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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  FOX  November 5, 2015 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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our broadcast exclusive. gwen and blake last night holding hands nashville. >> this as his ex braves the cameras. >> that's coming up now. >> on "entertainment tonight." >> miranda's awkward award show arrival arrivals, 41 minutes after gwen and blake announced they were dating. >> her like stephani and then blake stepps out hand in hand with gwen. >> they were at the after party holding drinks. >> is it all jus too soon?
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>> it feels uncomfortable. >> gwen's comments. >> the 17's-year-old salary just revealed and why a judge intervened. brad and angelina's new outing hans solo and it's that time again. >> here comes another favorite thing. >> oprah's favorite things. what has freaking out this year. >> oh, my god, love th >> now this is "entertainment tonight." blake shelton and gwen stephani are advertising their exclusive shots of the divorced lovers last night. >> then there's the fact they announced their relationship. >> blake and gwen nodoubt, this romance is on.
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gwen and blake are holding hands and looking very much like a new couple who are enjoying the moment enjoying the after of the cmas in nashville. >> without a dou they were definitely standing next to her. >> blake signed amani's guitar for an auction forcharity. that's gwen in thebackground. >> i was notified that gwen was going to be in the vip room. she was smiling because she had seen the guitar she was kind of like, wow, that's cool. >> earlier in the night, just41 minutes after news broke that gwen and blake were dating, miranda hit the head carpet and you can tell she e's forcing a smile.
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>> this is definitely something people were talking about, mainly abo timing of the announcement. the cmas are going to be the first time blake and miranda have been in the same room since the divorce. >> the country star did not speak to reporters, and there was a lot of comments on twitter about the streaks in gwen's mirroring miranda's in the 90s. she gave a show stopping performance and won female vocal igs of the year. appreciate it. i needed a bright thought this year. i love you country music fans. >> and we definitely noticed
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blake and gwen have been pretty flirty on the voice this season. how many did you actually pass up? >> don't speak. >> but were colleagues helping to keep their secret behind the scenes? >> i didn't know. i didn't that blake was as hot as gwen. he's a goofy can you boy, she's the queen of cool. but they're two of the nicest people in the business. good luck, we love you. >> and there's a new report that blake and gwen have written a country song to call me on my phone >> no word on if that song will actually be recorded. >> after night's show, blake actually sent out this tweet, quote, awesome night torvet tonight, so many great things happening life. >> that hot line bling, that can only mean onething.
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going to break down blake and gwen's breakup with their exes, the perfect timing that brought them together. and vinnie irwin and money paid on "dancing with the stars." >> nancy knows this, the pay is just something that everyone keeps quiet, you just don't really talk about it. but a court ruling has brought to life vinny's big bucks. you can help but fall in love a little bit more with her after "dancing with the stars" ." there's a proble holding up the contract and it has nothing to do with the show. documents reveal that she's a minor and wants to keep what she wins, a judge is requiring her parents to release any claims to her money before
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she gets it. the court papers shed light on what stars get paid the show. the the aussie stays in the competition, the more she make. >> it's what i got paid when i was on the show. >> the increase in pay week to week is an incentive for the celebrities to stay in the competition as long as possible. and there's righters that get attached to contracts, the stars can negotiate things like bigger trailers or more money for meals. that's something i didn't know
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>> trained for a day. >> i was out due to injuries. brad and angelina's wedding in france was big news throughout theworld. but angelina is now revealing how they made it legal here in the states. angie watched as brad had nothing but love. >> meanwhile this surprise about how they made their marriage legal in califo after their splashy nuptials in southern france, an tells the "new york times" that while at work they were told here's your license and the judge is outside. what do you mean the judge is outside, when the judge came in, brad said shouldn't be standing up? no, suddenly we realized that we were married in most unceremony
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unceremonious way possible. it was her second night in a row out showing a brave face after her split from olivier martinez, andthat's not her wedding ring. she went with an onyx studded band on her ring finger. >> the toenails are important. >> chrissy is showing four month along baby bump in beverly hills. christie was with her dad ron. so far no announcement yet, we still don't know if john and crissy are having a boy or a girl. >> any names yet? >> not yet, but they're special. coming up, we're going wi a hills star in the life of a beverly hills quarterback. >> i would rather play football
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than do reality tv. >> and former star opens up about her cancer struggl >> how do you co-parent if you don't talk? and alice lison janny just can't face meeting her birth mother. >> i would like to think the heart of the is true to this mother-daughter journey. >> it's mom's third season premier on cbs and celebrate our 35th season, we s anna faris her tv interview, yes, that is her with the dark hair, when she was on the set of "scarry movie." >> how old are you? >> i look like i could play the nfl, don't you think? >> no, i'm blond. >> but you look normal.
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inside star weddings, from the take a look at blake's new gal gwen. that's what you call sizzling. we have her revealing new photo shoot in and the tale their exes on the way. co-parenting can be a serious challenge. just listen to what camille grammar had to say. she got incredibly candid about her relationship with kelsey. >> he still won't talk to it's very odd because it's close to six years a it's time to bygones be bygones, let's do what we can to do what's best for our children. >> how do you co-parent if you don't talk >> it's very hard to co-parent,
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second and third parties to communicate. and i have to call a secretary and a bookke to get back to me, but i amazing that he won't speak to me. >> we camille says things never changed even when dying nosed with stage three cancer and was treatsed with intensive chemotherapy and underwent radical mastectomy. >> you said that you were disappointed that he didn't show up be there for your kids. >> i can't imagine what it would be like for the doctor to say to me, you have cancer. what is like hearing? >> surreal, it takes your breath away for a second you just compose yourself and, okay, what do do next somewhat do i need to dnext?
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i want to survive this for my children. now i'm remission. i've been in remission for close to two years. >> that's fantastic. >> now using experience to help others, she's hosting a national race to cure cancer in d.c. i also asked her if she would return the health watch. >> i have asked about but i thought maybe this is not right time, but maybe i'll revisit that next ye >> i also a camille if kim richards wi return. coming eup next, gwen and blake, how their romance coincides wit the end of their marriages. the oprah's new favorite t and we're
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chose the items.
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oh, my god, here comes another favorite thing! oh, my god! i love this! oprah can't help but get excited. >> it's that time of thing, big and better than ever. >> what has oprah jumping out of her shoes this year? we have lady o and gayle talking about this year's good ys. >> the essential thing for it to be a favorite thing is it's useful, very unusual, fun and it's something that i feel like i would love to have myself. >> it's the biggest one we have ever had which is eye norm mouse. this year oprah kept it
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affordable with just two items over $500. chain. who's not a sucker for something with initials on it. this is $18. watch. we're very aware of price points there. look at this, every single woman in here says she would love to get gift. >> even a box of nail polish gets lady o all worked up on christmas morning. >> by the time it ended, oprah was literally with her head laying down on thetable. >> who wouldn't get excited about a elvis coat for dog. and a peanut butter and banana cake. >> the elvis cake. >> and $10 fashionista barbie. >> all of these barbies are several different body types and several different skin tones,
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that's what ilike about it. >> you can see all the items in the magazine. for the cover shoot, oprah was surrounded by human tin soldiers, but when it came to giving gifts, she said it was heart felt letters from friends. >> the thoughts and the words are really heart expressions in people. that's my favorite gift. >> so let's get this straight, i can give my wife a handwritten note for christmas and that will be enough? >> yeah, as long as it's ten pages long and it's ve heart felt. >> we will f out. let's get back to the big story gwen st >> both of their marriages broke apart at the same time and a new romance was born. >> what are you saying about
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saying that you and your husband are having problems. >> i would say that's crazy. that was ten days before blake and miranda announced their split. >> you could call it a relationship. but it's interesting that they same time. >> i read the story about the two of you, are those true or not true. >> i think that nbc did that, like divorced people at the same time. >> miranda has can kept a low profile since her divorce, but she did show up at the nashville walk of fame. >> never felt more at home, never felt more inspired. >> miranda a blake's once fairy tale relationship had already grown apart, not even keeping appearances like showing up together at the cmas. as for gavin, his only comment
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has been an instagram post thanking fans for the birthday wishes last week. here with gwen stephani and you're here with me on this incredible shoot. >> she confessed to being a bit of a hoarder. monks monks amongst the thing she has saved is her weddinggown. but she did have one telling moment on to the shoot. >> i al really hate giving advice, it always feels uncomfortable. but i would say when found my gift and learned a little bit more to be present and to be good. >> blake and gwen are a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. >> donnie and marie.
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residency in las vegas through 2016. >> they have been arou a minute but so has "e.t." we are celebrating our 35th season. and and. >> wait, "entertainment tonight" was born in 1981, is that threw? >> it is true. "e.t" was there, growing up with the stars turning 3 >> we met you when you were 2 years old. >> i can't believe that. >> the kids we knew way before they made it. >> i'm to do a career doing this. >> i was chewigum. >> their memories of us. >> all the great juicy stuff, "entertainment tonight," when i was a little kid, i was hooked. >> i was a bummed, i just missed the cut off. i'm a little too young.
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frazier and liar. why the only ones to appear as a musical guest on "saturday
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oming up next. >> i have a daughter who's in a crisis. >> an exclusive statement from rosie o'donnel daughter
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chelsea, their rocky relationship where chelsea accuses rosie of ho things. >> at the end of the day boring is boring and i feel like owes me anapology. it's all on, your 24/7 celebrity news. you come up with the right answer to tonight's "e.t" birthdays, which these singers was the only one to appear as a muse kl best on "saturday night live" ," the answer is kevin jonas. undefeated cincinnati, michael irvin and crew will be
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>> it's a grade a first class bro bye, everybody. >> i'm not going to lie toyou, three kids kinds of scares me. >> kristen hasn't let her relationshi her down. her new shoe is out for her fall lineup.
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