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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 17, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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reaking overt. russian intelligence now says a bomb brought down a passenger plane over egypt. the new evidence they say points right to terrorism. should the u.s. take in syrian refugees? what new england governors are saying after reports that terrorist snuck in under cover. from a local armory. the new surveillance picture of a vehicle that police are looking for nouns complete new england coverage starts now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good tuesday morning, everyone, it is now 4:30 on november 17. i am julie grauert. >> daniel: i am daniel miller. we appreciate your company this morning. it is cold this morning and you won't be able to shed the coats won't be able to shed the coats. stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear is here and shiri, this could be the coldest afternoon this fall? >> shiri: we will come close in boston. coldest afternoon in boston. 47 degrees. i think we will be on that range, that realm this afternoon.
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so we have got clear skies now central massachusetts. worcester down to 31 degrees. but check out the 20s from barre at 24 to boylston at 29. 28 in chelmsford to hollis. londonderry. new boston, new hampshire at 25 degrees. 27 in westford. 28 in lexington and natick. 31 in milton. 34 in boston. even there we are coming close to freezing temperatures, but it is much milder over southeastern massachusetts were southeastern massachusetts southeastern massachusetts, that is as long as you want to call 37 degrees milder. in hanover, 40. duxbury, 44 in sandwich. just about anywhere this morning. the further inland you are, the colder it will be. straight through 7:00 this morning. a lot of 20s and 30s on the map. check out the sunshine. noontime we climb to 45, 46 at 3 o'clock this afternoon. temperatures dive temperatures diving down by 10 degrees by 7:00 this evening down to 36 degrees as the chilly weather continues. i will tell you when we have an eventual warm-up coming to town
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coming up. but julie grauert with live drive time traffic. julie, as we accepted it back over to you, i do suggest warming up your car. >> julie: that will make the comfortable. longfellow and storrow drive dealing with overnight closures while they do roadwork. that is closed until 5 a.m. until another half hour. the pike moving along nicely, 93 south and route 1 looking good. nothing slowing you down on the zakim bridge. here are the live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. breaking news morning, russian intelligence officials are saying that a bomb was on board the metro jet airline sthaer went down over egypt sinai peninsula last month. it was speculated that the crash was an act of terror, but about an hour the head confirm that traces of the explosives were found in the debris of that plane.
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officials say the bomb was packed with more than three wounds of tnt. russia has horde erred $50 million for any information leading to the capture of those who carried out the attack. all 224 people on board were killed in that crash. 4:33 right now. also this morning, france operates new airstrikes in response to the deadly attacks in paris. the strikes contain a isis command post and comes as the u.s. senate passes a resolution condemning friday's attacks and pleading to stand in solidarity with france. france says that so far they have not identified 15 of the 129 victims of the attack. france's president francois hollande said the dead include people of 19 nationalities. boston city leaders will join counsel general for a moment of silence to honor the victim that will take place at 5 p.m. at city hall. this morning, federal officials say there are no specific or credible threat for attacks in this country.
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yesterday isis released the 12 yesterday isis released the 12-minute video that mentions washington d.c. as the target. the group says it plans to retaliate for u.s. airstrikes of locations in syria and iraq. isis said it hit the heart of france and will do the same in america. the u.s. military is prepared for more strikes against isis. check out these messages on bombs that may be dropped on islamic state targets in syria. the hand-written words say the same thing, with paris with love. leaving messages for missile targets is a tradition that dates back to the second world war. in the wake of the terrorist attacks a plan to bring syrian refugees. governors are condemning the proposing. michael henrich is live at the statehouse with more on why the state leaders are saying no for now. michael? >>reporter: good morning, julie >>reporter: good morning, julie. here at the statehouse you can see over the shoulder france's flag flying at half-staff at
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the top of beacon hill here, but here in boston, the state capitols across the country, the president's plan to bring 10,000 syrian refugees into the united states is coming under fire since this paris terrorist attack last week. one big reason is that french authorities say one of the attackers initially posed as a syrian refugee to gain entry. now nearly half -- about half the nation's governors including massachusetts governor charlie baker are saying no for now to you welcoming syrian refugees. >> not interested in accepting refugees from syria. i would need to know a lot more than i know now before i would agree to do anything. for me the most important thing is to make sure that the people of the commonwealth are safe and secure. >>reporter: for its part, boston mayor marty walsh says he wants to know how the federal government is screening refugees but adding he is willing to work with the federal government. in the next hour, one family
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the civil war there and settled here in massachusetts responds to the public's fears. live from the statehouse, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. >> julie: fox25 will continue to follow news from the france attacks on air and online. you can get updates when you are away from your tv on our app that is available at the app store and on google play. 4:36. happening today, emotions expected to run high this morning in a sigh elementary court room as the mother of a murdered math teacher takes the stand. fox25's catherine parrotta is live outside superior court in salem where colleen ritzer's mother will testify against the teenager accused of killing her daughter this morning, catherine. >>reporter: good morning, daniel. this will come on the second day of testimony for this trial. yesterday was just brutal. today not expected to be any easy easier with, as you mentioned, the mother of colleen ritzer expected to take the stand today and this will be the first time we are hearing from a member of the ritzer family since the colleen ritzer's murder.
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colleen ritzer's family was in the court room and they were listening to some of the brutal details in the opening statements and in the start of the testimony yesterday. prosecutors say the murder was premeditated with then 14-year-old phillip chism following colleen ritzer into a bathroom where he raped her and cut her throat with a box cutter multiple times before heaving her body covered with leaves in the wood. he did it before an opening statement about his state of mind at the time. >> a 14-year-old boy, well >> a 14-year-old boy, well-behaved, quiet, one month into high school, why would he do these terrible things? the answer is, he was severely mentally ill. >>reporter: chism's defense attorney told the jury that the teen needs help, not prison. the opening statements of the prosecution and defense, the jury heard testimony, the start
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hear part of that testimony too coming up next hour. for now i am live in salem, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. >> daniel: fox25 will have continuing coverage of the major trial until it is over. our bob ward will be in the court room for that emotional testimony. follow him on twitter at b ward 3. we will alert you to any big developments as they happen on our news app. this morning we are getting a look at a possible suspect in a worcester armory break-in. look at this surveillance image that shows a man standing behind a dark-colored bmw hatchback. investigators want to talk to him as they continue to work to track down the stolen weapons. we have found out it was high-powered guns that were taken from the u.s. army reserve center. you can see high-powered guns like these ones. the break-in was discovered on sunday morning. >> you would think they would lock that down better than someone got on the roof and broke in and robbed the armory. >>reporter: sources tell fox25 that the suspect is a light-skin madman between 5'7" and 5'10"with a stocky
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build. the fbi is investigating and do not think the break-in is related to terrorism. happening today, federal and new hampshire authorities a releasing new information and imnajs a 30-year-old murder investigation. they are hoping that updates to these pictures will help identify them -- help identify a woman and three little girls found dead in the allentown woods. fox25 reported last week the national center for missing and exploited children created these new pictures. the same group that did the images of baby doe. the images will be released later and we will have them on our web site at a friend of former patriot aaron hernandez will still face murder charge. a judge refused to dismiss a murder indictment against ernest wallace charged in in the 2013 murder of odin lloyd. the defense claimed they did not have enough evidence to move forward. hernandez has been convicted and facing life in prison for lloyd's death. hernandez's lawyers will be back in the court room a pretrial hearing involving a
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double murder in boston that hernandez is also charged. police continue to investigate a threat as kids head back to classes at boston latin school. extra officers were on hand yesterday after the threat turned up online. police says there no real danger and students are safe. 4:40 right now. also this morning, a another threat is under investigation at harvard university. skyfox flew over the scene as the fbi, atf and joint terrorism task force searched the campus after a bomb scare was e-mailed in. they swept the building and students were cleared out. four buildings were evacuated. eventually the all clear was given. a third school threat happened yesterday at fitchburg state. like harvard, a building on campus was evacuated after a bomb threat. authorities were on the scene as they did a search. the building was reopened within 90 minutes. happening this morning, the board of secondary education will vote on a new standardized test. the state education
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commissioner designed the degrees to contain the mcas and park test. they have been looking for months for an alternative test. if approved the new exam will begin in 2017. a boston-based fantasy sports site lost the first battle with the empire state. draftkings asked for a restrain draftkings asked for a restraining order against the attorney general of new york. daily fantasy sites violate the state's gaming laws. new york asked draftkings and fanduel to stop accepting money from new york state residents. despite the ruling, a judge has granted an emergency hearing for next week. in a statement, the company says, quote, we are confident in our legal position and look forward to our day in court next week. as a result, we intend to continue operating in new york. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes for you. here is a look at those drive times. this is south of town, an easy
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9 minutes from 228 in rockland to the braintree split. i track these for you all morning long and we will have a look at some of our live cameras in a few minutes. first here is shiri with the forecast. >> shiri: if you were leaving the house anywhere from 24 to 36 degrees. we have smooth sailing as long as you don't mind those cooler temperatures. clear skies will get you home from school and work. 38 to 44 degrees. we will take you hour by hour. jerseys stolen off the wall of a local barbershop are found of a local barbershop are found. coming up at 5:00, where the collection worth thousands of dollars is now and the technology police used to track them down. a local woman said confusion during a 911 call left her on life support.
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responde this morning a fox25 viewer is sharing her story after she said it took an ambulance 20 minutes to reach her in an emergency. last month, sara had an allergic reaction while walking a trail in chelmsford. when she called 911, the call went to a regional dispatch center. she and her friend thought they were in lowell where they started the trail. the ambulance couldn't find her the ambulance couldn't find her. police tell fox25 it is crucial to know your surroundings when calling 911 from a cell phone. >> do you see a large building. do you see a gas station in can you see cars driving by? are you near an intersection? >> julie: by the time help arrived, she was passed out. she woke up on life support and now needs physical therapy to regain skills he lost from lack
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a fire in a boston apartment building leaves three people homeless. a neighbor reported seeing smoke shooting from the roof of a four-story building on columbia road in dorchester yesterday afternoon. boston fire says no one was hurt, but an apartment on the top floor of that building suffered heavy damage. so far no word on what caused the fire. a court battle between a widow and a driver involved in this crash. in january, robert shawnosey was killed when his car hit a backho e. the wife sued saying the back the wife sued saying the backhoe and driver was negligent. they filed a claim of their own asking for his autopsy and toxicology reports. the worcester da says this will not be a criminal case because the person who may have faced charges is dead. the bruins return to home ice. the bs host the san jose shark the bs host the san jose sharks. the black and gold have two wins in the eight home games this sore. isaiah thomas and the
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celtics are on a roll. this game tied at the half and thomas takes over in the third. here he goes drives the lane for two and follow that up with wait for it. there we go. thomas had 23 points on the night. downing the rockets 111-95. they host dallas tomorrow they host dallas tomorrow night they host dallas tomorrow night. two baseball ledge ends and musician from massachusetts are being honored with the highest civilian honor. willie mayes and the late yo giberra will be recipients of the boston medals of freedom. honored. awards will be presented december 24. congratulations. good morning, everyone, a look at the roads. 447 you are moving along at a decent clip up the expressway. 93 south looking good through route 1 and saugus. that will change around 6:30 that will change around 6:30, a.m. when they slow down. live look at the sglibing i think
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-- zakim bridge. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 23 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. fox25 stormtracker weather meteorologist shiri spear joining us, and bundle up out there, shir. >> and you bundle up all morning long into the afternoon morning long into the we have all-day sunshine and cold air peaking today into tomorrow and next chance of rain thursday into friday. we will have to talk about sprinkles and flurries into part of your weekend forecast. right now 34 degrees. yes, nice and clear in boston. we have a little north breeze at 6 miles per hour. but check out how -- how slow this warm-up is this morning. in the city itself, we have, again, clear skies. 6:00 this morning 34 degrees. at 8:00 this morning, 38 degrees. 43 by 10 a.m. noontime comes along. how about middle 40s. and we actually end up taking in the upper 40s in boston it in the upper 40s in boston
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itself, other than the cold, i really have nothing big today or tomorrow. -- high pressure is driving keeping us dry, but then thursday into friday, we have this whole mess that is going to move on in and it will bring us a period of rain and at that us a period of rain and at that, a period of heavy rain. so this is your futurecast today. we will zip right along and the only thing you will notice on and off clouds across the cape, the island and parts of the south shore. that is because we have got winds coming in from the northeast and the north today picking up a little moisture over the ocean, and as it travels over the land, it is going to stir up a couple of clouds and i am going to keep it partly sunny here over the cape and islands with chatham up to 45. barnstable, 47. bourne 47 degrees. now let's move it into southeastern massachusetts with plymouth at 47. same in marshfield. new bedford, 49 degrees. brockton and taunton top out at 48. boston itself climb to 47. i have braintree at 48 degrees. natick at 48 degrees this afternoon. but you are going to find it
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cooler here at the worcester hills with worcester heading 45 degrees. northeastern massachusetts i am counting on temperatures low to mid-40s if you are lucky and into southern new hampshire with the same old sunshine. temperatures restricted to the lower 40s. 44, nashua, manchester and concord new hampshire. tonight, we will dip back into the 20s and 30s. these are going to be your wake these are going to be your wake-up temperatures tomorrow morning. a lot like how we started today a lot like how we started today, but tomorrow, at least we have more 50s on the map. again another dry day. this is your forecast for tomorrow. clouds will move in, but not until very, very late. mostly during the overnight hours. thursday morning waking up up at 7 a.m. still dry conditions but any time afternoon, we will have to watch out for that rain that will intensify during the afternoon and the evening, and we will -- we are still determining exactly when we are going to get the heaviest of that rain coming in, likely either thursday evening or thursday night. friday morning though, showers will wrap up. 55 degrees your high on friday. saturday, 49 degrees.
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and i have got to say right weekend. it is a little bit brighter. it is a little bit milder, but at that, both days over the weekend, temps in the 40s. more details on the sunday potential for sprinkles and flurries coming up. back to you guys. >> julie: talk to you soon. new at 5:00, diversity in the classroom. the number of students at boston colleges and university boston colleges and universities that call another country home.
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the gag gift a warning this morning for students on the umass dartmouth campus of a series of indecent exposures. we have this sketch of the suspect. he exposed himself to women four separate times in the last three weeks. the latest incident was yesterday morning. umass campus police put a confidential form for anyone who recognizes him. a fraternity at a uniform college is under investigation against for a hazing that happened three years ago. sigma alpha epsilon fraternity or sae were ordered to suspend all activities while the college and national organization investigates. involve details on what may have happened. they were put on probation in 20 12 for hazing several students. crews have ended their search for searching for the el faro's blacks box. 33 crewmembers died including three with ties to massachusetts. the wreckage was found on
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october 31 off the bahamas. the ntsb said they are disappointed they did not find the data recorder, but they still hope to determine the cause of the tragedy. check out this photo of a possible tornado out in kansas. severe thunderstorms in the western part of the state brought high winds, hail and rain. local up intos in kansas say large and extremely dangerous tornadoes touched down in at least four places, but more than 25 counties were under a tornado watch for hours yesterday. gas prices in the bay state are down just a penny this morning. aaa reports that the average cost of a gallon is $2.08, that is $.08 less than the current national average and $.85 less than paying a year ago. drinking more coffee may not be bad for you, and in fact could help keep you healthy. researchers at the harvard school of public health found people who drink up to four cups of coffee per day are less likely to die from heart disease, neurological disease,
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the study does not suggest that coffee actually fights those diseases. it shows that people can drink part of a healthy diet. anyone who has ever been around a kid playing with legos knows the pain of stepping on one. an unique form of torture; however, lego is teaming up with a french ad agency for slippers with extra padding to prevent the underside of the foot from those dreaded legos. >> daniel: no way. [laughter] >> julie: 1500 pairs and those who fill out a christmas wish list on the lego web site. a mall in new jersey eliminated a fee that required that parents pay up to $35 to $50 to sit on santa's lap and take a picture. parents complained that the it ran counter to the spirit of the holiday and pushed away low the holiday and pushed away low-income family. >> julie: always been free to
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sit on santa's lap. >> daniel: i never sat on santa's lap. i was one of those kids that didn't like that. we have heartbreaking news for the patriots. ahead, the surprise announcement from long-time team captain and why his family decided to go public now. high-powered guns stolen
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the man and now at 5:00, a teenager on trial for murdering his teacher. the witness staking the stand this morning that could leave the jury in tears. breaking news this morning, the new evidence that proves a bomb brought down a plane full of people over egypt. and happening today, a major announcement from actor charlie sheen. the secret he has been hide being his health for years. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: and good morning, everybody. 5:00 on this tuesday morning. it is november 17. thanks for getting up with us this morning.
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