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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 19, 2015 10:00am-10:30am EST

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. a skydiver decides to get a tattoo. >> while traveling at 120 miles an hour straight towards the earth. >> see if the crew can pull off the design of a lifetime. >> that's crazy. how is he going to get a straight line? a robber thinks he spots an easy mark but -- >> the victim got the upper hand. >> how he went ufc. >> a cuban crock that calls when omes when called. >> let me see if i can get her to come over. >> wow. plus, bonus giveaway day means your shot to win a new
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the latest behind-the-scenes look of the victoria secret fashion show. >> once the light up wings go on stage, i will breathe a huge sigh of relief. >> see the magic moment that will flip your switch. >> could you imagine your wife walking into the bedroom. ta-da! some people have noticed i have tattoos, i actually have three on my body. when i got them done i got them done in a tattoo studio where my artist felt comfortable, i was lying down, wasn't moving around and the artists weren't not rushed. which is perfect for a tattoo. this is the exact opposite. these guys decided they were going to get a tattoo while traveling at 120 miles an hour straight towards the earth. >> terrible idea. >> yeah. >> how much can they complete? >> more than i expected. falcon head tattoo's shawn agree to go to the edmonton sky dive center and was going to tattoo one of the girls skydiving with
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him. they go out in a group to help stabilize him in the middle. you see him messing with the portable tattoo gun. >> that's crazy. how will he get a straight line? are they going for a straight line. >> funny enough, what they're trying to tattoo on her wrist is -- ahh. you can see as you get a closer look, the blue outline which a lot of times you have before you get tattooed. look how smooth he is. the guy is a ninja. >> it does not matter what this tattoo winds up looking like. you can always tell people, oh, i got this while i was skydiving. it's got the story to support the tattoo. >> and it's what all the best tattoos have is a great story behind them. once they're all back on the ground watch this as she holds it up, there you go. >> it's finished. >> ahh. ta-da. >> that's awesome. be careful who you hold up because they might kick your behind. that's what happened in china.
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up to no good. looks like he came dressed for the club. walked into the atm and thought i will hit this guy up for money. the guy in black, he's got the moves. check out this guy, he tackles the guy and knocks him on the ground. you see how he gets the guy on the ground, he took his receipt and walked out, calls the police, and then he comes back for some more. >> wow. but that guy was fighting back pretty hard. i'm glad he didn't a weapon. >> i'm glad he didn't have a weapon but the victim got the upper hand and the police came and took the suspect away. then these bad guys, check them out, this is a vegetable stall. somebody had a camera installed to watch the vegetable stall in case something bad happens. what you're seeing is something bad happening because these veggies. >> just one of those honesty roadside stands, take something, put some money in. how do people live with themselves. >> i don't know, man. ruining it for everybody. that's how we used to get our
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cakes in england. placed on the way home, stop get the cake and leave the money. >> we did the same thing with tomatoes and corn. >> john hilton posted this on facebook and got tens of thousands of hits and got info like the driver's name, registration and people even suggested who the accomplice could be so he turned them over to police. he hasn't heard back from them but he's patient, he'll wait. this is getting a lot of attention on the internet. 7.5 foot cuban crocodile goes by the name of chiquita. watch what chiquita. >> looks like a puppy or something. >> like a yorkie. the voice is nathan. we had him on the show before because he works with these animals and is actually teaching chiquita how to come on cue. >> go away stay over there. >> chiquita. >> we've had him on the show in
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where he's in a pool with this crocodile like it's just a little puppy. >> more power to you. >> we showed this video recorded by kennon over at camp kennon where nathan is being followed by this beast. to tell us more about this training and what's going on with chiquita we have nathan via skype, right this minute, welcome to the show, nathan. tell me what's different from this video to the others we've seen in it's a little bit more challenging with cuban crocodiles. in the industry it's no secret that they are the smartest of the crocodiles. arguably. they have a very strong social structure. they catch on to training very quickly but if you do it wrong or fumble and inadvertently let them train you it can become very, very dangerous. i'm one of the only trainers involved with her that can get in there and lay the groundwork because she will mow over
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everybody else and exploit any sort of half steps they make. >> why are you trying to train crocodiles, alligators, something like that? >> a severe chemical imbalance. kidding they're animals i really enjoy working with and i'm passionate about working with them. so if you have happy animals on an exhibit at a zoo or private facility, if they're happy they're going to breed. on an entertaining note, if you have a zoo or fa tillty that does animal shows you can trains the behaviors like her charging and doing the gallup. this species can jump up off the ground and snatch a bird out of the flight about six feet in the air. >> where is chiquita now? >> let me see if i can get her to come over. >> wow. >> hey. ka chiquita. >> the only other trick she would have in store if that fence wasn't there she would have grabbed my arm or tackled me by now. the next step is to get an open
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air charge like we'll be in the grass and i would like to be able to hold food out in my hand or tongs and have her do that leap in the air about three or four feet off the air. >> use the tongs. >> bye. it's time to give away another ipad mini and today is bonus day. screen tv. >> two winners today. all you need is the buzzword, be at least 18 years old and legal u.s. resident. up. >> stand by for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. n gee he conducted the social experiment where he pretended to be blind wanted to see if folks would give him the correct change if they couldn't see what he was doing. >> i'm one of the actors. he approached me via e-mail and
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>> the australian television onyx. >> yeah. >> yeah, right. >> is that right? >> i mean, no, that's not right. >> yeah, they are. >> busted. >> the reporter starts pulling out names and the information he found used actors on websites, the actors lifted his video as worken their resume. actor. people. >> it opens up the moral debate whether you should put something up just because it's going to go viral but opens up about what can you trust when watching it on youtube. >> this is a lesson for everything that you see on-line. >> he explains he thought he would have a youtube career. why? because you get so much money for each video posted. he explains how the money works. >> usually looking at per thousand view s s, a dollar. at a minimum a grand. >> he had enough and stormed out. >> did this video go viral?
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>> the bigger thing, though, that this reporter points out is that it wasn't just that adrian duped all of us. he duped the actors as well because some of the actors didn't know how they were going to be portrayed in the video. >> this gentleman undergoes dialysis treatment and has a scar on his arm and he said his family called them. >> as soon as they seen it and they said why did you do it and stuff and they portrayed me as a thief and i'm not. >> they need to be carefuller about what they're doing. once we see that very first court case it could change everything. >> see how the tables turned. suddenly the social experimenter is now the experiment. joey is missing his brother on his birthday but he won't be for long. >> can you guys guess where his brother might be hiding? >> in the costume. >> the priceless reaction when he gets a chucky cheesy surprise. and this farmer's plowing
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closed captioning provided by -- unisom sleepminis . a stressful day deserves a restful night. it is joey's 46th birthday and so he is celebrating at chucky cheese. the big surprise is what he wanted. he wanted to see his brother. he hasn't seen his brother for quite some time so his brother decided to surprise him. can you guess where his brother might be hiding? >> in the costume. of course. it's too good. >> is he a man or mouse? >> right now he's a mouse but then -- >> no way. >> go ahead! do it.
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>> you! >> he is so happy. >> i love he's looking around where his brother is. >> i heard a voice, i think it's familiar. >> you sneaky -- >> very, very happy to see his brother. i have to say happy 46 joey. >> this time the one doing the surprise is bubba. bubba is in the coast guard. and he hasn't been able to come home for a long time. his mom's 60th birthday and he decided to surprise mom. she's not expecting it. she hears a voice behind her. >> [ bleep ]. you [ bleep ]. >> i'm presuming he told her i won't be able to be there because it's mom's 60th birthday as you can see her shirt that says -- >> i love the moment she hears the disembody voice of her son. what? guys get ready because i'm about it to show you an angel's peacock. >> wee. >> of course. >> okay. >> and i do mean the victoria secret angels.
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for the fashion show their outfits were inspired by a peacock but other beautiful winged animals. >> dressing up as the male bird. >> they're inspired by the beautiful colors. >> of the male bird. >> of the male bird. >>s just wanted to clarify. if it was the hen everybody would be wearing drab sweaters. >> this is only part of a video that's giving us a behind-the-scenes look at how they're putting this together. this is part five. it shows us the fittings. in this moment the models are learning which lingerie pieces they're amazing. >> amazing wings. >> you want to see if you want it. >> it's a little late to say no. >> chick fight to get into the fashion show. it's a huge deal as a female model. this is why they call them super models. >> yes! >> making dreams one model at a time. >> an african-american mod whole is showcasing her natural hair
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point. >> fireworks going off. >> i would wear that for hall low when. >> perfectly suited for the bedroom. >> imagine your wife walking in the bedroom with that thing on. ta-da! it's saturday night! >> again. >> god bless the usa. >> she should be a superhero. >> this show gives the new meaning to shake your tail feather for sure. >> watch to catch the show it airs december 8th. >> a handsome guy in a helicopter. on his way to pop the question. >> if you are going to do it, do it big. >> on the next "right this minute." >> still to come, quarterback cam newton's dance moves has some football fans saying -- >> you're not a good role model. you're pelvic thrusting. world. >> a 9-year-old is weighing in to settle the score. >> why is it okay for some quarterbacks to dance and not others. >> plus it's bonus giveaway day.
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new customers can sa promotional consideration provided by -- so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at being free from dandruff feels great. p maximum strength selsun blue targets dandruff, wiping out flakes and itch. selsun blue. freedom from dandruff. i'm going to be honest this video is lame. i'm going to show you a video of a farmer plowing his field. boring. yawn. what makes "right this minute" so awesome, i like to think, is the stories behind the video. if you were to just watch this video and see the farmer plowing his field, you would think, yeah, not interested. here's what's really going on. every weekend there's a flee market in this area. the farmer has pleaded with people to not park on his
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property in this field. >> oh. oh. >> so all those pleas have fallen on deaf ears. people kept parking in this man's field. this week he decided to get out his tractor and plows the very smooth field that people had parked in, and basically plow all those cars in. if you look closely now, you'll notice all those cars are plowed in by very rough dirt. >> you know, it's that moment of frustration that's built up. it's beautifully passive/aggressive. you've broken no laws, you know. >> that's the funny part about it. police were called. they did show up. and they said -- >> what are they going to do. >> there's nothing he can do. he's plowing his field. so that's it. according to some translations it does sound like the cars were able to get towed without any damage. even mr. grummy farmer lent a hand in getting the cars out. carolina panthers
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quarterback cam newton is making headlines, not for his undefeated record, but for his dance moves. what happened is, cam scored. he did a dance called the jab. in response titans' linebacker adrian williamson when he sacked cam. one fan took her 9-year-old daughter to the game, didn't appreciate the antics, said you're not a good role model, pelvic thrusting, everything wrong in the world. >> what they said about elvis back in the day. >> that's where sports channel reporter hayes came into play and sat down with a 9-year-old. >> do you have any idea why cam newton would be dancing? >> because he's happy. he got a touchdown. >> yeah. i think that might be it. having to guess why that guy might be mad? >> because he's dancing in front of his face. >> what if i told you that guy was dancing earlier after he sacked cam. >> what? >> does that make any sense in. >> know what that is? >> yeah.
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>> don't dance if you don't want to be danced on. don't let him score if you don't want him to dance. he allowed the 9-year-old to ask questions. let's hear it straight from a 9-year-old. >> if you don't like his dancing why don't they just keep him from scoring. so i've never seen ben roethlisberger dance, does that mean he's a good role model. why is it okay for some to dance and not others. >> those of us on the opposite end of the field when cam newton are scoring and dancing are not happy, but it is what it is. dab it out, don't let the [ inaudible ]. >> what she said. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzzword, 1 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to "right this minute" and click on win i pad. >> enter the buzzword on facebook, twitter or both and each every day. buzzword. it's poke.
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>> get over to and enter today's buzzword hope, h-o-p-e. >> enter today because it's bonus giveaway day. one of today's two winners will walk away with a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody, may the force be with you. >> we hope so. snoets >> med students channel megan trainer for a parody about -- forward to. >> why they're getting a passing grade for this one.
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oing to attempt this. i'm going to invite this lady to my party. >> we'll be at the party. if you choose doctor here's a few things you need to know if you want to be a doctor and keep me >> you may not recognize the lyrics but a parody of "dear
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future husband" by meghan trainor. dear future husband here's a few things you need to know if you want to be my doctor and keep me alive >> this put together by the stanford school of ped sin. and they just want to deliver a lighthearted message to their feature doctors and some of the things they have to look forward to pupils more treat me right because if you bleed there may be overtime so don't get used to sleep or coming home at night you won't have time for suds because you'll be in your scrubs >> no time to pee. you have to know how to do operations my broken bones and the patient make sure everything is all right >> show this to the staff of medicine and not the performing arts center.
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this is incredible. >> they did work with a production company and had a music engineer, producers, they had a director. so yeah, there was a lot of creativity put into this. if you want to see the entire thing just head over to click on tv show or see it on our mobile app. whoa doctor better treat me right >> thanks for watching. check out our mobile app for lots of fresh content or catch
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