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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 19, 2015 10:30am-11:00am EST

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rainy day drivers have to be ready. >> for absolutely any and everything. >> see why nothing can prepare you for this. oh. >> a humane society rescuer helps a cat in trouble. >> the cat realizes i'm going to need some assistance here. >> how they got the stick out and saved the cat. some buddies are flying down the slopes. >> and they're going back and forth. >> why it's a powder perfect day until it's not. plus, bonus giveaway day means your shot to win a new ipad mini or a flat screen tv. and a prankster who is sneaking up -- >> freaking people out. >> oh, my gosh.
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>> the stealth moves making buyers beware. >> oh. >> scare citizens like that. give that lady a heart attack. when you're on the road you have to be ready for absolutely any and everything. this series of dash cam videos shows us exactly why. we will start in thailand. the weather is absolutely horrible. the conditions, slippery. blustery winds. >> this is drizzle in thailand. >> is it? >> in thailand the rain gets so you can't see across the street sometimes. >> the person we're riding with doesn't see this coming either. >> oh! >> no! >> oh, my god! >> thought he was going to miss him. >> oh, man. >> no. >> it spiraled completely out of control and smacks the car right in its front. no word on any injuries. we're now going to head over it
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you'll see the traffic looks like it's backed pup they're not really moving. pay attention to this tree because that tree is definitely moving. >> we've seen more dramatic. that was like a tree taking a nap. >> and it's resting on the wires. >> right. >> right. thanks. >> this is going to be interesting. >> it's time to play truck limbo. how low can you go. >> here's another hazard waiting to happen in lithuania. apparently they tell drivers to watch out for deere and other wild life that might be out on the road. >> look. >> what was that? >> i'm glad you asked. that's not wildlife across the street. >> oh, my gosh. >> he was drunk. reaction. that's because they realized whoa whoa whoa, slow down. >> wait wait wait.
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we're riding with a police car? what. a car to pull up in this situation. >> dude is going to have the worst night ever because he's going to be spending it in the jail for drunkenness. this is chris from the michigan humane society and he's got a couple rescues he's got to execute. >> the first call we're going to hit is a call about a cat who has a stick sticking out of his eye. >> oh. >> poor kitty. >> we know sometimes cats aren't exactly happy about somebody they don't know touching them or getting near them. >> let me touch you? >> chris easily is able to walk over to the cat and pick it up. the cat realizes i'm going to need assistance here. it's immediately taken to the hospital where they're going to remove the stick from the eye but he's not done. he has to rescue charlotte the kitten. an abandoned house, somebody figured out there is a kitten stuck down in the pipe.
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>> i hope you're friendly. >> able to pull charlotte to safety. before he leaves he does something we always say when an animal gets stuck down something. somebody needs to cover up that well, somebody needs to cover up that pipe so nobody gets caught. he found this old pillow so he stuck it down there so nothing else could get trapped in there. >> she's as cute as can be but now to time to check in on albero. the cat had a stick stuck in his eye. you are able to see the removal of the stick. >> oh, geez. >> look how long that is. that's at least four inches. at least four inches that they pulled out of the cat. >> how did that cat not die? >> i don't understand. >> they were able to remove the stick and the damaged part of his eye. he is now on the way to recovery. so is charlotte. she had an upper respiratory infection treated. here's albero with his foster friend. chris says the only reason they're able to do this is because of the donations people
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society. strap a couple boards to your feet and slide down, this individual will appeal to you. skiing, getting to that season of the year, these guys over in new mexico skiing well. the guy with the camera following a couple buddies down. they're tacking back and forth keeping their speed in check as you should as responsible skiers. guy gets great shots here. their background is stunning and beautiful. >> oh! >> that wasn't beautiful. >> i blame the guy recording this. it's all really his fault. you have to be careful of the people in front of you. clearly even i'm watching this anticipating this guy may end up in my way. i got to slow down. >> judge and jury here and executioner. and guilty. move on next. >> how far did he fall? >> the camera fell off the skier. >> his head bounces down. >> sounded like.
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>> you hear them giggle and laugh. here comes one of the skiers, picks up the camera and they're pleased to see that, hey, it still works. >> i love that everybody is always pleased that the camera is okay. what about my head! >> those are some amateur skiers. move over to some pro skiers. cam riley in boston, i said boston, not too many high they don't need them. they climb up to the top of this five-story parking garage. cam straps in. it's go big camera. gets the toe. hang in there buddy. and doesn't quite stick it. his noggin bounces off the snow. he's fine, gets up, grabs his hat and goes back up to try it again. this craziness all made possible because of the ton of snow. here goes cam again. a second time. slides across the rail, comes down, this time sticks the landing. >> nice. >> like james bond stunt.
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this is a scene from lack of better. you want to see the whole thing it's available on itunes. it's time to give away another ipad mini and today is bonus day. we're also giving away a flat screen tv. >> two winners today. all you need is the buzzword, 18 resident. up. >> stand by for the "rtm" ipad mini mini giveaway. interesting oli fact of the day. i am a quarter irish represented by white skin and red hair in my beard. 25% finds me funny. it comes to us from the pub in ireland which has been the victim of pretty bad flooding. pub. they don't have any beer. they're not going to let that [ inaudible ]. >> look how they started bringing their regulars in. >> wheel barrow.
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they take them through the pub. before you can see covered in water, because they didn't have any beer, because of all the flooding, what they did is they went and picked up cans and they just sold everybody cans of beer. we're still open. come on in for a drink. >> don't stop the show. i like the way they turn up. i'm with that. >> in the u.s. i think the city would come down and say you guys can't open but in ireland, hey, everything is dry, three inches up, we're good. >> we can still get wet. it's awesome. i love this. people kind of make life make lemonade, life gives you a flood, have some beer. >> are you all right. >> yeah. an awesome commercial for a new product. >> it's an android based streaming and gaming set top box. >> the insane way to experience entertainment without limits. >> how does he keep his cool. >> and it's time to open her gift.
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closed captioning provided by -- ing asleep. try new unisom sleepminis to get a good night's sleep unisom sleepminis a stressful day deserves a restful night. from jukin these guys are playing a game, right. game. notice they're wearing noise canceling headphones which means they can't hear anything plus kind of music. here is the game. they have to lip read what the other people are saying, right. now the other people just have to whisper and move their lips so as to give them clues into what they're saying. the listeners are the parents of alexa who is a speaker along with her man. listen to what she whispers.
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>> i'm pregnant. >> i'm -- >> nowhere near. >> nailed it. >> nails it. i am pregnant. she gets it. look at her expression. he's still like, pied piper. >> she's been ready. >> you're right. >> he's been waiting for pizza. >> you are -- >> you are -- >> going to. >> beach. >> you are going to the beach. >> oh, my gosh. typical dude. >> typical woman. figured it out right away. he doesn't see her rejoicing next to him. >> he's playing a game and really into it. >> grandfather. >> grandfather. >> yes. grandfather. >> yes. grandfather! i'm going to be a grandfather. i'm going to be a grandfather. >> i can't believe that. >> now everybody cheers. everybody.
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box. there's just nothing in it because the gift is actually walking up from the other side. >> oh! >> oh, my gosh. >> look at how playful it is already with her. >> are you happy? hanging out in your living room is supposed to be relaxing. remote in your hand, beverage in your other hand. jeff is doing right here, chilling out. his remote to his new inindividualious shield, gaming and set top box. before long jeff gets really too his viewing experience. >>. >> that's not a living room. >> jeff's living room for a time and then there he goes.
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right outs the back of that plane. this is a real stunt. they really shove jeff off the back of that plane on this hand-built living room set. there he is sitting there still watching tv as he plummets to the ground. the instrument is tied down, all the other things are fixed to this platform as he's continuing to spiral towards the earth. >> how does he keep his cool? the whole time he looks like i'm just chilling here. watching tv, drinking my coffee. >> we don't know what's in the cup. that might help. >> right. >> here you see jeff unbuckling. you don't see him eject really but then you see the living room smash. >> they did this over open land. not like some pedestrian is walking around, oh, look a free tv. >> jeff lands safely. kitty makes a soft landing too. that was tv magic. but in the end, jeff pulls out the shield and holds it up.
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a commercial for this new product. pretty cool. >> they did it for real. i love it. >> that's really refreshing and fun when it's done for real. got her eye on the prize but -- >> the woman is freaking out holding a spatula. >> see what it is that has christian saying -- >> it's timing. it's so small. >> it's bonus giveaway day. the thursday buzzword for your shot to win an ipad mini or flat
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. no. no. no. >> get him. >> this woman is freaking out, holding a spatula. >> is she afraid of pancakes. >> of that tiny little spider on the wall. >> it's tiny, so small. >> the poster of the video says she's an irish mom. >> [ bleep ]. >> i thought maybe she's put on a show for the son recording this video. >> as this video progresses you realize no, she is this freaked out and this out of control. >> [ bleep ]. no. >> come over here now, please do. >> the great part the son sits there and videos it all. you're good, keep going. >> we're halfway in and she's still working up the courage to swat that thing. >> oh, god. just just do it. >> [ bleep ].
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the spider after this commercial break. >> not after the commercial but maybe after this video with the nemesis. >> what is it? a fly or spider? >> it's a fly. >> it's a definition of an adorable beagle that literally can't hurt the fly. kind of video. it's a dog entertaining itself. >> back to the lady. >> ah! [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. even though she misses, she continues and the second time she actually gets it. she takes this really long i can't tell what it is pokes at the spider and realizes -- >> well, at least she didn't panic. >> after this. >> i come back to see my friends. >> hello. >> good to see you. >> imagine being that person who
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can help change just a small part of the world. ceo john anderson is doing that. he works in the solar industry. he went to uganda because he wanted to help develop a solar cooking device. 2.2 billion people in this world live without the ability to get energy as easily as flipping a switch. so he went to this community and as you can see here he developed the solar panel device to boil some water. something unusual happened after this. somebody said, yeah, that's wonderful, but can we charge our phone with that? >> so i had one person hand me their phone. i plugged it in. it lit up and started charging. they're like it's charging. don't unplug it. i said it's that important to you. and everybody in this group said, it's the most important thing. >> it's important to them because they needed to stay connected and in case they have an emergency. that's what sent john on a completely different trajectory. world panel, his company, went to his garage and developed a phone charger that streams sunlight into the device that charges the phone instantly.
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>> he is in africa right now introducing it there because he says he didn't want it to come to america first and just become some kind of gadget we use. he wanted to take it to the people it would mean the most to. >> small solar panels have been around for a while to charge phones. what makes this something these people in uganda couldn't already get. >> all solar chargers have an internal component that has to be energized before it can be used. this technology is a sun streamer, takes the sun and without interruption in between. >> one more time. >> solar. cost? bucks. >> no way. >> the good thing, their a going to people who need it. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzzword, 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to win ipad mini.
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>> enter the buzzword on facebook, twitter or both. you can do it on each every day. >> let's reveal thirst buzzword. it's hope. >> get over to and enter today's buzzword hope, hope -o-p-e enter today because it's a bonus giveaway day. one of today's two winners will walk away with a flat screen tv. good luck everybody, may the force be with you. >> we hope so. >> jack has yet another prank up his sleeve. >> sneaks up behind them like a ninja. >> why this nod work
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don't even care. they're like bubbles, more bubbles. is there a blue pen down there? i thought i dropped a blue pen on the other side of you. >> there's no -- ah! >> scaring people is funny. >> i saw that coming. >> but, of course, all scares don't have to come so big.
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check out jack vale, one of our favorites. jack is taking it all the way down and freaking people out in the grocery store. sneaks up behind them like a ninja while they're distracted. >> excuse me. >> oh, my gosh. >> did i scare you? >> no one quite realizes he's there and sometimes he's getting like the breath on the back of their neck close. >> that's too close for comfort. >> is that where you do the spice check? i'm sorry. >> swigsal awareness of some of these people amazingly bad. >> that's great bread. >> some of the best responses come when he's doing the smallest sound but going to women a little bit older. >> oh! >> i'm sorry. >> scare senior citizens like that. >> you would like to think your sense would go off but it doesn't. >> like with this guy. >> he gets so close jack is able to look around and this guy, not a clue. >> do you know -- >> oh. >> sorry. >> e cause me. >> the best one.
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my favorite of them all is a tiny little surprise he does with this lady. >> oh. >> that's called the -- you know this woman is in that aisle probably looking for depends. he's got her on herself. that's not nice. >> this is my kind of humor. >> we know! >> i just love this stuff. >> are you okay? what happened? >> i'm sorry. thanks for watching. see you on the next "right this hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where' s the? right.
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it' s being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to
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