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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 9, 2015 10:30am-11:00am EST

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rescuers try to save a family that's trapped in a flooded apartment. >> incredible footage. >> the moment that all of the miracle. two ambulance drivers nearly hit each other. >> both heading to the same collision. >> the crazy race for an even crayier reason. >> are you kidding me? >> want a tattoo, but don't trust anyone to design it. >> why not do it yourself. >> look at my writing. >> the idea that could have you you inking at home. >> plus the buzz word for a shot at ipad mini.
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and a scary monster heads to a trampoline. see how jackie gets out of baby sitting. it's pretty clear that there was flooding in jordan and they're gathered around a storm drain and that's the ground floor apartment called a family that's trapped inside on the other side of that grading and these guys are trying to help them. >> how are you going to break them? >> yeah, you can see the guys sliding up to bring them down and then they have a hammer trying to bang away and get this. it's going back and there's a lot of forced pressure from athis water a that water coming? >> now you see the guy as well and that's the same problem that he is facing. the further of the water is preventing them from holding on.
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now the guy in the black is figuring it out and holds himself above the water and he just starts to hammer away at the wall and trying to create the weakness. when it goes, there's a hole flurry of bodies touring out of the window. >> it's incredible footage. now you say didn't they know that a flood was coming? it was all caused with a force of five to seven minutes. so much rain fell that it caused about $7 million downtown and things like this happened. >> there's no way to prepare knarr. >> thankfully due to the actions of this kneeses, everybody survived. incredible incredible. near miss and a term that applies to a lot of things. near miss is something that you just don't want to talk about.
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now this is the second one of the day and it's a flight that she took a little bit later in the afternoon and something that they tip i can willy don't do because the winds change and get a little bit of thermal and turbulence. it's a good morning and why not continue. wait. just collapses on him and he collects this thing and not dive to the ground. >> you can hear him on the throttle a little bit and one of the buddies caught this incident from a above and here is what it looks like from the buddies wing. this is down below and you see the wings fold up a little bit. >> you you really see how bad it was from that angle. >> thankfully bruce was able to get that reinflated and landed safely. >> here is another near miss and
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watch it closely. >> looks like a large bird. >> the pile says if there's a happy windshield, it would have caused the damage and don't think that it would have prevented from landing and. >> that does not land safely and boy oh boy, that was close. something that you don't want to have in midair. it's a race to the finish unlike any other. leave it to the ems team both heading to the same collision. they were riding in the car and this ambulance in front of them is weaving in and out of the traffic and at one point you can hear the woman in the ems car scream.
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>> oh my god. >> they're covering each other. the one in the back is blocking. >> yeah, they're ambulance chases and they're competing for the patient. >> that's right because in south africa, they're paid by the amount of people that they bring to the hospital. >> that's a terrible idea. >> they're going to bring each other the way that they're driving. they're going to cause an accident. >> i don't think that they have any love for each other. if they cause one, they will probably keep ongoing. >> do they make it to the scene of the accident. does the victim get help? >> i do love a good race. >> not sure who wins but both were contacted and they say at this stage it's a serious situation and they're not taking attention. it's a company policy and code of ethics. there's pending disciplinary
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company is declining to comment. it's making the rounds and people have the same reactions. they're there to save the lives and not endanger them. it's give away time. >> you're going need three things and monday buzz word and age. >> get ready everybody. it's coming up in just a little bit. >> stand by for the rtm ipad give away. this is a personal thing and all you have is tattoos and >> yeah. personal? >> when you want to get one, you don't want someone else to do it for you. you can do it yourself in the
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comfort of your own home. >> they can joke like they do in >> yep. yep. why debt a tattoo artist if you have the act idea that you want yourself. >> look at my writing. this is why you don't tattoo yourself. >> this project -- needle. >> so it's like a plausible tattoo machine. i see it laying on the house at 2:00 in the morning and a bunch to drink. it's like tattoo each other. there's a whole thing in tattoo removal. >> i guess that i am a little concerned about the health safety everyone la case. >> well, it's like any other
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do you remember when you were a kid and you you had a ballerina jewelry box. >> i did. she knew that i had one. >> yeah, i had dreams of becoming that one one day. >> well, for elizabeth, that dream came true in a pretty spectacular way. she was doing this on -- >> a frozen lake. >> they flew her out there and bloped plopped her on the ice. >> the results are astaunding. >> i lov freedom to go wherever she wants and do whatever she wants on the ice
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>> how are they going to compare to them. it's in a cage. it seems that mr. jingles is alive and well. >> that's going on. >> what do you think is a test of that. there's a string with a hook on. >> that was just a joke that it was bringing in continue vera band. that's kid zblg did they train it? >> they did. it was not running out of the prison but from cell to cell. when they started the look through the cells they found 29 packs of small marijuana, and 23 packs of cocaine, so now they're
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going through the footage to see who trained this mouse. >> i was there. he could have bun one of the mouse that went from cell to cell. people were notice it and feeding it, ask they were like let's just put it in the back. >> you're saying that he tacked on to the rounds? >> yes. >> however, animals have you caught bringing it in because usually cats are used. >> i heard that cats will go over the walls and they strap the phones and stuff. >> yeah, exactly. and here is something that we're not thinking about. >> what if they turn around. >> then you have to do it. >> yeah, you don't notice it. >> oh my god. >> this was released into the wild. >> yeah. >> it's the worst cat probably. >> the mouse is free, but who knows what other is running around that can do the same thing that it did.
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people fiechbd you whether your video is fake or not. >> yeah, that's right. young max are you ready for the real thing. >> yeah, do it. >> wheels all expand they're claiming that they're going over 200 miles. it was crazy video and it was real. >> video number two. >> it's a man that's going to shoot a ball and then does not even look. >> pass on deck. >> who is this person walking right under it? >> oh that was a softball. he could get knocked out by it. >> i believe it when it comes to the ground.
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i am doomed in here. >> he sees it coming and then looks down like he did not see it. i am buying it and it's completely fake. >> number three and it looks like revenge is there. >> never bring the significant others. >> this is cold blooded. >> do it on the armpit. >> she is waking him up. >> yeah, that's some. >> she must have done something to her. she was like remember what you did to me? i can pull on it and it's like no no no. >> look at the state of him. i am totally going with the real. >> i am going set up. he was in on it and the shirt
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was fake and why would he just sit there and take it? >> i think that it's real. i have seen dudes do this and leave with the shirts off and then the blocks of life and even better sleep. >>. >> i think that she really got them back. >> was nick right? >> the reaction is over the top. >> hold on. >> let me point out one other little clue. the necklace is moved to the side of the chest. >> come on. you're taking it way too far. this is real. if you ever owned a pet you know that they're really members of the family. they get attached to you and you get attached to them. it's a needy relationship. this dog is attached to her friend. at this moment the family is dropping off the son at school.
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the dog is there to go along for the ride. the dog does not like the dropping off business. >> obviously he wants the son to be home schooled. >> usually it's the kids that cried. >> the video is about a minute long. the second half of the video is dixie just crying her poor little snout off. >> put a go pro on that dog. >> i wonder when the boy comes home. >> and there are dogs that did not realize and had a lot of junk. >> look at this. >> it's like somebody please help me. >> and somebody does come and help. little zoe and it's nice to help to pick up the dog.
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>> she just makes it worse and now she is like i am going to shut the door. maybe that will help. >> you you know e i they this bay sbi the younger first respond er. it's time to give away an ipad mini and head over to right this minute and click on the ipad button. >> enter the buzz word. >> so let's reveal monday's buzz word. it's aliens. >> so get on over and enter monday's buzz word alien. >> one day later this week we're going to have having a bonus give away and a lucky person is winning a flat screen tv. good luck to you all. a unique gender reveal t
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>> they're going to try to t off
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>> what can p aha! oof! weee! slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch.
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crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk! for viewers go cle appreciate a helmet, and the winner gets the entire cat armor contest. paper. >> give me that paper. we all have the one family member that's just plan old crazy. >> that would be me you're looking at her dressed in a
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chook up on the bat. >> i think of it. >> you know he is like don't go there. >> yeah, thinking about it or is he? >> we all saw it coming a mile away. >> it's a boy. for more videos cooler than
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