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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 4, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the lucky break for fire fighters athe scene. >>announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >>gene: good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us on this wednesday morning. it is november 4, i am gene lavanchy. >>sara: i am sara underwood. you will want to pull out the short sleeves today. fox25 stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear said we are on our way for a possible record-tying heat possible record-tying possible record-tying. >>shiri: by friday close to the record highs. boston 55 degrees which sounds nice and mild. bedford at 38. norwood at 33 degrees. fitchburg at 4137 nashua, new hampshire 40 on the nose and 48 in plymouth. we will want to grab a jacket on top of the short sleeve first thing this morning, but the good thing is short sleeves in order. 7 a.m. temperatures are going to generally run in the 40s here. we will have a little bit of fog through 7 a.m. after that all about the
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sunshine and a couple of clouds leaking over the outer cape over nantucket. expect a lot of those to be nice and thin and sunshine on noontime with temperatures right around 60 degrees. where we struggle to warm up the coastline itself but into the interior. we head back to the 60s. 60 to 66 your range of highs. another bright and warm day. foggy spots we will are to avoid this morning coming up. now over to julie grauert with live drive-time traffic. how is it shaping up out there. >> those drive times very manageable at this early hour. on the maps route 1 wide open. 93 south looking good. over to the pike where similar story make your way through framingham through the weston tolls and this the kind of volume in brighton. 12 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. 9 minutes on the expressway from the brained. >> tree split to the pike. 93 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. sara and gene, back to you. >> it is jaw-dropping video. two cars apparently racing down
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a narrow road clip another car causing it to flip into the air. >>gene: a pregnant woman and her husband were inside that car. the husband thrown from the driver's seat when the car landed. live in elliott, manchester where the woman and the new baby are being treated. jess, good morning. >>reporter: good morning to you, gene. according to perhaps, that woman gave birth to her son via emergency c-section and both of them are doing okay at this hospital in manchester, new hampshire this morning. we have a look at the surveillance video from that horrifying crash. take a look. that mother britney bowden, 23 years old and 7 en months pregnant when this happened. she was stuck underneat. her husband dennis was thrown from the car. a photo from the two of them from their wedding day. dennis is out of the hospital and doing just fine. the crash happened at beach and silver street in manchester. the man whose surveillance camera caught the whole thing
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on tape said it looked like the car the couple was driving in got caught between two ca ares that were racing. >> one man was erected and the lady was stuck inside. >> she was pregnant. >> 8 months pregnant, yea report the driver of the other car 24-year-old greg bolleo but as of this morning no charges in the case. we spoke to the man that capture aed that surveillance video yesterday, and coming up in the next half hour, why he said something needs to be changed along the road where this happened. live in manchester, new morning news. new this morning, fire fighters in lowell are investigating what sparked the flames at a home fire broke out just before midnight at the two-family home on baldwin street. the lowell sun reports the home crews arrived. the chief said the home was vacant so no one was hurt. this medford police say a woman walked right into a local middle school and stole from building. no one stopped her and that is
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unsettling for parents. fox25's michael henrich is live outside in the glen middle school with safety concerns this this morning, michael. >>reporter: students return to class at the mcglynn school complex after police and school officials say someone walked in breaching the school's security protocols not once but twice. i want to show you this woman caught on surveillance video. police are still looking for her. police and school officials drove away in a sedan that i also want to show you was caught on camera here. she entered a side door during lunchtime and stoleed 800 bucks from four teachers' purses while their classrooms were empty. the superintendent said a second school employee asked the person can i help you, and the woman simply said she was looking for a pen and she was able to continue walking through the school. parents say they are disappoint parents say they are disappointed. >> given the security there, i am just really surprised. >> hearing that it is just a petroleum theft, i am not
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someone is able to get in to steal coins from purses. obviously they can do a lot more damage. >>reporter: again if you know who the woman is, you are asked to call police. the teacher's loss, they were reimbursed from a school fund. the superintendent said security protocols clearly were not followed, and they are going to redouble their efforts going to redouble their efforts. you can hear from him about those efforts live at 6:00. live in medford. trouble the cape. the medical examiner trying to determine the cause death of an infant in sandwich. emergency crews responlded to the calls of an unresponsive child on short way around 6:30 yesterday morning. the child was taken to the hospital but pronounced dead. dcf said they are looking into allegations of abuse and neglect of the 1-month-old. as of this morning the district attorney's office says it does not appear to be any signs of injury or trauma. a father of two is shot outside of his apartment building, and this morning,
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homicide detectives are searching for the gunman. one man was shot near the building on granite street in manchester. this happened just before 6:30 last night. witnesses tell fox25 that the victim was walking to his car to get diapers for his daughter at the time. neighbors heard six shots and two witnesses tried to help the victim until medics arrived. >> her ander who nurse tried to get cpr and keep him going, but they took him away a while ago. >>sara: neighbors say the victim lived in the building with his wife and two children. police are not commenting on the man's condition. 5:0 of. police in worcester say a teenager tried to run over a teenager with his car. officer jeremy smith saw 19-year-old connor davis yelling at employees at a burger king drive through window when the officer approached davis and davis is charged with assault with intent to murder a police officer and is being held until he is returned to court on monday for a dangerousness hearing. a lawrence high school
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charges this morning after police found him with a weapon on school property. officers were investigating a possible fight between two groups in lowell and say 18-year-old bruce crispin had a gun in his pocket. when they topped crispin and friend, they found in loaded pistol on him. lowell sun said he pled not guilty to charges. crispin will be back in court november 20. the fight between brothers in canton turns deadly. an hours-long standoff we covered as breaking news all yesterday morning. police responded to a call on washington street just before our 4 a.m. newscast. they found one brother stabbed. he is expected to recover. the suspect larry king jr. held police at bay until he was finally taken into custody. he also had a stab wound and died later at the hospital. a memorial for a murdered new hampshire woman has disappeared. 62-year-old denise roberts was shot and killed out for a walk in august. neighbors say a cross and flow neighbors say a cross and flowers placed along the
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manchester street where roberts was killed has vanished. the fbi confirmed that federal agents have joined the search for her killer. so far no arrests have been made. workers at a webster restaurant jumping into action to stop a armed robbery. he tried to rob the golden creek on lake -- the golden greek wearing a mask, and even without the green hair, they were pretty familiar with the suspect. police say he once worked at the restaurant. police bust a alleged bang robber sitting on the toilet at a fast food change. he robbed a citizens bank in south boston. the teller noted he had several scars on his face and a band-aid. police searched the area and you fond him hiding out in the bathroom of a nearby burger king. members of a mosque vandalized in burlington will
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an interfaith we are america. they replaced things with we are u.s.a. two teens were arrested mountain for the vandalism and has been charged with malicious destruction of property. three workers crushed by a wall in merrimack. this morning the building inspector and osha are investigating. skyfox over the scene on merrimack street yesterday. police tell us the second wall collapsed on to those workers at a home under construction. the mbta say they are ready for winter happening today. the mbta and the company that runs the commuter rail will update the plans in cambridge. blast winter the rail was plagued by serious delays and cancellations for weeks during the height of the snow season. on the list to keep things moving in winter, snow plows on the trains. new snow melters for the tracks and more snow-fighting equipment. and new safety technology is also coming to the commuter rail called "positive train control" and stops trains from
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federal officials say it could very vent tragedy like the deadly derailment in philadelphia earlier this year. this week the mbta fiscal control board voted to spend nearly half a billion dollars for the technology but they are still working to figure out how exactly they will pay for it. >>reporter: are fare hikes at this point inevitable? >> they are but not for the positive train control. the fare hikes are inevitable because the t has a quarter of a million dollar hole in next year's budget. >> the fiscal control board wants to borrow some money, and they are in a payment plan with the company installing the equipment. the boston athletic association has failed to keep the phrase marathon monday to itself. a clothing company wanted to use that. the baa said it created a false affiliation with them. the trademark title and board
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monday is not an unique turn. a local teenager back in court for accused of killing his teacher. we will walk through the details of how the trial can begin in the phillip chism murder trial. how each politician will shell out $1,000 when they arrive. checking weather and traffic every ten minutes for you. looking at a 9-minute commute on the expressway northbound from the braintree split to columbia road. shiri? >>reporter: some of the foggy spots you have to find include norwood, bedford, fitchburg up to keene new hampshire and portsmouth, new hampshire. no dense fog right now. i will tell you when temperatures start to climb and the fog is weeded out when we
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this morning, presidential hopefuls can file to get on the ballot for the new hampshire primary. fox25's daniel miller joins us. daniel, an important milestone for their campaign. >>daniel: it is, sara. the filing period for presidential candidates kicks off in the granite state over the next several day. they will see at least seven of the major candidates in the race. the trip to the statehouse and concord officially puts the candidates on the primary ballot. 17 candidates are expected to join the 2016 race before the filing period ends which is november 20. at 10:00 this morning, republican donald trump is expected to file his papers and pay the $1,000 fee at the
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statehouse in concord. democratic long shot martin o'malley will also travel to concord and tomorrow, the state concord and tomorrow, the statehouse expects to see florida marco rubio and carly fiorina and bernie sanders to file. the new hampshire primary vote can often help the underdog win. senator rubio's performance have them climbing in the poll behind donald trump and ben carson. it is set for february and could move up once florida sets its primary date. fox25 will be in concord as the race for the white house continues. in danville, daniel miller. the two longest serving members of the city council have lost their seat. counselor charles yancey conceded the seat. he ruled mattapan and dorchester. andrea campbell beat him.
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the attorney was 1 year old when he first took office. >> the results tonight show that we are not focused on the past 37 past past. we are looking for the future. >> at large councilor steven murphy lost his seat. murphy did not win one of the four city wide spots. he served on the council since 1997. good wednesday morning. 5:16. if you were getting ready to head out the door. things you need to know things moving along route 1 and 93 from the north shore. expressway moving along at a decent clip. not too many break lights out there as you pass exit 13 freeport street. live drive times. 12 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams. 10 minutes on prey from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. 23 minutes on 95 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. look like we are starting in the 30s, 40s and 50s around town. if you were getting ready to head out the door will that
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hold true. >> yeah, we are going down until the sun comes up. a couple more degrees. spots like boston at 5 degrees. also falling for since last hour. 50 in the city itself. clear skies and i expect temperatures to hold basically steady through 10 -- 7:00 this morning. we have sunshine all day long which is great news. 55 at 9 a.m. 11 a.m., 58 degrees in boston. 59 at 1 p.m. so we are getting so close to 60 degrees. so little tough to actually get there in boston versus somewhere like lawrence at 45. a little bit cooler to start off our day, but we end up so much warmer this afternoon by 9 a.m. 35 a.m. 53 in lawrence. 58 at 11:00. as we head into the afternoon, well into the 60s here. so 33 in norwood, guys. 52 in worcester. all of kind of fun in the morning. anywhere from the 30s to the 50s. want to bring this up because we are well into november.
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the average first time we get a 10th of an inch of snow in boston. the average date for that will be november 28. last year we had it on november 27 and we have it on november 14. kind of coming up on us soon. definitely no snow in the near term. how warm these temperatures are from 64 this afternoon to 70 tomorrow afternoon to 73 on friday. and temperatures come crashing down over the weekend and even that crash means that we are basically returning to normal by sunday. so 59 in boston today. you are going to find temperatures cooler along the coastline with lower 60s. portsmouth, new hampshire to beverly down to plymouth. and hyannis today. but you go inland. we will middle 60s. norwood at 66. bedford at 65. 56 in fitchburg. 65 in nashua, new hampshire. so as long as you are away from the coast, another day in the middle 50s. it will be warm weather or short sleeves weather. futurecast has barely any clouds entering the picture late today we will see a couple
5:18 am
will keep us nice and bright and then a few of those clouds will be impacted the cape. temperatures back in the 40s. 51 in boston, yes. but the burbs back into the 40s and that's how thursday starts off. thursday's warm-up. here we go. if today's temperatures are not enough, 72 in norwood. 70 in lawrence. 71 in nashua, new hampshire. even boston in the upper 60s. really warm air is going to be pushing into place tomorrow. this is a snapped. >> shot of 5 p.m. we will keep the forecast dry into the afternoon and thursday night into friday. and very widely and scattered showers. and continue for your friday morning commute. and friday morning we will be tracking a few of those showers through the middle of the day. it quiets down. a couple of breaks in the clouds before round number two of the rain comes through late on friday. take a look at your seven-day forecast with the weekend always in view.
5:19 am
67 today. 70 on thursday with those late showers. friday we will have a period of rain early in the morning and late at night. highs 73. and then over the weekend. 62 on saturday. sunday my pick of the weekend i know it is cooler with 51 in boston. 53 in plymouth. 48 -- 58 in nashua. and temperatures start to warm up into early next week. coming up a look at how close we will get to those record highs late this week. back to you guys. >>sara: all right, shiri. a terrible dog attack on a child in fall river. the child has lost part of her ear. >> a good seven minutes that dog had the baby in his mouth. >> coming up, why neighbors think the family pet turned on the child. a sticky must-see for tourists on the west coast.
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public referendum. it also included anti-discrimination protections based on sex, race, age and religion. opponents focused on one part of the law that will allow transgender men to use women's rest rooms. a famous tourist attraction in seattle will be removed. the gun wall at the famed pike place market will be scrubbed clean. there are around 1 million pieces of gum stuck on the wall here. crews will use steam cleaner to remove the gum. they expect new displays to pop up but the wall will be pleased every two months. police in connecticut are actually stealing from people to teach hem a lesson. they will be looking into every car they see and if they spot a valuable and car is unlocked officers will take something and leave a note. civil rights attorneys are not in favor of this new policy. >> in effect you are stealing these people's property. they have no right to enter the car at all. the fact that it is not locked
5:24 am
doesn't mean that it isn't your private property. >>gene: city officials says there a caretaker provision in late law that allows them to do this. they started this program now because usually a spike in car burglary burglaries around the holiday. a parking spot in beacon hill is going on the market and will cost more than a lot of houses in the state. the garage is selling for $,000 the garage is selling for $,000. that comes out to be more than $3800 per square foot. not all you have to pay either. also a $250 monthly fee and the taxes for the year just under $2800. the last open spot in that garage sold for about $400,000. >> that is out of control. this morning, governor charlie baker is pushing for more diversity in the business world. he has launched a new effort to create more opportunities for businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans, the disabled community. supporters stay sends a great mess age that that business in
5:25 am
our state is open to everyone. and there is a new person in charge of ll beam charge of ll beam bean, and for the first time someone outside of the founding family. steven smith is coming from an online grocer in china. he will be taking over as the company is currently struggling to keep up for demands for its signature boots. january. there. >>sara: a giant boot to fill there. a local bridge is becoming on innocent people. the weapon found on children that victims say is proof the attacks are getting worse. and good wednesday morning. i have morning temperatures 40s. coming home from work, it will be 50s. i will break down the chilly spots where we even have a now. and a man walking his dog his street. coming up next the spell mistake that put a gravestone far from its r not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft.
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not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed right now, save $500 on the veteran's day special edition technology. with sleep number. now at 5:30, a pregnant woman and her husband in a terrible crash on their way home from a doctor's appointment. the car thrown up into the air. the mom rushed to the hospital where the baby was delivered several weeks early. the latest on her condition and the investigation that continues this morning. good morning, everybody, welcome back to the fox25 morning news on this wednesday morning. it is november 4, i am gene lavanchy.
5:29 am
incredibly warm weather for november, and we will take it. fox25's storm tracker weather meteorologist shiri spear is here with when those temperatures will peak. >>shiri: first we have to wait for the temperatures to even stop falling. until the sun comes up, we will not see any kind of warm-up. fog in bedford and norwood and fitchburg, barely any fog there fitchburg, barely any fog there, but keene, new hampshire visibility is under a mile. we want you to be aware there are a couple of those spots out there. also 30s on the map from swansea, new hampshire to barre at 33 at 33. and worcester, 32 degrees. looking and feeling food. 42 in north grafton and boylston. 43 degrees in chelmsford. 39 in reading. 42 in lexington. 40 in natick. 5 in milton. 47 in brockton right now. 56 in sandwich. 43 in harwich. so anywhere from the 30s to the 40s to the 50s this morning. let's even it out. most of us are staying in the 40s.
5:30 am
the last of the patchy fog burning off. sunshine this afternoon with temperatures in the 60s. a little cooler at the coastline and a closer look at the cool spots. send you over to jewel july with live drive time traffic. how is the morning commute going so far? >> right now still reasonable for this early hour. the expressway moving along nicely. 128 northbound and southbound wide open. 93 south looks good. and over to route 1 in saugus. a lot of places between those cars as you a approach lynn fell parkway. 12 minutes on pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. 22 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. sara and gene, back to you. >>gene: all right. a major murder trial on the north shore will resume this morning. the trial for danvers teenager charged with murdering his high school teacher has been on hold for weeks as doctors stress the -- assess the mental capacity
5:31 am
>> the trial was scheduled to be well under way by now, but in mid-october, the lawyer was concerned whether the teen was competent to stand trial. he was reportedly banging his head in a cell and then a court psychiatrist quoted chism saying he wanted someone to come into court and shoot him. the prosecution said they believe he was faking his behavior to manipulate the court. chism sent to worcester recovery center and hospital. the 16-year-old faces first-degree murder and rape charges in the death of his former math teacher colleen ritzer in october 2013. the question that remains today is what will happen with this trial next? fox25 will be in court when it resumes at 9 a.m. and new this morning, fire fighters in lowell are investigating what sparked the flames at a home right here. the flames broke out just before midnight at the two-family home on baldwin street. the "lowell sun" reports that the home it was completely
5:32 am
the home is vacant so no one is hurt. take a look at this. a car crash in manchester, new hampshire sends a new family flying into the air. >> witnesses say two cars were racing when they hit a pregnant woman and her husband. the crash trapped that expecting mom inside the car. fox25 jessica reyes live outsidle yot hospital in manchester, new hampshire where the baby was delivered a month early. jess, good morning. >> good morning to you, gene. that's right. according to reports, that woman gave birth to her son a month early via emergency c-section and both of them are doing just fine here at elliott hospital this morning. we have a look at the surveillance video from that horrifying crash. that mother britney bowden was 8 months pregnant when this happened yesterday. and she is just 23 years old. she was beneath and her husband, dennis, was thrown from the car. the photo of the two of them
5:33 am
this morning we know dennis bowden is out of the hospital. and the surveillance camera was caught on tape and said looks like the couple's car got caught between two cars that were racing. >> one was adjusted and the other -- one was ejected and the other lady stuck inside. >>reporter: she was pregnant? >> eight months pregnant, yeah. >>reporter: the driver of that other vehicle has been identified as 24-year-old greg bolleo. police are investigating at this point, but they do say no charges have been filed. now we spoke with the man who caught that surveillance camera on camera yesterday at length, and coming up in the next half hour, we are hearing more from him why he says he has seen a number of crashes on that road, and why something needs to change. we are live in manchester this morning, jessica reyes, fox25 news. and this morning, police are searching for a woman who breached school security in medford and stole from classrooms. the woman caught on surveillance camera entered a side door of the mcgyln n
5:34 am
school during lunchtime and believe stole $800 from four teacher purses and the classrooms were empty. the superintendent said school staff did not follow security protocol and changes are being made. >> there was someone at the door who checks people coming in and the middle school students were coming back in from the outside. and walked in with them. and that person should have been stopped and wasn't. >>sara: the woman told a school -- a school -- a second school employee she was simply looking for a pen. medford police hoping someone recognizes the woman. 5:35 in morning. and three young boys are accused of launching a violent attack on a group of innocent victims. lowell police say the 14-year-old and 12-year-old kids fired pellets from bb guns and tossed rocks at self-homeless men. the victims the under a railroad bridge near dutton. the men suffered deep bruises and one may have a broken hand. one of victims told fox25 that there have been similar incidents in the past, but never involving a gun. >> it startled us to think you
5:35 am
go from one extreme to the other. throwing rocks and now you have a pellet gun. >>gene: the boys were caught shortly after the incident. police say they were also throwing rocks at officers while being chased. a eerie mystery surrounding a gravestone in quincy is solved this morning. the man walking his dog found the headstone behind the quincy tower apartment complex. this sparked an investigation by police who were worried that the stone was stolen over the halloween weekend. detectives tracked down the company that made the gravestone. they were able to sort this situation out. we find out that -- there was a mistake made on the one that he found, and we had made a new one for him, and i think that is found at the cemetery now. it should be. >>sara: the man's first name was spelled wrong on the mystery headstone. the correct one is at the proper place. the one found in quincy just ended up in the wrong place. a car burst into flames in
5:36 am
charlton. the charlton fire department and police found this car on fire on oxford road around 6:00 last night. everyone was able to get out safely. new this morning, a boston-based fantasy sports site is accused of violating another company's patent. draft kings and its rival fan duel are being sued by a technology company in texas. the lawsuit claim that fantasy sports sites use patented technology to run their games. draft kings and fan duel are not commenting on the lawsuit. scientists are getting closer to figure out what caused a e. coli outbreak at chipotle. more tests need to see if exact dna matches will have the ingredients that carry the bacteria. so far 37 people have gotten sick. chipotle has temporarily closed dozens of stores in washington and oregon. and food-borne illnesses like those caused by e. coli are on the rise in massachusetts.
5:37 am
illness outbreaks more than double than a decade ago. wider food distribution and better reporting of outbreaks contributed to the spike. >> whatever lessons are learned in an outbreak can be put back into the system so that best practices can be developed. >> fda is set to release new nationwide guidelines for food safety this month. after that food suppliers will have one year to prepare for them to take effect. another major blow to air bag maker takada. honda says it will no longer use the japanese air bags in any future cars. honda said takata misrept ed test data on air bag inflator. the faulty air bags killed eight people in honda vehicles. u.s. automotive safety regulator also fine takada up to $200 million for failure to issue timely recalls.
5:38 am
the german automaker admits carbon monoxide figures, set them too low for an additional $8 $800,000 vehicles. the emission scandal cost the volkswagen ceo his job and forced the company to set aside $7 billion to cover recall costs. vogue wagon deeply regretted the new discovery and the compromised. boston bruins will be without one of their veteran leaders for the rest of the season. chris kelly broke his left femur in last night's game with the dallas stars. he will have surgery today and will be out of action. tyler seguin beat tuukka rask's great shot through pert and in the third he finishes off a hat trick. great pass. seguin rifle it is into the net seguin rifle it is into the net. stars win it. new england patriots preparing for the match-up with
5:39 am
you can see it right here on fox25. our coverage begins at 6:00 on the fox25 morning news. then fox25 takes over at 11:00, then kickoff at 11:00. after the game join us for post-game show and take you inside the locker room and post inside the locker room and post-game interviews and analysis all sunday here on fox25. a social media star is now off the internet. why she abandoned her career of posting perfect pictures and what she wishes someone would tell her about social media sooner. plus a die-hard mets fan let's his confidence get the best of him. the new ink he is getting to cover up this world series mistake. and we are checking weather and traffic every ten minutes for you. right now a 22-minute drive time on 93 south from 49 in andover down to the zakim. shiri? >>shiri: yesterday all the way 60s. almost 10 degrees cooler. i will show you when te fill up meal have original recipe chicken? yes.
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. this morning a fall river toddler is recovering from a dog attack inside her own home. daniel miller is here of how neighbors helped pull the family pet off this little girl. >>daniel: gene, this is just incredible of this dog attack. it happened at home at orange street. the dog grabbed the baby's head and she lost a portion of her ear and suffered lacerations to her skull and face. a family friend was at the home and saw the entire thing. >> a good seven minutes, that dog had the baby in his mouth. lacerations from here to here. the ear was pretty much, like, seven-day forecast. like -- it was awful. >>daniel: the baby mother's boyfriend got the dog to release its jaw from the neighbor baby's head. they believe the dog attacked out of jealousy. animal control took the dog from the home. we will keep you updated on the baby's condition. daniel miller, fox25 morning news.
5:43 am
rescuers say the pilot took off and flew nearly two miles before crashing near deer feel road in cambia. the pilot wound up stuck in the trees. >> took off from a field in deerfield yesterday. was flying again today. said it was a beautiful day for flying. circling the house and evidently some type of a mechanical failure. >> the pilot eventually fell out of the tree before crews arrived. he was taken to a area hospital for nonlife-threatening injuries. police are giving fox25 rare access to their vice unit. to show you a problem they are seeing far too often. >> got a signal. [sirens] >> can you step out. >> may not waste any time. may come out, see a girl, pull up to her. have a conversation with her. and then ask for a particular service. >>gene: he is talking about an increase in prostitution and sex crimes.
5:44 am
tonight at 10:00, fox25's blair miller goes under cover with police to show us how the undercover and high-tech tools they are using rid our streets of sex crimes. tsa screening methods may not be getting the job done. a new report show there is no solid proof that it makes flights safer. it claims the agency lacks consistent performance measures to. tsa administrators were put on the hot seat in front of congress about the findings. >> also revealed that our officers did not fully understand the capability of the equipment and several procedures were inadequate to resolve alarm. >>sara: tsa says it has corrected procedures and now trains officers to understand how to use the equipment properly. you will no longer be able to favorite something on twitter. instead you will have to heart it. twitter has gotten rid of the well-known star icon for favorites and replace with heart icons and those will be called likes. the project manager says the star can be confusing for you
5:45 am
incomers and trying to make twitter easier and more rewarding. julie, i don't care, you are still getting a star in my book book. >>julie: thank you, gene, but is it not a heart now -- oh, i am still getting a star. well, thanks, our star and a heart in my book. something that is not star worthy, an accident on 495 northbound. the accident right before main street in hopkinton. as you can see though, the volume is very light. so not having a huge impact on drive times in that area. head over to the pike and moving along fine from framingham through the weston tolls into the allston-brighton area. things are slowing on on the expressway. last time checked in on the shot we were just cruising and not nearly as much space between those cars. live drive times. 12 anyone on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. 16 minutes on route 9 from 495 to speen street. and 21 minutes from route 1 south in peabody toward the
5:46 am
weston tolls on the pike. stormtracker weather meterorologist shiri spear joins us now. what do we have to look forward to today, shir? >>shiri: in the 40s but have to look forward to the 60s ability and eventually tomorrow and friday in the 70s. indian summer will go pretty strong through friday with temperatures that are going to be well above average after we have already had a killing frost for the season, and then we have this big weekend cooldown that we will be looking at cooler saturday and even cooler by sunday. now at 50 degrees with clear skies in boston. here is how your day warms up. 7 a.m., 50 degrees. 55 at 9 a.m. by 11:00 this morning, 58 degrees. and then we get all the way into the upper 50s this afternoon. but it is real hard to hit that 60-degree mark in boston. and a lot of our coastal communities. i mean we are going to see a ton of sunshine as the sun comes up. futurecast highlights that nicely with a few light clouds
5:47 am
i am going with sunshine today. high temperatures ranging from 59 degrees in spots like boston this afternoon. malden. 62 in quincy. 60 in cambridge. but you go a little further inland and temperatures warming watertown. brookline 63 degrees. the further you get from the coastline, warm ter ends up being and a pattern you will see continue for the seacoast as well as northeastern massachusetts with temperatures only in the lower 60s from amesbury down to ipswich down to essex today and the south shore as well where temperatures stall out in the lower 60s from scituate to plymouth down to wareham at about 54. not too bad here. a couple of miles inland. 66 today and norwood and framingham and fitchburg as well. manchester, new hampshire about 6 degrees. overnight tonight, back to the 40s. this is where we have been every night so far. so more of the same when you wake up tomorrow morning. but the afternoon not more of the same. we have 70s back on the maps
5:48 am
norwood, 72. lawrence, 70 opinion manchester, new hampshire, 70. even boston in the upper 60s. a lot of warm air is going to be moving into place here thursday and into friday. i am going to keep our thursday afternoon dry until about the evening commute. because it is just after that that you will see a couple of spot showers coming on through, continuing into your friday morning 37 morning. we will get a little bit of a break before more friday night showers. here is your seven-day forecast with the weekend always in 70s on thursday and friday. and friday is the day you will have to watch despite the chance of rain. watch out for near record high, 73 is the record in boston. we will be real close to that. 70 the record in worcester. a shot of breaking out and lower 60s by saturday. lower 50s by sunday and the town-by-town specifics on that weekend weather coming up. back to you. new drama surrounds the death of whitney houston's daughter. coming up at 5:30, the woman who faked being a nurse to care
5:49 am
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a strange new twist in the death of whitney houston's daughter. police in georgia say a woman in charge for caring for bobbi kristina brown was not a licensed nurse. woman worked at the hospice center where the 22-year-old died in july. that was six months after she was found unconscious in a bathtub in her home. fake nurse stole credentials from a real nurse. bobby kristina's death remains uninvestigation. a local woman accused of shoplifting saying she is being harassed by the store worker who bust the her. 22-year-old melord. has been charged with witness indiana timdation. casisis is the loss prevention associate at a wal-mart in abington. he caught a young woman shoplifting since then he has been calling her and propositioning. he said he will make the shoplifting charge go away. a leading hotel chain is
5:53 am
being fined. hilton under investigation for blocking wi-fi hot spots of hotel guests. the chain is accused of using illegal wi-fi jammers. fcc issued the hotels a $25,000 penalty. earl whyer this year marriott was signed $600,000 for a similar offense. local researchers have found that americans are starting to eat better. a harvard study says diets have improved since 1999. researchers say americans are eating more fruit and whole grains and less transfat sugary drink. it has lowered risk of diabetes and heart disease. flu season a almost here and have some advice of working out when you are sick. if you have a common head cold, it is fine to do light exercise it is fine to do light exercise. it might help because working up a can help kill bacteria and viruses but doctors say if you do have flu-like symptoms like a fever and aches and pain, you should hold off on the workouts
5:54 am
before they go away. a die-hard mets fan have a permanent reminder that the boys in blue and orange did not win this year's world series. >> i tattooed them on my ribs to win the world series before the world series started. >>gene: there it is. josh davis tattooed the win on his ribs his ribs. when they lost he was devastated but say the $300 tattoo is not a regret. >> a quick decision but after all that has happened and all the after the fact. i think -- i think it is a cool experience and i am looking at all the positive aspects of it. and i don't regret it at all. i think it is awesome. >>gene: okay. davis said he will add 1969 and 1986 to the tattoos. the years the mets did win it all and hopes to turn that 2015 into a 2016.they win next year. you can always do a 2018. you can try to change it every year. one year maybe he will get it right. >>sara: good for him. i just don't get it. except i have tom brady right here.
5:55 am
okay. moving on. breaking news in bridgewater this morning. coming up new at 6:00, a large crime scene near some train tracks that came into our newsroom about what may be happening here. and good news as you hit the roads, a little cool, temps in the 40s. 40 at 6 a.m. 42 by 7:00. by 8 a.m. 46. warm-up under way. i will tell you what time to get ready for the 60s and even 70s next. a makeover. all new at 6 o'clock, the plans to make city phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? r jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. you make me feel so young... it's what you do. you make me feel
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