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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 9, 2015 10:00am-10:30am EST

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after three days of digging to save a dog in a hole exhausted rescuers call off the search. >> but the owner refuse to give up. >> how he rallied the whole community until the joyful moment that he got back. sisters team up against the husband and then the mistress. >> if you have to be stupid, don't ride into the crowd. >> why breaking the rules means breaking the window.
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>> ever since all of the people. >> now meet the youtube star that's pulled off the global cover. >> it's an over taking. plus the buzz word to win an ipad mini. and beach goes ers find themselves in bubbles. i feel so bad for him. >> this video captured and fire and rescue crews are busy trying rooklyn. he was chasing a woman bat and fell into the hole and it can be 32 to 50 speeds long. rescuers have to get out and and jackhammers.
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they're trying to find where the dog is in that. they worked 42 days to get out. >> how can they be sure that he did not come out of the other side of the hole. >> yeah, he is barking. >> you can hear him barking because they put thahat tube down in there to see if he is okay. after several days and working for hours at a time on and off and trying to get brooklyn out of there, fire and rescue crews said that it was unsafe and no sound and could though the pinpoint the exact location, were but the owner refused to give up and rallied the whole community continue and they continued the effort. they were joined by the, spca, and here is the moment that brooklyn is found. you can see him there and the owner jumping in to give him a hug. >> i am looking at the little face.
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you can imagine that he is probably scared and hungry. he was in there for three days. >> i think that he is looking bat. i swear that it went down the hole. funny you should say that but the owner said that he is treated by a veterinarian several times for getting tangled up. this time he got stuck with him. i know that you hate when i say that this it's a save. if you're going cheat you have to cheat responsibly and exhibit a head over china wear of a woman and her sisters think that her husband is cheating on her. they're going to have the find one and a mistress when they roll up in a kitchen and a car. >> the evidence is right there.
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started to rail on the car. >> i did not like it around the car as well. right now. >> he is still enraged that he does not see uniform. she sees people that she wants to whoop hard. >> if you're a cop like you're no, crazy mom. >> if you ever dealt with a woman that's been cheated on? >> you need specific training. look how many people are standing around doing nothing. >> well, it's about to get better or worse depending on how you look at it because the dude gets out. he is like all right woman. enough of this. she is like fine. >> he never should have gotten out of the car. cheated.
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>> that goes without saying. >> also if i -- >> take responsibility. >> when it comes to blood pressure they're pretty funny. we should know. thing. >> this one is the most heart stopping blooper that we have ever seen. it's at the top of the mountain and about to take part in the run for a film paradise weight. it's 1,600 feet down and you scope out and feeling pretty good. almost as soon as he starts he hits a five feet deep trench that he did not spot when he was checking out the line.
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this happens. it's terrible and he has a long way to go still. >> now, what he has done is pulled the air bag. there's no way to slow it down or write himself or get the feet down. >> you can hear them really quickly when they take the opportunity. >> i was hoping that would stop the fall. >> he comes to a stop and you can hear him on the radio. >> i am okay o. i am okay. >> really. it's a trailer now. it's give away time.
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we're giving you a chance to win an ipad mini. you have to be 18 years of age and legal residence. >> get ready. bit. >> stand by for the rti ipad give away. this is at a hospital in australia and that woman is walking out with a newborn baby that's not hers. >> that's extremely criminal. >> the mother of the child is 17-year-old woman who had delivered via c section. the child was placed in intensive care. >> they took the baby out of the hospital and in intensive care. crazier. the mom after the baby went missing also days isappeared.
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now reports and when the mom realized that it disappeared a short time after that the mom returned to the hospital with the child. >> so that says to me that the person that walked out with the baby somehow knows the baby a family member or friend. >> they did talk to three woman and did arrest one 27-year-old woman and charged her with stealing a child. she was bail and expected to appear in court. >> how is the baby doing? >> sounds like mom and baby are doing well. now over the ireland you won't believe what the bad guys did. more for a heist they went straight for the atm machine. they trust the the building and the wall with the shovel in front of that. according to that they stole one
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and you can see all of the damage that they cost. they did not leave but they set it on fire. >> what? >> police alet's rrested one 27-year-old man, but looking for two other men. motorcycles. put them together. see why there's more to the riding battle than just fine. >> that's amazing. and the story behind the elephant that's having a blasthat's having a blast. >> i love the way that she is >> yes. i'm gellin'. i'm like magellan, i'm so gellin'. quit yellin' we're gellin'. riigghhttt. dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles are so soft they make any shoe feel outrageously comfortable. are you gellin'? dr. scholl's.
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baseball. >> yay. >> yay. >> put them together and this video put out and they make the communication system for the helmets and this promoting the new fox system. you have the sport's bike rider and verses the trial riders. >> hey guys. ready to get your [ bleep ] >> yeah right. >> okay. and now they're off. you can see they got the paint ball guns mounted on the front of the bike. >> that's got to be fun. >> it's an action movie that we that's great. >> the whole point here is that the riders are able to talk to each other and no hand signals. at me. >> yeah, that trial rider is just going to jump up. >> that's amazing. imagine.
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>> we're a fun commercial and just to go come on guys and eight of you go out there and then it's pretty much riding the bike wherever you want to go. that's a good way to get the money. i want this to be my gardener. >> wow. >> she's an elephant and lives in japan. they realize that they use the truck like a leaf blower. >> it kind of works. >> look at the leaves that she is collecting. they will blow to a place where they can easily grab it look at that. they said that they start out blowing slightly but when they discover that it will move and start to collect it in one spot. she blew her salad and then able to grab all of it and eat it. they did this with with several types of foods and an apple. this el fapt cannot manage to
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walk down the hill. this is at the national park. pay attention to the cute baby. >> it's like dumbo when he trips over the heels. they're so cute and straight from the front. >> i love all of the elephant videos. magic tricks with strangers phone. >> it was like russian roulette on the next "right this minute." still to come. she is only nine. >> but this girl has game. that's crazy good. >> what the. >> what the basketball skills are sure to knock your socks ofocks off. plus an ipad mini to give away. the monday buzz word for your chance to win is next. baked breadsticks? well multiply that by a million. new breadstick sandwiches,
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if you can't shut down at bedtime... you're not alone. get non-habit forming unisom to fall asleep fast. unisom a stressful day deserves a restful night. y'all all know that i love seth curry from the golden state warriors warriors. he has at little bit of competition. this girl has a mad handle ladies and gentlemen. that's crazy good. >> what the. >> what! >> standing on two basketballs while dribbling two others. >> yes, you see her doing the splits, jumping ropes and got game. >> first girl on the globe trotters. >> yeah. >> she is crazy and over 18,000
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follower and shoot the way that she can handle the ball, girl is in there like footwear. kids this age do not have this kind of hand and eye coordination and the ability to pull off tricks like this. >> can you invest in little players because i want to put my money on her. >> girl has girl and with a blind fold. >> yes. >> she can shoot as well. >> it's a hard act to follow but you guys never wonder what the junior college people do. >> having a bit of fun and kicking back and forth and then.
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you're from backer field. one selection and it's a poplar group. why is the songs featuring you and i really do mean you. >> mike thompson set out to do just that and do a cover of the song with people from all over the world with. >> does anybody else think that this is an original.
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>> i cannot imagine what kind of endeavor this is to be able to pull it off. so let's ask mike himself because we have him and right this minute and how hard was it to actually pull this off. >> it was hard. >> that was the first video i had 400 submissions and this time 400, so it's a crazy undertaking. people? >> yeah, i tried to get everyone in there and it's really hard to get everyone in there and i kept on encouraging. >> did you ask people to submit or did they just do that on your own? you have people submitting the beats and stuff. >> well, i broke down the parts and arranged the music and had to.
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>> >> i think it was eight parts in total and they can pick and choose the total parts. >> the reaction from one direction? >> yeah, they won't to give me a shout out. snoelt it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need if buzz word and legal age. >> then head over to right this minute and click on the "right this minute."
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>> so let's do the monday buzz word and that's alien. >> so go and enter alien. >> one day later this week we're going to be having a bonus give away and one lucky person is winning a flat screen tv. good luck to you all. pranksters include with the endless shampoo. see what happens when it's not used as directed.
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>> looks like he just walked. >> oh my gosh. that really does sound so good. >> i want it. the prices have caused controversy with the friends that they got in public in this one. it's absolutely pitch perfect. the sneaking up behind people and confusing the he can out of people and the endless shampoo. hi don't quit get it and really trying to get in there.
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and getting in there. >> no. no. no. cannot do that to a girl. you need special shampoo. the hair is treated. >> yes, if you have a guest wish, it's treated. >> every time that they feel that they're just getting ahead and slowly getting rid of it, he is coming behind and look at the guy. he is covered in bubbles, neck and everything. >> i feel so bad for him. >> he looks like he ran into a spider web. >> i bet that the woman turns around, right? >> well, there's a bit of a close call and then he landed on the neck and still walking away. we go back to the first guy that's like an angry dog. s this is where the dude gets flustered and he is like wondering away and then in the sense that she chases him down the beach.
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>> we do get to ski another one of them bail when they're coming up behind the big dude and it's close. oh bro, take the time off. pretty funny. i like it. it's a classic trick.
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