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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 14, 2015 1:00am-2:00am EST

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uhh! [cheering] welcome back to "world's funniest." i'm terry crews. here to assist me are my 3 special guests. they'll be competing to have their chosen video named world's funniest, and if they win, so does their favorite charity. playing on behalf of operation smile, tone bell! [cheering] next, playing on behalf of the natural resources defense council, jen kirkman! and, playing on behalf of real beauty, sherri shepherd!
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all right. all the world's a stage, and judging by these next videos, that stage is very slippery. this is...performance anxiety. this is gonna be bad. ooh! oh! oh! what kind of clown is that? is that the broke down barnum and bailey's? [laughter] oh! oh! how come the other bands get all the girls? uh-oh. yeah. that's talent right there. yeah. uh-oh, uh-oh. oh. they're a little slippery. there we go. oh, it's gonna be fine. oh, no, don't let go. here we go. don't let go. looking out. oh!
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you like, are you ok? jessica, i'm coming. i'm coming, girl. [rock music playing] jen: no! terry: oh! none of them looked prepared at all. they all look like this. they violated every rule of the trust exercise. oh, yes. walk, diva. ha ha ha! you have to leave heels to the professionals. [drum line] go ahead, get in formation. they keep playing. nobody helps him. without him. is your favorite? i think i like my band here. i do want to know who this lady is right here. she does look like she just came over to, you know, give him his birthday present or something. is this ozzy osbourne
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right here? yeah, that's ozzy. this dude is on keyboards. he was like, i'm gonna try a little something during that. yeah. during the solo. during the guitar solo. i mean, look how high he is. he started all the way back. all right, tone, what's your favorite? i'm gonna go with dumb line. ahh, that's so good. all right, the funniest part to me is literally the feet over the head. yeah. he can't control his feet at this point. as he falls, he's laying there. nobody--i mean, he's dead now. he's dead. he's just dead. there ain't nobody helping him. you're gonna be ok. sherri, what's your favorite? oh, gosh, i gotta go for the diva in the heels. i mean, look at this. i love it because it's like sashay, shante, sashay. oh, shante! oh, shante! that knee buckle on the step. oh, oh! somebody help me. somebody. ain't nobody gonna help me.
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all right, let's keep going. you know, i always tell people to exercise, eat right, and most importantly, use caution around anything that can launch you into the air. these are terry's tips of trampoline safety. jen: oh, there he goes. flip--oh! have your dentist on speed dial. build a higher fence. the equivalent of i'm gonna drop the mic. i'm out. jen: no. no! buy stronger springs. and a trampoline. pick one fun thing. ok. slide. wrong way. wrong way. he's gonna slide down.
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oh, my. oh, well. i'm done. give your pets a hand. seriously, they don't have hands. she better come back for when he wants to get back off that thing. do believe you can fly. don't be surprised when you can't. ok, that one was a slam don't. it just--it didn't even work. ok, sherri, do you think any of these could bounce into contention for world's funniest? i like let it slide because they're like, "look, dude, this is so simple. "it's my daughter's and she does it all the time. "i'm gonna do it. i'm gonna slide. there we go. uhh. oh." look at this guy's face. homeboy's like, oh, no. no, no. right down here. uh-huh. little margaritaville. i like that he kind of does a worm at the end, almost.
1:09 am
all right, tone. i think sprung a leak is gonna have to be my favorite, terry. oh, yeah. oh, oh. oh! oh! i didn't see this first time. i didn't see the springs just fly. pop! ooh! oh, look at all those springs. i didn't see that, either. this is like a cartoon. his face after he slid into the water. he looks back at the trampoline like, for real? why you got to do that? why you got to do that to me? jen? i think i'm gonna have to go for swing for the fences. i...he thinks he's like this cool skateboard guy or something. like, "yeah, i got this. i'm going right over the fence." you can go from cool to fool in so quick. so cool. boom. i really want to know what's on the other side of that fence, though. yeah, i want to see the neighbor. like, "what?!" all right, we've got a lot more show ahead. it's almost too much terry. i'm just kidding. there's no such thing as too much terry. coming up, these school fails are going to the head of the class.
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yes! yes! yes! yes! welcome back to "world's funniest." i'm terry crews. did you know that all of the teenagers in internet videos attend the same high school? well, they do. and graduation time is here. so let's take a look at their internet yearbook. is that like surveillance footage? who is filming that?
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ha ha ha! sherri: oh, rock it, work it, girl. oh! smoke in the bathroom. kids are healthier nowadays. no! oh, no! he was just going, i'm swallowing. that's my teeth." boy: do it. don't--don't go-- oh! oh! what action movie was he trying to be in? too cocky. too cocky. it's all for me. go ahead, baby. he gonna--oh! he's like, in a locker before someone else does it. [clang] do you think at one point he was feeling really pompous, like, "you know what,
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add two more music stands. add two more music stands." sherri, could any of those kids graduate with a degree in world's funniest? i actually like counter culture. tone: oh, no. ok, first of all, look at that face. when she first started, she was like, "i got this. i got--ok. wait. there's nothing behind me." look at my butt. look at my butt. maybe her butt was too heavy. that's the thing. that just shows you, everybody can't have those big booties. they don't know what to do with them. all right, tone. terry, my favorite is parkour sore. oh! yo, man, your face is ruined at this point. terry: oh, no! his mother's so mad. she's like, "you just got your braces off!" all, right, jen, your favorite. i think i like bleacher bust 'cause the one place in the world where you can find tons of blue mats is the high school.
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put them down. that's it. let's keep this party going. there are a lot of people who appear in internet videos, but only a few of them are truly stars. here is this week's terry important person. [engine revving] sherri: oh! oh, dude. in the pool. oh! oh! ahh. [laughter] where they have cars and motorcycles-- around-- around the pool. hey, man, we should invite girls. nah, man, forget girls. they have such a beautiful view. why don't they just have a few drinks, sit down. well, you know what, the man himself. from walnut creek, california, darius khashari.
1:18 am
wheelies in the backyard. every year, man, for my birthday party i always throw, like, a big bash and have all my friends over and do wheelies in the backyard. near the pool? yeah, circle wheelies around the pool. and, you know, i do it every year. hey, man, blink if you were drunk. i was celebrating pretty good. [laughter] but was the bike ruined? no, the bike was fine. we just had to drain the oil and gas, you know, some new spark plugs, and it fired right back up. i was doing wheelies in my living room like a couple of days after that. so what you're saying is you kept the party going. yeah, i went all night, man. it was--it was good. all right, darius, as a thank you for appearing on the show, this is for you, my friend. yeah! i got you a helmet with the scuba gear on it so you can just ride all day. everybody, give it up for darius khashari. you are the man! thank you, sir.
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thank you. guys. we are moments away from unveiling the finalists for "world's funniest." but first, we've seen lots of people take painful tumbles, but these next people really laid it on the line. in fact, they could have died, but they didn't. this is almost in memoriam. [music playing] [distorted screaming] oh, my gosh! ohh! [laughs] ohh! ohh!
1:20 am
ohh! oh! [laughs] as this show has proven, nothing is more fun than watching a bunch of internet videos with your family. and that's why i brought my family with me today. this is my wife rebecca, my daughter tera, my daughter wynfry, and my son isaiah. give me five. unh, unh. unh! come here! ah, ohhh. [laughter] all right, everybody. are you ready for more hilarious videos? yeah! and are you ready for a commercial break? good, because we have both.
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win the holidays at best buy. welcome back to "world's funniest." i'm terry crews. all right, people, we are moments away from crowning this week's world's funniest, the one video
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whoo! whoo! a super sized helping of the cutest videos ever? here's a special cuddle time edition of happy time. that is so cute! ohh! hey! terry: aww! all: aww! ohh! aww! those are cute!
1:25 am
ok! it's time for me to unveil for world's funniest. these are the best of the best of the best, in the running for the golden terry award are... and... ok, panelists. this is your chance. five finalists, for world's funniest. tone...tell me which video should take home the golden terry award. i really want that. want this, terry. who wouldn't? all right, terry, well, with sprung a leak.
1:26 am
oh! whoo! whoo! yeah! i mean, look, that is a dude very confident. like he bought this $25 trampoline from a yard sale. ok. he said, what do i want? do i want the ping pong table or do i want the trampoline? you know what, give me the trampoline, ok? we start--it's a very confident approach. very confident. the boy on the video was like, i got you son. do your thing. he was like, i got you. get down here, immediately just goes awry. ok, it's like a scooby doo zoinks. oh. oh, that's funny. the look back is the best part. like he's disappointed in the trampoline. like, why are you going to do that to me? yeah! sprung a leak, sprung a leak! sprung a leak. tone, that is one of the best arguments i have heard for a video. but now it's jen's turn, so sit down. please give us your pick. well, terry and america, i'm voting for holy sea cow. i mean, this has everything!
1:27 am
first of all, her award-winning performance. she's seen "jaws" way too many times. she--she--her friends are on the boat and they wanted to stay on the boat, and she said, you know, i feel like getting out into nature. i'm going swimming. and she couldn't handle it. and she couldn't handle it. yeah! and she is mad at something that's supposed to be in the water. she's not supposed to be in the water. yeah! got 'em, jen! holy sea cow! now sherri, come on, girl. oh, god. come on. you got a--you got a tough act to follow. it's your turn. i do, i do. i am going to go for uninvited guest. ohh! [laughs] i feel like he was going, you know, you jilted me once, but baby, i'm going to give you one more chance. i'm going to just give you one more chance. look at it, take a look at it, take a look at it, do you really want to marry him or me?
1:28 am
and there they are. the top three finalists for world's funniest. audience, what do you think? which one? [all yelling] sea cow! whoa! sea cow! two! two! sprung a leak, sprung a leak! two! two! [all yelling] all right! be quiet. [laughter] this is terry crews' show. [laughing] and now... for the moment of truth. i, terry crews, will single-handedly change the world... [laughs] look at this! with the golden terry statue clothing ever. mwah, i love you. the winner
1:29 am
and the world's funniest is... uninvited guest! yes! [cheering] sherri shepherd, come and collect your golden terry. please, give it up for your winner! yes! yes! kanya and carmarie, please come up here. kanya and carmarie. look at that! watch your step! everybody! i want to thank my family, tone bell, jen kirkman, and sherri shepherd. i'm terry crews. we'll see you next time on "world's funniest!"
1:30 am
the "insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. are you going to get back with courtney? >> he returns from rehab as khloe gets an update on lamar's struggle to recover. >> he's learning to walk again and feed himself again. it's a long, long road ahead. >> the kardashian men on the mend. then the "star wars" frenzy intensifies. the cast of tgit gets in on the hype. >> and michael keaton shines a spotlight on the catholic church abuse scandal. >> i know what happened. my my mind is blocked. >> the actual journalist uncovering the truth. >> you gave each the other most
1:31 am
screen. why it has them getting grilled about their sexuality. >> what kate has to say to those digging for dirt. >> it would have been wow, you had sex with a woman? >> wow! >> now, hollywood from the inside out, it's the "insider" together with yahoo. hello, everyone. welcome to "the "insider." >> we have the top trending story making headlines today. khloe kardashian on lamar's long road to recovery and kim slamming rumors that reality cameras were rolling at his hospital bedside. >> and this as courtney's troubled ex-husband returns home from rehab. we go inside the kr ardashian men on the mend. >> you are going to get back with kout courtney? >> scott had a therapy session of the retail kind, leaving
1:32 am
>> it's been a really hard time for me. >> you forget what happens when you're on a binge. >> it was hinted at in the "keeping up" promo but we have confirmed the ink is dry on a deal for scott to continue on the show as a source close tells us right now the plan is to continue outpatient treatment to maintain sobriety. the entire kardashian family is supporting him throughout this including kourtney. >> the program that i was in, they say it is six days. i did the five. i went through my withdrawals for first three days. and they were there. and then you felt like i ditched out early. like i trucked through a very difficult time for me. >> scott's previous rehab stinlt t was played out on past shows. it will be interrogatory see how he and a half gates the club appearances.
1:33 am
>> whether scott has these appearances, he just uses it as such an excuse to party and get out of control. >> oh, my god. >> for now and for reasons only known to them, kourtney was pinned down for a food fight over at kylee's house. >> it's fun when i can't move. >> but the situation is far from celebratory for khloe's husband lamar. in a new interview ellen interviewing monday, she gave a very sobering update on his ability to communicate. >> he couldn't put a lot of words together today. but he understands. >> does he know what happened? >> well, i can't tell him -- we tell him he had a brain injury. i can't tell him how that brain injury was caused. it will set him back. >> has he asked. >> no. he never asked why he's here. he never asked. he doesn't ask. so he's really confused a lot. >> and while there is a report
1:34 am
cameras into lamar's hospital room, this morning kim called into ryan seacrest's radio show to vehemently deny the claim. >> there's been ridiculous stories that we brought the cameras to the hospital. i mean, the one thing that people don't understand about our family is we do share so much but we do keep a lot of things private. >> but nothing is private at lax. it's worth noting that her husband kanye wasn't in a very good mood as he showed off a smile. of course, it only occurred when he saw thought the elevator door was closing. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorey. i'm i'm sorry. >> all right. moving on now to what is heating up the digitsal discussion this friday. >> not just because it's friday the 13th, either. keltie knight is at our social station. >> today it is a lucky day for all of you directioners out there.
1:35 am
justin's new album "purpose" dropped today as others. who will come out on top of the charts? that is trending on yahooo celebrity. >> it is a strategy on their part. mine was announced first. >> well, maybe justin can. what do you mean >> battle of new music friday is trending hot. nobody can drag me down >> we're talking about them right now. it's a promo, right? >> the guys of one d took to promoting all over social media, bieber is busy promoting himself. he takes over the "today" show next week and our cameras are with him for his concert on "ellen" who devoted the week to bieber. but so far early on bieber is ahead of one d's charts as the
1:36 am
concert next spring. >> it's the fantastic friday for "star wars" fans. "the force awakens" trending big. the latest trailer was released overnight with hundreds of thousands of views on youtube. >> i have seen your eyes. >> i had a great time working on this and being a part of the "star wars" story. >> more "star wars" revelations getting buzz, oz an oscar winner revealed there say poster that she is an alien pirate. >> she's this larger than life other worldly, i mean, person. >> i need this. >> anticipation is at pitch levels. >> i couldn't be more excited about this new movie. >> last night during scandal and how to get away with murder, they weighed in on the similarities and their excitement for "star wars: the
1:37 am
force awakens". >> there is a struggle between the light and dark side. that is something we deal with on our show, too. >> and it's about to get darker. next week is the season finale of "murder" which is trending hot. >> it is cra-cra. >> viola joined her co-stars in new york for a media event where everyone summed up the episode in a hash tag as we'll learn who shot emma lee? happened. >> there are no accidents and no explanation i offer will satisfy you. >> i like to ask. >> love is love. cate blanchett and another actress plays lovers in "carol." >> the movie is so beautiful. >> i sat down with cate and rooney who took me inside their love story and much buzzed about love scene. >> you just want these two women
1:38 am
>> it was intimate as far as shooting this? >> not because it was another woman. i mean i think whenever you take your clothes off, i don't do it every day, but there has to be a certain level of trust. awkward. >> in "carol," two women in the '50s have an affair. her co-star rooney mara won best actress at the film festival. rooney was grateful the intimate scenes were opposite the two time oscar winner. >> we shot it on my birthday. >> really? >> so -- >> happy birthday to you. >> that's how i felt. cate is lovely. i felt very safe and comfortable with her. >> back in may when "carol" was first screened, an answer went viral. a reporter asked if you had previous love relationships with women and you answered him. and this thing kind of blew up. what did you mean by your answer?
1:39 am
>> i was playing someone who was, you know, playing a doctor. they wouldn't ask me how many years i went to medical school. they wouldn't ask me how many affairs i had. they would think twice about it. they don't twice asking about sexual sexual persuasion. they asked if i had relationships with women and i said many. it's immaterial whether i'm gay, straight, bi, it doesn't matter. it is slightly seen still as being salacious if uraguay or you're gay or trans transgender. >> he's like, wow! you had sex with a woman. >> that's still new. >> so lovely. we'll be seeing a lot of them come award show season. >> they're both great. straight ahead, john goodman on
1:40 am
his 100-pound weight loss. and later, michael keaton puts the spotlight on the catholic that's next.
1:41 am
we want to have a memory of a perfect christmas. >> don't we all? that is from "love the coopers." michael yo, you were with the cast and they talked about their first memorable holiday moments. >> what i found out is stars are just like us whether it comes to celebrating the holiday season. >> we have quirky, weird family members. they have to deal with me. >> dad, you're just as bad as mom. >> i've always been the kind of ham. >> olivia wild is showing off her holiday style in a strapless blue and white dress with a bold red flower.
1:42 am
more than ready to start quirky holiday customs with their 18 mold son 18-month-old son. >> it's special to introduce him to all the traditions. that's what's fun about the holidays, the rituals. >> olivia's dad in the film is played by john goodman who is looking trim after shedding 100 pounds. >> yeah. what caused you to lose the weight? >> i was working on it for about a year. >> what have you been eating? >> apparently. >> john's movie wife says goodman was the best man for the job. >> for me, it had to be john. it had to be john goodman. >> nice to meet you. >> and for john, christmas with the coopers isn't much different than his own. does it remind you of your family and the holidays? >> it used to whether i was more of a brat. now it's like my favorite time of year. >> no matter what happens, we are family. >> here-here. >> this is a great movie for the holiday season. can you believe it? only 42 days away from
1:43 am
>> stuff is happening every year faster. >> thank you, michael yo. straight ahead, the amazing race by the numbers. but what's the insooit er ider's >> and michael keaton and the catholic church controversy. we're with the real life cover-up.
1:44 am
introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they' re twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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happen. it could have been you. it could have been me. >> this is powerful stuff. the drama "spotlight" chronicling the "boston globe's" prize winning investigation into the catholic church's cover-up of child molestation committed by clergy. >> this one got rave reviews.
1:46 am
michael keaton just part of the ensemble. tonight the real life counter parts, the journalists, are taking us through the controversy. tonight's ""insider"" investigates the spotlight scandal. >> i do really need to go through this every day without getting getting, you know, getting angry or depressed or frustrated? >> when you're a poor kid from a poor family and what a priest pays attention to you, it's a big deal. how do you say no to god? >> when you by this what you're talking about, you know, it can be weighty. >> you're going to give me the names and the names of their victims. >> are you threatening me? >> he delivers an accurate for trafl portrayal of the spotlight team's editor. >> they say michael keaton. he stole my identity. >> i have two stories here. the story about degeneral let clergy and a story about a bunch of lawyers turning child abuse into a cottage industry. which story do you want us to write because we're writing one
1:47 am
of them? >> you have to ask very specific things. you need that information. and then sometimes it's really just absorbing him. >> spotlight. >> this is the tip line. >> you think you have something? >> i want to keep digging. >> tore trag the other reporters reporters, ben bradley jr. and michael risendi. >> we were soim pressed with the work and dedication that these actors put into the project. mark shadowed me for several days at the "globe" and took an active part in an investigation. >> the ultimate insiders consider the film a realistic portrayal of the multiyear investigation and critics agree. making "spotlight" an early oscar favorite. even more important to them is how it influences change. >> we think a lot of progress has been made in the boston archdiocese and the vatican is taking steps in the right direction. we also believe that more needs to be done. >> we hope that this will
1:48 am
and tell their story. and early indications are that we're going to get a second wave of people who will come out. >> in the end, "the spigt the spotlight investigation confirmed 30 objections of a former priest and they settled claims against 70 priests. >> every time i see this move yishgs my mind is blown and i was in the movie. i know what happened. i read the script. you know, still kind of mind blown with some of the stuff. >> i was doing my job. >> yeah. you and everyone else. >> wow. no surprises. already tons of oscar buzz for michael keaton and the film itself itself. the movie rivals "all the president's men" and the portrayal of journalists hot on the trail of a story. >> we're going to be hearing it a lot. all right. switching gears now to the tv franchise that dominates friday nights, "the amazing race."
1:49 am
15 emmys and 27 seasons later, what is exactly the secret behind the reality show success? tonight we take you inside "the amazing race" by the numbers. >> yeah. >> what is the one thing that everyone goes -- days. >> go! >> that means that from the point that i say go to the first elimination can be less than 24 hours. everybody who's a part of the they get grumpy. we skip meals. we just go, go, go. but i think that in a weird way, everybody loves the idea of getting beaten up for 21 days. and the idea that we're doing something that is really crazy. >> we're coming. go! >> 14 is the number of years they've been hosting the hit reality race. >> nicole and travis? you are the first team to arrive. >> we have this sometimes motley group of people thrown together who have absolutely nothing in common and that's why the show works.
1:50 am
it's unpredictable. >> in 314 episodes, the show traveled over a million miles across 86 countries. and it's still going strong. averaging six million viewers a night. >> we are distributed in 128 countries. it is super popular. >> the executive producers say over 2,000 people worldwide are involved in the production each season. >> it is a race for a million dollars and you can't stop and say can i get that shot again? it is a true reality show. >> right in the kisser. show them who is boss. >> over five million is the number of times this watermelon face-off has been viewed on youtube. you can expect more viral moments in season 28. >> this is the amazing race. >> 11 teams were just announced. >> i know personally whether i
1:51 am
race," i failed miz miz serably. >> you scrub up so well. >> thank you. >> the last time i saw you, you were freezing cold, ice cubes everywhere. >> i was really excited about "the amazing race." >> yes. >> it's a huge leap of faith. they want to know you're going to give it all that you have and not give up. >> our former "insider" staffer made season 26. >> you're the a officially winner. >> a lot is strength, how positive you are and the luck. >> the 26-year-old tv producer and her blind date tyler split the million dollar prize, $500,000 is the amount still sitting in her bank account. >> the money means nothing compared to the experience that i was given. >> let me just say for the record, we were totally crushing it on the show. >> they couldn't handle it. >> number o. we're too much. all next week i'm doing a little cooking with tv's favorite mom. >> i was just sobbing.
1:52 am
sobbing. >> in the kitchen with the women who make you feel like family. >> oh, god, i'm going to cry. >> dishing with me on their delicious secrets. and the stories you never knew. >> it was setting my hair on national how do you reimagine "banking"? you start with this... then you make it... nothing like this. you make a capital one caf\. someplace more relaxed. with free wi-fi and banking advice... and checking accounts with no minimums... then you design a top-rated mobile app that makes banking as easy as this. that's banking reimagined.
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>> feisty jane on her youth and
1:54 am
>> this is a person who kind of saved me. >> fabulous. >> then -- >> i was just sobbing. >> in the kitchen with tv mom meredith baxter. the "family ties" star dishes her delicious secrets. the struggle with coming out. >> it was like setting my fire on national television. it was the hardest thing i've ever done. >> that's monday on the "insider." . >> so good. that is enough to jump-start the program. earth wind and fire bringing the apollo to their seat in new york city. >> they were together 46 years and this weekend on own, they
1:55 am
are part of the legend concert series. we were with the guys for the jam session and oh, so much more. enjoy, my friend. >> to be able to be part of a legendary series and be thankful that we got this far to be legends -- >> seriously love these guys. what is your favorite "earth, wind & fire" song? >> "september." >> old school. >> taking i back. >> i'm taking it back. >> the "insider" together with yahoo! >> yahoo! dave's been working on his game,
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