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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 11, 2015 1:00am-2:00am EST

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>> a developing nor easter bringing strong wind overnight >> a fun held on a driver, a crime very real, the way the victim said she helped officers track town the suspect >> an if i recall shocked by what she saw outside the window >> i was kind of lake the only one that heard it open >> a suspect accused of trying to break into that home, the different ways he tried to get inside >> rooms, and rooms filled with
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app that reunites you with your stolen property >> complete new england coverage starts now. >> first at ten, lots of rain already on the radar. a storm pushing in, bringing plenty of wind >> the heaviest rain is just a few hours ago, storm tracker weather, kevin is tracking it >> that rain is coming through right now with some heavy downpours right now, there is plenty more before this is done. looking at the doppler, looking at the spots of yellow, into nor wood, there's hyde park, you'll see some of the streets that are being affected, there's 135, and seeing some of that heavy rain,
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that's a place, in xanderson avenue, and whiting, the east of there, you're seeing some of that heavy rain right now there too, right there near evans street hill avenue here'slow well, he and southern new hampshire. back to wooster county, it is spottier in new hampshire, theres plenty of more rain to the west, developing into this nor easter, we're going it talk about that wind advisory >> state police arrested a driver accused of pointing a fake gun at another driver on the road. what happened right before troopers caught up with i am had >> state list tell us this is the case are with a road rain situation boiled over. we're told the suspect and the victim
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were exiting interstate 93 in summerville, they say that the female victim called 911 asking for help, that this man in a honda had flashed a replica gun at her. a that woman stayed on with 911 operators when she followed the incident, and that he when a state trooper was able to pull him over. the driver had a fake gun with the orange tip painted black, to make it look more realistic, investigators still have not release the more details about what led him to point it at her he's being held at the police barracks in medford on charges of a dangerous weapon and disordererly conduct. state arraigned tomorrow >> more details. boston has now banned replica handguns in public place
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ordinance to increase public safety. boston police have seized more than 150 replica guns >> one suspect dozens of crime. police say that this man tried to break into houses in four different communities. at fox news at six, we tell you how officers tracked down him down. life in westberg, while she watched that suspect try to get into her home >> we're at the court house, this is where the suspects had a dangerousness hearing, this man was relentless, he went house to house, tonight neighbors are still shaken. at 51 years old, investigators are calling pedro gomez a career criminal. they say he tried to break that more than a dozen homes, back to back in just a matter of hours. a nine year-old-girl was home in one of the cases
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was kind of lake the only one who heard it open >> homes targeted in slews barry /-fplt. /- . >> and we saw particular quote chairs that were stacked up >> and the a >> larm went off, and he tried to get in through the slider of our home >> i heard can you have 1 >> they say that he had no shame >> he deserves to be in jail, stop breaking that people's houses and do will something with your life >> christine who you heard from
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earlier, from her 20 years of living there. she has never experienced anything like that in a case in wooster, a woman claims she had $10,000 worth of jewelry stolen, they have not recovered that. we're live in west borough tonight >> following developing news out of ohio was the death told of a small plane crash has risen to nine. can see the plane hit a power line and hit an apartment building, we brought you this at the news at 5. they thought there was only a pilot and copilot. they've discovered there were seven passengers no one was inside the building >> the building became engulfed in flames, which ignited the residence that it originally struck, and then it continued onto another residence that was actually behind that house
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investigatg the cause of that crash >> hundreds of workers rallying through the streets of boston earlier tonight demanding higher wages, the wage action coalition making its case for a $15 minimum wage >> protesters representing workers from the fast food industry, nursing care, and transportation industry, tell us that the work they do matters, it >> the tension is hey as the latest debate of gop contenders takes place in milwaukee >> the eight top candidates in the polls taking the stage in prime time. the topics so far hottest, illegal immigration, donald trump taking the charge with proposing a wall with mexico, and ohio governor john kasich not shying away >> look, we are a country of laws, either we have a country
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or we don't have a country, we are a country of laws, and they have to go out, and come but they have to go out, and hopefully they get back, but they have no choice if we're going to run our country properly >> for 11 million people, we know that you can't pick them up and ship them back across the border, it is not an adult argument >> donald trump making a stop in man chester in the morning >> in the meantime democratic candidate hillary clinton campaigning today, she unveiled a plan to improve the va, she's promising more accountability, and won't let the republicans privatize it >> pets killed by i could oath
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is in your front yard, experts says the best way to get rid of the animals is to harass them >> now libraryians, they all have access to narcan, the way
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someone in a nice food /- >> >> are it had. . >> prosecutors say a norton man killed a man as a result of his road rain. michael nines ever norton charged with leaving the scene, with the crash on monday morning, he's also facing his ou i, charge, fox borough father of three dead, a witness led them to heinz's house, with are they
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and he failed his sobriety test >> he cut me off bleep, i smashed into someone, it's not like i killed anyone >> they pulled heinz's driving records, and suspensions, his attorney only saying that he's siri died >> new science is bringing nah life into a 39 year old cold case, there is hope that it could lead to a breakthrough, this is involving the remains of four people who were found in barrels >> that's facial reconstructions of four new hampshire murder victims until now were the best glimpse of what they looked like in life. this is about to change in a big way. next week, the new hampshire state police
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people who created the same images as bella bond, baby doe >> and this information is about who these children were, and the public likes images, they like to see what that's children look like, and they can relate to them, it allows the public to bond better with the information and who these children were >> they believe all four of the bodies were placed in barrels, near bear brook state park inearly 1980, an artist of the website. web sleuth created this be image, fox 25 escaped with them, and new images, and new information will be unveiled where it could break this out >> we have not had a case where four victims were found all together, and remained unidentified. we like at the relationship that all four
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and we are looking at the same geographic region where they could have come from >> the new york's attorney general says that the city hall constituted illegal gapbling under state law draftkings saying that it is disappointed in the ag's decision, and it will pursue all legal option toss ensure that new york customers can continue to play. fox 25 working on what this means for fantasy gap betters betters, and what it means for this multibillion dollar business here in massachusetts >> draftkings employees about 400 people in massachusetts, as you can imagine it is a huge below, draftkings plans to challenge the decision, as they tried to prevent the same thing from happening in other states including massachusetts
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do battle in new york, and today boston based draftkings became another >> the chances are you've seen the others. draftkings is a website where people wager real money on sports >> eric snyderman declared all best are off. speak took reporters snyderman says it violates, no gapbling laws. draftkings are leaders in a huge multibillion dollar scheme to niece sports fans across the country. we sent a message, not in new york, and not on my watch >> fan dual its biggest rival have a half million cussners in new york >> this is a business that has been growing since 2012, it has a lot of fans, and the players who laugh the game
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>> former massachusetts general martha copely is a paid legal advisor to draftkings, presumably the next stage would play out in court some way, put in the meantime, it raises the issue for consumers and for those wore engaged in this this is trying to make sure that people understand what this business model is about >> in statements obtained by fox 25, both fan dual, and draftkings, say they offer a game of skill and not a game of chance >> massachusetts is currently reviewing the daily fantasy sports city hall in this state. we'll take a look at how they stand right now. >> a manhunt continues tonight for a stabbing suspect involved with a standoff with police, the story was breaking last night with the fox 25 news, at teenage 11, a man barricaded himself on brooklyn terrace, after they
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tried to arrest him for a stabbing, when they broke down the door, they found that the suspect jumped out of the window and taken off >> a man arraigned on fugitive charges on fox 25. where kevin paul faced the judge once again, he was arrested on parole violations last night by state police in roxbury, he was released after being an accomplish in the killing of jeremy sharon, he with as wanted in new hampshire >> they issued a warrant of billy bar oh, in connecticut. he may be armed, and you're asked to contact police with any information >> a worker i am paid by a piece of metal a construction site, on the scene after three this afternoon, the worker fell into
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a trench and landed onto a piece of metal rebar. he was seriously turned >> a man at a water park changing himself, he is attached to a tower on liquid planet on raymond road, and that the bank has foreclosed on the park, and they're planning to auction it off next month, and he is standing up there 24 hours a day in will he finds a way to keep the park open >> i know it looks crazy, but i've done everything in my power to try to save it, and i may the get the word out to anyone who might want to invest in the park, and he's standing up there as long as it takes, and people have been helping him by dropping off supplies >> some changes could protect 'children from injuries, they parents about it
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>> some will say that headers in soccer are simply i'm voidable especially in had the older groups of boys and girls who are part of the new regulations but the doctors that we spoke with and parents we spoke with tonight, they say it's about time we such changes >> it is the most popular sport in the world, and the kid's favorite. it means some changes for the youngest athletes to prevent concussions >> those changes could result in some positive things. following a class action lawsuit. it is now prohibiting players teenage under from heading the ball, and limiting headers in practice, from 10 to 13 years old >> he says that this is a good first step to operate advertising safety >> a concussion can certainly occur from the ball, but also very much younger less experienced have person to
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children say they'll be discussing the nah rules >> this is the first year where he's trying to make more headers >> i think it's a good rule, and i'm glad that the us soccer is lacking out for the kid's safety >> they say that the research is constantly evolving, to what damage it causes, and to what ages is uncertain >> female players have a higher instance of concussion, and potentially longer term symptoms >> parents and players should watch for symptoms, dizziness, headache, nausea, but not to let fear keep you off the field >> it is a great sport for air own al erobic, and anyone suffering from companicussions should never return to the game, and there are other regulations involving substitution to make
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sure that those possibly injured kids don't end up back on the field. christine mccarty fox 25 news >> the ntba, is expected to release designs on the nah trolleys >> the university of missouri professor for an exchange with a photographer, her message for that student journal list catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees, lattes, and macchiatos. enjoy every sip of the new
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dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up. america runs on dunkin'. x 25 fox 25 >> racial tension eggs at the university of missouri, this time involving approve he is or
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with local tiles. patricia is apologizing for slapping the camera of crews covering the resignation of university leaders, i regret the language and strategies i used and i apologize to the mu, campus security, and the way that my actions have shifted away from students campaigning for justice students today defending their rights >> protect your right to be here and mine >> the professor could lose her courtesy appointment if the faculty votes to remove her >> a police sergeant has been fired after allegedly making racist comments, david marchand was let go after a hearing this week, when assist punish just package was found at brown university. marchand made racist comments about not following policy to handle that
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package. >> men charged kevin norton, and james of iowa made threats against the august event. they found several weapons, an assault rifle and hundreds he have rounds of age oh, both pleaded not guilty >> three arrests now made in two staged robberies, they say that the clerks were in on it at all. as the calls came in as actual robberies, they later determined them to be a hobbies, the suspects were alexander goodwin, and cory mcbride was tracked down today >> good news in former president jimmy carter's cancer fight. they have found no evidence of new tumors, the 91 announced that had he had been diagnoseded with cancer, and doctors had found tumors on his brain, the tests show he's responding well
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to treatments so far >> there is a new app to recover items. a special app that the police are use together get that property back where it belongs >> the develop nor easter pushes toward southern new england, seeing some gusts picking up in part of the state, an hour by hour t just press clean and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba from irobot
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nor'easter, >> the green line operating on time after students and workers blocked university, on hunting ton pushing for better working conditions for adjunct professors, the trolleys were able. demeeting e cigarettes, the city is regulating e cigarettes like regular tobacco and it would regulate smoking on city property. if it's passed, violators will be find 100 bucks
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>> theft accounts for over half of the crimes committed in massachusetts, and more than 90 percent of those stolen items are ever recovered, and the police have a new tool to change that. we have the new app that will reunity >> lucy archer you and her friend had planned a day of mountain biking, bikes being ripped off. she knew the first place to look online >> i was >> he canning on craigs list, it didn't take lucy long and the mit police long to get it back >> they were able to take it back, because she had the serial number >> it was critical. with the app, you take a picture of your bike, you put in the serial number, and you upload it and you save it, it's not just for bikes, but from everything from tools to jewelry
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lock box, serial numbers, appraisals >> an app to help you find stolen property. there are 13 categories, but they launched in the spring focusing on bikes >> it is a one particular item people care deeply about it, it is a high value number, and it has a serial number we can track very well on that >> reggie is an app, that is in boston, and cambridge which are top bike cities >> the deputy knows it all too well >> we got killed this summer with bike theft. >> his department, along with the boston police are using this app to reunite owners with stolen items >> our evidence officer is actively unloading these bikes,
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hit. when you file your report, the notice goes up in cloud, and and then anybody can see it >> the normal return rate of stolen items an i cross the country is just two percent, so far reggie has beaten that hands down >> they were seven and a half times the national average on the cambridge model >> lucy who is a grad student thinks that thieves may have finally met their technical match >> once all of the police are using it, it will be a very powerful tool >> i'm john moynahan >> and the companies are taking $1 billion of stolen good off the internet. you can find the link to reggie on our website >> we are tracking this storm coming up the coast, it is an
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already seeing some of the heavy precipitation, this is live doppler focusing on these spots to the heavy rain, near medifield, and walpole, and you can see some of the streets are, this looks like cross wood path. bubbling brook road, and north street as well. some heavy rain, this is 109, it goes right up into the boston area, with the metro west to the north show, and into middleton, and and over, and some of the heavy rain that is happening as well. and the heavier rain on sharp park road, and route 114 coming right through town, and getting some of that heavy downpour, and chiro, and some of these
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roadways, like zachary rain, there's center street, right in the center of groveland getting some of that heavier rain right now, into wooster county, moderate rain, light to moderate rain, auburn, no place is a very heavy point at this hours. that will of change if the heavy downpours come in in waves. over to brookline, over to vermont getting some of the heavier downpours, and overheady will see the scope of the storm system. there are pieces of it coming together, annexation i look at the satellite representation, it is not coming together perfectly. here's when an i mean, there are a couple couple of different storm systems, this is with a would want was in the ner. these are going to try to members of the jury together, and bring us a bigger storm, and will be pulled back into, and follow right behind
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it, and we will get some wind and rain, and the storm may intensify to bring the stronger winds than far inland, we thought that would be the worst of of it, heavy rain will materialize over us, 2:30 in the morning, you see the yellow here, and watch the orange and rhodes show up just in time for the morning commute. and it will be a miss especially south of boston right through the morning drive. this continues to pull away, and notice a sort of looping around the backside of this storm system as it goes away 'with the counter clock-wise sectionlation with the storms, and by the evening, some breaks in the clouds, all he see a little bit of a glimpse of sun, into worcester county as the storm pulls away, as we start to clear out and dry out tomorrow night >> hour by hour rainfall. half inch plus on the south shore, ramp go up during the morning, by noontime over an inch in
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of an inch or more in the boston area. seeing winds in 30 miles per hour or more, and these will continue to get stronger /stwroefr night, he is special i by that same region, gusting up near 40 miles per hour that continues through tomorrow, this is all of the time of the wind advisory as the storms pull away, all he if the some becauses of 50 miles per hour, tomorrow afternoon looks like it will be the worst of the wind for me. your weekend always in view. wind through the afternoon, even when the rain subsides. thursday evening another front brings some showers, and a chance for some showers weekend a and we'll explore more chance of to showers, with the central portion weekend rains in just a minute >> should have a wallet was given to a local good will, inside several hundred dollars. the honest worker who tracked down all of that money >> a license to kill, the
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at votes >> another issue for the nbta, holding back winners of a new trolley design contest tonight, because of issues, these are the color schemes that got the most votes in an online survey for the new green orange and red line cars. irregularity was
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found in the voting and they are working with the survey site to investigate >> last winter was a budget buster for nearly every city antoine in the area, but when fox 25 only a few were spending more money this year >> last year as can see the difference in the return on the wall >> a reconstruction seawall project is underway of keeping home owners safe from the wicked winter waves >> and the remains of some of the missing crew members of the ship that was attacked during pearl harbor, there were more than 400 sale /hrors are mayorines onboard the us s oklahoma, they did you go up the remains using new technology, they hope to have 80 percent identified in the next five years
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of a job tonight, and you seek why. he was caught from pulling a student's chair from underneath him. he pulled the chair out, and the student went flying, and he is a science teacher and once the video started making the rounds, he was fired. the fired teacher doesn't show what led up to the incident >> road closure alerts are all right up. where ben affleck is
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way tha just press clean and let roomba help with your everyday messes. a full suite of sensors automatically guides roomba throughout your home. cleaning under furniture, along edges and in corners. and with its powerful three-stage cleaning system roomba picks up pet hair, dust and debris for up to 2 hours, recharging itself when it needs to. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba from irobot .
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on fox 25. >> the drugcancan save the lives of people overdosing on heroin. now we're learning that alonal librarian was trained on it too. how he saved a life in a mcdonald's bathroom >> a good samaritan was going through the drive through. he received narcan training, and heed it on him and because of him she is a life >> the i checked her chest, and on top of the lips, and saw that there wasn't. i had been at the right place at the right time, and had opinion trained in something relatively easy to use. up until recently only first responders had been trained on it
1:39 am
overdose drug reversing drug narcan, he tells me that he's seen people overdosogthe street >> he took the initiative to go to a free narcan training class, he happened to be at this mcdonalds when a 27 year-old-woman was discovered unconscious. there were 10 to 13 people. all he had to do was put it in each nostril, and the woman came back to life >> we tracked down the community coordinator who trained alfred, she tells us that people from all aspect of the community, from grandparents to teachers, clergy members, because the heroin problem is that widespread. we had two people that worked at a local convenience store, and they had
1:40 am
before. and they said it is not going to happen on my shift again >> and that coordinator says she is seeing clerks buying narcan on their own, like alfred did. she wants to make sure that it's readily available, and she's calling on business owners to make sure that it is. as to are the woman that alfred saved. he says he'd like to check in on her >> a ski resort in maine making safety improvement, several people were hurt falling from a lift, the ski area paid $800,000 for a replacement, and you can see that it was brought in on large trucks weekend. officials say they expect to see it assembled too >> reaction to a holiday bag and fee hike. now, florida senator bill nelson is asking other
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airlines not to impose holiday surcharge >> american dealt that jet blue and southwest are not planning to spike bag fees >> i could eat owes have been spotted, a dog owner said she found empty collars in the woods, and there are licensed people allowed to kill i could oath east, and other wild animals >> john moynahan introduces us to a wildlife remover >> we try prevention sometimes that doesn't work >> he acknowledges an i could oathee citings, he has brought you i couldito warnings. keeping wild animals away from your home is your best best sometimes you don't have control of where the animals came out >> i wasn't going to hesitate. i wasn't going to let the animal
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bob's be loved yellow lab was attacked by the i could coyote . you october do not leave your pet out add night >> anyone who leaves a cat out is inviting a coyote problem >> the best thing if you can do that, everybody's happy >> in the presence of coyotes does not constitute a threat. the young ones are looking for a place to live. if there is a problem. the department of fish of the department of wildlife to help you solve it
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packed up for our troops overseas, a group from care packs spent their time bagging 6,000 pounds of candy >> i think it's important to help the veterans, because they're doing so much for us, and they don't have all of this stuff, where they're located overseas, so it's always good to make them happy >> the organizers to the school that donated the notes candy, and it includes toiletries and handwritten notes from the students >> we'll keep tracking those storms coming through. the heavy downpours, the focus in massachusetts, and southern new hampshire, look at the heavy rain coast, going through the georgetown area, you're going to find some of the heaviest rains,
1:44 am
and 133, and boxford road, and new barry road, the center of georgetown still getting some heavy ranks, and toward through new bury, >> and hail street, and crown lane, and southeastern new hampshire, in places like wyndham, and toward west hamstead, and we will talk about the strongest winds at 11 >> a red socks plan by play announcer picking up a new big, fox announcing, calling college basketball games. he is also signed to the san diego padre, he was ousted at the end of the season >> updating breaking news, a road rage incident with a gun that ended up with a surprising
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>> no survivors when a plane slams into an apartment building >> another big injury in the nfl, the new college football
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that the celts did it >> ben affleck is reportedly headed back to massachusetts to shoot his new movies, he will be in the prohibition era drama, live by night. and they are starting street closures starting thursday. a class action maker for cheerios, they are wrong to imply that high protein cheerios has higher protein, and it has equal times. but cheerios protein has 17
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general mills has not responded >> an impressive win by the celtics, six players in double figures as the c's beat the bucks, milwaukee jumped out to a 12 point lead. greg monroe is going to clean out the scraps. evan turner throws that one up i've fouls, and it goes in, ref doesn't give it to him. turner gets the steal on one end, a dunk on the other. isaiah thomas in the starting lineup led the way with 20 points. the celtics get back to 500 after 99 wins, today the colts were bitten by the injury bug again. andrew luck is going to miss
1:48 am
some more, he has a lacerated kidney, luck played through what had to be incredible play, this is the play where he suffered the injury, crunched between a pair of defenders, he was extra slow on monday, and that's when he they discovered the injury he's going to be out 2 to 6 weeks, no surgery is needed. that is a short week for the buffalo bills they're going to play the jets, and this is recollection ryan, wearing the clemson helmet. and clemson is ranked number one in the consider. whatever floats your boat. no surprise to see the tigers at the top of the college football rankings, ohio state third, and notre dame has found a spot in the top for. lsu, dropped out, they lost to alabama this week. don't be surprised to see the red socks
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return home. dave document belowsky /-fplt. /- . and young had a resurgery /epbt season with the yankees in 2015, 20 doubles he played in 140 games. . goal of the night comes from minnesota. look at thomasek, he puts the puck between his legs, and then berries it off in a corner, but when when you're good, you're
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