 50's, in southeastern and southcentral, but southwest, it will be cooler, 51 in jaffrey and in ridge, new hampshire for tomorrow afternoon. 54 milton. 56 if dedham and 55 for you in quincy tomorrow afternoon, with plenty of sunshine, just those thin clouds working in, but during the evening, when you're going out, doing your trick-or-treat, before the sun sets, 52. sun setting at 5:39 a.m., that goes back an hour for sunday. 6:00 p.m., 48 degrees an 44 by 8:00 p.m. and clearly falling from there, so it will be a cool night of trick-or-treating, but it won't be frigid cold and the he only other thing we're watching for is the storm system early next week, starting to roll by us on monday. some computer models are bringing rain on in here, we are keeping it to our south with our futurecast data and keeping that off to our south. seven day forecast for the
5:47 pm
weekend, sunshine most of the day for your halloween, clouds in the afternoon. on sunday, more clouds, just a couple of scattered showers, but remember, the big thing this weekend outside of halloween being of course, is to turn the cox back so you get an extra hour of sleep. >> the mbta continues to prepare for the snow in hopes of possible. new at 5:00 p.m., the agency he tweeted out these photos of welcome sites. they're the brand new plows used on the orange and red lines and speaking of the mbta, the agency will be doing track work on the redline to get ready for the winter. as a result, redline service between j.f.k., umass and quincy center will not be running this weekend. buses will be in place to accommodate passengers. for the right price, you can own the ride of a mob boss. >> joy: wow. well, kind of. at least one portrayed on tv. tony soprano's cadillac escalade
5:48 pm
is hitting the auction block november 12, it features a pair of autographs from james gandolfini. the s.u.v. is currently in vancouver, canada, so if you pie it, you have to pay to get it shipped. >> mark: ahead at 6:00 p.m., investigators are inside an apartment, trying to find out how an infant died, then a story you'll see only on the fox 25 news at 6:00 p.m. a boston doctor on his bicycle, hit by a pickup truck. the doctor was taken seconds before he got hit and the exclusive involved police want you to see. and also -- video police want you to see. new reaction from upset parents after needles are found on the playground in which their children play. >> joy: new at 5:00 p.m., why
5:49 pm
celebration might not happen. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
5:50 pm
>> mark: how about this. a breathtaking shots released today by nasa of saturn's moon there's actually a geyser shooting out of the moonnd a an underground ocean. incredible. it's going to take weeks to analyze the water vapor and frozen particles. >> mark: back on earth, trick-or-treaters will also notice a surprise in the sky on halloween. tomorrow night, a large asteroid will pass by our earth. nasa says the space rocket between three and six football fields wide. traveling 78,000 miles an hour, and experts say, the asteroid poses no threat to earth, but will come closer than any other since 2006. of course, after halloween, time
5:51 pm
to think about thanksgiving, of course, and turkey farmers in our area are already tacking extra precautions to ward off the bird flu. >> poultry farms have been devastated in the last two years in more than 20 states. one turkey farmer tells the metro west daily news, they put their birds on lockdown, not allowing anyone to see them. the department of agriculture says 7.5 million turkeys were infected. the shortage could mean higher prices this thanksgiving. >> mark: boston's midnight fireworks display might be in jeopardy. organizers are working to raise enough money to do the show, the company putting on the night did show. we caught up with the mayor today for his thoughts. >> we're going to have a conversation about that. you know, we put the rfp out, we knew there would be scale-back the first night because of the cost of it and so we can -- until the vendor can build the stronger revenue stream, but we're going to revisit the fireworks, a lot of people like the fireworks. we'll look at it.
5:52 pm
on raising the money, no decision has been made on the midnight fireworks show. in an annual tradition wiped from the calendar in marshfield, organizers have cancelled the annual veterans day parade, which normally attracts hundreds. fewer and fewer people attend each year. there are also problems this year, including a loss of funding and a complaint that the parade tied up traffic. >> joy: of course, halloween is tomorrow, but many students dressed up in their costumes for school today. well, this is what happened in middle school in orleans. a student to want to be a police officer dressed up as one. a current officer at the school as you see was nice enough to take a photo with her. halloween of course, huge business for stores across the country and according to the national retail federation, americans will spend $6.9 billion on halloween. the biggest piece of that chunk will be on costumes. 2.1 billion will be spent on candy. the majority of that candy by
5:53 pm
nine billion pieces of that sweet treat will be produced just this year alone. >> the reporter: it's video you will only see on fox 25 news, a boston doctor struck down by a hit-and-run driver in cambridge. i'll show you how you can help. >> plus, breaking news, a baby girl dead and police are trying to figure out what happened. what detectives searched the apartment building for, looking for answers. >> kevin: a frosty start to your weekend and the morning, how temperatures will be for your trick-or-treating. >> i'm soaks am i making you uncomfortable. >> the reporter: a man is con fronted after a woman says he was taken inappropriate videos in public. >> mark: we are following breaking news, first at 6:00 p.m., a baby girl suddenly dies and police are trying to find out how it happened. hi everyone. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> joy: thanks for being with us tonight, i'm joy lin nakrin. we first broke the story on our
5:54 pm
website,, hours ago and right now at 6:00 p.m., our kerry kavanaugh is live in manchester, new hampshire, with the steps that investigators are taking to get answers. kerry. >> the reporter: joy, they say they're going to return to this apartment here that is still taped off behind me with a search warrant. they do say at this point, they don't suspect foul play, but they have to investigate anyway. multiple detectives and fire crews responded to this apartment on kimble street friday morning. manchester police say here, they met with the 30-year-old woman, who lives in the apartment with her family. inside, investigators say they found a deceased female infant, neighbors told fox 25 the woman had the baby less than a month ago. at first, investigators didn't know what type of scene they were responding to, so took no chances. >> i have got woken up this morning from them coming through my house, checking for like carbon monoxide and stuff, like they had something like they were checking, the air with. they soon determined no one else was in any danger. this woman told me in spanish, the woman inside is her
5:55 pm
sister-in-law, she arrived here
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