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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 4, 2015 10:30am-11:00am EST

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guys trying to pull a robbery until an employee pulls a gun -- >> and just starts blasting at this dude. >> see where customer hs anything but a quiet dinner. hawk in distress in the desert. how a patient man pulls off one delicate mission. it's a punishing offroad course for drivers. the moment that put the extreme in extreme truck race. blus the buzzword for your chance to win a new ipad mini. and -- the fan girl hoping
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fr recently we've seen a lot of employees fighting back when being attacked. you'll see the guy in striped shirt. he pulls out a gun and starts demanding cash. when suddenly one of the employees at the register takes out his gun and just starts blasting at this dude. in a crowded restaurant. my gosh. >> the robber runs out of the restaurant. the employee chases him. of course everybody in the restaurant starts to run and take cover. >> that guy just escalated the situation to now bullets are flying past your head. give up the money for the pizzas. >> were any innocent bystanders hit in this? >> we didn't get information anybody was hurt. here's what has people talking on social media. you see all these people running for cover. this guy grabs her partner and starts to cover her and then they take off.
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well, oli, you gave away your moron of the month award? >> uh-huh. >> i have a close runner up. take a look at this. they're trying to pull that bag over the wall and into a sail in the uk. >> this guy is basically buddy on the inside. >> it's not just a guy. it's a man and a woman. they've partnered up to do this. you won't believe what they tried to smuggle in. >> weed. >> are there drugs involved at all? >> a kitten. >> we've got drugs, we've got alcohol, we've got chocolate, we've got a knife. and here's the kicker. a mcdonald's mcmuffin. >> it is available all day now. they wanted to jump on that. >> they were arrested and taken in and charged with several
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obviously conspiracy to supply drugs. it's an older video. this actually happened last year. but they've recently been sentenced. the guy got two and a half years in jail and the woman got community service. these two guys are in a trophy truck series race in parker, arizona. >> hey! >> oh. >> it's upside down now. >> that's not good. >> thankfully it doesn't look like either guys are injured. >> clunk. >> sounds like a rusty old wheels. you don't see them get back in the truck in this clip but they said they completed the race. cool. >> awesome. >> did they get points taken off? >> yeah.
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this guy, though, gets lots of point. this video from juken. a stick he's going to hold onto. >> no. >> this is preparation. he's prepared himself perfectly. >> he's prepared for failure. >> you can't even see what's pulling that string, he's so far away. boy, this is working much better than we thought it would. >> and he's going super fast. too fast. [ screaming ] >> screaming like i would. >> no brakes, no brakes, no brakes! >> at least he didn't hit the tractor behind him. >> that is hilarious. >> they've created a winch system out of an old car. that car just reeling in the rope as this guy was holding on. i believe he was saying something like you almost killed
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[ screaming ] extremely cold temperatures and rushing waters were what these people had to endure while they wait withed to be rescued by firefighters. this is in china. and two men and a woman were stuck in that rickshaw. >> don't move a muscle. >> yeah. it's like the last scene of "the italian job". they shift their weight, it's going to go. >> i think they tried to cross. but you see firefighters tried to aid them. look how close they are to that rickshaw. it looks like they are able to strap a line, hold it in place. and it takes them about half an hour before they're able to pull the passengers out one by one while the water continues to rush past them. >> i know it's not that deep.
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they probably thought they could make it. why would you risk it? >> just across there, it doesn't look that deep. we've seen so many times it doesn't take a lot of water to create force. sent it almost over. >> in spite of the challenges, everybody made it out uninjured. we see the woman inside that rickshaw being very grateful to the firefighters. >> pretty sure the driver did not get a tip on that ride. jennifer who watches us in new mexico and rick who watches us in illinois both won ipad minis and you could too. >> to enter you're going to need wednesday's buzz word. you need to be at least 18 years of age and a legal resident. >> the "rtm" buzzword coming up in just a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. i believe he was in mesa
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saw something fly across his path. he jumps out of his vehicle. >> ooh. >> flags it down. and then he begins to slowly remove those from her feathers. she went and used his jacket to grab her. you could see she is just laying there as he is attempting to pull these off. >> those are so difficult to take off because the ends, each needle has a hook. >> they have barbed spines. so he's got to use that legit looking knife to kind of scrape them and pull them off. >> hopefully it didn't pierce through her skin. it just hit the feathers and got stuck and was causing her problems to fly. >> even if it's just caught in the feathers, if he hadn't had done this, there was no way the hawk was going to survive. >> she is covered in these things. the good thing is is once he gets most of them out, at least,
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he's ready to release her. >> great work by that guy. >> it's a desert dwelling animal. you've got to believe they're equipped for this kind of thing. she got into a bit of bad luck. 10-year-old elizabeth was -- >> told they were going to be testing some new riding equipment on a horse she was very familiar with. >> the real story behind this mo. plus, he was out on a fishing trip -- >> and he hooked one 140-plus pounds. >> but see what heee what he ended up catching that needed releasing. owl. so we' re celebrating by offering you over 20 delicious choices starting at $9.99. like creamy new pesto alfredo, or crispy chicken fritta. and breadsticks. for a limited time.
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give it to me i' m worth it baby i' m worth it uh huh i' m worth it gimme gimme i' m worth it give it to me i' m worth it
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last week was full of all kinds of ghouls and goblins and monsters. now the videos are coming in of
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the real monsters. the candy monsters. from security camera footage of the kind people who leave bowls of candy out front. and here comes deceit. >> are you wearing a costume? >> no. >> the whole caldron. she had to lift with her legs on that thing. it was so big. and gayle, you're right. good observation. it seems like in all these videos, they don't bother to wear kos consumes. >> the next house, this sign reads please take a small amount and leave some for the rest. the child does ask what's it say. it says leave some for the rest. so basically that's what he does. but he's traching fist fulls of candy. >> so when they left some like they said, was it like five
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pieces by the time they got done? >> he left some because that's what he told the kids the seen said. so he walks the kid back to the waiting car leaving some candy in the bowl and for the cherry on top, dad comes back just to yank the rest of it. now onto this halloween experiment here. these folks put out a huge box of blow pops. they put a hidden camera on that box of blow pops and said please take one. here's how it goes. in time lapse. well, by golly, it seems like people are actually being good. and taking one blow pop. could this be real? >> no. i don't trust it. >> it looks that way on time lapse. but let's look a little closer and a little slower. and you'll notice another uncostumed bandit just coming in and saying, thank you, please, i'll take more than one. the girl joins and this duo
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here -- >> the trick is, though, everyone on camera looks around to see if anyone's watching. the camera's watching. it's always watching. >> the shifty look just before they commit halloween no good. >> this horse is about to become a very unexpected gift for 10-year-old elizabeth. she at this moment is completely unsuspecting. in fact, she was told they were going to be testing some new riding equipment on a horse she was very familiar with. but now here they bring out the horse and she realizes, oh, it's the horse i really love. >> that's a pretty horse. >> yeah. they said she met the horse before, fell in love with it and asked it for a gift. her parents said, honey, it didn't really work out with the intentions of surprising her with it later. this is the moment they surprised her with the horse. >> thank you, dad. >> i love this.
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there is no thrill like getting a beautiful creature like that from your parents. because, you know, when you have a dog you see babies try to ride the dog. you can't do that. but a horse you can really bond with and there's a real physical connection. >> it also teaches responsibility as well. the amount of time that goes into looking after a horse, you know, so honestly it is a cool thing. if you have that ability, she's a very lucky girl. >> young fellow went fishing with his buddy in north carolina. he hooked one about 130, 140-plus pounds. because he didn't hook a fish. he hooks himself. his crank bait was caught in a tree so he yanked it really hard leg. >> my god. >> the audio is kind of difficult to hear because you hear a lot of rustling. what i've been able to figure out is my leg is going to sleep, i'm cold. >> it's a hook in his leg.
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>> now, he admits he doesn't know what he's doing pulling this thing out but he says he got inspiration from another person who had a hook stuck in their body from youtube. he said i'll do what he did. >> i don't know what i'm doing. >> you really can learn anything on youtube. >> now, one thing you'll notice is one prong hasn't gone all the way through the skin yet. >> my god! it came through. >> that's why you don't learn it off youtube. go to the e.r., brother. >> speaking of, not the most sterile of situations. he's going to need a tetanus shot. those prongs aren't smooth points so it looks like he's squeezing it to flatten it out because he's going to pull it back through. >> cut it off, mate. >> you got the barb out the one side. snip off the barb. >> that's what i would have done, but he didn't do that. he eventually does get it out of
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the first one is a parkour practitioner. he's shooting a commercial in korea. three stories up we see him come over. he's in his outfit for the commercial. shirt, backpack, and tight pants. >> oh, shoot. >> you can say that again. it said in the comments that the pants he was wearing, way tighter than he's normally wearing in parkour. didn't get enough of a jump off. he falls out of shot, three stories. but we see him walking it off. >> this was a serious mistake and he's seriously lucky to be alive. now, this next one you guys are going to like. just maybe nick thought about
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he wants to pop a wheelie in this video. >> how is this going to end any other way? >> even if he managed to get the first one up, then what? >> he must not have a girlfriend. i hope that's just his >> who stole the cookie from the cookie jar, who me? >> no you. or something like that. >> probably me. all right. well, you guys have the reaction of this kid because this 4-year-old has no recollection. >> did someone take the cookie? >> yeah. the bad guy. >> bad guy took a cookie. >> he's at his place. >> what place? >> a scary place. >> wow. and he is staying calm. considering somebody just broke into his house, stole cookies, and went back to a scary place. he's a brave kid.
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a total big guy. >> the bad guy didn't eat it. there's no bad guys in our house. >> anymore. >> are you the bad guy? >> no. >> no! >> that is preposterous. >> that's ridiculous. >> brodie. >> no, i didn't! >> who stole the cookie? >> a bad guy did. >> let's just go find the bad guy because you're wasting your time with me. >> he could be getting away. the first 48 hours are essential finding the cookie thief. >> should i watch the video and see if i see you taking the cookie? >> no. no. >> why? >> no. >> because why? because you took the cookie? gayle! it's time to give away another >> to enter you need the buzzword, be 18 years old, and be a legal u.s. resident. >> then head over to
10:52 am and click on win ipad. >> and enter the buzzword. >> let's enter wednesday's buzzword. it's carbon. >> click on the win ipad but and enter the buzzword carbon. c-a-r-b- >> and one day later this week it's bonus giveaway. you could win a flat screen tv. keep watching and good luck, everybod she put together a tune for a famous singer/song writer. >> this song, guys, was written for taylor swift. >> why this song has charity thinking --
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more soap in there, see what happens. first leaves. this song, guys, was written
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i listen to all your songs i hide inside your suitcase let me tag along you may have never met me but i know i can assure that i can make you happy >> taylor better get a restraining order. >> quickly. this is beatrice mumblesteen the alter ego of her. apparently she really likes taylor swift. >> she is writing a song to let her favorite artist know she is down. but, girl, bye. i want to be your next friend to turn into best friend i'm writing this song for you so pick me >> there are people like this in
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the world. you know? people get all kinds of e-mails and videos and strange messages on facebook. you know, sort of playing into that whole situation. >> that was really good. she's going to l. that's it for today's show. we'll see you tomorrow with more great vi. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another
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mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah
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