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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  FOX  November 8, 2015 1:00am-1:59am EST

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bitch. yay! you, little turtle, shall be known as shell raiser! dylan, you idiot, you left without your goody bag. now look who's godlord of the bubbles! golan, golan (chuckles) i don't know, alexis, are you sure i need a third job? you will be the only single mother in town without one. ah! i just don't think any of these jobs are for me. hey, dumpy! great arm gesture. ever consider a career in modeling? (giggling) of course! everyone dreams of things pbefore they have... children. ma! no! the modeling world is a horrible, ugly v industry. i should know... i saw the hbo biopic, gia. -what happened? -the modeling world
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and they're gonna do it to you, too! don't listen to your stupid daughter. the modeling industry and i will always tbe there for you! no matter what! oh, great! sign me up! golan, say hello to our deadliest weapon yet... shell raiser the infectious. a turtle? dylan, you're such an idiot. but golan, this little guy is covered in salmonella. it's deadly to our two biggest enemies, young children and the elderly. so are hot temperatures, but we're not adopting a space heater. which i've been begging carole to buy all winter. carole: just put on a sweater! i'm not a sweater guy! dylan, listen, sure, he's cute, but as a weapon of mass destruction, i don't see it, dummy. fine. but before i get rid of him, aren't you gonna give him a little kiss goodbye? of course i'm gonna kiss him goodbye. i'm not an animal.
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(laughing) i told you so. dylan... that doesn't-- that doesn't prove-- that doesn't prove he's really-- he's really-- poison-- actually, maybe he's a little-- a little-- a little poisonous. but how are we gonna poison the entire town with one tiny turtle? that's how! all of oak grove will gather annual chili eat out. wouldn't it be a shame the chili, whole town? great plan, dylan. get into that chili pot? all over the place. (mimicking siren) in from underneath. that idea isn't just a little chilly, dylan. it's downright cold. (laughing evilly) me hanging, turtle!
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let's get our stories straight. you pushed the turtle and then you fell trying to save him.
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real bummer about what happened to your turtle. gravity. such a dick, huh? is it weird that we're both thinking about baba john's pizza right now? meow... golan's stupid, lazy and a complete screw up. (giggling) shut up, mackenzie cat. you don't know anything about my godlord. what's that molly mcmumbles? (mumbling) uh, nothing. i was just thinking about that prude, mackenzie b. she said you were a screw up. ha. but that's... that's crazy, right?
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mr. and mrs. insatiable... the finest radiologists in all of zurich, but i don't speak swiss so it was all... borgy-borgy-borgy... broke his leg. see, dylan? broken leg. no big deal. i've broken your leg, like, what? 20 times, at least. actually, like with a horse or a migrant worker, a broken leg is a death sentence for a turtle. (gasps) a death sentence? (giggling) for this little guy, i prescribe a tiny bullet -(gun cocks) -no! -let's go, dylan! a broken leg! shoot it in the head! (screaming) golan, the guinea pigs! -good idea, dylan! (chanting) akba dia!
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guinea pig! (screaming) come on! go, go, go, go, go! what are we gonna do? is still broken. he's as good as dead. i'll fix it, dylan. you just get back to the tree house! that little penguin a new leg. that is an excellent idea! (screaming) -back home please! (honking) all right, carole. gesture towards the kiosk as if it's a baked ham, you chunk-butted-goddess! i sure hope i don't screw it up. (screaming manically) (heavily distorted indistinct speech) introducing the fourth mobile accessory kiosk in the mall, case in your face! take it away, carole. ta-da! that a girl, carole! i did it! i did it! i'm a model.
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ta-da! ta-da! ta-da! ta-da! ta-da! ta-da! (shrieking) (all gasping) oh, that popping and tearing sound is new. (chuckles nervously) golan: what is so hard to understand? i don't want the whole turtle, i just want to bash its head in, and rip one of its legs off and attach it to a turtle that i pushed out of a tree. sir, i can't sell you a turtle to rip its leg off. oh, fine. (mocking) one whole turtle, please, with grace and a top hat. that'll be $1. ooh, and this candy bar, too. that'll be $1.75. but i only have a dollar. uh--
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uh-- uh-- uh-- damn you, impulse buys! -hey, what the-- -hey, heads up, fat ass! -(boys laughing) -nice arm, stoner guy. good muscle definition. supple elbow skin. -thanks, dude. -this will work. (screaming) why are you hitting yourself? why are you hitting yourself? why are you kissing yourself? why are you kissing yourself? -(laughing) -(screaming) my arm! come on, shell raiser, eat something. you can not give up! helen keller never gave up! and she was a turtle, for all she knew. honey, arm home! (laughing) whoa, a human arm? do you really think that's going to work, m'lord? why don't we all take a vote. all in favor of giving it a try? -me! -me! (mocking) me, too!
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(chanting) ta-lie amlah. aaa ickluh slogurz a blah! yes! yes! yes! (car alarm blaring) (car alarm blaring) (car alarm blaring) (giggling) the leading cough liquid only provides relief for four hours, hours? twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula works by immediately releasing powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. in fact, delsym lasts three times longer than the leading cough liquid. for all day or all night relief, try delsym -the #1 doctor recommended 12 hour cough liquid.
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dylan: oh, no, he's dead! dylan, let us give our dear friend a traditional gkruoolian send-off. i'll take the front hole, you take the back, and let's try not to meet in the middle. if we do though, don't, don't make it weird. no wait... look! (gasping) shell raiser's alive! dylan's flat-chested! -hey! -what? i thought we were just yelling out things that are super obvious. i'll never doubt you again, master. and you better not, you dumb-ass. we're definitely going to poison the town this time! i'll go steal the digging equipment. you go to the hardware store and get the reinforcement beams for the tunnel. (laughing evilly)
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'sup, player? (gasps) is that marijuana? whoa-oh. no, thank you. dylan is counting on me to get those beams. plus softball is my drug. all the cool kids, you say? i'm sorry, carole, but you've completely ruptured your shoulder. if you flourish again too soon, you may severely injure yourself and never flourish again. but i'm supposed to present the chili pot at the chili eat out tomorrow. i can't let you do that. and i'll go back in time to stop you if i have to. it's over carole, you're done. finished. and so are we. entire modeling industry would be there for me. well, we're not, carole. maybe go kill yourself or get a job as a dental hygienist. what's the difference? (gasping) (exclaiming) levi, sign me up! dammit. i'm too late.
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hmm, time traveling doctor? i bet i'd be great at that. there's the digger! nighty-night. whoa, first i find jesus and then meat? what a night! -(laughing) shut up! shut up! -(phone ringing) man: hi, thanks for calling refrigerator depot, how can i help you? uh, hello. is your refrigerator running? wh y, yes. all of our refrigerators prun efficiently. well, you better catch it! what the? the fridges! they're alive. no! no! they're eating the customers! (screaming) (laughing) no!
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uh-oh. hey, golan, i got the digger! it's totally badass! wait, where are all the support beams you were supposed to get? dylan, i can totally explain. except i'm running out of saliva. oh, my god! i'm swallowing my tongue. is this what a heart attack feels like? -(car honking) -(screaming) ah, it's the cops, man! i'm not going back to jail! back off, or i waste the turtle! -(screaming) -(thud) false alarm, everybody! (laughs) it's not the cops. it's baba john's! what is up with that dude today? oh. my. god. golan, you're smoking pot? what? it's not even-- it's not even mine! it's shell raiser's! turtles don't like to party. where did you get that arm? uh-- was it the arm of a stoner? a big deal out of this. we can still use shell raiser to poison the chili eat out borat all night. look-a-here. i have
1:14 am
a-spouse, uh... (laughing) you know what? mackenzie b was right. -you are a screw up. -(gasps) i'm done with you. and you, shell raiser. and you, baba john's delivery guy. i'll find my own turtle and i'll poison the chili all by myself. i don't want to ever see you three again! (whimpering) never? all those hours and all those days all those years through the wave we are together oh, god, i'm so hungry. hi, i'm former model, carole beekler. i'll be your dental hygienist. -hi, mom. -alexis? mom, you are not meant to be a dental hygienist! oh, no one is meant to be a dental hygienist. you were meant to be a model!
1:15 am
but what about my injured shoulder? -forget your shoulder! -(groans) i am not going to let the modeling world do to you what it did to gia! now let's get you to the chili eat out. (squealing) (gunshot) -(man screaming) -(dylan laughing evilly) man: i've been robbed! (beeping) (beeps loudly) this must be the spot! come on little guy! mmm. i knew it! see, anonymous-pet-store-turtle? we didn't need that screw up golan
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( beeps ) - ( announcer speaks ) ( announcer #2 speaks, chuckles) you see, oshi, that's why you'll never get laid, dude. you're drinking water at a bar, and you don't even have a chain on. okay, rhinore. keep dreaming. go ahead and take another sip of beer. i'm sure you'll get laid. oshi, you're just jealous a social butterfly butter-face. what's a butter-face? you know, everything looks good, you-- you butter-face. um, did you just step on a flower? what? on a flower? flower power? no, why? 'cause you've been shooting fireballs at me all day, mario. ( whimpers ) whatever. want to dance?
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sorry, i don't dance with douche bags. i use them to clean my... whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo-hoo. mm, well, let's start cleaning. whatever. yeah, he's just such a jerk when he drinks. he thinks he's the real deal, but he's just a real heel. i know. i'm gonna tell him something. you know, rhinore, maybe you shouldn't drink so much. there he is. that's the guy that called me miss piggy. what's up, dude? you called my girlfriend miss piggy? no no no. i didn't say, "miss piggy." i said, "i miss piggy." you know, from "lord of the flies"? i can't believe they threw that rock on him. ( groans ) you okay? my chain popped. ( vomits ) i want to go home. let's go home. ( announcer speaks )
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(music playing) no, thanks, shell raiser. i'm just not in the mood. hey, you're the monster that ripped off my arm! -well, i'm about to blow your mind, because that night, you saved my life. okay... had a bright future. out with this porcupine who had a human foot, getting high together. i disappointed those who believed in me. but then like an angel from the heavens, you ripped my arm right out of the socket. and it was then that i decided to quit drugs and rededicate myself to my craft, and that's how i became one of those major league baseball players with one arm! so, wait. you're saying you have pot on you? or you want me to buy pot from you? no, you missed the point-- awesome! ha! dylan, did you
1:19 am
see the way that guy-- (sighs) oh, i forgot. dylan thinks i'm a screw up. all those hours and all those days dylan: help! someone! help! dylan? shell raiser, dylan's in trouble! all the cool kids you say? welcome to the oak grove chili eat out! i love you, mayor! all right, esther, g et out there and gesture towards that giant pot of chili, you pot-bellied princess! oh, no, we're too late! i've already been replaced. (screaming) oh, my god, ma! she got eaten by a fridge, just like gia! now's your chance. get up there! and now for the presentation of the oak grove chili eat out chili-pot, esther-- oh! carole beekler!
1:20 am
it's right there! it's next to me. which side next to you? i'm confused! is she the chili? (grunting) so hungry. i'm here! i met some guy who said some stuff, and i realized some things. i'm sure it's whatever you were mad about and i fixed it. i'll make everything right by finishing the plan chili with shell raiser. really? yes! let's do it, golan. (grunting) this time... (grunting) ah! uh-oh!
1:21 am
you can do it, mom. okay. here i go. (inhaling deeply) (in high-pitched voice) ta-da! (screaming) oh, there's the chili pot! -(crowd cheering) -let's eat! ma, you did it! this is the most horrible pain i've ever felt in my life and i once slept with golan! you, too? oh, no, the chili's gone! (all gasping) who wants chinese? (all cheering) (screaming) (groaning) wow, golan, that did not work out. no, it didn't. i guess you were right, dylan. my mom, the whore was right. i'm a complete screwup.
1:22 am
maybe there's another dimension out there for complete and total screwups like me. maybe in florida. (sobbing) wait! golan, you didn't screw this up! this whole thing was my stupid plan! so, actually, i'm the one who screwed up! not you! look! i'm the weak link in this relationship. that's right. that's exactly what p i was saying. god, dylan. you're the worst. your plan was terrible. you hear that, mackenzie b? i'm the screwup! not golan! me! that's right, this is all dylan's fault! hey, dumpy! great arm gesture.
1:23 am
or encouragement? >> this too shall pass. >> as for her own status on the housewives. she said she was asked back to be a regular. so far she only says she is leaving the door open. >> up next, in honor of our 35th year celebration, we look back and our coverage of wiggest celebrity weddings. >> i but a tiara.
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marie osmond's firsted withing to to to a man she just remarried.
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getting ready for your close-up? ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. visit our website for savings on larger size. here are this week's top stiff five stories. >> i have a family crisis. >> rosy opens up about a daughter in crisis. >> you love rosy. >> i think love is a big word. >> the donald speaks out about the calls for "snl" to dump trump. >> some people are calling for you're hosting. what's your reaction? >> that great. higher. >> number three, bindi irwin six figure dancing salary. bindi stands it make $360,000 trophy. the bizarre twist, because she approve the deal before she can get paid.
1:28 am
because he needs proof her famous dad really pass aid way. >> number two, halle berry gez public. out three nights in in a refollowing her split from oliver martinez. no ring on her finger p. confirmation of blake and again, 40 minutes before miranda hits the stage. blake spoke out on a dallas radio station. >> we know you went public with the relation -- >> we didn't. but we didn't. that is crazy. who announces that. why would i do that. >> go to "e.t." for >> destination or local? >> destination. >> why? >> because i want the people from colombia and south america to be able to and from europe, my friends to be able to make it to the wedding and los angeles
1:29 am
is very far away for everything. >> there it is. you heard it straight from sophia, a destination wedding for her and joe with and going down this month. at palm beach resort in florida. over 300 guest on the list. and rest assured by will be covering it like no one else. >> oh, you know we will be. and because over the years we have been there for plenty of celeb i do is. as we continue our 35th anniversary celebration, here are the weddings we've covered that we'll always remember. we all want to remember princess diane why like this. a beautiful beaming pride. millions watched her ed herred withing to prince charles. >> a train like 25 feet long. her walk up the aisle was nearly 4 minutes.
1:30 am
charles and di's son, william, wed kate middleton. but this time the audience wag even bigger. >> with the internet age, the audience topped anything else. running into billions. >> and once again the focus on the dress. >> everyone that worked on that dress today sign a confidentiality agreement. >> and when hundreds of thousands gathered a the buckingham palace, "e.t." was right in the middle of it all. >> there it is again. and the crowd is going crazy. there is it is again. all kind of tears and flags waiving. >> american royalty. kennedys marry in hollywood when maria shriver said i do to arnold. jfk junior and oprah was on the guest list. it was a media frenzy when the donald wed mar la maples at the plaza hotel. >> i think i was more nervous
1:31 am
>> she was nervous. it was a beautiful wedding. >> the bride wearing a $2 million harry winston tiara. >> i actually saw the tiara. i went to grab for it and nine people with oozies stopped me. >> about h 1,000 guests watched the trump i dos but that was intimate compared to marie osmond's s wedding to steve craig. >> i think there was supposed to be like 5,000 people and there was 7,000 people and we ran out of food. >> the cake was like seven feet high. >> maria and steve divorced throw years later. but they remarried in 2011. she even wore the same gown. >> i did wear that dress again. i can't put me arms up, but i wore that dress.
1:32 am
christine baumgartner, she married kevin costener at his aspen ranch. canoe. >> they will spend the day if the great outdoors. >> after the ceremony, the couple rode up to our cameras on their atv and she showed off that ring. >> once i turned the corner and i walked in on kevin, it was -- it was amazing. >> italian destination weddings have become the "it "things. when tom and katie tied the knot and j.lo and marc anthony, [ shield and her husband and will and jada all made the affair. >> will's got to get to work. sew so we got to catch a plane. >> kim and kanye.
1:33 am
but paris is where our carly steel covered every moment. >> what is the next memorable moment for you? the night before rehearsal dinner. incredible sunset and fireworks. >> and the star in the most fun wedding of them all, george and amal. from the bride's stunning fashion to star guest like matt damon and cindy and randy. we felt like we were there. >> i think the fact that they put on this four-day long wedding made it a celebration that everyone could get involved in and we could see them. they weren't hidden behind veils and brig umbrellas. >> how is married life? >> wonderful. >> when are the babies coming? >> how did you know. >> you're worse than my mother. >> oh, to be a fly on the wall for that wedding. >> what is crazy, stories are still coming out.
1:34 am
guest cindy crawford recently revealed that there was an after-party celebration at the hotel pool. where everyone was swimming in their gowns and tuxedos. cindy says emily blount was wearing a borrowed dress. when was freaking out because when it got wet it shrunk like three sizes. >> a look back at the famous
1:35 am
including anna nicole s welcome back as we commemorate 35 years of covering entertainment news, we are reminded of the loss of anna nicole smith in 2007 sent shock waves through our newsroom. it that was a small chapter in the ongoing saga surrounding the star and her family. of course the birth of her only daut wsh dannie lynn, preceding the death of her son daniel, by tle three days. >> unimaginable mourning. she had drug use until her death at 39. we were by her side at those difficult times and we are with the family she left behind. >> i look at her and she is my everything. she remind me so much of her mom. as she gets older and her features are changing. just like a little miniature anna nicole running around.
1:36 am
lynn is the living legacy of anna nicole. many wondered if she would be damaged by anna's alcohol and drug use. she is an excellent student and loves playing games with her dad, like star wars. >> could you have looked like me and that would be bad. >> tell me about it. >> what are your favorite colors? >> blue and purple. >> what are your favorite things to do? >> mine craft. mine craft? >> cruise ships. >> where is your favorite place to go? >> the bahamas. >> throw days after dannie lynn was born, anna nicole's son, did notty dan died danny died from an everdose of drugs. >> what is the first thing you remember.
1:37 am
and when you talk about it, daniel's dead. >> dannie lynn was anna's hope and we watched her grow. >> say mommy's love. say mommy's love. see how long she's gotten. like a model. >> mommy is right here. she used to rock you right here. >> we go back all the time. good to the grave. and we visit and i tell did notty lynn stories about her mom. i don't sugar coat it. there are things there that your mom did. make her learn. and my daughter likes to google already and i'm trying to keep her from it. >> from the day she was discovered as a playboy model, anna nicole was truly an "e.t." star. we spent countless hours with her, literally becoming part of her life.
1:38 am
>> like on cloud 9 and just waiting for someone to pop that bubble. and take jelly and ketchup to my hotel. and if i'm broke or something, i have all this stuff stashed away. >> danny is the same way. she likes the ketchup packets. it must be hereditary. >> anna's death in 2007 shocked the world. we covered it from the inside. >> i was the last journalist to interview her, ten days prior to her passing. there. about what she was on, she was slurring her speech. >> i can tell you yes ways on drugs when my son died. of course i was. who wouldn't be. >> she obviously had demons she was dealing with. only way she knew how. that why she is not with us any more. >> her funeral was a spectacle.
1:39 am
followed as everyone wondered who was the father. we all know now, it's larry. >> what did she think of her mom? >> she loves her mom. i think she misses the fact that it is different for her. she doesn't have her mom. >> and y'all are going it make me cry. it's tough. >> today living a quiet life in kentucky, larry is devoted to making sure headlines aren't all dannie lynn has to remember of her beloved mother. >> we were in the grocery store recently. we stopped in front of the check out stand and there was a picture of her mom on the cover and it said, anna nicole smith was murder ped. truth. she starts getting teary-eyed. what is this about. i today explain to her that she had will see things when she grows up that aren't necessarily true. a great lady and a great mom and -- >> do you miss her? >> yeah. >> larry is such a doting dad
1:40 am
family around her in kentucky. including hr cousins and her grand month. on the way, more stars we lost. robin williams widow shares her wedding video and shares information about the suicide. >> pat is only telling us, but what led up to the death of bobbi kristina? and why she returned to the hotel room where whitney died. >> i went into the bathroom and i placed the flowers there. >> first, this weekend in the entertainment tonight birth dis now. which star appeared in the super bowl commercial with his sister. is it jake gyllenhaal,gyllenhaal, moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease.
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1:43 am
things but with less pain, i'm still a doer. ask your doctor about lyrica today. lyrica, move forward with less fibromyalgia pain. good morning vietnam! >> it is hard it believe it has been more than a year since the world was shocked by the news that robin williams took his own life and his widow, susan, stayed mostly out of the spotlight. but now she opened up for the first time to amy and we spoke to amy this week about the news susan give and the tears she said. >> i screamed, robin, what did you do. >> was he spiralling out of control? >> what was spiralling out of control was this chase for the physical.
1:44 am
for what happened. he was keep willing it together. because he could. as best as he could. but the last months he could not. it was like the dam break. >> in never before seen home home movies, we see their 2011 wedding day. during their marriage, she was aware of his demons. >> we all new robin suffered from depression. he suffered from addiction. these are things he worked at each and everyday. but in that last month, things got so much worse. there was paranoia, anxiety. at a level that she had never seen before. >> the day robin's body was found, susan had gone to her work as a graphic designer thinking robin was still asleep. his assist aunt the the home became concerned. >> she sent a text saying he is not up yet. what should i do? and i said, wake him. and then she called me back.
1:45 am
>> what did she say? >> i can't even -- i'm sorry. that 20-minute car ride, i just screamed the whole way. robin -- >> did you see him? >> yes. i got to tell him, i forgive you with all my heart. you've the bravest i've ever known. >> before his death, robin was diagnosed with early onset parkinson's. but doctors found a condition ma may have led to the tragedy. he suffered from a debilitating brain disorder called louis body dementia. >> most people think he killed himself because he was depressed. >> no, louie body dementia called robin. >> was he losing his mind? >> yes, absolutely. >> and he was aware of it. >> stul ill our hearts are with
1:46 am
>> it's been three years since whitney husband whitney houston passed away. and her daughter died. we haven't heard from the person in the center of it all, pat houston. and whitney's best friend, confidant, sister-in-law, and bobbi kristina's aunt. the one there at end. >> people don't understand how hard she fought to help kristi, to keep her here on this earth. >> when we found out that kristi was in trouble we were making plans to do something about it but it just came a little too late. >> she was like a second mother to bobbi kristina. >> i did everything remotely possible to be there for her. from doctors appointments to getting her driver's license. and i'm very proud of the moment that i shared. >> pat was hoping to send her to rehab.
1:47 am
>> what happened it bobbi kristina brown. >> after found unresponsive in the bathtub. >> when is breathing a with ventilator. >> a lawsuit claims her boyfriend gave her a mixture before she was found face down in the bathtub. his attorneys call the allegations baseless. pat said she had her doubts and found a restraining order against nick last year after she said he posed with threats of guns. >> a restraining order, how hard was that? >> we add hiccup with the restraining order. she didn't understand it. the world saw that she was angry and mad at me and texting me all along. and i really tried to show her, you know, you don't have to, in a situation, you know. if something is bothering you or you're not happy, you know, in this. >> the loss especially hard because the family still hasn't
1:48 am
in 2013, they revisited the away. >> when we went into the room it was so peaceful. and calm. and just sat there. thinking, you know, what happened. you know he. how did we get here. >> i'm here today because i have to speak out because i lost someone that was very close and dear to me. >> now, throw months after kristi's death, i join pat at her annual teen summit. an event championed by whitney in the past. this month it was on silent suffering and domestic abuse. >> i decide i needed to give back. i love working with love. >> if kristi was here, what would you say? >> you don't have to be afraid it speak out. you have to have self worth and love yourself. >> bobby brown. write a memoir. what did you think about that? >> i don't really judge when it
1:49 am
it can be very healing for him. so if he feels that he wants it write, he doll it. only thing is, he has to be very truthful. >> pat worked around the world. is both an agent and manager for big firms. but teen summit remains her passion. >> kevin made a point to say through all of the tragedy, pat
1:50 am
things with promotional consideration provided by -- we start celebrating birthdays this weekend. on saturday, lourde is 19. jenny mitchell is 72. bonnie raitt is 66. our own mary hart is turning 65. now who appeared in a super bowl commercial with his sifter? that's jack osbourne. he is celebrating turning 30 this weekend. ? next week on "e.t.." we will celebrating our 35th birthday with the stars celebrating theirs.
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>> i'm the same age at entertainment tonight? >> yes. >> oh, my god! >> wait, entertainment tonight was born in 1981? was that true? >> that is true. >> growing up with the stars turning 35. >> you were 2 years old. >> i can't believe that. >> the kids we knew way before they made it. >> i'm going to do a career doing there. >> our memories with them. >> i was chewing gum. >> their memories of us. >> all the great juicy stuff, man. with entertainment tonight. when i was a little kid i would watch it. >> next week on "e.t.." >> we are almost out of time. but for the late-breaking hollywood news, go to our website, "e.t." >> before we good, check out the new video with her song "take me home." >> off her debut album "i cry when i laugh." her ballad is very powerful. on fire in the uk after going
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>> enjoy this video and the rest
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