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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  October 30, 2015 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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sister-in-law, she arrived here desperate to know what was going on. is it true, she asked us, before heading in side to speak with police. later we saw another person heading in to speak with police who neighbors say is the baby's father. manchester investigators say they don't suspect foul play. but they will conduct a search warrant and say a complete investigation is underway. as that investigation continues, we're going to stay in touch with manchester police tonight and throughout the weekend, we'll bring you any new information as soon as we learn it. live in manchester, new hampshire, kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. >> mark: more continuing coverage of this investigation, when we're not on air. can you always go to our web site,, we are updating our web site 24 hours a day. >> joy: also following breaking news in the case against that new hampshire prep school student, convicted of a sexual assault of a younger student. the merrimack county district attorney's office saying the legal team of 20-year-old owen labrie rejected a string of plea deals. the latest one apparently would
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have only had labrie serving 30 days in jail and he would not have to register as a sex offender. labrie was sentenced yesterday to a year in jail, and will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. >> mark: shocking surveillance you'll see only on fox 25. a hit-and-run driver crashes into a doctor, cycling on the streets of cambridge. police want you to focus on the truck, because the driver is still out there. the doctor was badly injured and tonight, is turning to fox 25 for help. bob ward is live at cambridge police headquarters with the exclusive story and bob, the doctor was on his way to mass general hospital, when he was hit. >> the reporter: yeah and the doctor tells me he rides his bike to work every single day, he says it's one of the things he loves about living in the boston area and he tells me, he has never seen road rage like this. meanwhile, police here in cambridge tell me, this was no accident, this was intentional, and that hit-and-run driver is
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this is the eye-opening video exclusively obtained by fox 25 news. watch as a pickup truck strikes a cyclist on webster street in cambridge and speed away. the driver is still out there. cambridge police looking for him. >> was there any wave to avoid him? >> there was only one way i felt like this would end. >> this is the cyclist. dr. garrity stone of mass general hospital. on tuesday, september 29 at 7:30 p.m., dr. stone was cycling to work at mass general along crowded webster avenue when a pickup driver began beeping his horn and yelling at him to get out of the way. before dr. stone knew it, the truck driver was bearing down on go. >> i remember thinking, this is -- he's going to hit me, i understand he was angry, and i understand there is emotions that clouded his perspective at that point, but there was to other way for that. we couldn't share that space together. >> mario owns a nearby garage.
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his surveillance camera recorded the crash and mario saw it happen. >> is there any possible way this guy hit the cyclist and didn't know? >> it's impossible. >> why? >> because he basically ran him over. >> the crash shattered dr. stone's wrist, he has pins and plates permanently embedded if his arm, he hopes someone will see the footage, recognize the driver and call police. >> i have never seen anyone act out in aggression that way. i've had people say things to me or call out, but to actively pull your car into someone else, i think is a level that i've not seen before. >> the reporter: well, this weekends, the doctor is boarding a plane for uganda, that's where he will do some volunteer work. it's a trip he does several times a year, but this year, it's going to be tough. he needs both of his hands and you saw that injury to his left hand. it's difficult for him to use that left hand. he has a lot of healing ahead. now, we have that video of that pickup truck, up on our web site,, take a
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that oversized toolbox that you see there in the bed. maybe you know who that driver is. if you do, contact police here in cambridge. live in cambridge, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> joy: now to a live look they have boston skyline tonight. absolutely gorgeous sunset out there. a little bit chilly however. storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz everyone wants to know what's in store for earth the weekend. trick-or-treaters need to know for tomorrow night. >> the reporter: ing trick-or-treating is what we're focusing on. the coldest of the two nights, so at least it won't has been as cold for trick-or-treating. bedford at 39, 49, few clouds in northern new england. friday night football, just an hour away, less than hand hour away from kickoff for most schools. our game of the week, plymouth north versus plymouth south. pretty easy to forecast this one.
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49 degrees at kickoff, at 7:00 p.m., it should be not 6:00 p.m. 46 at halftime. we'll be cooling off under the clear skies and overnight tonight, temperatures dropping just about everywhere, fee 4 in boston. you're going to 39 degrees in the morning, but that's right near the airport where the official observations are taken. out in the back bay, mid 30's an even colder off to the north and west of worcester, where temperatures will drop there to the 20's. temperatures for trick-or-treating and some showers this weekend, when you can expect those. >> governor charlie baker announcing today that dcf will review the work of a social worker who handled the bella bond case. a report released earlier this week showed that social worker copied year old reports from whitney houston evaluating rochelle bond in 2012 and 2013 after reports of neglect. the old reports were from years before bella was born. the body of bella was found in a june. her mother's boyfriend has been charged in the murder and her mother is charged as an accessory to the crime. >> joy: new developing in the
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case of a former millis police officer who used his own cruiser to cover up a lie. he claimed that his cruiser was fired on, which sparked a massive manhunt in millis and a okdown of schools. johnson was at wrentham district court for a probable cause hearing and due back in that court next month. also, a suspected bank robber may have struck again. boston police believe the person in these photos who robbed the sun ton dare bank on gal continue boulevard in dorchester last wednesday may have robbed an east boston bank earlier this month. so please call police if you know anything about these cases. >> mark: heartwarming welcome home for the crew of coast guard cutter spencer, the ship was on patrol for 65 days in the caribbean, it intercepted four vessels suspected of drug trafficking and sized more than 2,000 pounds of marijuana and more than 3,000 pounds of cocame cocame. >> i'm sorry, am i making you uncomfortable? you don't like being filmed without your permission. >> the reporter: that video, which has gone viral, shows the heated exchange on newbury street in boston avila woman
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confronts a man she says was recording tight shots of women's private areas including her own. >> joy: even more, she also says he even recorded underage girls. fox 25's robert goulston is live tonight on new bermuda and puerto rico river superior street with a video that everyone is talking about, including police, robert. >> >> the reporter: joy and mark, what she sales the man was doing with his camera was not caught on video, and boston police say they didn't find any evidence of any wrongdoing, but that didn't stop her from con infantrying him with her -- confronting him with her camera. >> i'm videotaping you the way you were videotaping me. >> the man who we are not identifying, because he's not being investigated or charged with a crime, tries walking away from jase dillan for several minutes. >> you have don't like being filmed without permission, is that what you're telling? because that's what you've been doing. >> the reporter: she started watching the man half she caught him recording her groin and buttocks area, then she says, she started watching from three
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other women's private areas. >> you can certainly tell him to stop, but i think it's free game, because you're out in the middle of the public, so i think that's just kind of the world we live in now. >> when it's obvious that they're invading your space and your privacy and i think it's gone too far. >> you go out on a public street and you have to expect that the public can see you or that a photograph can be taken of you. >> attorney peter elken telling us there's no way to censor what people record on a public street. >> there's no control on people taking zoom shots or wide shots, so it's a free-for-all. >> the reporter: boston police encouraging anyone who sees behavior like this to go to police rather than confronting the person themselves. we are live in boston, robert fold stone, fox 25 news. >> mark: change is coming to a section of route 20 in oxford after a deadly crash took the lives of a mother and her baby. christina russen and her son died earlier this week when the car crossed a center line. officials came up with several
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changes that will happen right away yesterday. they include safety posts along the yellow line, warning lights that also check speeds and improvements to already existing rumble strips. the changes are expected to take effect next week. >> joy: two lanes of route 128 south in waltham are open once again tonight after a four-car crash there. it happened near tremp elow road. firefighters at a pulling in boston. spoke could be seen coming from the roof of a building near tremont and claire done street. a malfunctioning solar panel may have caused the fire. one person was transported to the hospital for smoke inhalation. >> joy: a new hampshire state trooper taken to the hospital after getting hit on the 19 off-ramp when it was hit from behind. both vehicles sustained significant damage. both the trooper and hitten are expected to be ok and tonight
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the crash is under investigation. meanwhile, fire officials are investigating tonight after an apartment building caught fire in manchester, new hampshire. this happened overnight on clifford street. firefighters were able to rescue several people and pets, thankfully. one person had to be taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. tonight, 20 people are displaced and they're being helped by the red cross. >> mark: school back in session at sullivan middle school in lowell after doses suddenly got sick yesterday. staff and students were returning to school this morning after classrooms were scrubbed overnight and tested for carbon monoxide. in all, 60 children got sick around the same time. school officials say it is possible they may never know exactly why the students got sick. >> joy: nearly two dozen runners will take to the streets of new york this weekend, in honor of a boston marathon bombing victim. team mr8 is once again competing in the new york city marathon. that group of more than 20 marathoners will be running in memory of 8-year-old martin rich hard. they're using the money raised for a foundation created in his honor.
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of the 2013 bombing. >> mark: today marks one year since the death of boston's beloved mayor tom menino. the mayor and city hall staff held a moment of silence today. and the mayor explained how the city would be further honoring him tonight. >> i can't believe it's been a year, since the mayor has passed. tonight, city hall will be lit up in green if memory of the mayor. >> mark: menino served as boston's mayor for 20 years before deciding not to run for reelection in 2013. he died last year after a battle with cancer, he was 71 years old. disturbing discovery at a local playground has parents upset. >> joy: where dirty needles are turning up. >> mark: plus, a black lives matter sign on a local homeowners fence is causing controversy. why the town asked the homeowner
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>> mark: tonight, police are warning about hypodetermine he can kneeled else discovered at a local playground. >> joy: erika richie is in hanover after speaking with concerned parents whose children >> the reporter: actually, really disturbing. >> really alarming and now we're ready to go home. so alarming that you want to take your kids an leave now. >> yes, i obviously don't want them exposed to anything like that and you were saying earlier with all the leaves and stuff, anything could be anywhere. on tuesday, it was syringes, hanover police say they were tossed at the playground at sylvester field. the fire department was called into properly dispose of them and an email went out, townwide, informing parents of the find. that not only put them on high alert when at the playground. >> we're always looking for the broken glass and stuff and i never thought to look for something like that. >> but also forced some into conversations with their kids, they were hoping to have on their own terms, not because the situation dictated it. >> they kept going on and on, they wanted to know what the needles were for and not something i wanted to discuss at
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the playground, but we talked about it later and it was ok, but definitely not something they should have to go through. >> the reporter: all right. still though, hanover police are encouraging parents to use this as an opportunity to talk to their kids about the dangers of hypodermic needles and there are more police patrols in the neighborhood to make sure this is an isolated incident. >> mark: health officials in new hampshire need help for a second lab to process blood samples from nearly 800 residents. all were exposed to water from a contaminated well at the former pease air force bails. the well was closed last year due to high contaminant rates. the c.d.c. has processed several hundred tests but cannot handle the remaining cases. boston mayor marty walsh hold hag street arcade to celebrate a new citywide app. park boston allows users to pay
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for parking meters without having to digging digging for quarters. cashed. wynn resort making changes to the company says they have scrapped the idea of a night club in favor of an upscale lounge. the "boston globe" is also reporting the city of somerville has filed another lawsuit asking a judge to pull the casino's environmental approval which is received from the state. >> kevin: this is crocker pond in wrentham. our talented photojournalist jim plat taking the gorgeous shots. fall foliage out there which is peak conditions in wrentham and southern new england. past peak conditions the farther north you go and you'll find a lot of leaf drop, thanks to the winds we've had the last couple of days. still pleasant out there. it is getting cooler, clear skies. 49 in bedford, up to 128.
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48 in portsmouth, new hampshire. 47 in orange. the temperature is dropping to the north and west as well. i earlier said 7:00 p.m. it shouldn't and i was corrected, and that's why i do weather and not sports. 6:00 p.m. is the kickoff for the plymouth north-south. 48 by halftime, so it will be cooling off. make sure you bring the sweatshirt with your jacket and cheer on the teams. here is what it's looking like, dropping to 30 degrees if bedford and nashua, upper 20's to the north and west of worcester. city of worcester, freezing, temperature. a few 40's out there on cape cod and the islands. through tomorrow morning. in the afternoon, some clouds thin clouds. not expecting any showers with these during your hang hours. later on hat night, we'll take this to 9:00 p.m., some thicker clouds, but still some breaks in the clouds too. they make for a spooky looking sky and by late night, early in the morning, a couple of sprinkles starting to show up. there won't be many, just highly
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during your halloween festivities. a few scattered showers in new england, the higher chance the farther north and west you are. by sunday morning, it's back to sunshine and some fine weather. in fact, temperatures on sunday, a couple degrees warmer than you'll see tomorrow. these are your highs tomorrow. 55 bridgewater. 55 sandwich. 53 high an fish locker and off to the north and west, temperatures of 54 in milford and 55 in foxborough, right around gillette stadium. as far as the evening tomorrow, after the 50's in the afternoon, it will be dropping down through the 40's. so at 4:00 p.m., going to get an early start before dinner, 52 degrees. 48 degrees around dinnertime and 44 when most trick-or-treaters will be out there after dinner and temperatures of course falling. these are averages, some towns a few degrees warmer and some a few degrees cooler being. the other thing we're watching in this forecast, futurecast shows a storm system to our south coming off the mid-atlantic states. compute are models, i have shown this come on in, but it looks to me the consensus is and the way the flow is coming in to new england that this storm is going to be pushed to our south and stay that way.
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clouds on sunday and a couple scattered showers, but keeping the heavier rain to our south and you'll see that in the seven-day forecast. sunshine on halloween, clouds in the evening. sunshiny day on saturday. on sunday, there will be more clouds and a couple of scattered of sunshine especially during the afternoon, so a small risk of a shower and on monday, temperatures start to moderate and keeping that storm to our south, mid 60's by early next week. that's certainly some good news. temperatures warm for the first week in november, rather than seeing a cooldown coming our way. sometimes this time of year, we get in to a colder pattern. this weekend, sunday, we'll push the clocks back. that's good news for getting an extra hour of sleep. sunset, sunday afternoon, 4:38 p.m., it will be pitch dark by 5:00 p.m. on sunday. get used to that. >> joy: a mass of registered sex offenders -- massive list of registered elks offenders published, police want to had to
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the map but the reason they can't. >> mark: u.s. troops are headed to syria. something president obama said he wouldn't do. how many boots will be on the ground. >> we're at plymouth north high school for a fox 25 game of the week. later in sports, we'll have in-progress highlights. you don't want to miss it. see you in just about a
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>> caller: welcome back to your fox 25 news at 6:00 p.m. developing tonight, for the first time, the u.s. is now sending troops to syria, and this is something that president obama said he would not do. >> but he is shifting course in a ramped up effort to slow the spread of isis. stacy cohan shows us how many boots on the ground will soon be in syria. [inaudible] [gunfire] >> mark: obviously, having some problems with that piece. we'll try to bring you tonight on the fox 25 news at 10:00 p.m. army officials say teams are in the process of removing sensitive radar from a crashed military blimp in rural pennsylvania. this weekend, helicopters will come into help hoist the rest of the blimp wreckage from the
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trees in muncie. and on to a truck. the blimp floated away from an army site in maryland on wednesday before crash landing in pennsylvania. u.s. supreme court is considering a new challenge to the affordable care act. justices are considering whether to take up challenges to the act's birth control requirement. seven faith affiliated colleges, hospitals and charities are requesting a faith based exemption to the law, mandating free birth control for employees and students. >> the little sisters of poor believe that life is sacred. that same belief motivates them to serve the poor and the elderly until the day that they die and that same belief in expires them to believe that they can't offer potentially life ending drugs and devices. >> justices could make an announcement next week. the state's health connector hoping the third time will be the charm when it comes to open enrollment. they have been working on technical gallup poll wade and a smooth transition is experienced.
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the web site was rebuilt after system. collapsed in midtown manhattan. being demolished this morning when it collapsed. the injured construction worker was trapped for several hours that rubble. 19 people were on the job site when it collapsed. the cause still under investigation. severe weather even possible tornadoes hitting just west of san antonio, texas. a helicopter giving us this bird's eye view of the damage. several buildings were torn apart, including this high school and even though there is a lot of damage, there is good news, no one was hurt in the storms. >> mark: we want to get back to the story about u.s. troops headed to syria. here again is stacey cohan. >> the reporter: in syria, the term, war-torn is insufficient. landscape is divided between areas seized by isis, syrian government strong holds and multiple rebel groups. coalition and russian bombing
6:23 pm
the advance of islamic state fighters are ongoing. now, in a dramatic policy shift. the white house announces plans to put boots on the ground in northern syria. to assist and advise kurdish and arab forces fighting isis. >> we're going to be a lot better off in terms of intelligence having forces there, but on the other hand, it's extremely dangerous and the question is, are we getting drawn into the syrian quagmire. >> the reporter: a senior administration official says fewer than 50 special operations forces will be sent to syria, but is this just the beginning. >> it would not shock me if we ended up sending more in the future, but i think this is a very good step to have a much better feel for what's going on. >> the reporter: white house insists, this is not a step toward war. >> the core of our military strategy inside of syria is to build up the capacity of local forces, to take the fight to isil on the ground in their own country. >> the reporter: a noncombat mission in one of the most
6:24 pm
i'm stacey cohan. >> joy: shifting gears here, of course, kids, pretty much all around, are getting ready to go trick-or-treating. >> mark: one city is warning families to plan their routes ahead of time. next at 6:00 p.m., the maple street one police department just released showing where level 3 sex offenders live and why the police chief is frustrated he can't release information on other offenders. plus. >> a local man is asked to remove his black lives matter sign from his fence. why he wasn't in compliance with the law and why the sign means so much to him. >> joy: a local woman ordered custom stamps in honor of her brother 0 died fighting for our country. ahead at 6:00 p.m., its three letters on that stamp that had the company reject he can
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>> joy: checking our top stories on the fox 25 news at section 30:00 p.m. manchester, new hampshire police are now investigating an infant's death. investigators say they met with a 30-year-old woman who lives in an apartment on kimble street. inside, a week's old baby girl was found dead. police say they do not suspect foul play, but they will execute a search warrant as soon as a complete investigation is finished. also tonight, a cyclist hit by a car in cambridge and police say, it was on purpose. fox 25 obtained this surveillance video, showing a pickup truck driving into a cyclist on webster avenue. that cyclist, a doctor at mass general, says the driver of the pickup was honking his horn and then drove at him. the collision shouted that doctor's wrist.
6:27 pm
police say the driver is still at large. >> tonight, a local city is publishing a map, showing where level 3 sex offenders live ahead of trick-or-treating tomorrow. at 5:00 p.m., we told you methuen's police chief is frustrated he can't release information about level 1 or level 2 offend, stephanie quinu shows us why some sex offenders in your area might not be registered at all. >> the reporter: methuen police chief says if a sex offender is traveling or just merely visiting a town where they don't live, they may not show up in the registry. meantime, before halloween, police here are doing what they can to protect everyone, by publishing this map, showing where registered level 3 sex offenders live. >> i check all the time how many live close, you know, close to my house. but it's a lot. it's a lot. i can't believe it. >> when we showed this woman a map of where level 3 registered sex offenders live in methuen, she was shocked. she says it's even more than she thought.
6:28 pm
it's information me thune police want the public to have ahead of halloween. >> if they get on line to look at the map, it gives specific addresses of level 3 sex offenders and then our suggestion is just avoid that one house. >> under state law, police cannot publish information about registered level one or level two sex offenders. those considered to have a low to moderate risk of offending again. but methuen police chief joseph solomon says, because of plea deals and other factors, the category doesn't always correspond to the crime and because of that, he believes the law should change. >> it would be nice to be able to just put everything out there. >> while police can't publish that information, residents can go to their local police departments and ask. this woman, who lives in haverhill, says she went and looked and couldn't believe what she found. >> i'm very surprised. my surrounding area, there's like 52 of them, just since, like, a couple blocks away. >> solomon says while those numbers may seem overwhelming, the information isn't meant to
6:29 pm
scare but to empower. >> we just want people to be extra aware,.j?? because it never hurts to be aware. >> meantime, police are also adding extra patrols to the neighborhoods. in time for halloween, just to make sure everyone stays safe while trick-or-treating. we put the map for the registered sex offenders in methuen on our web site and also on the web site, we put a link where you can enter in your hometown and look up the registered sex offenders there. that web site, in methuen, stephanie quinu, fox 25 news. >> >> joy: a possible explanation tonight for a loud bang heard at a lexington school this week. that bang forced the evacuation of esta brook elementary school. now, investigators believe the loud noise was likely caused by bolts shifting in the building. it's called bolt banging syndrome and authorities say it's actually normal in newark construction, but poses no safety risk. >> mark: it was a perfect day for smashing pumpkins. physics students at boston university led the way at the 11th annual pumpkin drop.
6:30 pm
how about that? timely physics lesson on velocity and energy transition from potential to kinetic to explosion. lemanowicz, did you follow all of that? you're a scientist, so i'm thinking probably so. squared. correctly. that's what they're falling at. it is clear out there right now and boy, i just upped up the geekdom, 54 in boston. 46 though back here in keene, new hampshire and 53 in new bedford to the south. so 50's now, falling to the 40's during the evening. out there for our game of the week in plymouth, 51 at kickoff at 6:00 p.m. 48 degrees at halftime, so if things are falling there too with the temperatures, under the clear skies and those clear skies will allow some of the temperatures to drop into the upper 20's. keene in brattleboro, 39. 37 in boston overnight. this is the coldest morning of the next couple. by halloween night, we'll be looking for cool temperatures as well. look at the sunshine all during the day, some spooky clouds
6:31 pm
start to move in during the evening and stay that way, but you're not going to find any showers on here. i'll line it up hour-by-hour with the temperatures looking like for your halloween trick-or-treating and when showers could move in this weekend too. >> joy: well, a sign reading a black lives matter, cause ago lot of controversy in one local town. in fact, the town asked the homeowner to remove it from his fence. fox 25's christine mccarthy shows us why. >> this homeowner tells me that this shine is very important to him, he's the father of two children, one of whom is african-american, the other latino, that's why when the town asked him to remove the sign from this fence right here, the town right of wave, and move it farther back on his property right here, he says, he decided to right an open letter to the person who filed that complaint. >> black lives do matter. >> johnny cole is one of many who value these words. >> the sheer number of black people dying of homicide in counterpart. african-american and latino
6:32 pm
children, cole knows what it families in the neighborhood. that's why he felt compelled to post this sign on his fence on this quiet concord road, but it was up for just over two-run weeks -- two weeks when the town asked him to premove it. initially, it was disheartening, it was really upset. it was hard for me and my husband. >> the problem is the sign was up tore too long, the town tells us. the sign law of concord allows a sign such as they put up two weeks to be placed within the town right-of-way. >> we dug up that section of concord by law, a political ideological or charitable sign that states may not be posted for more than two weeks without approval in writing of the town manager. >> moving the signs a couple of feet on to their own property in my opinion, it would allow them to have it up, those signs up indefinitely. >> so that's just what cole did, but most neighbors we talked to, are disappointed, some putting up their own signs in support. >> they're an incredible couple.
6:33 pm
my husband and i absolutely support them and we believe black lives matter. >> nearly everyone seems to wonder who filed the complaints. z >> i don't know who filed it, but i'm quite curious. >> the town of concord tells me that the reason that these bylaws are so strict, is to keep the town as historic in look and feel as possible. now, as far as this homeowner, and what he may do in the future, as far as the sign goes, he says that he plans to file an extension with the town manager's office, but he's told that the town manager has never than two decades. in concord, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> mark: tough firefight in dudley. this barn on sylvester road destroyed by flames. crews had limited access to water, so they had to pump it in from a nearby pond. nobody was injured and the department is still looking in to the cause of the fire. no bail for the rhode island man accused of beating an elderly couple on wednesday night. krhen will undergo a mental competency hearing before his next court date.
6:34 pm
prosecutors say he attacked the couple in their 70's with a metal baseball bat while they were putting gas in their car on the side of the road. both victims were found severely beaten. >> this is something that is, you know, it is just despicable what's happened to these elderly people. >> the reporter: one of the victims is still in critical condition tonight. >> joy: the state's transportation secretary looking to step up security on the mbta after a deadly stabbing at an orange line stop. stephanie pollack tells the boston herald, she's pushing for transit officers to be more visible on trains and station platforms during critical times of the day. mason raymond, 17-year-old was stabbed to death during a fight at the jackson station. >> mark: the mbta hopes to avoid as many issues as possible with the snow. they tweeted out people critically photos of the plows used on the orange and red lines lines.
6:35 pm
the t was forced to shut down. former massachusetts house speaker convicted of obstruction of justice is set to begin receiving pension checks while the state retirement board appeals a ruling allowing it. the "boston globe" reporting the retirement board is agreeing to allow thomas finnegan to collect a monthly pension check. this half a judge overturned the board's initial ruling to deny him the money. the retirement board is looking to put a legal hold on back payments. >> joy: and now to election 2016. where tonight, a debate revolt is quickly growing. in fact, the campaign advisers of several republican presidential candidates will meet in weekend to figure out how to make future debates more fair. and new tonight at 6:00 p.m., joel waldman shows us why the republican national convention is not invited to this discussion. >> it was a presidential debate that may be remembered for hall the wrong reasons. >> this is not a cage match. >> cnbc, the bits channel that's part of nbc news was widely
6:36 pm
holding an event characterized ascoma hot -- chaotic, disorganized and unfair. >> if they stuck to financials, they could have asked questions in whatever tone they have liked. >> a handful of campaign advisers are coming together for a meeting of the mind sunday night. left out -- the republican national committee which some candidates blame for allowing networks to spin the debate out of control. >> allow all of us to have a say. >> wean while a new reuters poll believes donald trump -- says donald trump is locked with ben carson and jeb bush continues to fight for his political life. >> i have wouldn't count anybody out, particularly this early, including jeb bush, because of how foreclosure formidable a candidate he is in terms of the money and other things. >> the work is not yet down and we should not grow weary if doing it. >> on the democratic side, the latest national poll shows
6:37 pm
support for the first time since april, when they are campaign launched. clinton has pick up a big endorsement also, with new york city mayor bill de blasio backing the democratic front-runner. the rnc pulled out of the debate with nbc news officially citing the problems with this week's cnbc debate. joel waldman, fox news. >> mark: talk of a government shutdown is off the table for at least the next two years. the senate passed sweeping new budget deals. now, president barack obama negotiated with republican and democratic leaders, including former house speaker john boehner. three senators running for president blasted the deal as an example of excessive spending. >> this deal represents the worst of washington culture. the left and the right have come together in an unholy alliance to explode the debt. >> mark: the agreement would raise the debt ceiling until march of 2017 and removes the
6:38 pm
week and protect seniors from unexpected spikes in medicare premiums next year. >> joy: still ahead at 6:00 p.m., a local woman ordered custom stamps in honor of her brother killed in action. >> they said the abbreviation, kia, could not be put on the stamp. that it could heard basil's public reputation. >> joy: she asked fox 25 for help. next at 6:00 p.m., what the
6:39 pm
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>> joy: welcome back tonight. a local woman wanted to order custom stamps to honor her our country. but the company told her, it couldn't include the letters, kia, for killed in action. >> mark: so she asked fox 25 for help, and as our sharman sachetti reports, the company is now reviewing its policy. >> the reporter: you'll see it's a postage stamp. >> the reporter: lisa shows me the custom postage stamp she eventually had made in honor of her late brother, stamps the web site, dazzle refused to create for her. she wanted to put her brother's image on the stamps and the letter kia for killed in hascum. the special forces soldier was serving his fourth tour when he was killed by a roadside bomb. the stamps for thank you notes for those who had donated to his foundation. >> hall this is is about honoring my brother an they cancelled the order on me. >> the reporter: she showed us the emails. >> they said the abbreviation, kia, could not be put on the
6:42 pm
that it could hurt basil's public reputation. >> what went through your mind when you heard that. >> i was shocked. >> the reporter: why is it to important that you put kia on the stamp, why not the date of his birth and date of his death. >> because this isn't just a case of matthew died. he died because he was killed in action, serving this country, so that we could live free. >> lisa wrote back, sand basil cited postal service guidelines. >> this time, she said it was due to usps, the united states postal service public regulations. >> we reached out to the postal service who told us there are no regulations banning the letters kia, so i emailed basil to get answers and this afternoon, i heard back, the company telling me they revisisted their policies based on lisa's feedback and basil will allow a printing of a stamp with the letters, kia, killed in action, as well as the date on the image. lisa sent me this email she
6:43 pm
approve her request. she tells me she's glad her brother's memory can be honored in this way. >> obviously means a lot to them. trick-or-treaters are going to notice a very special surprise in the sky on halloween. tomorrow night, a large asteroid will pass by the earth. nasa says the space rocket is between three and six football fields wide and traveling 78,000 miles an hour. experts say the asteroid poses no threat to earth, but it will come closer than any other since 2006. >> kevin: good looking evening over at boston, but what you can't tell by looking at the beautiful picture is the temperature and there it is. 54 degrees the dew point is guy, that allows your -- is dry, when you have a breeze, the temperature can't drop as quickly. mixes the warm air trying to escape down to the surface and keeps it from dropping too much. it is 54 in boston.
6:44 pm
down a bit from when we first started talking at 5 p.m. this evening. under clear skies, dropping down to 39 at 6:00 a.m. worcester, you enjoy the upper 40's. 48 for you in the city of worcester under clear skies, going down to 33 in the morning. you know there will be freezing temperatures in and around the city of worcester especially to the north around west where your temperatures will drop in to the upper 20's. same hey deback to the north of boston in lawrence, for instance, it is clear right now with 51 degrees. you're going down to 34. towns in and around middlesex county, as close as 128 that will get close to freezing. bedford at 30. worcester at freezing. brattleboro and keene, southeastern vermont, southwest new hampshire, upper 20's tonight. some of those in northern worcester county. pepperell, winchendon in the upper 20's. here come the clouds. the clouds won't have any rain attached to them during the evening hours. you might have see a few specks of green in the early morning hours. i think you're unlucky in you get a shower on your hall owen
6:45 pm
labrie late night. sunday morning, a few more showers start to hey peer. high higher risk the farther north and west you go. high temperatures tomorrow, southeast of boston, hull at 5 knife. sandwich at 55 and chatham at 52 degrees, a fair the amount of sunshine. to the north and west, 54. i told you i would take you through evening for halloween and here are the temperatures. just before the sun goes down, still low 50's, setting at 5:39 p.m. keep that number in mind. by 6:00 p.m., 48 degrees, dry out there, with some not sunshine anymore, just a few clouds floating on in and the clouds starting to take over in cool, 44 degrees. the clouds are actually like temperature can drop. when the clouds move in tomorrow night. the temperature can't drop as quickly. i put this few newer cast on here, it takes you to monday, because i wanted to show you rainshower activity and rainstorm. it will stay to our south and that's where we're going in the seven-day forecast with your
6:46 pm
weekend always in view. halloween is looking nice, cool trick-or-treating in the evening. sunday, more clouds, a couple showers around. sunday, things are looking good. 30% chance of that storm coming closer on monday. i'll watch it for you, but it will stay to the south and remember, just before you go to bed, after your trick-or-treating, sunday 2:00 p.m. in the morning, we fall back. we're going back to standard time. daylight savings time is it. coming to an end on november 1, so your sunset on sunday, will just be at 4:38 p.m. but the sun is not coming up until 6:17 p.m. and you get an extra hour of sleep on sunday. that's good news. look at the temperatures moderating next week, going up in to the mid 60's, even a shot at a few low 70's. so the first week of november, figures to be mild on average, right across new england. >> welcome to plymouth north high school. after the break, we'll talk about our fox 25 game day game of the week, but it's north versus south. we're talking patriots. we have a lot coming up.
6:47 pm
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>> hi, this is lindsay, let's get sports started with ryan. >> so that was a plymouth south cheerleaders. i'm here with the plymouth north cheerleaders. these are the home team, folks, we'll talk about this in just a moment, but yes, i caught up with both of the coaches before the game, big playoff game between north and south. south, having won the last two times they played in the playoffs. here are the two coaches before the game. >> you know, you play the season, you get into the playoffs and hopefully you can host the home game, it's a beautiful night and cross-town high value, nothing could be better. >> it's awesome. it really is. like you shade, this is what
6:51 pm
high school football is all about. we've had great support. i know kevin said the same thing about north and the students and the faculty has has been phenomenal. >> they beat us the last two years by one point and allowed a second touchdown last year so we have a little revenge on our mind, but it's a different year, different kid, so we'll see what happens. >> ok. all right. do we have -- we have the plymouth north cheerleaders and plymouth south cheerleaders, and also the patriots. all that people can talk about are the jets and whether or not they had their locker room buzz which is ridiculous. we're talking about the patriots, the big win, tom brady, four touchdown passes, rob gronkowski, over 100 yards receiving and a touchdown. julian edelman, he had a touchdown last night. >> just trying to find a way to make it work and the guys i think did a great job tonight on a short week. we put a lot into it. it was an intense three days of
6:52 pm
preparation, and felt like we were really ready to go. >> the last five days, he got two wins in the division and just have to keep working hard. >> all right. so we have the coaches, and we have the highlights of the game. right now, the game is sitting at 13-7. it looks like the home team is winning, but. coming up tonight, the world series, the royals, they are leading the series 2-0, but like we always do, we send it back to you guys in the studio, so here we go. >> my name is amanda and we're plymouth north cheerleaders. we're having so much fun but we have to take it back to the studio. >> >> mark: get back to work cheering there. >> kevin: i like that. they're probably cheering about the forecast, right? >> joy: good for trick-or-treaters. >> kevin: halloween looking good. sunshine all day, but if you're going out in the evening, trick-or-treating or whatever you might be doing, temperatures in the 50's in the afternoon. it will fall through the 40's
6:53 pm
during your trick-or-treat time. clouds will be rolling in, it will definitely stay dry for trick-or-treating and really for any halloween festivities. if there will be showers, it's monday morning. saw the latest timeline on the storm going north happened the warmup next week after world series game three. >> nothing to be afraid of for next week. no snow, no cold weather. >> joy: my costume. >> possibly. >> kevin: which you'll be
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