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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  November 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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happeninthere at thee and moments ago, we also learned the french president was evacuated from that stadium, he's been rushed to an emergency meeting regarding this attack. fans saying they heard two explosions possibly, that stadium, we understand is on lockdown right now. cnn reporting at least 26 people are dead in the shootout at a restaurant, an explosion at or near the national stadium and a concert hall where hostages are underway. obviously, this investigation is ongoing, the possibility of a terrorism link is being explored right now. we are gathering every bit of information on this still breaking story. we will have updates for you throughout this newscast. >> mark: very good, blair. now we want to go to the phone right now, because we understand on the line with us is former retired c.i.a. operations officers, joe wipple. we appreciate you checking in with this, this is constantly developing. 26 people dead, four possible locations, we're talking about a restaurant, a stadium, where a soccer match was being played and also a concert hall with possible hostages.
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first of all, when you hear something like this, what are your thoughts as you process this information? >> well, my first thought is that we cannot be 100% safe. france has -- is a very developed country, it has very strict laws, you know, against terrorism, gives the police a lot of tools to combat terrorism. a very capable security service and in spite of all of those things, you know, terrorists were still able to pull off these major attacks. and possibly very coordinated attacks which is very difficult to do. i mean, it's ok to do one, but if they've done more than one, that's a very difficult operational achievement in a very negative sense. >> mark: i would imagine, very difficult to police as well, because you have one instance where everyone rushes to that particular situation, be it the
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then you have a bomb go off at another location and perhaps another one after that. >> that's certainly true, although they have sufficient police forces, and they're very capable. french police are very capable. but given that, it makes it all the harder to engage with these terrorists, it's going to be a really rough few weeks in france for the french. and also for the other europeans as well. >> joe, you were with the c.i.a. for 30 years. what does the coordination of this attack tell you about who potentially could be behind it? >> well, i mean, it's the usual suspects, i would say. al qaeda, the could be some kind of isil group, some kind of organized terrorist organization, but to do, you know, more than one, like i
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sophisticated approach, it is terrorism, it's meant to improve their morale, it's meant to be destructive, you know, we can go on and on about what its meaning is, but it's a very, very dangerous situation for the french right now. >> >> joe wiple, former c.i.a. operations officers, we they've for joining us on this breaking story. >> mark: we want to update people. the numbers as we have them, this is what we know, 26 people, that is the death toll now. originally we were about to go on the air, it was 18, that has been moved up to 26 and we believe, unfortunately, there is more to go as far as that number rising. four possible locations here now. three of which have been confirmed. that's a restaurant that was a shooting that took place there, also, at the stadium, where a soccer game between france and germany was taking place, the french president was there, an explosion, he was evacuated, the french president francois olan was evacuated from the stadium and is meeting with the security officers and a concert hall
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where we understand hostages could possibly be taken at this this point. of course, we'll be updating throughout our newscast tonight. >> this guy was a human animal, and killing him is probably making the world a lilibeth terms of accumulation place. >> tonight, the masked terrorist known as jihadi john is believed dead. the pentagon saying it is reasonably certain u.s. drones successfully killed the heartless executioner. >> u.s. forces conducted the strike. >> mark: jihadi john was targeted in syria. the defense department saying a missile strike hit a car that was carrying the isis fighter. he was behind the brutal beheading of new hampshire native and journalist, james foley. we just spoke to foley's father live and he joins us from new hampshire. >> the reporter: i spoke to mr. foley a short time ago and his reaction to the news of the apparent death of jihadi john
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might surprise you, listen for yourself. >> number one, i don't care. if it wasn't he, it would be somebody else. number two, he's a low-level jihadiist. >> john foley speaking to me in the driveway of his rochester new hampshire home, in the wake of the news that jihadi john, the man believed responsible for the beheading of job's son, as well as other western hostages was likely killed in a drone strike over syria. for john foley, this is not about jihadi john. >> i don't care about jihadi john. you know. it's so much bigger than jihadi john. in an exclusive' news interview, foley's wife diane with similar thoughts. >> it's so sad that our precious resources have been, you know, concentrated to seek revenge, if you will, or kill this man.
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a 27-year-old british national, his wide scene but brutal beheading videos thought to be recruiting tools for ice cies. secretary of state john kerry said the drone strike against jihadi john sends a powerful message to all of isis. >> your days are numbered and you will be defeated. >> the reporter: back in new hampshire, james foley's father looking at the bigger picture. >> lives are being destroyed by isis. they're the villians. jihadi john is only part of isis isis. >> the reporter: so for the family of james foley, this is a night of mixed reaction in the wake of the apparent death of terrorist jihadi john. at 6:00 p.m., you'll hear more of my interview with mr. foley, and you'll hear his thoughts on some of the european hostages who were taken by isis, but ultimately freed. for now, live in rochester, new hampshire, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> mark: more details now, drone strikes have been used by the
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this pentagon video shows heavily hey -- attack rather on heavily armed insurgents in baghdad in 2008 and an attack on a location that was being used to fire rockets in sadder city that same year. in both cases, hell fire fish locker ills were used, that same same type of missile was used in the airstrike on jihadi john. when news of the airstrike broke fox 25 app. get breaking news, weather an other important information, download the fox 25 app for your phone or tablet. it is free-for-all devices. >> elizabeth: for the second day in a row, live storm tracker radar showing showers in our area. >> tonight, the wind is picking up all at cross the state. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz joins us with a first look at the weekend forecast. >> kevin, i understand it's going to be cool enough for snowflakes. >> kevin: there's already flakes let talk about the showers, there's not much in the boston area. a couple spots of green, waltham
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a little one over here south southie and bridgewater to kingston, carver, a sprinkle, out to the forest dale section, orleans, a more organized shower. nothing heavy right now, that's for sure and here's where it is. berkshires and the higher elevations of the southern vermont, new hampshire would start to see this and raindrops are changing to snowflakes, dover to wilmington, stratton mountain seeing that, mount snow likely seeing a couple of snow flurries right now. you get into the lower elevationings, it becomes rain but the cold air is moving in, spinning around a storm system more rain and snow around the great lakes, much of this looks like it's pushing right toward us. look what happens as it tries to comb over the berkshires and worcester hills, it's going to shrivel up. there will be a few from time to time and of course, we'll be tracking them through the evening and later on tonight at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. to start your weekend, these are gone and waking up to sunshine. how chilly we'll be this weekend, especially sunday
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morning just ahead. >> mark: teenage boy with autism fighting to survive. >> police say the 17-year-old road. he suffered a bad brain injury. christine mccarthy spoke to the boy's heartbroken family and christine, they say he's a fighter. >> the reporter: that's right, they do, and connor right now is in the hospital, still tonight, confused and in a whole lot of pain. after being struck by a car right outside his worcester night. and while his family is praying for his recovery, they also want to see this hit-and-run driver locked up. >> my baby. my first born. alberta is heartbroken, one day after rushing outside her worcester home to find her grandson being carried into an ambulance. >> another police officer came and said how old is your grandson and i said 17. >> connor, who is autistic, was
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returning home from buying a snack thursday night when he was struck by a vehicle and left behind, critically injured. >> how could you just think about leaving another human being like that, to possibly die in the road? why would you do that? >> the reporter: his aunt, danielle who lives in the same house had seen someone lying in the road when police arrived, but didn't immediately realize it was her nephew. >> i couldn't sleep at all last night, i kept playing it over in my mind and i know the coat looked familiar. >> the reporter: connor suffered broken ribs, a broken collar bone and a brain injury that required emergency surgery early friday morning. >> he was mumbling, help me, help me. >> the reporter: worcester police are investigating, but they say not one witness has come forward. connor's family says he's strong and will pull through. while they want answers from the driver, they also have a message for the person who found him.
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and called 911, thank you. >> the reporter: and connor is expected by doctors to survive, but he's described as semi conscious right now. wondering which family is which, he's very confused at this time and in a lot of pain. now, coming up at 6:00 p.m., why his family members says he's a survivor, and this isn't the first time he's beaten the odds. live in worcester, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> mark: the trial of a danvers teen accused of killing his high school teacher is ready to begin. the case against phillip chisholm had been put on hold for a few weeks, due to concerns about chisholm's mental health.o{(rz a full injury has been seated. opening statements will start monday. chisholm is charged with the 2013 rape and murder of math teacher and 24-year-old colleen ritzer. >> the reporter: a woman who claims she was a victim in the marathon bombing collected thousands of dollars from charities, admits she lied. >> five puppies are dead, the owner is arrested.
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with. >> mark: we continue to follow the breaking news oust of paris, france. 26 people are dead in violent attacks in and around the city, including a shooting at a restaurant. an explosion in or around the national stadium and a hostage situation at a concert hall. there may be a fourth location as well.
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it comes in. p (vo) with thousands of qualityr pre-owned vehicles... rand exceptional customervservice, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... pflip your thinking about buying your next one. >> mark: rewarded turn to
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follow breaking news. we continue to follow the attacks in paris, france, the shooting includes a shooting at a restaurant, an explosion at a soccer march, the french president was present at that game is has been evacuated and a concert hall. >> the deputy mayor of paris just telling cnn in the last ten minutes that he believes this could end up being the worst terror attack in that city's history. meanwhile, the department of homeland security tonight is saying they are monitoring the situation, and right now, there are no known credible threats against the united states. again, at least 26 -- excuse me, updated numbers, 35 people are dead after several attacks. we are monitoring every update for you. we will have much more ahead and now to other news of the day. convicted boston mayor none bomber, dzhokhar tsarnaev expected back in court, appealing for a new trial. dzhokhar tsarnaev's lawyers
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claim the trial should not be held in boston, because of what they're calling unrelenting publicity and connections between the jurors and the marathon bomb,. earlier this year, dzhokhar tsarnaev was sentenced to the death penalty. a hearing on his appeal is set for next month. >> mark: police say a man waited nearly 90 minutes to call for help after he found his girlfriend's daughter unresponsive in a new hampshire motel room. the teen died of an overdose. that man and the girl's own mother were in court. >> the reporter: prosecutors painted a killing picture of mark ross, he appeared by video in court today on charges that he gave 17-year-old eve tarmney a deadly drug of what he thought was heroin. tarmney was found dead in a rochester, new hampshire, motel room last month. a toxicology report showed she died of a fentanyl overdose. >> at the end of the day, the 17-year-old girl lost her life because of this, terrible. according to court documents, ross bought two grams of heroin in massachusetts for $80. when he got back to the motel, investigators say he, tarmney's
5:16 pm
mother and a friend, leslie aberly, all shot up in front of the teen. according to the documents, ross stated to police that aberly told them to give the drug to the teen to calm her down, so he told tarmney to do what she normally does and watched her as she crushed it up and snorted it. ross said he woke up at 3:30 a.m. in the morning and saw tarmney slumped over in bed and knew she was dead. police say he admitted to getting rid of needles and spoons and called his drug dealer to complain he got a bat batch of heroin before calling 911 before 5:00 a.m. >> tarmney's mother also appeared via video in court. she's charged with conspiracy and child endangerment. the teen's family sat in court as the judge read the charges of conspiracy and child endangerment. and left too distraught to talk. prosecutors say jasmine rude should have protected her daughter. >> she's a 17-year-old girl and everyone has a responsibility to their children. >> mark: aberly is also charged in connection with the teen's death, awaiting extradition to new hampshire.
5:17 pm
ross is being held on 50,000 dollars bail. rude, $10,000. >> five puppies die in this home and police are saying, their owner is to blame. the puppies died from parvo virus. >> mark: police say the owner didn't get them medical attention. fox 25's robert goulston is life in dudley where the 59-year-old went in front of a judge on animal cruelty charges. >> mark and sharman, when that first puppy got sick, the owner did call a vet, but they told him to bring the dogs in asap and when he didn't, the puppies suffered and five of them died. >> did you know the dogs were sick? >> we tried peeking with david pelletier after he faced a judge on animal cruelty charges. instead, he jumped over a railing to avoid our questions. >> can we get your side of the story with the dogs. in court, prosecutors say pelletier allowed german shepherd puppies to live in deplorable conditions. the puppies' parents are still
5:18 pm
in late october, one of the six puppies got sick. pelletier reached out to tufts veterinary hospital who told him all the puppies needed compare for parvo virus, based on the fun. >> he knew they were sick, he already lost one puppy, was smart enough to seek advice, however, he didn't follow theville. >> parvo virus is a highly contagious viral disease that attacks the dog's intestinal tract. five of the puppies died in the week after tufts told him to bring them in. >> they believe that those dogs suffered during that time. >> the reporter: and part of his release, the judge did order pelletier to hand over all of the remaining dogs, while these criminal charges are being sorted out and tonight at 6:00 p.m., we did talk to some somebody who knows pelletier and shed light on perhaps what was going on.
5:19 pm
goulston, fox 25 news. clear. >> kevin: tracking a couple of showers coming through the area. we use live storm tracker to come down to town level. watertown, a light sprinkle and that's it, to the south shore. halifax to plymouth, seeing the showers come on through. not a lot out there. in western massachusetts, finding showers as well. on the foothills of the berkshires, and into the connecticut river valley, amherst right there with the north. that's some snow mixing in beddington, vermont, mount stratton, marlboro, so in the highest elevations, changeover from rain to snow. we talked about how there could be flakes in the air in some. higher spot. i'll be seeing if they get closer to worcester, but more likely berkshires, monadnock. all of this wrapping around an area of low pressure, spilling cold air into southern new england after a mild bay up around 60 degrees, we are really chilling out. the showers up to the west look ominous.
5:20 pm
when they get to the berkshires, they tend to dry out, dry out through the worcester hills. not going to get much. it's competing with the terrain. we'll get a couple of showers to make it in to southern new hampshire and even into massachusetts this evening, something i'll track for you through 10 and 11, but really, not a big concern for us at all. if you see a snowflake, you're just lucky or unlucky, depending on your point of view. earlier. this temperature will keep dropping as the clouds fade away tonight, down into the 40's if boston. but off to the west, worcester is already in the 40's at 46 degrees an your temperature will be dropping down into the 30's. 37 by 5:00 a.m. 51. clouds will melt away with the sun going down. going down to 40 and likely upper 30's in many towns in the morning. you wake up to sunshine. sure, there will be a few clouds around, but a mostly sunny day throughout new england. and that continues into the afternoon as well and evening. clear tomorrow flight, we'll stop at sunday morning, still sunny out there and sunshine mixing in with a few clouds on
5:21 pm
sunday, but another dry day coming up. high temperatures tomorrow though, the big difference. only in the 40's. 45 in burlington. 42 in pepperell and back to worcester, 39 for a high temperature in worcester. your seven day forecast will include the wind that's going to blow on out of here, but include the coldest morning of the weekend, which will be sunday morning. only about 30 degrees on average. 29 in the immediate suburbs of boston, boston itself will be down to freezing for sunday morning. >> mark: we continue to follow the breaking news. at least 35 people are dead, we're hearing reports everyone hundred hostages. several attacks in and around the city of paris. the scene includes a shooting in a restaurant, an explosion around the national stadium where a germany-france soccer game was being held and hundreds of people being held hostage at a concert hall.
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>> mark: rewarded do didn't to follow the breaking news, at least 35 people are dead in several attacks in and around the city of paris. >> we can tell you this coming in just now from boston police, they are monitoring the situation in paris and boston police are putting additional resources at the french consulate in boston. joining us by money, homeland security security anthony amore. the question i have for you, is
5:25 pm
what is happening right now inside homeland security in the united states as they watch all of this unfold in and around paris? >> well two main things that are happening. you'll have a team of people communicating with people in paris to find out exactly what's going on. with the marathon bombing in boston, there were a lot of reports of things that weren't happening or were not actually connected to the terrorist event and then you have another team who is paying close attention to situations here in the united states, and they're in close contact with law enforcement and security personnel here, to make sure that they hear if anything pops up in the united states. >> mark: anthony, let's talk about this as well. coordinated attacks like this, where you have several different venues, not only people dead, but you have hostage situations taking lies place with numbers we're hearing now, hundreds of hostages.
5:26 pm
this is something well thought out, well planned and well executed on their part. >> yeah, it's very troublesome to hear about the coordinated attack. i mean, it's not just a mass shooting, but we're hearing about explosions as well, and unfortunately, i would anticipate more casualties as the night drags on. >> and homeland security here in the united states is saying there is no credible threat right now against the united states but they are most certainly, i imagine, on edge and watching as this develops >> sure. and what you'll see, of course, is even though no credible threat has come forward, this is a credible enough incident to make people take different procedures into place to make sure we're safeguarding not just the french consulate, but all kind of critical infrastructure around the united states. >> mark: we had another expert on just a moment ago who said that the, you know, police presence in the city of paris, france, is extraordinary. the law enforcement there is extraordinary.
5:27 pm
hebdo shootings within the past year so they're on heightened alert with that and this still was able to take place tonight. >> it's a scary process. when people have the will to do evil against their fellow human beings and have the resources, it's very, very difficult to stop them especially once they've gotten to the operational phase, very often, they'll take people with them. >> anthony amore, homeland security expert, we appreciate your insight, as always, anthony, and i'm sure we'll be talking with you again in the coming days as well. let's take a live look at the pictures right here and what you see. this is the stadium, in paris, france, the president at one point, francois olan was at this game between france and germany and the game has been closed at this point. they stopped it. they are evacuating the area, trying to get people out. some people are keeping them inside, perhaps it's safer to do
5:28 pm
speculate at this point. but francois olan is meeting with security advisers and is safe. >> our blair miller is following every development here throughout this breaking story. we will have the latest star light star bright, the first star i see tonight i wish i may, i wish i might, have the wish i wish tonight wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list event is on. right now get exceptional offers on the entire lincoln family. for a limited time your choice of mkc, mkz gas or hybrid for $369 a month with zero due at
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>> mark: if you're just joining us, we are following breaking news in paris france. 100 people taken hostage, and 35 people dead, we've been follow the breaking news minute by minute as developments unfold. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> i'm sharman sachetti. u.s. officials are closely monitoring what's going on in paris right now and blair miller is here now and blair, the numbers keep rising. >> as you've been watching the numbers continue to climb sadly. the estimate, between 35 to 40 people dead tonight, and at least 100 people taken hostage at a concert hall in paris. that is the site of one of at least three attacks. we understand there's been an explosion near or at the
5:30 pm
national stadium in paris, a shootout in a restaurant, at that hostage situation at the concert hall as well, filled with young people. a connection between both events is not clear, but police in paris say multiple so-called security events are happening in and around the city. we understand there's a possibility of four locations. these situations include the shooting at that restaurant, there are reports that men were seen with machine guns and then the explosion, either one or multiple explosions near the national stadium. now we have some video just in to our newsroom in the last 15 minutes of that scene inside the stadium during that germany germany-france soccer match that was on going. the french president was evacuated during that stadium, has been rushed to an emergency meeting. regarding that attack, fans heard two explosions also at this hour, here at home, we know that boston police have increased security around the french consulate in the back bay. homeland security department saying they are monitoring these events.
5:31 pm
they know of no known threat to the u.s. at this time. again. the numbers rising in the tragedy has moring in comes in. 35 to 40 people dead. many more being held hostage. many questions about this, about the links to all of this. we will have updates for you throughout this newscast. >> mark: very good. blair, will continue to update us as we get more information. joining us on the form is dan linski, a former superintendent and chief for the boston police and we appreciate you joining us as always and you've been a guest on our program many times throughout the years and you and i have talked about this several times. when you see mass attacks happen, and as coordinated as this one, it just sends a chill up your spine. >> thanks, ock. we talk about this, we saw in in mumbai, multiple terrorists attacking multiple targets ways. now the concern is, is it an organized event not only in paris, but do they intend to hit
5:32 pm
other cities throughout the world and do coordinated attacks throughout multiple cities. i know bpd is stepping up their presence, we're looking at a critical infrastructure, we'll improve our posture, so the police officers in and around the critical infrastructure in the city of boston. i would assume police commanders around the country are doing the same thing until we can work with the federal authorities to identify whether this is just related to france or if this is spreading beyond france. clearly, multiple terrorist attacks are going on right now. they're connected. people people ask is this related to the jihadi john situation. i think it's pretty likely that they could spin up, this type of coordinated attack in a 24 hour interval, although possible, but definitely, we need to be on edge, and just make sure that the public is doing what we have to do. see things, if you're uncomfortable, let us know, let authorities know and make sure we're keeping each other safe. >> chief, you take a look at the level of coordination with these
5:33 pm
attacks. this took some planning. >> it takes planning, these guys are not amateurs, these are professionals. people, they're trained, we saw that in the charlie hebdo attack before. those guys had received training, they newfields of fire, they knew how to operate, they knew the police response, they're actually very dangerous individuals to go up against. this isn't a lone wolf, who is, you know, just coming out of his basement and attacking a city. this is a group, an organization, well planned, well financed, who is coordinating these attacks, and our hope is that this is limited to paris. we need to be on our toes until we ensure that's the case, but unfortunately, we've worried about these things and our enemies have been telling us they intend to do these things for a number of years now. >> mark: chief, we're hearing from a cnn report that says that isis has a hashtag, actually celebrating in attack. this is the world we live in right now. >> mark, it is and you and i talked about this six, eight
5:34 pm
months ago, and we talked about the ability of terrorists to get together and to do this type of attack and attack a city, attack a country. it's unfortunate, i think we need to, you know, get them at their home base, but they're going to then use social media to control the message, and to get out, you know, how they want to impact the feeling of safety in various cities across the that. we need to go out, do our daily business, be vigilant, make sure we're looking to things and police and federal officials will make sure that they're coordinating resources, and working on information and intel, but this is something we've been fearing for a number of years, it played out in mumbai years ago, and it looks leak it played out in paris now. our concern is that it doesn't play out in the united states. >> dan linski with the linski group, former boston superintendent and chief, saying these are not amateurs, these are professionals, well planned
5:35 pm
and well financed and we need to be on our toes. >> mark: we continue to follow this breaking news, again, 35 people dead, the count, we're told, is likely to go up and 100 people taken hostage in paris, france tonight, several different locations, we're continuing to monitor the developments right now let's send it over to kevin. >> kevin: all right, mark. aisle news you've been reporting on. let me get you up-to-date on what's happening outside. beautiful pictures coming in this afternoon. coming out of the clouds, almost a whole punch cloud. something you often see with jets, not so much on days like this, but showers out there too, we've been tracking those very closely. i wanted to show you where those are and catch you up on this. there's showers out here on cape cod, right around yarmouth and moving into harwich and brewster, harwich and over to east harwich as well.
5:36 pm
up the coast and out to the west, to the reservoir, hardwick seeing showers, going south of barry along 32a showing you where the showers are. gets to be deeper green. ridge road seeing a little steadier shower, but it will be quick, as it comes on through. these are just showers after all, that is in southwest new hampshire, swansea, shower activity your way into brattleboro, vermont. this bleeds over to marlboro and searsburg. when you get in the elevations, it goes from being rain in the low level to a mix and snow in the higher elevations, stratton mountain, some of that too, so there is snow mixing in. an idea of how cold the air pouring in will be. i'll show you the chill for the weekend coming up. >> the reporter: fantasy sports sites going on the officer dougherty -- offensive plus, governor baker weighing in.
5:37 pm
france, as 35 people are confirmed dead at this point. that number likely to rise. 100 hostages taken, coordinated attacks at three and possibly four different venues tonight. weaver talking about shootings, we're talking about bombings as well. >> isis reportedly using a celebratory hashtag. boston police monitoring the situation and they are putting additional resources at the
5:38 pm
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>> mark: we continue to follow breaking news in paris, france, tonight. if you're just joining us, 35 people dead, 100 hostages. coordinated attacks in and around the city of paris tonight, we're talking about a shooting at a restaurant, and let's take a live look at the white house. it's going to be where the president will speak. 5:45 p.m. it's tough to nail down the time, but the president will be happened in paris. 35 dead, 100 hostages, three different venues, possibly four. we had a restaurant shooting, also a. bogosianing at that restaurant and then there was france-germany soccer game that was cancelled. once that began, and it was interesting to watch, as you take a look at security forces outside in the streets of paris right now, for a moment, we had a shot inside the stadium where france and germany were playing a soccer match. the french president was on hand actually watching the game, was taken to a safe location quickly, but you saw the players and fans milling about on the
5:41 pm
field. potentially they want them to stay there. the controlled explosions took place outside and not inside. >> homeland security monitoring the situation very very closely. we areb2dg expected to hear from the president any minute now. we just talked to former boston police chief dan linski who told us this was well coordinated attack. these are not amateurs, these are professionals, well planned and well financed and we are just learning, cnn is reporting that isis has somehow started a celebratory hashtag for this attack right now, so at least 35 dead in multiple attacks. i mean, these were explosions, these were appears shootings, at a restaurant, a concert hall, the national stadium there. >> also the concert hall we understand is where a large number of the hostages potentially were taken, so you have an ongoing development here, in addition to what you had the tragedy with the bombings and also with the shooting. but you have a development that's on going as far as the hostage taking is concerned,
5:42 pm
which would go on for quite some time here and you hope that it will be peacefully resolved, but given the earlier events of the evening, that seems a tall order. >> here in boston, police sather monitoring the situation closely. what they're doing is putting additional resources at the french consulate right now in boston here as this continues to >> mark: also, u.s. homeland security officials monitoring the attacks in paris, they say there is no known credible states. now we talk about jihadi john, who was the subject of a drone strike last night, as they were trying to take him out, and of course, he was behind the beheadings of james foley and other journalists, and there was a thought that potentially some corners that this could be related to that, but as dan linski pointed out, in less than 24 hours, to pull off something of this magnitude and this coordination, a level of coordination, would be very difficult, so he doesn't think the two may be related, but he said you never know and you have to think about the cells that are located in these countries
5:43 pm
and in these cities, that no one even knows exists. >> cities that frankly, have a beefed up police force. >> mark: certainly paris when you think of the hebdo shooting. >> when you think of what happened previous to this, sure, that you look at the fact that this was able to -- that this happened and the way they are handling it. we understand the president is expected to come out and speak in just a couple minutes now and we will be carrying that live for you. >> mark: it's 5:45 p.m. in the evening here, so that would take it 11:45 p.m. in paris, and you can think on a friday night, the amount of people that were out and about, the amount of people at that soccer game and if the president is on hand, you know it's significant as well. the reporters are lined up to hear the president, barack obama getting ready to address the nation tonight, given the in paris tonight. 35 people, at least, have been killed in these coordinated
5:44 pm
attacks, also, 100 hostages, was the last number that we had e. and again, isis is celebrating this with its own hashtag. again, they're asking people if the city of paris, we had talked about keeping those people in the stadium for their own benefit, for their own safety, and now we understand that's what they're telling residents in the area, in paris, to stay indoors, do not go out on the street for would you want to given what we're seeing here with the police presence out there. ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. >> i just wants to make a few brief comments about the attacks across paris tonight. we've seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians. this is an attack not just on the people of france, but an attack of all of humanity and the universal values that we
5:45 pm
share. we stand prepared and ready to provide behalf assistance the government and people of france need in response. france is our oldest ally. the french people have stood shoulder to shoulder with the united states time and time again and we want to be clear that we stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism. paris itself represents the timeless values of human -- [inaudible] values that they stand for are wrong. the american people draw strength from the french people's commitment to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. we are reminded in this time of tragedy that the bonds of liberty. [inaudible] are not only values that the french people care so deeply
5:46 pm
we share. they're going to endure far beyond -- [inaudible] or the hateful division of those who perpetrated the crimes this evening. we'll do whatever we can to work with the french people and with -- around the world, to bring these terrorists to justice and to go after anyone that goes after our people. we don't yet know all the details of what has happened. we have been in contact with french officials to communicate condolences to the families of those who have been killed, to offer our prayers and thoughts to those who have been wounded. we have offered our full support to them. the situation is still unfolding. i have chosen not to president
5:47 pm
olan at this time because my expectation is that he's very busy at the moment. i have, by coincidence was talking to him earlier today in preparation for the g20 meeting, but i am confident that i'll be in direct communications with him in the next few days and will be coordinating in any way that they think are helpful in the investigation of what's happened. this is a heartbreaking situation and obviously, those of us here in the united states, we've gone through these kinds of episodes ourselves. and whenever these kinds of attacks happened, we've always been able to count on the french people to stand with us, they have been an extraordinary counterterrorism partner, we intend to be there with them in that same fashion. i'm sure that we will learn more about exactly what happened and
5:48 pm
are in communication with the press to provide you accurate information. i don't want to speculate at this point in terms of who was responsible for this. it appears that there may still be live activity and dangers that are taking place as we speak. and so until we know from french officials, that the situation is under control and we have more information about it, i don't want to speculate. ok? you thank you very much. >> mark: president of the united states meeting with the media there for about five minutes' time and saying among other things in his remarks that this is an attack not just on the people of france, but on all of humanity. he went on to say as well that they will provide whatever assistance is needed, again, reiterating that french are our oldest ally. that the american people draw strength from the french people's values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. this is a heartbreak being
5:49 pm
situation, one that we as a country have gone through several episodes. >> he did say, he doesn't know all the details just yet. he has contacted french officials to offer prayer and thoughts and he has not called the french president. he suspects he's very busy, we also suspect he would be very busy, but he had spoken with the french president earlier today from the g20 meeting and he expects, they will be in touch, but he doesn't want to speculate right now. given the current ongoing situation as to what is happening, but he is promising to bring those terrorists to justice. >> mark: absolutely and working with them as he talks about it. he says they are extraordinary counterterrorism partners and he'll reach out and help them any way he can. if you take a look at the live shot, here we are back live, paris, france, this is the scene playing out on the side streets of paris. they're asking residents to stay indoors, given what happened earlier. 35 people killed, that number expected to rise, 100 hostages
5:50 pm
taken, well coordinated attacks, bombings and shootings, and now hostages have been taken, but these are the streets of paris tonight, filled with law enforcement. we'll be back with more in a
5:51 pm
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support... ...your energy... ...immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. follow that >> mark: we continue to follow the brakes news in paris, france. 35 people dead, hundreds of hostages taken. law enforcement on the scenes of paris tonight, encouraging everyone to stay indoors, do not step outside and the new
5:53 pm
this is tragic as well, but we don't know the extent, there are shootings of at a french shopping mall. and that is a very popular mall from what i understand. french president olan is speaking in french, he is addressing his nation. earlier tonight, he was testify stadium there to see france and germany play a soccer match and once the bombs went off outside and everything started to escalate, as far as shootings at a restaurant, hostage taking and the like, three different venues, he was whisked away to be with his security staff, he is safe, talking to the country at this moment, delivering the remarks and i'm sure we'll have more on what he has to say. he follows the president of the united states who spoke moments ago. >> just moments ago, president obama calling this an attack on humanity. he says this country stands ready to help france, which is our oldest ally. he doesn't yet know all the details, but he has contacted french officials to offer his prayer and his thoughts. he called this heartbreaking, is
5:54 pm
will be brought to justice. >> kevin: i want to catch you up on the weather tonight, so you know what you're dealing with when you go outside this evening for your plans here in massachusetts. out here on cape cod, we're seeing a couple of sprinkles coming through dennis, for instance, out there to chatham and provincetown, around the dunes, provincetown and moving into trow in the next few minutes. to the west of boston, hopkinton, upton seeing a couple sprinkles, milford as well. not much to these. showers through worcester, rutland, hardwick, weare, moving eastward slowly and falling apart and showers in southwest new hampshire, which have fall apart. brattleboro, sprinkles. back here through southeast vermont, dover to summer set, seeing some snow, higher elevations here. summer set is where mount snow is likely light snow happening right there at that ski resort
5:55 pm
and we have cold air spilling in around this area, low pressure spinning around. counterclockwise circulation, so it blows in from the west and that's what we'll be dealing with tonight. any showers that try to make it in here from the berkshires, across western mass to central mass will be falling apart. you can get a shower the farther north and west you are, but it would be a quick sprinkle and that's it. wake up tomorrow morning with all of that gone and sunshine out your door. we'll stop it during the morning hours, a few leftover clouds, but sunshine otherwise. low temperatures in the 30's overnight. 41 in boston. 40's on cape cod. most of us in the 30's. through the day tomorrow, a few clouds mixing in but a few clouds into the afternoon. clear skies through tomorrow night, into sunday morning, you're waking up to sunshine again and again, just a few clouds with nothing in the way of showers on sunday. coming up in the seven-day forecast, it will be dry for a while. high temperatures tomorrow, a huge difference. beverly, lynn at 44 degrees. winds are gusty tonight as well. seven-day forecast with your weekend always in view and it is
5:56 pm
start to sunday, cold start really, below freezing, only 29 on average, but things start to get milder by the end of next week. >> mark: we do continue to follow that breaking news. several attacks happening in and around paris, france and the death toll has been rising over the past hour. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> i'm sharman sachetti. at least 35 are dead after shootings and explosions in and around the city. about 100 hostages are being held in a theater. let's get right to fox 25's blair miller, who has been gathering new information since this story first broke. >> the reporter: a lot of information has been coming in in the last 20 minutes, reports of yet another attack, this time, on a french shopping center. no word on casualties there right now. but we do know again, the estimate is between 35 to 40 people dead right now. and here in just the last few minutes, we are watching live,
5:57 pm
as the french president was will talking, he was saying, he is closing the borders of france, in addition to all people in the city of paris being told right now to stay inside. at this point, we know at least 100 people have been taken hostage at a concert hall in paris. that is the site of one of at least three attacks. there's also been an explosion near or at the national stadium in paris. a shootout in a restaurants. now, a connection between both events is not clear right now, we do know of a shootout, possibly with machine guns at a french restaurant and the explosion we're talking about one or multiple, helping near the national stadium in france. this is video inside that stadium, this was all taking place during a germany-france soccer match. the french president was there at the time, evacuated from the stadium, and rushed to an emergency meeting regarding the attack and came out and talked to some of the folks in paris. fans are saying they heard two explosions also at this hour.
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