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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  November 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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crowd watching a california band play and it was shooting at random people, trying to get out shot by machine-gun fire. >> i have seen two terrorists with ak-47 entering the concert room and firing randomly through the crowd. when i went on the streets i seen 20, to 25 bodies lying on the floor people were very badly injured from gun shot wounds. and i took a small girl a teenager, she was bleeding very badly and i ran with her. >> the concert hit as an explosion rocks the national stadium where a soccer match between france and germany was playing. crowds late tonight pouring out of the stadium. some onto the field after hearing at least one explosion. officials say they were actually three spectators
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held inside for hours as well. the president of france whisked from the stadium to his meeting with a team of advisors deciding to close the borders declaring a national emergency. france must be strong and great and the state has to be strong. we also have to call on everyone to be responsible. >> what the terrorists wanted to make us afraid to seize us with fear and there is something to be afraid of but faced with this fear there's a nation that defends itself and mobilizes itself in which once again will be able to overcome the terrorists. >> not far from that stadium at the same time gunfire at a cafe near and more at a french shopping center. death tolls are unclear at this hour. >> we have a team of reporters covering everything from the
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outpouring of support here at home to the increased security here at logan. let's take you live. there our fox 25's john monahan has been talking to passengers arriving from france. john. >> that's right, mark. air france flight 333 took off from logan headed to paris about 90 minutes ago. all airports in france remain open tonight. the french government say they do so with what they are calling enhanced security. >> it's terrible. >> this man just off an air france flight landing from paris learning of the attacks when he turned on his phone. >> i got a call from my daughter and she was crying on the the phone she's living here. >> reporter: upstairs two french citizens headed back to paris check in for their air france flight. frederick is stunned and shaken by these latest attacks. he contacted his family in paris trying to check on them. >> i texted all my friends and family. hopefully no one hurt. >> reporter: meeting her
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stuck in traffic listening about the attacks. >> i was crying all the way in. it was bumper to bumper. >> reporter: this man also jump off the air france flight says the terror attacks must end. >> we are really have to do something about it now. it cannot be possible this way. >> reporter: jack davies also on board that air france flight and tell us frox five it took off shortly before the attacks began and said it is hard to comprehend what happened. >> yeah, honestly kind of unreal, just to think about it. >> reporter: she is relieved tonight that she's back from vacation but says it's also bittersweet. >> i'm home and i'm safe and you know my heart is with the people that are there. that's the hard thing. >> state police says there's no intelligence that suggests any threats to anyone here in massachusetts. police here on logan are on alert. live at logan airport tonight.
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no specific threats have been made against massachusetts. here is what they are doing attacks. >> joint terrorism task force and commonwealth fusion center are closely monitoring developments coming out of france and security around the state increased. all on duty troopers have been briefed on the paris situation and told to be extra vigilant on patrols. as john just mentioned security has also been increased at logan airport. >> late tonight i spoke with massachusetts congressman bill keating was in paris to learn about the security there just a few months ago. congressman keating told me he feels france is most prepared is the most prepared european country when it comes to fighting terror. how could this have happened in a place that is so prepared as you say? >> well, the sad thruth is this kind of terrorism leaves us vulnerable right here at home. >> more of my conversation
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is on go. there to find you out one of the biggest fears french officials express to the congressman during that trip. live now to the french consulate in boston. erica richie have you seen people leave flowers outside the gates in memory of the victims. >> that's right. at 10:00 i introduced to you two young ladies from paris. they came here tonight to lay flowers as a way of connecting with home. now i would like you to meet a man who came to the french consulate tonight simply to pay it forward. david loon interrupted his evening tonight to lay flowers in boston at the he doesn't have any connection but he does have a good memory. >> after 9/11 we were all american come of us remember it. now you feel like we're all parisians. >> i do. >> reporter: that's why he left this note we are all france it says.
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natives in boston like gabrooel and nina learning about you such -- gabrielle and nina learning about such >>. >> reporter: a phone call confirmed their families were okay. >> glad to know that they are safe. >> reporter: as they lay flowers here tonight themselves they come to terms with the fact that terrorism now defines a place that holds so many memories of good times for them. >> if you you are going to paris -- [inaudible]. >> it makes you feel like no place is safe. >> not anymore. >> you know they feel tonight like we did after the marathon bombings. it was the coming together that really helped us heal boston strong, remember. french here in boston it's really hard for them because
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so on sunday, there's an event that's planned at noon on the boston common for the french here in boston to come together to find that community, to find support in one another. again that's at noon on sunday on the boston common. live in boston tonight, erica richie, fox 25 news. new tonight we've learned twitter accounts linked to extremist groups are celebrating the attacks in paris. according to the site intelligence group which tracks militant sites twitter the posts acontributed to jihadist supporters are speculating which group may be responsible. they used arabic language hashtags that translated to paris on fire and the state strikes france. the state department is actively seeking u.s. citizens in paris it's asking if you know somebody who is over in their area too so get them to call the state department. the numbers are on the screen. if people are calling from overseas the number is:
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united states to ensure your loved ones are safe that number is: >> it has been reported the entire city of paris is under a mandatory curfew the first time such an order has been issued since world war ii 70 years ago. paris had mandatory curfews for the occupation which ended in 1944. the heart-wrenching attacks are uniting the world and the hashtag prayers for paris and a peace symbol with the eiffel tower. new york city also familiar new york city paying tribute. here's a photo of the empire state building lit up with the colors of france's flag, blue, white and red. in d.c. tonight the washington capital players in their hockey game tweeted this tribute saying the national anthem is playing but tonight our hearts, thoughts are with paris. and the red sox sharing a message many of you also expressed tonight we are
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keeping all of paris in our thoughts and prayers. 11 months ago france dealt with another terror attack. 11 people died in the charlie hedbo attack. two brothers opened fire on the workers there. they targeted the newspaper because artists drew images of the prophet mohammed. the killers were tracked down and killed during separate incidents. if isis claims responsibility for this attack in france it would be the second major world tragedy that it has claimed to be behind in just weeks. isis is saying it's also responsible for the passenger jet explosion over egypt. 224 people were killed on that flight. our coverage continues in just a few moments. full coverage on-line as well. right now on we have the complete timeline of tonight's events. the president's full statement and transcript a photo gallery and the list paris. in other news we are also following breaking news out of san francisco. at least 20 people are hurt
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double-decker you bus smashed into several large items in a busy part of the city. early information points to the bus losing control and crashing into several things along the way. >> the bus continued at a high rate of speed eastbound on post where it struck several vehicles. subsequentcally colliding behind me in scaffolding on a construction site. also there's another tour bus that was involved in the collision. >> taking place in union square several other cars and a few people walking were struck. next month the marathon bomber will have a chance to get a new trial. dzhokhar tsarnaev sits on death row his defense team says having his original trial in boston created biased atmosphere. fox 25 will be in the courtroom for that appeal harring. an elderly shrewsbury woman faces a long recovery after being struck by a car. 68-year-old jean coat was returning home from grocery shopping on thursday afternoon. police say coat was on the
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sidewalk with her shopping cart when the silver car jumped the curb and slammed into her. that driver left the scene public for information. >> we put all of our efforts into investigating and following up on a case like woman on the side of the thought. >> police say they have received several tips from other drivers who notice a before the accident. if have you any information police. still tracking some showers out there tonight it's not just rain as we talked about last night snowflakes flying in massachusetts. pinpointing exactly where those are with live storm tracker. first more coverage of today's breaking news in paris as we take a live look. the first responders called in to help on this dark day. at least 150 people killed in the terror attacks. >> president obama: this is heartbreaking situation obviously those of us here in the united states know what it's like. we've gone through these
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kinds of episodes ourselves. police believe the suspects are dead but accomplices may
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dead on the streets and for survivors the images of horror will likely never go away. >> everybody was on the floor covering their head and we heard so many gunshots. the terrorists were very calm, very determined and they reloaded three or four times their weapons and they didn't shout anything, they didn't say anything. >> members of isis have reportedly claimed responsibility for tonight's terror the investigation continues into exactly who did this to these people that nation and this world. just hours before this deadly attack, possibly at the hands of isis. >> the father of an american killed spoke to fox 25. kathryn burcham shares his message. >> what we want is the elimination of isis. >> reporter: john foley says he's no longer surprised by acts of terrorism after his life was changed by the ultimate act, when his son
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james a freelance journalist from rochester was killed by isis after being held captive for two years. >> lives are being destroyed by isis. they're the villains. jihadi john is only part of isis. >> reporter: u.s. officials say they're now reasonably certain that jihadi john was killed during a drone strike in syria yesterday. he was the mouthpiece for isis. he beheaded folly in a chilling video but his death is hard by a cause for celebration. >> he's a low level jihadist so if we have anything to claim success it certainly can't be related to his demise. >> reporter: foley says he worries the death will only inspire more attacks against innocent people just as his son was once targeted. foley says the government needs to focus on helping the people in regions controlled by isis, not targeting lone operatives.
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thing, you know. hundreds of people are being killed every day, dying from disease. give me a break. jihadi john. >> foley did say their thoughts are with the journalists who are still covering the war and acts of terror much like the reporters tonight who are covering the horrifying events in paris. in rochester, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. our coverage of the paris terror attacks continues all night long on and our on air coverage resumes at 6:00 fam a.m. on the fox 25 morning news edition. tracking a few showers evening. not much in the way of heavy precipitation but just some moving toward nantucket underneath this blue banner right here you will find some yellow and some orange over the next hour.
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otherwise just some light you are showers. just north of plymouth some getting off of cape cod then to the north shore here look at up this here in essex county here's haverhill, getting some light showers. there's derry, manchester and concord up here how about this changing over something we expected yesterday was for the rain to mix with the change of snow in massachusetts too and indeed that's happening tonight. this is southern vermont this takes to you stratton, mountain for those of who you are looking to do some skiing. back here in the berkshires check that out. williamstown, down through lanes borough with flurries as well. clearly showing up on our live doppler radar i can pinpoint exactly where those are. we have flakes out there in massachusetts.
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we're not talking about accumulating snow anywhere except maybe a dusting in some of the highest places much of this snow is lake effect won't make it into massachusetts. any showers tonight really dwind allege few that escape into eastern massachusetts through 2:00 a.m. then we dry out after that. you will wake up tomorrow morning to mostly sunny skies. some clouds that mix in tomorrow but a mixture of sun a lot of sun and a few clouds. it will feel a lot different though. you are waking up to 30s in the morning and 40 in boston it will be in the upper 30s back bay. most of us will be in the 30s not the coldest morning of the weekend though. future cast shows the sunshine through the afternoon. clear skies tomorrow night. then by sunday morning more sunshine to wake up to another nice looking day. let's take a look at high temperatures. start out in southern new hampshire 38 hillsborough afternoon, 42 42 salem. all the way down to cape cod not you much difference. you won't find any 30s here but only find 40s for high temperatures. 45
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on thin yard. with the -- on the vineyard. with the gusty wind it will feel even colder. wind gusts this half hour 39 miles per hour in worcester that's tropical storm strength. 33 on the vineyard, no official wind advisory just that special weather statement from the national weather service warning that some of these wind gusts may be strong enough to bring down a few branches. doesn't seem like a huge concern but the bigger concern is how chilly it will feel. seven-day forecast your 47 tomorrow a little warmer on sun after a very cold locations. in fact, your weekend in general is going to be dry with a lot of sunshine. but on the chilly side to start warming up a bit on sunday. it gets warmer by the end of the week but comes with some rain too. all right, kevin. coming up in sports i'll show you why dave dombrowski has been successful. plus, the celtics are at the garden versus a hawks team with zero road losses but
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1, 2, 1, 2 ready go! >> this is how we should always start a sports segment that's delaney this is the east bridgewater drum line. coming up after the break we'll have the play off
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and the >> dave dombrowski making his marks with the red sox
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well, it's a closer lubt laubt a really good closer from san diego. albeit a really good closer from san diego. he is only 27 years old and has 30 more saves in five straight seasons. the. >> he's in the prime of his career he's 27. he's healthy he has been consistent throughout his career. he's at the prime time so we look for him to be you our guy back there for years to come. >> playing an 8-2 hawks team before hitting the road. the celtics came out and they played like they really needed a dub. tonight's pass to johnson,
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johnson had 19 points. isiah thomas finally a good shooting night. as chad said he's going empire on him. nail that 3-point shot. cs were you up big in the third quarter and the hawks have come back with a late run. celtics win this thing 106-93 pull back to 500 at 4-4 on the season. well, some great story lines in our fox 25 game day. two undefeated teams number one east bridge you water versus number two cardinal spellman. current east bridgewater coach actually took over for him in this game folks really, really lived up to the hype. cardinals quarterback mike keeping it real to ryan cavanaugh. cards take a 21-14 lead. the quarterback ryan grant who is huge probably 6-4,
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the game. to michael cory followed quickly by a short t.d. run. east bridge you water up. vikings win this thing 29-21 the student beats the teacher. >> we lost on the field last year in the final. so that one stung a lot. to pull it out tonight in the fashion we did it was fantastic. >> i'm just great to get back here and get it done this year. we just went out there and got it back. >> i wanted to say something but i like that color on you your dress. >> very nice color in your tie. >> pancreatic awareness day a lot of purple here today. it's done on purpose. >> you guys look sharp, too. >> thank you. we appreciate that as always. >> who can argue with that. getting colder by tomorrow sprinkles out there even
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